Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1912
Page 8
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Iff-- ' 1 THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, TONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER -28, 1912. II.CONFERENCE "TO lOU ^- XXOSfiO TALLEY niVISION HERE JfEXT YEAR. , ! Iter. Pnither ROTH to Channle lud Ber. G. £. Moody IVIll Conic to lola.—Conferonro Xcws. The Register Is indebted to Rev. T B.Prather for the following Interesting news aliout the United Brethren" conference for- the Neosho district: ' The Neosho Annual Conference of the United Brethren Church AHjas held . In Coffejrvllle last woelt. The pastors' reports fronl the various chiirchcs sbow^ a very encouraging increase in njerabership in thd district, ati4i a number of new modern church buildings pushed the property values up many thousands of dollars.: A num- ,ber of new church buildings are planned for the new year. A conference branch, Ottcrbein Brotherhood, was have meant A two^bagg^r '^OT.UUL. Kulwlder anq Gray were the battery for lola, while Brennan and Myera filled that position for laHarpe. POLICE FOUSD A -PHAXTOM." ImprlNoned In a Tacant Iloniie, Bnll- dog Made HldeouH 'Sonnds. i ^ j Officer Charles McPherson unraveled a mystery, exposed a "spook" and quieted the apprehensions of the resl- dentR in the vicinity of the 700 bloclt on South street this afternoon. As a re.<:ult, tranquility prevails .where but a few hours ago there was much coa- cern. liidnous sounds cnnnatinf; from an uj)per room on the second floor of vacant residence caused the apprehen stonN^Boys raid there was a ghost in the house. Older heads said that It was nothing'more than a cat or dog that had strayed into the building and was hungry. But if that w-as.all. the boys reasoned, why didn 't the' cat or the dog come out and get something to eat instead i of staying in a vacant house, moaning and groaning. Finally, it was decided to call the t GOUNH flUlM INSnniTE NEXT ONE TO BE HELn IX lOLA AOTEMBER 13 A.>0 16. P. £. Cmbtree and Mnu SIromonK, Two £.xperto from ManiwttaB, Will Make Addresses. : organized to carry on the work for ; men in the denomination, as a result i police. Officer McPherson responded of the Men and Religion Forward jo the call and searched the bouse. In - Movement. R. H. Bennett was el^t- an upper roora.*aoor clo.^ed tight, the , ed president and Rev." I. B. Prather, nojse was located. Officer McPher- *• executive secretary jof the organiza- son forced open the door and' the [ tion.- There was also a woman's move chf>st leaped at him with the ferocity ment inaugurated. The conference ; of . T himgo" *oir. It was a big. white ; voted favorably to the uniting of ; liul 'dog. wild with the hunger of a sev- ; Campbell College .ind Kansas City oral da.vs' fast. University./ A resolution was unani- ' - The nelghliors demanded that the moiisly adopted favoring woman suf- dec be shot but,a<; the canine bore . frage. The conference will meet in • lola next year. Rev. I. B. Pralher was ' transferred from lola to^ ChJinuK- First, church, and'. Rev. G. K. Mood; was appointed to the lola churcl. "• Rev. Mrs. Bowman was return* .1 'V the' Tola circuit and Rev. 0. i; !uii. '' • Bertch, of, Pittsburg was rc -cleiUii i Presiding Elder. < I r;:o proper license tag the officer re' fT.-'i'd. ICvirtcntly the dog had strayed ' i :!;slairK and into the vacant room. The vin .I blowing through » south window •hininicd the door tight and the dog - : • a prisoner. \ short investigation revealed ths , v! that the dog belonged to Mr. ' ^inith. a foreman employed in the Becker button company's j>lant and is I^ter the following appreciation of l-iiihly valued by him. ITRAVIS'S OFFICE TO BE HERE Rev. Mr. Prather's work here was ; handed in by R. H. Bennott: Word has been rw-eived from the Annual Conference of the I'mled • Brethren church, 'n session at Coff^v- i %1lle ,Ka8.. thai Rev. I. B. Prather,! who for the past two years has lioen I (Jreat Western Uereher to I'se Kron pastor of the United Brethren clMirch • nmy In Admlnlsterine the Blir "_ in this city, has be«»h assigned to Cha- : l*ro|>erl). Bute. It is the expectation of the con-! 