Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 28
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AtTOM EVENING TELEGRAPH . SB* M^fflOX t»msn«itoent N. Y. - (NBA) IttOO a £ear may - A look ied«« betmvrse their 18» year-old ear was falling apart, tfo far iwB'taflation conditions, the ear tould have been pafd for out et 'Uwtttd 1 ! income. But to finance It new, Blanche works ftart-tiwe as prart reader aftd bookkeeper at office. She earns 125 n week pwtty lush to some people. But It doesn't look that way end Blanche Hall and •lWl4 IfeftfiTl a locomotive engineer thest d to theft* 'tH Wetv Yoffc Central Railroad Often taking the crack 20th Cen fury Limited out of New York Sine* 1348 he has bpen makinp ihc same wages, sometimes a little sometimes « little under . Out Of that is taken withholding ta* of $600. union dues of $8G, *md retirement allotment of $225. That leaves him about S600C takfr'home pay. But each, month this take-home pay grows steadily smaller and smaller in buying pow- cr. . Nevertheless, Donald ana Blanche, once a school teacher, are determined to maintain an averagely decent standard of living f T themselves and three healthy boys. To do this requires almost Spartan budget discipline. It means greatly increased work for Blanche who does all her housework, and 'denyjng themselves pleasures they used to look forward to regularly. such as going to a restaurant on pay day. and having friends in one night •« week for bridge and sandwiches. LOM Chance Bui 'the hardest disappointment to take, Blanche admits, was losing the chance to buy their. own home. Fdr years they had been saving for it 'but the Inroads of inflation forced them, to draw on their savings, putting the purchase of a house into the category of lost dreams. To the neighbors, the Halls are "nice people." Both father and mother are good looking; so ate the boys, all of them tali and well built. Dick, 21, is a senior at the University of Maryland. Bob, 16. and 'Gerry, 11, are in the local high and • »he surance on the car, $98. comes out of the budget. Among inescapable family expenses nre $9.50 a month for hos- pitalizntlon insurance. SITS a yet>t for Donald's life insurance. J36 every three years for fire insurance, around $10.50 ft month for gas and electricity and $10 a month for telephone. They have a private line because the raidroad must be able to get in touch with Donald quickly. Blanche admits she runs the phone bills up herself. "Now that I can't afford to entertain my friends as much as T \VOUld like, I call them frequently even though they live in other towns and T have to pay a toll. We talk insfead of visiting." * They send $690 a year to Dick away at college to help pay his tuition and living costs. Dick earns the balance after classes and during the Summer vacation. Allowances Each of the younger boys gets a weekly allowance; Bob 31.25, Gerry, 75 cents; each puts 25 cents in the Christmas Club. These two allowances nick the budget $94 annually. Donald dislikes budgeting so he turns over all his earnings to his Wife-to manage, except $10 a week or his personal spending ,money. This pays for lunch or dinner when ic is away from home and for wn occasion afternoon on the public ;olf links' plus a snack afterwards vith friends. Despite her shrinking budget. Blanche continues to pledge $150 i year to St. Augustine's Episcopal Ihurch, in which she and her sons are- active. Donald prefers golf vhen he is not railroading. Blanche also contributes cake and clothing o the fund raising bazaars.' All the Halls like to eat ivell and Blanche, who during the war conducted classes in nutrition, is convinced the best way to-cut down doctor's bills is to .keep higji nutritional