The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 5, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 5,1892. 8. "WORTH A croon* A BOX." f TASTELESS—EFFECTUAL > > FOat A [DISORDERED LIVER | Tnk»n a* directed tbeno famous Pills will C rov» innrvelloue rnntorattvos to til enfeoblad y tho ubovo or kindred disease... I 25 Cents a Box. C but. cetHjiaHy recoonUed In England and. In 1 \1avl throughout the world to bo "worth nl ijrninnr. n box," for the rcsson thai tliny J f WtlAj CURE a wide rnngo of coin- J I l »ti «lntN .f>nd ihnt they hnfo saved to tuauy i * .r i- v >t, rourely one but many RainesA, in \ 'I •» •: '."I 1 -." I J .HK. I % Covered with a Tattelais k Soluble Coaling, t J Or nil <Iruc8(BtB. Price 3ft cents a box! 1 - Nnw York popot, 8G5 Canal St. AMONG THE DELEGATES. ECHOES OF THE REPUBLICAN STATE CONVENTION. ICE! Pure Our delivery is regular and reliable, and the quality of our ice is beyond comparison 50 cents per Hundred to Families. We solicit your patronage. Orders received by the drivers, at the factory, avenue C east, at Kanaga's fctrtrc. or you can send your address on »'^iostal card to •Successor to Hutchinson lee Slanfg Co. HAVE YOU A SPRING SUIT If not, call at once on JOHN BUETTNER, the Fashionable Tailor 207 North Main, Midland Block: Freeman & Haines, .HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTERS. Also dealers in Paints, Oils, Glass and Painters' Supplies. No. 16 Second Avenue East. Some or tlm Prominent Candida*'-" win. Are In Attendance, and OoMlp Ct .iirrin liiKTliclr Cliuncm-A Kerlxed lint .>f the Delegates—County Couveiitlon Culled— Other Mnttert* or Interest. H OB . A. II. Heber of Meade, is circulating 1 among: the crowds, and is receiving many flattering endorsements of his candidacy for lieutenant governor. Sedate Phil Kelly is a prominent figure in the knots of politicians in the hotels. Dick Walker and Cy Leland quietly watching the maneuvers, as though they would like to learn how to behave when they get into politics. Senators Dick Roc of Elk county,and S. J. Smith of Ricc.ure mingling among the delegates. Col. Murdock, Wichita's only candl date for governor, is here, there and everywhere, meeting nil with his picas' ant greeting. Morgan Caraway, of the Great Uend Rigister, is meeting with flattering success in looking after his chances of securing the nomination for secretary of state. Rudolph Hatfield is presented by the Wichita delegation as one of the elec tors-at-large. There is a strong disposition among the delegates to make h. A. Uiggcr of Hutchinson, one of the delegates-at- large. John lirown, the colored county clerk of Topeka, is being waged by the colored delegates as one of the delegates- at-large. He would command the full confidence of all his people. Tim McCarthy, past commander of the Kansas O. A. R., is taking in the situation and a lesson in Kansas poll tics. Hon. James Kelly, who received such a flattering endorsement from the Pratt county convention for state senator, is one of the visiting statesmen. Hon. C. K. Mitchell, Oeuda Springs fame, and a probable candidate for state senator from Cowley county, is among the hard workers tor Greer. Senator .1. W. Forney of Sumner, is an interested spectator. Clay 1). Herod, late adjutant general of the the national encampment Sons of Veterans, is a delegate