Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 17, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1889
Page 3
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loi" FiteK l'c«, M ami IS* f SiKfe i);iie$, totals, tanuls, «, Muscatel and Tokay Grapes, Redfield Bananas, &c, COMING! After the IGtliol Oct, you can see tooth. •white and. "blade Stoves nt LEWIS D, WYNN'S; Also a nne line of Butcher Knives. Evening Gazette. TUB KVBSTKQ Gi.zBTTH ofvn Do n»d »t all the newBBtandi. Price TWO o»wra. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. Court Sterling, I. O F. in A. O. U. W. hall, ('atoat style). —Miss Anna Ryan, of Elgin, is visiting here. —Harty L. Glff ord, Of Tampico, waa In Sterling today. —Railroad business Is good all over Illinois at present. —The Hotel Gait had over one hundred guests yesterday. —Circuit Clerk Tuttle, of Morrison, was in Sterling today. —Bob Hill carries a new mail pouch, a gift from Uncle Sam. —MiaaBertha_FBrrln«tqn,j)f Morrison, ia the guest of Miss Dora Teats. —The Chicago ball players defeated the LaSalle club 16 to 3 on Tuesday. —Mrs. Jacob Strickler has returned from a visit with Mt. Carroll relatives —The dentists have their headquarters at the Gait House while in the city. —Mrs. Gray, of Columbus Junction' Iowa, Is the guest of her niece, Mrs. A. L. Parser. -, • —Jacob Hoofstitler has returned from lecturing tours in Pennsylvania and in the south. —Charlie Richardson has just return, ed from a long visit in Detroit, where he bad a gay time. Rev. and Mrs. Isaac Dillon left this morning for Chicago, on their way home to Seattle, Wash. —Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Hendricks have returned from their visit at Cawker City, Kansas. They had a pleasant trip. —Rev. Grover C. Clark, the new pastor of the 4th street M. E. church, has removed his family here from Harvard III. v ". : —Miss Joe Mulcahy, bookkeeper at Geo. Gerdes' has gone to Rockford for a week's visit. Her sister will take her place at the books until her return. —Mr. and Mrs. Louis Eisele were agreeably surprised last evening by a score or more of their friends, the event being in celebration ot the first anniversary of their marriage. —This la to be taken with an onion. A Pecatonlca pearl has just been sold to New York parties for 8100. This is said to be the highest price paid for an article of this kind in that section. —One of the horses used in pulling a scraper at the sewer ditch on avenue B, fell into one of the ditches near the Q tracks, before noon, and was with difficulty pulled out. The same horae, Which is blindrfelHnto-thfr3rd street trench On Saturday. —Henry Piper, painter by trade, was picked np by the officers last night, he having piped too much canal water, and was placed in the city jail. Justice Goltman this morning lined hltn 85 and coats, and being unable to whack up, he was again put in the jail. —The Young Men's Christian Asso^ elation .building, which was just dedicated at Freeport cost, when all complete, lesa than 823,000. The lot upon which it was erected cost 85,000. About 815,000 have been donated toward pay- Ing the debt. How soon will au association be started and a handsome building be erected in this city ? —A love sick couple at Rockford agreed to leave this cold world because the girl's parents objected to their union. Rough on Rats was purchased, and they agreed to die together, but after the young man had swallowed his dose, the girl thought better of her resolve and decided to live. She caused a doctor to be sent for and her lover's life was saved, —Peoria is proud, and ahe has a right to be. She has proved to be the boss fair town of the state—Chicago not ex- •epted. The secretary Qf the State Board of Agrlcul ure writes Simon Elliott, member of the board, that the receipts of the late fair, in round numbers, will teach $43,000. The awards for the premiums were $17,000, and expenses about 88,500, leaving a uet cash balance of »17.500.