Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1889
Page 4
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s'ntit -icif-vice vriil hrtriily !'i>:r.n> i.s I'.lnst a R ; "«l enntnplo lin'f the ttm«. CATAHKH CUiUCl). hrfilth RTirt swcot bn->U:h scented, l;y fShH>>U"H Catarrh K"m»iiy, I'tice v> cents. .Nr.snl [Tijocior l're»'. For snlo by i'erry, the drutrriat, and J. M. Jj'Cfeford, l!o,-:k Falls. Woman EutTra^o has gone out of fashion in .Boston. The"ladies must have decided that It was rot becoming to them. All Grocers sell SANTA CLAUS SOAP. Made by N. K. FAIRBANK & CO., Chicago, 111. WILL TOU cough when Shut, a Cure w'H pive you imrnediiUo relief. Price 10 eta., 50 eta., and ?1. For sale by I'erry, the druggist, and J. M. lU'ckford, Kock Falls. ' A contemporary has an article on "yiipshod Milk Inspector." No article of food renuirea so thorough an inspection as slipshod milk. SHILOH'S CUKE will immediately relieve Croup, Whooping Cough and Bronchitis. For sale by Perry, the drugcrist, and J. JiL Bickford, Rock Falls' Pure Lnbof: Young man -"Does your sister play tha piano, Bobby V" Hobby—"piay it! No; but she works it about seven hours a day." and ty. thn p day school Sup!.<-f ivi;At Vif-s school for nea ••-i!! !)•-• ;•!•:.:•( o-.-- 1 <!v-r.-y fiirrh II. Cain ir; clohiK the \ Samuel G. St";i'.lm:.irs, 1'ost No. T;unpico, w'il bare itn annuul tioi) HiUtin'iiy aftt"'.iii Hi Uu-ir hall. J. ,S. Willet packed his grip tiud boarded the morning train for Chicripo, ivIieiB he will remain for a whiie. M. D. McMillen has gone to the springs again, hoping .to get some relief. Miss Mary Sanders has been spending a few days in town this week. She took apart in the entertainment Friday nlnht. Mrs. J. C.l'nice and Mrs. E. A. Scott will go to Chicago this week to take in the exposition. The M-iK. people reproduced their enterfcjjnment entitled the Merchants' JACOB EISELE, THE LEADING Moial Merctet A "'•' Ijla now prepared to take orders for gentlemen's suits and .overcoats for fall and winter. - Now in stock all kinds of cloths, cas- Bimere and overcoatings and the finest stock of pants goods ever shown in this city. Leave your orders to have them made up in the latest eastern styles" and ~"at bottom prices. Doing his own cutting and having nb rent to pay, Lis customers get the benefit. '•Pa, where do you keep your wings in the day time Y "Wh%t do you mean, Orestes? I have no winRS." "Well, ma said you were a night owl." SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption Cure is sold by UB on a guarantee. Ic cures consumption. For sale by Perry .the druggist, and J. M. Bickf ord Bock Falls_ ' Editor—"I think I've seen tnis joke about the horse with one ear before." ranijrrftpuer—"Very likely, sir; thin is the season for bo rap chestnuts." A New IMseovery. Weakened and deranged livers, stomachs and bowels should never be acted on by irritants like common pilla, bran, etc. .Mile'o Pills cures liver complaint, constipation, piles, etc., by a new method. Samples free at A. R. Hendrick's or J. M. Bickford's. Ilrace Up. * You are feeling depressed, your np- petite is poor, you are bothered with headache, you are. fldgetty, nervous, and generally out of sorts, and want to brace up. Brace up, but not with stimulants, spring medicines, or bitters, which have for their basis very cheap, bad whiskey, and which stimulate you for an hour, and then leave you in a worse condition than before. What you want is an alterative that will purify your blood, start healthy action of Liver and Kidneys, restore your vitality, and give renewed health and strength. Such a medicine you will Hud in Electric Bitters, and only 50 cents a bottle at D. B. Strickler's Drug Store The Squirrel Club?, of Galway, Sara toga county, N. Y., has killed 5,010 squirrels this season. , THE REV. GEO. H. THA.YER, ol Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE." For sala by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. A green mail agent on the Reading railroad hung out the mail bag catcher and hooked a reel of hoae from a water tank. it baa <'--~~f r.l COUIitrT -".c!'.