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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
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Thursday, October 17, 1889
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VOLUME 8. STERLING. ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 1889. NUMBER 209. r _ » r~ BUSSKY ON TANNER. C, & 8. W. TIME TABLE, J01NOXABT. antloEi 2:42 a. m Sterling Pas«...6:36 a. ra. Limited Pass. 8:53 a. m. 1-Mp. m 3:40a.m.' Clinton Denver OOINO WEST, Pncino B* 2:22 ».m Sterling J'aas. 8 :CO p. in Limited Fasa. 4:04 p. m OllntonPass Denver " 1:13 p. m 8:53 - FBKI<1HTTBAIN8THATOABBY PABSENOBKB OOIHO EAST. OOIHO WIIST. .CfflCASOB-BLISGTO»&QPIKCYB.B ' "'QOINOKAST. I OOIKO tS-PassenKer 6:30 ft .m. 3C-Pa3»enK 78-Fre)ghL....»:18 p.m. «-Freight....-B:OOa.m ARBIYB FROM HAST. T9 -Passenger ...9:00p.m, 77—Freight. 9:40ft.m AMKIVB FBOM WEST i!5—Passenger 10:3U a,ra 42 -Freight. 6:SOp.m er No. 38 connects with trains east an west on Clinton Branch: with 0. U. I «t P. -B. B ,t Bock Island east and west; with main Un for points west, Council Bluffs, Omaha and br yond and lor Kansas Olty and points beyond It is generally conceded by city._.ntKL: country '_.'••,_•_- pother Whack at the Rating of Pensions. Re- HE LAW AND ITS APPLICATION. rltlafnm on the Corpornf-" r.i-ltt>r to DBlrell Compared wllti Hit Kour-Dollnr Ordor—Iin|un - tiint:« of K«'«iilii(i In Uno with tlio StHtiito—A I'»n(; Stntomont, with TKiinri-'H Hrlof Comments Tlinrooii and n ncclnrntlon tlint He wan Hlglit nil tlio Sumo. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 17,—An authori- ativo statement, prepared at tho interior opnrtment, in support of tho action of Soc- etary Noble in rescinding Commissioner Tanner's order advancing pensions from t3 o 54 per month in certain casus, was given, o the prots last night 'It begins By stating hat Commissioner Tanner arbitrarily and upon his own motion proposed to ro-ruto ome ^3,000 men by advancing their pensions rom $3 to $4 por month, nnd then quotes he law on the subject—section 4,Gtfe, revised statutes. Thu statement then goes on to comment on the law ns follows: "Thus where n flnimnnt's disability is total, he Is iven under the statute a fixed amount, This was formot ly $S, and is now fixed at differ- t amounts for different casis, among others $1S) total, and the amount that, would bo 818 for a 'total disability' is suhJivided into factions—that is, less than total for tho lesser Jegreo of disability. Method of Rntlllg Pnnnloni!. "Thus if ono man is found to bo very little disabled by tho medical board ho is given l-18th, or $1; or if ho is still more disabled, 2-lSth's, or J2; and if still more disabled, 3-18th's, or 4-18th'a, nnd so on. If a man, for instance, has lo.--t a portion of his finger, and is thus to an appreciable dogrco disabled, he may hnvo boon rated by sonio examining board at $4 for thnt, nnd *o in some other caso for seme slight disability. If, .owever, he bos suffered from chills or mal- rin, or some other disability contracted by :iuj by exposure iii tho swamps during his lervico ns a Knldji'r, iuid._wlilcli innyjiot prov_q_ " ed the weak, t>:« dispirit, nnd those without powerful fri'.- U will suffer, while favnritos will flourish." <'i»vpnr:il Trtnnor'** Comment"*. Mr. Tnnnnr wan nskod wlmt he hnd to say to the nbov,,. Un b'-gan hia reply by referring to O-.-n. liuswy n?j having be™ for twenty yrnrs editor of n Derntcratic pnper, and as having never HTV^d in tl.e army or navy, lie continued: "Ojn. Hn«sny convoys tho Imprps-dnn that tlm cff-;ct of my order wos to arbitrarily raise nil pensioners below 14 (bet wren :;::,000 nnd ."-1,000) to »4 r-er month. On thj contrary, tho order referred to cases allowed after March 27, tho dny I took office 1 . I would ifsuo no cortifl- cntes for less thnn J!. No one disputed my right to take thnt course. Then, of course, T could net in rnsps where npj'lifations wero (in fllu for nn increase of pensions lens than tl, if ac^ompania 1 by proper medical certificate: Tharo is plenty of law for It, Bussey to. tho contrary notwithstanding. Ho flays there is no precedent I say every commissioner who preceded mo left precedents." FIFTY PEOPLE INJURED. A Bnrlln"j;ton iinil Mlmonrl Trnln Wrecked by Kcnr ICnd Colllnlon. OMAHA, Nob, Oct. 17.