Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 29, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1912
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THE VOLUME XVI. NO. 4. WMkly Regiktw, EaUbllthedi 1887. Dally RegMer, EaUbllthed. 1897. - ELECTRiC WIRING MUSI BE STAIfDAR STKirT ADHERENCE To 'cOOE. THE WEATHER. lOLA, KAS., OCT. 29, 1912—TUESDAY EVENING. Successor to .the lola Dilly Register, the Iota Daily Record and the lola Dally index EIGHT PAGES HHVEFgyND SOME POOR JOBS STATE INSPECTOR'S VISIT ItE- Xn .TS IN CANCELLATION. CItf Iii-iiM'oJor Will Our All J»l><. ill Ftitiiro Taklnif His Onii TIIIM' nnil ricAsurc for it. ; Foreriwt for KiiDsns: Fnlr tonight and Wl^^ne«Mlny; cooler In Hontbeust porfiou tonlglit. . Data recorded at the local office of the Weather Bureau: Temperature: Highest yesterday at " V m., SO; lowest this luornlng at » !.. • . r >2; normal for today. r>l; excess ir omijeratuTe yesterday, 17 de^reeB ' iclency since January 1st, 251 de- oes. esierday.' Today. C J), ui TC S a. m C6 9 p. m 72 fi a. in C2 12 mdt. 6S 9 a. m r.2 I'rerljiltailon for 24 hours ending 7 a. HI. today, 0; ^-xcoss in iirt-clpltatlon since January Ist, 3.."9 Inches. Jtelatlve humidity 7 a. ni. today, 4,0 per Cent: harometer rcduoed to sea level, 29.7S Inches. Suprlse today 6:4.". a. m ; siinot •":27u>. m. lOU LUCKY AS TO WATER The abandonment of tho iisi- of pas for lighting purposes and lh«> rush to Incfall eli -ctriclty because of its reliability and cheapness and the resultant failure of some contractors to proi)erIy observe the standard code of wiring as.required by the city ordinance was brought to th«? attention of the city commi.ssion<>rs tliis aft'Tnoon by a commiiice of citi -ens >vho called to inform the boat.! that at least one insurance iwlicy had bi-en cancelled because the electric wiring' on the premises was not standard and; that several other compani.-s were only waiting to see whether the wir- " ing wouI(| be brought up to the standard at once before directing local, agents to cancel other policies. The coinmissioners agreed to require this particular piece of work to be standardized at once and the city electrician will be direcieu to never again presume upon the condition of any job. He must give.all electrical work rigid inspection and whenever found faulty, require its correctioit before giving his approval.- The approaching winter season with the prospect of occasional shortages of gas and consequent poor light'• ing' service has caused many home owners to instal electricity. The state has a standard which it prescribes and whicli must be observed. The Insur.nnce department will not jiasa any defective jobs and If protection is to be I had. the home owner must s(>e that his wiring is such that it will pass state Inspection. h la not the intention to embarrass any jMirtlcular.-coutractor by referring to this iwrtlcular Instjinc^ and i;lvinK names and premises. The hope is i*at li general warning will aid in iinpress- •:jnK" uiHin contraitor and citizen the nn'^esslty of caution in electric wiring and t)ie necessity of Riving e \tTy tie- tall the attention it slinuld liavt'. When a evriain iilac in lola was insured recently, it *e acnt!; roiK )rt<'<l the electric wiring siiMnuard. Thi'v did so iH 'cause th. y w. ^^^ told that i: was. In- some way, thr Insurance companies learned t !;ar everytlriij: about this particular job mi ^ht not Ih- right and they caust -d .I 'l iaspfcior . to make a special visit to lola. The p'sult was that (he work was found to be below standard in several particulars. The owner was dirt<>ied to have his wiring brought up 'o standard at once upon penalty of the forfeiture of the insurance polic-es. Most home