-';f'<'; j ill ijil ; C<;iiii- Our bent wishes follow him to bis work, hoping; he may have fruitful success. Mrs. Hamilton Morton and daughter, of Omaha, Neb., who have been spending a couple, of weeks with relatives in Sterling, will spend several d:iys of this wee's with hemephew, Mr. I, Green. We are glad to he,ar thit Chat lie Scott, son of M r, and Mrs. Jessie Scott, who has been 'studying telegraphy in the Rock Falls depot for the past year, Hlbbard'a Bhenmatto and Liver Pills These Pills are scientiflcally compounded, uniform in action. No griping pain so commonly following the use of Pills. They are adapted to both adults Rnrt children with perfect safnty. We guarantee they have! no equal in the cure of sick headache, constipation, dyspepsia, biliousness, and, as an appe tizer, they excel any other preparation. Recent statistics Bhow that 9,000,000 Germans reside outside of Fatnerland, of whom 7,000,000 are to be found in the United States. A CHANGE. SUCCESSORS TO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and Wall Paper. ftt OBC9 ftllablllh lr*d» in ill pan*, l)y , placing oar ra*cblnM .wort food* irhw* tb« pto tbcm, wa wUl Mud free to an* >p«noa la Meb locality,tbe rrrr bMt Mwittff-maehia* tuadi la tba world.with all tha aturbmeaia. Wa wlllalM aandfrcea compUta " of oar coatlj and Taluabla art plaa. ID ratara wt aak tbat ran w what wa aand. to thoia wbo call at jroor boma. and after 3 tbj ail aball beroma four owa rtr. Tbla jrrand DMcblaa li ahar UM Blnaer pattnu, rhleh hava ran oat i l>rfon p*l«nti rav 9«t tt Mid for A93. with tba attaflhmvfita, and now aella £M SAO. UnUMrocnat. moat u*a. rulmacblna in tbo world. >!l la - »o capital raquirad. Mala, fctai toatr«ctk>Ka «v«n. ThoM wbo wiita to na at onca can aa- tm (In* the Caat atwlaf-laachlaa i> Ilia world, and lha tetot vtea of works ol birh art a»er tbowo toetthcrfn AnwrEea. VBBJa Jk CO.. flux. 1*9. Au.u.Uk,«. Had met them: Stranger (to bicycle rider)—"Are you acquainted with the roada around here, my friend?' Bicycle rider (pointing to the scars on his face)-"Yes, I've met them quite often." Hytuploms of Heart IHsease. Diseased hearts are as common as diseased lungs, kidneys or stomach, but far less understood. The symptomo are shortness of breath, when sweeping, etc., oppression in tho chest, faint, weak, or hungry spells, dreaming, pain or tenderness in the side, swelling feet, dropsy, etc. The unnatural circulation of- the blood in the lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver and brain causes other symptoms. The only reliable remedy for the heart yet discovered is Dr. Miles' New Cure, Try it and be convinced. Sold by A. R. Hendricka or J. M. liick- ford. .' On the greased pole of success there's always room at the top. Maya the Southern Medical World: "Mother's Friend" is growing in favor throughout the South and ia highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal of childbirth. Write Hradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Qa., for particulars. Sold by all druggists. Secretary Elaine's address was published in Peru, where it was no doubt diligently Perused. She Wai Completely Cared. A daughter of my customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. Heliums. Water Valley. Miss. Write the Bradfleld Reg. Co., "Atlanta, Ga.," for "particulars. "Sold^by all druggists. SEVENTH POINT You should read TUB Cut CACO DAILY NEWS because yau CAH cfffonf it. Pric^ doesn't stand in the way. It's really the cheapest thing on earth, One cent mean* practically nothing—until you spend it. Then you may make it ont-in A great deal, according as you Invest it. A thing is cheap if it costs little, and is worth much. THE DAILY NEWS is like a trie- graph from the whole world to your brain. To keep it in constant working order costs you but one cent a day. That's why Jt'« cheap—because It renders a great service fur an insignificant price, circulation is 220.000 p. day—over tt million a week—and it costs by mail 25 cis. A month, foiu* months #1.00,— ant cent u </oy- All the Koffs of Russia sympathize with the Czarina in her recently acquired cold. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cure. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls. • i The boy who was bent on eating the green watermelon was in the same con dition after he had eaten it. FRIEND 1 * S. * E. Af*\ SRASF10J RESJIATOR CDT x&LSji'Aua/HjS&Jra SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by tbat terrible cougb, Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Bock Falls. When a girl falls in love she stops saying her prayers, but after she ia married she begins them again. < R UNKIXO THRKK WAGONS Ait gi*ds iKwui'Uy -loin?rsvi to way uart SjwcJalty ot rvmovltu. boutrholil piauus, [uliUjt) K U Interesting Facts. Changes in the brain and nerves are the moat common cause of disease. Their influence on the body is wonderful. Shao e Hushes the palest and fear blanchen the rosiest cheek and whitens the blackest hair in a night. Worry causes dyspepsia and hastens old age. Terror or excitement often causes instant death, etc. Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine removes the effects of worry, overwork, alcoholic excess, morphine habit, nervousness, dyspepsia, sleeplessness, headache, neuralgia and nervous prostration. Sold by A. R. Hen- drieks or J. M. Bickford. The defection of Chief Ziemanu, of the White Houae, seems to nugur the overthrow of General Grubb. invilitio^D, tftYe ftio&ie. people were forced to leave tuoir homes yastenlity t<> wUl for a fre<s i taius, ii! your blosxS!» •wul, jour j ami fcutupy-t «>ut ot orU«r, if /o ' ^O'lh^ll i**ft*i t*-E.»^ t.llVf* H^iitijit, ' *J 4 ' \ ai^ifgfrHf cy^t**-^ 5 v t •!.'& t ftttS t \>o iff) i|ft (tsjSst V»n<i>> r 4 f i ' , « >t U Bmelilen'a Arnica Halve. The beat salve in the world for Cuts,Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores; Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Coras, and all Skin Eruptions, and postlvely cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by D. B. Striokler. A man in Los Angeles routed a colony of bees from under the eaves of his house last week and extracted totf- ty pounds of honey. •I'lieir Hnslncss Booming. Probably no one thing has caused such a revival of trade at D. B Strickler's Drug Store as their giving away to their customers of BO many free trial bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption. Their trade ia simply enormous in this very valuable article from the fact that it always cures and never disappoints. Coughs, Colds, Aathma, Bronchitis, Croup, and all throat and lung diseases quickly cured. You can test it before buying by getting a trial bottle free, large size 91. Every bottle warranted. Twenty-four thousand six hundred and thirty pilgrims visited the waters of Lourdes, in France, during the month of September. THAT HACKING COUGH can be quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. For sale by Perry, the druggist, and J. M. Bickford, Rock Falls from Palmyra. Mr. [Rueben Richard and wife, of Nebraska, are visiting L. W. Mitchell of Woosung. : According ta a statement from the Anglo Swiss- Condensed- Milk- Co.-M. D. Hubbafd sold from eight cows 11,042 pounds of milk during the months of July and August, not including August 31st, at 90 cts. per hundred Ibs., netting him over 809, which, we think is pretty good for the two worst months, for milk, in the year. Mike Fellows, of Wisconsin, is visiting Mr. Chas. Martin and ia a brother of Mrs. J. C. Oliver,. of Sterling. Mr. Fellowa left Dixon, where he used to reside, forty years ago. The sale of George Rickert and son was fairly well attended and things were sold fairly well; Fan and George Martin have rented the B. C. DeShon property in Dixon and will move there and keep boarders for the Steinman * Murchs Business College. H. G. Steyens, an old settler and soldier of the 34th 111. Vol., is very sick and fears are entertained that he will not get well. Mr. Abrens, father of John Ahrens, of Sterling, has sold his house and lot in Nelson at good figures and is building a house near his son-in-laws, Tony Haima'. . Ex. Card of Tuauka. If the proprietor of Kemp's Balsam should publish a card of tluinka, containing Bjtpressiona of gratitude which come to him dally from thoae who huve been cured of severe throat and lung troubles by tha use of Kemp's Balsam, it would all a fair-sized book. How much better to invite all to call ou any druggist and get tt sample bottis that you may ttnt for youruelf its power. Large bottlea 50c and $1 00. -la Carnival at the M. \V. A. hall at New Bedford Tuesday evening. Receipts for tha evening S3:!. Mr. J. F. Leonard went to Prophetstown to see i)r. C. M. Morrell to com- pleta the death report of Neighbor Henry Mannis, diseased, and will for ward the same to Head Camp at Fulton for the final action nf the Head Camp officers to pass upon it and the check will be issued to the widow at once. That is tho way the Modern Woodmen of America do