—A collision between two train-; on tho Btirllilgton and Missouri River railvviy, nt Gibbon, a. few miles from Omaha Tur-sd:iy cvaninj, resulted iu injury to at l.;ast ilfty pussJligera and the comploto demolition of two engines, a chair car and n combination cnr. Oilison is tho meeting point for tho two trains, but tho west-bound train was slightly behind time, nnd had just crossed tho spur when the eastbound train struck the ruar end, which was still on the main-lino, nnd hurled both engines and tho two conches from tho track. The comblnntlon poach nnd tho chair car, after being overturned, caught fire, many of tho pttRsengers being burned, in addition to their other injuries. Thoao Most Severely Hurt. ''The exact number of the injured hna not as yot been ascertained. I'oter Keulnnd, proprietor of tho Tremont house in this city, was so severely injured that he died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Mary Butlor, of South Oinnhii, had a hand crushed and wns bndly bruised nlxiut tho body. 8bo is in a precarious condition. Charles Lnure, of Craig, Mo., hnd tin our cut off, his fnrai Eovcri'ly cul and his body.', nnd : h>5ver HILL AT PIEDMONT. New York's Governor at Georgia Exposition. the HIS ADDBES3 TO THE SOUTHERNERS A. Urlof Rotrtupertlon of War Times nml n Look Into t!io Future—Somo Difficult Problem* to bn Solved— Kiln- cation, tho Labor Qnp«tion anil Npgro Citlr.rn-hlp—The Governor Amnlod »t tbe New Ronth'i rro c res» Since the " Wall." ATLANTA, Ga., Got 17.—Governor Hill, Ot Now York,, attended the Piedmont exposition yesterday. Tbo distinguished' Nuw Yorker was mado much of by tlie people of thlg part of the country, and wherever ho went was the observed of all observers. When he appeared upon th>) stand at the exposition the cheers were loud and long continued. Ho began with a word of greeting from his stato to Georgia—"tho empire state of the south"—referred to EJItor Grndy's speech in New England two years ngo, and Bald it touched a chord- of sympathy whoso silvery tones have not yet died away; congratulated the people of the new south on the evidences everywhere observable their proirosi and its recovery from THE LOCOMOTIVE ENGINEERS. Milnf Arthur OJKMIH tlm Convention wltfc a (.'linrtirtprlittlc. A'ltlrnii. DENVEII, Colo., Ot. 17. — Tho Eiothnrhood at Locomotive K iginwrs nssjtnliMvl in nn- mi'il swsicm in tlii-i city rest-.-r.lny morning, Chief Kngiticiir Arlhur presiding, Aftnr welcoming t!io dcl^gatf? mid niam-in:; them of his belief in tlio satisfactory n-.-.ilts of tlio present convention, nnd with what great ple.isuro hi! had watched the growth of tho order sini-o its organization, nnd the results it had attained, Chief Arthur said: "The present time represent* tlm turning point in th« history of tlio order, fur it hns become npji.iront tliat a fi-eling csscntindy radical hn-t crept in and tak-m possession of a few of our members. Thin i-< dnn,;erc/U3 and must bo supprew.l; for, owin™ to this, Btatements soomingly contradictory havo crept out and becumn public, which could never hava happened ha I there been nn nne- ness of thought and an honesty of purpose. Climb When You C'lin. "If a man's ability beyond that required by the brotherhoml then ib becomes hia duty to .dolt the bogriino-l bnbiliinents of tlio mechanic and us.iume that position for. Fifty which ho is particularly gifted, one's dissatisfaction ami scatter of the may _ hnvo limbs badly bru its terrible effects of thoTSivil war. Itcfcronoo to the Rebellion. Ho then continued as follows: "Whan I reflect upon tho scones that took place in this vicinity only twenty-flvo years ago— how a stubborn nnd loyal army, battling for a cause which it believed to be just, for homes, for families, for country, for life, was driven southward step by stepby nforco superior in numbers and resources; how, day after day, tho sound of cannon and musketry reverberated through these valleys and the flames of burning homes lit up the horizon; how vigorously tho federal forces, spurred on by tho one desiro of pro- nerving tho union of your fathers and thoirs, fought their way through shot and shell, destroying homes as they went and devastating fields; how finally those bravo men in grtiy, driven from every stronghold, foil buck wjthin tho frtrtifloattona-ot-.