Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAniY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. OCTOBER! 29.1912.- 8 OD Bed Blankets Buy youf Bed Blankets now and here. You will save money if. you do. Read over these special values and resist them if you can. You can't, if you like to save money: ' $6.00 Blankets. i$5.00 Blankets. 34.00 Blankets. $3.50 Blankets. .$2.25 Blankets. '$1 .50' Blanket.^. .;$1 .25 Blankets. 50c Blankets .. ..$5.00 ..$4.25 . .$3 .50 ..$3 .00 ..$1.75 ..$1.25 . $1.00 ....40c Richardson's 'GRAND' 'TONIGHT! I'liHi-d Aiiiiisfiiifiit ('<i.\ ^Company D" "Circumstantial Evidence" "A Man From Texas" - L -.J. i For County Treasurer •Jiav.v-;..- . JOHN T.TYLER Pres. loll College. Your Support Solicited W. L Newcomb GOOD THINGS TO EAT! 4 N. Wash. Phone 161 ; ^ Our Prices Are Right * our deliveries are right, our groceries are right Call on Us IRONTONS R EZ NORS ,'ar<' tlip {ius Ile:ili-r< lltnl insure Mithifuffiuu. .Mu.xiniiiiii heat Mitli minlniuni pis. WE Hvve .\u. si /j :s - nm .ILL HOOMS ,^ ' ~ «IKL-BKIN«9'vV-TOFGH 0.\NG OP FEjrpjSTS TO JUSTICE. J. C. Burriss, of Carlyle was a btisi ness visitor here this afternoon.. —Dr. 0.1.. Cox. OcBllst Mrs. M. J. Bulger, of Carlyle, vas a business visitor here today. —Graduate Nurse; terms reasonable. Phone 1363. Mrs. J. T. McShaue who has been here visiting friends. r«*turned home this afternoon. —Dr. XcMIIIcn. ffaoneg K> and Mrs. I). C. Fhilliiis and daughter, of Colony, were vi.'Utor.'* here tliia aftpr- noon. , —Dr. H. L, Hendricks. Old Court House. CnUs answered day or nlgbt. Mr. and Mrs. K. .1. Burok of Jackson. Michigan, are lien' visiting Mr. md .Mrs. C. .A. iJiirck and friends. —Have you tried Belchs? Mrs. I>. K. Sanders of Clierryvali'. who lias been lit -re visiting frienil.-^ Wfiit tu Uurnett this afrt-rnoon. —Relcha Candy at Mundis Store. Krank Ander.son. of CarJyle. wa.« a business visitor here this afternooft. —UuichB, the candy made. Get them at Mundis. .1. I. ilorrlson, of Pittsburg wlio lia .-J been here on business,- wt-iit to Ciur- ueit ihis afternoon. —Drs. Hull & Hull. Ostcoputb.s. i'elo^iies ISU, CCl. .M. .v.. lleeky. of Ottawa, wlio has lieon here on business, went to Car- iyU; tiiis afternoon. r —1 will be ready to deliver trees Saturday. Have all kinds of nur.sery •ro |i for Halo. A. II. Brown, 'il.") S. Cottonwood. Frank Smith, of Carlyle, who has been here on business, returned home this afternoon. —.Vy Restaurant and Lunch Room, 21o South St. Opposite Majestic Theatre. H. LeValley, Propr ' chilli, tobacco, <;igars, canned goods. Mr. and Mrs. .1. D. Mathews went to Garnett this afternoon to attend the funeral of their nfoco. —Farm and City L ,OHns. n. M. Cunningham. D. K. Sanij'le, of Ottawa, was a business visitor here this afteruoon. —If you want a real automobile. •)uy a Maxwell. R. M. Cuqningham, the agent. Mrs. .lulia. Camii, of Pasadena. California, wlio lias been here visiting W. S. Lyilc. .Mrs. A. NVood and relatives, returned home ihis afternoon. — Sntin .Mtssaline Pcitii-oats in* all cclors, also black, .\.>w York Store. Mr. niackwell of Uarrisonville, Mo., was a business visitor here today. Travis Morse has returned from a two days visit at Elgin. Kansas, with a friend whom he knew years ago in Soott City. The friend is marrl.ed and has grown daughters, w-^ho know the lola man as ••uncle." — Outdoor .Sleeplntt <.':iriMen(.« now ^n disiilay at the .New York Store. The local Salvation .Vrmy officer.*^ t<;ll the Uegister that they suspect a nuiiiber of peojile In tlit- city of col- '•ciiiig money under the name of the Army. The Register takes no part in tlie accusation, but it might be wise to see who you donate your money and things to. —k complete line of Wall Paper always in stofk at Spencer's. ECZEMA; TRY ZEm ila*^ Cured Worst Ca-ses nnd You Can IVIve II for Only A". Cent.s. Yes, try Zemo. Thafs all you need '!o to get rid of the worst case of cc- T."ma. You take no chance, it is no '^vperiiiieiit. Zemo is positively guaranteed to stop itching, rash, raw, bleed ing ecvema. make a pimpled face smooth and clean. Zemo is a wonder ant! thx minute applied it sinks' in, vanisUe.