Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 29, 1974 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 29, 1974
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Our Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn But of Course, Patmos Has Had Its Big Melons Editor The Star: Through advertising, Hollywood trips, etc., a lot of people are led to believe that Hope is the big boy in watermelon raising. However, I believe the record will show the 195-pound all-time champion was grown at Patmos. And as far as tonnage on watermelon growing is concerned Hope has a long way to go to get anywhere near Patmos, I believe. HOMER ROGERS Aug. 24, 1974 Patmos, Ark. 71856 This is a case in which production is confused with marketing. Watermelon production is on the farm—but publicity and marketing are conducted in the area's city. Hope is merely the spokesman for the watermelon growers of Hempstead and its neighbor counties. You have to bring 'em to Hope before they will recognize Patmos and our other farming areas. This reminds me of what the late George W. Robison once told me about marketing: "You beat the drums to bring 'em to town—and then you beat the drums harder to get 'em down to your street." Hope and The Star have spent much time and money in promoting watermelon sales over the years. Melons went out under the Hope label, a necessary thing to cash in on national publicity—but locally we always gave credit to the community which actually produced a particular shipment. Local watermelon production is spread over a much wider area than just Patmos. O.D. Middlebrooks, who grew the world champion melon at 195 pounds, which melon got enormous publicity on its presentation to the late Dick Powell in Hollywood in 1935, lived halfway between Patmos and Hope. Lester Kent of Hope Route One, one of the major current figures in growing melons, lives three miles from Hope. Ivan Bright of Hope Route Two, lives near Rocky Mound. Another producer, Pat Rateliff of Patmos Route One, lives between Patmos and Hope. And Aubrey Gooawm, a consistent major producer who • has been highly publicized by Hope over the years, doesn't even live in Hempstead county. His home is in Nevada county, on Rosston Route Three. O.F. Lloyd actually produces melons in Hope, his place being on W. Ave. B. Allison Embree, another melon marketer, lives five miles out of town on Hope Route Three. L.L. Morton, Hope Route Three, lives three miles north of town on Hy. 29. I know many of these producers personally, but Pod Rogers helped me fill out the list. To make production pay off requires cooperation between the growers and the central city on the following points: 1. Publicity 2. Prize money 3. A united front in the marketing process—as witness the fact that some years ago Hope Chamber of Commerce changed its name appropriately to Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce. country boy 20 years to get to town— and $ 1 00,000 to get back. Star Hope ^^^1^ Member "f the Assnciati-d Press VOL. 75—No. 271 —14 Pages Newspaper Knterprise Ass'n. Features HOPE, ARKANSAS THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1974 Av. net paid circulatimi.') months ending March 31.1!)74—4.080 As filed with Audit Hureau of Circulations,subject to audit. PRICK lOc At least 13 injured in Chattanooga blast CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — Half a downtown block was left in flaming rubble today after an explosion ripped through a ghetto area — leveling two night spots and a church — and injuring at least 13 persons. "I'm sure that it was not a bomb, but I don't know just exactly what caused it," Fire Chief Harry Jett said of the blast. Police Chief Jerry Pitts said, "There were no deaths." The early morning blast was heard four miles away. A customer at a nearby restaurant said the two night spots leveled by the blast were open for business at the time. Erlanger Hospital said it had given 13 persons emergency treatment, releasing all but one. "There was fire everywhere," said Patrolman Don Weller, one of the first at the scene. "The buildings were just leveled." "There were three or four people scattered in the street, blown out onto the street, blown out or carried out," said Police Ford re-emphasizes drive to economize WASHINGTON (AP) — President Ford has signaled his readiness to accept congressional cuts in the defense budget while his administration seeks to prune spending by other agencies in the effort to curb inflation. Ford gave wage earners and bureaucrats the same advice for dealing with the double-digit inflation: tighten your belts, "watch every penny. " Administration aides said that as part of that belt-tightening process, the President would not resist defense spend ing cuts, which originally had drawn White House criticism. At his first presidential news conference, Ford re-emphasized the drive to economize as his major inflation-fighting weapon, and underscored his opposition to wage and price controls. " ... Wage and price controls are out, period," the President said. The nationally broadcast and televised news conference Wednesday was dominated by questions about inflation and about the possible prosecution of Richard M. Nixon in the Watergate case. Ford said he subscribes to what he described as the general American view that Nixon should not face further action. But he said it would be unwise and untimely for him to make any