Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1912
Page 2
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HUYLER'S- Genuine Old Fashioned Molasses Candy lOc a Pkg. 'C DRUG J STOKE -^^^•id»§L««^i8»?!»., .... THE roiA DAILY REG1STER/Tufe&^^^ lnroiu |tlFli>. •, I thJnk the words thai are swepu-st, Arejhe words (hai an* m-vpr said: •And «ne moinentH that pass HIP flp<'i- Arc the last ones with thi> d^ad. The thoughts that a^• tru«'st atid . • bravest. Are the oiiea tliat art- novi-r I'x- 7 preped; And the tipnder ".ovo thou ernvest, [ For fedr Is nevwr ronfess«^U. "1 know, the friends that am trii «'Rf. . Are those wo see In our drfnins; Though ve feei the one that Is iipwfst ts vecj; near what he spems. ^The rose that is greatest and fairest. •Is the bud that Is klllMd by tin- frost. -And the love that is d^-arest and rarest. . Is the true love we just have lost. —Anonymous. ! . Mrs. P. L. Woods, who has been 'TisiUng her parents, Dr. and Mrs. J PVepper, for about a weeh, returne<l lo: day to her home in Dewey. Okla. .Wh ^le she has been In the city sev- ;*al informal entertaliiments have been given In her honor by the members of the sewing club to which she betong «d. Both Mr. and Mrs. Woods ' were very popular here and their re- mgval to Oklahoma mea^s a loss to a 'large number of friends. .; • • 4. • * —Cut Flowers, chrysanthemums. ; yellow, white and lavender, at 11.50 .^and $2.00-per • doien. Phone 995-5 , Peckler'B Greenhouse. . i • • * * * The Friday card club will meet this »week-with Mrs? Bondy, of l^Harp. ' .All members are requested to ^o on '•the car which leaves the square at .1:45 on Friday afternoon. * * * :, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wats6n will ' leave -atiout the middle of next week ,for their new home in Colony. Al; though- they -will be missed In musical land social circles, Mrs. iWatson ex- 'pectJB \6 come here frequently to at- Iftend the meetings of the clubs In i which she has retained' membership. * • • —Spencer's Drug Store—We have • ; it, can get it, or it isn't made. + * + ' . Miss Pearl Milburn left this morn. ing for Greeley, Kansas, where she • ; will 8n »nd a w^eek visiting relatives : and friends. .' * • * The sixth binhday of Miss Maxine 'Doggett was celebrated yesterday afternoon with a pretty birthday: part v. rThe guests were Helen Murdock. Mnr- :]orie Garlinghouse. Frances Evans. . ; Dorothy Cox. Elizabeth Smith. Marga•ret Roberts. Dorothy Becker. Grace Becker, Reed Young. Perlee Port. Ar- liwn Mann4r« and PauHne Dbggett. After sevfrn I games Mrs. Doggett s«rvud.dainty refreshments. 1 • The At Homo club will meet on Thursday afternoon at »he home of Mrs. C. F. Kirk. 202 South Chestnut street. • • • Mrs. I... W. Duncan, who has been spending three months' vacation with her daughters Miun Sdua and Alpha Duncan in .JJQ »:.%n»^. Colifprnla. Is, expected home the last of the week. • • « Miss Agnes Thompson, of Lawrence who has been attending the state meetlnfe of the D. A. R. at Fredonia, stopped In tola over Sunday and visited Mr. and Mrs. Htxson. Her mother, who has been here for a longer visit, left with Miss Thompson for Lawrence yesterday. • « —Ask to see the new Out-door Sleeping Garments now on sale at the .Vew York Stora + * * The W. C. T. V. wilt give a temperance program In one of the churches ! on Temperance Sunday. November 10. j The place nas not been decided as I yet but will be announced later. . * Ji. The l .awrence Journal notes that ; ilie I'hi Kappa PsI fraternity have j Pledged Klmer Lawyer, of lola. Young i .Mr. Lawyer \\a» a lOt of friends hern | who will rejoice with him, for the ex- ' tension of rhe Invitation to loin them { is proof that the fraternity boys had ; looked hlin over and gotten acquainted j with him and approved of him. The j postmaster of this Village'and a day; laborer on the Register both belong i to that fraternity and they know that' ih<' K. 1-. chapter Is strong. •:• •!