Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1912
Page 6
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6 THEiOIA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENIN#bc TOBER 29,1912. Dr. Hartman Make^ As to What Doctors TJiink of Peruna . I retreuMy received such a letter | and accepted. This was one year^ago from Kwitucky. from a .doctor vlio i now and he Is stHl well." The doctor says he lias been i>racUctng niedlcln<'' goes on to say. "I await your^early r «ir a quarter of a century aftd Is at {rcjily, and if you place the raluatlon present "medical referee for this coun-! lo you on this that I do I am sure ty prcisldent of IhV county medical | ihe inducement you offer will meetj board, local surijeon of the C. & O. :ny approval and 1 Will furnish you railroad, memb^ of the state medical i with sworn statement of the case for ^society and American Medical Asso-|an advertisement" ^elation," and all that He has used , xow these two letters are only sam- ' Peruna and offers to give pe a very ,,ies of letters that I have been re-, . •remarkable testimonial if I would paylp^.jving for the last twenty-five years,; ^f*^^'^ him for doing so. He does not set any , from doctors from all parts of the! price but exiwcts nie to offer him | I'nlted States. 1 have made no use of tmpwrwl, lumbar will be dettTerad In JCaaiM City by water froa tb* Tar liOcoAUt. -ItwHI be loaded <mbargea ftt Xew~^lMtui BSd brcagbt-to Kaar •as atr «bM9 «r tlian aay Atber way tkat it cu be taaoled. Hr. Taasart voted tor tbe estabU^ Ha Votsd fir. Pensions, Labor Legls-' Bent of a Children's Bureau. TUe latlcn, /:.-.:j !iaga! Extension, Rlyer lmprcvL Free Canal, Parcel* Poet YOUR HAIR IS FLUFFY, BEAUTIFUL AND LUSTROUS m A FEW MOMENTS FiiYGas iru^iki i:.miim\% VOLUNTE : CE'tVICE AND PRO- T::CTi-.": OF AMERICAN ;;:T:.:_\3. BomethlfiK. which of course I refused I t|,pse ifitters for the reason that pay to do. He said: "1 have been afflict- j always demanded and I do not • -Qt t'o\ir^n'i)fn^t'>r^ di;^iii;r(-o • alumt Peruna, the same as they <lo on all othftr siibjiicis. h i:, f :fiKT ;illy tlioiij^Ut that .the doctors aix- unauiiuo^sly op­ posed'lo P«>rtina It Is wtll known tliht Pf>run:i hns <iii 'd n Kf'-'ut many casfs afl<»r • doclois have i;iv<-a thi;m up. This wuiild iiaiurally «'M -il«.'''aiiiiiiijs- Ity Jor jealousy MI liii- purl of tlie (Joir, tors. Then it is a far; tliat tlicf avor-' agc .Mloi 'lor is uiipW'fd lo roady -niad" incdiciue.s of all kind.---. Tliey know very well If a bottle of nu -difiiK! is • sold at the (Iriig store that, means that SoijA? doctor li).-:cs a prostiiptton and "'Pei-l^apu a paiii lit. Sf> they •.\rti gen <T- "'allyfopiJOE.od to jinti^nt iin'iiifines or • feadj'-mado ii.. ilulius a.-s tLcy ••all them.. BtijtCTer siiiCP rcrinia has been sold I Bave known of many doctors who V,. are in favor of Peruna. Soma of them if -beHore in ii svoreily others opeulyTj AU-^his time 1 have boon roceiviuij lettiprs froip regular practicing physi- p, idatos offeritig to send n\e testimonials jy! ]^as .Ip the virtues of Peruna, provided tej'L'^ould pay them for ^ing so. If,^ nothing unusual that a doctor fc-shc^uld expect pay .for such a service. I ^.Jb^ manufacturers of so-called ethical ^;?>»r€|>araiions advertised in the medical .^^-joujTjals, used by the doctors only, are j^,v ,iir flie habit of paying doctors for tes- ^.liraORlals. If 11 doctor has found some '•"on.4ot these proprietary remedies use- i:and can write a good, smart article • 'abo"ut-it, the mauufaeturer is perfect- , ays ed with a sub acute Inflammatory con- ,i,i„it it is strictly moral to o/fer any dition of the post nasal space, and i ,„o„ctary inducement for published of recent years the larnyx has been : „,gtj„,„niujs i have m-ver done so involved in the catarrhal process.. .j ^^il I never shall. Your Peruna both condit a r«.-,. VevertI.el.-ss I l «.d triof for i„ „„. „f ,^ , A^.iiu i w isli lo s.iy, I do not blame :!•(•:•(• diicitirs e.