commitment now on what he will do if the former president is indicted. He also said he will make the final decision, and does not rule out the possibility of an eventual presidential pardon should Nixon be prosecuted. "It is an option and a proper option for any president," he saicL The President said that to deal with inflation, the administration already has announced plans for a $5.5-billion budget cut during the year that ends next June 30. Ford said that will ease the strain on the money markets, and in addition "I think it will convince people who might have some doubts that we mean business." In addition, the administration is collecting ideas from labor, management, agriculture and other areas to prepare for his economic summit conference Sept. 27 and 28, he said. The approach he spurned was wage and price controls. Ford said he had discussed it with congressional leaders of both parties, that labor and management oppose it, and that it won't happen. Some Democrats have complained that Ford's budget cutting plans would bear down on domestic social programs. But Ford said he wouldn't spare the Pentagon. "No budget for any department is sacrosanct, and that includes the defense budget," he said. Ford said he will insist that the nation remain strong militarily. "But if there is any fat in the defense budget, it ought to be cut out by Congress or eliminated by the secretary of defense," he said. "In the meantime, all other departments must be scrutinized carefully so that they don't have any fat and marginal programs are eliminated." The administration is probing virtually every part of the budget for fat, economic coordinator Kenneth Rush said in an interview. And Roy L. Ash, director of the Office of Management and Budget, has been trying to hammer out a bipartisan approach to budget cutting. This would involve agreements in advance between congressional leaders and the White House on where cuts can be made in programs. Ford's statements about the economy brought a mixed reaction from members of Congress. Chairman Wilbur Mills of the House Ways and Means Committee said he agreed with the President that wage and price controls cannot be reimposed now. But Mills said it is possible they will be needed in the future. House Banking Committee Chairman Wright Patman said he didn't share Ford's confidence that voluntary wage and price guidelines would tame inflation, but was willing to give it a try. At the news conference, Ford also repeated that he probably will be a candidate in 1976 for the office he now holds by appointment and succession. Lt. Herbert Parker. The fire was contained to four buildings but the flames kept emergency workers away from the rubble for several hours. Fire Chief Harry Jett said the blast cut a 200-foot swath of destruction through the area. The blast destroyed the Starlight Lounge, the Cactus Club, the St-. James Baptist Church and a barber shop. The explosion sent splintered bricks sailing through the area, damaging cars parked on nearby streets. "I'm sure that it was not a bomb but I don't know just exactly what caused it," Jett said of the explosion. The flames kept firemen, policemen and other emergency workers from the rubble. The buildings hit by the blast and fire were two-story brick structures swith street-level businesses and upper level apartments. Jury studies Preston case FT. MEADF, Md. (AP)i — An eight-man military jury is considering what sentence to impose on the young Army private who landed a stolen helicopter on the White House lawn. Twenty-year-old Robert K. Preston already has pleaded guilty to charges stemming! from his Feb. 17 aerial escaf- pade and faces a maximum sentence of 2M> years hard labor plus a dishonorable discharge. The sentence is expected today., "I meant no Jharm," Preston, of Panama City, Fla., told the panel of four officers and four enlisted men as he took the stand in his own behalf. He said he only wanted "to get attention to the problems I had.". Preston charged that the Army had unjustly extended his tour of duty after he flunked out of flight school. Mad at the Army and depressed over troubles at home and with a girl, he took an unguarded helicopter from the Ft. Meade airbase and headed for the nation's capital, Preston testified. Mexican authorities hunt for guerrillas TWO GRAND for a comic book! That's what Houston attorney Burrel Rowe paid for a 40-year-old first edition of a "Superman" com- icbook at an aution. Rowe, a serious collector of such trivia, said he buys, sells, trades and avidly reads his valuable collection. SO EAGER to see a return of the death penalty. Philadelphia mayor Frank Hi/.to promised he would "personally pull the switch if they run out of people to do it." GUADALAJARA, Mexico (AP) — Police and troops searched through Guadalajara and Jalisco state today for the 83-year-old father-in-law of Mexico's president and the guerrillas who kidnaped him. Officials would not comment on a report that the kidnapers demanded $1.6 million and the release of "political prisoners" in exchange for white-haired Jose Guadalupe Zuno Hernandez. The kidnaping on a busy street in the middle of the nation's second largest city was the most daring exploit in a long string of guerrilla activities in Mexico in the past two years. It put President Luis Echeverria in a tough spot since he has repeatedly said in the past year that the government would not negotiate with