Covina Argus from Covina, California on August 1, 1908 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1908
Page 2
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FROM UNWATERED PLAINS TO ORCHARDS AND HOMES Yellow Desert Changes in Three Years Into Eden of Luxuriant Growth. Walnut Center has Made Surprising Strides. it is ;i n»<><\ thing to tfiw- ih;inkn. hi this pri'Hdit flfiy, whori truth In eminent Ion will) fh" exploitation of husi- W-HH InU-roslH or loc-alllleH IH often «H MKlde for the itnniefllate K a\i\ which may come from tnisi -ept <wnt(ii Ion, the people of the. fouiitr.v f»<\ the trlowinu prosper:! IIH i>( the iiiiKfrupiiloiis really lirtn, or thr; luxuriant growth of ver- bifw emanating from the unsafe promotion f:oni|ianles. wild the narrov/int- eye- of sUrplfHsin. California, rr-Kourrc fill and filled willi dormant iiossihlll- lies iieyond the dream of any man of the decide JUKI passed, han suffered al the hands of taskmasters who would make It do what did nol lay wllhln its power, like the splendid animal thai under the lash hurslH Its sinews lie- rieaih the Imposslhle hnrden. II is a Koorl HiiiiK to >-'lve thanks for sane pmmoi Ion, for the ihln^s which are true, which need not ihe rampant, imagination, and will not run away and hide li.'i'oi'e the scmiiny of Mie man who wauls to know. Days spent in the summer of Houlh- i-rii California seem like the perpetual Kii/itiK Into a yellow crystal, l ruiiKlii- eenl like the apaloi.vpe wiih omnipresent sunshine. During Hie pasl few da.VH Hie wrl'er lias heen a seeker after truth for the profit llial Irulli niiuhl liriiiK him In Hie wrilien form, lor the lahorer in any vineyard is worthy of Ills hire or nol according U) Hie decision of the people. So wrap! up Is every person in the slriiK- ttlcs of his own miililiiK hi Ihis new country thai, the dolii^ of his nel«h- hor liecome clouded and pushed lo oim side, so that whole, conimunii ies seem lo spring ii|i and liecome flourishing wltlionl the. iiertions dwelling on the liorderH holritf aware scarcely of Iheir existence. To the easl of I,OH Angeles, in ihe Valley of Ihe Ssm (ialiriel, Hie people have heen working, talkitiK and dreaming of oranges, to Ihe exclusion of all else, and the rosnll IB the great Induslry we know today. A short time siK<> It WHH mi onuiKo holt, surroundod by unlovely desert. BrainH have heen at. work. The desert. Is literally blos- talk tili'Mit plentiful that thiK'crop weni far ahead | stated that his potato err,!) IHK' yr-nr of alfalfa in profit. This ye;ir the i yielded him from $125 to $1 ~,« per acre. nose gravel w;i;< enc,ou:ilered, through which the water percolaU'il on its wa.v >wri from the Kan flabrici canyon if; the sea. The secret of the dry river hottom In the summer was :->olv<<l. l-'or Hi<' San fJalitiei is dry in .-iummni. Hie wiier sinking until a clay hottom 'i reached, afier which it Mows dowr | until an inn. of the l,a f'uente hills Is reached, wher« it hacks up, 'lie rise |n Hie land acting as a natural dam, malting this liHherio unknown lake !>c- iiojiih .the earth's surface. Today, hiiM(lr"(ln of wells are at work all ovei Hiis section, which comprises over five thousand acres, pumping with a, horsepower ranging from twenty-five to one hundrerl in sirength, and the result Is that the lake hencath shows not the sliglitesi difference or diminution, even in the dryesl season of the year. INCEPTION OF WALNUT CENTER. The town of Massed lies in the mldsl of Hie great "Lucky" Baldwin lancli. O. T. Massed was a billionaire hiislnc;-:s man in Kl I'aso, Texas, who became interested in California lands, and purchased eight hundred acres below Kl Monte. Mr. Massed lavished his eaiplal freely on l.he- land, and prior lo Ills death carried on Ihe work of