Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1912
Page 6
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wing's iSai^! 1 •'i of IolnSr7 !J*inllJ ?SS*ftVKd^ on Wednesday. October 30th, 1912 •Bpglnwlag at ip 6'ctock a. the |ollonlng described progert^i ELOPED IN Ml llEBOPilE -•1,1 FIVE 'jHEAD HO^I^ ATrtl'Mfcl -ES. " , - I Tryear-old bay horse, w-t 1200: 1 ,-i 7-iear-old brown mule, wt 1150; 1 12- yeftr -old bay mule, yft. 1050; 1' 12-year- did bay^ marc, wt. 1050; i bay mare, irt 12p0.- ISIHEAD FIXE UOLSTEIN CATTLE. . -this;!* the right kind of d4lry stock for _tHe farmer. One pure bred yeari- Jns bull, with papers: 1 8-year-oId grade cow, giving milk; ,4 4-year-old f ute-bred cows, giving milk; 2 coming yipar old pure bred heifers with calf; ';2 oomin'g 2-year-old grade heifers with ,call: 1 ID-months old pure bred heifer ., calf; 1' 4-ihonth8-oId pure bred bull ' calf. None of the above pure bred 'cattle are registered except the bull. £OB£Ab OF SELECT TOUXO SHBOP SHIRE SHEEP. -Nine breeding ewes, coming 3 years '^old; 8 ewe lanib.s;-3 wether Iambs. • CHICKESS, TURKEYS .\>D DfrKS. Eighty-five pure biod Wl ^it*- Rook i-i chinkenB; ir> mixeil diitrkens; 40 .Bronze turkeys, old and young; :s j )uro >ibred.Pekin ducks. YEinCLES AND IMPLEMEXTS. One spring wagon; 1 single biiggy: M high ^wheeled wagon; 1 iiandy farm truck; 1 pnUoway manure spreader; 1 MoltBe ^ng plow; 1 walking plo ^v; 1 3 -ECCtion' harrow; 1 disk cutter; 1 disk .cultivator; 1 C-shovel cultivator; I com planter with SO rods check wire; 1 hay rake; 2 hay frameR'; 2 old oar) riage frames; 2 Junk mowers and 1 ^ Junk Deering binder; 1 wagon or stock Maics; several hundred good walnut posts; 200-pound platform scales. ' * ' nA^VE!<^ ET<t Two seta double work harness; 1 set single driving harness; 2 saddles and bridles; extra collars, straps, etc. HOUSEHOLD, DAIRY AM) OTUtU ARTICLES. One Majestic 6-hole steel rangti;'!' large ice box;.! barrel chnm; 1 WBSIL ing macbine: 1 Nt>. 4 Sfaarpless'tsepa-j rator; 1 4-bottle Babcock milk test with acid and saifiple bottles; com^ plete; 1 S-gallon tnilk can; 1 4rgalioa milk can; 1 240-egg Ciphers lncubator» 1 Ciphers brooder; 1 fireless brbodsr^ 3 wire feeding crates; 1 2 -hor8 €i powbr Demster gas engine; 1 block and tadt-^ le and T5 feet %-inch rope; 4 ,liay. slings; 17.'; feet %'lnch hay rope ;Vl75- Ib. dinner boll; 2 feed troughs; Isjck- 1<? grinder; ]' apple parer; 1 footijipw- er grind stone; 25 gallons vinegar in liarrel; 1 hog crate; 1 wagon hog crate 1 hoff Khute; 1 large iron-covered feed bdx ; woVid. Iiiniber, ladder, woven wlte ftnring; "DO feet and 1 and 2-lnch iron' pipe; iron hitch posts and railing; tools; oil; paint; 20-gailon copper bet- thr, grain sacks; mail-box: clamps for .ilretcliing woven wire fence, rope and pulley; wire stretcher and many ofJier u .'t 'fui articles. BKK .MATERIAL. Aliout $20 worth of A. I. Hoofs lifc niiitorial, including dove tailed hives, Mipi-rs. hive Ktand.s, feeder.';, frame!;. FEFI», II.VV AJ(D URAIN. liales clover hay; 2U<) bale.'? al- frilfa hay; ](I0 bales cow-pea hay; 20 tons cane in big shocks; 2 .'i(i bushels com in field; KiO shocks corn; about 4 acres KlnndlnK alfalfji-to be cut fourth time. uneit ,ot Pareatii. • .TERMS OF SALE =A11 sums of JU'.OO and under, cash in hand. All rums over SlO.OOfA credit of 12 months will bo givcu, luiiohauer giving note with approved security, bearing 6^ interest from dat<- if paid when due. If not paid when due to draw 10% from date of nalc 4*^ discount for cash on credit sales.' No property to bo removed until settled for. .CllL,: CHAS. BISHOP, Ancllonwr. J< CAXFBELL, Clerk. LUNCH ON TIU: GUOUNnS. WALUS EWING Fort Waype, .Ind., Oct 26.