The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 5, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 5,1892. GENERAL NEWS. The Happenings of the World Reported by Telegraph. THE OSBORNE CASE REVIVED. KngllHli Wnrkinjrmrn Oltleet to the Action <if tlw Homo Heerelaryln Itevoklng Her Hcntencr, ami Deinnml One liAtv nml One I'nnlstiine lit fur Illeh ami l*oor, HlRliitnil J,ow—Crime* nntl Casualties. LONDON , May 5.—So much excitement and comment IIIIR been indulged in by the radical and working class of papers regarding the release on Sunday of Mrs. Osborne that the home ofilce has taken the unusual step of making public the memorial recently received with the signatures of many of the most eminent of the leaders of the medical profession of London, representing the danger to life likely to accrue from the further confinement in jail of Mrs. Osborne over the period of her uccouchment, and referring to the mitigating facts in the medical history of the prisoner prior to and during the commission of the offenscH for which she was convicted. Among those whose names are appended to this plea for the remission of her sen tence on these grounds are Sir .James Paget, Wir Joseph Fayrer, Sir Edward Sieveking, Sir Henry Thompson, l.)r, Wilks, Dr. \V. II. Jtroiitlfoent, Dr. Russell Reynolds, Dr. Ferrior, Dr. Roberts Dr. Mitchell liruce, Mr. Victor llor.s- ley, Dr. lllandford, Or. Allchin, and among the gynecologists and obstetric physicians, Dr. l'layfair, Dr. Iiraxtou llicks, Dr. .fervis, Dr. (lalal)in, Dr Ed in. Dr. Harm's and Dr. Herman. The matter is likely to come up in purlia inent, as one of the radical members tins intimated his intention of moving for a "return" showing the total mini ber of children which have been born in prisons in the United Kingdom in the hist ten years. An unollieial statement based upon replies to an in t [Uiry addressed to the wardens of several leading count}' and local prisons of the country shows that last year alone over thirty .children were brought, into the world while their mothers were under sentence of imprisonment either long or short, for minor or serious oifences, and that in no ease was a pardon granted or clemency extended on account of such ne- couehinenl. The home secretary is to be challenged to .prove his statement that a similar course to that taken in Mrs. Osborne 's ease, has always been the rule in the case of any woman whoso continued imprisonment might imperil her life or the life of a child about to be born. JOV P.NA I.IBTIC ENTERPUISE. KAUMICK —That was a stavln' paper you got oat lu ;t v.-ii.'lc. COUN'TJIY Kiimm—I'm glad to hoar that you were pleased with It. KAIIMBU—TIHMU stories you had in about them follors twin' cured of long -sUiuclln' diseases wore the ontortalningist bit of news I've read for ft long time.— Puck, You'd lwlicvo in patent medicine* If they dkln't profess to euro everything. And, yon can't always fell the proscription that cures by what you road in tho papers. Bo, perhntH, there's no better way to sell & remedy, than to tell the truth elxmt it, and tako the ri'.ifc of its doing Just what It pro- fosses to do. Dr. Pierce's Favorlto Proscription is not a " eur«-a/(," but is only adapted to those diseases peculiar to womon. It fulfills a singleness of purpose, being a perfect epe- cifto in all chronic weaknesses, functional and painful disorders peculiar to the sex. It's a powerful, Invigorating tonic, and a soothing anil strengthening nervine—purely vegetable, perfectly harmless. For ulcerations, displacements, bearing-down sensations, unnatural discharges — everything that's known as a "foaialo complaint" —it's a positive remedy. Bring your magazines and books to the NEWS bindery and have them neat ly bound. It is the best way to preserve them. Home of the Orand Army boys may be interested in the following, from Alex. II. Pope, A. T). C, Commander department Tennessee and (ieorgia. He says: "We have had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Term.) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has done any good."' There is no danger from whooping cough when this medicine is freely given. It completely controls the disease. ,10 cent bottles for sale by C. Ii. Winslow, druggist, 15 South Main. Is your hair falling out or turning gray, Try lie,?gs' Hair Renewer. It acts lige magic. Sold and warranted by A. .1. Itaumhardt. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria "OUR PLEASANT HI LL ROUTE." Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for diarrhcEtt and severe cramps, and pains in the. stomach and bowels, with the best results. In the worst cases I never had to give more than the third dose to eiTct a cure. In most cases one dose will do. Resides its other good qualities it is pleBant to take," 2". and 50 cent bottles for sale by C. It. Winslow, Druggist, lft H. Main. Bright people are the quickest to recognize » good thing und buy it. We Bell lots of bright people the Little Early Risers. If you are not bright these pills will make you so. Ream's Midland Pharmacy. CROUP, WHOOPING COUGH and Bronchitis immediately relieved by Hhiloh Cure. For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria Now Try This. It will cost you nothing and will surely do you good, if you have a cough, cold, or any trouble with throat, chest or lungs, Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds is guaranteed to give relief, or money will be paid back. Ruiterers from la grippe found it just the thing, and under its use had a speedy and perfect recovery. Try a sample bottle at our expense and learn for yourself just how good a thing it is. Trial bottles free at C. E. Sidlinger's drug store. Large size !i0c and 81 . 3 Stockholders' Meeting. There will be a meeting of the stockholders of the Hutchinson and Southern Railroad company at the company's office in Hutchinson, Kansas, Friday, May 13, I8i)3 at 10 a. m. II. A. CimiaTY, President. CHAB . H. DAVIS , Secretary. April 13, 1882. tf ruliil A.elilent. C 'l.KiiKitNK, Tex.,May S. —An immense crowd was [present yesterday to hear the joint debate between Hon. .lames M. Hogg and Judge George Clark, gubernatorial candidates. Dnriug the debate a portion of the grand stand fell with a crash, carrying down hundreds of men, women and children, There were two fatalities, and many limbs broken, and many other serious injuries. The debute was suspended for a time, but later on tho programme wus curried out. The Missouri pac-lllc Itttllroiul Coin l»i ny. Attention is again called to our Pleasant Hill route, the opening of which was announced in July 1800. The new line reaches some of the rich est and most productive portions of the east, and furnishes to the public facilities and advantages not obtainable elsewhere. An unusual number of the leading cities of Missouri and Kansas are located on this lino and the counties through which it passes in Missouri h'avo a population of more than one-third the entire state. To those desiring to take a pleasant trip east our Pleasant Hill route oil'ers un- equcaled facilities. We beg to again call attention to the fact that we have the most direct line to St. Louis, and all points east. Our train service is excellent and avoiding all transfers at Kansas City. Our rates are always as low as the lowest. Information cheerfully furnished. 5-5 P. ,1. LKIMU.VCH , Agent. CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath secured by Shiloh's Ca tarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal Injector free. For sale by A.&A Drug Co. Portland mid Uettirn—Oue Fare for tho ttonml Trip. For the accommodation of those desiring to visit at points in the vicinity of or at Portland in May during the session of the Presbyterian tleneral Assembly, the Union Pacific will sell tickets to Portlnud and return at one fare for the round trip. Tickets on sale May !l to 11 inclusive, limited to ninety days from date of sale. For any additional information apply to your nearest ticket agent. 30-5-H llueklen's Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Kheuru Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refund ed. Price, 25 cents per box. For sale by C. E. Sidlingcr, Miles' Nerve and Liver 1'llln. Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billiousncsH, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequalled for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 0 doses 25 cents. Samples free at A. & A. Drug Co. Late to bed and to vise will imorten the road to your home in the skies." But early to bed and a "Little'Early Riser," the pill that makes life longer and better and wiser. Beam's Midland Pharmacy; Sleep on Lett side. Many persons are unable to sleep on their left side. The cause has long been a puzzle to physicians. Metropolitan papers speak with great interest of Dr Franklin Miles, the eminent Indiana specialist in nervous and heart dlsenses, who has proven that this habit arises from a diseased heart. He has examined and kept on record