-thU -fiur-rity; nud liow^VlrisrATnaiiESrion—iis a"_>lorthur- ..-- •• '_ ;.„:.-'.,., .u-^waut Yc-ii-i.iiu ton- SELLS MOBE rottro : —for the money, as a whole, than any grocer in Sterling. -—ALSO Tinware, Stovepipe, IJoal Jtlods, Stove Boards, at the way down price of |16c per bu. for oats. ... ._ ... O .. ...h entitled at tho. beginning and at most to a small fraction of total, say two dollars, which is the amount fixed in many of the dlsnbilities allowed. In this latter oiisa It might possibly have 'b?en n question with the board whether he was to got anything, or was disabled nt all; but from a lenient construction- of his caso thoy have given him ?2. Injustice to III B h-Grnded Men. "If now, hy an order of tho commissioner without regard to this medical examination, tho moji who has thus bjon receiving J'J is advanced to ?4 without the man who was moro disabled, and who has been rated at $4, being bimsolt advanced, it is obvious that injustice is done to tho higher graded man, bocnuso he is put upon a .par with a man evidently less disabled. And so, between soldier and soldier, thero is an unfair preference of the less injured. If these coses, however, are all referred to the examining surgeons, and thoy find tho disability to be c quul to t4, nnd it is then allowed, everything has been dono in duo order and according to law, mid upon a basis thnt any man can understand, und which will hnvo limits fix>d by medical knowledge, experience nnd professional reputation. .Tanner's JLettei> and Order. Tho commissioner, whosj order hiw given rise to thU decision, in his recent letter to Mr. Dnlzoll did not claim that bis order was to be construed according to its terms, for ho said: " 'While commissioner I Issued two orders, which I thought nnd still think woro mighty good ones— first, that tho 33,COO men on the pension roll at less than t4 a month should nil, unlcta they had had a medical examina tion within a year, be ordered for examination before their home board, with a view to putting them up to at least $4 per month pension, or drop them oft the rolls, for it was nnd is my, opinion that for a man who is Mix, of New York, shoulder dislocated and lower limbs badly bruisod; Francis Elder, Now York, representing tho William Demeuth company, bruised and thought to havo received internal injuries; Fred Sehultz, New York, slightly cut about tho head and face; J. Falkenberg, Chicago, lower limbs bruised and ufioulder dislocated; G. \V. Chat- foe, Boston, slightly bruisod about tho body; Isaac Tabold, Cincinnati, Injured about the shoulders and head, but not seriously; J, Ka Usher, Now York, shoulder sprained and bruised about tbo body; Si Kompcr, Buffalo, N. Y., bruised about the body, head slightly cut nnd loner limbs bruisoJ: Isaac W. Rooks, of Hartford, Conn., injured about tho body—Is at tho Faxton. Ot tho trainmen Conductor -Luvorin, -of - thti .woat-bound train, had his right lower limb bndly bruised, and nmpu tat ion may bo found necessary. Engineer McCoy, of tho samo train, was slightly bruised about the body. The two firomon, Husk ins and Martin, escaped with alight injuries. JTatiil Accident to a Gravel Train. LKBANON, Ind., Out 17.—A gravel train on the Midland rajlwoy, consisting of a locomotive and two cars carrying a force of hands to their work, collided with a box car being loaded at Heath's station yesterday morning, and utterly demolished tho cars. Sherman Moon, of Chicago, was crushed into a shapeless mass undor tbo wreck. Several others wire injured, tho most seriously ba- iug Oliver Houtb, of Lobnuon, and John Fitch, of Lexington, I id. Literally HoiMled to Ucuth- EL PAHO, Tex., Oct. 17.—Yesterday morning a wreck occurred on tho Texas and Paciflo road at Madden,about sixty mileseost of this Prove me and oblige. •L. I>." JOHNSON. BUCOESSOESTO O. A. Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONBKY and.Wall Paper. CHICAGO RAILWAY. OYEE 7,000 MILES Of steel track in" Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota end Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, Mining and "Commercial Centres of the WEST AH0 NOBTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of the Line ombracus Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Puilnan Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST ViSTiByiEB THAINS Rgnnini* direct between Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluffs and Omaha, connecting for Poftlaml, Denver, San Friiiciscoand all Pacific Coast Points. OittYUHETOTHEBUCKHIUS firll \ft% lj'«» 41 >'* "H •• U 1 -» J.»Jfi5-5 worthy of any pension at all, a dollar a week is small enough to consider a pension.' The order itseif reads: 'In nil cases v^here a pensionable disability is found the rate allowed shall not be less than J4 per month, to date from and including March -7, 1889.' The Two Not In Hnr mony. "The decision thnt wns made by the assistant secretary ia in accordance with these two propositions. Tho commissioner an- nonnccd one bef ore he resigned his office; the other after, to Mr. DalzolL The nssist- ant secretary takes them together, and not "separately. The ordor as mado was arbitrary, unqualified, and required an advanco without examination, to tha amount specified at J4 per uionth. It did not propose to drop any OOP, as tha letter protended it did, and it did not order any ono for examination before tho homo board, as tho letter pretended it did. It was an unauthorized, un- qualified'and illegal order for every pensioner to be advanced to $4 who was receiving less. Beginning of n B - d System. "A slight consideration of this matter will show that to give away $00,000 a month of the public monay ou such nn ordor as this would bo but the beginning of a system by which millions could bo expended, uncontrolled by law, as it was unauthorized by precedent. There would be no more harm in giving Senator Manderso.i f4.00J or more than there would be in giving to 83,0(10 mim fott 000. In either cose it would ba an unauthorized distribution of the public moneys, and tbo door of tho treasury mignt ns well be opened to-actualiuvaskiu_uS-lQliQ.¥8.Such_ warrants drawn upon it to ba cashed without questioning. Kffect on the Pensioners. "It is also obvious that such a eours> as this would not bo of benefit to the soldiers ultimately, as it is intended only to benefit those who are ,tha least disabled; in other words, those who havo tho least claim for disability. If one may judge lhat thoa men aro to bo advanced upon a mero opinion as to whnt should i.o the leasi amount of pension, tho others mi^Ut justly cluii-.i that thoir more severe wounds and disabilities wore quite as'uiu'OinptMiSKteU ns tbo*j of l«s da- i;rw. In other words, wbeuim'r tho opinion at a otmimi.-aioiur without investigation is substituted for ectunl extimiuutio.i us to disability, ovfry nmn's iwiisioii is put at risk, D'thti- to b-i so ix.jggi;ii>t«l ns t"«t the government or twiiple would m'S allow it, or tu plnca. A washout throw a freight engine and several cars down an embankmant. Engineer R. J. Bible, recantly of St. Louis, and Fireman Charles Jones were caught under the side of tho engine and literally roasted to Brakoman G. W. - Mausflald was also death. killed. ( "Work of the Government Sleuths. WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. :7.—Chief Ball, of the secret service, reports that of the 437 arrests his mou made during tho past year 177 were for • making and passing counterfeit coin Or tha whole number 80 were Wai App "In the rapid development of tho south and in tho conditions of society which now prevail hero, there aro suggestions for serious thought. I am not one if those pessimists who, wbilo recognizing and admitting: tho glorious prosperity of your industrial since tho war, profess to seo In some of your institutions and conditions cause for grave apprehension for tho future. Such apprehensions are due, perhaps, to tho agitation of selfish politicians, to that ignoranco •which does