Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 1, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1908
Page 5
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C r^irz."nrT_v" _r~™ ~ '/'^^gjSKS^^TQ' —-————— local Events, —— .— a^JS**..-----:.--:.-_-. --•:. Mrs. Ben P. Thorpe is spending a vacation at Santa Mouica. Miss Charlotte Lewis nf Ontario is spending the week with the Misses Mabel and Inez Smith. Mias Inez Smith is spending two weeks at the home of her brother, C. I. Smith' of Hollywood. Miss Dundas returned last Tuesday from Eed lands, where she has spent several weeks. Miss Florence McLeod left today for Bakersfield, where she will spend a month with relatives. Mrs. John Brunjes and little daughter Phyllis will return from Cnta- lina next Monday. Mr. and Mrs. How land and Mr. Frank Smith and mother took an auto trip to Long Beach last Sunday. Mr. Chas EMILIS, who is the guest of friends at Pasadena, has accepted an engagement at the Belasco theater. Holy Trinity Church Ladies Guild met on Thursday afternoon at the rectory. The Rev. and Mrs. Fletcher and daughter, Mias Evelyn, will leave next Tuesday to spend several weeks at Seven Oaks, Red lands. Mrs. VV. B. Broadwell and family left today for San Diego, where they have rented a large furnished house for the summer. flev. and Mrs. Harry White and sons spent, last Tuesday as the guests of Rev. and Mrs. Paul Stevens at Seven Oaks, San Antonio canyon. Miss Evelyn Fletcher was the guest of Miss Margaiet Middleton on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles and sang at a musicale given by the latter. The Covina Valley Savings Bank offers you a safe investment for your idle funds. We pay 4 per cent. Start an account today. Rev. Harry White and Messrs. E. P. Warner and Wm. Warren will leave on Tuesday for Bear Valley and Bluff Lake, where they will spend two weeks. Mrs. W. G. Conley and little dau-. ghter Mary left on Thursday for Laguna Beach, where they were the guests of Mrs, Sfieley, returning today. s. W. E. Emery returned on Monday evening from a visit of two months and a half, spent at their former home near Salina, Kansas. Mrs. Oscar Miller and little daughter Clarice were the guests of the former's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Smith of Prospect Park, last Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chambers of Los Angeles and the former's brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Cham- bets of Lincoln, Neb., weie guests last Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Mr. and Mrs. Will Grifllths will leave next Tuesday for SHD Francisco where they will be guests for the month of the former's sister, Mrs. A. L. Dowlor. There will be Holy Communion service at 11 :HO next Sunday morning at Holy Trinity Church and the usual evening service, after which church will bo closed for three Hun- days, until Aug. ,'JO. Mr. and Mrs. Vere (ioldthwaitc, wailed July 21 on the Kaiser Wilhelm II for Vienna, Austria, whore Mrs. (iuldthwuite has signed an engagement q.s prima donna Ht the Koyal opera house. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Knight, Mrs. A. L. Trench and daughter Dorothy and MifiH Clernento carne over by auto from Los Angeles on Tuesday and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Evans. Mr. aucl Mrs. ,\. M. Smith and familv are spending the week end in Hollywood admiring the new baby, Mies Charlotte Marindu Smith. Lic- ing the first grandchild, this young lady btatMk a chance of being very much spoiled. A number of young Tuesday evening at the Leisure- and gave him prise in celebration o birthday. All kinds were played and ice candy were nerved. tokens weie given ti., hi-i fric-uds. Th-. the Mi. she-, Iiu:'.-l C (,'hilton, Ci l'i l'.i!U-r. luiu Van Aiiken, Held Minnie Hi-.-on. Jlf-.-.a dr ChL-ney: .M.---I-. 1,'ov ;;..,] dart-net- i-rii.iick.. ilui. Sisj-on, Maik ( :i-!ii, ( Willie Slanton, Kaj Mul Leobi ick. peonle met on home of tilenn a ple,ihant surf his fifteenth of merry garnet, ream, cake and Many birthday man by ii-s-ent included nl!