—Ex. —Mrs. John Strock has gone, to MOT- riuon to visit Mrs, Geo, KeeiVr. —Dr. L. P. Haskell, of Chicago, who is attending the. Dentist's Convention, is a guest of his cousin, W.AV. Haskell —The I'rairievillu school,of which A. Ebersole was teacher last year, received the second prize in physiology at the State fair at Peoria this frill. —R RCo.cord left this afternoon for Wellington, Kan., and expects to be gone about ton days. Mrs G. W. IVarl nnd daughter will return with him. —It is reported to us that the fire department hose used at the late fires has not been cle med. If this is a fact such a condition of things should not exist. —Mr. Fred Archer, of Chicago, gave a very flne organ recital at the Presbyterian church last night. He displayed wonderful ability with the pipe organ. The attendance was not as large as it might have been. —A small boy says he found a flve dollar bill that was lost by some one in this city and restored it to the owner, who did not even reward him with a nickel. Some boys might have reward ed themselves by keeping the bill. —Dison is happy. General Manager Whitman of the Northwestern i-ailroad has written to the Dixon Business As- gociation that a new and commodious depot commensurate with the business importance of Dixon would be erected. The present intention is to have it built early next spring. —An additional lineman, J. K. Thompson, from Ottawa, has come to work on the electric lights, so the job oufe-ht to be rushed to completion more rapidly. The construction company are putting in eight different plants this fall, and as competent linemen are scarc», the work lags in some places-. —Deputy Sheriff Drake yesterday attended a family gathering at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Drake, near Morrison. Yesterday was his mother's Olst birthday, and one would BtrenrprlfiPd to aco how active and healthy.the old lady is under her great age. May she have many more pleasant anniversaries. —DeKalb has secured the location of the large boot and shoe manufacturing industry of A G. Leonard & Co. of Chicago, for which her citizens have agreed to pay a bonus of 820,000. The company are to invest a.t once not leas than $75,000 in the plant, and by next summer expect to have the business fully established and four hundred hands employed. ^-Tbe Shabbona freight on the C P. &'Q. did not reach Sterling yesterday, owing to an accident which occurred at or near Shaw yesterday morning- A bolster or wooden beam in a wheel truck of one of the cars broke and cauaed the "ditching of eleven cars' The wreck was a bad one and it was late in the day before the train Rot to Amboy. From therfl It returned back to Shabbona. The train got to Sterling today. —Some of the electric light wireo come in contact with the telephone wires on 3rd street, and Manager Clark of the telephone exchange anticipates that his wires will be rendered useless when the electric light dynamos are started. The question la, will the telephone wires, or the electric light wires, have to be raised out of the other's way V Something will have to be dona before long. The Merchants' Kaleidoscope which is to be given by the Christian church Sunday school in the Academy of Music on Friday evening, is something, the like of which haa not been attempted here before. The principal part will be seventy-five boys and girls each representing some business firm, and dressed to advertise that firm. These will be divided into companies and there will be drills, etc., besides music and other-amu30nvents.___Every merchant represented will be Interested in a large turnout. —Although Sterling is growing rap- Idly, and the growth will continue, the stores and business houses we now have are sufficient in number to handle all the trade that may come this way for some time. In fact, there are too many of some businesses. In the newspaper line there are now as many publicc- tiona iasued here as the city is able to support. "There have been so many failures in that line here, that one would think there would be some timidity about capitalists investing their money into any new enterprlsa of that kind. There are enough papers here now. year If ft in the eldership, having »1-j ;v;i:'.;• E~rv"'. ','^ a Tinf; petting himself trim?ferred, ho E'.'l') six rnori year*, making eleven in nil, and what is moro his palary will be .?!!