—Arthur Smith;'placcSd'his'fiancee Miss Almee Cotir beside him in'hia biplane this «f tepioon and flew to Hillsdale, Mich.. aeventjr-flT.e, mlljea, where they .werbixnarrled.,;.'- , .' The..pareatc'ot;.ttae jpnag woman had^pbH^ted to th/^r marriag^hut to- ;ilglit>«rnen they learti«a of-the flight aftia' .weddlngrt telegraphed Smith he .woiitd |>e,welcbn^e in their home but ^ him ° to ship his machine by freight and'return with the daughter on a pas senfeeK train. . ... iSmltii, who ls-oi?]/:i9 years pldhaj "Veeti'. making . flights for several 'm6nthsi in a machine of his own con- Jstnictldn, Recently ho flew over this t^itV! with his .fliihcee, much to the dis- ipleasure of her parentfl/ The trip to Hillsilaie was.made.With one stop, eighteen miles northwest for gaso- 'llnet Tiro landing pt Hillsdale was made on the college campus, before a liirge crowd. ; WO.VAX'.S ELECTli^V HET. XeffH'sft to Wear 3fnh *«.T«ps If Suffrage. IR Ilcf«at(>«l. If the sulTrage' amendment doesn't carry in Kansas, Mrs. Salome Brown, a negress who lives with her liusband, .Toshiin Urown. on a farm a fi >w miles south of Wichita, will never wear woman 's clothes after November 5. until fhi- can vole. Slio has vowed that If ihe causf^ is hist this time sht> will pit about In luuli' »tiir<? and patroiilxo ;i barber until it is won some other lime. That is, she will hav<> IHT lialr > Ht like a man 's. She was flrcd with this resolve upon hearing the stirring suffrage address by .Mrs. n. I». WilllainH to ne- greos at the Progressive Rally in Wlcliila Thursday uiglil.—WIcliIta Ka- When ^biikofepare this MODERN work with the OLD dictionary you are now usin^ydii v^U at once realize the difference. You will find that this NEW WEBSTERIAN contains ALL the NEW WORDS that vou should be using TODAY—it is just ready for delivery—jwst off the press—the LATEST , in every particular. The only way you can get it is through a combination of ' newspapers that are conducting this great educational campaign for the bene- • fit of their readers. Bound Like a Bible K. r. ijKAT Tin: AIJIJIK.S. TH08. H. BOWLUS, PrasMeal i. F. SCdTT, CasUer Allepi County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS K6TABLISHED'A QUARTER OF A CE!«TCBt.<: Capital SiuPplus $30,000.00 $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 INTEREST PAD) ON TIME DEPOSPTS ' i SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXE^ FOB BEKT Ifiird (•'unie Siilur<hi.r Hon lij (he Score of !!• (o iU iOLA STATE BANIC Capital Stock $^,000.00 Siarplus WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS £. E. HOBYILLE , Frea. W. S. KAUFIfA5, M Yk» Prtik J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. JU W. BECK, Ylee.Frei. F. 0. BENSON, iut Cukier SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOB BENT. Wood Investment Company William Trine, Mgr. Full line of ' ' MOTORCYCLES^ BICYCLES AND ALL SMALL MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Stipplics and Repairs for Same. BICYCLE SUPPEJES AND REPAIRS 112 West Madison lola* Kansas Lawreiue, Kas., Oct. In a bitterly fought game, the Kansa.s I7ni- vcrsity fool ball team defeated tlie ICansas Agricultural College on Mc- Tonk field this afternoon by a score of 1!) to 6. Kvery inch of the game hard fought but the famous Min- jiesola shift which were used almost V-utlrisly by the Jayhawkers baffled the, heavy K. S. A. C. players and after. minutes of play K. U.'s first touclr <!(iwn was made by netweiler. Kansas Was, helped by Sim^' inopportune fum- l.'c "in getting the liall near the goal. \VeIdlInes goal from id-oci-ment gave i\an-sas ten points in Uie first ijuarter of play. KANSAS FIGHTER WINS BY K.O. ROUTE SOOSE LEADER PESERTS. ne of T. R-'s S 'ev ^Mrififnd SupiMir^ : lers ( hansrc ilh Views. I eCew York. Oft. :?C.