-,id, Mat! in -il, h t Guaranteed piano tuning. L, E. Sheets, Pomona, tf. Miss Anna Hcrron has been seriously ill for several days. ; Mr. and Mrs. Clifford and daugh- ! tor are spending their holidays at , Catalina, I j Mark Custer is spending a week at i Redondo, the guest of Professor Franklin of Lnrdsburg. Mrs. Hunkel and little daughter Pauline were guests of the former's sister, Mrs. H. Cass, on Monday last. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finch of Compton were visiting relatives in Covinn on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pierce are spend ing two weeks at Catalina with tho latter's sister, Mrs. Clifford and family. Mrs. Belle Williams, and daughter, Miss Helen, will arrive Monday to spend a week with the former's sister Mrs. E. P. Warner. Brand new line of fine candies and licorice goods lor the generation just growing up at MoLeod's restaurant and candy store. Leave all laundry bundles and clothing to be dyed or cleaned at McLeorl's restaurant, agent for Pomona Steam Laundry. Mrs, W. Q. Cnstor and eon Paul attended a concert on Friday night, given by Miss Irene Taylor at tho Memorial Baptist Church, Los Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. H. Cna.s and child, with their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Whipp and children of Saragut, Iowa, will leave tomorrow to spend a week or more at Baynham's camp, San Antonio canyon. Mrs. O. ,J. Osborno of Whittier and her aunt, Miss Harrier of Mariis- ter, Michigan, were guests yesterday nf Mrs. Whitsel, who spent last week nursing thorn after a serious runaway accident at Whittier. The Intermediate League of the M. E. Church enjoyed a social evening on Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. E. P. Warner, over twenty members being present. Games were played and refreshments served. Mrs. I. I. Cook returned on Wednesday from San Francisco, bringing with her her daughter, Mrs. Mary E. Capron of Chicago, and grandchild Marjorie. Miss Vyvyenne Faulder, who was with her in the north, will stay there some weeks longer. Tbe Christinn Endeavor Society of the Presbyterian Chorcb enjoyed one of their pleasant evenings at the social hall on Wednesday evening, about thirty being present. After tho transaction of business, games were played and refreshments served. On Sunday, July 20, Mr. and Mrs, C. L. H11 Ice entertained Mr. and Mrs. Frank Day of San Francisco and Mr. and Mrs. B. L. King. Mr. and Mrs. Day wore on their wedding trip from Vail, Iowa. Mis. Day is an old time friend of both families. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brandt, and daughter, Mins Josephine, tho Misses Mary Androson, Martha Sail, Alice Hopner, were among the number who attended the dedicatory services of the South Los Angeles church of tho Brethren on last Sunday morning. A party of happy little people were invited by Mrs. W. Q. Ouster lust Saturday afternoon to celebrate thn ninth birthday of her won Clyde. Games were played outside and the children were served with watermelon, cake, and punch. Those present were Carrnol, Loom, Herman and Uea Kring, Lena Fitxgorald, Bonnie Smith and Emily McKoe. A. W. Cushmiiri of Biidillo Htreet, who was removed to the Pacific hospital on Monday, suffering with abscess of the gull bladder, WHS onerated upon there, and in reported by hiw physician, Dr. W. Cuppa, as rocoxor ing a.s rapidly MH could ho expected. Mr. CuHhnmn in 70 yearn of age, but. iimloi went the operation with the. vitality of a much younger man. Mrs. Louis S. Thorpe entertained on Thursday afternoon with a reception in honor of he,r mother, Mrs. Liliciicranl'/, who .» visiting from the northern part of tho state. The pretty hunualow home wa.s gay with blos.-oniri, chief among which which was the baby daughter. Ilefresh mentH were served. Those present were Mines. Yaw, LnFetra, IJcieh'ird, •Crook, Given, Jennings and Ciii>- wold. The choir and young people of , Holy Tiinil.y Church enjoy* d an! "affinity social" last evening on the! lawns of i hi. church and lectory, and j (s li-i•I'ily number wan present. .j;,| urif-so liiiiit-j i,s and para-iols, ;,'ilr, ' li;mi .