Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 25
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THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 19M ALTON BVENfNG TELEGBAPH ITEMS PRIC ED LOWE R THAN 0. P. S i$ '1 AlP SUPER MARKETS ARE CLASSED IN GROUP 4 OP THE O.P.S. MARK-UP PRICE REGULATION. THIS GROUP HAS THE LOWEST CEILING PRICES OP ALL POOD RETAILERSI See what's happening to prices at your A&P, Come get A&P's single aitt{ is Always to sell Jndf-f your share of the many hundreds of items priced lower foods at the lowest possible prices, And it might be added than OPS ceilings, - even below the lowest ceiling prices. COME SEE THE STORE-WIDE SELECTIONS OF HUNDREDS OF OTHER ITEMS BELOW O.P.S. CEILING PRICES NOT SHOWN HERE! £E THE DIFFERENCE I Our Own Tea Lipton Tea Tea Bags Tea Bags Tea Bags l-Lb. 4-Oz. Our Own 16'$ Our Own 64's Green, Tcnderleftf . 16's UdlltCA Ann Pagt 8-Oz. Noodles 8 . 0l . Macaroni *"" p<gt ,^ Spaghetti *"*•• Salad Dressing * Mayonnaise Ann F Qulrt Plain Olives """ Ann Page Quart Stuffed Olives , j Coldstr ' am H-Oz. H«lnz H-Oz. Ann Page 12-Oz. Pink Salmon N O iTaium Ketchup ^ Page Ketchup Chili Sauce Niitley Oleo ^ AHSweet Oleo Lb Blue Bonnet Oleo ^ Good Luck Oleo Sweet Pickles Sweet Pickles OillPk Kosher Pickles Sweet Pickles 7 Cider Vinegar Lb Everr ^L Everrea L 6 -o, Ann pQ l ert I. P.I CEiunt PRICE 81c 36e 14c 41e 20c 16c lie lie 46c 52c 67c 56c 54c 21c 29c 29c 2/42c 29c 29c 29c 41c 26c 29c 30c Sic 18c Doz. Angel Food Danish Almond Braid White Bread Iana p ^ Sandwich Rolls Doz Glazed Donuts Dessert Shells Jelly Roll Apple Pie Potato Chips Cookies (6) 8" l-Lb. Chocolate Sandwich Doz. 65c 45c 14c 27c 41c 23c 39c 59c 77c 28c H&P'I UWEI PUCE 79c 35c 13c 39c 19c 15c lOc 10c 45c 49c 59e 49c 49e 19c 28c 28c 2/39c 28c 28c 28c 37c 25c 25c 25c 49c 17c 45c 35c 13c 25c 39c 19c 37c 55c 65c 19c SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Ann Page Quart Ann Page Quart Heinz White Vinegar Flask Cider Cider Vinegar Quart Garden Relish Crape Jelly Ann Page Apple Butter Crackers Cookies 24-Oz. Everymeal 28-Oz. Red Devil, Underwood Ws Premium, N, B. C. l-Lb. Happy Family Asst. Burry l-Lb. Duz Ivory Flakes Oxydol Camay Soap Ivory Soap Kitchen Klenzer Sunbrite Cleanser Large Large Large Bath Large Snsw Crop Pk g of 6 Waffles Lima Beans Lima Beans Lbbys100z Libby's Peas -: o, Raspberries Fam y Asparagus Tips Baby Limas Green Beans Spinach 12-Oz. Sea Farmer 10-Oz. Scotch Maid 10-Oz. Scotch Maid 10-Oz. Scotch Maid Chopped H-Oz. O.P.S. CEILING PRICE 16c 22c 25c 24c 37c 22c 21c 26c 45c 29c 29c 29c 2/25c 2/31c 3/32c 3/27c 21c 2/40c 27c 23c 31c 31c 2/40c 2/40c 2/40c lona Peas Tomato Sauce lona Spinach Baked Beans Kidney Beans Red Beans Butter Beans Whole Beets Veg All 16-Oz. Del Monte 6-Oz. No. 2 Tin Ann Page 16-Oz. Sultana 16-Oz. Tin Sultana 21-Oz. Tin Sultana 2l-0z. Garth No. 2 Tin Larsen's 16-Oz. Tin lie 9c 14c 2/24c 12c 2/28c 2/32c 12c 18c RtP's UWEB PUCE 15c 21c 24c 23c 33c 19c 19c 25c 39c 27c 27c 27c 2/23e 2/27c 3/29c 3/23c 19c 2/35c 25c 21c 25c 29c 2/35c 2/35c 2/35c lOc 8c 13c 2/23c lOc 2/25c 2/29c lOc 17c SEE THE DIFFERENCE] Candy Bars Assorted 5c Ann Page Apricot 16-Oz. Ann Page Peach 16-Oz. Ann Page Pineapple 16-Oz. Jam Ann Page Grape Blackb'ry Jelly , 6 . 