Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1943
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS lope Star _ ortd Atex. H. Woshbum) I Sft» BwtkUrkj. 212-214 South Walnut itt«*t. Hop« Ark. , ,. t I* f AlMtR, Pr«l<,«nt , H. WASHtURN, Hlfot and Publisher as second class matter at the ffk'e at Hope, Arkansas, under the March 3, 1897. pl»fJ5:{AI»)HeM«ans Associated Press f INfA)^-Meorij Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. K ; Sfcfcsttlptlon M*t» (Always Payable In |'A«J*a«e«): By tlty carrier, per week 15c; |He»inp»t*od. Nevada, Howard, Miller ana ! Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; else:- M.SO. • , M«mber ol Th« Associated Press: The t Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to 'm* '*>* republication of all news dis- tches credited to rt or not otherwise ktredited In (His paper and also the local If ft***- published herein. |/!M*««iet Advtrtblrtg Reprejenlatlye— •"AriMMUti ftiHfes, Int.; Memphis. Tenn.. ,SteHck Building; Chicago. 400 North Mich- tg«m Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison f Av*.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; f Oklahoma Citv. 414 Terminal IBdq.; New Ofleons. 722 Union St.. Charges en tributes. Etc.: Charges will be made, for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the de, Darted. Commercial newspapers hold to this 1 policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility to> the sofe-iteeping or serum of any unsolicited manscripts. Lost SIDE GLANCES REG HORSE, WEIGHING 1S50 pounds. 7 years old. Last seen north of Emmet. Jim White,-route 2, Emmet. Ark. 25-6tp Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newal subscriptions for tiny magazine published. Charles i Reynerson. City Hall. l-lmch &i Classified f - "" * Ads must be In office day before ; , publication. All Wont Ads cash in advance. 1 Not token over the Phone. On* tlm*— 2e word, minimum 30c Six times — 5c word, minimum 75e ,Thre« times — 3 Vic %ord, minimum 50c On* month — He word, minmium 52.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only ''THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER f YOU SELL." - -. - For Sale LESPEDEZA AND JOHNSON j grass hay. Also cottonseed, D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden ,41-A and Cookers long staple, ,first year from breeder. See T. S. '.McDavitt. 30-tf Hollywood By ROBBIN COONS Wide World Features Writer Hollywood Among your other notes on the progress of civilization, you may record today that giving a lady a bath in the inovies takes a heck of a lot less time than it used to. Back in 1925. when Don Greenwood assisted at his first cinema bath, it was not unusual for a director to keep a lady soaking three, four, five days or longer. Don, who is a chief property man. remembers that Lilliam Rich, the heroine of this first lady- dunking experience of his. smi- mered in the tub for nearly five days. Miss Rich simmered in warm milk, that being one of Cecil B. (for Bathtub? DeMille's lusher ideas tor mixing glamour with plumbing. The picture was "The Golden Bed." SIX BOOM HOUSE WITH GAR- 'den. Apply 912 East Third Street. 23-3tp 38 COWS, 7 CALVES, AND 2 HEIF- ers. See W. T. Dillard and Sons. 'Saratoga, Ark. . 