business. The Inter Ocean Bays that J. O Steadman has the appointment of the postofflcaof Tampico. The entertainment given by the la dies of the Tarapico Baptist church in the Union Hall was a success in ever) particular. Every part was well ren dered andjeach and everyone that had a part in exercises did themselves credit. The receipts were S31. Our book auction is doing a rushing business. The race track association staked out their track Saturday and it will be put in shape soon. Mr O. Bunker, from Wichita, Kan., who has been visiting f reinda and re latives here starts fatbishomo one day this week. Mrs. Hughes, who has been visiting her daughter in Cedar Radids, lowb, returned home Friday. J. II. Bunker, Mrs. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. VanBibber and Mrs. Sadie Haw son returned home on the 4:55 passen ger from Chicago, where they have been taking in tne exposition. Mr. Harry L. Gifford, who has been staying at Grinne 1 , low?, is at home mukiug his people a vinit. Mrs. L. L Iligday'goea to Chicago Thursday to get a new supply of winter millinery. The Baptist people will leproduce the play they gave in Union hall in Fairileld on next Wednesday evening. The Bedford band will lurnish the music. ;' • ' WEUNS. inry —Tlin l- »f!f Acaln fni A Itr.miflrntlmi Hi* I.:svr rntrA'-,.),O--l. 1 privntn snrrntiiry •xniulor, inp; for n!!>';;™i complicity in ing in Illienmailsm and Dyspepsia Cared. Miss Jannette Day used several bottles of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup and found almost instant relief. I have received greater benefit from the use of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup for dyspepsia than any medicine I ever used. Many of my acquaintances have used it and all speak of it in the highest terms. Miss EMILY A. DAY. We certify to the above testimonials. We have never bandied remedies that give such universal satisfaction. Bradshaw & Thomas, Druggists. Fuirfleid, Iowa. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co, Jackson, Mich. tths From Jlontmorency. Our good friends must not forget UB these days, but send us all the items that come to their notice, to which we would be very thankful. Don't be afraid to send items concerning yourselves. Again we say send on your Infant Tacuplra. Mr. anil Mrs. Keoi. ot Uuvwr, fcavo **U Vl-sHU.rf tLftf d kll/htff Ms? !• i -K-I,», i. <> ,u.a u . t t-i r-> • n-i items. We hearjthat Montmorency is to lose John Stroud and family this winter, as they contemplate moving west. Mr. Lampka, of Dixon avenue, has greatly improved the appearance of his neat little cottage by a shining coat of white paint. Miss Viola Ueaton, a late graduate of the Sterling High School, is meeting with good tuccesa as a teacher in a school near Tampicor- She boards in town and takes exercise by walking to her school. Mra. Emma Whiting, of Missouri, Mrs. Joel Wood, of Sterling, with Mrs. Rife, visited friends here a few days agoipthff two former being old residents) of the town and also well known; also visited the homestead near the Krce',- sior school house. Three fishermen of Rock Falls drove through our town Saturday to Habna- man, where they fished all day and re. turned with only three little fish as the result of their day's work. The Haskell property, on Dixon avenue, rented for th^ coming year by I). D. Sullivan, of Morrison, as a fruit and truck farm, is receiving several improvements, among the rest the re shingling of the house. Mrs. Mary Macomber, of Tampico, has been spending a few days visiting relatives and friends in our town. Mr. Ramsey, of the "Pond Lily" farm has been in this section of the country fifty years next Friday, and will on that day celebrate the event by giving u grand reception to his friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Barber of Rock Fails, has also been here the same length of time and will be Jpres- ent at the celebration. Mra, Huttle Stroud and Mrs. Herman Sterling, of Rock Falls, are visiting relatives in Fulton and Garden Plain, ToeScolield property, near Stone's, is greatly improved in appearance by the fresh coat of paint lately given the house. Many farmers are doing likewise this fall, which showu ft prosper- out) state of affairs. Several of the ladlea of the Moutmo- rency W. C, T. U. »tteudsd the smter- talutneut given by the Uulou of Hock Falls last Friday and report being pleasantly entertained. It is .twill tUtttftu c-US «ii*u who has basin goiug through »ad about our t'Jfttt f T *ll«t f-WllWW *«•**.» »* A V«Mib t.».i ;> i(*ru* (.'