The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 5, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1892
Page 5
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HTJTCHINSON DAILY SEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 5, 1892. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. JNO. I,. Kl'ONSl.KH, Merrfitftrv nml MiniliBrer. jjOCTOR SCHURR On«No. 21 N, MM:;. RESIDENCE, 122 SEVENTH E. Night culls given prompt attention. EMERSON CAREY, See these prices on WALL PAPER. Browns, 10c to 12>ic per double roll. Whites, ISo per double roll. Gilts, SOe to 50c per double roll. Birge's specials Mc to SI per double roll Ingrains, 40e to 80c per double roll. Other papers in proportion. All paper matched in combinations with borders and ceilings. Experienced hangers furnished. All work guaranteed. H. D. WINSLOW J S. . FOll DISTRICT CLERK. I hereby announce myHelf aH a candidate for the office of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July 2.'1 1802 \V. S. YBAGKK, Sylvia, Kan. t Si Dealer in HIDES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Yards and office opp. court house. Guaranteed Brown's. \ gallon of Wilcox's. MAY IS OJJR Ht' BARGAIN '* MONTH. Values absolute— Not Fictitious. fits. Wanamaker & 3t apples for 2f> cents at at See Eccles" offer in"Want"coluinn. Ot Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Old Glory cheroots. 2t A full attendance of the ladies of hil Sheridan Circle, G. A. R. is re- uested to be at their hall to-night, Special report of the department convention. Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Old Glory cheroots. 2t Many styles exclusive. -SPECIAL- Wash. Dress Fabrics, White Goods, Late Novelties in All Wool Suitings, Expressly for this sale, Sun Umbrellas, Hosiery, Silk Mitts, Underwear, Table Linen, Towels, BelfastHandkerchiefs 1.1 We are WALL the Pool" PAPER, And underselling everybody on all grades. Wo have definitely decided to go entirely out of the wall paper business, us we needtherooni for our ' DRUG STOCK And guarantee to make the lowest fig ures ever quoted in Hutchinson. J. M. BEAM, Prop Going into the Wall Paper Business. hangers furnished to put it on the wall. HO OLD PATERN8. NEW GOODS We are not Experienced selling it at cost, / but at a , i fair, living profit. OOBURN & DETAR, AT THE OPERA. HOUSE BOOK STORE Are in the wall paper business to stay W R MARSHALL 'i & CO. PRKCIOUS JEMS, FINE JEWELRY, CUT CRYSTAL, WATCHES, CLOCKS EYE GLASSES. OPERA GLASSES: OLDEST JEWELRY HOUS IN THE CITY. ESTABLISHED, 1870. 11 NORTH MAIN. Only One Fare to Portland umt Iteturn. The Union Pacific will sell tickets to Portland and return utone fare for the round tj'ip. Tickets on sale May 0 to 14, inclusive, limited to 90 days from date of sale. For additional information apply to your nearest ticket agent. 33-5 -14 ANNOUNCEMENTS. CITY NEWS. "Our Pups." tf A gallon of apples Wilcox's. for cents at 2t Smoke the Lawrence Barrett cigar, at Carroll llriscoe'.s. 3t No. 7 on the Santa Fe was three hours late to-day, but brought about 300 delegates and visitors to the city Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Old Glory cheroots. at N ice fresh strawberries at Cunning ham's, No. 13 South Main. Cunningham's, 13 South Main, is the best place in the city to buy ice cream. Large or small orders. Editor Mead of the MePherson Re publican and Cupt. W. J. liarrod of the same city arc in the city. Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Wheeling Stogies. 2t Odell Brothers are still at No. II Sec ond Avenue west, with a full line of all kinds of coal. tf Where do you buy ice cream'.' Ti Cunningham, at 13 South Main. Currans & Yates have opened the Midland restaurant, and propose to do short order work in the latest uud most approved style. Both are good restaurant men, and will doubtless make a success. Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Wheeling Stogies. 'Jt Don't endanger your lives longer by kindling your tires with kerosene. Go to Odell Bros, and get some of that prepared kindling, only !i cents a bunch. 