thousands of cases. His New Heart Cure, a wonderful remedy, is sold at A. & A. DiugC'o.'s. Thousands testify to its value as a cure for Heart Diseases. Mrs. Chas. Benoy, Lovelnnd, Col., says its effects on her were marvelous. Elegant book on Heart Diseases free. 4 A Mur.ler for 11 Murder. K .NOXVli.i.i-:, Tenn., May 5. —Charles • L. Miller was arrested in Mount county, a week ago, suspected of murder. Ho proved to be the brother of the mini wanted, and he was turned over to two brothers named liuchanan, while the ollicers resumed their search. After their departure the two brothers tied Mitchell to a tree, cut his throat and riddled him witli bullets. The body was found yesterday. It isstated that Miller was concerned in the murder of a sister of the liuchanuns. Dr. Keeley's l.lfo Threatened. CuuiAoo, May 5. —A morning paper says thul Dr. Keeley of bi-chloride of gold fame is in dunger of death at the hands of a woman who claims that the doctor is responsible for her husband's death. Dr. Iveelcy has been receiving letters signed Frankio Parsons threatening him terrible punishment and death. The postoillce authorities have been enlisted in an effort to locate the would be executioner. IHsustrous Accident. FOKT MADISON , lo., May 5.— A disastrous accident occurred on the Atchison, Topcka and Santa Fc railroad, twenty-live miles west of here. A ves tibule train has gone through a bridge, probably through the weakening of tho foundations Uy the recent heavy rains. Thirty-live people are reported to have lost Uioir lives in the wreck or by drowning in the swolen stream. rim ti tte .te .io Ituvtteluil. 5. —The authorities l'Aitis, May 5. —The authorities had Intended to transfer Ravaehol to Mont Blison yesterday but abandoned th idea on learning' that the unarcliisls of St. Etienne had organized a demonstration to rescue the prisoner. It wus decided to keep him in Paris until tile opening of the assizes in June. iltepurled Killed. Nuw VOUK , May 5. —The Herald's Venezuela correspondent, suys: There is an unverified rumor that Dr. i Casanus, a Palaeios chief has been killed in his camp by emmissaries from the enemy who pretended to be deserters. ' Will IIIIUK, Lirri.K Ron;, Ark., May 5. —The supreme court has refused to grant an appeal in the case of L. 1). Slaughter and Tom Bailey, two negroes sentenced to bo executed Friday. The execution will take place in the jail- yard here. Fire iu luttluiiu. RrjoitiiNlu.K, lud., May 5.— Fire lust night destroyed tho furniture factory of EHOB it Pierce, the saw mills of i'ouch & Mott'att, and several residences. Loss S 150,01)0. MIllMlik Arrested. NKW Volti:, May 5. —The Herald hits ii cablegram stating that Milbank has been arrested in Belgium for dueling uud is out on parole. |ft %| Specimen fuse. S, II. 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Texas , 37.95 Demiug, New Mexico 37.95 Houston,Texus 28.40 Lampasas, Texus 24.10 New Orleuvis, Louisiana 44.80 J. W, TKHKOJID , Agent. CMdran CryforjWwHi, Ctttorta. Tliero »ti one ruuunly which every fumily shouhl keep nt hunU. Mr. John Curpoutor, of VVooiUuud, iiuUunu sa ^H of it; "J tried Ch.ui.bevlu.u'n Cl.olic, Legal Notice. Flmt Publication, April »5. lHiej, To H. P. Koadley, H.M. Beanlslev, H. C. Gilbert, The Jarvis-Conklln Mortg;im' TruHt coinpauv, Jurvis, Coiiklln &Companv: You ami each of you will take notice that The Hristol Savings Bank, aH plaintiff, had heretofore tiled its petition In the district court within and tor the county ot iieno aiu: state of KariKaw, against II. P. H<i;td)i,*y, II M. Ueardsley, II. C. (Jilbert, The Western in veHtment company of the county of Kinsman, Kansas, The Jars'is-Conklln Mortgagf Trust courpand, JarviH, Conklin & i-'ompiuiy The Muscatine Mortgage and Trust ei»ui E any, John T. Easley, L. J-*. Jackson and .aura H. Jackson, his wife, as defendants, and that you and each of you must answer said petition on or before the Nth day of I June, lH0:i, or Hald petition will be taken as true, and aludgment rendered atxordlngl against each and all the defendants, vacating and Retting aside, as agatnM the said Bristol Havings Bank, the certain Judgment rendered In and by said court on or about the lath day of September, IHNH. in an action pending in said court wherein said H. P. Hoadlev waHplalntiff and William J. Bowen, The Bristol Savings Hank, and others, were defendanta; also the certain other judgment of Hald court in the same action rendered on or about the 30th day of September, .IHuo, said Judgments being for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage given bv one William J. Bowen and wife to Jarvis Cbnklln & Company, upon the real estate described below, and barring and fureclos- THREE CENT COLUMN. Advcrllscment« Inserted In thin department will lie charged for at tuc rate of one- lialf cent per word: they must be InHcrted for a dellnltc number of times and paid for when insertion commences. This rule will be Rtrictlv observed in all canes. WANTKD. 