\|ie <-tinK pay williliK lo laki- €,at!i In llii -si- state- i,.'iit-i if I will iilaki- it worth Ills VVllil^' lo ilo : o. It was u-iy Kiatilyiiig to r<'cr'ivi' .•-•iicl! a U'.siiiiioiiial inmi a brother phy- loian niid <|iiii>' a tL -ni|itation to pay iVi'Ui. 'I'ltai is th« way the regular • tliieal iiiasiufaeturer does and I have no (piarrel with it. 1 am citing these <a.,e" not t<i dispataKe the doctors who rasKiiient than to offer iiay for te.i- tiiiioiii .als. I .should he fhioded with t.-stimonial-i of all sort ,s and in spite of every iireeuiiiiou ~.itw of tlielii Would 111- untrustworthy. In r*ferri"K l<i the tloctor's l<'it <-r I do not iimsidtT lliat I am violating Ihi- orilinary e(^nl•l^si(•s and i-onlid- '•ni'<s of |)ri\.Ti<- <orr''ii|ioiideiifc. I li ;ive not ina'i'- use ol his lialiH- or the town wlnTi' ln' resiiles. I '.ut 1 am per- of catarrhal diseases. 1 am a doetor myself. 1 have pioh- .ilily treated more patients than any Kill- iloi-lor in the state in which I re- i-.iiU-. I rtosibi if then- are many do<- ic.s in ih'' I'nited States who liavo ;ri 'aied more ra .>ie8. 1 have long been I onviiiecd that I'eruiia is the best rem- ••liy ohtaiuahlc for catarrhal diseases. ! havi'. sefU thousands, yt-s tens of ihuii.^aiKls. of people recover from ca- feelly willing to eomniunieate the ' j^rrhal ailments by the use of Peruna. name and addrei^s l>y loivate eorres- | ,-UUM>\ believe otherwise than that pomienoe it any one wishes me to do jvi mm is today the best r.-medy that so, or submit the h-lter for examina- jj-j.^ ,.v^r -Ji'-.-n ilevised for catarrhal lion to any inquirer who may eall at diseases. my office. And 1 may say the .same , , ,^ , j^^^.^ In advance of tiie ne.xt letter that 1 am searched for similar letters about to r( f.'r to ; ^^^^ Q„pg , ,,3^.^ alluded to. for Another donor from North Carolina arc a great manv of them filed writes me. H.' says: "1 have a case j away. 1 may publish a book contain- under observation now permanently jng ^ large number of testimonials cured by Peruna that has baffled the g|vpn n,g i,y doc.tor.s, which I have medical profession ever since the dis- , withheld from the public because I ease was known." He s-ays-. "1 have ; ^vas not willing lo pay any one for successfully cured the case with Pe- writing a testimonial, however valua- runa and feel that if the imblic knew ' i],, ^ uxishl seem to be. Of course 1 the facts about the ease that it would j ^vill not use this booklet for pubhc he. a sreai boon 10 th.- public as well • ;„|.,.p,.tisp,„ent , „„. , as the greatest advertisement ever ,i.,j.,„rs- consent to do so. Imt it will ' iv Willing to pay the doetor for thisls^veii any medi.ine on the market.",!,,, .sent through the mails to (hose '•service. So it is perfectlv natural for Tie i^-os: '1 <a!i furnish a sworn . ^ulv ^ho request it. diiefly to jhe —doctois'to write to ii.e tilling me that U'^t< ni '^nt of the particular ease and 1 „„>ji,.ai profe.sshjn. the^ know Of < where I'eruna has; Kive you the Kivaiest ad for Peruna: p^.,„.„a Man-a-lin and l.a-ru-pia I' mnle.niarvelous cures, and are willing ie\ei Iciitiwii loi- any remedy. The di.s- i.iauufactured "by the Peruna Company. ease cured in this ca.sf^ is regarded ; c^I,,,,,!,,,,, by the profession as incurable. 1 pre- si ores, scribed the Peruna myself and know all the i<ariiculars. The patient had consulted leading medical authorities SPECI.VI. XITICK:— .Many persons p.. sent Congresa- .i;. .:..! bisirlct of Katt- eas, wk» £.<.••« o;i . . lowa rarm In lSb7 and reiiiij>•.•.; to joaaiy. Kautus. In Seytt....isi -i He spent his first wlnttr ia i.utxlag corn. A year lati:. ... ( ar.i^j a teacher's certifica;,.- ...... \.G .-li as a ccua-.' try i>^-h(.i.. . L:a.!iue county;• —i a::i;:nling coUege UAtiil au education. •. i"..;..a .Voriiial L'L!- veralt.> ... Ti :t ne a^gan tLe study i,: • u.iu :;!tted to the bar in li'Ji ;i:.i li- uo.-..'c to \Yya:idolte couuly .••'•>' 'i'.:e oipects in Wyandotte • .. : .. t. . .1 ;L -.vyer did not •eem f;i:'... :.. . u .i. ':• Tasgart spe :it I three >>....•.