1 " ference that considen>ble improve- 1 , , , . , . ments are to bo made within the noxt I ^ ^ "I'l'ointed year at Chanute in the cr.H-.ion of i 1^' .'^\\':"'«}«>- "-rT .Meiver for the new buildings and much acgn sslv»>; ,, _ . , , work done. It speaks well for th..; '.''"'^ *-;i"«">- '•<^<">;'><'•» frt«m Kansas conlidenco in his ability that he sliould ! ' ^>^'t>•r«1a .v night, wher. be selected as the man best li.tod «o ! <«' J" reoe ver 1 do this work, and thv character of tho : "'^^ :"n»5tti>=ter the affairs work done by him in lol.i demon- . "^^ "»»^ company abb" and honestly and strates the wisdom of the selection inade. His two years" residence save bond in tlie sum of $2.-.,000. He found the cofnpany maintaining „ K!„. K, 1 expensive offices in Kansas Cit.v.«cost • f ^^^^ll I „ „hV H-^- • '« *2r.O .i month and it struck ^^^L Z^/Z L r ,.u lu «^l»m ll,at so far as he can now see he •- ^J ^lt,^tl,Z^u^l^^^Tl^ lo"!* 'he business as effic- - among lola churchmen and especi.^^^^^ and possibly more efficiently • ?tH ^%?rTn^ Mover^P^ f'""'" ^0 he Contemplates estab- ^ V T ^ n 'ishinir the receivers office here and T*' .^^^^"^•;Sec'^l=^^^^^^ the aid of one assistant and the connection with this Tno ^emcnt '^a'-' advice of the attorney named in the ' ^^J"'^.r'\^ ^>"i^is IZ >HSH. 1 ,0 believes he can dig to the -York'City ?ast spring. Rev. FVather spent a number of years in th-; employ of the Sante Fe Railway and wili liottom of the trouble and consider any offers which may come from buy- be afforded an opoortunity now to be ''^''^ the corapany's asset.,. It seem- of service to its employes in :he .osf i^^,- ^^^^^jtX^ t^aS^ of the concern and terminate its business existence. •real sense, and they may expect that --he Viill be a live wire. BREXXAX WAS IX FORM. I W.VRXS.THE TOWX F.VRMER. He Would Hare Blanked lola Yester-; day If Supported. About 200 baseball fans viewed one .the lasl performances of the sca- «op at the Electric park yesterday af- ^iternoon. The LaHarpe and White Sox teams were the opjwsing forces, eacli of which had a "good line-ui> and was in. good shape. Brennan. the star man toir LaHarpe, struck out /eleven cf lola's batters, while rhe lola pitcher. .Fulwider, retired seven inen. Bren- lian, however, could have struck out Unore men if his catcher had l)een able io handle more speed. Tlie fcnturo of the ^ame was a one-haniled slab of I 'l liner by Marling on third base. The Iwll wns hit. Marling Jumped Into the air and.slabh^-d if in time to recover it ind jcllre tho runner at first. rence. of I>BHarpe. made a hard run in -left field and caught a fly that would > Slarklnp Feed .Acainsf the City Ord- inancc. Officers Say. Complaints that a number of lolans who during the 'i»ast season leased small tracts of ground and planted crops of millet, alfalfa and cane, are hauling tlie hay to town and stacking it in yards where it may easily catch tire and cause much danger to nearby property are coming to i>oUce Ucadquarlors thick and fast. Three coiniilalnts of this nature were telephoned to the officers this aftemooc. "Hay uumt be housed In some build- Ing." wild nn officer con>meJ»tlng on tho coniplnints. "It Is a. violation of the city ordinance to bring it in and slack it up In the back yard where. If ignited, a lire that may wliie out a whole .block n^ay ensue." m. m Sieverf Oil Burner FOR COOKING, HEATING, HOT AIR, STEAM AND HOT WATER FURNACES - ! . • ^ Njo odor or smoke—bun:.^ like gas—controlled like gas by turning a valvt\ Can be installed in any stove. % .This Oil Burner is no experiment We investigated before taking the agency and^ found the SIERRET OIL BURNER working for t^ree and four years in jsome of the best homes and buildings in this state. ^ Will not stop lip or burn out and is not complicated. Will bum three to four hours on one gallon of distillate oil, at 4c per gallon, delivered at your door. % Mr. Marr has the Sierret Oil Burner installed in his ovens and heating stoves at his bakery, and uses it for cooking at home. ?