-i, leave.-; no evidence, doesn't i -tlck, no grease. Just a pure, clean, wonderful liquid and It cures. This , Is guaranteed. Zemo is put up by the IK AV. Rose Medicine Co., St. Louis. I .Mo. and sold by all druggists at $1 i for the large bottle and at 2.'i cents for (the liberal size trial bottle. Try one ; li.l-c.'iit bottle and be convinced. Morris & Howard^s Drug Store. If Tbroush the untirlns efforts of Mrs. Ulllan Callahan Gioaa. fifteen members ot the Deaton faction have been Indicted at Jackson. Ky., for conspiracy In the murder of Ed Cal> Utaan. the last leader of the famous Haxgla-Callnhan faction, wblcb for many years held sway In Breathitt county. On horseback and unattended, the youns daushter of the feudal leader rode many days and nights aver the lonely mountain trails, satherins affidavits from those wbo tiad an Inklins of the plot through •mtaOx Callahan met his death last summer. Unh Smith. 'Willie Deaton. ' Andrew Johnson. Jim Deaton and Gbvan Smith are among the leaders J irho have been arrested. ^ Are You A Stickler For Smartness In Your Clothes? Do You Wapt to be A b s o I u t ^ I y S u f; that lapels, sleeves, shoulders, coat front, vest and trousers are cut strictly in accord with good form for winter of 1912-13? Very well then, you owe it to your- A* .'elf to come in here and tr>- on some of these new "IlKNLKY" ^^ vc-. Suits andr Overcoats made for us in New York. XolKKly shows them. They are e.xclusive, different, unordinary. supreme In quality, style fit. material, pattern and VALI'K. There's no nmnner of nmn that we cannot fit. .\bove all things, do'i'i; the showing at $15, $18. $20 DIOXOGEN THE GREATEST ANTISEPTIC For Cuts. Bruises, Burns, the Tpeth. Couipi-.xion, and as an ai;riseptic ami germiride cannot be 'excelled. lOc size (ontains 2 oz. 'l '>i- size contains .l'^ oz. .'iilc .«ize coni'Ji.x^ Itira oz. 7."ic size contain."; 20 oz. FHE DIOXOGEN SFORE Chas.B.SpeiDcerfiCo. (witli til.' lu-w front) B :5i ?s Wall Paper Sundries DEVELOPMENT OF THE PIANO SNOW HOLDS UP WHEAT OiUtS Centuries of Invention Have Been I Needed to Bring It to Present State of Perfection. NORTHWEST CANNOT SHIP AND PRICES ADVANCE. Blectric Wiring! Uoue by experienced men. Prices reasonable. Canfield &«^liomp8on With the L. IL Wishard Hdw. Phone 39. Mi-.s. .1. W. Marker, who has b<'en visiting in Humboldt will return home tou.orrow. Olio Krannicii went to Clianuie Ihis afternoon on business. Mr. and -Mrs. I). \V. Stevens, of Denver Colo., wlio have been liere visit-.i ing .Mrs. A. Wood and W. S. Lyile and friends. retiiriMid htpme this afternoon. .MIS. F. C. .lohnson who has been here and in l..ajlurpe visiting friends, r«-turiied to her home in Hartlesvlile, Ok la., this afternoon. - t ;ji;;j ;c Ilou .«e of Kansas City, who lias .bei -n here on Imsiness, went to riiai 'iiite this afternoon. ! .1. \V. Tennyson, of I'liiontown was a biisiui'ss visitor here this aft<-rnooii. Have you ever thought, when playing some melodious sonata upon your piano, that the instrument, as it. Is today, is the perfection of ce.iturles of invention? In the beginning it was a harp- shaped piece of wood, having two or three strings. From time to time more strings were added until the cithara was invented. This was an Instrument In the shape of a caiiltal P. with tea strings stretched across the open space. Many centuries afterward musicians conceived the Idea of stretching strings across an open bc.v. About the year 1200 this was done, the dulcimer made its appear- a::(;e. ant^ tne strings wqre struck wiO .1 hammers. I'or arotker hundred years or so thesir han-mers were held In the ha::Cs, and then some genius Invented a keyboard, which, being struck by ihtt fi.'.i;prs. caused the hammers to strike the atriuga. This was called a ciavicytherlum, or keyed cithara, and from time to time it was modified and hnp.