not understand tho southern nature, to the surviving remnant of old-timo jealousy and suspicion. Froblema To Ee Grappled With. "I would not have you understand mo as depreciating present dangers or as belittling the obstacles which now confront you. Great problems will havo to be grappled with, and the north is watching to see how you will solve them. One of theso problems is tho education of tho masses. Tho worst foe to our Democratic forms of government is ignorance. It is a startling fact, indeed, which, was revealed by the census of 1880; that in, Bomo of your states half the population could not read or write. The census of 1893 will make a bettor showing, I am sure •__' The Clauses and'the Manse*. "In the field of industrial enterprise you have great opportunities. Your resources aro inexhaustible; soo that they are nob monopolized. Discourage such legislation, as tends to enrich classes at the expense of the mosses. It is within your power to do much towards securing more equitable relations between employers and employed. Thus far you have been *p articularl y fortunate in ovoid- ing disastrous labar agitations. But when there shall be collected in your manufacturing cities large bodies of workingmen, when, rivalry for employment and good wages shall have become keener, you will have to- meet serious questions, and if you would take warning from the north's experience, you will prepare to meob them now. Your To nurse it broadcast to tnka root in the iinngiiiatio'is of other, men is sinful nnd blighting n> character." Ho admonished the memb-'r.-i to keep their personality intuct nnd not to allow falso motives to iiiduco them to subscribe to laws which as soon as passed will make them cognizant of the necessity for repeal. Tim Strike tlio Lift Honort. Ho reiterated with emphasis his former sliitemont that tho organization was law- abiding, and said: "To-day I clearly define our position toward rnilroiid corporations when. I say that only ns a last resort do wo sanction a strike." Mr. Arthur stated that the membership of the order was '.1(1,000. Benefits paid during tho year $80(!,(H»; total since organization, $2,GOS,1G!). Ho urged his hearers to save ns much as possible, and dwelt on tho advantages of property. Ho said ho would submit special recommendations later. Tho address contained fio reference to federation nor to tho Burlington strike, Theso omissions c.iused much disappointmnnt. The convuu- tion then adjourned for tho day. Thinks Uollof Schnmnn n Snare. : Hr, l'AUl,,'Srriiii.i O-l."17.—Tho imix'rtant fpntlire^ -" -•_ ' ' . .,' tholirotherhood of Hiilvvny Brakomen wero tho officers' reports, which were road in do- detail. Among the recommendations inadu by Vice Grand Master Slatti-ry was ono urging upon tho members to carefully invos- tigat-j the-relief schemes now boihjr pushed forward by the Philadelphia nnd Reading. Baltimore nnd Ohio and otuer railroad companies. Ha n snare to draw the employe on, nn.l miike him a slave to his employer. • Fr!t;htr iiliy Harried J\^ to Prevent Iili'iitlflr;ittot!. LoNnnr,-, Oct. 17. — Aii explosion occurred iu th<> l!«ntile<) rolli'ory nt Lonixt in, County of RtntTurd, nt nn n.trly b.niryc-it'-nlay morn- Ing. Seventy miii'jra were in thi pis'- 'it tho limn of the ni'i-i lent, only <>lovnn of whom nro alive. The pit wis cimplntply wrecked, and thu tnsk of g-'.tin^ out the buried miners will 1» out! of great difficulty. A band of voInntOLM-s speedily eommonc-'d making explorations for tho recovery of tho bodies, nnd tho corpses of fifty victims were soon brought to light Hurneil ISfTonil Recognition. LATER— Tho search for tho bodies of the other victims of tho colliery explosion hnd to bo abandoned, ns tho fire-damp nmdo it impossible to proceed with tho work. Of tho fifty bodies so far taken out, not a single one has been identified, as the features In every case wore eo frightfully burned that recoi^nltion oven by those nearest and dear eit proved impossible, olotolv bun feared that bodies now In most cases tho clothing was nlso completely burned oft tho bodies of tho victims nnd it is but few of the fifty scorched lying in two