25-Gtp MODEL CHEVROLET COUPE. r ffi Good tires. Clean in every way. ft Subject to any mechanic inspec- Call 27-W-22. 25-6tpd NORGE REFRIGERATOR. a t Dad's Hamburger Elm . st. 26-3tpd OF YOUNG MULES. "big po\ephone 651. 26-3tp I' B "'.ONSEED, STONEWELL 2-B :owden 40; two cultivators, two mules and mare. Roy Burke -Hope Route Three. 29-3tp | .1936 DODGE FOUR-DOOR SEDAN, excellent tires, good condition, | $400 cash. W. E. Loe, Prescott I Route Five. 29-ltp I The other day Don officiated at a bath scene featuring the cruve- some charms of Miss Betty Grable as "Sweet Rosie O'Grady." Miss O'Grady. by this time in her sotry's development, was plushily prosperous as a bustled belle of Gay Nineties musical comedy, and she had a bathroom on which DeMille himself might have cast an appreciative eye. Her tub was full-length, like modern versions, and its sides were encased in polished wood. The set was closed that day — inot because Miss Grable is coy about appearing in a bathing suit mder a blanket of foamy bubbles, :>ut because the day before some- jody nad spread the word that 3etty would be bathing,, and folks ust couldn't resist the urge to see low moving pictures were made. Serious students of cinema art sprang out from crevices in the walls, from under rocks. "She was in the tub only a day and a half," says Don, "and not steadily at that. Seems to me the directors are more careful about their players' catching cold than they used to be. She got out of the water when they weren't shooting and wrapped herself in a lot of towols. They didn't seem to care much, in the olds, whether so much soaking irritated the player's skin, either. I've seen some of them come out of the tub all red and wrinkled from too much soap and water.' 1 For Rent THREE ROOM NICELY FUR-i nished apartment. Close in. Mrs. '* M. E. Edgington. 505 South Walnut. Phone 1040. 24-ltdhj THREE NEWLY DECORATED j unfurnished rooms. Kitchen. 8151 West Ave. E. 26-3tpd j — i Wonted to Rent Bathmaster Greenwood recalls regretfully that Dolores Del Rio once, for a bathtub scene in "The Red Dancer," «tayed dunked a whole day — from 8 a.m. to 6 p. m. — after which Miss Del Rio was more than slightly water logged. "We've got more help on bathing nowadays," he says. "We used- to have to haul the water, keep it hot, and mix up the foam bath. Got the ingredients from a pharmacy, mixed it ourselves, and filled the tub. Today we get the same stuff already mixed — il keeps its bubbles whereas ordinary soap bubbles burst. Now the unions make these baths easier for prop men —they get a plumber to fix the water, and a heating man to keep it warm." THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh Wonted to Buy ELECTRIC REFRIGER A T O R. Must be In good condition. Call 27-W-22. 25-6tpd GROW PICKLES (CUCUMBERS fop-processing) will be received, sorted and paid for at Hope and Fulton. Get contract and seed from White & Co. at Hope or Fulton. See your county agent or W. H. Allison, V. A. Teacher at * Patmos, or James Harris, V. A. Teacher in Hope, or write Standard Brands Incorporated, 112 South Lelia St. Texarkana, Ark- Tex. 29-lwkp CUT-OVER OR CHEAP LAND. Statq price and location. Boswell & May, Bodcaw, Ark. 29-5mp GOOD SECONDHAND B A B Y- buggy. Call 1000, Extension 4, after 6 p. m. 29-3tp OUT OUR WAY Hold Everything "Heads! 