4t A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. If tf Huntsville on professional business this morning. lared Cone of Bnrrton, attended the convention to-day. Lawyer Brinkcrhoffi and Hon. T. A. Butler of Lyons, are among the distinguished visitors to-day. D. S. Pence, superintendent of the Sedgwick county schools, is looking after his chances to "go up higher." Dr. Hattie Messenger is attending the annual meeting of the state Medical society now in session in Wichita. George W. Maffet, editor of the Anthony Republican and president of the Anthony Salt Works, is in attendance. Register of Deeds Grimes and County Clerk Travill of Wichita county are among the prominent visitors to the big convention. Capt. J. D. Barker, candidate for governor, W. B. Millington and E. A. Wasser, all of Girard, called at the NEWS office to-day. J. E. Criswell and A. K. Trimmer, two of Gove county's delegates to the conyention, made the NEWS office a pleasant call to-day. J. Kansas Morgan and C. C. Crouse of the Neodesha Register are in at tendance at the convention, and paid this office a pleasant call. t W. Y. Mulkey and wife who have been visiting friends at Pueblo for a few days, returned homo last night. They report a pleasant trip. Morgan Caraway and R. C. Bailey of Great Bend called at this office to-day. They report business good and prospects flattering at the Bend. County Clerk L. L. Bingaman, District Clerk Shrock and Register of Deeds Wyatt of Scott county, are all in line in the convention excitement. Howard Waddles and an Italian drummer, in the queensware business, and the only Italian on the road Kansas, are stopping at the Santa Fe. W. L. Johnston was in Wichita yes terday attending a meeting of the Kansas Undertaking association. He reports a large and interesting meeting Insurance Commissioner McBride ar rived from Topekn one of the belated trains last night, and was being buttonholed by the friends of about all the candidates. and edited by the late W. C. L. Beard, is attending the convention, and made this office a pleasant call to-day. Mr. Steinberger is a typical Kansan, especially a Pittsburgian, and loves to talk of the beauties, business, etc., of his city, lie thinks his the best town in southeast Kansas, and probably h# is correct. ' Carey is still in the coal business. Dupler's grocery is headquarters for Wheeling Stogies. at Prepared kindling at Odell Bsos'. coal yard. 41 The rain yesterday and last night was worth thousands of dollars to our citizens, farmers and everybody else. It did not in the least discommode the crowd in the city, but on the contrary was rather enjoyed by all. Buy of the business men who advertise. • Try 35 cents worth of Odell Bros, prepared kindling, five bunches for 2D cents. 4t Go to Cunningham's for your ice cream. Large or small orders filled on short notice. 1U South Main street. The Johnson county delegates to the convention arrived in the city last night. They report eastern Kansas in a better shape than at this season of the year 18U1. Most of them have never been in Hutchinson before, and they are delighted with what they see. Put a penny's worth of Odell Bros, prepared kindling in your stove, put your ,coal on top, touch a match and you have a lire. 4t A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf Everything new at Mrs. Berglof's gallery, 10 South Main. tf Wanted—At the Santa Fe hotel 1,000 plover at 5 eents each. tf A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf Don't run the risk of blowing your house up and burning yourself by kindling your fire with kerosene, when you can get prepared kindling at OUell Bros, at 3 cents a bunch. 