rows o;i each sido of tho rond a few feet from tho mouth of tho shnft, will ever bo identified by tho wives and mothers whose wails for tho dead are ringing out dolefully everywhere. Tlio Shook Killed Her. An old man and bis throo sons who wore iu tho mino when the explosion occured woro lost, nnd \vhen tho now* was brought homo to tho old man's wife, tho mother of the boys and the only surviving member of tho^fam- ily, sho dropped dead almost without a word, tho shock having killed hor. Tho latest estimate of tho loss of lifoplr.ees the number of killed at. sixty. A CAMPAIGN TRICK. How the Virginia nemoartcT Worried Kepnbllcim Meetinj;. PETERSBURG!, Va., Oct. 17. —Tho Demo crats introduced a new feature into the cam pnlgn In this state yesterday. O'jn. Mahon and Hon. J. C. Burrows, of Michigan, wer announced to speak to tbe Republicans, nn Mahono spoke without in erruption, bu when Burrows bo^an n diversion wa Blurt.™! '.thnt wns ofTafftiva. Mr. IHirrnw had hardly commoncoil his nddro'is whim flfr ,1 fur CLE VET. A N r>, f>., U-i. IT.—'J ;< dMnp.iM o'.ira drill y<-i!-'ni:r,- and I:itiT brnko tip tt.o funail prir!-!-.-^ an I roimod about th*> cH'y t will. Tiif, <lclpf;nt >!i wero e>!i!<M'tflin«l si nn informnl roa nt tha m-id- 1 :)"** of Mr%. !rmb, wifoof tb.9 plprtric iiglil. nmo. They o t for Detroit nt 10 : jO p. m. Absolutely Pure This powder never varies. A marvel rwiEth and wholesomeness. More economical than the ordinary kinds, nnrt can not be sola in competition with the multitude of low test, snort wcUnt, n,iHim or |diO9;ihale powdent. Bold o ilv I ' cans. iturAL MARINO POWDER Co.. 408 Wall .st,.-M-w tork Jaivaid-wiy Advice to Everybody THE PROTESTANT EPISCOPALIANS bii so di8i-e,;ard. ubtaiued. Ml us thut aulhin could bo M ^-a' i.s, Tho l-ui 11 H IUU:it SU'. tht r, n no 1*1 iv t n to p. wnt » ijuu m,; All thu 1^11 Us!' •> 1 im ti> it * I r lv Ud, . -fir «.' ,,,,„., . , s,ia < J ', it •" -I *• 3tait b* M l« obvious «»K'll, u^ ill _n/ J«-"inl In all this that ; -,ol,lier frtjfu llllll'll CV Ul» ^ h,i!» 1 tttuU, convicted nnd 4J nru blill lumiUng- All except lO-'i wero Americans, nnd of the 105 the nuiiiber of Italians was 70. Counterfeit fac Biinll'«s of United States securities were captured to tho amount of $-177,000. Bincn tho early part of tho civil war thero have boon counterfeited 31 treasury notes, 4 bonds, 3 coupons, 4 compouni Interest notes, 11 silver certificates, and 110 national bank'notes. Of tho 10 J platos uaod In printing th?sj eouriterfeit-i, 131 wore captured, 35 not captured, and M wore destroyed. • Justice «nd tlio Wily Turk. CONSTANTINOPLE, Oct. 17.—Moussa Bay, the governor of Armenia, against whom the Christiana over whom, he tyrannized brought serious charges of cruelty and private and official misconduct, has been acquitted of the charges o'. brigandage and outrage by the Turkish - tribunal here, Tho individual charges against Mous<a are referred by : tha judges to the Armenian courts, which alone -have, jurisdiction |n_tha matter. This verdict of the Turkish court i3"~tuntu7uoant "to an honorable discharge, as the courts in Armenia uro thoroughly subservient to tho •will of Mousaa hinis-'lf. The Coul Trade Depressed. POTTSVILUS, l j a., Oct. 17.--Owing to the depressed 'condition of the coal trade, tho following collieries of the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron company bavo been temporarily suspended: North Franklin, Bear Valley, Muuilor, Reliance, Bast, North Ashland, S.iunnudoah City, Bear Run and Tunnel llUge. '1 hw» collieries employ nearly a.OOU men nnd boys. It 13 cuitonmry for tha colli---rio.H to shut, down at this season for a short tinw for repair*. MurloJ Alive. MONTREAL. Oct. 17.