1 ; By J.R.Williams I CAW'T GO AWAV WITHOUT LETTIM' SAY MA KNOW GOOD GOSH/ WHUT YOU CRYIM' SQ LOUD PER WE'RE TRYNA SNEAK AWAY WITHOUT NOBODY |?rtf/ft V. KNOWIM' ITf Monday, Mar By Roy Crane Wash Tubb* Unseen Peril f A COKWOV Of AtOUT TWENTVSKIPS. "7 WE WILL HERR COMMANDEft. INSTANCE,EI6Ht7 KEEP From a Sarong to Shorts!" 500,000OF THEM,' AHOV, I IDAS HERE 40UR MOTHER? HOIO DO IF SHE DON'T LIKe\MOMMA • THE HECK CARE'S? MBbTTMJ 9r HE* SEmiCE". INC. T. M. HEC. U. S. PAT. OFF "f was wondering if you'd speed up my induction no- lice then my parents wouldn't find out I'd never have graduated from high school this year anyway!" By Walt Disney The First Robins of Spring! Donald Duck FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young It's The Gremlin in Him! THANKS. PEAK, OKAV IT POESNT STICK PASWOOR i WISM YOU'D FIX THE POOfeBEt-L- WHEN SOMEBOPV PUSHES THE BUTTON IT STICKS AMP V.V&PS RINfilNS THAT WAS VERV AMNOVIMG "Here's one for half price—bill il' you want il i'or Hying you'll have lo have il relhreatlcdP' ' ' THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson By Edgar Martin In a Tough Spot Boots and Her Buddies '. VOO GOT ' PROPER. INSTRUMENTS AND SKILL, A PERSON STANDING ON SOLID EARTH CAN OBSERVE THE HEAVENLY BODIES AND DETERMINE HIS OWN GEOGRAPHIC POSITION SHIP AT SEA, HE CAN LOCATE HIS POSITION WITHIN A O/5 IN THE AIR ABOARD A PLANE, WITHIN By Fred Harmon Men of Action fAENrXVAJO TOO, REDRXDER.'VOHY THAT'S TH 1 THIRD THIS NXONTH , BUT TH 1 SHERIFF H^S^J• 1 T BEES) TO NOT RmE CACNP7 UK& NAWAOOS, COrvDUCToKf 7. M. BEO. U. S. PAT. OFF. J COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. IN HOLLAND, ROASTED TULIP BULBS ARE BEING GROUND UP AS A 'LITTLE TAUKlfV HORSE SENSE.' OPEM TK" 1 STOCK. CAR POOR, CONDUCTOR..* we. YYVNT OUR. ponies/ GINGER ALE is ALWAYS WET, " RONALD M. ANGUS;. By V. T. Homlin • NOW A Reasonable Prediction NOW I'LL HAVE.TO HE TEAMED UP WITH THAT tvAAWIAC, OSCAR. BOOM, AMP SOMEHOW THEY GOT HO1.D OF A JAP SUB..THEV HAP THE WHOLE PACIFIC BOILIWe UMTIL THE KWVV NABBEP THENA, PUT BCOV\ BACK IK) THE WON'T TWENJTV- FOUR. TILL HE'LL. HAVE US ALL IM SOME KIND >> JAM; NEXT: When the northern lights turned traitor. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople -me SHIP'S CASH VES SIR,BROTHER. AfAO& ALLUS WAS A MOOM- 6SED DREAMER.-*- 1 - BUT , ._ MB, I'M A HUSTLIM'TMPE \ W=> HUSTUNS, 0'p=U_BR/THW'SVJHY ) THf——' T. LAND SWELL 3OBS, LIKE MN NEW POSVTlONJ OF PURSER ,THB iv\o<bT H\<3>H&R.-LJP RESPONSIBLE .' MOT A, CHOP/ Vs.. CTME-MACHINE) WOM- MUG IS BURMEP UP BE CAUSE WHEM HIS FRIEMP, PE. BRONJSOM, RETUR.MED PREHISTORIC MOO, HE BROUGHT CAVENAAM ALLEY OOP BACK WITH HIM. BOrXT PEOPLE ARB THROUGH C i^r^f^v rAlo i BLUSTERING,' M.U6TX A Son of the Soil By Merrill Blosser Freckles and His Friends LOOK/ JlT WASN'T THERE YESTERDAY, S- IT MUSTA SPRUNG UP .Sri OVERrJIGHT / JUST A GOOD FARMER! THINGS GROW FOR. LIKE MAGIC/ THEN I-ARD COMES ALONG AND DOES EVERYTHING WRONG— AND LOOK AT HIS VE&ETABUES/ GOSH. 1 WAS CAREFUL TO DO EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO S SO THE &OOK ON i WAS PLANTING / ^ 1 ' ARD IS AS SURPRISED AS ANYONE" HEY.LARP- HERE( TWICE AS HIGH AS OURS/ GET O FF THIS PROPERTV AND WHEN HI3 VICTOR/ GARDEN BEGINS TO SHOW CHOPS. IS HU<bTL|N\S ANM

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