(»£4«» tti Ml *.«M. • > has been siven a station ta work on his own hook, it being Walnut, just east of Deer Grove. Ed. Currier's mule team had a little runaway a few days ago while in towi and he just let them run; consequently no damage was done. The accident was caused by the hook near the end of the wagon tongue, which holds tho neck yoke in place breaking, letting the wagon run on the horses heels. There doesn't seem to 1 be a very large amount of rye being sown this fall; not near as much as heretofore. Don't know the reason unless it is the prevalent low prices and small yield. Mr. A. A. Church ha3 his fourth annual sale of blooded stock the 23rd of this month. Dob keeps nothing but number one and the sale should be well patronized. Bickfoid, the druggist, has put some very attractive and unique signs out through the country. Messrs. Green and VnnSant and wives attended the Coletii Sunday school convention last Sabbath, they taking part in the program. Little Bessie McNfil, daughter of Mr. and Mra. Will McNeil, accompanied her paternal grand father, Hob, on a visit to Mrs. Donalson near Polo. Mr and Mrs Thomas Robinson, Jr., have adopted a little orphan boy two years of age, taken from Chicago. We bespeak for'the little one a pleasant home and kind parents. Mr. Leslie Shirley is taking in the Bights and sounds of the wicked city, Chicago, for a week or two. Mr. J. C. Rundlett 'shipped from Stone last Wednesday a fine car cf fat steers which ho had on his farm. • Mr. J . 8. Brown intends shipping a car of potittoea to Connecticut thla week. Rye straw is being rushed into town from the south side for the past ten days at the rate of from 70 to 100 tons per day. Alfred Worthingtoii Is whiling away hia fall hours by putting on another coat of Venetian on his barn, not only adding much to the beauty but «lao preserving the boards; and he is doing a good job. Mr. E. C. Winters, of Dixon avenue, was visited last week by an unele and aunt from Iowa, after which they con- tinned on their journey to Ohio. Miss Carrie Alexander closed the Brick school on Thursday in order to attend the teachers exposition at Englewood. . Mr. Eugene Rundlett, of Dixon avenue, went into Chicago last Wednesday for a few days trip. Mrs. C. C. Babcock, of Rock Falls, will lecture in the Excelsior school house on Friday evening, October 25th, in the interest of the W. C. T. U. No admission fee charged but light refreshments will be served. AH invited. MACK QUEERQKAIN. Cr'iiiiii cr\ Htoltoubcrg aotn.l ilt<.nl.oi-.T, ^•in™r,".ph"r for Alai-re:i:«l Imt i»v-'ti- tiio jury brih- It is b.-Iidvctl Hint ns tho coiiHflon"ial who carrioi.l mi'^'n^ -^ to John Graham nivl Fr.v.l Smith, \vh nrnvjtwl a fe>v days ngo for jury bribing Btoltonborg's an-cst is by nil ivjil.i ono of tho mo?t si'ns.itlonnl episodes of tliu entire case, for it brings ttio invcslRation into tlin office of tho man who htn b-en popularly supposed to bo tho controlling spirit of fill that has happened. Ju l's« London.lokur d.> clinod to atalo last night whet, :.>r or no 1 . Btoltonberg had admitted anything during hi.i briof Interview, and whim hw win pri'sss.l hnrd for a statement ho n!so declined to deny that he had been plncol in posss.wion of now and important facts. Stoltenborj;'* Connection with tho CJUP. StolUmberg'a connection with tho crime, though tho attorneys for tho prfwcuti'jn understand it thorou ;hly, is still oiu if tho sp. crots of the st(tt>'s nitortioy'a oWo 1 . The only thing that is known about him is that both Bailiff Hanks und Frud W. Smith, wb'. were Johnny Gratmm'.-t chiof lieutenants in tho business of getting brilnd jurors to vo!» for the acquittal of Coushltn and hia follow prisoners, have made treq'wnt use of his name In their ronfwti'ma. It is claim*! that Hanks, who«j story is being zealously guard'vi by tho state'.* attorney, said he frequently met. Stoltenberp; in GrolmiuVcoui-- pany, and Hint tha cljrlc saimuJ to take in much interest in tho progress of tha c-m- Bpirncy ns if ho had something vitnl ut stake. In fact, when Hanlia lenrnotl who Stoltenberg was ho came to regard him as tho mnn who would furnish tho funds nec:3sury to influence tha judgment of the man who was to o procured a s.