owners know nothing about wiring so the city, in order to afford protection, requires by ordinance that all electric work shall be inspect'-'d and approved by the cji.v electrician l>efore the job is passed. A little care- k> on the part of the Inspector who says he t/Mk the word of tlie contractor to the vffcct that the wiring was standard, caused the ditlicu !ty which the commiE ?ioners discussed to day and which tliey have agreed to settle. After disposing of this question the coinmissioners receiwU and accepted the resignation of Dr. Frank S. Beattie as ^ member of the board of park com raissioners. I)r. Beattie gave •^s the reason for his resignation the f .act that.his lime was so fully occupied thar he could not give the park work the Wme necessary. A petition asking th .-u the lola Electric railway be required to place Its thtcks on north Jefferson avenue in such a, condition as will not interfere with traffic wJN re<'eivod and referred to the city attorney with powt* to act. Mr. Hitter said he would probably bring suit to forfeit the franchise of the company if it failed to promptly hei^d the request to repair the track, M.erchants and tnotorisis say that tKe^rails project up above ih<> paving to such a |K >lnt as mak<s orossini: the trackii at any |K )int north of .Madltiun avenue dangerous Supply Aliundunt While Fort SrotI Is FJICIIIC a l)«'.>«|M'nil«' Sltuutlou Now. Kvt-ry little while it is permissible and timely to make mention of the fact that lola e"hjoys one of the . finest water supplies Ih Kansas. Not only lias the quality been pronounced as at the tip In this .'•tate, but the qimntity l-s practically Ine.vhaust- ible. The city supply today, after a long dry spell is about 7.'; feet wide, an average of U feet deep and about seveir miles long, every drop available for use from the iiumping plant. Listen to this from last night's Fort Scott Tribune: The residents of Fort Scott are eau- liont'd to go slow with their water and make every drop count, for the supply i.-; getting so low that if there is not a rain during the week the river will be dry. The conditions have never been i-o alarming before, not even wh^n the river was almost dry, for that year It lasted but a day or two. This year it has been going on for weeks and there Is still no rain In sight. The water drops down about a foot a week and increases each week as the river g<?{.s lower, for the bed becomes narrower. A week ago the flood gate flu.*!!!ed with water; today if Is about the .ciirface and the waK . i.s' having a hard time to get through The trencWng was begun this morning to dig a course around the dam so the water could get down to the punip-housc. The scarcity of water has become \rry serious for the railway.^. All three have been affected by the latk and unlcH.^ there Is a change the Frisco and the Missouri Pacific will be I)aralyzed, SAD DEATH DP MISS HOUSER OH WEDDIilG EVE .HISS SOPHIA .SINtJEK OF BALTI- AIORE KILLED IN CHICAOO. MONEY AND JEWEIRYSTOLEN HER WEnniMi ORNA.MEXTS IN- SPIREIt BKITAL MUKIIEK. Her Fiaiirp. Held by Foliro, Saj» a Sbon. Coiipip III House Knew of '.Honi'j —Thej llare IHstippoared. Charming Yoiinir Woman Surruml^4>d at llo>|iilal Early Todnj Folion- iuc an Operation. The news froiii the ho.spital this morning that Miss Floy Htniser died early this morning brought an end ti> the stubbornly cherished hopes of her numberless friends and tilled their hearts with deep sorrow. The knowledge was general that chances for her getting well were slight but unreasoning Hope asserted that the charming, laughing young woman would be spared. Mrs. \V. S. Kauffman, aunt of >Iiss Houser. who been a mother to the girl since the death of -Mrs. Houser was prostrated, after an untiring vigil by the sickbed. .