• It is not imusual for either boys or girls to work their way through college but the girls of the state universities of Kansas and Missouri have a new and novel way of helping them- i selves. I'nder the direction of the, Voung Womens Christian Association ' the co-eds have opened repair bu- ivaus. and have sent out "announce- . iiients to the bachelor students and '•• profes.sors saying that for a stated sum thi>y will repair torn garments. ^ WEDS IN 3«rASHIKGT0K Wediiiesday and Thursday You'U experience a big saving by supplying your Rug needs at this big Riig Sale. WeJiave a large assortment of beautiful patterns to choose from in Wilton Velvet, Body Brussels and Axminister Rugs. $40.00 9x12 Wilton Velvet Rugs. .$34.75 $35.00 ^.3x10.6 Wilton Vel. Rugs.$29.75 $27.50 6x9 Wilton Velvet Rugs.. .$23.75 $30.00 9x12 Body Brussels Rugs.$25.75 $25.00 8.3x10.6 Body Brus. Rugs $20.75 $20.00 6x9 Body Brussels Rugs. .$17^0 $25.00 9x12 Axminster Rugs... .$19.75 $20.00 8.3x10.6 Axminster Rugs. .$17.50 Remember These Prices Are Good for Wednesday and Thursday— 2 Days Onfy! «J DON'T ENVY A GLORIOUS HEAD OF HAIR \ .\ jiretty .'iocinl event in Washington receiitlv was the marriage of Miss se 'worbutTons 'nnd 'dkrn'swks-^^ .^••'.S'"' '''^"eHl?'; -""''^^ latter beinK a specialty The an-'-^'>«- '^anu-l Thew Wright, and ;Mr. nouncemen^ have'^lso lieen sent to f-b-rt V Fleming ..t the hon.e of the Court who presided iiver coiir'. that sentenced Samiifl Gutiipers, .lohn .Mitchell and Frank .Murrisun for con- teiiipi of court. Miss Wright is one of Washington's most popular girls, iiaving made lier debut into society the" giris who are better supplied with i l^r'^f- .^^'''•e''' associate Judge. _ pocket money than they are with "f "••^ l»ifetrlct of Coltinibla Supreme two years ago, time, and all together the bureaus are mutual help societies. Orders have ^ 4. I .Most voters are lainiiiar The county convention of the Miss- ' .wck*-'^ of political literat ionary societies of the Presbyterian , ^l'""!' "'""s ha\e been f churches will meet in Carlyle oni^--"".^- -Artlr.i:-tapper and alr^dy been received"and'many giHslTUP Pill jff''^C filUC IC PDIICI will be able to e.irn at least pin money ' illL 1 U>i.;JU L/lml. lU UIIULL in this way. - • * * <• .,~r''''7 ''"'\.'''''v .*^'r 'o''''' an'' (losintr Kpistle «i ef Polltlral (-umpuit .Mi »!...<> pair. New \^ork Store „rf„^. K..rth .Some .Stiiklnir Mr. Ed Dwyer. o"f Jopim: Mo., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. James Dwyer this week. 4. i Most voters arc familiar with the literature with flooded ro- Blll White Thursday of this week. Delegates ; ''ave b.-en ih.- Imslest circular letter from five cities. LaHarpe. lola, Moran. | writers and a.s they seem to be inak- Humboldt and Carlyle. will be In at- ; '"S a record of answers, they tendance and It is hoped that the rep- i ''ach voter a few questions. The lart- resentation from lola will be especial- 1 "^'-'^^ oi .souie of the rc|ili«»s is unusual, ly good. The members who can at- 'ohnson. or .Ashland. tond the all day session will go on the : hy .Mr. Capper. "What issue do you early morning train and return in thej -^-'ii 's s^hoiilii be most prominent in the evening but others may go only for I '"^^t^ campaign " answered "Tlie kiU- the afternoon on the two o'clock train, i '"S of snake.s and the purging <»f the .J. ^ ^ j party ranks of traitors." The regular meeting of the W. R. C I Intluded in a bunch of letters sent will be held on Friday afternoon in l Capper, and puhlished by the «p- G. A. R. Hall. Definite arrangements j position papers, is the following from will be made for the pension day din- ' K*"'"rn. of lola: ner. ! lola. Kas.. Oct. 24. 1912. * .> I "De..r Sir: 1 have your favor of the Miss Floy Houser. one of lola's | \\\nc^ you ask my supiwrt well known and most popular young ladles died this morning at St. .Tohn's hospital after a brief but very v vere illness. This news ca«t a gloom upon many people this morning.for few of the younger set were more universal-, ,, j , ly liked than Miss Houser. .\o deO- <'ontrolled by 1 made in fa<^""" Mr. Cap KLOI'KK.S l\ AITO .H'rif»K.\T. for governor at the coming election. First of all. 1 am a Republican, and. if you were of the same political faith you would liavH my sujiport without the asking. | ouatry has i>rinted something about "You >tate in your letter that you . it.—Columbus .