-at In the jury box. LATEII —It i:i reported that Stoltenbsrg was not arrested so much for what ho had done ns for what ho knew. A rumor is current that he overheard n very animated conversation yos-.erday bjtwfo-i Kavannugli and Mr. Sullivan. The state's attorney last night made tho following signillcai.t remark to a reporter: "He [Stoltonberp] is not worrying about What wo mean to do with him. Lrtt ma tell you ho is not conc.'rned half B.I much aa someone else is who wants to Uu.-w whoro he is being kept." Sullivan Cnilrr Siirrnltlnnco. Alexander Sullivan's residence was placed ~ That fat man, who the ladles declare is the handsomest man in Washington used to be an inralid, but he took to hard drinking, not of whiskey, but of Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, and now he walks right over the very slenderest dudes, and don't care at all. The Honsler Prtuxeil Hoof Act Invalid. INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 17.—Judgo Irwin, of tho Marion county criminal court, yesterday decided tho dressid beat act of tho last legislature to be.unc-onstitutional, and directed that an entry be niuda disoharg ng Philip Klein, of tha Chicago Dressed Beat company, ngaiaat whom tho proceedings wars brought . Very Unbecoming. first t.iiiin «li\f! o-.\i-,y in th> Ci-miln Invoatlr gallon, ll.iti nLlvo Ityntt "wnnt to tlir houeu about 11 o'c!o-k, nri I at 11 latj Lioui- was BE 111 pacing quiotly nlonf; \\a.\r tba entrance. Otber dutaptives at tliu Biimi . houi' tiiU'le a sourch of a Inrga residenco biilldin? on Ontario street, wheni a brot'ior of Coonoy "thu Fox" formerly bo:irilc>l Sulo.noM Will Nut Rtiinrl Trial. Bailiff M'irlJ L. Salomon, one of the alleged jury brilwrs, ww. '" •' MIST! from ji ; il yostorday"afc.T:i!TO;i o i ?1 ),0)0 bail. Ii reply to a quoit ion fro.n n iv|iii*sa:itatlve of tho Unit') 1 Pivsi Hilnniii mid: "I don't think I slmll Bt-nul rriiil." Tliia admisiion is probably proof (jositiv.) t'rit un'ing bail- lit h'is mn.le n eumpli'to con o«lon a:nl will not make any dc-fenso when liu.ccMnoa to trla', but throw lil'nulf on llij-'iiiiruy of th-,court. Fi'ol W. Smilli'd lawyer filroi;u^usly de- nl.)U yosti'rJay tint S uitli has cnnfudau'd or has anythinz to ro ifcss AN ILLINOIS TOWN ON FIRE. Virginia ThrciUniiii I witli Tutu! Destruc- tlnii—.«l«-ai;ra Ddlnllii. CHICAGO, Ocr. 17.—Tlio . following dis- dlxpatcb has IK-MI recnlviiil here: "'VmoiNiA,, O.'t. 1T.-A dianstrous lire hero early this morning causo.1 a lieuVy losu. The flro slnrto 1 slinrtly after Vi o'clock In Siouts' liv.-ry staolc, in the business center of the tow n. The buildings burned BO fur mv: P..-i> HH'I, S-kilm & CO.'B bank; H«xton& C o.V»U-r, ; Wulkens'livery stable, as well us atom's; tno other stores, .and several s ; iiall buil liius. At I n. m. the flro wus still turning fl roi-ly, and tho post- ofilce and the wlioli-lnwiuess portion of thu city *vnst!ir. nt'-iii-il Y,», .Ill I 8:>. NEW Yor.K, O,-t. IT — 'Jh'iriiu A. Taylor, casbit-r nC-thit cnstmn ln'niw, hni reiignsd. ^V. L. Bostwlek, ( f 'llliauu, hns been selected for the p isitlon. Tho fnlury ls«5,000 per annum. Mr. Taylor is a Djinocrat. Mr. Boatwick is a II.'publican. !l \Vli:ll Tliinli i>r It. ' Tho pchciii'- of utili/.in-j; Fiif;nr fiir builJing jnif|i~^0:< in which th-- rr-ilniilitntil'.- Cliiu:i declares to ln> fi-asi!iK>. Ims stirrrd up lots of int.errst uinnni; thf sii:;:ii' inon n.i well as utonr cut tors. Sprccln-ls says hia susnr o\;H-rt3 wrro asked to fliul i\ ini-.ina for hardening tlvj sugar linBhippi.'il to Mexico, and they did BO. It hrul ln'i'oino nccossnry to get a process of this kind, us tho Hiigivra dissolved and wasln'd considorably while en route thero. Tho siicei's.-i i-l' thf in.-\v proi.Tss mni!o him think tin-crystals could 1)0 Imrdoiicd for building purposc-.s and to.with- stand lioat ami wiili'v. It has '.ipon tli.