kidnapers. The guerrillas have killed several persons when their ransom demands were not met. The police and the army set up roadblocks at major junctions and on the highways leading out of Guadalajara after Zuno was seized at »:30 a.m. Wednesday at one of the city's Zuno was seized at 9:30 a.m. blocks from the Jalisco state goverment headquarters. Witnesses said four men armed with pistols and submachine guns pulled the old man and his chauffeur from their car, beat the chauffeur to the ground, bundled Zuno into another car and sped away, spraying the area with tear Kas. One report said notes left in various parts of the city identified the kidnapers as members of the People's Armed Revolutionary Front, which kidnaped U.S. Consul-General Terrance G. I^eonhardy last year. The Nuclear blast UPPSALA, Sweden (AP) - A powerful nuclear charge was blasted underground today in the Soviet Novaya Zemlya area, Prof. Marcus Baath, head of the Uppsala Seismological Institution, reported. The explosion was measured at 6.6 on the Richter scale, Baath said. An earthquake with a 7 reading would be a major one. Ford smiles easily., talks softly and uses his hands By FRANK CORMIER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - President Ford smiles easily, speaks softly and talks with his hands. Mostly, that's what Americans learned from watching Ford's television-radio news conference Wednesday. The big news was that Ford had no big news to announce. For the first time in more than half-a-dozen years, Americans apparently have a President B//nd couple Tmd'each other SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) A romance that sprouted at a Guide Dogs for the Blind training school will blossom with the marriage of a young couple who confess happily that their "love is blind." Christell Chistopher, 18, and Rick Ehrler, 26, both blind, met June 23 at the training school. "I can't believe all this has happened," said Ehrler, elated by his planned wedding on RAIN Sept. 21. "I just went down to the Civic Center to get our marriage license and wow!'' Both insist it wasn't their blindness that brought them together. "Blindness didn't come into finding each other. We didn't try to find someone who was blind," Ehrler said. Together they stroll into stores and go dancing, along with their two new guide dogs — Carol, Chris's Labrador retriever, and Ferguson Rick's German shepherd. "We kind of crack up when we walk together in stores with our dogs or go dancing," Ehrler said. "We both love to go out and do things. Blind people don't have to sit in a corner and sell pencils." Together, Ehrler and Miss Christopher ski on water and snow, bowl and go camping. "We like to sit and listen to the television, too," Ehrler said. When she was 5, Miss Christopher was blinded from a blood clot on her optic nervt brought about when she bumped her head on a toy box Ehrler lost his sight in 1U69 while in combat in Vietnam. Sightlessness has been an in- convenience to the pair, but Ehrler says it may have been more of a blessing than a handicap. "Sometimes 1 think the guy who made up 'love is blind' is right," Ehrler said, "because you tend not to look at things objectively when you're in love." Miss Christopher is studying" at Collet'e of Marin to become a veterinarian assistant. Ehrler, who recently left a computer-programming job because he didn't like the hours, says he may become a veterans' counselor. who is willing to hold news conferences for the simple sake of opening himself up for questions on topics of current interest. That was the original purpose of presidential news conferences — but one never accepted as valid by Richard M. Nixon. Nixon's press secretary, Konald L. Ziegler, often said his boss viewed question and answer meetings with newsmen as opportunities to communicate what he had on his mind. Ziegler repeatedly rejected suggestions that his boss should be available for questioning regularly, even when he had nothing special to say Ford's press secretary, Jerald F. terHorst, says he expects Ford to hold news conferences about twice a month, but not necessarily before live cameras and microphones. The contrast between Ford's news conference debut and similar appearances by Nixon was pronounced, especially considering the shared setting of the White House East Room. Nixon used to stand before a blue velvet drape hung fruin iron pipes. So far as a TV viewer could see, he might have been standing anywhere Ford stood before an open door that gave TV watchers a glimpse down the carpeted marble hallway leading from the East Room to the state dining room. Ford's demeanor under hot TV lights also offered a contrast with his resigned predecessor. Nixon wore make-up and perspired freely. Ford didn't even powder his bald spots and, if he was a bit tense at the outset, he looked cool throughout. Ford's voice was lowered from the start - even a bit monotonously so and his exchanges with reporters were not only civil but friendly. Teenage math wizard is killed NASHVILLE, Term. (AP) A Nashville teen-ager who was considered one of the best young mathematicians in the world has been killed in a fall from a tree in his backyard. Killed on Wednesday was Gerhard C. Arenstorf, 17, who last month traveled to East Germany and tied for second- place honors on the first United Slates team ever to participate in the International High School Mathematical Olympiad state government denied