\dvocate. Indian Bride In.iur(>d un Trip to Ben. lionvllie, .Irk. .lames Smith and Miss Jessie Wy- rlck. the rich Osage Indian girl, who succeeded In getting married yesterday in si)ite of much oi>position on the part of her parents were beset with difficulties all along the line They made their e.scape from Baxter Springs while the officers were oii iheir trail but even then their troubles did not end. Part of their trip to Bentonvllle. Ark., was made in an auto. The car met with some accident which spilled the occupants. The liride. as a result had her face adorned with court plaster when the marriage ceremony occurred. "The couple are said to have returned to Baxter Springs where Mr. Smith is associated witli his father in publishing the Baxter Springs News. On account of the opposition of the wealthy Osage girls parents to her marriage with Smith this wedding has received more publicity than any other that ever occurred In this vicinity. .Vot only have all the papers In the district devoted a great deal of space to It but the metropolitan papers have printed long stories about it for several days. The Associated Press has carried .shorter stories about It so l>ractlcally every newspaper in the Your hair nmy not be as heavy as other women's. Young Ijidy; it may not radiate its lustrous splendor; It ii.ay not be free from dandruff; but that's no nason why you shoiifd worry. In Paris all women who care have fascinating hulr; In America all women, young ladles and girls who know about PARISIAN SAtSE have a wealth of brilliant hair and give credit where credit is due; to wonderful, delightful PARISIA.\ SAUK, the Ideal hair tonic, grower, dandruff remover and beantifler. Sold by dealers everywhere for only .'.0 cents. C. B. Spencer & Co. sells it on money back plan. It stops scalp itch instantly and preserves the natural color and. beauty ot the hair. nite arrangeinents have been regard to the funeral as Mrs. Kauffman who has been a mother to the young lady since the death of her own mother several years ago. Is too ill to discuss It yet; but details will be j or any per. isn't it a Can Depend On This • ' ' Your selection of a ^ A T C H frdm our comprehensive stock wili'prove a lastlnjg satisfaction. Many styles and makes Includ- .ed in our aggregation of reliable timekeepers. • Ladles' 6-slze Ifi-Jewel Elgin or WaUham in 20-year gold filled case.-hunting, our price..$lS.10 ' Gents' 18 size io-Jewel Elgin m Waltham in 2p-year gold filled case, open face, our price only - - «njW Before you make up • that watch order look ahrough our .watch stock and get our prices. Our guarantee guarantees. fact tliat if there had !>een no boss White or'Hull Moose faction In Kansas, instead of standing at Aruiaged- flon and trying to uestioy the ilepub- I.cai; iiarty in this state, you would announc^ later." Words"are useleMi"'"^ '^Pl 'obUcan .vou would like to describe the soriDw and sympathy j '» '»'• ^^as it not the tear of Doss of the host of friends for the bere^ed relatives. A J> ^ Miss Hazle Harkness of Victoria, British Columbia, came from her home last week to remain about a month as the guest of Miss Lena Culbertson. * + + Mr.C. L. Karr and wife, who was formerly Miss Evelyn-Howland, have been visiting here several days with the latter's grandmother. Mrs. A. W. Howland. Mr. Karr left for Chicago some days ago and is now located in Detroit where he is following his profession of electrical encineering. They expect t0 le ,Tve for the enst the lat^ter part'tif this week, but their friends were delighted to have even a short visit with them. .> A Miss Virginia Doggett will entertain at luncheon tomorrow complimentary to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Karr,! who will return to their home in De- ' troll on Thursday. . » •» » \V!;ite. Boss Stubbs and .\elson Tlnit' caused you to desert the party '.i:(i vote to disfranchise every Republican in the state of Kansas? Vou luoniise a clean, honest and business idiiiinistration. Now. Mr. Capper. is this consistent with your action in the liarty council or the permitting of your name to remain on the Republican ;icket, which you have no Intention of .supporting, for the purpose of obtaining voles you w<nilU iH )l otliei^wise gel? •1 intend lo vote for your Democratic o)>ponent. as do several hun- Ired other Republicans In Allen county, for the simi)le reason that he is .'loneFtly tryins to defeat the Republl- .