- ai.d hi-!, not le.jiM, j.j-i-ttv' t'ilN li f,l effulgence to I he hceijc. ;,,,,( : each lad •, I i on^l.t a lunch f,,i tv. o. which uas nuiiii.'-ied ai,d for v.hii-h the c-i-n t |i-rui:i< di'i-vv lot'-., -,i, |'ie-iiin.a Uv the ' •alii/.iv,-" w.i.i not m c. ,uil-. j a s'ii,j.i-r |.ai ti.t-r. ; OUR AGENTS: Warner, Wlitsel & (o. Brown & Bonn Pomona Sanitary Laundry For Sale Fine family cow, Gus Nelson, W. Center street. Itp Mrs. E. H. Lahoe has been quite ill this week. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Norcross of Lordsburg spoilt Wednesday at tho home of Mrs. Hannah Ovnrholt/.er. Mrs. R. J. Smith of Los Angeles was tho guest on Tuesday and Wednesday of Mrs. F. E. Ouddernr. Fred Fabrick, Howard Douglas mid I'jlmer Shirley have been spending the week camping at Rinoon. Mrs. H. E. Chesebro and daughter Lucilo will arrive Monday to spend a week with Mrs. Wm. Crook, during the absence of Mr. Chosebroand Myra at Chico. B. N. Rottorhan of San DimHs, with Cunt. Matthews, in the San Toy on Wednesday at Clomonto, broko a world's record by 7 pounds, landing all pound yellowtail on a six- ouuco rod. Why not, tako some old magazines with you to tho mountains or to the beach? You would get tho best kind of reading and would not have tho trouble of bringing it homo again. Price, ten to twenty cents a volume, six numbers. Covina Public Library. Contractor Clarence Allison has taken a contract from Mrs. W. W. Nash for an eight-room bungalow for *3,500. It will be built on tho property adjoining Mr. Griswold on San Bernardino road, where Mrs. Nash ha? 150 feet frontage. Everything throughout will be up-to-date,as Mrs. Nash is quite an architect, herself, and she has the right man to carry out her ideas. L. Dooius, for twelve years with the State Mutual Building and Loan Association, well known in this vicinity, is in town this week. Mr. Decius severed his connection with this association on July 1st and is connected with the Russell Borate Mining Compsuy, whose mines are lonnterl In Ventura ooottty. Mr, De« oius will remain iu this Locality several weeks. The Epworth League of the Methodist Church was very pleasingly entertained at the home of Mrs. Anna Finch Friday evening of last woek. The lawn was decorated with Japanese lanterns and a delectable lunch was served. The program consisted of Hie following: Cornet solo, Charles Walters; trombone yolo. W. Aschon- brenner; piano duet, Misses Mabel and Inez Smith; vocal nolo, Miss Broakey, reading, Mins Minnie SifHon; instrumental nolo, Miss Jo.sio Wilson; violin solo, Paul Cua- tor. Church of the Brethren : Sunday- school 10a.m. Preaching 11 a.m. and 7 :!IO p.m. Christian Workers' mooting <i:<l?i p.m. Everybody welcome to all of these horvices. Services in the Church of tho Holy Trinity: Holy Communion 11 a.n:.; subject, "Praise tho Highest. Act of Christian Worship." Kvcncfng, 7 :!!() p.m.; subject., "Our Individua Responsibility." Offertory M»)O by Mr. Sprotto. The IIHUH! morning services at the M. 10. Church Sunday morning. In tho absence of tho patilnr, the Rev. I). Chas. Leach of Los Angeles nill preach at. 11 a.m. ','nion .services in the Baptist. Church in the evening. Everybody welcome. Worship at tho Baptist Church. Bible school !);15 a.m. Pleaching 11 a.m. by the pas-Ior., "A Mi-nl in the Desert. " ('ni<-n young people's meeting 7 p.m. A union preaching ar-rv ice 7:10. Sei mon by Rev. Conley. .\|| „,-,. ,.,„. dially invited 10 rh^o meotingn. f ,'hrir' ian Cl.urch : Sunday '.< : 1 r< i'l i achiiij.' l.y I he pa-.loi 1 ] • .'clock : - h.'-ct, ••'/((< l'ii>.,-ing Hi, the I'l-i/i.riin •!;• i/i Life." .Junioi o'clock. I nion VOU/.K j.i ' ruee'ii.f at < t*i- Uaj.lisl Chu/ch i; i.' lii-y. < ''.i.ii v ;•: ill |;i e,ir:h fit the IIM-. se; >. ;ce at ', ; ."