-oved. . During Queen Elizabeth's time it was called a virgiiial, and then a sp', because the hammers were covered with the spines of quills, which struck and caught the strings and produced the sound. During the period between 1700 and 1800 it was much improved and enlarged, and was given the name of harpsichord. It was la 1710 that Bartholomeo Chrlstofoii, an Italian, invented a keyboard similar to the one we have now, which causes the hammers to strike the wires from above, and thus <!evcIoped the piano. During the last century the inventive genius of musicians the world over has revised and improved It until it has reached the present-day perfection. Ilo? .Market ut Kan.xiis City Falls Cents and Chicago Is IVeak Currespondingrly. The cement paving on South Oak street and East Jackson avenue has been completed and is being insi>ccted i by many citizens who believe iliat the cement roadway has •"arrived." MAJESTIC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM -A DIVIDED FA-MILY" -THE INDLl-N RAIDEH.S" -.1 GOOD CIGAR" , DCET— "I'm Going Back to Old Virginia." Music-Piano and Drums 5<i- -.tXY SEAT­ S' .Airs. J. O. Turner, of \Vichita. who has been here visiting friends, returned home this int)rning. A. J. Ross, of Topeka, who has been here visiting friends, returiu'd home this morning. Mrs. li. 1.. Simmons, of Cherryvale, who has been here visiting friends, went to Ft. Scott this morning. O. W. Birdsall, went to Independence this afternoon on business. .Mrs. E. D. Westerly of Cherryvale, who has been here visiting friends, returned home this morning. Miss Winnie Stains, of Humboldt, who has been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Goshorn, returned home this afternoon. J. O. Willian-.s. of near Bolton, Kas., who has been here on business returned- home this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Martin, of Cher- rv-vale, who have been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Wotherman, returned home this afternoon. The small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Shore, .of Carlyle, fell from the roof of their chicken house yesterday afternoon, while playing with other children, and broke both bones of the right arm Just above th^ wrist. TEN MEN! A Singing Band— ' THE HUSSARS First number of Lecture Course will be held at Grand Theatre— Q| Thursday, October «1 Tickets on sale at Merchant's Jewelry Store Single Admission.. .50c Season Tickets 75c, $1 and $1J>0 I'hiiago, Oct. 2y.—Snow in the North : «-!rt. tending to check selling by 1 farmers, had a bullish effect on wheal. j 'T.':.^ opening was the same as last ! n\-i\\i. to 's© '-ic up. December started jot Si2>i to %c .touched 92%Ci VjC and :o e to 92%c. W'HKAT—Close: Dec. 92'i.c; May ".'7 '8 ft Vic. COK.V—.luly .".9Tfcc: Dec. :>i\^'ti%: ' May 52c. ; OAT.S—Close: Dec. 32V;c: May 34Vi- Kansas City (>raliu Kansas City, Oct. 23.—Cash W':heat, ; market unchanged to higher. Xo. .2 1 anl, Sitfiitl: .Vo. U. SC '/-«iSa. Xo. 2 'r..! iJ.^iitlm:; So. 3. 9S'.4@I.03%. .(•I,-c,.-_ij,.c. .SKi,.c: .M.iy 91%<ff91%. 1 «'()l!.\'—Market slow. .Vo. 2|mixed, !(;'.(• .'.TTir.Tv,; new; .".I",; .\o. 3, old i>6. •new .",4Tr.Vo. 2 white, old .'.7@.'.S, jnew ."•;'fi.-.7: No. 3. old, .'.Cfi-'ei-i, new .'.J'Ti Close—.lulv 4S"SiC: Dec. 49i !7 4'."'h: May 49%. OATS—.Market unchanged. No. 2 'wl:ite. : M '4«.-:4%; XO . 2 mi.xed, ZZ^ "3'Ac. Receipts of wheat, 106 cars. Kunftis City Livestock. Kansas City. Oct. 29.—CATTLE, receipts 18,000; market unchanged. Xa- tive steers $6..'ir)Q 10.7.'J: cows and helf ers $S.40<rr7 ..".O; stockers and feeders $4..'. IK;J 7 ..".0; bulls $3.75!S.5.2,=i; calves '»>"fis .'.ti-. I llOr .S— Receipts 14,000. Market 25c J lower. Heavy f 7.80(fi7.9.''i: packers and hurchers $7.7r ,'a7 .90: light $7.50'g7 .8r.. ' Chioico Livestock. C'licago. Oct. 29.— CJVTTLE , receipts 7..--'ii>. .Market slow and shade lower. Beeve-! $.". stockers and feed eri; $4.S.")*! 