\Ir. D. A. Houser her father, was also unstrung when powerless to aid or defend, however willing, the daughter whose suffering? wef? intense. To them is e.vtended the understanding sympathy of the communitv. Tlie funeral will l.e conducted Thursday u.ornJng at 10 o'clock from the home, 410 South Jefferson avenue, IJe.v. r. S. .ViisbauHi of Parson.*, officiating. -MRS. NANCY .STEWART DEAD, ApMl noDian Died Early Today at Hoiiie of Her Son. tPOST NOT IN POLITICS. Item That They S'cnn'd SocittH>t Speaker an Lrrnr. The Item In last night's Register announcing the appearance of a Socialist speaker at the G. A. It. Hall was inlsteadinK.' The reporter who goti the item understood timt it was a suffrage meeting which gave some explanation of how the W. K. C. might be arranging the meeting. Later It was learned that It was a Socialist meeting the itQin was changed, but as printed it stated that the- members of the G. A. R. and \V. K. C. had secured the So- ciallBt speaker. The truth is that nei- tlier organization takes part In politics. The use of their hall was a business ntatter arranged by one of the tnjstees. • I- Mrs. O. L. Cain, of CherryA-ale, who has been here visiting friends returned home this afternoon. .About four o'clock this morning Mrs. Nani-y Stewart, who lives with her .<on. Jack Stewart, at S17 South street, askeil her .-on to turn on the light. This he did,, asking his mother If she fell well, and receiving an answer In the affirmative, he retireii. Ijiter In the morning when he re-entere<l the room .Mrs. Stewart was foun^I dead. Mrs. Stewart was a widow of advanced aK<* and has been alllDg for some months. For the past few days she ha^ been In a cheerful mood, and po alarm was fell as to her condition being .•^^erloas. .No funeral arrangemonts have, yet been made, as they will depenjj on the arrival of other chll STCBBS ON THE DIAMOND. tlovernor to PerforM R«-forr GaMw Cr*ii«L Ilnii Arthur runnlocham 'nas up from Humb(ddt today aad bluings the mirth- inspiring news that d^iremor Stubbs, who Is billed to «pMkj in lola Thursday evening, has "eoBfcuted" to pitch the first bail in the game between the Humboldt and lola teAm at Humboldt Thursday afternoon. Ihe widely advertised pitching tf -iWUter Johnson and Ad Brennan Uf {coidtdently expected to draw a laige cfpud and the Governor, simply colBd: dot-resist the m .V tl|.' .\ss .H 'i ;i(..,| Pre«s) Chicago, Oct. 29.—The romance of an elopement. was wiped out by the grewsome news of a brutal murder today, when Miss Sophia (i. Singer, an BtfTnctive Baltimore girl, was found slain. Several hundred dollars In money and jewelry brought from her Maryland hwne to grace her wedding tomorrow to William U. Worthen, a street car conductor, are missing and robbery has been accepted as the mo- live for the crime. Worthen discovered the,girl's body when he returned home after midnight to the suite oc- cuided by them and two vaudeville [wr formers in a rot>ming house. Mis.^ Soiihia O. Singer, aged 29. the daughter of Mrs. O. H. Slngc^r. a Baltimore widow, was found 'murdered, her arms and legi? bound with a rope and her skull crushed, a chloroformed handkerchief stuffed into her mouth and her body wrapped ih a blanket In a rooming house, by William R. Worthen, who says he was to have married her tomorrow. Charles B. Conway, .'<aid to be a higli diver, and his wife. know:n as Beatrice Riall, or .May Monte, a variety actress, who roomeil at the same apartment and who had been befriended by Worthen. are being sought in connection with the crime- The body of Miss Singer was founrf on a bed in he room occupied by them. .