from Neosho county. Capt. Macgonigal of the Oberlin land office, is a spectator at the convention A strong delegation of kickers rived from Cowley county last night, headed by Editor Eckort, of the Ar kansas City Traveler. They ure hard ferninst Cowley's "favorite son, Many of the delegates were disap- yoiuted at the failure of Senator Perkins and ex-Senator Ingalls to attend The former could not leave his work in the senate, while the latter kne w that any of the candidates here could make a good speech. i WHY 18 THE W. L. DOUGLAS 83 SHOE CENT^MEN . THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOR THE MONEYP HI: a seamless shoo, with no taclcsor wax thread to hurt the foeti made of tho best fine calf, stylish and easy, and because we male more thote at (Ail . grade than any other manufacturer. It equall band, tewed Hhoes ousting from $4.00 to $5.00. SBat OOGenntuo Hand-sewed, uieflneateall «*?9e shoe ever offered for $5.00: equals Franco Imported shoes which cost from $8.00 to $12.00. QLJL 00 . Hand-Sewed,Welt,Shoe, nno calf, tpef/e stylish, comfortable and durable. The best •hoe over offerod at this prlco t same grade as cua> Corn-made shoes costing from $6.00 to $£0O. SO l'ollce Hhooi Farmers, Railroad Ken - j nndLetterCarrlersallweartbem; flnecauT, iteaa, smooth InBlde, heavy three sole*, extes* edge* One pair wUl wear a year. so f "—*• •- _ line calO no better shoo over offend at this price i one trial will convince taow want a shoo for comfort and service. »*>•> !*3 and 04.00 Worklngman's shoes JPaCa. are very strong and durable. Those who Save given them a trial will wear no other make. 0 <-lV«£> S9.00 and 81 .T3 school shoes are RUT 0 worn by the boys everywhere: taeyaaU en their merits, as the increasing sales show. I CariiOS «3-00, Iland -ee UsUlvV Dongola, verystyll Imported shoes costing f rom $1.0&t_ „.„. ^Cndlea*, •3.00 and »1 ,»S shoe lot Mines are tho best fine Oongola, Stylish and durable. 'laatlon .^Bee that A L._Douglaa' nam* and awed shoe, baft lahi equal* Freaok -ieasnoeseuawuKtivuta«Ajur~ Ilea* 2.30, tXl.QO and • arethobestflnotongola. HI Caption.— See that W. L. Dc^ price are stamped on the bottom of each aboa, HP-TAKE,NO, SUBSTITIJTK.^ YOUNG BROS. When "old Sol" makes all things sink, Drink Hires' Root Beer. When dull care makes life a fizzle, V i Drink Hires' Root Beer. When you fed a little dry, When you'recross,anddon't know whVj When with thirst the children cry, There's a sweet relief to try- Drink Hit**' Root Beer. A 25 cent Package makes fort gillM* The'Delegated, The following is a list of the dele gates to the convention, as revised to day: Allen—T. S. Stover, R. F. White Wm. Cunningham, E. G, Gilbert, R. II McCntchan, T. A. McClelland, W. r McElroy, II. It. Adams and li. 1J. Ste venson. Anderson—W. A. Trigg, V. L. ltrown, 11. T. Hill, A. .1. Paden, J. H. Rhodes, .1. W. Garrison, J. T. Studebaker, Geo Patton and II. W. French, Atchison—J. A.White, S. II. Washer L. R. Spangler, J. H. Tittsworth, Ellsworth Ingalls, W. II. Hudson, Albert Phillips, W. R. M. Frazier, K. A. Van Winkle, Anderson McKcever, T. 15. Geron, William Carlisle and W. S. Cain. Barber—Frank Holmes, E. C. Grigsby, O. G. Shigley, H. H. Fair and A. J Crews. RoiTrbon—Wm. Rice, E. F. Wear, S, .1. llryant, .1. W. Power, J. F. Lyon. Ward Huntinton, John Beck, Dr. Mc