•aii party while you are dishonestly trying to destroy it. Yours truly, "JLi. KILBOR.N." And today the following letter was sent ou its way to William Allen White from this city: Mr. White wrote to K. G. Hough, a veteran of this city, calling attention to an Inclosed j:ircular which charged Last night the members of the'hat Judge Thompson. Deinocratic Cilnker club gave the second party "'""'"ee for senator was "an un- of the season. Five hundred was^n"'" Huantity but could he relied played at five tables and as always.! "I'on to supi.ort a IJemocratIc presl- the evening was verj- enjoyable The , ^^"t..;^""""' ''c eWied. and that next affair will be a dance on Mon-j'^e Deuiocratic no.nInee for Pres!day night, November 4. " l''*"' \ Southern Detiiocrat raised , • • . . ^ - 'in the hot-bed of .secession and avow- The B. Y. P. U. 8o6iety of the Bap. i^^ free trader who could be no friend tist church had a ton fire picnic at of 'he Lnion Soldier. Iii conclusion Dunlap's grove last night. Two hay Jf - "°"8h s vote for Stiibbs was so- Vacks carried about forty of the young . . , people to tbe woods where good , Mr. Hough has forwarded the brief things to eat were roasted over big I f "'''^"i;;^'"•'J'ly bonfires and a general good time was i ^VHllam Allen White. B\I> COLD I IIKAB .STlFFKni <>ne Dose Pape's Cold Coniponud (tlve? Relief—Cure in Few Honrs. You will distinctly feel your cold breaking and all the gripiie s^ymptomF leaving after taking the ^ery first dose. If is a positive fact that Pape's Cold Compound, taken every two hours, until three con.'ecutive doses are taken will end tiie grippe and break up the most .severe cold, either in the head, chest, back, stomach or limbs. It promptly relieves the most miserable headache, dullness, head and nose stuffed up. sneezing, sore throat, running of the nose tiiucous catarrhal di.scharges, soreness, stiffness and rheumatic twinges Gel a 2.'-ceni package Of "Pape'i- Cold Compound" from your druggist and take It with the knowledge that K will positively and promptly cure your cold and end all the grippe misery: without any assistance or bad aftereffects and that it conuins no quinine —don't accept something else said to be just as good. Tastes nice—acts gently. Dr. Muckleau of Syracuse X. Y. a Chautauqua lecturer, speaks In the M. W. A. hall tonight in behalf of .the Progressive party nominees. Dr. Muck­ leau is said to. be skilled in the ar> of weaving political argument with humor and takes front rank as the most entertaining speaker sent out by the Progre.=;slves. Mrs. A. D. Moore, of Caney. who na^ been here and in Gas City visiting with friends, went to Humboldt today. enjoyed. 1 4. « • On Thursday afternoon of this week the Allen County Bqiiai Suffrage Asso Emporia. Kaiis. "Sir: i have voted the Republican ticket since 18GI. I served four years In the Union Army. First Division elation will hold Its last meeting be- F;''t««'>th Army Corps, under Generals tore election' 4 *y'and all members are very strongly-urged to be in attendance. The members of the W. C. T. U. and any one else who has any inter est whatever in the proposed suffrage amendment are also cordially invited to be present. The meeting will be held in th« farmer's room of the conrt house promptly at three o'clock. —^Beacon Biifii B «li««. special price X2M. New York Store. Sherman and l.ogan. To ask me, in my declining years, to support a man or men whose sole aim is to destroy the party that gave them prominence in public affairs Is certainly presumptuous. XInety-flve per cent of the old soldiers are against Stubbs and the other traitor. I am. truly yours "E. G. HOUGH." —Dloxygen. 10. 2.-.. ties at Spvncer's. 50 and 7.'