'ANTED—Good, clean rags at the NEWS press room. 7KDR SALE—Old papers In packages of 100 1 for sale at the NEWS office. w F OR SALE—Large steam Singer Sewing machine. Enquire at this office. tf Good clean, cotton rags at the Will pay W ANTED- NEWB office press room good price. W ANTED—Girl to do general lionsework. Call at :il7 West Sixth avenue. »« to $3 per week. W ANTED—To rent, nice furnished room suitable for one or two gentlemen, lis West First avenue. W ANTED — Purchasers for the Smith- Premier type writer. The best machine In use. S. F. 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No. 22, Mall and Express. . No. 2«, Night Express.... «No. 04, Freight Accommodation WKSTWAHD. No. 23, Mall and Express.... No. 31, Night Express ' *No. 03, Freight Accommodation. M;-.() a. irtiM '.i:Mi p. mTH 11:1a p. m I1EPAKTS. 0:20 a. m 0:50 p. mil 2:00 p. mil No. 21 runs to Pratt only. No. 23 runs through to Dodge City andl Liberal. * •No. (14 dally except Sundav. •No. 03 daily except Sunday. Missouri ruclflc. Omaha, Nebraska, where the Methodist General Conference will meet in May is in the centre of the Great Rock Island System, and parties can go via this line from Chicago, St. I'nnl or Minneapolis, Veoriu, Keokuk, Iowa; Watertown, ,S. D.; Denver, lHieblo, Mbc-rnl, Kansas, and Minco, in the Indian Territwry. No rond entering Omaha has as wide a range of territory, and all visiting this Conference can secure superb service over the Great Kock Island. JOHN SICIIASTIAN , G. T. & P. A., C. K. I. & P. K'y., Chicago. 111. 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EVERYTHING GUARANTEED. lug tlie said Hrlstol Savings bank irom all rl(jht ami Interest In Bala premises arter Bale made In purHuance of such Jinl^nieutB; anil a further Judgment vacating the Hher- Hf'H Hale made In purHuance of auc.h prevl- OUM Judgments, and the alieriff'B deed made In purBuance of yuch Bale to the delendant'B lieardaley and Gilbert, and adjudging that the plaintiff, notwithstanding BUCII prior Judgments and sale has a valid and HubsiBt- lug lien by virtue of Its mortgage set forth In said petition on the said real estate, towit: The southeast Quarter of section twen nine ('ill), township twenty-six c -'il), range ten (10), went of thcslxth principal uiarldlan containing 100 acres more or less. Also a further Judgment herein detenntn ing the amount due upon the said I irlor mortgage given by William J. lowcn and wife to Jarvis, Conklin and company, and determining the rights and Interest of the several de fendantB In said real estate, and that plain* tiff be allowed to redeem from such prior mortgage, and determining the amount necessary to be paid on such redemption ami that such payment the aald defendants, and each and all of them, be barred and forclosed of all right, title and Intercut, In or to said premises, and for auch other and further relief as may be Just and equitable, WlUTKHIDI •& QLKABON, K. A. M0MAT1I, Attorneys lor I'lalntlff. AITKBT: I.\ p. AIIAMS, Clerk of District Court. ni-3t 209 North Main, Midland Block. Hutchinson, Kansas MUSIO LESSON. I will receive pupils in nra sic at my residence, 405 east Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lessons, MKS. A. W. INNES. FOR MEN ONLY! mm ?or 1081 or TAILING KAKH00D, Jenond and HEEVOtJS DEBI1IIT, Weilnsw of Bojj ud Kind, Xffeots , . -.fErToriorSisHwsinOldDrTouu. SuSoil, iSo.l. • iSHlH.D tail. HMinl. M.w I. laluw aa4 AkMhittll luir.Ulw HOW TMUTlEXT-StlMlla la • tar, Xr.t.iUfj rr,.n i (J HUU* ror.!«• tu•»Ui«*. WriUtlMSk DMtrlptl .e Book, *i |>laDaltoaaadpro «iinaU.-i(HalH)rraa, AMrwa KRII weDIOAL CO.. BUFFALO M. Y. 0ZMANLIS ORIENTAL SEXUAL PILLS Bin, Pmm >.tg Fotttm Oun for Imptttnc; itu of Manhood, Seminal EMlukuu, StumMmkeo, tiiMinui, SelfOletnut. (oat of Memory, dc. Will make you a 8TKON0. f/oor- oue Man. Price 11.00, « Bote: IS 00. aaeolal Olrectlone Mallei with each Bo*. Mtreie BUUltSsoTTillBMt C>.