The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 5, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1892
Page 8
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s. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THUBSDAY, MAY 5,189a. THE MARKETS. MONEY ASI» STOCKS. NKW YOUK, May .">.—[Stock Letter furnished by the Kansns drain anil Live Stock company- 1 —Although tin; stuck market dosed up very confident and s\ nmg yesterday, to-day's inovt!- menti is a good deal of a guess, the brokers say because the volume of besiiiess is so narrow and slender. The foreign houses sny Kurope is buying again and the safest operators here to follow appear to be those, who fearlessly buy stocks down when they lire raided and sprinkle them out again on rallies, which invariably follows. The strength of Western Union anil Northern I'aciflc is quite encouraging to the flould parly up town, and a good many believe in a May bulge. I'llOIMJCK. sion carriages were in waiting and Mr. C.'hilds and party were driven to .Jackson I'urk, and made a tour of the world's fair buildings. This evening they will be entertained at dinner by Cyrus II. McCorrniek, and at 0 o'clock there will be a reception at the rooms of the Chicago Press club. It will be confined exclusively to members and their wives, and a few municipal officials. The rooms have been magnificently decorated witli exotics and growing (lowers, and a large banner with the coats-of-arms of Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania was suspended from the center arch. Mr. Chibls will be welcomed in speeches as the special friend and guest of the news gatherers of Chicago, and after the formal features of the event, an elaborate collation will be served. The fnllowliiK i* active future*: Cllb'BK". the ran^c of prices for Onen'fl Hl s h't. LoW'Ht ClOH'g. VTIIKAT May si»i H4 sl'i SI Julv SHi cons*. July •ISM * i vi 4 9(» Juno •i'JH •ISM 423, 4-JX Aupum 4-JM September. vi", May " Vi" i -i^ ""•ivr •I4>4 OATS. July MO , t •-MIX May "II'/4 : <H; :ni June •;ii;. V011K. 1 July !l HU>i » iiiiK ! il H2!5 ii no l.Aiw. ! May 1 II 4"'> July . i "\i'-.m, ii :i;> KIDS. I May \ 42!i _ July 1 •'• s 7j> WHKAT—No. :.* linn; cash H:i!.«r.S4c: May s;i?i— Hie. July S4in.s4'ic. 0OKN—No. 'J higher: cash r.'xfftH'nC: Mav 44«c; .luac 4;:;«c; July 42Sc; -fi^c-. OATS-No. " ca.»v; rash :l(W,:luAic:; Mav 30c: Julv •JllJii- MKSf' POllK—cash Jii.fll; May J'.i.KO; Julv gll.UO. LAitU—ira»n Sfi.'-'iiii: Mav $u.'J;iVi; July jn.;i:!',',«iii.;ir,. SHOUT KlH.S-Ri.sli $,VK!iKH-*>.H.->: Mav |!i .H i ji.<;fioii.xr>. RVK-No. -itlrni; llll!i®?llr. IIAKLEY—No. •-' nominal, li'ic. FIJAX SKEIi-Nd. 1 tlriii. IIH'Sc. St. I.OIllH. ST. LOUIS Mav WHKAT-Higlicr; rash HWnKilJic; SOUr; Julv B'X'.N'i'ic; August Sl!,r. CORN- Higher; cash 41c; May July :H'c; September :»!i 3 ic. OATS-HlKlirr; cash :U)^c; Mav :il(fc Julg :.'ir May 4U!«c; HK-HlRher; jobbing S10.;i7',i(&10., IJAICD-Nominal SU .OS. WHISKY -Steady. id. KanKitH City. KANSAS CITV, May ."». WIIHAT— Wheat very dull: no transactions mi board of trade at all. Commission men were selling No. ?i hard wheat at TIJc: No. ii red. 7IH«iH0r. COItN-Verv dull: No. •-' mtxoil. Hllift.'iTi-. OATS—Not fling doing. HUTTKK—Steady; 1 Tfff.'-ir.V. Kurss— Strong; ISc. Foreign lirniu Market. May .Y — Wheat feeling ap- * Corn feel- I.IVKIU' iiears weaker. prices unchanged (ng appears weaker, prices unchanged at 4s 5W<1. IJONIION, May .'i.— Cargoes oft coast and on passage, wheat, tlrmly held and quolably unchanged; corn llrinly held and unchanged : weather cold. f .Mils. May •'».— The French markets arc unrhaoceil. Christian Kmieavor. KANSAS CITY, Kan., May ">.—A spe elal programme of exceptional interest wus carried out today by the union of the Young Peoples Societies of .Christian Endeuvor of Kansas, which is now in session in this city. At (i o'clock a sunrise prayer meeting was conducted by .1. A. Julien, of Olnthe. At 8:30 o'clock a business session took place followed by the usual devotional ex ereises. At 10 o'clock the venerable founder of the order, Uev. K, E. Clark, of lioston, conducted a question box. In the afternoon various district reunions were held. At their dismissal all the delegates met ir the Presbyterian church to discuss the question: "What is the society doing for the church, the pastor, the Sunday school and the prayer meetings. 1 ' The discussion was led by Kev. .1. A. Iton thaler, of ludiimapolis, Intl., and was participated in by Kev. B. K. Drake, Congregational. Manhattan: Iter. ,T. Ii. Thomas, Baptist. Topeku; ttcv George Powers. Lutheran, Peabody Kev. K. .1. Snuerber, Presbyterian, Emporia; ilev. I*. O. McPhe.rson, Christian. Atchison, and Ilev. .1. A. Lawrence, United Presbyterian. Wichita The address of the afternoon was also delivered by Dr. F. K. Clark, after which followed receptions to the various branches at their respective churches. The Mexican Fourth of .luly. CITY OK MKXK'O, May .1.