•< a m V.iv ecuatry S:..l :oo;s u7 W.v.... ii'.ti- cjunty and li:t-u began 'Uie ...:_. i.. Uv waa stic- cesstul frci.i t; 1 .1 ^i.iriifig aad ac- (quired the r.,).tj::u.. ct beiug a reliable and at'i.e atto.a.y. In lH-Ji ts u.unied .Miss ETlsie .Mills, a niece of (.o.or:.or John A. .Mar'in of Kansa;:. .Mrs. 'fa^f:.; t is a:: aetivd member uT ;::e .'^ui-ie.vv or the Uautiht- ers of the Ayitricau Hcvolutiou la 1900 !;e •.>..- .-iec;cd County At- toraty of »\'.>a:.i :i );tt- . u r..iy uy a ma- jorliy 01 i' • !ii I'-'-s, ae was again elected, h:s ai;.:.'t;o was iboij. lu Girls! Get a 25-Cent Bottle of "Danderine" and Try This. Also Stops Falling Hair'; Destroys Dandruff. bareau I* for tlie purpoee of laqeirlsg : iBto 4ihlld lUe and child wel&t* { throu^ont the whole United 6tatea He TOtcd for the bill to tax out of Isteaee the maauracture of wbUe eul- phBT Biatcbee which cause* aa oecii- liatlona] discaee of the worat type. Mr. Tagsart Is a firm belleTer in internal' ImproTam»nta "The rc -leree- i Ins of the .Mississippi river." he said. -Is aot a great iaglncermg prooicm. It 1 i;, j,,^, g j,,,^. ,..,oi,i..nts you have of it surely get a -:.-:-;-ni bottle oC doubleil the beauty of your hair. • ICnowlton's Danderine from a::y drug- Your hair becomes li.sht. wavy.' dandn^ff; cleanses purities and invig- fluffy. abundant and appear.- as solt. onites the scalp, forever sti;o|>ing Iteh- iustrous and beautiful as a .voung fug and falling hair. ! girls after a "nanderine buir" 15ut will plt^ase v., a most will .lust try '.his—moisten a cloth with a he after a fuw weeks' ii ?:e when you little Oanderine and carefuHy tlraw it will aciually see' new hair—tine and " \ through your !:air. taking one small downy at tirst—yes—l >Ht really new - j strand at a time. This will cleanse \he hair growing ail over the scalp. If • 1 hair ol dast. dirt and excessive, oil you care for pretty, soft ^'air and iots la the simpleit of all pioulema The engineering has ail been done. The re bnlldlng oF tfce levees is an that^ is > - ''''fO'tifying the hair at once, gist or f.:!. t coumer and j::st uy it. n^essary. Instead of i.slng the engl Beer force that Is at work on j the Panama Canal to work on the .Mlas-! .. isslppl river. I would rather sead them j out Into the w est cnr country to WL ;rki -.j;_ ; lijindcrine dissolves eveery pa.riicle of TAKT «»k >VI1,S<)>. out a scheme for Irr!.^atlag the half million square miles of government laud that is the ri.-h^'tjt kind of soil and is located lu the finest climate in ' the world. \V! ii ;he exceptioa of des-| ert laud, all go' d gover.imetit land Is; now taken. \Vi- must .make more j homes for the people. This can be .1 :.. 1910. for ; of the eoi. elected U-.t gaa rec .-iv Office, In Ibll. ,-. gress, w 1" jw: cauo e .;;t 1 ^ f.::-e Iti the history a ('u;i:i!v .^ttorni-y was >. 1- 1 ..1. :.aii .Mr. Tag• : \y iiiiijui iiy ior that I. to ^irnish ine the faet.s'if 1 will pay theIn^. ; Dul.^I have always refui'ed to pay Tor'such a servi<:e. 1 have invariably mnde a courteous reply to the doctor. I, telling* him it is opposed to my policy • juid'piirpciples to pay for testimonials. etthijr directly or indirectly. 1 hei-e |- T .ottld be no trouble at all in my ob- 1 tain)n(; hundreds of testimntiials from^ '•' •<Icii\thr; ii 1 would pay the doctors fur /dttit ^JSSi). t=oM a I all drug had taken the most modern 'reat-; v;;^ f ^V,;: u d^ime P^^^. i^'?;.:?"^.*J;.7•'V,'L^^^''^:''.• ""I *?;*•". ^vant me Pemna that their Fathers obtaining relief. Me had also apidledjand Mo.he^s u^;;;! to take Tim old PBlBESS OF eBBJL SCHOOLS, ing to the 'suiicrioi' diploiuas. will have to meet the following additional I reriuircmpnts; A playground of at • : - ^ ' least one-h.ilf an acre, level, covered ILhiSQlS OFFi:i{«; 1»IP!.0.1IVS TO'"'"' ^'""^ grass, and luovided with THE BEtTFU ONES. trees and shrubs; sanitary drinking anidiaiice; separate cloak rooms for boys and girls; room lighted from one room furnace with proper arrange- tiionis for removal of had air and admission of pure air: at least eighty library hooks, ten suitable for each grade; two good pictures on the wall; jtrevisiou for in.struction In agriculture manual training, and domestic arts; the teacher to be a high school . - side or from one side and rear; ad- graduate with normal school training "Sl.imkrd" or ".'