—Augusta Archambault, a fii'r'mor living near here, who'was siipinKcd to havo di»l Saturday, was batng burithl Muuduy "hen a groan waa heard from tho cotVlu. The caskot was oponwl, a«J tho ttiHU was found to bo nlivo. ila wa» takuti lioiue, and luia a chance fui Hist ilUifss wns typhoid favt;r. employers must reollza what ours have been slow to realize: that dne man's rights are th» rights of another. Lot the benefits of your prosperity bo enjoyed not by tho few who would use them for their own aelflsh ends, but encourage that broad human charity which looks to the greatest good of the greatest number. The Negro Qneatlon. "You have within your borders vusi uuui- bers of an unfortunate and' long oppressed race. It is your interest, as it Is your duty, to lift them out of tbo estate- in which fate has placed them, and help them to assuma the responsibilities of citizenship. The ex- porienco of tho past twenty years has proved to you tho advantages of free labor. Most ofyoa well romombor tho predictions of your statesmen before the wur that without slaves the south could not profitably produce cotton, yet with freo labor you havo raised more cotton in tha lost ten years than you raised in tho twenty years before Bum- tor was fired ou, notwithstanding that only Trninactlon of Much Important Iluslaoai l»y tlto Gcnoriit Convention. Nnw YouK.'Ojt. 17.— The houso of deputies got through a lot of business yesterday. Tho first thing ° f general interest was nn adverse report on tho resolution to call the church by tho samo name to the world that it is called in its creed. Tho committee declared that it w«8 nnt dosirabli) to make tlw change. Tho committee on the color-lino reported that tho church, liko its Muster, wns no respecter of porsoin an 1 rocognizsd no distinction of color. Another report was to tho effect thut tho general convention had no power to establish a court oC appeals, .and recommended tho reference of tho question to tho dlocesos. Priiyer Hook Hevlslon. Then in committuu of tho whole tho rovia ion o£ the prayer book wns taken-up.—A number of changes agreed to by tho bishops failed in tho deputies, among them tho proposition to insert tho vorslcle in morning and evening prayer, "O Lord, s»vo tha state," and the proposition to omit tho litany on Christmas and Eistorand Whitsunday. Tho propositions concurred in woro as follows: To add the word "jarthqutt'io" to tho appeals iu the litany; tho addition of certain prayers for rogation days, nnd to repines tho With Psalm with thu 04th in tho sorvico for Good Friday. Tho bishops non-concurrod In tho proposition to permit the tentative use of the hymn- nnl for tho next threo years. "* DESPERATION OF A MOTHER. Rather Thnn Lone Her Children She Cuts Their Tlirouts and ller Own. SANTA ANA, Cal., Oct. 17.—Mrs. Efilo I. Scholl was found at her homo iu Austin yesterday morning, with her throat cut, and her two children, a boy aged fi and girl aged 8, were found dead besido her, with their throats cut. Mrs. Ssholl had killed th» children and attempted suicide, but she will prnlmhlv recover. Her husband, from by a traveling Turk, was seen to climb a large troo near by and turn somersaults an 1 othorwiso disport himself. Mndo tlio Crowd Boisterous. The result was that tho crowd guffawed nnd yelled at ths boar. Thon tho boar got down from tho tree, and Mr. Burrows resumed, whereupon the bear went oloftugainj and no Mr. Burrows reached an eloquent climax .the animal danced a jig on tbo top end of the lirnb, and tho tellings words of tho orator were lost In tho yells of the crowd at tho bear. In a little while Mr. Burrows lost his audience, for at each attempt at a new point on the tariff tho boar performed a new trick. The bear director was seen ' ' pany of Democrats boforo and alter the meeting, and soomed to be enjoying tho honors won by his pot. irho bns a ula<?n.wd Liver IB lo nt o'nco tale proper mMinn to euro 1L The function tho Uvor Is do- signed to porfiirio, nml on tbo wralar of which 'dcixiiuJH not only tlio .»~,.1u t.,,1 t.l,i» rwutfTR of thit ZJrn(ii,nn<l th't! wholo -iitrvv.-.