—To-day the Mexican Fourth of July. It was on this day twenty-nine years ago that the French troops of Napoleon 111 who were marching to Mexico City were met at Puebla. about 200 miles from the capital and routed. The French wanted to establish n monarchy and keep Maximilian on the throne, but through this victory the Mexicans regained their liberty. The day is being celebrated with patriotic demonstrations in every town and hamlet from the Pacific to the (Julf and the Rio llrande to Guatemala. The greatest demonstration is in this city where 20,000 troops will be reviewed by the president and his cabinet. This afternoon scores of patriotic meetings will be held, and there will be flags, fireworks, speeches and cannonading, which added to the throng of clad and unclad humanity makes the City of Mexico one of the greatest sights in the world. 1,1 VK STOCK. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report. T HE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR CUT IIN* TWO coins to US; 4 economy. The conference decided to tender Dr. Monlton, fraternal delegate from England, a reception to-morrow night. Missouri State Itond Convention* Si 'iuxoFiKi .n, Mo., May 5.—The morning session of the state road convention was taken up by speeches and essays, in which the present road laws and everything connected with the present system were bitterly denounced. The resolutions are very general and calling on every county to form a road association asking that counties he given more power in road luxation and that dramshops license be given to the road fund. (•rain Shipments. Dtu.iTH, Minn., May "..—The stocks of wheat at Duluth, which a week ago were the largest ever held anywhere in the history of the American grain trade, have been reduced two million bushels the last week. Shipments for the week to the cast were 2,800.000 bushels, and receipts 800,000. It has been the largest weeli for grain shipments ever seen in the northwest. Are you aware, do you realize, will you comprehend And respond to the veritable fact that all of this week we will offer our whole stock of Clothing and Shoes, to the people of Hutchinson and sunound- country, at half price. All our shoes at half price. All men's suits at half price, , All boy's suits at 5o per cent- All children's suits cut in two prices. All pants split in half. Republicans of i>elawiire. DUVKK, Del., Mays.—The indications this morning are that the Republican state 'convention, which assembles here this afternoon, will send uninstructed delegates to Minneapolis, Ex-Speaker Heed of Maine, who, it is claimed, is nursing a little boom of his own, will address the convention after t'ne business has been disposed of. Minnesota KepuullciiiiH. Sr. PAUL. Minn., May 5.—The Re We handle goods that are made on honor. goods that are not made solely to well and sell well, but to give satisfaction and wear. All go this week at 50 cents on the dollar. We must have mone> and this will coax it. Come and split the price on every pair of shoe from the Holland stock yourself. $6.00 shoes all kinds for *>4.00 shoes all kinds for {J3.00 shoes all kinds for $2.00 shoes all kinds for - - - SJ51.UU ^ $io.odt- ' 7.50 V 500 4.00 $20.00 men's suits of all kinds 1 515.00 men's suits of all kinds $10-00 men's suits of all kinds $8.00 men's suits of all kinds 515.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for >10.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $5.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $2-50 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $7.50 555.00 $2.50 $1.25 publican state convention to select delegates to the Minneapolis convention met this morning. Senator Davis was chosen temporary chairman. In his speech he complimented IJlaine very highly, which brought forth great cheers. St. I.oills. ST. Louis. Mav :., l.'ATri .U -lifcelpts !IU0: hardy steady. IIOCS— Receipts ;l ,. r ,00 ;steaily :'f air to choice heavy S4.(iii0?.4 00; mixed, S-i. lOSJi :.(>; york- i-rs!i.l ,riS. SIIKKH-Ih.celpls :)00; steady. Kansas City. KANSAH CITY, May .*,. CATI 'LK-Ueceinui J!,500: shipments 1,1100; market steady: steers S:i.r>0<7M.40; cows jl.OOifcU.uO; ,mockers and feeders, .'l.liiifti 4.00. llOCiS-IteccIpts. il.iiOO: KiilpmentH 2.1100: market steady: bulk 4.:i<Hg)4.:i7'4: extreme range of prlcen S.'UIOtfe-Mr,. SI1KKP— iiectipts 2 ,f >00; shipments Mull; iniirket ntcady for^ood: others neglected. CMcllKO. • CiiiL-Aco. May 5. The KvenlnK Journal Keport: CATTLE— HccclptH. 15,000; no change to .note. 110UK—Receipts. 211.000: in good demand and steady; rough and common 34.00<cVM0: mixedanupackcrsS4 .r >uia4 .ri.V, prime heavy and luitellers'weights $4. 00 (3.4.110; a few at J4.0o: light. S4.ii0ft4.7G. SHEEP—lieci'lptH H.O00; extremely dull again and HK&Un' lower. tiossir. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, S out of 37; spring wheat, 0 out of :I5; corn, 8 out of .10r>: oats, HI out of 102. New corn 1(17. No. 2, 11. No. :\, 70. World'.* Fair Matters. t'uii'Aoo, May .1.—The directors of the world'w Columbian exposition will meet in special session this afternoon for the purpose of receiving the report of the. committee recently sunt to Washington to urge the necessity of ununciai aid from congress. The general impression prevails at the world's fnir headquarters that the situation is jjettiug serious. The most conserva live estimate is Unit not less than $8,0011,000 above all present resources will have to be expended before the gates can be opened. If congress decides that no aid is necessary, or cuts in half or quarter the amount wked for by the directory, the question where the money is to come from will assume a trouble- suiiiti aspect. There are members of the board who believe that it would be possible to get eight million dollars a day by going out on the streets and husttiug. Conservative and experienced bankers and financiers identified with the enterprise,however, have uot much of nn idea that this could be done, no matter to how great an extent patriotism and local pride might be appealed to. It is feared, moreover, that the appeals to congress, and the fact that the enterprise actually stands in need of this additional immense amount of money w\}\ have a had effect upon the European governments *nd intending exhibitors abroad. <>vor|[« W. Chillis. CuioAOO, May 5.—The round of festivities in honor of Mr. tleorge \V. Chllds was continued to-day. At noon he wim the guest of Victor V. l,awsou of the Daily NewB at the luncheon given in the Crystal Jtanquetiug hull of the Richelieu. Covers were laid for thirty guests, and the proceedings were *ntirely informal. At their conclu- Xo J > rollt.N in Copper Mining. Dt'I.l'Tii, Minn.. May f>.-—A large En. glish syndidate, which has been carrying on copper mining operations on Isle Uoyale, Lake Superior, for two years past, has decided to abnndou the Held and go out of existence. The Wendigo Copper company was organized three years ago to explore and mine for copper at sites on several parts of Isle. Uoyal where there were remains and indications of. prehistoric mining liy races long anterior to the Indians. The company has spent two years sinking pits, exploring with diamond drills, and uncovering and continuing the drifts made by the mound builders, but all to no avail, not enough copper being found to warrant contin uunce. The company's steamer, the Taylor, wus brought to Duluth last fall to winter and is still here, having been sold to other parties. * .lulierson HtirniekH. WASHINGTON, May 5.—A delegation from St. Louis is in the city pressing the claims of .Terfferson barracks for reconstruction and improvement. Ilids are to be opened by the war department two weeks hence for immediate work of improvement on these bar racks, and the delegation is trying to sceuro the immediate appropriation of one million dollars, if not two million in order that the ancient post may be made the most important in the west. There had been a difference of opinion between the state authorities and the war department on the question of jurisdiction over the Jefferson barracks reservation, but this has been settled and the delegation is much encouraged by its reception nt the war department. Damaged hy Fire. NKW YORK, May 5.—St. Michaels Roman church on Thirty-second street, near Ninth avenue has been badly damaged by fire. The loss will be 850,000. There were 1,400 children in the Parochial school adjoining the church when the fire occurred,"but they were all marched out in safety. Commission'!* Hustninod. Sioux CITY, IO., May 5.—In the euse of Hepper & McNeill against the Chi eugo, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway a jury have rendered a verdict giving triple damuges against the company The suit raises the question of the validity of the rates established by the Iowa railroad commissioners in 1888, For a year the companies refused to accept the commissioners' schedule and extorted the old rates, which wer higher. This case is to recover the difference of 8000 on shipments during that time. It has been on trial for week, and has been hotly contested, The company appeals from the verdic and will fight to the highest court. $8 pants to fit anybody at $4 1 54 pants to fit anybody at - - $2 $2 pants to fit anybody at $1 ID fact nothing reserved. The whole stock is at your disposal. Take your pick of the entire aggregation at one-half. NOW IS YOUR TIME, THIS WEEK to get this enormous reduction. Sale vrill close at 11 o'clock Saturday night, everybody come. Rich and poor treated alike at Golden Eagle Shoe and Clothing House. A. MINCER, PROP. NO. 4 SOUTH MAIN. We are going to give away a handsome dinner set to some one. Come in and see them. Tiie ueieoratefl Henen uum Tito House. WASHINGTON, May s.