> aoi8LuoA«Av«. ST. LOUIS. • U 327 North Main. DU. R. A. STEWART, Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Glasses properly adjusted. W. MAGUIRE, M. D„ ATTOKNBiS. ROBERTST Attorney at Law. Rooms 2,:) and 4, Mo. .'1 South Main. L*ocal Freight (dally) leaves St. Louis Mall (dally) leaves VV.&C. Acc. (daily) mixed leaves. «:00 a. m! 0:30 a. m 4:10 p. m WKSTWAHD. Local Freight (dally) leaves W.&C. Acc.(dailv)mlxed arrives. Denver Express (daily) leaves... D-.45 a. m 11:45 a m 7:22 p. m Cars run through to St. Louis wWhout change m Chair Cars to Denver free of chargcWliiS is the short line to all points west. M 1 '"* P J. LBIMDACH, AtMtu. H. C. TOWNSKNP, r.en. Pas. Agent. •No. 2, Mail and Express tNo. (1, Freight and Acc'n AiUtIV£8. «:30«j. m 11:30 a. in •No. 1, Mail and Express tNo. r>, Freight and Acc'n DKPAHT8 H:00a. m. 2:15 p. m. 'Dally. tDally except Sunday. Close connections made at Hutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. Atchison, Topekii A- Santa Fe. In effect on and after November 18,180lJ WESTllOUND. Trains. Denver & Utah V.Ex Californ la &Mex. 11m. Colorado night Ex.. Freights. .. Freight. ... Leave Kansas City. 10:45 a.m. 10:50 a.m. 0:20 p.m. .1:30 p.m. Arrive Hutchinson. 0:40p.m K:15p.m 7:45a.m. :):43p.m. OHOp.m Leave ! Hutchf I inson. [U:40p.m, |s:20p.m, 8:05a.m, 7:05p.m. EASTHODND. Trains. New York! Limited Ex. Chicago Ves-, tibule Ex'ssl Cannon ball Missouri river night Ex. Freights Freight Arrive Hutchinson. 0; 8;8:15pm 30 4:00 pm 44|8:35 a m Leave Hutchinson. 8:35 p m 1:21) p in IJ:30 a in Arrli'-! Kaifl*! City. 4:40.p t |0:05pt 00 a i Chicago, Kansas £ Western ItallroadI Hutchinson Extension. New* York Limited Ex. Accom'd'tlon No. 3 carries through Pullman and tourisl sleeping cars to San Diego. Los Angeles, SaiT Francisco and City of Mexico. man s and Denver, making connections atP^iebfifl ;ity c tfir. irough Pullman sleeper; and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Spring; L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys at Law. r^VBesaors to Swlgart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposite Court House. JJIDWAKD A. I1ARRIMAN, Attorney at Law. Office in Hutchinson National Bank building -y-yM. WHITE LAW, Attorney at Luw, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman Btreet. "yyiUTESlDE & GLEASON Attorneys at Law, Omce, 1, 2, 3, 4, over No. 24 South Main St. rj -IAYLOR & TAYLOR, Attorneys at Law, Office, up-stairs, Masonic Temple. M' ODERN WOODMEN OF AMERICA Meet in the hall of McClurg's store, at No. 20 South Main street, every Monday evening. Visiting neighbors always welcome. W. R. MARSHALL , Clerk. A. M. HUTCHINSON , V. C. CTJSON& WATSON. One Price To All 315 North Main. Confectionery. and Colorado Springs with through sleepcrl for San Francisco and Portland, via. sal| Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper t| Dodge City and through coaches to Pucbl| and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourisl sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas Oity ami Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis. L No. u carries through Pullman sleeper! and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago! No. H carries Pullman sleepers and chat~| cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TM>ro»D, Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson. | M Langlois, "if (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORnJl3BN.)| Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, porkB veal and ull kinds of sausage, oyster^ fish and game. John Hurtinun, eutterj Telephone 32. REMOVED. I have removed my bakery and fancy grocery to No. 16, South Main street, where I will continue to make my famous cream bread. K. RYDK. VIGOR. OF MEN Jtoslly, Qtmkly, Permanently Restored. Weakaeu, NervoUMUia, Ueblllty. and all the twinof ojlla from early errors orlato? uxcessei. the remits of overwork, sickness, wurry, oto piiH strength, development, snd tone ulven to ovcrv 0 ™ft. ,, J ma . port "i? 01 ""> "o^- Slmplo, natural motuods. lumedutta Improvement seon h' iln tooosslble. JflJO references. Bo7 ,V e "p')a n « ™S proofata^hxlljejeaIfreo. Adores nM """ •Ml MIOtOAL CO,, BUFFALO, N. V. MIDLAND HOTEL Most eontrully located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY! Patronage of traveling men solicted Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Da HE DID—HE BXDN" "•^ FiveyearK ago both oouRutour fed vie*. Wo cum all WEAK- MBSBEfl <k DISEASES OF MSN. fi IOURHEWBOOKJJ SJ? MOAJU CO., BuUfclo. Jf. V. Don't JoJl " HEED OUR WOKTV

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