><) more. The opposition to the return of Dr. Mamie- ville to the 'Western Avenue Methodist Church w;i3 BO ntrong ,it Ottawa that Bishop Newman appointed him to t!ie Wesley Church. Hut, nt tho last moment, Dr. Manduvillo learning that the Wesley Church was discontented, and was clnmoring for their old pustor, He v. I). JUirna, and thereupon he arone in the conference and asked leave of absence for a year, which was granted, lie will spend the time in so ne tours of travel which he has been contemplating for a long time. Rev. Dr. Bol- toti, in complimenting Dr. Mandeville's work at Western Avenue, said that he was a much more eloquent and efficient pastor and preacher than he was before he sustained the nearly fatal injury to his head several years ago, and that he would advise him to get hit on the head again. —There was an increased attendance at the Wednesday evening session of the Northern Illinois Dental Society, Various papers were read and discussed, among which were the following: "Prosthetic Dentistry," Dr. Mc- Cormauy, of Mt. Carroll; ''Diseases of the Peridental Membrane," Dr. Perry, Chicago; "Care of .Children's Teeth," Dr. Dillon, Sterling; "The Old and New In Dentistry," Dr. Cox, of Batavia. This morning, the session began .at 0:30 o'clock, with a lecture on^Prosthetics," by Dr. Haskell, of Chicago. The following papers were read and discussed: "Notes on Prosthetic Dentistry," Dr. Bunker. Orgon; "Tooth Pre serving Qualities of Filling Materials," Dr. Harned, Rockford; "Preparation of Copper Amalgam for Filing," Dr. Kester, Chicago. This afternoon, clin ics were taken up as follows: "Chrys- tallized Gold Filing," Dr. Reid, Chicago; "Porcelain Inlay," Dr. Boyington, Marengo; "Porcelain tooth attached by band to natural tooth," Dr. Harned Rockford; "Copper Amalgam," Dr Ki'inter, Chicago. Their clinics wen- nearly all illustrated.,upoji .patients, who presented themselves for treatment. The meeting has been one of the most successful of those yet held, and the attendance waa such that nearly every part of the programme was carried out. Nolle page. Corr.T E. E. Wieetz' ad. at bottom of 9-tf J-s in Fall hir.s.'itO-.' er's Double Front Clothing Hous ."> to EBONY Remember llw Matioee At the Aciulemy, next Saturday. Griswold'a Mammoth U. T. Cubiu Co. Matinee pricoa, 15, 25 and :i.Tcents. Nobody can undersell Gco. Gerties on groceries. Ho haa a large stock, and for quality and low piicp, cannot be beaten. OtO«r Kttll aid Winter Millinery. Everything that is new, stylish and desirable, and at extremely low price?, quality considered, at Mrs. 11. A* Tracy's, First avenue. 9-10 EBOiJY~SOAP See the Parade Next Saturday morning; then go to the Academy and see the best U. T. C. Co. in the world. Beautiful scenery and lots of it. la fine goods at popular pricpfl. By the way, sle.p in and l«ok through iiis K. W. hni taki-n tlio n^fncy of tho "I, C." brand Spf-rUeles :ind ICye glasses. These av'-c.l unit's are different from ordinary ghuisoa, in that the lenses are ground from a /'><••;/••/< Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, mHking'them very soothing to the eyes. Be mire nnd try them, see that that trade mark "I. c." is on every lens. 70-d&w AnctSonecr. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A.E. Hendrlck's Drug Store or at ray residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78 37tf D. H. MEYERS, Auct. The I«atcst In millinery and largest assortment in Sterling at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 6 to Seek D. & A stock, rich and rare, Suit the fair. old and th We carry the largest and moat complete stock o£ men's boy's and children's clothing in Northern Illinois, Chicago excepted. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 5-10 Call at E. W. Hloasom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Best German knitting worsteds only 25caskein, usual price 303, at A. L. leckman's. " to See the now ad of N. Carpenter --& 3o. ___ EBO Y PINE SOAP. 7^ EB'-e will Insert three lines In this ;ol-"«3 umn one time lor 10 eunts, or (or 40 cent* t wauk E&ch additional line will be 6 cents a nlagle Insertion, or IB oent» a week. The3IcroHnnt8 Kaleidoscope Entertainment at the Academy tomorrow evening, promises to be a rich and gorgeous affair. In addition to 70 young people dressed in costume to represent each a business firm of the city, some of the beat talent of the city will sing and declaim. Taken all in all their entertainment promises to be the grandest and most novel given in our city for years. Seats are being sold rapidly by agents. Reserved seats cun only be had at the Cash Store, next the Postoffice. Call early If you would secure a good seat. BIlHH Oennlo W. Klllott Aims to sell the best quality of Millinery at the lowest possible prices, and with her, low prices do not mean in- ferlor'qualitles. < Old fashioned Lancaster county smoked sausage, at Fondersmith'a market. • ' * A large assortment of cloaks of all styles, at Geo. Gerdes'. tt-tOw Dill & Co. have one of the finest trimmers In their millinery department in the west. Call and see her work. _ 2 tf Underwear, all qualities and prices, for men, women and children, at Gerdes'. 