Wharf, Frank Lumpkin, L. T. Camp bell,Wilie Anderson, John Bishop and W. E. Mason. Barton—O. S. Cooko, Eli Bowman O. E. O'lUeniss, D. A. Banta and J. W Howard. Chautauqua County—Delegates: W II. Morris, J. N. Boyer, A. C. Cadwcll, W. M. Jones, Thos. II. Mailer, E. C. Ackcrinan, W. L. Leno, A. M. Holster. Alternates: Jos. Jamison,B. A. Tweedy, It. I. Hillman, D. G. Hahn, H. J. Gregory, J. D. McBrion, F. N. Taylor and Win. Downard. Cherokee—Wm. March, John W. Smith, Isaac Wright, C. A. McNiel, M. D. Holman, J. N. Ritter, J. T. Stewart, I W. II. Timberlake, John H. Hamilton, [ W. B. Stone and M. S. Price. Clay—B. B. Tuttle, B. S. Hutchins, J. Dever, Wm. Docking, A. Gaston, S. P. Burwell, John Webber and G. M. Stratton. Cloud—Arch Johnson, W. S. Crump, J. E Burkhart, A. Fortney, W. T. Bond, C. IV. McDonald, J. E Marshall, J. II. Whitehead and C. Archer. r_Zl Chase—G. W. Crura, W. B. Gibson, C. W. Jones, J. M. Rose and H. A. Chamberluin. Coffee—S. H. Jackson, O. R. Turner, C. O. Smith.O. P. Mauck.W. W. Knight, T. C. Copoland, H. Rucker and M. A. Crouso. Comanche—C. M, Mevcrs and Perry Williams. Cowley—J. II. Watkin, L. F. Johnson, W. 11. II. Teter, P. A. Wry, J. S. Wilkin, V. R. Pond, Chas. Shiffbauer, C. L. Brown, E. B. Emory, VV. E. White, R. R. Frey, S. J. Neer, Charles Roberts, M. C. lledrick, J. L. King, J. tt. Cottingham and T, J. Rude. Crawford—T. II, Condon, John T. Deets, D, B. Gregory, R. II. McKay, E. A. Wasser, W. C. McMillan, Arthur Fuller, V. A. Waterman, John B. Wilson, E. F. Porter, Ned Lunyon, A. Burns and J. C. Beale. Decatur—H. F. Lelb, F. D. Boble, E. and B. Gibson, Dickinson—E. 0. Little, C. M. Case, H. W. Whitley, H. C. Hemenway, M. H. Curtiss, Loroy St. Amand, C. M. Hargcr.Thomas Perry and T. O. Ayers. Doniphan—John Swartz, M. Bauer. Charles V. Norman. Geo. Hagaman, K. X. Gallagher. G. X. Struhan, R. M. Steele, Samuel Moyer. Win. 11. Dever- eu.'c, i). P. Delanc.v anil G. T. Wood. Douglass—Harney Stevens. F. A. ' Down. C. (.'. .lames. A. C., .). .1. Cox. I'M. Reynolds. J. It. Perkins. I.. II. l'etefish. Geo. Thompson, J. C. Walton, A. It. Green, John Devilbliss, Dr. A. Morris and O. E. Bceks. Edwards—J. K. Gamble, E. P. Ott, and II. M. Daniel. Elk—Tom E. Thompson, J. A. Mc Henry, U. W. Roc' (J. C. Armstrong, N. Patterson, J. W. Songer and W. Whitaker. Ellis—Ed. Madden, F. J. Brittle, and Jos. T. Nolan. Ellsworth—Ira E. Lloyd, C. K. Baxter, Henry Farls, II. Trump, and D. B. Tracey. Finney—O. A. Harding, A. H. Warner, P. W. Conyers, and J. A. Boyd. Ford—W. C. Shinn, J. D. Bush, W. H. Strickler and C. W. Averill. Franklin—D. Holiday, W. L. Parkinson, S. Topping, W. C. Allen, Geo. Washburn, J. P. Harris, II. J. Smith, A. Franklin, 0. A. Smart, J. N. Harrison. Geary—Maj. John Davidson, W. II, Maskey, Jr., J. B. Callen, Benj. Roether and A, P. Spessard. Graham—B. P. Williamson, James Gordon and B. Barkdall. Grant—J. A. Buckles and Eli M Henthorn. Greeley—W. B. Padley and S. F White. Greenwood—O. S. Itranson, J. N. PenweU, B. II. Richardson, Robert H Hart, N. N. Barrett,. W. L. Richardson. II. Davis. E. Mavhan and N. Brigham Harper—E. T. Burchfleld, J. K. Clark, Grant Potter, Dr. McAdams, Henry Crider and J. S. White. Haskell—J. P. Cowdin and J. A. Mil ler. Hodgeman—B. Kline, L. A. Dockum and T. h. Welsh. Jackson—T. P. Loorc, A. E. Crane, W. A. Boyd, C. E. Rose, Geo. Sharp, C. P. Kittle,' L. P. Paddock, Geo. Karns