7.40; cows and heifers $2.70 •5i 7.2.';. HOGS—Receipts 22.000. Market dull to H)c lower. Light $7.::i)(Ji7.90: mixed «7 ..'.0 «7.S": heavy $4 ..".0i§ 7.10; pig Kansas Clly Produce. I Kansas City, Oct. 29.—BUTTER— iCr -.-amery 2Vr; firsts 2t;: seconds 24: ! i )ai -kiiig stock 22»r;*i23c. i EGG?— E .\tra.< 2.".»^c: firsts 23%*! 24'<.; ypcond>- ISc. HAY—-Market, .stead.v. Choice tim- othv $12..".0ifi 13.f'0; choice prairie BROO.M CORX— J-'.O to $100 per ton Lead nnd Speller. St. I^uls, Oct. 29.—Lead, market unchanged at $4 90; spelter, market dull It $7.40 Loral Markrtii. (Produce quotations furnished dally •ly Cophill Commission Company). TilTTTKR—21c per pound. KC .GS—22c per dozen. POCLTRY-Hen's, 10c: cock.'s, 4c; <prln?s. 10<-: ducks, l^c: geese, 5c: •urkevs'. 10c: irulnea<!. 20c each. HORSE HIDES— $2.00 to $2.75. BEEF H4DES—10c. De-Co Non-leak Self- Filler FoantaiD Pen $1.00 We think we have the self filler Fountain Pen in the market. It's a new one. We also carry the WATER- MA.V Pen in uiany sizes and styles. Hundreds of styles of Steel Pens in 8 or 10 makes. Buy your Stationery of the stationery- store-^ Evans Bros. The following quotations are furnished by the F. L. Cofleld Wool Commission company. 626 to 630 Live Stock Exchange. Kansas City. Mo. Kansas City Hides and IVooi Prices. rjreen salted native. No. 1. 14^c lb. Green iialted native, .Vo. 2, 13%c lb. Side branded, over 4" lbs. flat, 12Vic lluHs. native .Vo. 1, llHc lb. Part pured' hides i^c less thab cured, uncured 3c less than cured. Glue hides flat. 8c lb. Calf skins, deacon, 90c to $LSO each Green horsehldes large, $3.7S each. Green horsehldes. medium $3.50. (>reen horsehidea. small $2.25. Dry horse hides. 7ac to $l..'iO each. Pony and colt, green salted hides. Tie to $].iO each. Drr Hldea Flat Dry flint 33c per pound. . Dry flint fallen 22c lb. Dry salt, 17Uc lb. Fetti. Dry full wool sheep pelts. 12 to Barclay-Shi|lds Clo. Co. "The House of Quality" 4c lb. Green salt sheep pelts COs to $1.2r. Green salt shearling 23 to .'•Oc each. Angora goat skins, I't to 7ric each. Tallow. No 1, C^tc; No. 2, .">«4c. Grease. White, 6c; yellow, 5'ic, BeesMrax Bright 22 to 29 cents. Scrap Iron. Country junk mixed iron, $7.00 to $10 per ton. Bones Country junk bones, $!•'> to $15 ton. >Vool— Nebraska. Oklahoma. Bright medium, 22 to 24s per lb. Dark medium, 19 to 21c per lb. Light fine. 17 to 19c per lb. Heavy fine. 15 to 17c lb. Wool: Colorado. Xew Mexico k Texas Ught medium. 20 to 22c lb. Light fine, 17 to 19c per lb. Heavy fine, 15 to 17c lb. Angora mohair. 12 mo., 25 to 29c 11>. The Keal Reason. Gives Instant Relief, Cures and Prevents Catarrh and Cold In the Head. Father (after a long search)—W^ell, here it is. I wonder why one always ;inds a thing in the last place in .vhich he hunts? Boy— I 'spect it's cause after folks find it they stop' hunting. The quickest, best and safest way to enra eatsrrh or a cold in the head is by ashig a remedy that will "touch the ^ot" and do its work qmekly without leaving say bad effects.- Ely's Cream Bahn,wludi is applied to the aoetiils or rubbed o& tlw throat or chest gets ri^t at the loofe oC the trouble and instantly relieves even tiui woTstcase of catarrii or cold. AfewmiB. utes after applied yon can feel a looseainK up in the bead, the pain ,and soeaesa ara gone, the sense of taste, smell and hearing come back, and you feel like a different person. Ely's Cream Balm cleanses, fceds and strengthens the inflamed membranes, takat away that staffed up feeling and dull pain in the head. reUeves the throat sorenew andsU^ the nasty discharge which is the cause of the disgusting hawking, nitting, blowing of the nose, and foul bietfh. Bay fever victims who are made miawaWa Igg dts of sneezing, coughing and wheezing get instant and permanent telief by tlis use of this ample remedy. , , Don't suffer another ininnte. Ely's Czeaai. Balm will relieve yon immediately, aadaSt vent bottle will more than likely work a compbta cure. All druggists sell ft. Special Agent—S. R.. Burrell. BECKER l.