\ccording ii> Worthen. .Ml.fs Singer's acquaintance, Mrs. Conway. was kni>ttn to her as Miss Klall. and It was through the hitter's invitation that he nd his sweetheart went to room at lie san :e house. Worthen told the iio lice that he hail paid the expenses of the Conways at the reonilng house .•itiiei' joining them, Worthen who is being held l)y the p<(liee, de <-Iar <'d tliat before leayin.g the luiuse lasi night he handiHl his fiance it.v in the presence of tiie ("onway.< and tlx-n went down town. .After mid- nij;h(, when In- returned, he fcwnd the lialiway spattered with blood. He aroH.sed the <i !hers in the hou^e by repeated pounding on the door leading to the Cimway rooic. after finding Miss Singer not in Tier apartment. The key was finally rtrnished by .Mrs. Julia .McCarthy, keeper of the house, and the door opened. The crime was ap- 11.1 rent and further investig^jlon .==howed that the money he had given the woman was mIssingTIs well as several articles of jewelry, revealing robbery as the probable motive for the murder. .\ trail of blood lead to the kitchen, which they had the use of and-'there the table was fouiid covered with blood as was the floor. The door knob Willi a piece of iron attached for a knob on the other end lay on the floor, wrapped in a handkerchief satr urated with blood and with a leather shoestring attached to it in loop fashion, making a "billy." Worthen Is twenty-si.v year.s old. At the apartment occuided by Miss Singer, Worthen. when shown part of her wedding costume, threw himself on the lied, and sobbed. She didn't want hfm to leave her last night, he said, but business forced him to do so j "I can't got back io Baltimore now. Thi.= may kill her mother and surely will break my father's heart He liked Sophia. We were going home right af ter our marriage Wednesday. I never can go back and face our parents no!w. I'm an outcast." SQUELCHED! WRITIN LIKE- IT OLD MAN FALGONNET ANGRY PROTEf TOR OK LK ILE I AWKR«>N IIKVRD FllO.n, Doesn't Want to Kill .lohnson Miif lo Oslracixe tlie tiirl Who is Ke. pentant. .i ^••^•""^••^••^SAyTO WITH FIVE INTO BWER Sherman Is Improved. v rti .-;r. Oct. J!<.—Vi.o l'r-,«i- vj —- d.-nt Sj'.erinan pa.ssed a good -V- • • •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •:• •:• • •:• •:• • • •:• •:• • •> •:• •:• night. His ph.v.s-ciaii said (he pation* is greatlj- iiiuirovcd. ll<' could not .say that the critical dai);;er lia.-i pa.-.'^ed or give any .•i.-^siirai.< e ol" what might follow. ;(<MM'.si: HHM» (Mvi:s t i.i:w TO DISAPi 'E VI.'VM i;. Sioiiv rit .v Parly Started fur Omaha and Ha>e Not Hccn Heard of. .\ccidcut, I'robabh. THE CCHAN ^:l.^:CTI»^f.•• • <n. tii.^ .Vs..,. Mt -.i Siou-v City. la.. Oct. I'l' - That five llol Campaign IN.Hs With Vi.lieg on.arsons may have met ilaih when :in >ou-inl»er M. \^iiu{a plun>-ed into the .Missouri river ila\nn:'.. Oil. L".I.- -on .Vovemt-r Isl j<ii 1:< re .-ind Omaha on Oeioh-r V.n- i'i;han eleetnrs will mareh lu the | 1 anie ;;i.::;'.nai today w liiu a body found in th.- .\Iis.-ouri at Wiiinnliage. <i:.v ih<- ii'TJfl fr,.rs> 1 Chicago, Oct. -9.-Mrs. F. Cameron Falconnel, the mother of l.ueile Cameron, whose infatuation for Jack Johnson the negro iiugills;, «:ius"d the citv and federal .lullioriiie.s lo investigate their all.ged r.lations. re-! l,'"''^ >"''•'.''' their ba for ,.;e .l' dent anil vue-presldent ol lit.- reimb-, .... fused today lo diseiiss the r.por.t ihai j,,. -i-i,,. ,-, ,.,.„| i„ ,|,(^ ..jiy .Nel>. Sat'-rday night w;;s id.-anli-'d as her f"Hoiu\ husbanil. Falconn.t. in not. it' Is feared, aujuir w.'l fm- t !ie ! -h.:? of t;. .jr.u.> .MULT. ;i Sioux t'i:y Minneiiiiolis. inform.-d her that she , tranquility of election il:iy. | cou'r.unr Four others. H.r;h;t Mol- must eilhir give up h. r daught.