4t "Loafer," the fire department dog, has been trained to go to the meat market with a nickel, and buy a meal of meat for himself, When he goes to Bricktop's place of business he refuses a piece of meat that has red hair about it. Mr. I. Goldberg has just returned from his second trip to the eastern markets. DID HE BRING HOME ANY BARGAINS? HOW HE GOT EVEN. A. L. McMillen, register of deeds of Rice county, County Cleric Hawkins of Mcl'herson, and J. N. Hase of King man, were among the callers at the NEWS office to-day. .1. M. Tuttle of Cottonwood Falls, and W. A. Morgan, editor of the Chase County Leader, are in attendance at the convention, and made a pleasant call at this office to-day. Sheriff Frank Foster of Lyons, the get-there-Eli dandy of the town, with County Treasurer Jake Seward, and several others, are in high glee to-day and are doing the convention in first class style. S. I'. Duncan, judge of the probate court of Comanche county, is attend ing the convention. The judge is well pleased with the city, and is enjoying himself among the boys. He is a jovial good fellow. Professor Ed. T. Barber, the superintendent of the Allen county schools, is circulating among the politicians, looking after his chanches before, the state convention which appears to bo quite flattering. John Spear, the founder of the Lawrence Tribune, and the father of Kansas journalism, and Hon. J. B. Stevens, chairman of the Douglas county delegation, were among the many pleasant callers at this office today. II. G. Kkldoo and Mr. Wait of Logan county, made the NEWS' office a pleasant call this morning. They are both wideawake young Republicans and rustlers. They say Logan county is safely Regublican this year as it always has been. Charley Mills, one of the best barbers in the state, and an old resident of this city, but more recently of Win Held, has accepted a chair in the Midland barber shop. Charley's many friends will be delighted to hear of his return the city. Postmaster Purdue, of Beloit, called upon the NEWS to-day. He is quite well pleased with our city. He is an old friend of Dr. F. B. Robinson, the Electric King, whose headquarters is at the Brunswick, and of whom he speaks in a flatteriug manner. Abe Steinberger, editor of the Pittsburg World, the paper formerly owned Be FsliI far the Uno of a Bathtub ami a lloliliuru IUlg. Tho comedian, Frank Daniels, was a Boston boy and recently played an engagement in his native city. As his manager, Frank Murray, was starting for Boston about a week prior to Daniels' opening there, he asked tho comedian at what hotel he intended to stop during the week. I believe ITlgo totheBarkorHonso." iaid Dnnieln. "For years I used to pa:;? that hotel many times daily, but though I havo lived in every hotel in Boston. Btrange to say I have never yet tried the Barker. 1 wish you would drop in there and n9k them to reserve 8 nice apartment for me." On reaching Boston Murray attended to the matter and a few days later Daniels was duly installed in luxurious quarters. "How do you like your rooms?" aBked Murray the next day. "They couldn 't be improved upon," said Daniels. "I tell you tho Barker House is tho place; you can 't beat it." That afternoon Daniels stepped up to tho hotel desk for his key. .The clerk inquired politely: "How are your quarters, Mr. Daniels? Everything satisfactory, 1 hope." "Very nice," replied Daniels; "as a Bostouian I am proud to know that the Hub is fully abreast of tho times in the matter of hotels, as well as in othor respects. By the way, whnt aro yon charging for iny apartment?" "Ten dollars per day," replied the clerk blandly. "Ten dollars per day!" exclaimed DanielB. "Isn't that pretty steep?" "Not at all," answered the clerk; "just look how those rooms are furnished. There's nothing finer in the Vanderbilt mansions. Why, that bath tub is solid porcelain and cost $500; the Bokhara rug bosido your bed cost $225, and the entire furnishings are on a simi lar scale. We couldn't have spent more money on the roomB if wo had tried.' "Well, I'm glad you didn't try," re marked Daniels aB he departed with his key. Tho next morning Frank Murray having some business with his star, in quired for him at tho desk, and was in formed thut Daniels was still in hi& rooms. He got the number and went up unannounced. Rapping on tho door, lie received no answer; ho rapped again, but still no roply. Turning tho knob, ho found the door unlocked and walked in, expecting to find Daniels still in bed To his surprise the rooms wore apparently deserted. Ho was about to