<liperior" Placards JustahJe windows fitted with good'and. 10 receive at least SISo tier an» tir..i, <i... 11...... L-, • ..Vi.i .l..^. • i,«.>. „-n,-;,t.,A 1... »,„ I 1. . . ,. ' OU'f the Uitor ludteate Standing «f Ihe Sehotds. i shiides; heat provided by basement or.n;;!!.; the work outlined in the state •iabellin l.that evti >-j country siluioi i.ouse.c; so i citizen i:i;iy kno.k- wiivlheri I his schooi is up to standard, is the j Mevlcp <'f the lllino:s <'>;i\c sciiool ;iu- l ^horitlo! |ac.'<•! iji. T i ialmii.a'ion BceI'ved at t.'ie 1 ;:u 'il .StJiti 's i ;i ;;.au' Educitijon. ^ The jjchfX'ls ::v. f . T to IgironBjds" buihiiin.:. ..• heat ' agj.'wn'tilation. Ir i.n-, • jjipiy.. auilhtion ;aud qn Jif. \: s of the; Ceacher; If the cr.^en .(is of a good I 6ch(>9} are found pr-sr . a diploma is! granted; the disfiin ...d a plate Is | iplaccii abdve the <|nor-of th.- school Jiotise' de.sjgnating it as a "Siandard Sch'soj.'' Upon ftillillment of certain further .-xequiremenls a higher diplo- nia'^ill be issued and the iilate will eatJ ySuperidT Scliool." Already t;.'.T of the l"..-,:!2 onorroom SOME WORKING eiRLSiOSETOO MUCH TIME Two GiiiU Tell How To Avoid IL c^e;l^e of stmly to be well tloiie. lOli.V PKOOF .-•Impld Ceuvlnce Every iteeord-Iiegis- (er Header. 'lin! frank statement of a "neighbor 'telilng the merits of a remedy. ; I'.ids you pause and' belim -i;. i The .-ame endorsenieiit j lly sonje stranger far away ('oiiiieands 111) belief at all j lleler. atl loU CSSe. I A-i i<ila citizen teslilies. I li<M(l and be conviu<;ed. l»iro Knieger, 407 South Ch-sinul .-'I . lola. Kaiis , says: ".\ly kidneys were badly ili.sordered :,!id the kidney .secretions pasi :e <l Ir- lei'iilarly and contained scdimi^iit. I There is no|hinB that teaches morel ^^a'; subject to severe attacks of baek- than experience. We therefcre quote |''f-'' "nd stooj)ing or lifting always from the letters of two girls who suf-I''"•"'i''! ''harp pains In my loins. Xi to health. The,"""' ' 'loan's Kidney Pills wt lered and were restored . , same remedy is within reach of all. j5ch6ol^< iu Illinois have earned; Biwklyn, N. Y. — "Prior to taking the right U) be called standard schoois; the first bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham's *L ^*ff' I Vepetable Compound I suffered agony _Tbi6 Snlere.-tmg devic- Is ,>art of a L,,/^^ , ' „ „„„..r .f,.i every month, but after your wonderful ken a while I felt a • taking seven bot-, can truly say I; . ' "'' '"•'•]'• ''V nil dealers. Ptice .'ii<-. lireetfofi or llou. K C , •.-.air. st.-ite hnve no more pain or inconvenience. ; i"'i.-tei-.MiIl)iirii Co.. Iluffalo, .V. v igOrtJur. campaig., wnced bv the State „ •' T . . .T If nitnois it. iMl .alf ui r„ral .^ebools. nic-d.c'ne had been taket ^WO experts „i, vuta! ed .icaiio:.. I' .T. '"ttle better, and after t loffliiiaH and W .S Tuotli. uiid' r thei ^ ' ^liat 1 ways Not as I able to gel any lasting relief This n .i:(.dy helped me so much from the llr.u that 1 coiitiuiied its use until my kid:ieys were doing tlicir work |ir6p- eily. At that time 1 gave a .-statement ftir publication telling of ley e.vperi- (ii.e and I now take pleasure In ••on- liii :i ;ng it.' i .•.'..•iiii :!itL -il for Conto fill the va- ;he .;t.i of Hou. A C. .Mitche... a..u v.a> ekcitJ by a ma Jority of ; I III each ui:j iviiy one ol these elections, -ilr. :j;t ..:.riej a majority of the frTi .-Mi.' \ote of Wyandotte coimty^ as a by the official r«»c- ords Intlx iMU - of th.* t'o.mty I 'lork. .Mr. Ti..''f::M ;c6K his :eat as a member of the l!iM.->' of K^^preaentatl••es of the c"i::iy-i-.-!)JU!; <.'ivi:?;rers on I)c- cem .'ter lib.;. aa.l u -.on part in the soc-ond s.^• a ol l!!:,t House He immediate!:- j-Mjiied rrcognitioii as a memljer. a!:cl fii Lit .'eiiiher ;<th. but fire days a .-'.r l;is ap .