>c hot- LADIES* High Top Alphine BUTTON BOOTS! Lace Front Black and Tan Priced at $4.00 SURELY WAS CLEVER SNAKE .Truthful Old Darkey Recalls an Incident of Hi* Youthful Days "Foh de Wah." In some way one clever, if not absolutely good, snake story has l>een passed up all these centuries and left for a whit^balred darkey deacon or Bmnner to bring to the colored National Baptist convention in Houston, Texas, as his offering at the "fob de meetin'-" experience ctaas. > It happened *foh de wah." according to his account, when he was enumerated in the stock inventory on a large plantation near Houston. His duties were to accompany and take care of a boy about bis own age, a' son of his "or maraUh." ^Yeh! Lawd." he exclaimed between his sputtering, toothless gums, "my marstah sho was a smart chil'. We used to go fishin' an' Ah used to help carry de bait and tackle an' such. Da' used to be a snake down on the bank of the bayou and we sho' worried de life outten dat sarpint. sho we did. But what Ah's gwine to tell yuh is dat sarpint knowed more'n de books. When we used to set down on de bank of de creek, be would come a stealing tm de leaves to his hole and scoot down it quick. When he'd git ait but his tail i». marstah would ketch boldt de tail an' yank him out. He done got exasperated and come up to de hole awful slow an' wind up In a curl by his hole, sorter peep in and den wink one eye. I kin jes see. dat snake a-laughing now. We both got up close and waited for him to alip in. Marstah sorter nudged me and laughed sorter low. DiiU dat snake jusi stick his tall in he hole and went down head up. After dst time he always went in backwards." Gombination Cbdl Heaters Combination Wood Heaters Wood Stoves, Oil Stoves Copper Reflectors Famous "Pint of Cough Syrup" Receipt JTB Better Heardr at Amy Friea. Fnllr Coamteed. IXIHAXA fiOI.\« FOB TAFT. I j Reports From ronnly f'iuiImuB Show'. (>reat Uepnliilmn Gains. Jo.-^eph B. Kealing. in charge of the Taft Organization Bureau, and who lives in Indiana, held an extended con.- terence at Republican Xattonal com. miitee headquarters last night with , Stale Chairman Sims. After a careful ' canva -.3 of the situation in Indiana. :'nf-y agreed that Indiana should be taken out of the list of doubtful states. ! where ii was placed last week by Di- 'Make a plain syrup by n;;>:ins one pint of granulated .sugar and |^ pint uf warm water and stir for two mi'uutes. , i:;i 'u .'iUT^*a1inratK°ln "d 5 [ rector Mulvane and Mr. Kealing ^n* up with tiM? Sugar Svrup. ThU give. Put m the list of reasonably anre you a familv supplv of the be-st cough , stales for Taft. >Ir. Kealing says: svrup at a savinjj of'$-i It never spoils, i "Within the last week, I have writ- Take a teaspoonful every one, two or i ten to every county chairman in In- three hours. ..... .1 diana and asked him to give me his un The etfectiveness of this simple remedy \ ^[35^^ opinion of the situation in the wsurpnsm^. Itsecm*totakel.oldin-i^.g„„jy requesting him to give the t)enetii of all doubt to ,the opposition. I have heard from nearly all of them, tivo enough to'be helpful in'a cough, [and after a careful canva .s8 of the and ba.<i a plea.ainfr taste. Al-w e.Tcellent .. situation with Mr. Sims, who has de- for bronchial trouble, throat tickle, sore 1 voted all of his time since July 1st to lungs and a-Hhma, and an unequaled remedy for whooping cough and croup. This recipe for maJcinj; cough remedy with Pinex and Sugar ^mp (or strained honev) is a prime favorite in thousands of homes in the United States and Canada. The plan has been imitated, tliougfa never successfully. If von try it. use onlv jrennine Pinex, which is the campaign; and who Is always coa servative In bis estimates, we agreed • that President Taft is reasonably sure of carrying Indiana. ."The letters received from the dlF- feient county chairmen show a rie- inarkable state of affairs. There are. ninety-two (92) counties in the state. the most valuable concentrated com- 1 all of whom which have been careful- pound of Norway white pine extract, and IS rich in guaiacol and all the natural healinf; pine elements. Other |»'epara- tions will not work in this recipe. A gnaranty of abmhite satisfaction, or monev promptly refunded, goes with this recipe. Your drngpist hiiB Pinex, or will jret it for vnn. Tf not, send to The Pinex Ca, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Equal Snfrniife Column. Not In Sight. Dr. Anna Shaw, noted suffrage A countryman named Street owned speaker gave the following interest- a runaway cow. As the season *d- ing explanation of the difference be-, vanced Street was compelled to make tween a suffragette and a suffragist several long pilgrimages .into the » speech at Hutchinson: country for the reprehensible anlmaL ' ."'