-r or; The light in the el.cii,,iieerii:^' ••='^ l,n,.,k .,f <:i.>.iv fiiv I.l.' .,r Om him. It w;,s reported that Faleonn.--' been I.etueep Alfredo Za.v.,<. vie- >~'"'>Ml'>. I"'-' Hall, of Om- had .said the girl might not niter , president of Tiiba leader of tie- j '-"'"^ Maiwi^ :i!id Frank Siainp- hotne again iM-cause of th.- luM.irieiy erals. and (Jen. .Wiirin .vi .ihuai. ijindi-j' r. of Dinbiiry. U)\\;<. ;ilso w< r.- in the attached to lur escapade with John- <'ate of the Ciins.r \aiM' |>any. K.-.y:'- n„l !i:iv.. iii,i 1,. en .'ieeii .mi.e.. 1 liv virt 'ie 1.1 ! , _ ; 1 iK- l-nrty le i|'- son and if her mother desired to r. - <laiiii.d the ri;;lil to run main with h.-r offspring she v.ouhl an agre.-inent made U.wr y.iir^ ago have to do so otitsid.- of his lir.iv.e. wilb .(os.- .Miguel Coiijez. pres'-iit pr-'s- The hearing of Johnson on ciiarges , 'd-ni of t'uba. By j:iis itnd.Tstali ii:;;^. of abduction were postponed until a <Jon.»'z was to .-leji nut al't.-r t-xtv later date when he appeared lin <ourt. year.^; and let Zayas have n ciiaiu :;t The reason announo d by the <o!iri ibe offic. was that the stale .action would be' lleneral Menechai i.s tlie hfad of oi..- dropped in the e/>nt that th<- federal "f 'be biggest siiga: idaniafion.s i.i Cu- grand jury should indict the pugilis', ''a and he employ.s thirty ihotisand so that a hearing before the fitbrFiil men. He i.-; xvealttiy and has a gof.! grand jury had r'^port-d would be a i '-^ar reeord. U is beli-ved iii.s elec- fion wonVJ plo.i.>:e the I'ljited Siate.<. ft her-.' for Onriha. Au- lhoriri<-s .along th<- river have been ar ^ to w.-itih for t'n- i ar :ind bodif.---. iiertha llolbrook's purs-- was found in -Miller's pos.session. .Neither iier purse nor His had been op,-n»(l and the iiidi- eaiioiis do not jioiiit to foul i lay. HtH.B VVIDOW run .MI KDER, .1ir>. \\. .1. Da us. of kirksiiile. C»l•up-ed When Arrested. SOME POLITICAL ITV.MS. <}'.;• \U- .\ss.«^ l .-t. .1 Pie.'-s) Kirksviil.-. .Mo. Oct. .Mrs. f W. jitavi.-;. ;iged and Kdward llgeijfrit/ chance to capltalfze Of course it is perfi there were those whis? base ball could rei the all-pervadtner Catbering. *lght, but that le from Itlcs. tpy ih.> .\s«.il!ito.l I'r .^snl Baltimore, .Md.. IV-t. 29.—Sophia O. Singt-r who was murderctl in Clilcago. came of a gouil famliy. Her mother and brother live here. No Information \«U£ ubiainable from them this morning The mother Is said tp be IB and refused to sc.- any newspaper iifen. From other source* It was learned thai Mi.<« Singer left here on Octoher .'Ih, leaving word of her return In five week*. Frank O .Singer, Jr., a prum- Itunt builder and her brother, has sent a private detective to Chicago. Ho ."Hid his sister hadat least a thoustind dollars In her possession. William R. Worthen, the. reputed sweetheart; wrts formerly a "street rail way conductor. He quit his position kl>out a month ago. Charles 1). Conway and Beatrice Riall, or May Monte, appeared at the local parks during the summer. MUs Singer inherited $30,000 from the estate of her father, the late Frank O. Singer, sr., and when she left Baltimore she had several thousand dollars worth of jewelry and a thousand or more In money. waste of time. "I'm a Kentuckian: show me Jack Johnson and 11! tend to his case b«- fore the grand jury can get to him." shouted a man who appeared today in : Brfi the oITic--? of I'niied States Mars'i:il Hoy in the federal building. The stranger kept on- hand beneath his i -r..,..5;a Caidta! sav, iet- li...::- <«< ..pi-d by iMrs. i.av.s coat. When assured, hat .lohnson was.,,.,, Wen n'.. H-i V. ,. I ..-mo- Haws eolla,,sedwh..n the not in the building, the stranger 1-ft. ,ra:. i,le:!::ini.' their v.,:.- Aohur «.:";''''••"•» ^""l/'^d b.