and J. E. lloagland. Jefferson—It. K. McCartney, F. H Roberts, Tom Kirby, Dr. D. T. Brown, C. M. Rankin, J. O. Peebler, S. R. Rich ardson, S. H. Steffey, A. Nottingham G. Raines. Johnson—W. R. Anderson, Jno Ewing, Chas. Sprague, W. T. Hagcn, F. W. Crooks, F. I'. Hollemback, E. C llartberger, Ilea. Cliamberlin, A. E Farnham and F. E. Thompson, Kingman—J. G. Conklin, C. II Whitman, J. L. McCasney, Chas. Lowe J. B. McBirney and A. P. Eaton. Labette—A. Fairfax^ E. C. Bennette R. W. Wright, Jno. Sterling, J. II Brooks, W. H. Savage, J. W. French, L. S. Crum, J. H. Creighton. W. P. Wilson, J. S. Hileman and W. H. Thorne. Lane—F. W. King andE. E. Harvey. Leavenworth—A. It. Keelor, W. I. Gilllillian, D. R. Anthony, Jr., W. R. VunTuyal, Chas. 11. Miller, J. Halsteed, J. 11. Hill, Geo. Needham, O. S. Hiutt, and Thos. Reardow. Linn—C. J. Trigg. J. II. Madden, J. It. Campbell, B. F. Blakcr, J. F. Smith, Ed. C. Lane, G. S. Turner, A. M. Kirk- patrie.k, W. W. Smith and A. W. Hall. Logan—J. S. Wait, J. W. Jones and T. J. Healey. Lyon—C. V. Eskridgc, L. lluncan, II. W. Huffman, J. M. Stale, E. Brown, T. C. Sutton, C. B. Graves, A. M. Horstick, T. F. Burns and George Plumb. Marion—J. II. C. Brewer, Orlando Jolliffe, J. K. Williams, Morgan Molla- hau, Thomas Morrison, II. J. KrauBe, Fred. Lewis, G. W. Camp, J. C. Lillcy and S. L. Billings. McPherson—\V. C. Rathbon, Geo. II. Maeltly, Jos. Downey, F. P. Hawthorn, W. Gleason, Clark Towland, Jno. Zimmerman, Wm. McCarty, I. Weevland and J. McFall. Meade—A. J. Byres and E. D. Brown. Miami—J. J. Wilson, Henry Parker, P. A. Prather, Col. E. Lynde, 11. S. Maynarcl, J. W. Bryan, C. A. Humph rcys. J. H. Haldeman, T. A. Stanley and D. F. Dayton. Mitchell—S. II. Dodge, I. K. Thompson, W. I. Sturges, W. C. Perdue, A. M. Fausler and F. C. Angell. Montgomery—Dan MeTaggart, G. W. Ellis, I. E. Turner, D. Leasure, George H. Evans, Jr., T. M. Bailey, 1. B. Palmer, 0. F. Carson, A. C. Stich, P. Ben- hum, T. H. Earnest, I. W. Chestna and S. M. Porter. Morris—I. K. Owens, A. I. Marks, D. C. Webb, C. W. Carlson, Geo. Bushey, II. Walker and E. C. Trimbly. Morton—Sam Van Gundy and G. P. Craddock. Nemaha—R. C. Bassott, A. C. Vanpelt, n. A. Davis, T. E. McFarland, Edgar Bolyea, A. L. Coleman, G. A Lyman, W. E. Young, A. D. Hook, S. P. Herrington and N. B. Loemueller, Norton—Col. C. D. Jones, F. II. Mel Ion, Amon Butler and F. S. Uazelton. Osage—J. G. Ellis, H. D. Shepard, I. Farley, T. L. Marshall, I. J. Hill, J. H Nelson, P. Gregory, R. M. O'Neil, S. L. Heberling, W. H. Lord and Charles Cochran. Osborne—W. S. Tilton, D. G. Robertson, M. P. Shafer, P. II. Campbell and J. B. Craney. Ottawa -J. B. Tomlinson, J. G. Reed, E. K. Campbell, J. M. Watemau, L. A. Henry, S. S. Cool and E. A. Greennough. « Pawnee—E. D. Taylor, W. P. Peter, W. P. Griffith and H. C. Dexter. Pottawatmio—O. J. Grover, N. W. Peddick, M. L. Stone, H. F. Bobbins and Dean Bartlet. Pratt—J. J. Danthart, R. T. Whitman, H. II. Creek, II. Austin and C. I*. Brown. Rawlins—E. D. York, T. W. Cochran, S. 11. Findee and Jonas Nicholas. Reno—S. M. Colliday, S. A. Shields, Ira Bullard, J. M. lledrick, W. S. Yager, J. E. Holmes, John Black, J. J. Markham, M. H. Cogswell,Jesse Brainard, R. II. Dawson, Jeff! Houston, II. D, Ashton. Republic—W. H. Pilkenton, W. U. Kimrey, H. L. Whitney, F. N. Munger, G. Weagal, F. M. Higgason, Jno. C. nogau, J. A. Jacobs