| See it burning at our store and get prices and information. ' . k. C Plumbing and Supply Co, PHONE 65 lOLA, KANS. Once moro the farmers' institute season Is on. and the people of Kansas arc busy planning meetings. The Agricultural College supervises the work, assists In dating the institutes, and co-operates with the various local and county organizations in preparing programs which shall be . interesting and helpful. As; far as possible, the needs and interests of each community are considered. w;lth the result that every Institute becomes a conference of progressive farmers and business men for the discusgion of live problems pertaining to agriculture and rural life. Every one is invited to these meetings and to take part in the discussions. The institutes now number almost four hundred organisations, with a membership of more than sixteen thousand. They are becoming splendid conferences of business farmers and at'e a tremendous force for the up­ building of agriculture. The institute at lola will be held on Friday and Saturday. Xpveraber l.">-16. and Mr. P. E. Crabtrec. specialist in Farm Management, and Mrs. Mary E. Simmons, specialist in Home Economics, from the Agricultural College. v.-ill be present. In addition, local speakers who know intimately the prol)- lems of the community will give short addrc'seit. The n^cctings cannot help but be profital)lc to every one who attends. Each one will learn something to a.ssist him ovei- difficulties, to renew his enthusiasm, and to raise his ideals of life in a farm home. Come :it 10 o'clock or earlier, when tlic first session is held, and stay for the whole institute. Bring samples of garden, farm .and orchard'products for exhibition, fn many towns it is the practice to close all stores and business houses for the entire afternoon vvlxcn the institute is l)eing held. . THE VOTES .\T niH.UiO. Two Prominent and Veil hiformcd .Men TeMlfj. l'iie« of "Stop Thief!" have he^u Ic^s .snd le---'s heard from iho I'nMiri"-- -•|ves as the i;i>ne on Their common attitiide is tiiai. vvhot' or not TaTt had stolen (he Repulil.ican nominabon. the new party would liave had t6 lie fonnej. Siill. "lie charge tha' Koosevelt was cheated out of his ritrh'ts at the Republican Convention is occasionally hcaKI. Sen- itrr I.aFoIIe»tc takes it up in the last issue of his Weekly, and declares that Roo^cvpfl never had a majority of honestly elected dplcpates . This opinion any able-bodied Bull Moose could toss contemptuously on his horns, comine as i' does, from a Itepublican who announces that he would not he "surprised" if Wilson were elected. Unt whst will tho Progre'slves do with a like delKerance by "Our Harry?" In his speech at St. Paul on Thursday. Secretary Stlmson referred to the same matter In the following words: "They say that the Republican nomination this year was attained by theft and fraud. I say that I have examined the facts relating to this charge, and I believe that it is entire- y untrue." The magnificent audacity of this, after the Colonel has made it plain that no honest man can |>o<;sibly form such a judgment, shows that Mr. Stlmson is rightly Secretary of War. —New York Post. Bl-LGARIAXS IIOPK TO TAKE AOHIAXOPLH: WITH THAT POINT PASSED THEY ^ • ' ^ WOILI) EXCOrXTEK XO OTHER IMPORTAXT flTV OX ROAD TO TlBhlSH CAPITAL At the lom Turkish troops at" Adrlnopic: bottom, ."ilonlcgrln soldiers in action. yu>» -hov.s oiiuirie-^ involved in IJaitaii war and positions THREE m cuiidG MsLrrL::™^ BESLS IN m TROOBIE Le (>etlt Caporal. Las C.nses, tho biographer of Na poleon "^tonapnrte, thus drscrlhes the origin of Ih^ title l.e IVtIt (' .