9 ' t6w Mrs. M. A. Iilncback'a (Statement. RHEUMATIC SY nur Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For the past ten years I have been a-sufferer from liver complaint and-rheumatism,—Findmg_na_r6liel. my condition became so wretched that I. had no hope of recovery. Seeing Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup adveitised I purchased six bottles and am now entirely cured, both from rheumatism and the liver trouble. Have also used Hibbard's Rheumatic Plasters with the best results. I can certify to the truth of the above statement. . Mra. Lineback was cured ot rheumatism and liver trouble by the use of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup and Plasters. ttha ' SOL KITTERINO, Drugglat, Lisbon, Iowa. Bed ana horse blankets, a full line,at Gerdes'. . Trade at the West »rd street fnrnish- Ishlng store, opposite Wallace House. Low rent and small expenses makes goods cheaper than at any other store In Sterling, Common and best goods kept In stock.' Underwear, full stock; all wool and jeans pants, ahli ts. hats, caps, boots ahd shoes, trunks and va lises; large stock. I defy all competition. Ohaa. Hoag. 0 to lints and bonnets of all styles, shapes and sizes can .found, .at;. Miss R. A. Carter'H.- L'rlcea to suit every body. _" 0-tO" 11,000-8(6 IU-41, In the Cash Store window next Sat urday. This is Mr. Griswold'a guaran tee that he has the biggest and best U T. Cabin Co. in the world, and will re fund money to. any dlssatislled person. \ We have the "Daisy" line of fancy tlanuel shirts for tall and winter, aee them. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. u-*- 0 Open for Ilasiness. A long felt want is now suppled. George Pfiaterer is now prepared to furnish warm meala and luncheon to the hungry at any hour of the dsy Give him a trial, 105 E Third St. 8-tO Cloak PEOPLE'S COLUMN WAKTKU. Only TO cents for J tines under this Heading. W ANTKU—Girls to »ork lu the shOrt;iajtory. Apply lit onco to the Klversldc Shoe Co., Dixon, ill. 8I3 "ANTED-A middle aged ludy.or clrl, to do . . veryllKht house- work, for tinall waittn; no washing ur bread maklnR. One woiiuu ami liUte girl in family -Call at WW Locust St. tl-tfl' W IT ANTED—Men to Insure your homes and .V' mrnlture In the Agricultural Insurance Company of New York. W. K. MangaH & Bra, onto . &-tl W 'ArtTEI* -AlIioroiiKl'ly cotnprt-ul girl t'.ir Ktumriil Imusuwork.- Ciotid wii^ea SIi'S Klmcr Crawford, corner 411) street nnd II »v« 11 '' (l - fr'Olt SAL.K. Only 10 cents for j lines under this Heading. F OR SALE—A first class family horse, cheap, hmiulre at this odlce. * l3 C10K SALE-lOOacreslnCusterCo., Nebraska. lj Very deep, rich soil, toothing better In the Ite. inquire of K. W. Walzer. »•!« F OH SALE—The cheapest farm lu Lee county. Good buildings, lences unrt water; hinall Iruit. Will take residence property In St'-rilnR as part pay. Inquire ol Frank W. Walzcr. 8-Ui I71OB SALE—Anvil, foige and blacksmith tools, Jd bobsleigh, spring wagon, horsejuwcr, laree spotted Suetland pony. Call »t J. K. 1 hll- lips & Co'a. or Mrs. Levl smith, Mock Falls.. 7-ui*. TflOll SALE—My horse, wagon and swill route: JP also as good bhoi.ts. nave raised. 70 hogs Iroin swill this summer. This is » bonanza lor some out). G. J. Mills, Gait lluuso. 7-tf Flannels, —^-The Chicago Herald has the follow ing interesting articles in regard to two well known Methodist clergymen of the Rock River Conference: The Methodist ministers are enjoying a laugh at the way Klder Vanborne, of the Rockford district, played it flne oa Bishop Newman, at Ottawa. The preacher Urst appointed presiding elder of the Disoa district, found it inconvenient to accept, but found some difficulty in being excused. At last Elder Vauhorne lu what was taken for » spirit of self- sacriQce, offered the bishop to be transferred from the Kockford to the Dixon district. Bishop Newman thanked him very much, praised hia Christian spirit and nwda the transfer. l!ut after con- ferenc« had adjourned, ho found that Elder Vai>iwrue had only one ffipre Tho Junior Epworth League of the 4th street M. E. charch will hold a 10 cent tea in the church parlors Friday evening, October 18th, from 0 to o'clock. A literary program will b given in connection with the tea. Come one and all. . 