and N. H. Crager. Rice—W. L. Laskey, A. S. Thomson C. H. Davis, J. T. Nash, E. Pullain, W. Lantzcnhein, J. S. Smith and J. E, Clark. Riley—Judge R. B. Spilman, A. M. Storey, J. E. flessin, G. T. Poison, C. A. Southwick, E. Huse and C. E. Bower. Rush—Frank B. Smith, Joe Sparks and J. W. EdwardB. Russell —Theo. Ackerman.Jas. Jones, A. J. McRacken and J. B. Corbett. Saline —T. D. Fitzpatrick, E. W. Blair, Fred H. Quincy, J. O. Larson, Anson Miller, John 8. Martin and John Bennett. Sedgwick— A. J. Hyatt, W. L. Stur- dovant, J. W. Adams, Ed.oGoldberg, I Mark Oliver, ,1. J5. Hoffman, R. E. Lawrence, .1. W. Parker, S. L. Barnett, S. C. Harper, D. E. Bonne, C. E. Pearcc, | W. S. Morris and A. II. Carpenter. Sewrrd—II. V. Nichols and T. A. Scutes. Shawne—(1. W. Cary, J. J. Miller, A. I W. Fowkes, A. K. Rotlgers, S. J. Bear, II. W. Frost,.I. It. Hibbcn, T. V. Cod- dingtou, J. M. Nickerson, J. W. F. Hughes, .1. Lee Knight, Wilson Keith, E. B. Lull, J. H. Stevens, T. J. Anderson, G. A. Huron, E. Iloleoinb, F.M .I Stall, Thos. II. Bain, D. H. Thomas, J. M. Brown, G. W. R. Ward, S. A. Johnson, Harlow Kline, Fred A. Turner,! Fred Stormstreet and E. M. Cockerel. Sherman—E. J. Scott. J. 11. Tait, M. ] D. Culhcrtson. Smith—W. D. Cook, R. M. Pickler, O. L. Reed, W. R. T. Hoggs, J. A. Keeler and G. H. Harker. Stafford—J. W. Frescoln. A. E. Ramsey, J. I'. Hagerman and S. Cluwson. Stanton—N. P. Julian, Stevens—Jno. Boles and L. J. Pettl- john. Sumner—J. W. Forney, C. E. Elliott Dr. Janeway, Geo. W. Cornell, S. S- Wooduoek, H. N. White, F. M. Chand. I ler, W. II. McMath, R. T. SimoDs. HA, [ Loper, I. S. Alton, 1. N. Cooper and T. R. Mordy. Thomas—P. A. Troutfelte.r. J. H. | Harper and W. L. Thompson. Trego—W. II. Dann and William | Cowden. Wabaunsee—F. 1. Sage, J. W. Care, | J. B. lustier, W. 11. Small, W. S. Bolton and 15yon Cotton. Wieliita— James Donnell and Ora | WykofT. Wilson—S. S. Kirkpatrick, W. T. Barrett, E. C. Thorne, John S. Gilmore, II. A. Hrundigc, S. S. Benedict, J. B. F. Mcl'lierson, C. C. Crousc, T. Hlakes- lee and F. M. Robertson. Justtliescime, AND SO DOES V- Wyandotte—James Phillips, Tilford Davis. WillT. AValker, B. S. Smith, G. A. Dudley, T. F. Hanan, W. E. Ste-1 vens, ,1. .1. Bernhard, C. B. Riley, G. L. Coates, D. G. Bliss, It. M. Best, J. J. Maxwell, F. Warner, J. B. Blackburn, | E. R. Allen and A. W. Little. MADE ONtYBY N.K.FAIRBANK&CO. St Louis. HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a G-eneral Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yatds have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson — five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET Two DlKtingiilHtieriColored DeleffHtuH Among the Labette • county delegation to the convention arc two distin- tinguished colored gentlemen, .las. W. French and Rev. and Hon. A. Fairfax, both from Parsons. Mr. Fairfax represented Chautauqua county in the legislature in 1888, and is now pastor of Baptist churches of Parsons and Independence. Rev. Mr. Fairfax was once owned by a prominent family of Fairfax county, Virginia, and for several years has been quite a prominent man in his part of the state. Mr. French married his wife out of the family of ex-Governor Metcalf of Kentucky, and during the time of sla very, belonged