\ slngulRr cwmom was eatabllsVifd In the army of Ital.v', In consequence of the youth of the comninmlcr. or from seme other catinr. After each battle tho oldest soldiers used to hold a council and confer a new rank on their young general, who. when he mado his appearance In the camp, was" received by the velornns Rt.d soU'ted by his new title. They made him a corporal at I.odi and a sergeant at Castlgllone; and hence the surname of "Petit. Caporal." which v as for a long time applied to Napoleon by the soldiers. How subtle is the chain which unites tiic most trivial circumstance tc. the most Important events'. Perhaps this very nickname contributed to his miraculous success on His return in 1815. WTiile he was haranguing the first battalion, which he found it necessary to address, a voice from the ranks exclaimed. "Vive notre petit caporal! We will never fight against Wm!" lariy stages of the Kansas cauipaigu. | S< iiaior tSeorKc II. Hudge .H has r.-iilly i tuade ii remariuble race. For sevenil wiM'ks he has neon tonsisH'Utly gain- Inn. llUs Riiitts have btvn tiotletnble . In every portion of the slate. Still. t'app<>r looks several thou-^imii voi.s Cnmimiun DrHwInir to « Close With | sironger thiui Slubhs and t'h;>trni:iu I.EVDIXtJ PARTIES AM. HOPE W cAiiKV TiiE .sT .vri;. the Outconu- I'nrcrlain and Ef crylioily llo|**'l'>il' ll'ille.v declares he is conlldi'llt of 'i'opekii publisher's eli'«'lloli. In the prttildenlial contest in K:iii; sas at this lime Woodrow Wilson Ueviewinu the political situation in !""'<?. 'i f""* Kansas today, lust cno wtH-k from the i'"' '""<' IJemo«-ratic 8ti-eri,!;ih (line whin th, 8io :>s and the vol-1 ''" "''""1' united party beh ml ing btgins. the Top.ka Stale Journal''"'-.. «l'<* "iher hand tlu- division In the liopubiican party over Uoose- publishes the following summary of] the Kansas Outlook: brt.k to iak<! i>art in the war that now rages in the "old country." •tiolng iiii '.k to light for your coun- - trv?' a in.ill : !.ked a well known. (;retk this :uornlnK. Tho Greek has work, it foi' many months at tho plant i.f ilie lola I'orlland, "Ti •! he rt>plied; "too bhi out tlitri'. • .And lie polnt."d toward Bas[ M-ll. • lol.i p'opli- rem. niher SIK III'.-IIS ; TUU (;r< i-k javlnn his money and i-!ui> <!a.\. I"', ore.many iitonths ba Eoruicr loinn <<'t-ts lulu Diilicultie* Wilh Wliolesule House at Ulrhl. tn After u Sale. velt and Taft. will put Wilson in front i if tile reckoning of the close observ- j Ten days ago. Governor Stubbs ap-',.r8 of politics is accurate. In ISOS parently was badly beaten in thi' I'nited States Senatorial coniest. Since that time Stubbs has been ually gaining strength. Whether this gain has been a mere settlement of party differences, or whether Stubbs has actually made new <onv.ns is u question which only the returns can determine. On 'he other hand, how- ^ _ ^, ever. Judge William 11. Tliomv>son, the wliich will be cast in the election Roos, criminal docket and wilt b- Democratic senatorial nominee, hasipveli would receive 121.000 votes in 1 heard within a week. .Mr. Reals .gave been less effective in his speeciies U-„„p.,s and Taft <;4.0»(>. With theii,„nd for his appearance at the pre- than the Kansas Governor. That | Bryan vote to rely on. Wilson could | Uminarv hcririrg. Thompson will gain a good Tnany^](,g^ ., fpw thousand votes to Rooso-j " thousand Republican votes, there is .,„d-rafi and still secure the Kan-; UKEEKS TOO BISY HEKE. sa.s electoral vote by a majority. ' Taft polled lOfi.Odii votes In Kans.ns. Willie IfiO .O 'tO w .Te cast for Bryan. In the August primaries the Roosevelt electors polled 77.0DO votes to 3S,(i00 for Taft. There were approximately Republicans who failed to vote Counting the full parly vote;. „,-,pd.-,,Js ^Vor^ in such a manner j and a.<,suming that the absent vote in ,„o wholesale house is unable to' the primaries is proportionate to that ,„p.