Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 27
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THURSDAY, JUNE S, 1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAOB TWEMI1 [Red Logic Bogs Truce Talks at I Panmunjom By OSWALD JACOB* Written lor NKA Service NEW YORK-(NEA)-"Our position la unshakable because. . ." Hers the enemy interpreter at the Kdfeflft peace talks bogged down. But not for long. "Because," he continued brightly, "it is unshakable." Such irrefutable Communist logic is one of the things that has dragged out the proceedings at Pan- munjom some 10 months now. I have just returned after spending eight of those months there—plus another eight months in Japan—on duty with the U. S. Navy as a member of the peace delegation. Here's another example of Red logic. On the big truce question of prisoners of war, we hold that they should be returned to their own side only if Ihey wish to. The Communists insist they must be forced to return. As a compromise, we suggested that all POW's from both sides be placed in a neutral compound at Panmunjom. Then they could go out one gate of the compound to our side, or take the other gate and go to the Communists. Obviously Fair The obvious fairness of this was too much for the enemy. Their only answer — and they repeated it day after day—was that the whole thing would be carried out under the force of our bayonets, "How would there be coercion on our part?" we would ask. "Your scheme, of voluntary repatriation is to detain our people at bayonet point," was their answer. No details were given on how we could bring our bayonet points into play through the walls of a compound. The truth of the matter is, the only time we would have to use bayonets would be to force many of our prisoners to go back to the North Korean or Chinese Communist forces. They'd rather be where they are. Furthermore, we hold about 20,000 so-called Chinese volunteers in our POW camps. About three-quarters of them claim to be Nationalists and want to be sent' to Chiang Kai-shek's forces on Formosa. Anywhere but to Communist China. Humor Also The truce talks are not without their funny moments. One of the enemy's subdelegates was a Chinese colonel named Tsai whose voice, when he got excited, rose to an actual scream. Rear Adm. R. E. Libby, our delegate in charge of prisoner-of-war discussions, finally had about as much of the intermittent screams as he could stand. From then on, he said, he was going to have the man interpreting Tsai's remarks scream at every point where Tsai had screamed. I N don't think Adm. Libby carried out his threat, but it seemed to me Tsai screamed less after that. It must be remembered that an Important part of every enemy move is to produce favorable propaganda for home consumption. Thus we find the Chinese and North Koreans making proposals at the truce talks which sound good back home but which are completely unfair and unreasonable. S8th Parallel For instance, they wanted the line of damarcation for the armistice to be set at the 38th Parallel. We said it should be the battle line. We were then across the 38th Parallel as much as 50 miles for four-fifths of its length across Korea. The enemy was across only 15 to 20 miles for one-fifth of its distance. After five months of wrangling, during which the enemy made the most of its stand propaganda-wise, they agreed to our proposal and the damarcation line was made along the battlefront. Another big snag in the peace talks is that often the same word or phrase just doesn't mean the same thing to the enemy as it does to us. One of these is freedom of the press. Controlled Radio One day Adm. Libby slammed into the enemy's "controlled radio." Gen. Lee Sang Jo, Adm. Libby's North Korean opponent, hit the ceiling. "Only in your country is press and radio controlled and censored," he stormed. "Our press and radio are not controlled at all. Our newspapers write the truth without censorship. -Our radio men talk without censorship: There is no censorship of press or radio in the North Korean Peoples' Republic." The point here is, of course, that there need be no censorship of the blue pencil variety when the editor of a newspaper knows that anytime he prints something the government doesn't like, he and his family will probably be dead within a week. And for the same reason, the broadcaster knows he had better be right or else. You better leave tills TV set alone and get ooe ol those expert repair men who advertise In "» Waul 44*. "Yfoqci v .) l«4«. TH* KfOfw AVONDALE ^^^^^^^^^. ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^|u|uu| ^_jj|j|^^ Cut Style No. 303 Can Pure Vegetable Shortening KROGO AVONDALE PEAS Sweet, Tender, Garden-Like Flavor No. 303 Can KROGER FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 6-Oz. Cans KROGER BREAD Super-Soft Sliced White Bread. Stays Fresh Longer! 16 Large 20-Oz. Loaf KROGER SPOTLIGHT COFFEE Enjoy That "Live Flavor." 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