-itarance on the floor of ir .e U -iiit.. he was recognized by th." S ca'-.ei a:: : made his first speech i-.} he.c 'ii ol th. rih-trwood Pension Ril. T i-< si. erh. which has been clrc ^'-atu! in the district. Immediately g:. «t uim a repatation and etaiidlns ii.- .iuaoe Mr. Taggart vol>d a:;tl v- ^ r ^i ,! '..i- ihe pass.-ige of the Siie:.\o'jd ia«. and in addition tn thai secured Tlie |M !'^age through the Hons.- ot s ••• a!ee:i iirivaXe pension bills tor !--.'!cfit of ai ;ed and infirm ; i.l widows of toldiers of tie War. living In tliis dis- trU-i. uil (.1 '.»;;:> ti w-ic afterwards passed itti o !i i---' Senat.- aad signed by Uie ?re>li!t;.; .Mr. •ia7 :;aris wcrk on the Sherwood Pei.sij:i i*i:'. is ihov.'i at pages 2i8. -Ml a;:'; ti*:!" the Congressional Reco.-u lie was erroneously reported as/ net vuting on the agreement to the ciinfe'eaie r ^'pcrt; but the error is cor:efted at pai;e iJClil and the per- mai'.oiit re-ord shows that he voted oit all ipiestioiis pirlaining to the" Sherwood Pension Uiii and always in favor of it. Mr Tassart was elected to a place on the ConimUe.- on Agriculture, the favorite co ;uiai:!e;- of the lloiise. and ImmedlatLly P'oevtrted to devote Mis energies to :l'.e study of f.'.e workings of the Agnciillial beiia .-tment. He took part lu shapin-^ aad securing the passage througi) rile House of the Agricultural i-:xie :;siv>:i llill. whereby in- Etruction In sc;-..iitific ayriciiltiire will be exlenu.-d f. die farm itself. Kc is an aJv ;.caie of government aid , for Ihe iriip,-:^vei;ieat of pnMie loads 1 and votet* ii his co.i}a:i.;t- 'n; passage of the "aill. uh;-). ;,• passed the KOUSL-. providing lor compensation b; i:;e fe'overnr.ient'for the use of ro 'ids fnr rural free delivery rmiles. .Mr. T. <^arl voted for the for the co :i!-tlt :;::onal arneudmenl providing for the eii.<t!on of senators by direct vote of th-> people There wa.-. a jji -neral demand for a parcels post law Tliis demand was complied with by the uresent House, and the ua;r -:s jjost s.«st ..-m has been liiaiisi:rai(.; 10 i;;!;,- elt. ct .lauuary I, (.';i:ca;;(i. Oct. ::(; —Oirector Oavid W. -MiiUane, in charge of t!iv western bu:''.:a' oi' Kepuhlican national i-eii;iiiit:ef. in reviewin.g the proc:-ess of Tile .iiiupai^n (iurini; the week said t....'uy: • Tiletii!:.; .. KoOMr .-ell lalinot iiliS- si'aly iie clecieil. This fai I 1 :in he i .'i -ia j on.<f!al-;l bi.vl'iai! the i |ii.- :ii-.n of a' I .!..::ht. * i "in i :ei\ poimiar .oic fi .r Itiyan t O.-Jiet.liM. and f.>r rail ..';7x.!*i.> ' 'J''!is iii'ans that Co!. Koohevl:. in or. d' :• t'l will, must «e: the vole- of ..'gfil I •Mil ot every t.:ii I{einibliciii~ in ti»e : iriiie.l sia'es. ! .-annot do it "In order ii,- i-arrv Illinois :!<• imis; ^|•: the votec of .-even out 11! .-very uu Ke|.ii(>iii ans in l!ie .~:.i:e "He cani'.oi do i;• in ll:d!ana. i! ii<- v,.;.i:.! . ;ir:y l.e IlI'L-l gl-I liie voe:.: .1^ IllHe ll'.li ol >:• ly ten t;e |>iibi:cans in liie .-t:;,.- •"H" cannot lio it. "Tiiere i> ::.e -an.e or an eie;; ii^i r'- i!tia:;ainai>'e jiercenrav^e iii.c.e;\ (luiilieau state. ".And the vote, he win u'.'d wili ii>: l .e Sllpjilied hy l ^-i.-K .cr.;;.- l-'<.-r..crv Uemocrat w !:o iiiopo-e;! lo \i.t. fo; Koosevi -li there are four or liv w:io openly declare ll;:il l !i«-_\ will •.</•.- fi.r ' deni.Taft or Prof Wil.-on will be the iie\t president of the I'nited Stales, they will vote the Iteiuibliran ticket. They do net want -.i Democratic admin isiratlon. fine dose of that kind • ni .iigii. With the election of Wilson there would folhnv eigiit long months o I'anxiety as "to chantes in the tariff and llK .'a fre.. trade legislation would ine. ilaidy l;e .•nceted. disrupting and i !<"-:troyin?; in large tiieasure the hiisl- ne.-s 1. tthe country. Prosperity would I'ai.'e away ••T !ie party jg now solidifying with siicli iai -iditv that the ileiiiocrats betray an :<i'-'y They are apiiealing to Kepii'rilicai^s to vote for Wil.son. "They ' w>;uld not di) C.iis if lliey regarded vi«-- lory as alrt p.iiy won. ••I .ile -lnng and loyal Kejiublicaiis ::ie not iri -ian to vote the Ilemocratic ticket They ai'- not going to waste r!;eir votes njHiii IJoo.