to the family of Me- Intyres of Kentucky, to which Mrs, J N. Barbnc of this city, is closely con- nectetl Mr. French has been in Kansas for a number of years, and is an honored and respected citizen of Labette county. These gentlemen are the guests of J. N. ltarbee, at No. 502 North Main these yards offer superior inducements. Best distributing point in the west. All parties wanting stockcrs and feeders should try this market. Information fur.iishcd upon Application. BENJ. W. LADD, General Manager. ictn Donnelly. Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER & WHISKEY Kansas and Familv . TRADE a Specialty Write for catalogue. Notice to Delegate*. Those of you who have heard and read so much of the Hutchinson salt works, and have framed in your minds a desire to see them should not • leave the city without doing so. You can take the avenue A street car line and go direct to the Vincent works, one of the largest in the city, or you can take the avenue F line and go to the Gouinlock plant. Any one of the drivers will give you news with reference to the matter, and you should not leave the city without seeing these plants. 429 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Mo. KIRK'S DUSKY County Convention Called, The Republican county central committee met at the court house yesterday evening, and issued a call for a county convention to be held July 23. The basis of representation gwill be one delegate for every twenty-five votes, or fraction thereof, cast at the last' state election, for secretai-y of state. The meeting was largely attended, and harmony prevailed. The campaign has opened in good shape, and victory is in sight. Good IteportM. The delegates from the western and southwestern counties bring in the most inspiring reports concerning the condition of the wheat and general prosperity of tho country, and say that the counties are receiving additions all the lime. Surely the outlookjfor the western part of the state was nover brighter. No. 7 Deluy.Ml. Passenger train No. 7. was four hours late this morning, which placed many delegates and some distinguished visitors to a little disadvantage as to time, not getting into tho city until noon today. We surmise that a washout in consequence of the heavy storm east, was the cause of the delay. Jerry Talked. N EW Y OKK , May 5.—Congressman Jerry Simpson, according to Washington dispatches, siys he is delighted with the news from the meeting of the Alliance presidents in Birmingham, Ala. He expresses surprise "that they all agreed to support the third party ticket, and thinks it will be almost certain to throw the election into the house." Getting In IU Work. M ASO.N C ITY , la., May. 5.—The National Cordage company has now for tiie first time given its price on sisal twine, which is from 1'4 to IX cents per pound higher than last year. Dealers who are now compelled to buy sisal twine must sell at not less than twelve cents per pound. This means an extra expense of thousands of dollars to the farmers of the country, <m «CQUMNTtO WITH THE QEOQRAPIIV OF THIS COUNTRY WILL 08THB MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION FROM A STUDV OF THIS HAP OF TH1 Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. Ourea Chapped Hand*, Wound*, Burn*, Etc Removes and Prevent* Dandruff. WHITE RUSSIAN