-iuonst rated to his satisfaction, lie docliuvs, llr.H thu thing can Iw done. The tests already made show that sugar blocks for interior decoration could even now be furnished. Great, blocks for llie exterior of buildings, lie thinks, will be eventually, and ho pro- diets that the proposed new win;;' (if tho \Vhito .IKnini) ii) Washington will bo of that material. A reporter tallied 'with a lot of the trust people the other day about tho new discovery. Tl?ey bad consulted with their experts about it, and all wero at a. loss to conceive of a method which might ettect the desired result. No matter how hard sugar was nmdo water would dissolve it, and it would inelt under nominal heat. There was no comparison between sugar and marble. They wero composed of entirely different elements. Marble, carbonic acid and lime, which form into a compound of carbonate of lime. Water has no p/Icct, on this substance, and it would take ten minutes of a whito heat temperature to disintegrate it, the experts Hiiid. Sui;ar. is com posed of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, u compound substance that heat, water or shod; readily drives back into its elenu-iitH, and no chemical -fiiiltf»(flnfx!-ciui.j>.ixwrve it;> intoiirity. the sugar men ciHKTTTTKir'iilvn vi'SlTontpTTtcdr Of a tiimliiii' opiiiioir ; ri " ' Lovely tints ia the wrong place are reft of their charm. A lemon colored countenance—the peculiar endowment of our pig-tailed brethren who "hit the pipe"_ia unbecoming. It suggest bile going astray, and the inference is correct. Pain beneath the ribs and shoulder blades, constipation, dyspepsia, tur- red tongue aud sick headachea supplement this indication of the bilious. For liver complaint and Its multifarious symptoms, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is an infallible specific. It relaxes the bowels sufficiently, but without grlping or violence. To the secretion of bile it gives a due impulse, but banishes an excess of that saffron colored principle from, the blood. Sick headaches, sour ness of the breath and fur upoa the tongne disappear when it is used, it renewB digestion, fortifies the system against malaria, counteracts a rheumatic tendency, and remedies inaction of the kidneys. tths .Tli« Mut-Ululit Ciiit WASHINGTON CITY, O-l. tary of slat. 1 reiviV'l n>i; maritime confi-r^MO.' yi-s "! eucn. 17. —Tha secre- delcgutos to the ay wl'ha brief and felicitous sp.-eeii. . Tlie body U largely composed of naval <<f!]c r.< »ho come from iit'urlv every inuritmui nation in the \vorl I, aud thoir bi' Hiant unifuriiis tnado on ei- ceisliiigly uttractivu sig t. After Mr.BlainoM speech the coufcri'tic* tlected W. K. Franklin, U. S. N., rlmiiuuin, and lutcr the mem- bora ftt-ro pi«*<m«l to tiia prmidvnt, who made a obort udilrcas. And Tltt-nw In thu yutueft. BAI.TIMOHE. O -i. 17.— Tho gu« muii of tlio fountry art) h"l Un ; a co.irenLio.i li"i- t >. Yesterday I'nj-lil.Mit Slnti-r s.ii I that tunt yeur nior* K:I!> was di«!ribu:.'<i ihau «v,r twfqrt", and that its pru-o h».1 b.i MI rsdne favorod ga.s oiiiii« giving B *.•»>• gas j.u on i. li:««- rii- li^ij The Wi'iitlier \Vo Milv Uxiioot. WARUINOTON CITY, Oc.t. IT.— Tho followlni are the weather indiciilli>:i» for the thirty- six hours from s |i. in, yv«tcrday: For Lower Miflil tan and Imllana— Fair, warmer weather; Boutlnvuste-ly wlnda. Iowa— fair weather till Friday: fllnh \y i-ooler; northwesterly wlndi. For IH|n_N,_\V^l_s™ii."ln l ._a!id_UiiDeiL "NnViTiljan— FalFwcjllier; stationary temperature, except s Ixluly wwler Iu northern Wls- i-onslu and uppar 'Mlnhluan; variable winds. THE MARKETS. ." CIUCAOO. Oct. 16. On tho of trade to-day quotations wero an follow.^: \Vh»nt —No, 3 October, oiwned 60Ue, chiBt>J MiJic; Dceombor. opened tsic, ^clovul b^Jiic: May, opened tr»e. t-losud . Corn — No. - Oclobor, opt-ned and closed ; December, oponed UlWc, closed; Slay, opened L:i>ic, c o-:ed '-ti^c. Oats— No. 2 October. o;ienod and doso't )«?4c; December, opened and closed 19>.j<': May, opened £JKic, closed 2-'o. 1'ork— Outohur, opened $10.50, closed $111.15; Noyembor, opened and closed J1I.37M; January, opened S'J.!*), closed $u.52}^ LarU— Octohor. opanu.l S^i.iO, closed te.07.Mj. Livu stock— Folloivini worj th) Cnlon stoeK yards prices: Hotfs— Market opened moderately actlvi>. with li;:ut «radi'8 steady! other lots 3c lower: liirht urude-, S4.1O4.00: packln-:, S3.V>5<a4.00; mixed lots, &UO 5; heavy puckliiK and shipping lots, $105 <!$*.'•&. Cattle— Market steady; choice native beeves, 8*.iiO(»J.85j Kood, 8a.Wlf(i*.!JU; Inferior, J3.OlKi3.7S;" cows. r "'$1.10£5".!>il. stoclturs and feeders, SS.UO<a3.(X). bhetip— natlvos, 4.75; west -rns, S').")U,iiU5; Tuiaos, lambs, «i.Ulj(w.5i. • i'rmiuce: Butter-- Fancy Elijlii rruainory, SI (B^Jo iwr Ib; best dairy, a>j&£!c: packlnij Block, VK'S^Jif- Eggs— Strictly fresh, It'iK-'iJli 'per do/.; Ice Uousa, IfxSlV.ij'. Poultry— Live Lens, 6c per )b; ruostura. 