/ : sijhjecl, • ''1 he t 'n For Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Gnnthcr's swoots are pnro and sweet. Clapp sells Vin. For Snlo — Span of work rnulos, '2000 Ibs. Covinn Transfer Co. tf Mot<ircyclo for sale cheap. Covina Realty Co. To Kent Furnished rooms. Apply to Mrs. S. K. King, East College street, 8-1 F o r S a 1 o- -Comiiloto stock of thoroughbred White Plymouth Rooks. Phono 200 Jl. Want to rout a small hunso in or near Covina. Tclophouc HI!5!) Oscar Miller. For Sale Cling and freestone peaches at, G. T. Brown's, Irwindalo. Phone Hi. tf Crescent ioo c.roatn will bo hnndlcd by Layman A- Son. Served by the dish or sold in quantities. 7-fip For Salo Rich barn yard manure, no straw. C. C. Cady. Covina Homo .Phono 211. Thoroughbred While Leghorn ogg.s 01 sotting, .SI! per 100. H. 10. Ward, Charter Oak. Phono J'JOl. tf For Salo Bui bank seod potatoes at Corbott, & Trimboll's blacksmith shop, tf For Salo —Iron gray horse, 5 yours old, 1300 Ibs. L. S. Poage. Phone 22Hi. tf FOR WALK — A wall tent, complete and whole. Used part of one summer. S. P. JonniHon. tf. FOR SALE—Sweet potato plants. M. E. Zug, Irwindalo. Phono .'1117. tf For Salo—Comfortable, five room residence in fine nection of town, 81800. J. H. Mi.tthews. Buggies repainted and rovarnishod from 85.00 up. Surreys 80.00 up. Autos 810.00 up. G. W. Marsh. For Sule—Potatoes and poultry to order. Also first class cow. K, C. Casad, Home phone 1128, Covina. tf H-'.ve your rubber tires sot by Wilson's rubber tire setter, the only one.of its kind iu tha valley. tf. Tularo land raises oranges, nil kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection. Come up with UH on Friday and see thorn. J. H. Matthews, Covina. Phone 5008. For Salo Two well broken Hpann of work mules. Als:i splendid young team of heavy Porchoron four year olds. Weight IfiOO Ibs each; well broken. Matt Chilton. Telephone i:to. tf CASH FOR OIJANGIO GKOVKS-- I have prospective customers who will pay all ca^h for good orange groves near Cpvinn, A/usa, Glcndorit or San Dimas, if you will make a lower pricn for ciiNh than for time or trade telephone ;I2[J!.I and list your grove with me, or call at my homo on Piiente street, Covina. tf OSCJAR MILLKR. For Kale- I! lots on (Ji'iiKr St., went, 8700 riach ; easy terms, ('huico loin <;ii Navilla St., 8(il!, r i ;easy terms; three beauliful lots on liadillo Hlreet, %'!()() each. \ room houne and throe largo lots, 82200. Good I! room IIOIIHO and lot 00.x 175, fruit, of all kindH, good locality; price i?l!K)(). 0 room furiiiHhed hoiihO to Jet fiii- four months at low rental, Houses nf all hi/.os fur wale. List your property with UH. COVINA RKLATY CO., (Murk >V Duuglan. * HI * * * * * * THE HI HI t^k Hti Covina Peoples Store (iNCtlHI'ORATKIl) OUTFITTERS TO THE WHOLE FAMILY SIMCCIAL, SALIC ON LACE Torcian and Valenciennes Lace from 1-2 inch to 3 inch wide only 5c a yard From Aug. 1 to Aug. 8 inclusive 1* * » » » »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» F^or Vour Vacettion Talc /'}trc Cn'tiin Toot/i /'owdci' Tooth finish /'}iri' Cloth Soap Listcrinc finish and Comb Adhesive Plaster Afosi/iiilo Oil Vaseline firoiiio-^'c/lzcr Peroxide firomo- Quinine Anti-Phlogistine Bandage Arnica Prctnan. Potash J^ipcr (iin( Hnrclofics ( 'H//HII t''in'son Oak Sa Com. Cathartic Pills Xho? f'o/ish How ulmiit • IMio like It (or H Vncutlon. BRASS mm and MACHINE SHOP MANUfACTURfRS Of GENERAL MANUFACTURING Thoroughly I -quipped for All Classes of Machine Work Kstimali-H I''iirnisli(-d. THE KELUR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Slioj) and Office opposite S. I'. Depnt lluinc I'lionc 2W> Covina, C;il 2.2L& O. SPftlNGST LOS ANGELES, CAL You Seldom Find Ease and Elegance in the Same Shoe one is usually sacril'.ccd to secure th<: other. In the Ilanaii Sh./c you will find both; Hit: case of soft, jiliablc leather that fits llie fo(jt at every jioirit; the- elegance ol smart styles, made pcrtnatieiit by {.jood material and skilled workmaiisliiji. Tilt: e.eoti'.'iny of a Ilauati Sliue is only ei| nailed by its comfort. lik()AI)WJ:LL Covina, Cal.

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