this, but the denial was suspect since state officials issued a false denial of a similar report when Leonhardy was kidnaped. There was no comment from Echeverria. His wife flew to Guadalajara to be with her family as soon as word of the kidnaping reached Mexico City. Zuno a veteran member of the left wing of the party that has ruled Mexico since 1929, was a former mayor of Guadalajara and was governor of Jalisco state in the mid-1920s. He is a retired army general and has held several appointive government posts in the state. Two guerrilla groups are known to be operating in Guadalajara, apparently independently. They are the Revolutionary Front, which released the American consul-general on payment of $80,000 and the freeing of 30 political prisoners, and the 23rd of September Communist League. The Ixiague kidnaped a young millionaire and the honorary British consul on the same day last October, killed the millionaire and released the consul unharmed, although no ransom was paid. Greek Cypriots will present plea to UN UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) — The Greek Cypriot government wants the Security Council to demand that Turkey let the Greek Cypriots driven from their homes by the invasion of Cyprus return and live under the protection of United Nations troops. The plea was to be made to the council this afternoon at a meeting called at the request of the Greek Cypriots to "consider the grave situation in Cyprus, including the refugee problem." The Greek Cypriots claim that 200,000 of their people are refugees from the nearly 40 per cent of the island that the Turkish invasion force has occupied. Cypriot Ambassador Zenon Rossides also was going to tell the council that his government would let the U. N. peacekeeping force protect Turkish Cypriots in the Greek area if the Turks would let the U.N. troops protect Greeks in the Turkish area. The council may also discuss the Soviet proposal for an international conference on Cyprus attended by the 15 council members plus Greece, Turkey and representatives of the two Cypriot communities. Some council delegates said privately that the proposal could not get the nine council voles needed to endorse it, and they doubted that the Russians would submit a resolution to that effect. Greece and the Greek Cypriots have embraced the proposal, but Turkey rejected it and demanded a renewal of the negotiations between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots and Turkey, Greece and Britain, the signers of the 1959 independence treaty for Cyprus. A spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim said that during his visits to Athens, Ankara and Nicosia last weekend, he noted a gap between the Greek and Turkish positions and did not expect negotiations to resume "in the near future." .V Mis* your |JU|M»i City Subscribers. If you fail to i e< t-ive your Star please phune 777-:J4:U between 6 and ti ,',ii p in Saturday before or b> J [J in. and a carrier will deliver your paper The U.N. Command on Cyprus reported the island was completely quiet Wednesday, with not even minor violations of the cease-fire. But the Greek Cypriot government charged that Turkish troops pushed beyond their lines, looted the village of Akhna in the southern part of the island and seized eight Greek Cypriot hostages. The Nicosia government said the Turkish withdrew after U.N. troops intervened. Peace of mind for more kids TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - The formula for peace of mind 800- 231-S946—is being taken back to 23 states and the Virgin Island today by governmental representatives who hope to spread it around. The formula is a toll-free telephone number. Runaways may dial it from anywhere in the nation to reach "Peace of Mind," a non-profit organization in Houstonn Tex., and perhaps re-establish contact with him "We have to get that telephone number plastered every where in great big block letters," one official said Wednesday after the first of a two-day conference to corrdinate efforts to make the number known. Peace of Mind was set up in the wake of the murders of 27 youths in the Houston area last year. Many of them were runaways. Officials at the Tampa meeting pledged their states' cooperation in efforts to broaden the scope of the program, said Gary Hill of Contact Inc., an organization assisting Peace of Mind. "We're merely asking for help in letting some one million runaway kids know that there's a telephone number they can call if they want to get a message to their parents or if they want help," Hill said. Hill said Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter recently urged businesses and newspapers in his state to support the program. Sept. 6: football and pancakes day The new football season gets underway Friday, September 6, when Hope meets Ashdown at Hammons Stadium It's a new season under a new head coach, but everything is not new. That Friday rught is the date of the annual Kiwanis pancake supper. As in the past years, Kiwanians-will be cooking and serving pancakes, sausage, and drinks from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the high school cafeteria, and every cent of profit will be used in Kiwanis youth programs. The meal will be good, the service excellent, the cause deserving, the fellowship congenial, and the Kiwanis Club most grateful for public support.

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