„^ i,s proiK-rtv. The case -Is placed j Willi clrrked hi'i-.. »olli<> llllle ill Ihe Fa- j ; iiHius and who later m.irrl-d an<l en- j i)!i..ise;l. he wUl he running a fruit .ca):>-il l:i t!.e clothing tmslues:) at randy store mhkh is tho height ot hii WIehiia. The Sunday Knglo says of; ambition. him: i ' » ' ^ SIg Heals, who conducted a store on 1 Travis .Mors- returned home this Hast Douglas ivenue and reeently | .,f,prnoon from-a business vlsltsin El- closed It, is In trouble with the courts. ' pin. Kansas " - ' I'redit men are eharcing that .Mr. ' ' " Hea's did not handle his business on ^ - r -:- •. - -^*^^'^'^^^' a iias's that w:is fair to them, and are i asking th:>t lie he piinisht-d. A com- : plaiv.t signed by Tipton Cox, whicli al- j leges that .Mr. Heals li:id goods be-l longing to the Cox-Blodgett DryCoodpl totnpany oi. October 21 to the value of i .$768.11 is filed in the lity cOurt The! complaint char.ces thai .Mr. Deals man little doubt. But will Stubbs win the support of a large Democratic follow- ! „ , ^ u Fights in all of the congressiona. i The Fen* That Live In lola Will Xot ting? That is the question on. wiiuh districts are close and uncertain. Of: (;o Back tn Tackle War — — ithe senatorial contest in Kansas will,,hp Republican congressmen Anthony F. Porter, a yoimjj farmer| probably hinge. ! is perhaps the more strongly iptronth i lola has a comparatively small poi.- j The Capper-Hodges ^gubernatorial! ^.i at this limp, with Campbell in the ! Nation of the Greek nationalitv aiid I As W. . ^ , living near lola. was crossing the car'i track in frrmt of the Coutant hardware store this afternoon with a wagon load of ear,corn, the rear right- band wheel slipped off. iiermittlng, that quarter of the wagon to fall to I the pavement. The team of mules attached to the wagon became frightened at an approaching'street car, and; some trouble vns ex|)erlenced in get- 1 ting them oiiiet. In a few mlnute<:- •with the aid of ten men the wheel j wasTcplaced and Mr. Porter went oo/ his way. ^y'^l The Junior class of the high school j is in receipt o fa copy of the Pratt Miror. a jschool naper issueil by the Pratt County high school. The paper resembles the Junior Judge, published by the Junior class of 1911-12 and conUins numerous stories of school events and some advertising. ^Sunday was the ftfty-foifrth birthday of Colonel Roosevelt and the event was celebrated at the home in Oyster Ray with a family reunion and dinner. The Colonel wa^ up early, feeling fine and enjoyed a stroll out of doors. contest is one of the real fights in ihe jxhird a close second. Murdock in the ;,hoso that live here know a good thin-.; campaign. Just as Stubbs sippeared j Kighth and Jackson In the Fourth on ! when they have ii. They are not .going MA JESnC THEATRE TONIGHT! PROGRAM "Mystery of l >aina Convenl" *A Day nl an Infant Asylum' *An Alpine Tragedy"' DIET—"tiood XIpht. Mr. Moon" Oma Allen, Herbert Allen 5«*- AXT SE.VT, -5<i • practically equal terms. All of thcni j have ample trouble ahead in the com-' .Ing election., Hard fights arc being ; made by the Democrats tO defeat Brady In the second. Rees In the fifth. I Young in the sixth and Finley in the i eighth. Saved by His Wife. Fresh Oyrters, Fish, Vegetables Fresh Meats Staple Groceries Newby Groc. Co. PHONE 240 106 South Washington DeliTcr to Any Part of the CUr I —She's a wise woman who knows just what to do when her husband's i life is in danger, but Mrs. R. J. Flint, i Braintree. Vt.. is ot that kind. "She 'insisted on niy using Dr. King's New Discovery." writes Mr. F. "for a dread ful cough, when I was so weak niy friends all thought I had only a short' time to live, and it completely cured; me." A quick cure for coughs and j colds, it's the |raost safe and reliable i medicine for many throat and lungj 1 troubles— grip bronchitis, i croup, whooping cough, quinsy, tonsllitis, hemorrhages. A trial will convince • you. 50 cts. land |1 .00. 'by all druggists. Guaranteed > NOTICE! STOVE OIL or DISTILLATE V A full supply on hand at 409 North Jefferson Avenue. , , ' . I Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford. Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots • ^1 riff

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