912 A fin* line of dress goods at Qerdes' Ladies call and examine before buying 0 t(5w Dill & Co, Hock Falls, have all the leading styles in millinery. 2tf Lancaster county pudding, at Fondersmith's market. * Domet flannel 8c at A. L. Heckman's, cheap at 12Mc. 5 i° Baby 'bonnets at Miss 11. A. Carter's. • oto For Male Choice I.a«d in Whltcslde Co. near Htcrllng. All that part of W % S E % Sec. 31, north of State road, leading from Hock Island to Dixon—1.02 acres. .That part S W M' north of said road Sec. 31, 21,7 —74K acres. East part (east of river) of N £ Mi 30, 21, 6-885 acres and N E M, S E M, 30, 21, 6-32.04 aorta. Also EMS W.frac. M. The W % S frac. M and that part 8 E M. S E if ing north and adjoining State Road n 30, 21, 0. Also part WJ^N E U, 31, 21, 7, lying orth of State road and east of lands f D. C. McKenzie, and all that part ^14 N EJ4 1. 20,6, north ot State jtjacL. Title perfect. Immediate possession. KlMDALL, VOSE & Co. 172 Washington St, Chicago, w s—w New Calllornla Fruit (Store. When you want nice fruit, such as peaches, pears, oranges, grapes, etc., and nuts of all kinds, or candies in arge or small quantities; in fact any linds of fruit or nuts the market affords, call at.110 East Third street and your wants can be supplied. 010 V ICIIA'KL, COKSO. Children's ilats And misses hats In great variety and cheap at Mrs. *\ C. Woodruff's. 6 to Jacob Klselo Has received another lot of that nice overcoating this week. Navy is your tirce to go and select one before It Is picktd over, as Jhe does not have an opportunity to keep the goods on hand a great while. . 510 You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & Co.'a, Uock Falls. ' 2tf L10K HALE—Two car loads good baled hay, 111 JJ sn 50 per ton, by the halo or upwards. J. V Kminltt. 3 ' u ' j , F ~OR HALE—A bargain In three flue residences In 4th ward. Imiulre of 1.1. Bush. Only w cents for 3 lines under this Heading. Underwear. f 'OR KENT—Home and barn, December 1st. All the conveniences. Apply to ller»chel Scott, Hock Kalis. ' U IS* F 1 OK KENT—4 bouses to rent and a number ol houses lor sale by Adam Smith. U3-U8 T IO LEASE—Power and room forinanufactur in* purposes, In the builJiug loriuerly occupied by Church & 1'atterson. Address B.C. Church, Uulutli, Minn. ""I LOST. Only 10 cents for J lines under this Heading. L OST—On Tuesday cvculuc, on Loctiit street, between Third and tlghth streets, a child* imllnlsbcd flannel skirl, feather 8Uti:lii!d In red link: 'The iiuder willpTease: leave at MrsrGr W.- Klllott's Millinery store and receive rewaid. TTlINANCIAL-Monuytoloan at 6 percent., J? on farm security. 1. t. Bush. Hook Jails. - ' S ~TBA.IV BEDS KILLED-.1 111! cyory Tuesday. If you want any filled drop me a postal. W. B. Hmmons. Kock falls. 3 W M ISCELLANEOUS-lf you want fo Insure your I fe, or your home; If you waut to buy a place, or tell one; If you have anj thing toi exchange. It will pay you to call on Prank «. Walzer, Koom 5, Academy of Music, Chicago lots to exchange for city property. NIGHT SCHOOL, A T AN EAKLY DAY we will begin evening sessions at the .BUSINESS COLLEGE, where class and Individual Instruction will bo Klven lu BUSINESS AllITHMETW, ItUSlttKSii C'URRRSPOXDEKCB, JjUiilNKSS PENMANdHIP, BOOK-KEEPING. SHORTHAND WHITING, TYPE WIHTINU, Stc, Stti. For particulars call at oftlce or address H. A. AU M E N T. STEUHNO. ILL, Miss Hose Cushiug, head trimmer Dill & Co., Hock Falls, will return Sat urday morning with a large Invoice of winter goods and all the very latest de- in trimming. Call Saturday. D-tf Hosiery, all atylea ai\d prices and a ijf stock, at Uerdes". D tow thluK Mice. If you waut to make money read my "ad" In the WEEKLY OAZKTTE and Standard. GEO. W. CUAMUELIN. 88-tf Reynolds Mros. can upholatei your old furniture much cheaper than you can buy now. and it will last louge than cheap factory work. 5 IK If what you wish, You do not see, Just say the word, And there 'twill be. J. W. CUSHMAN, Practical Uoise-Shoer and Blacksmith, Locaat Kit,, Hterllug. It. Home-triads Shoes. Cant Sled Tiw Calk-* for Hot- It!)*;, Kuuulni;. C'urrlans -nd Farm Uorae.i. All wur* gimnuHtif J. lUni'Hm-'l Vefl tftveii spi-rlal sitleutlon. In terffring i<'-nu,Uirmly curi'd. Horses UjU la IM.I?*I:S *af*.'iy null) called K>r. Til Linens, 1 can save you money. ._.„ .....m anil was Woolen 'underwear and Ho are new and complete and an inspection .„ of stock will convince the public that we >i»ry, the best quality and the cheapest price.

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