- cui- ri-d lo jatl. ief. SItruiflciint S«iull.s From Widely j •'''»'*1 arreste.l t'Mlay on a joint charge Sepanite Points. " 'ni 'ird -Tipg .1. W. Davis, whose Uidv I w :i .s found Siiieliy in the back yard MADEH<» Wtl.NT INTERFERE. j : rai.s pi.-ilging tlie;;- v. it. : Capper for giivvrnor. #. A ..t . ... • TIi^ same paper in a special fi./iii (ourt .Martiiil May Dispose »| All | , ,„ j^.,,;. Kansas, says Farmer Smith MINE STilJKE ENDED. Rebel Leaders. : tta-5 ciu-ereil when he praised the !{..- j publiean party tind "howled down" I rroiible in Nevada .Slops When .Men Resume Work. The City of .Mexieo. Oct. SN'—Pre.-:-t „.ii,.n he -.aid'the iiartv h-.d nr. i ...t,.- • dent. Madero said today he had abso- ! t ::v .-V ;:o,^ senaiar "In- ! ^''>- ' ^'' -'-''''r lutely determined not to commute 'he , ..p,.,.j.mjj^ pifth (listriot ! cojip.-r n.iii.-rs. i::ill and .ptijeltMr men sentence of Gen. Felix Diaz. Col. .Au- ~ " gustin .Migoni and Ccinmander Fer-^ nando Zarate. t'l'e revolutionist.- on whom tlie cotirt-martial at Ve.-a Vxur.; has passed the death sentence. The president made that a.'-sertlon lo deputations of woii'.en and new.>ipaper men who called upon him toda.v. The infant s4n of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Smi^h, of 423 North Oak street who died Satur&y night, was buried in Highland cemetery Sunday afternoon. The funeral serrlces were held at the hoiiae. Rev. Wright of the Free Methodist cburcli olBcIatliig. i .Atchiscn, Kai^., 0>-t. 2.>>.~.ti<>v,-rnor Stubiis si>tik>> to an audience, of abou" ||" iiere tonight. i»osslbly'th.- large..-; aiidience thai has a,:l>mdeil a ix-liti-al meeting here dtirinir the pre.feut tani- pai^jn. The goxernor devtit<Hl his .••p.-i.i -h largely I,I !(.1. fense <>T hi.- slate adiulnistntilon. I'hlladelohia. tV-t. 2S- .\ tre".ieaJ,iUs eii .wil paid tribute lo C.>\.;i)i)r Wondrow Wll.-on In the .Acad-iuy tiT .Music (lefc leniglit Tile uieeiin^ was nr- r.;nitej and held uuiler the'au>tp!ce- of the League of Independcni Ht'imhll- e .ms, Gilbert K Koe, « former law partner and l>roi!ii-r-lii-l:iw of Senator l.aFolleiie. and Rudolph Spreckles of Cilifornia. organUer of the Wilson National I'ronre.ssive I .-i'i;He. pn--ii!e.l Governor Wli.«on wl'h i.-i«i-erhes In his favor. j wa..^ i!e.'..irerl < fi" today i.y an almost mianitmiu.s v.,te. The meji will return to W.i-'ir Work 'ir.iiie.liately at the wa.ce ^tale ef!">-.-:ive Oe'iiler 1. whit :i al- Ur.-...*1 all ela.-*>e< of mliier.- anil laborers an increase of twettty-five e.nts a dav LOOTKIIIYIRI DARINfi ROBBERY COMMITTED WITH CALM DEVILTRY. $7.S0O BANK PAGKAOE GONf SIMTHWE.ST NATIONAL OF Ji. C. SHIPPED IT TO TEXA.S. Roliliers Fired, a Trestle, Forced En- plni-er (o Vut Train uud Tlien ' Dynamited the .Safe. (i:-.- tin- .\sso«i:il.-.l •Mtiskngep, Okla, Oct. 29.—Three youthrul robbers held iiji a south- hound .Mis 'souri, Kan.-as & Te.vas train south of Fufaula today .comi>ellcd the engineer to jletacii the e,\press and' basi-'ae^.! car and run them ahead and then bla.sted and rifled the ex- lii' .^-afe. The comjtany officials be- ijev; the rt/bhers got several thousand dollars. By setting fire to a trestle near Wirth, till- bandits had no trouble la fla.i:i:ing tlie train. .Although the fJaiiie.s threatened to de.^troy the tres- fb- liefiii -e their work was accomplished, the robbers moved deliberately, f'overing the engineer and fireman with revolver.'!, they ordered fheni from the h.coinotive cab. J. A. Dolan. l.'ie coiidiutor. leaped from a coach and wa .s lined up bestde the, engine men. .A porter feil, a victim to l.i.