-^evelt, now that i- lerrain ti 'ar trie ihi .'d t:-ri;! candl- I 'aie ;M-,not po.-^sibly win. All i ;ur late ••• go TO <-onliiiii liie opinion that •r. !. e s'aies which in i>revious cam- :.:iiL'ri- i:ave !.e ^n re -iably Republican, i' Kep'.il'i; vn'e i~ heina , rapidly ioliili:!!-;! and i.iat ;:;e parly 'will pre- r -a', us !.• 1.'.!. a V H-tiirioii.- frwiil when M ..n ii;.y dawn.- ' - Mr. Jus V t 'hutchlli. '.«) Wall St., .•\iiburn, N. "i.. lias l >eea !ji .ti:ered Willi .-erioiis kii .'ie -y ami lila.I .ler trouble •ver since he l .-ft tl .e ai o;y, aijd sa ?3; JOSEPH TAGGART. Taft. "Tile realization of liie lad that ! "• dechled to try Kol.Kidn.-y rillu l;oo.-.eve!r.s eiceti.m is an i.iipos.-ibil- ns they had cured so !;:a!i-. i,^o,,:e and done wiihoat ultimateir costing tht >':• and tiiat a vote for Koose.elt i..; r I soon found they v .e:- thing. .. .My kidnev^ and bla^liler again in •1- Hu rrell's . uillllluieiT COStmjf. Uit ; '»'"i ui.n .1 voi»r lOi lvoos»-*i;it I.-- f " - - - government a cent. When this land i«|nor <m;y wu .-ted hut aid.- in the eieo- -^b' kidnev^ and bla .liler :.. again irrigated, it suould be sola to the peo-•'i'.n .^f lh>- Democratic candidate, is a heaUhy condition, i ma.rly reco • pie a.t what it will be worth, that ,i l'rin,;:!ni: haci; into the niend them." For ^a!.^ a: Hurrell with the attiial tost ol irrigating it :>arty all aloni; the lir.e. Rep -jhlitans ''rug Store. added to its p.esent value, on ioug need to le a>.-ured that Koosevelt time and easy pav.meiits.' He support- neltiier a ii'enace nor a lio 'ie. With —E -V '.ra low price.- uu i.e.. used ed-the biii remicu.u the residence ou a.-suran..- abioiutely proven and •''"^ Coal Stove? td Ilenuinger. homebttai.s from livc it.ars lo three ^^'^^ knowledge that either Presi- ^^'^'^^ Madison years. • Br;nieeii(lei.'i c.; i'it| | j-'dev .Stint; 'Ii'ii cT .ir ounteyJ ^ai'd vj;,.';-i- Illinois di. i II. ; •i > iiMrur'ioii; "Au 1 am out in the businessLWorld as 'i'l!.- to Ol':. a EtcTOgraphor. I cot!.-.' in contact with many {'ir .'s, and when the opjwrtune mo, , K .ii' mem arrive*; 1 tell UeTn about the Veg- ehoots be lir. 1... .. .Ji 'iiaid: etable Cumpom'.d and I know that-quite : .SWe I. C: !...U i! , i- il 'Ie. t ^ are taking it."-HtXEN CANKT, a luiiieiii, ri.iir.i., . ,.,y i,i .nr/J Liean St. .fSlhle le .iiiir. CI. T :r- uir school aie s,.| i.,Mh. Aii..,!i-tii(> Aiiotlufr C}|rl\s Kx|n>rienc«. Jpectfications a.- An asrp!.- i.iav- Tishomingo, OLla.- "f am a stenog- jved heating an'aut:<'U!e:ils~;! eted; stove- iu tiie <ornor of the' instead of an uap'-otireted sto \e|_ !:Ceater; tloor and iaierior of the |ufldilig C'e.^.n and tidy: s.tiiabie di '.>--ks' ' Cbildtv-n of till .tges ]i!ope!ly jilac- ',-<b good collection of jsivrnile hooss; ai>6 and dictionaries; ;t .---ani-ary wn- r supply; the school wei; orgaiiizrd ' ith.rjegulpr attendance and at least S5'en Jlfff»tbs* schnobU!; every vi -ar; • liesteacher mupt have not K.-.y than 13l ?i .Mr Tagsart vc.-ed for au appropriation lo -t -n ::ie channel of the .Missouri rivf ;.;id lessen freight rates to Kansas City. i:,-;d secured au appropriation for the iaipioveii'ent cf the mouth a.f the Kai'-as Ue voted for free «u:ar and r <ir :i;e reduction Of the tariff on wcnl and for the- reduction of tile steel st ;.e'ji-ie. aud voted to pass these mr: s..rt .< •. i u Ihe veto of the President la :':e passage of these bills aa.l l-> ''I' a'lfiupt to make them lAws i.i'tv. Uh- .irdiiig the Veto, the Dem'i'ra.' ; tu..! lie .- iMiort <if a great share of th- U , ; in the House. Thty a ^rt.-.! w.ih the Democratic , Ca .i lis O .M .crallc Senatorial fandldale Filr*! -Mr Taiisart w.ted for the adoption .statement. •''•'-* " abolish- '.V-.shiugton,' Oct. 2C.-^.Statements of lug the s. - t I 'au.-^is The result of , ca iiaign expenditures reached the j the di Ii. i ri-io; ot the Caucus are ea.i'al today by the hundreds to be i eow piihil>iied A yea and nay vote !s(d • .