subdivision, selling off the land in Iwenly and lorly-aere tracls. Since tils dealh the work has been carried nil by his son, until now Ihe original loldings are represented In tin; family iy ihe two hundred acres of splendid tearing walnuts, one of the oldest groves in Ihe vicinity. On this trad KISV Is to he seen Hie forty acres of ipplen and walnuts owned by Milton laddox, a ranch which In itself is an •xemplificaliori of what energy and lalili will do In a new country. Mr. laddox is practically Ihe only ranc.her n Hie locality growing apples extensively, lint lias proven thai Ihe land ind clin'iate are adaptable for this fruit. Al Hie time of writing Mr. Had lox has Ihe largest, crop of apples since the orchard was set OIK, and the work of thinning out. the fruit, while It la aniall, In order nol. to overhurdon the trees, is being done. One of his ranchers claim that alfalfa and potatoes are splitting about e>,r-ii an re- j-'ards Hie profit yi«-ld perac;e. Koine i rouble lias been encouniejed in skin di:-;ca:-:e-; in some crops of potatoes, lint on the whole the potato has proved ii.-.olf to be one of the desirable grow- ejs of the locality. hitei -mediate crops of'-, gi'ain. corn, beans, sweet potatoes, peas, melons, smiash-'.-i, pumpkins, vetch and clover, barley hay, and. in fact, all blanches of ihe small fnilt rind vegetable family, are also raised bel v,tries an exceptionally high percentage. An-' other rancher who has been equally | succeKsful. near Mr. Cook, is Mr. Claude Cougdon, who has Hilny acres of as good soli as is to be found in Hie subdivision. W. •!•?. Sawyer and Dr. Klgar F{"ed of HI Monte own one hundred acres jointly in this section. all in walnuts, and last year's crop "f potatoes from ibis land sold for JS.nOn, and at ». net profit of Jfi/ion. The walnuts on this land look exceptionally well which goes to show that the in- en the rows of walnuts, but poia-i tornicdiate crops do not necessarily and alfalfa are pre-eminent. | rob Ihe trees of proper nurture while Nearly all the rancher* ar< care for forty acres with OIK horses. BY WHOM ACCOMPLISHED. i'assengers on the Pacific Klcelrie cars bei ween I,OK Angeles and Covina In their young state. In the subdivision Is the ranch of Arthur Varnell. who has one hundred acres in a high slate of walnut culture. Mr. Yanu'll has a side line to his ranching business in the raising of might look off lo the south, when op- j walnut sellings for the trade. Mr. Insite liaidwin I'ark, and notice the I Varnoli's nursery has become v.eli roofs of a few buildings scat I ered i known thmughoul the valley. William here and there at a distance of about Heal has forty acres in a good state of mile from the track, HI i iron ruled Gbrietopber'e ICE CREAM OF QUALITY A Cream You Can Depend On Exquisite in flavor. Deliciousty smooth. Fresh as the cream in the dairy house back home. All Flavors From Manilla to nut. All Kinds From plain to brick. C. F. CLAPP SOLE AGENT one mile from by a patch of green, like an oasis !n the desert, hut they will not he Aware that In Ihis patch of green a good- sized town has sprung up, and that culture, and William Xewton sixty acres, with fine ranch buildings and one of the finest dwelling houses in the district. Mr. Xewton also has his private -pumping plant. Fred Stim- fiv<^ thousand acres of ground is in a | son's place of twenty acres has a two- stale of intense cultivation. Who is it : story, eight-morn house, fitted in the ihls? Homing ria tho rose, 'I,t;t it for a while, THE DESERT STIRRED. Some day, some pool, may indite a lasting ode to wall r, the wondrous transformallon artist. Thre ago there was an Immense stretch of grain field In Southern California, known as the "Lucky Maldwin ranclio," yielding profitably when the conditions