standards in the family. school and pretty much in the So their largest single budget item thickVbf things; athletic and social, j is 51600 for food. The two younger boys go io camp fop two weeks ; during the Summer; the cost $^ each. The family lives in a 15-year-rtld garden apartment in this semi- suburban town on the Hudson Ri". er about 35 miles from New York. Their four rooms are comfortably iiurnished, shipshape. There a television set and two radios. For this tiijartment they'pay $60 a month, piliis $10 fora heated garage in the sarnie tiufllding. Donald is often called in the middle of the night to take, a train out and therefore his car must be ready to start at any time? « " • ' Buy New Car This year they had to buy a new Varied -Diet • Two years ago she was able to give her family balanced and vai v led diets on a food allowance of only $36 for two weeks. There would often be a /little, cash Left, too, and with that she would buy stockings or some other small per- sonad item.* But today her $30 a week allowance for food barely makes the .grade. Her large kitchen contains a modern gas range, an extra large electric refrigerator, a large deep freeze which they bought secondhand, and an electric mixer. There's'also an eldctric washing machine; Blanche does all. the washing and ironing herself. She has an eleotrie sewing machine on which she makei mmt of her own clothes instead of buying them, which she'used to do. TMIi cut* the clothing give Doctor's bills chewed a lot oui of the budget last year. Bob got he is 21. The strain of Spartart budgeting and striving to keep things up to par despite the drooping dollars, got Blanche down. She suffered violent headaches from an undetermined cause, ar\d had to go to New York once a week to ft specialist. So their M.D. bill hit the $500 mark. TELEGRAPH WANT ADS "CLICK" setfMiit ttflllomfrt ; An Afflericin "sergeant million. atre" tftuled comment ift Chile when he arrived at Santiago aboard oftfe of the two cruisers that country recently bought from the United States. Renamed the O'Higgins and the Prat, the cruls-i ers now are in Chilean waters ana aboard the prat, commentators served, is "a technical sergeant 6f the U. S. tercel who makes a greater salary than the Prat's com* madder, Vice Admiral Espina, Chief of the Naval Zone." The sergeant gets $300 a month from the Navy and $100 more from the Chilean Government. It is estimated that over half the Eskimos of the world never Saw a snow house. DIETSCHY'S "FREE DELIVERY" MARKET 5TH*RIDOE PHONES S-6824—3-fl«JS HAMBURGER FRESH GROUND KO* III BEEF 1 Lb, Wv FRYERS FRESH 2 to S-lb. KB. •DRESSED average, Lb. wVv EGOS FRESH FROM .THE COUNTR? Dot. 42e CHEESE FOOD 'l&flt LARGE FRANKS PORK SAUSAGE .... I'ORK LIVER Lb 49c ... i,, 35* IH 33c BONELESS PERCH BONELESS COD BONELESS STEW BEEF .... ib 39e U)* "WW ,,, 75c PORK BUTTS SMALL LEAN, Lb. 53c PORK STEAKS or CUTLETS . M.. 69c MAYROSE BACON ... l-Lb. pit?. SNACK SALAMI Lb. 55c LARGE BOLOGNA Lb. CHOPPED HAM Lb. SIRLOIN OR* STEAKS Lb. O9G TENDER CUBE STEAKS .. Lb. 95c SHANK-END «A* HAM, 4-Lb. Pieces, Lb. JvP OLEO, A, G. Color** LI). 2lc HEINZ BABY FOODS 3 can. 25c SPRY or CR1SCO 3 it 79e STARLAC DRY MILK 43c AG CREAM STYLE CORN" I9c HIGHLAND A Fork & Beans • cans 23c 1000-SHEET O Ol A TOILET TISSUE* RollsWI 6 LIGHT BULBS, 100 and 75 Watt for 72c LIGHT BULBS » 40' and «0 Watt 1 for 60c ASPARAGUS l-Lb. Bunch I9c CHERRIES FRESH, RED MB • SOUR, Qt. Box ftwC TOMATOES SOLID 91 • RIPE,TLb. ft 1C LONG UKJ3EN * CUCUMBERS.. £ for I9c GREEN BEANS '. •Lb. I9c BEETS •bnchs NEW GREEN CABBAGE Lb. Ili 7c 43 Years of Quality Back, of EL-BE PRODUCTS CHERRIES Gold Chain. Fancy red. pitted cherries. Especially prepared for plei. No. * C»n ' SALAD DRESSING El-Be. Fancy, a spicy well seasoned salad dressing. Htch, «mooth, fin* flavored. Never separates.' 