-ig 'Uts for the Cniled .Slates. t;i llu-iiiher the lake iio oti-er. name—Diian 's -.iiid IIIO>II'.SOV.S EXi'E.VSE «I.S7i "Our axuiy costs us ninety-three million dollars a year for eishtyfive thousand ol.iccrs aad ujen," sa:d .Mr. Taggart. "We could save half that burden by i >rgaa!::ing volunteer regi j meuis in our great a ni\ eicities, and puyiU6 men who are attending school; lor doing e\u'. ;iy the s-ame service that regular b-..;'niifrs are performing noW; and let ihc:u ;(c<iuire au education while they strve the country. I be-! lieve t :ie true national defease is the citizen soldier; and 1 believe in the ciicourasi tn< at ui militia organizations and in !!•..• vcl.initer service.' "We s!.o>i!d have a definite policy toward .Mvjcico and the South American llepuiiiios. The .Monroe Doctrine' means tuat vve should protect them in' Ihelr rig.'tt to continue as republics ami pre.c-nt European nations from' gaining a loot-hold on their soil. We' Inaugurated that j»oliuy lo protect our owu republic .European aaiioas, I out those c'..'.intries do not seem to be' able to susraiu a p..aceful and stable republicau form ot government. 1. don't think we ought to conquer them or deprive them of self government; but I believe it ought to be the policy of this goverument to protect every American citizen, wherever ho may go,' in any country. And it should further', be our policy to notify Mexico and | those South .Aiuericau. republics Uiai { American citizens who go there for; the purpose oi developing the country should not have their lives and their property jeopardized by coniia- ual revolutions." • On the tariff question Mr.. Taggart j stands stjaarely on the Democratic ^>atioual Platform which is as follows: "We favor the im.Tiodiafe dowitward j revision ol the esistlng high and in: many tas.-.s prohibitive tariff duties,! insisiing that material reductions be! speedil:- aiaile upon the uecedsaries of j lUe. Articles etiiering into competition ' with trust controlled prt/ducts and articles of Aiiic.'ican mouufacHure which ar«r sold aiiroadmore cheaply than at n home should be pat upuu the free list. 1 1 "We recogiiize that our system of tariff la.xatiou ;s iutlmately connected I with the business of the country, and ^ we favor iiliimate attainment of tho principles vve ajvocate by legisia- ! tion that w ill nr.t injure or destroy ' legitimaiii industry." \ "In cor.chisioii.' said the representa- 1 tlve. "let me say that 1 hold that the Democratic party ot today is the true ; Progressive party. .\ii insurgent or ' progressivi ir.-jiiiDlican is iu an illogical posiiii.u. FOR THE WOSV ^AL ^VVi^O THirSKS AMD F.IELS. Some women corapiain t.'^iat t.'iey periodically £•>.';-•.' 'r<..-.. ur -.i nnt! h =3 -.-v fcel- ir.|5s, or dizziness in the hc-co, r.eivoubnrss, pai .T aaj b ->ai. n i .-rlinii which should not occur to the norms! healthy woman. Eat pio^f ever-," ^'Jtii-JLU » subject to these pains ut some time in tier life, due to al>nor ;.i .j, cvctliciuius in life, such ss corsets, over-tascd strength, Imd .air, p'jor hr imp .-'.ytr food, feet, slu^^iUi liver, etc. A regulator and female tonic made frao na.tive mcdiciosl roots'with pure glycerin, ood without the use of alcohol, called DR. PIERCE'S rAVORlXE-PRKSCRZPTXOX, has proven Its value in thousands of cases, like the follav .-in!<: XIss. TViNA M MXBTIs.of Autcrr.. Kebr.. Rc-cfe 1. Bn.T 84. »ay»i "I th^.tufht J tvouU writ* yvu in ro.-t.i-'i to ym,r ni«dicines hava done me. 1 tmre UK -4 ili«n fn.- thirty years for fHnaW cnnbU iii:d j»« wrakiMm viitis the v.,ry Ixsl n^-uii. and they liav« mmi ine h-.;» ii£ .'jJUi < io i;i«lors" Lin .-i. I Vi-y tbe" Kiivorite Ptcitlli) KBS. MARTU;. tivn'and'GsUra iJcdie^ iJisO'Veiy'ami t :>k-? thnr ••iftiber. li vcsadisappointed in yoi :r rcn«li«-i M-'. taVt: pWasfur.- m Kcoauncndisx th *im to any SttlTcring: lai.;.-. I zm now zAir^.-i f.fty y«mi old: mt forty- fifc I took ycr mcdicinot. both kini!;. 1 r/ that iieriotl very e=..ily and left ir.c fat i.."