0 , O.P.S. CEILM PRICE 6/28c 32c 32c 31c 24c 32c Beef Liver Lb Frankfurters Skinless Beef Brains Chuck Roast Boiling Beef Lb Sirloin Steak u s Ch Tb Rib Roast uschoce Lb. . Lb. U. S. Choice Lb. 7-Inch Cut Lb. Beef Short Ribs Lb Sliced Bacon Premium Lb Sliced Bacon standard Lb. Cooked Hams Whole Lb. Rflrnn 810 |b pieces DdUUII | st cut Bacon Squares Veal Breast Pork Butts Spareribs Rump Roast Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. Veal. Bone In Lb. Shoulder Roast Veal L Lamb Breast Bone ln Lb Lamb Roast Shoulder Lb Cheese Food 2-Lbs. Cream Cheese 3-Oz. Borden'j Can Borden's Variety 5-Oz. Borden's Buffet 2-Lbs. Kraft Velveeta Philadelphia Biscuits Jar Cheese Cheese Food Sliced Cheese Sliced Cheese Fresh Eggs Crestview Eggs Brick Cheese oldFashi Tb d American 8-Oz. Pimento 8-Oz. Sunnybrook, Lfe. Grade "A" Doz. Doz. 84c 63c 24c 72c 37c $105 88c 49c 66c 48c 69c 47c 29c 43c 55c 52c 85c 74c 35c 88c $108 2/36c 12c 2/52c 90c 30c 31c 53c 48c 65c HIFt town FIICE 6/25c 29c 29c 29c 23c 29c 79c 59c 22c 63c 33c 99c 75c 47c 61c 43c 6SC 43c 27c 39c 53c 49c 79c 69c 29c 79c 99c 2/31c lOc 2/43c 79c 29c 29c 49c 42c 49c SEE THE DIFFERENCE] Grape Jelly Strawb'ry Jelly Ann Page 12-Oz Ann Page 12-Oz fanned Lunch'n Meat Aga Treet Amours Spam Hormels Corned Beef 12-Oz. 12-Oz. Armour's 12-Oz. Corn Beef Hash Broadcast 16-Oz. Boned Chicken Banqu " 516-Oz, 3i/4-Lb. Whole Chicken"•** Beef Stew Corn Beef Hash A Armour's 16-Oz. 16-Oz. Sliced Peaches Apple Sauce Grapefruit Cranberry A&P No. 303 U Sections, A&P No. 303 Ocean Spray 16-Oz. Hi-C Orangeade Vegetable Juice Pineapple Juice Pineapple Juice Hawaiian Punch 46-Oz. V-8 46-Oz. Dole 46-Oz. Del Monte 46-Oz. (Bakinq dexo Shortening Crisco shortening Shortening 3-Lbs. 3-Lbs. 3-Lbs. Sunnyfield 25-Lbs. Sunnyfield 5-Lbs. Family Flour Family Flour Gold Medal Flour 25 . Lb , Gold Medal Flour Pillsbury Flour 5-Lbs. 25-Lbs. O.P.S. CEILINIi PRICE 21c 29c 35c 45c 46c 52c 42c 40c $152 49c 41c 30c 2/28c 16c 23c 2/56c 41c 34c 34c 38c 75c 89c 89c $172 40c $221 53c $221 MM 27c 43c 43c 49c 39c 39c 45c 39c 27c 2/23c I5c 21c 2/49c 39c 33c 33c 37c 69c 81e 81c $159 39c $205 52c $205 PHICEfl SHOWN IN THI» ADVERTISEMENT GOOD ONLY IH A. It P. SUPER MARKETS Unpeeled Ha|ve» lona Apricots No. ?'/i Can O. f. S. Ceiling Prlct A * P Lvuer Price 32c 29c Ann BLACK RASPBERRY JELLY IS-o*. O. f. 8. Cellini Frlct lower Prlcj 33c 29c Anu Blackberry Pros. O. P. 8. Ceilinf A * P Price Lvvicr Prlc* 66c 57c Hiefeli Pickles UUJ or Ko.hcr 48-oz. U. P. 8. Price A *P Lower Price 43c 39c ». L. Orange Juice 46-ox. con P. 8. Ceiliuf A * P Price Lower price 25c 22c Corn Pops 6-0*. o. p. S. Ccilloj Price A4 P 17c 16c Swaiutou Chicken Spread O. P. S. CtUiof A * P Prict Lgwtr Prlc* 30c 29c Pork t Cravy 20-oz, O. i>. 8. CeUief 4«p Prlc. " " 62c S9c

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