Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 23
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 23

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 23
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Brick Cheese Old FttiMtmtf Sfyl,—Silted . • . - Lb. JUNE IS DAIRY MONTH Cheddar Cheese Pram WlMdfiiln, § 4|* Will a|«d 0ni y«or... Lb. QT KRAFT'S vuvntA I*. 4o e Cheeiefood OUndole Mb. Club Loaf CHEESE SPREADS Hlah Seert Jet icy Farm Mb. Roll t>and lib, BUTTER 73* M«rH Brond Salad Dressing qt. - " A FEW OP OUR MANY ITEMS PRICED LOWER THAN JUNE 1951 NOW! Mb. SwhY, Cooking and Salad Oil Upton's Frostec Ice Cream Mix SWIlt nifl€| SNotttnlna Spry Shortening Kin SO $*ap Powdtr Prem or Treet Oronge Juice i;J!!d CW. Catsup Sunshine Krispy Craehtrt Marqarin* Wesson Contadina Brooks Catsup Salad Tomato Paste Dressing •eawty Irand NIW Good Luck 'Tht table Margarine." Lb. N«w low price! Trl'Clty Owe, Co. eoeptratH with fhi Amirlcim Dairy Parmtrt »o bring you »h§i« htalfhful fafttfi In obundanc* of lewiif frtt|i Dutch Garden Chi«ipr«adt EGGS HIHertit frmfi "A" Medium . . . . • -dot J*nty Farm 6r«* "A" A&- litre L«?9t d«t, B ff9 lp ^-SffifeT" «•**•* «"Siie&iSR»». .^ty fr^ • • dot. 2 1*51 99* 1.17 .31 .49 54c — 3Qe 29c 440 2 w "4*c 29c can 3-lb. can 81c 27c 2 « ca cans 14-at. bah 1-lb. pk. pint 4-ot. can 19c 31c 10= TOMATO JUICE2 Bruruon Brand giant 46-oz. cans 45 CORN Fernbrook Brand Cream Style;—White 3 No. 303 icrubblrtf WHAT'S NEW BRUCE ASPHALT Till CLEAN** «!•— «•»»««* mil <«Att*t» Hew*, Cl«««* rtd r*qufr«t n» riftilrtf . *»t«M«llfl»rt« Will entf In 0r »r quart bottle 98e CANDY BRACH'S PLUMS KRAUT CHERRIES PICKLES PINEAPPLE PEACHES SWEET Sunshine Mint Pillows Yukon Coconut Cubes Pearl's Purple Plums Royal Gem Chopyjed Style C. W. Red 12-oz. Cello JO-oz. Bag PEAS BONITO SPAGHEHI 2 Green Bay Sweet Variety "Flying Cloud" Just Like Tuna No. 303 Cans 6'X,-oz. Can C. W. Brand 15V4-oss. Prepared 3 „ 29c CORNED BEEF Can Brand Can' lie C. W. Dill- Sour--Kosher Hartex Sliced No. 2 Can Ql. Jar No. 2 Can 23c 2Sc Hunt's or No. 2'.i C. W. Halves Can GRAPE JAM SALT SALMON RICE KRISPIES POTATOES Kelly's AH flavors for refreshing drinks 2S°ns 2 39c SPAGHEHI 4 pua 19c DOG FOOD Doggie Dinner 6 151i-oz. Cans SHINOLA CLOROX c. w. Brand Beauty—Plain or Iodized Banner Brand Kol- logg's or C. W. Macaroni White Liquid Polish or Purex Bleach 2-Lb. Jar 114-Lt PkR. 1-Lb. Can Pkg. 12-ox. Uc 5-oz. Bot. Qt 1Q r Bot. I "C KEEP COOL With Upton Tea Orange Pekoo 35' PV ?1< Pkg. fa | V4-Lb. Pkg. 16 Count Tta.Bagf - - • FIRST AIDS In Our ToiUlri** D«p«». J. and J. Red Crest Adhesive Tape 5 yd. % l«h tin roll ( Red Cro«* 1-Oz. 1 Q r COTl'ON - - Pkg. I't N*w Band-Aid PLASTIC STRIPS Mod. Silt - - - pk. AMM-I-DENT Pewdo A't •§/ Ammoniatcd Tooth Pewdor With Chlorophyll, Con HEINZ CIDER HEINZ i VINEGAR Cider Vinegar Vinegar C. W. Brand White Vinegar Qt. Bot. Qt 10- Bot. IOC Pt. Bot. 13c • INSECTICIDES REAL KILL sSr Pt 69c RIAfKFIAA Aeroso1 ^-m. DLAIIV FLAO Bomb Size PI IT Regular •"I Insecticide $1.29 p t 3?c COSTELLO FROZEN DELIGHT START THE DAY RIGHT WITH GOOD COFFEE Beauty Brand Ml-b»dl«d, with • real "he-man" flavor, i< tconomleolly prlc»d — you can «trv» It eft«n. lib. bags SARDINES Maine pack in oil or mustard FRESH FROM OUR OWN BAKERY OVENS! C. W. 40% WHOLE WHEAT BREAD LOAF A popular dark bread with everyone-—ideal for picnic and ouffng sandwiches. Nourishing, it's our baker's expert "know-how" that makes all the difference. JERSEY FARM An old-foshiionfd leaf mad* ef frtsMy ground whuat germ flour—finest butter— milk and honey. - - ... 