were favorable, but ol'len sulking In Its naiural stale, lo Ihe despair of the rancher, a prey to Ihe question of rainfall In Hie winter, bare and brown and burni by ihe eternal sun To Ihe south ot Covina and lo tin soulhwest of Kl Monte, on Ihe South ertl I'aclllc and I'acilic Klecl ric lines thousands of acres of ihese plains sill lie brown after the harvest of grail and hay, hut thousands of acres him been taken liom nalmc's uiidisputei care and made green with prolil-bear- ing crops, and ihe wi/.ard has been man, and his wand has been water. Three years ago it was desert. Now it I* orchard and garden. Thai is the message we iiiusi accept. Three year; ago a man by the name of U. K. Dancer went into ihe plains below Kl Monte and bought land, wilhoul knowing what could be dime, but willing lo be a pioneer mid i rust lo i he care of the (loddess of Fortune. \e man could tell if water could lie had. Mill he set to work sinking u well, and installed a lifiy-horseptiwer gas engine and pump. Al a depth of ;-i\iy-ll\e iVei hi' struck gushing water, and since thai lime hU 'ami lias been cmered wiih lite steady- Mowing Mream ai the rate <>f 17"' California miner's inches per minute. Mr. Danver asci-i-tallied dial the tempera Inn nl ihi.-, legiiin was more suitable lu Hie growth nl' Knglish walnuts than in dims t'ruiis. owing in ihe cool nights of winter, and hi.^ land v>a.- s-l t aiglil was planted in iliese irei-s. lol- lowillg ill the I'lHilSlepS nl Ihe men Who had coveied the reginii alioiit l c '.l Monie wiih this prnd\ici, nhirh had hiilniio liren conlined i<> ihe old \\utM. Altei Dancer's stu-cess had beconn- assnied oiiier men locaied in the \ icinii \. i i--U ing dh- possibility of lindini 1 . wau :. a neighbor*! SB Samuel Jldbintion)) who has a grove of thirty acres of walnuts in hearing. The groves In this section am among the first, set out, and an unusually large crop Is oxpectec for Ihis year, as I lie nuts are thickly sel and healthy. The California Wai nut Asiioelalloti predicts a large cro| Ihroughout ihe slate, and prices an set at from twelve ecu Id to fii'leei cents per pound. To the southeast of Massed is th< settlement known as Walnut Center Ihe new country. Here the groves o walnuts have all been sel out slnci Mr. Dancer's coming to the land, with in Ihe last three years, and Ihe trees as yd only present an appearance Ilk a tall, supple slick with a bonnet o foliage at the lop. Walnut Center as ils name implies, the geographlca center of Hie six subdivisions of Hi "Lucky" Maldwin trad, and covers ai area of nearly live thousand acres With the except Ion of a few sciideriti; acres, ibis eiiiire trad is now planlei to walnul groves. It Is upon the Intel mediate crops, however, that 111 ranchers are ai present depending, an nl which they are becoming wealth before i lie orchards are In any wa ready lo bear fruit. Tin iwo prindpii crops raised on the Moor of ill orchards are alfalfa and potatoes, I is the alfalfa which gives Ihe seclio its luxuriant green manile, emldeii alical of nature at ils highest point t achievement, and in direct oppo--ilio in the arid plains surrounding. Wil ihe liberal application of water. Hi alfalfa grows lo the height of two fee six or eight inches, in thirty da\s. and is ready "' rl "- Tile laud produces, -m Hie a\erage, about eight crops of alfalfa each year, sometimes doing belter than this, and Hie quality is as L'.ood as any lhat can lie raised in Ihe stale. It i-s such great alfalfa-raising district.-, as Ihis om- llial supply the dairies in Los Angeles and vicinity wiih |-lo\elliiel loi the lllildl callle. I'm alini'M nothing el-.e is used b\ the il.iii \nien in Hi<- pioiliici ion nl milk. I'll-.- cinp is eiii and raked, and let! Ill \' lliilu'WS, wliele il 1 > .