SOAP. Specially Adapted for Use in Hard Watefc ChlcaiLQ, Hoct Manl & Pacific R?., lbs Direct Beuta to and from CHICAGO, HOCK ISLAND, DAVENPORT, DES MOINES, OOTO0IL BLUFFS, OMAHA, LINCOLN, WATEBTOWN, B10UX PALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, 8T. PAUL, ST. J0SEI >n, ATCHISON, LEAVEN WOnTH, KANSAS CITY. TOPEKA, DENVER, COLORADO 8PBINQ8. and PUEBLO. Free Reclining Chair Can to and from CHICAGO. CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DODGE CITY, and Palace HIeeplui Can betmea CHICAGO, WICHITA and HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS _.-H»«rt, Free rteetlnlnii C Can dally batween CHICAGO,_DK8 MOTHERS'! FRIEND" To Young Mothers Mikes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endorsed by the Leading Physicians, iloofc to IWothcrt''mailed FnjCJE. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO. 5 ATLANTA, OA. J SOLD BY ALL, DRUOQISTS. tM « M><t „„ Mt ; To lie Married. V IENNA, May 5. —The engagement of Count Herbert Bismarck ana Countess Margaret Hoyas, granddaughter of Robert Whitehead, inventor of the Whitehead torpedo, is announced. MANHOOD RESTORED. SAMATIVO," tbe ' rful . Spanish Worn itetnedy, la acid vltli a Written Quarant* to con all Neivoufl Ini eaate, •uch as Wtak Memory, Loss of Brala Power, lleadacnc, Wakefulness, Lost Man. bood. Nervousness, Lassitude, all drains and loss of power of tba Generative Organs In _ either au. caused by overexertion, youthful Indiscretions, or tbe excessive oae oftubacco. opiuin, or stimulants, which ultimately ksd to Infirmity, Consumption and Imanity. Put up In conrenlciit form to carry lu the vest focaet- Price |1 a package, or S for to. wllh every */' ordtr we give written guarantee to cur* or refund th E oner. p' ' guarantee to cure or re- Bsnt by mail to any address. Circular (Tea plain envelope. MenUon this paper. Address, MADRID CHEMICAL CO.. Branch Office for 0. a A. Us Dearborn Street, CHICAGO, ILL. FOR SALE IN HUTCHINSON HAS BY A. ]. Hanuuiazdt, DroCfiaL, one 4ooc north OS? Santa Pe Holed. it of Through OoAchw, BlMpcnr, Froe lUcllnlnn Cbalr " lining Can dally between CHICAGO, DE8 COUNCIL BLUFFH, OMAHA ard LIN* Jfili 1 Car* »nd lUnlnir MOINES. COU* _ COLN, and between CHICAGO and DENVKH, COLORADO SPUING* and VUEBLO vlaBt-Jotepb, or Kaniaa City and T OP***. Eicumloa* dally, with Choice of lloutM to anil from Bait Lake, Portland, Lorn AngelMand Ban Francisco. Tho Direct Linn to and fmm Pfl.ft'a Teak, Manltou, Garden of th* God*, th* HauLUriomt, and. Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. Via The Albert Lea Route, Past Kxpress Trains dally between Chicago and Mlnneapollsnod 8L Paul, with THHOl'GH Reclining Chair Cars FREE, to and from those points and Kan* eas City. Through Obalr Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lake and Hloui Palls via Rock Island. The Favorite Lino to 'Watertown, Sioux Palls, the Summer Resorts aud Hunting and Pishing Grounds of the Northwest. P OT Tickets, Maps, Polden, or desired liifonaalion apply to any Coupon Ticket Office, or address I. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIAN, Gen'l Manager, Gen'l Tat. A Pass. Agu mtlCAfKi. ILL. ntatdlet tad Iiutieil far the Care of Call on or address the Kuitf instituti of Indian Ttrrtturf, OKLAHOMA CITY, O. T:

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