100% WHOLI WHEAT IfcEAP T-Lb. Loaf C. W. BREAD Only th« purtif arid caillltlt In- grtdicnli g* Into Ihti fam«Ui leaf —(ir«f«rr«d by thauiandt In thl« Illlneii orta. It hat o flovar dt- ittlbcd at "nuMlfc'* 1 '—A l«xlur» lhal't «v§n, lacyj <lon-graln«d. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry o,35c Premium Soltine 4 in 1 Pock CRACKERS lib. pkgs. Oreo Cream SANDWICH COOKIES 11-oz. Cello 38c Flavor-Kist VANILLA WAFERS Bag /DC Flavor-Kist Chocolate Chip Cookies $? 41 c NEW LOW PRICE FROSTED FOODS COLONIAL LUSCIOUS Strawberries REAL GOLD Lemonade 2 6 ;.° nz . 29c SNOW CROP INSTANT Waffles WINTER QUEEN Broccoli MORRELL SMOKED TENDERED Leah, Well Trimmed Short Sharfk FULL SHANK HALF Ib. Sunshin* CHEEZ-ITS WHOLE M lo 14 Ib. ov. Ib. 59c CENTER CUT SLICES ...,„ 95c Worrell's E-Z Cut PRIDETTES Sunshine Asst. Kremlined Wafers S 0OZ 25c CANTALOUPES Boneless Smoked Butts. Lb. T % to 2-Lb. Avg. 79 California Vine Ripened Jumbo 45 Size Serve with Costello Frozen Delight! Plate Boilinq BEEF..... 29c GROUND BEEF Florida jg Ears Golden Bantam - - CORN 4 CAULIFLOWER Home Grown Snow White head "LUCKY CATV FRESH Tomatoes M «'SM9e NEW HOME GROWN Beets NEW GREEN Cabbage FANCY GREEN Cucumbers 4 f. r 19c NEW YELLOW BERMUDA Onions 3 ib, 29c ^LETTUCE >Jr ™ al California Iceberg Large 48 Size KIRK'S CASTILE SOAP 3 ^ 23c WWAl CASTILE BAB-O CtEANSEK Ic SALE 3 - 26 WATERMELONS From Florida 22-Lb. Average C Each Pure, Fresh Lean LI. SLICED Morrell's Palace Brand tray pack Ib. 39 toRK SAUSAGE Bulk, Lb. Country : Stylo Linkt, Lb. SKINLESS WIENERS 55< Armour Star, Swift Premium or Luer. 1-Lb. Cello URGE BOLOGNA Banner Brand—By the Piece. Ih. BRAUNSCHWEIGER Armour Star. By the piece. Lb. k^fef* 49c PICKLE and PIMENTO LOAF Sliced - - - Lb. 45 ENTO 55c ARMOUR STAR SLICED BACON Top 1-Lb. Quality. Layer 55 C SKINNED WHITING 1C Ib. Ocean PERCH- 39 € FRESH SPARE RIBS JERSEY FARM Excellent for barbecue, 3 pounds and down avg. - Lb. PALMOLIVE Bath Size 2<-23c SWANSDOWN CAKE MIXES Devils Food or White pkg. UPTON'S SOUP MIXES Chicken Noodle or Tomato Vegetable !K«»^..iB«7Kf*?!l»IBW!BS»!»(BiaS Mazola SALAD AND COOKING OIL FRYERS Fully Dressed 2 to 2Vj Ib. average Ib. Cut Up Tray Pack...., b 57c AVWAYS, IceCreuin Ft. LAVA SOAP & 29e DREFT large «M f Pkg. 47V Giant Pkg. 79c 31" * 60* I WUdMBFli. le * ii BV * BEST Flour ll e £ Large Pk. 29c Glont lAf i Pkg. /•!€ i COSTELLO FROZEN DELIGHT . . . . «jt, jmo I jru« * . «.««-•« • n*ry CRYSTAL WHITS SOAP 2 * STORE HOURS EVERY DAY f m 2602 STATE ST. 1210 MILTON ROAD 326 BELLE ST. , OPEN TO 9 P. M THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY ONLY AT 2521 COLLtCt ALSO IN WOOD RIVER AND EAST ALTON

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