-old Ml 'lie . i i I . i I I I 1111 v e I -• i 111 I 111 - g I o 111111. ' I i l e thtit has done i his? It will be Interesting to know SOUK- of Ihe people. Mr. Klirior Cook was the man » purchase land in I lie second sub- 'ivision of the Baldwin trad. .Mr. 'ook bought ih(! land of UK; Service irolhcrs, real eslale agents of I.os ,ngole,s and Kl Monte, Hie firm which andles all Ihis territory for Mr. Bald- vln, and took Ihe land purely wiih the lea of speculating upon it, lh<; first Mil-chase bulriK forty acres. This waft early ihree years ago. On UK; fol- owiiiK day afier Ihe purchase, Mr. ;ook's brother, H. f3. Cook, came to ook the country over, and ended In >uyli)K thirty acres, and the two rothers set about putliriK both tracts nto walnuts. The ('ook brothers re- led on potatoes for an intermediate :rop. They were HO impressed with ho possibilities thai they nave up the doa of fanning in Orange county, where they had large holdings, and :ame lo Walnut ('enter to live, eroct- ng fine, commodious dwelling houses ind outbuildings. A fourteen-inch well with a forty-horsepower cngino was Installed. The potato and alfalfa crops have In that time paid for the land, caving a clear path for the raising of walnuts in the future. Mr. Cook most modern style, and conveniently built farm buildings, while the Ihirty- acre ranch of Arthur Ingalls also has a large, modern dwelling house, with every appearance of home comfort. Among som ; of the others to be rneii- lioned arc Fred Schwartz, a forty-acre ranch, with improved buildings; the thirty-acre ranch of David Overlfoitzer of Covina; Fred and John Vonderlohe, who are not residents as yet. but who keep their ranch In perfect condition; William Vonderlohe. forty acres, wiih dwelling house and farm buildings; B. F. Maxson of Covina, forty-five acres, with good buildings-and modern pumping plant ; R. F. Muller of Covina, twenty-five acres In walnuts and alfalfa; W. L. Herring, forty acres in walnuts, with home and farm buildings; F. A. Poole, twenty acres in walnuts and alfalfa, with home and farm buildings; Frank Reynolds, seventy acres in walnuts and alfalfa; Watt Tyler, t.wentj acres, with buildings thereon; William Watts, forty acres, with residence and farm buildings; H. A. Moore, seventy acres, with good buildings, and many others, all of whom have planted their la..d to walnuts and are using water to raise alfalfa ami other crops of a profitable nature. HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal WHOLESOME, SWEET, APPETIZING Pics, Cokes, Hot Rolls O. GRINER, Prop. Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 198 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection •7 Fast and Gentle Horses, Careful Drivers Stylish Rigs W. Badillo St., on the new electric line. COVINA, Subscribe for the Hrps. '' B ill T Get Started Right From the First The Secret of Wealth in California is Water. Our LANDS lie above a subterranean seepage lake seventy-five feet below trie surface, and hundreds of wells already driven have not been able to make the slightest impression upon it. We are Selling Agents for E. J. "Lucky" Baldwin's Lands in vicinity of Covina and El Monte. Five thousand acres already sold. All in walnuts, alfalfa, potatoes, etc. All lands sold in past three years has been sold by us. At rc^ uf walnut orchards lie due south one mile. Men are Ualilwio 1'ark, on the electric line, ihe SOMO l,ea.imtitf wealthy oil intermediate crops before the walnut, are scarcely started. \\ e will take you to tne land any day. Call on us or write fur information. Service Brothers ,„> 1-r.w.t Uiiikliiis,', MS Broadway, Los Angeles, or National Bank Building, III Monte WALNUT ORCHARDS, ALFALFA LANDS, ORANGE GROVES

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