^ suffragette is a militant suffra- On one occasion the trail led on ' ^'^ and on until Street had entared the environs of a town where a new trolley system was installed. Just as the cow-hunter turned a comer in the out-«klrts, the car lumbered np and the oondactor called out: "Cedar Street J" The owner o^ the estrayed cow stopped in his tracks and bawled back at the man in blue and gold: "No, dam her, I ain't aaed her; an' When I do it won't be good fer her blamed old hide either!"—Woman's World. Might Be Heard Some Distance. Ty Cobb of baseball-strike famo. tald at a recent baseball banquet in Uinneapoiis: "I admit that there la too much load •alk. too much arguing and wrangllnc ind chin'mnsie in a game of baaoball. "I know m man who iitiM< Mm iha other day getting-tnto a taxleab. " 'Where are you golngr thay sak> «d him. one who throws bricks through windows and sticks hatpins into politicians and uses other violent measures to promote the suffrage movement The only suffragettes are in Kngland. They const^tiite a very small number of the English suffragists, though they take up most of the newspaper' space given to suffrage activity In that country. "We haie no suffragettes in the United S^tes. I am very glad of it. We do not! need any. They do need suffragettep in England, and I do not blame th^m for smashing windows j and mobbing members of parliament. I'The difference is that in this country our petitions are respectfully heard and considered by congress, leirisla- tures, national and state conventions. In Kngland their petitions are unheed' ed. The parliament and cabinet members will not hear the petitions or even see the women presenting them. We would do the same here under like conditions. Judge Turner, of the .Milwaukee circuit court, has ruled that a newspaper reporter is not compelled to disclose I'm going to hear the ball sanie,' ; the confidential sources of Informa- )i« replied." ' "P*"* which he has based an arti- icte or report. The decision will be 7~ ' ; 3 j generally approved by those familiar Mrs. Glenn Finney was here today, 1,^ slightest degree with the pro- having driven IQ lola with a party. ^^^gea Ih.i converge In gathering of from .Neosho Falls. jnewa and the making of newspapers. ly canvassed and close polls taken within the last few weeks. The report is that Wilson will fall far behind tiie vote for Bryan .In 1908 and that many Democratic farmers are openly supporting TafL The Democratic vote for Taft and continued prosperity will be enormous. "The normal Republican majority In Indiana is about 2i^,(H)0. although In recent years at state elections It,has gone Democratic on the temperance issue. The supreme issue this year la The tariff question. High prices for farm products, high prices for labor and employment for, every man who wants a job. is doing more to make votes for President Taft than anything else. Illinois Bn.<<lne «is Men CoBfldeBt T. S. O'Donnelli secretary of the Pur niture Men 's Taft Club, of this city. :ia.f written to Director Mulvane in charge of the Republican Xational com mittee that the first meeting' of the," club was attended by fifty furniture mannfactnrers and - dealers aU. of whom promised to work earnestly for the re-election of President Taft. tn order that there may be no chuige tn business conditions. Mr, O'DonneH. who is a wholesale furniture ieaifti says that the Taft sentiment is sprawling so universally among bujrinafla men that he has no doubt Preeldent Taft will carry ininoja. Cures all hiimortC ditairH:,^^ rheiunatisTn, relieves that tire4 feeling, restoi)es the appetife^ cures paleness, nervouso ^qSil builds .up the whole SYS^pawT Get it today In usual-liquid n>nn oc: ;:lkoco]ated tablets called SaraatalMs

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