-. curiosity and was m.ade to stand beside the conductor. WTiile one robber held this line of employes, the oth- < i-T two uncoupled tjie engine, baggage aii'I express car from the coaches. They then forced the trainmen Into the cab and ordered the engineer to open the throttle. The engine, pulling two cars; shot across the burning bridge. What remained.of the'struc- tiin,' fell into the water a minute after the ears had passed. Half a mile tiie other side of the bridge the. bandits trrdered the engineer to stop. The safe was ilynamited and the robbers fled to the woods with their plunder. .:Vn alarm was soon given and posses sent from Crowtleri and Eufaula. Otliir pos .-es left an hour later on spei ial trains from .MvAlester and Mu* .ki>g "e. According to the. descriptions uixen. each of the bandits Is less than twenty-five years, old. In til.' amount - bidleved to have' t>> en taken was $7.'>0it consigned by th'- Sijuthwest .N'atlonal Bank of Com- rii.-rci> of Kaiisa..^ to the .Vational Bank f f.reenevill,-. T .'Xas .A wrapper off pait of tills luimey was found at the s< ene. Kaiv-as City. .Mo. Oct. 29.—The .s;oui!'west .Vational Hank of Coin- iiMse.- yesterday siiippeil $7,r,00 to a Gr.-envHIe iiank. F. P. Xeal, chairman of the board of directors, said todaf. FISH HATCHERY IS DEDICATED Kansas Owns Lareesi Plant Derotedl to Tluit BiisinesK in the Whole World Today. .A. L. Boatrlght w.^nt to. t'herryvale; this afternoon on busines.s. ticorge Wallls of I«iHarpe left for ;Colilnsville, Okla., this afternoon on buBlness. • ; • Miss Edna Kakin went to Oirard this afternoon to attend the wedding Of her conuin. Mrs. L. H. Bennett, of CoyvlUe, who has be^n hero visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. A. Delaney. of I.aHarpe who l<as been in Northcott on business returned honie this afternoon. Oiy ihe .Xss.ifiatfd I 'ross'i Pratt. Kas., Oct. 29.—"To furnish thf p'eriple of Kansas with a cheap, •A holeioirie and delicious article of food," is the chief object of the state fish hatchery dedicated here today, when Gov. W. R Stubbs turned a str..-am of water from- a twenty-one inch pipe into pond 1. The action marks the opening of the largest place in the world devoted to the raising and study of|fish. Bresent at the opening were members of the board of regents! of the .State irhiversity. Prof. L. L.' Dyche. .-=tate fish and game warden, the stat6 architect and other officials, besides many prominent men. who are Interested in the ijew venture that expects to fill the streams, lakes and pbnds of Kiinsas with jfish. The hatchery, ac- conilng to Profes.'or Byche. will endeavor to educate the people of thft state in the raising of fish to provide a !uod that can replace beef. i>ork and miittt>n. Th.> new hatchery comprises more tlian one hundrtMl concrete |)onds con netted with the latest water system. The HBier Is obtalnijd from the South .vlinne'cah river, whi .h becnust) of Us flow through miles of water cress, mo.-'S and other plants Is said, to bo well provided with minute anln^l and plant life that furnishes fish food. •The hatche.-y officials expect lo be able to furnish brood stock for ponds throughout the state, in this way bringing the food supply close to the hotne of every farmer. Fish, says Professor Dyche, to be at Its best for food, must be cooked flose to the place where it iy taken from the water, as it loses flavor when long off Its native . element. FOSTER DATE CANCELLED. Colored V«tf¥»' MeeUnir Called Off This Mbmlng. A long distance telephone message this morning cancelled the speaking date here tonight of Or. Benjamin P. Foster., who was advertised to.adri dress the colored voters tonight in Tola. It seems thatliis schedule was so arranged that it will be impossible for him to reach lola and so ^e date . has been cancelled.

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