16-Ou. J»r 12 23 PEACHES ^>E>c Your EL-BE STORE handles food-,with a reputation... NoMe Californla Ye!low C u n «. halves IB »yrup. 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Green and whlU lima beans. Young and tender. ;»na Can — — — — — — — — — ~~ ____ FRENCH DRESSING El-Be. Fancy.. A real French dressing. Adds ze»t to »al«d combinations. - 8-0*. Botlk — •— •—•—--~~• —•—.—.—.—.—.-~ CORN El-Be. Eancy, whole kernel, golden bantam. Cut oil the cob ot selected ears of young and tender corn, 80:1 Can —.—. — »- — II 17 e * MEAT DEPT. * SLICED BACON l.uer't hmj s \ No. I layer 39c BRAUNSCHWEIGER LUNCHEON MEATS l.uer't 4-w*y coinUinalion loaf round •• ............. PURE LARD Luer'* No. '* far ton .............. 59? 29c SARDINES In oil or •mustard. Delight, fully lusty. Very nourishing. Fine for picnics or outings. U can 3 • 29° EXTRACTS El-Be. Pure, always uniform in strength. Vanilla or lemon. H-O*. Bottle POPCORN Gold Chain. Yellow South American It's ready for the popper. lu-O*. r»n — — — — MARASCHINO CHERRIES El-Be. Fancy, large, bright, delicious cherneti Fine for salads or dei»berl*-il-O*. Boltle — — BEVERAGE Gold Chain. Orange. Crape or Straivhero. 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Alton THURSDAY, JUNK J, 10J 2 | LffiBY'SPEAS . . 5"'$T.OO OLD ORIGINAL KQSHEt SOV* • MIL > «•« IGA PICKLES . . 4"'$1. ! « IQA FANCY ** 5W RED BEANS . . . 10'"$1. t wan cttms *«• *M IGA SPAGHETTI . 6'"$1.00 IQA FANCY No > MO &MM PORK & BEANS . 10'"$1.00 O. f. BRAND No. 300 Cann SAUERKRAUT .10'"$1.00 X 12-oz. Bottles BROOKS CATSUP... 6FOR*1 M RED SOUR PITTED No. 2 Cans IGA PIE CHERRIES.. 5 no'I 00 CHUNK STYLE STAR KIST TUNA * cs r 34c NIBLETS MEXICORN 12-oz. ^ 4 g Can 21 GREEN GIANT No. 303 Can 19 IGA "\T1tA WHIPPED" • . •" Quart Jar SALAD DRESSING . 49c IGA VACUUM PACKED l-lb. Can DELUXE COFFEE . 85c IGA FANCY No- 2 Cans SPINACH ...... 1?C COMSTOCK ' ' No. 8'Can PIE APPLES. ... . 20c GERBER'S STRAINED BABY FOODS . 3 ca "27c FOR SALADS OR COOKING 16-oz. Bottle WESSON OIL. . . . 33c MARSHAIALLOW CREME I«-OE. Jar HIPOLITE ...... 25c KRETSCHMER'S 12-oz. Jar WHEAT GERM . . . 28c DOG FOOD : -'- i o ^ »-lb. Bar KEN-L-MEAL .... 73c CAT FOOD . 8-oz. Cans PUSS 'N BOOTS . 3 "' 27c SUNSHINE . l-lb. Box KRISPY CRACKERS 25c GULF KIST LARGE SHRIMP 49c 5-oi. Can GULF KIST FRESH PACK OYSTERS 40c 4 2/3;OX. " Can HY PQWfR Chili Con Came N cr 39c: HY POWER TAMALES 30c No. 300 Con OUTBAKES THEM ALL! OR VOUR MONEY BACK IGA FLOUR % 49C Fruits & Vegetables! (2 doz. S5c) SUNIflSX—(2 dozen in hornetoter bag) ORANGES . . . . 4 S1.00 FANCY—Full Moon Brand (4 in Carton) (3 cartons 55c) TOMATOES 4—$1.00 Finest Fresh Meats! SWIFVS—(7. S. GOOD AND CHOICE BEEF RIB STEAKS 79c SWIFT'S PREMIUM l-lb., Layer U. S. No. 1 Mississippi CABBAGE.... 2 15c U. S. No. I Texas l-lb. Cello *-<• 0* *^U» * *__ ^^ ^^ ^^ CARROTS 2 33c SLICED BACON.... 59c SWIFT'S—U. S. GOOD AND CHOICE | CHUCK ROAST.... 69c I LEAN — MEATY | SPARERIBS . 49c Luncheon Assortment ( U. S. No. 1 Alabama CUCUMBERS .... 4 25c SWIFT'S PREMIUM LARGE BOLOGNA— BRAUNSCHWEIGER— PICKLE A PIMENTO LOAF, Ib. 49 - FROZEN FOODS - REAL GOLD LEMONADE 6-02. Cans 7 for $4. 00 SHOP AT THESE IGA STORES AND SAVE ROWE'S MARKET SIXTH ANP FEIUitiSON, WOOD RIVER OAUER'S MARKET *01 CENTRAL ECONOMY SUPER MARKET THIRD 4NP PENMNQ, WOOD RIVER GERDING'S MARKET HA\VTUOKNE AND CKATRAI^ WOOP RI\T5R GOLDFARB'S SUPER MARKET 38 FERGUSON, \VOOP BIVER CHARLIE'S SUPER MARKET 801 SINCLAIR 4VB.. SOUTH ROXAMA KNIBB'S MARKET BUMOSR MATHIAS FOOD MARKET UARWORP, 114* SCHNEIDER'S MARKET SEVENTH 4NP SPttlNQ, A^TON, 114*

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