—The house to;lay went into committee of the whole, "latch of Missouri in the chair, on the iver and harbor appropriation bill, 'urther debate w^s limited to two ours and Ilolman of Indiana took the floor in opposition to the measure. Fonud Murdered. LKAIIVIM.K, Col., May S.—Mrs. W. D. Sullivan was found murdered in her back yard last night. The body was "ound this morning horribly mutilated, head beaten to a pulp and the whole "lody one muss of terrible bruises. Her husband was arrested for the crime. A Deadlock. .IBKHKYVII.I.H, 111., May .1.—The congressional convention of the Twelfth Illinois district it in a deadlock. Yesterday 020 ballots were taken and an adjournment was taken until to-day. Htoruis In Miikota. RAI'ID CITY, N. 0., May S,—It has been snowing and raining for forty- eight hours and unless a change soan occurs cattle losses on the ranges will be severe. Kloetion of Oelt'gates. Sr. Louis, May .1.—The Republicans of the Twelfth congressional district this afternoon elected Nathan Cole and V. 11. Niedringhaus to the Minneapolis convention. CouseerHtotl. AI.RA.N.Y N. Y., May ft.—Right Rev, Henry (labrielsjl D. I)., was consecrated to-day as second bishop of the diocese of Ogdensburg. 'APHR0DITS^ ; 'S2 Warranted *l to cure IB SOU) ON A. POSITIVE GUARANTEE: to euro any form of nervous din- case or any disorder of the generative organs of either uex/ » whether arising . ,...„BEFORE from the excea- AFTER Blveuieof Stimulant B , Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indlacretlon, over Indulgence, Ac, euch as Itaas of Brain Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Palnn in tho back, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros- trmtlon.Nocturnal Kmisslona,I*eucorrhcea,Dlz- rluces. Weak Memory, Loss of Power and Im- potenoy, whtoh if neglected often lead to premature old age and inBaulty. Price $1.00 a bos 0 boxea for $5.00. Bent by mall on receipt of price. ' _ A WRITTEN GUARANTEE U given for every 15.00 order reocivod, to refund the money If A Permanent cure is not effected. We have thousands of testimonials from old and young of both sexes, who have been permanently oured by the use of Aphrodltlne. Clrcalara free. Mention paper. Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. 61 Washington St, CHICAGO, ILL. For sale hy A. & A. Drug Co. Established 187'.: WATER 81. C HICAGO, X XIXJ., COMMISSION MERCHANT S .M .LimE&CO.,fS IN BROOM CORN Pop* A I*wU, Grain Com VT, A. Allfn ii Co,, Wool, CW« B1 1 \ I Tlie TTxxl'crex'sal. Remedy THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA 8TING8 BRUISES MAN m BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND BALLS 8WINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.*- It will save many doctors' bills.' For sale everywhere at 25c 50c. and $1.00 a bottle? ApproveM tlie WASHINGTON, May 11111. The president this ufternoon approved the Chinese bill. Exportation Vermlttell. Sr. I'KTEiisiiuno, May 5.—The government has decided to permit the exportation of maize and oats from Bigu, hibau and Kevel. HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT Tho MethorilNt Conrorelimi. OMAHA, Nob., May .1.—Itishop Waldron presided at the morning session of the Methodist eonferenoe. Rev. Jesse Kilpatrlek of the Detroit eonfer- enco led the devotional exercises. Tho secretary then read the journal of the previous day, Tho conference proceeded to resume tho organization of committees. A committee, on general conference district** was added to tho list. Dr. Karl llraust»n handed in his report on the Western Hook Concern to the proper committee. Tho report of the committee on eonferenoe claimants was referred to the committee on temporal LOW GRADE PRICES A Flue Exhibit. The Pnterbaugh block has been in a continuous bluster all the afternoon. The throng which attended the exhibition of school work shows plainly that a great interest is being taken in educational work in the city. The samples there seen, do groat eredit,not only to the pupils but 10 the teachers as well. Many strangers took occti sion to drop in and see the work, and the words of praise were of the most flattering character. There is to be seen the work of little children, which in its execution is so far above that which tho average grown peraon could do, that the surprise Is all the greater. If we had space to spare, whole columns could be written about the exhibit, but suffice it to say, it hi a success, and speaks volumes for both teacher and pupil. fjcave your order for to-morrow's NRWS. It will contain a verbatim report of the masterful speech of Hon, J. 11. Cubblson. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS, The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bed H.W.WILLITT. ' Corner Main and Avenue A. (

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