5o; turltoys. liJc: duoi B, 8ft ''W'.-; gecso, JO.lliatWJ per doz. 1'otetnes— 85ji iWo pt-r bu 'on truck: aweut iwtatoos, I>er bbl. Apples— Good to fancy, purbbL CrttBborrli:s--8S.l>Ja>S,.>J par bbl. New Vor!<NEW YORK. Out. 10. Wheat— No. ,2 red wintor craah, b,V.ju; do Octobi-'r, toe; do Novemb«r, ^)ye; do December, i*Ki^-. Corn— No. - niixtj.l caali, ^^jtc: do November, &&ic; do Uo^^mber, 40^?. OittB— yuift; No, J mlxe i caali, S9Hsi3>.-3*}'3: do OctolH'r, 'i-J^iif. do Novi-nibsr, ^I?.iL-. Hyo —Ni'iniuul. lijiviey— Nominal. Pork — Dull; mess, J1-. '»!',.! ,'i,) for iu tKi-trd. l-inl - Qulcl; Dr. •(Tifliiill F. .-': Jlooro, the oimnentcMf-ttiisl, wlio in con- Btimtly called )i\wn to nuxku sit;;ar tc;sts.. But ho "dots not way that !i proucss generally unknown to 'science lit present may not have lieen discovered. lie showed tho reporter a block of sugar about tin inch square in thickness. ' It was perfectly transparent. It looked hard, lint could bo easily cut with n knifo or bitten. "There is tlic natural formation of . sugar crystals," the doctor explained. "Tlio mi^ar id in tho same Btato now us it was when pulverized. Just taste it; you will Bee it ia as sweet ns ever. "Pressure couhl not solidify crystal!) more than they nre now, and I know of •no chemical preparation Hint could pos-' sibly do it. "If "a way of mtiUiiig sugar harder than this has been found it it) Boiuething now in chemistry, and if tho blocks can bo made insensible to water or nominal heat tho discovery is wonderful." The statement that Sprockets made about the new building sugarj putting . marble completely in tho shade, because . nf its superior beauty, no ono who studies each specimen under'a magnifying instrument will doubt. 1 Thu sujfar in liko u rainbow, excepting that each crystal represents ixn irregular block. If finely cut ua marble is.'u. bUiuk of sugar might rcllet't every ray of light, making it glinten lil:u iv diamond. There .can be no .question about ita beauteous effects, und if it can bo prepared at all, it can bo gotten up much cheaper than marble: . Tho only diiliculty to bo overcome ia the natural disposition of the sweet stuff to melt. The trouble now i.s that suguv issugar whether soft ov hard, and a piece from tho corner i;tono of u sugar house would tasto just a.s j;ood to the small boy as if it wero sto! 'n from ;i bowl.—New York Now;:. )Tho Indian Muidon Tolls tho Secret. Swirr's SPECIFIC Jiaj n brisk and constant Bfllo Kith us, and tha universal vurtilct !a, that 0£ a blood ixedicinu It has no rival. • LANKFOUD & TOTHAK, Drngflsts.Sherman, TOIER. •_ Trcatlio c:i Elood smd Skin Diseases mailed Irc-c. ; TV:: SWIFT f I'lioinc Ca., Drnwvr 3, Al!::nt:l, Cn ' muilc; I'usy .Munulucturliij,' Ittibbur Bimni.s. t>riul for i'l'k'O of Oil!!)!!), to J. I 1 '. \V. Uormuu, No. '_M7 Ktist German Streot, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. A. b.i MI rsdne -il. H,.in; lt:j i>»iirith of ic would |>ay in tlw iiV-«ni.i:i b;U not af- ot St. ljju«. ».!*»!(» twjen * Aii>l bt!A<tif!5d u< HI SjtWiiii fwOKjJSirlid it *-t nl -in u, isft i >/'< iy 4- stu'k: ! 1m -Truli:n{ dull; i.utlvo ar.U I dry Firm' or tat f> Pnbiio Sale. T HE UNDERSIGNED WILLSELL on tho Janiea Uerbtrt fartn, Vi tnllo oiist of the llartlott achuo! houii-, Hi aMr.s northuait o( Wilsou's mill nod 511)1108 sonthwmt o( i'ulo, FBIDAY, .OCl'OBKH 18, CorauienciDg at ttt o'clock a. m. t lie- follow' tig persona! protwrty, to wll : t- lue lu'ejil ol LonvM; toiiilstlug ol 3 brood " ur<-s, ! gt-ldlng, coiniuK tf jo.irsolii, 1 guiding, coialtiKU years old; 1 Kfld- ius', voiuloK •;, >tara old, and 3 stik-kluiK i«H.f. Ttilrly-rlKlit Head ii<Ciitllu: conslatunj ol7 nilK-h lows, 4stec!'.-, oouilng * years old; 4 iivift-m, KuinUiK^yuariuli); s hv>M ol . steors, cotidni; 'J. jcji'sokl; li uiail iiilit'i(«re, ci'iniux 2 years uU; » sprl«K eiUvtt*i. I Uurl.:'*:n bull, irijuitii^ ^ y^ftra old. Sixty Iwiiil "f siioiit^, all In t <,-HKl c luinloii. ' s coru m fi*-Ul, 10 tons l:,vy iu Inmi. »0 roi »tulk.4, 2 stiu l ' d, luui la iiL •'< t!i.j| H .: L i lit:*: 1 hi iy luuv: 1 a* inwrat \> s. J wsuklni; stuhijln [>' . Ana iua.n!i u'.hi r arlt .u.s V rtjt; tuiu'is «>:-rvi;-i ov fiJi.K.--Ail!>u!>>ii c ^u . t siritvv, ii a«» H |>;«mru , 1 . I'liUt KHifU ..S-i*; a*;

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