retire wlmn, happening to glance into the bathroom, to his astonishment ho saw tho comedian sound asleep in tho porcelain bathtub, carefully covered with the Bokhara rug. His explanation of sur 'jiri ^e awoke Daniels, who sat up and gazed sleepily at the intruder. "Grcai Scott! Frank," shouted Murray, "what in thunder. are you doing in that bath tub? What's tho matter with tho bed?' "Well," replied tho comedian, "they aro charging me ten dollars a day for tliis porcelain bathtub and Bokhara rug, and this is the only way 1 know to get oven." Chicago Post. Sick headache? relieve. Beecham's pills will PERSONAL. J. K. Wright of Junction City, w among the News callers to-day. Thomas O'Shell of JohnBOn county paid the News a pleusant call to-day. James Mason of Pittsburg, Pa., is in the city looking after his property possessions. J. M. Miller of Council Grove came into the city last night to attend, the convention. W. M. JoncB of the Cedar Vale Com mercial, is among the hustlers from the Third lUttrlnt . • • Third district. Dr. J. G. Malcolm was called to A FEW of the many BARGAINS to be found at Full standard prints, 5c Best indigo blue prints, 6£c Soft finiBhd blchd muslin, 6|c Half finish brown muslin, 5c Outing fiannelB. 10c to 20c Yard-wide ElPaBO challie, 7c 46-inch D69 Henrietta, 85c I have a full line ot plain and striped crepon (the latest dress fabric in the market), chevrons, Bedford cords, hansdowns and other late novelties In dress goods. I have the only full line of dress trimmings to be found in the city, ranging in price from 5c to 88 per yard. S. F. RAFF. He will now offer Men's shirts at $0.20, worth Men's shirts at Men's shirts at Men's shirts at Men's shoes at Men's shoes at Men's shoes at (This SI.Oil Men's shoes at 48, worth .75, worth worth worth worth worth shoe is a corker.' .99, 1.19, 1.25; 1.99, lioe is a c 2.75, worth $0.40 .75 1.25 1.50 1.60 1.75 3.00 4.00 Next week we will name some more bargains. The person or persons guessing the exact, or nearest the number of pins in our pin cushion will get Maud S on May 5. DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE. GOLDBERG, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. -THE- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF- HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SUKPLTJS, $7,500 DIRECTORS. JOHN HALL, Banker. JAS. GUTITOIE, Banker. L, C. WELTON, Preidcnt. JN-O. J. INOALLS, ex-Senator. T. E. ISOWMAN, Capitalist. J. W. WILKINSON, V.-Pres. C. W. TE.WLEII, Vice-Fres., A. J. HIOLKV, Insurance N, G. UOLLISTKH. Cashier. Kan. Grain & D. S. Co. and Real Estate. CARPETS AND CURTAINS. Saturday, March 19, we opened the largest hue of these'goods ever shown in the city, consisting of A nnslrablo fflla. A young English traveler, while in Valencia, had become deeply attached to a young gypsy girl. The mother urged him to marry her daughter. The Englishman replied that he was not rich enough. The old gypsy woman laughed and said: "What, not rich enough in the land of guineas? Why, with so accomplished a thief as my daughter, you will be a millionaire in a twelvemonth!"—Pungola. JUST RECEIVED. Latest Styles. Lowest Prices. A handsome line of Ladies' OXFORD TIES, in the following styles: Lace and Southern Ties, Ozoo Calf and Cloth Tops, Patent Leather Heel Quarter, Patent Leather Tips and Plain Toes. All in'tho following lasts: Opera heel, C S and y, C S, C, D and E widths. Sizes 2 to §%. Shoes for Children, The celebrated Sussex School Shoe, In pebble goat and kid, with patent leath er, pebble goat and cordovan tips. The best wearing chidren's shoe in the country WM. REDDERSEN, Corner of Main and First. And the only line of Hartford and Lowell city. Onr new illustrated catalogue for about April 1, Send for one. carpets in the be out 1892 u will i. E. Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Supplies. Correspondence solicited. Mail orders will receive prompt attention. 406 North Main St. P k BAKING . POWDER 25OZS.FOR25? ABSOLUTELY PURE • JUSTTRYIT. r.r .jAnue* *. co. KANSAS CITVHQ.

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