! healthy, i Itcl ii::u u younir girl. • If any fctaJy ores to write nie, 1 vvi;! ^.-ladly teli her more about the rood W -OI& ol your medicines." DB. P:ERCF.'S r;RP \r FA.MILV DOCTOR BOOK, The People 'a Conmon Sense Medical Advise-, newly revised up-to-dala edition—of 1008 pa^, ankwert ho ^its of delicate questiona which every woman, sin^e or married, ou4ht to know. Scut free in cloth binding to any addrcM on receipt of 31 onc-ccnt stamps, to coyer cost ol wrepping acd moilint oalr. NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE A full supply on hantl at 409 North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots Public SalBl 1 nlll sell ut I'uhllr Anrlion. two and Ihree-fourlli.s miles west of Tarljle, five miles north and one and three-foiirthx miles «esi of loiji, ou nhal Is sits on one side cf the House and usa- Thursday. October 31, 1912 ally votes with th,. othor. and usually has no lafliieiice with either. A man ^-::_!? «:..-'>:Ur and i -i"'.'*; SiH^ bte 'SSIiuld'u; "nt ^ulJI/Xi.VJ'l '1:^V^^.. ' P'lbHshe". Compound has sent,lives clogging, ihe machinery of i Twmtv bi; ir. ti,,. direct in,., . saved my life, lam tiu House clerk's office lo such an ex- fcbor pa;sc I .'.e louse ^^nd Mr T.^^ enjojing thebestof t;"; that the work of recording the [sari took ... ac-i' ° parMn th ^J't!' health now.but I was !'^t-'"''-i"^n's was suspended and many i tatidn ^ ^" ......... AllUU who hclieve.s in progressive principles will have his principles enacted iaio law mere prrjmpily hy supportiuK ^Vij- Bou and .Mar^nall and eliMjliag a Congress and a Senate in ha.-mony with the I»reslde!it. Tals cannot he done by electing insiir.isent Kepublicana. A regular itepublictn should not vote for them hecaup-.' he is accomplishing nothing by so doing exoept to create discord in his own party. He is wasting time endeavoriui; to elect a man who rlaims to te a llepublican and whose Iteuiuuing at Iti «Vl«vk a. nu Ihe uillonimr desrrihed property: Ifany woman woulj sional committee,, reported he"had ! i; wiri^:. r..e "a irco^ff high school edu.ation, receive a '..^nl-' , , •^^'^^ f .l ^''i";, n , .... i " * • ""'^ ine eepL , y of, at le:ist $:500 per annum, and] , T'lH^'f ^H ^p?' P- 1^ '^'t M "/-^"""-'-'"Si?"-'!'^'^ •^A^"".,"^- « ^or lUeu: la e.'ea.'^cl.? tanked hy.the countrv .superintend-! ^<^>'what Lydta E. Pmkham's\egetable :'\Bs'a Kood or superior teacher. I Comiwund has done for me."-Mrs. his dh.'bursementE "at ?1,S72. ,e more ambitioii:i disllicl!^. a.^iiir-l MAriiECOPENHAVER, Tishomingo. Oklu \f^'- "i? receipts at $700 and vegetables go for want are sfarv. K.'eai cities of the KII It IIKVII OF IIOH>KS, on.. U'-year-old mare. \vt. ahoitt 141.0 ih .-i ;' one .Vyear-old mare, wi altoiit ll.'.o n><.: one coming L '-year- olil eolt; yearling colt. li; IIK.M> OF « VTTl.K. .Seven luiUh cow..:. iliTee yearling ^T .•er-. > lie HJ.oTt il'Tn hull, fIVc , purpose Is to support the greater part '•s;..'ins etilve..--. I ot the Denoctatic program. The roc- —. 1 ord will «bow that insurgest Republl- ~ " cans supporter' the Democratic tariff legialation in thin House almost to a man. and vot«^<J 'lo pa..*s the tariff jeg- Islatlon nc: wititstauding the veto of the Pr -std -nt. It seems to me that iahtirr^fut Repu.ilieuns bave pleaded TK\ SIIOVTS U'-iphiuK about Co lbs. each; one s^'w weighinj; alcut !7.", iK >und.s. H.\V--.AlK >Mt 4 <J ton.s hav.* t^e Mlasourl river li TKK.H.«< OF .SII.K—.\ll villus ..f ^liH"! and uiider. cash in hand. All s !ii::-. ovr Jlo.'ei,. a irei;:t of '.' itionihs will be Kivim. piirchuiier giving note with :.;|>rov..d beii .nty. bearing 'i I'-r (eiit iiiieresi from date if paid when diie. U r.ot i>;iid when due to draw 1" per <i -nt from dat»- of Bale; 4 uer cent yiMum «- - nienii ^iVes .Hit of the 'controversy and i di.«orint for i:-fh on-credit -al.-.-. .\'.. proiiertv to he reiiioved imtll settled for. bave no e Ii-at the;, can consistent. ' «»~ ^<i.*r|«:j-~ J. A. Baum a-<v (Am'EI{riSliMI::.\TJ . ' LUNCH UN TIIK .<1 K0L'NU3.

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