-.' :•—'•-' «' vast and vital imtiortimco to huiflua licuHa. Val heal'.hiK tl>« Wf "• should run tho risk for a Blnglo day of neglecting this important organ, but nhould prompt! J got a box of Br. O. Mctaut- 1 :! Cololiratctl Liver TiM*, • made by I L.EJUNG BllOS., Pittabureh, Pa^ and use acconllnj5 to directions they will'euro Toa promptly nna permanently. Around each boru • wrapmir nlvlnn full description of tho nyniptoms at a dUroucd JLlvcr. They cam bo had of druggist* J(3r Bcwaro of CoosTsmnirrs mnde in SU Lotii.i.'S* FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh r Pa. IVORY POLISH PERFUMES THE BREATH. ASK FOR tf«; ATVOTHLER- LOT OF Graham BraB,' Fancy TnllEt Snaps Juat in, to be sold cheap. WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE A Can now give you a One flavored Green Jap Tea, 4 ihs. for 81. An elegant FROG CHOP U. C, usually Bold at 65c for 60C. ' . a part of your population has boen engaged in that industry, and that, in tho meantime, your manufacturing centers have becomo formidable rivals of tho north. • The Matter of Solidity. "It is sometimes said in tho north that tho nouth is solid. So it is— solid for good government, solid for tho welfare of its people, solid for integrity iu private and official life, - i \ 11 I 4ll> -.nL to .JV. istrntion of public affairs, solid against congressional extravagance, solid In Us renunciation of the errors of the past, solid for American Ideas, solid for its devotion to tbe now nation, solid in its aspirations for a higher civilization, and solid for all that would rouljo us a prosperous and powerful republic. Of such solidity I am nob afraid. I see no dangers in such unity as springs from the noblest motives and subsorvea tho most exalted patriotism." After Governor Hill's speech Henry W. Grady and Roswell P. Flowur made short addresses. Then came the shuux battle and review of troops. List evening Governor Hdi and party wero tendered recaptions at the homus ".if half a dozon lead lug citi&sns, Church SUitlntlos Wanted. WABUIKOWK CITY, Oct. n.-Supsriu- tendont, I'oi-t^r hast iaauod a circular calling g.iiK'rul intention to tho fact that church i)td- ttstk* will tM mchi-lod Iu tho uoxt cousin, ind that it is tlio ik'Miro to m-»k t th.; inquiry brofcdandKttinpUla H- K. Carri'41, of Nnw yoi'ic, i^ Iti .' «-.;i'Ht 'U cliarjfx Miirttor. '.I HA, lit*, itr. whom siio wns divorced throo years ngo, waa trying to gain possession of the children, and it is believed that this caused her to commit the crime. TUo President to Gen. Mnnsoa. TEHHE HAUTE, Ind, Oct. 17.—Gen. Manson bus made public tho correspondence relative to his resignation of tho office of internal revenue collector of this district. Tho principal interest is iu tho president'* personal letter to Gail. Munsau, in which ho says ho endeavored to have an Interview with the general, but could not do so. Ho thon goes on to say that ha does not want to make an official request or snggi-stion, but a change in tho oilice could not much lougor bo deferrad^ and tin general could savo him much possible embarrassment, nnd ho wntitod the change nmdo in a way na agreoablo to Gon. Mauson as poiii- ble. This wns dated Sept 4, and tut 1 general Font his resignation In B.-pt. IB, and thanked tho president fur his "trietidly and manly course." Niillomil H«i»rU of TruUe. LOOISVII.I.E, Ky., Oct. 17.—Tho twenty- first annual meeting of tho National board of trade convened at noon yesterday in tho parlors of the Louisvillo hotol About twenty-fivo cities aro represented at the mooting, tbo attendance from tho south bo- ing very poor, although this city was chosen o/thft mtfoting pla-o especially to encourage a larger attendiino from the Bjuth. The, first bus'nei-i atton led to yesterday was tho 1-e-oU'Ction of I'Ve-brick Fraley tJ tho presidency, in spite 1 nf his desire to retire. A'K»r Itaiiiiuiittcil at New Vnrk. NBW Youi., O -t, 17. — U-in, Huafc'U A. Algor wna lasi night loudens.! a reoeiition »t Maiiuiiio hall by th'J inonibor. of Lafnyolte (i. A. il. A iKinqust uixoiiipiuiioLl the 'linn, und many toasts mid sii-.'C-ohcs inn iu in l.rnor of tli» dlstiiiguisbtxl U-n. A - •-;.•!• ie[>:i«l iu « ft>licltt>u» Sopr Now Ripe.:-:-: Everything in our stock has been selected with care—fresh and neat. CAB LQAB~¥HATAM ram JUST IN at a reduced price. Get our prlcesloeTore Trying; J We are now prepared to do ItriS fclluelrtc Hs;hl Mal*. O t IT -1..' .'>t(i« lilt l tl,» post, A I id Nt\v V n. rr 1,-alll In »" li -i. iti.< in all the latest styles.Q Give us a Re- and all, and if to to we Dru U t •is, i, '» V Reynolds Bros.,

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