\ ILL TEMPER. FOR SALE—HERD OF I.VGLE- fleld Short Horns, eight cows bred, or with calves at foot. Two yearling '.lelfers, four veanling heifers and two bulls six months old. This offering represents 18 years of careful breeding, but owing to my impaired health they must be sold. Address H. G. Slavens. Neosho Falls, Kans. He Doesn't Believe He UiU Get Xew Trial on an AppeaL New York, Oct 28. —^"I am no longer optimistic that my lawyers will get me a new trial; I might say I am hopeless of a successful appeal." With these words ' former Police Lieutenant Charles Becker in his cell today again lamented the fact that he failed to take the stand at the trial at which he was condemned to the electric chair for the murder of Herinaa Rosenthal. THE VEILED PROPHET Whose Marvelous Mystic Powers, Penetrating Insight and Unerring Accuracy Completely Baffles Scientific Investigation. it Is one of the strange and my.s- terioiis anomalies of nature that she does, in a few. very few instances, produce a person that Is so gifted as to simply cause the whole country to look with astonishment—to hold the !>eople in awe and wonder. Touched :)y the magic wand of nature, full and complete and a perfect understanding of ail the occult forces are to such a person a revelation at birth. This city is favored w^ith the<pres- •'nce of a very remarkable person, whose visit and mission will Interest every man and woman in lola. The visitor is Louise Perin. the noted Clair voyant and spirit medium, who comes to lola at the earnest solicitation of a large number of local business men and prominent citizens. While Mme. Perin has the Indorse­ ment of hundreds of the most noted men and women of America, she deems them of little value, since she 5 »ands alone upon the merits of her work. Any person who can believe their eyes and ears cannot help but know that her work la the highest order of genuine clairvoyancy. The Key to Higher Life. Do you wish to possess thhe key to the vaults of happiness, friendship, wealth and fame, or will yon plo4 along vainly hoping ^at Inck chance may open the door for yon? tt you want to be pointed 'out as a self- made man or woman. If you wish to lecome a master of men. to lead while others follow, there la an absolutely sure and simple way that never falls. Caaeendng Basincss,Atfairs. Mme. Perin gives dates, facts and figures, reliable and impartant adrice and information on all matters of in-: terest in business transactions' .lawsuits, contested wills, life insurance, damage suits, divorces, deeds mortgages, claims, collections, speculations, adventures, stocks and all financial difficulties. Truly predict the success of pending pension claims, etc-. She will tell whether the land you own contains oil. gas or minerals, and to what extent; tells whether you will receive fair dealings with partners. If you care to'know what busiiiess you shall follow to be successful, where you intend to make any changes o^ to start a business, buy or sell property, or. in fact, take any Important step, don't fall to call on her. Loie, Courtship, .Marriage^ If affairs of the h«art or emotions of love interest you. she will give the exact and truthful revelations of all love affairs, settles lowers' quarrels, enable you to win the esteem and affection of any one you desire, causes speedyt and happy marriages; tells If the one you love Is true :also date! of marriage: restores lost, affection, peace and confidence to lovers and dis cordant families; gives you the full secret bow to control, f ^clnate and charm the one you love, also thtjse you meet, and how to make a person at a distance think of you. Her parlors at. 213 - 'West Madison Avenue are crowded every day with men and women in all walks of life— who are taking advantage of ;the special low fee of 59 cents. As this te posithrely the last week at. this nMBte- al price, you are' adviyed to can Immediately.

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