—"All Republi- . ^can^ should nark for t'.ip r .tiocc ^s of :|!tlie .entire parij- tlfk( t, as against tUe |5]Bnll Mooscrs and I 'einopr.tts who arc Siunited' to destroy ilin R<-i )Ul )lican >rty.': Bj IJiose were the words of the man Ejiliip more than any otlier brought isupiwrt to the third tenner's cause in .lM4 ^S{ius^tt&,4Pbaidcs S^Bsdct^C ip •|>et«rning to the Republican Told. He ihead<5J the Bay state's delegates-at- !?' for Rocsevelt's nomination in , thp Kf^pub'ican national convention ::ni' tiftorw.-irrts was considered one of . tlii» main^tisy.s in the third termer's ' laa-paign ip Xev. lingland. —If you j buy a Afa.^weli. I tiie. agent. purjjty, ; '^r—Lcciiur;* it never nV' because it baking* lililit,' evenly rals- —bccaU'ie it isvuoder- utc in cost—hi^fhest in Cjualuy. .At yoi:r {MuccrSf RECEIVED HIGHEST AWARDS World*. Puim Food Espe. • iUoD, Chicajio, IIL P<rU EipotUiod f'»acm. Much. NEED THIS niCTIONARY,----. i EVERYBODY- WANTING TO WRITE RIGHT Th «>.c \<it Verslfylnif iire Piuynrltlug and Here is Alil iu All That Would Write. Ti.e saying Unit everybody lias, or Is writing a play ha.< become a bro- mido. It is even mor. itcni-rally true that practically everyone at .some t Ime in ills life writes poetry or at least tries his hand at versifying. Sr,n'eone ha.« .said that there is something wrong with tlic person who does not f»>el an Impulse to burst into verso at some psychological moment. Yield to that impulso There might he Kouie great ideas umier your hat If they were but correctly expressed and if you only had a guido to correct expression. That is just what the Ri^Ister pro- po.scs giving you. iJ-'' . ^ fn compiling the New /•rt'ehsterlan 1UI2 Dictloiuiry. lllu.stratcd. Dr. Harry Thurston Pi-ck, the c-ditor, epgaged the a.ssi.stance of Charles P. .l<ihnson Ph. I)., professor of Trinity College, i who contributed an authoritative work I upon piosody, giving anyone who cares I to read easily understood in^t -.-if <-!o :is j upon correct exprcsshin In •• This is but one of th<' many »» MUIH-; to he found between the covers of \lw limp leather lexicon, whirl' Is profusely illuitrated in colors an-I'monotone. This DicUonary Is .NOT published by the original publi.shcrs of Webster's Dictionary or by their successors. It has been revised and brought up to th<^ present date in accordance with the best authorities from the greatest universltie .'j, and is published by the well known Syndicate Publishing Co. of New York City. IT i s the book you should have had Ions ago. Why delay getting It now? Six coui>ocs and a small expense boryis gets it for you. (Compiled by greatf est aUtliorities from ff)reinosl universities) It an.'nvei's the questions that arise in school work; itvspells for 3'ou; makes correct pronunciation certain; corrects errors in grammai*, familiarizes yoii \vith important events in the world's progress; puts vou in touch with TODAY'S information—latest censu&rr- new words—as important to school children as to office eni- jjloyes and employers. REDUCED ^ ILLUSTRATION OF THE S4.00' VOLUME Tbit Dicttonary is not pablisbed by tlie original pnblisfaers of Webster's Dictiona^tic by their successors. • f» • O 4 •* It has been revised and brooeht tip to tbe PRESENT DATE in accordance witli tbe best authorilies from the ereatest universiticl. and is piiblisbed by the well knows SYNDICATE PUBLISHING CO. of NEW YORK CITY. How lOLA REGISTEil Readers Can Obtain Free This Wonderful Book You Need'Only Present Six Coup^ons Printed elsewhere (daily) clipped on consecutive days, and the, expense bonus set opposite the style selected (which covers the items of tile cost of packing, express from factory, checking, clerk hire)and other necessaiT' EXPENSE items), as explained under the Dictionary Coupon printed on the second page of this issue. By nviil 22c extra postage. POLITICAL ADVKUTISI.XC. Bax Marihan. want a real automobile, U. M. Cunningham, YOU EAT YOU NEED.DIjGESTP— a tHE NEW RELIEF FOR INDIGESTION are proof. Yoti can" try it for yourself wlthotii any risk—if it fails to give y»U absolute .sa:isfaction your money will he retii'rned. lirown's Digestit Is a little tablet easy to swallow and abso- |jt. his .been stated that moreNtmn niillipn people in the UnitM, ^tes^ire victims of some form of indigestion, The American people do. li£^^on and dyspepsia. mi^kit is the new relief— it has , found a certain quick and pcrtn- remedy. -Thousands of people |uaT» fottnd relief from iie use. Their statements on file in our office ^--j;^™-,/,^ tucnttition, prevents distress after eat ing and cures dyspen^. You need it even' though you are not sick,—it aids digestion and gives .vou all the nour- llshnient from your food—aOe. Bur- , St. .loseph. Mo., Oct. 26.—(Spectal) Kay Marshall of Atchison, (Cas., who Bfe .ts Tony Caponi of Chicago here in a fifteen ronnd bout, October 29,' is jr. t nlnetenn years old, but has all t: • earmarks of a good pugilist .Marshall hag been in the light game r two years and in that time has ',ri:: ticipated in twelve lights. Tow of iM 'se wore exhibitions, one being with • III- ward .Morrow. Marshall won eight • of the other ten boiits by tlie knock- oi.; route and the other two. he won !>.v decisions. • li.-t bout with Tony Caponi no doubt wi;i be a test as to his real worth in tl - middleweight calsa. He fights at ; pounds, but he and Caponi will Ave 'sh In at 160 pounds, the Chicago fig'iter refusing to make less. V.'hile Marshall's home recently has j hcf >u in Atchison, his parents live in ' Ksnsas City. He is under the man- ar.--;iient of Bndd Knapp, of St Jo- K.;.'!. the veteran boxing fan and pro- n 'I'er, who also controlle the business aiT>'rs of Freddie Daniels, a llght- v,t':;ht DEMOCRATS t'EXTER O.N X. Y. IP THE PAPER-BOV FAIM TO deliver your paper, call 18 and vre will send yojj a paper by a special carrier the same evening. Three Hnndred and Fifty Speakers to Stump the State this Week- Xew York, Oct. 27.—The Democratic National corainittee announced today that 350 speakers would be put on the stiirar In New York state this week for the conclusion or the presidential fight. Each of the three Icadii^g parties Is to have • a demonstration In M.ndison pnuare Garden one night dur ing the week. I'rogressivos, Wednesday, Democrats, Thursday ^nd Repub Means Friday. Leading speakers of all three parties will covei; the state dtjring the time intervening before election. -a •U PROGRESSIVE PARTt' POLITICAL NEWS tThls space has been purcha.<!cd by tin- Koospv<'lt -roi -I 'r '%--iiIcnt Ciub of lola which will from time to time set fotth ii.^ vivws and aims iwlitically. The Register is not responsible lor tli<> articles appearing in this department.) 4 4 4 -h h '^.4 -i- h h h-h h-h h-X' Vh h I —Extra low prices on new and used Gas and Coal Stoves. Ed Hennlnger. West Madison. General Merchandise EAST .4X1) KEXTITKY ST.^ The store buflding at the comer of East and Kentucky streets is being repaired and painted for L. E. Fosior. who recently bought the 11. N Norton stock ,and wl)i be located Ibere soon. Mr. Foster solicits tli.- patronagi- of all bis old friends. The makers of the constitution buiidcd as wisely and as well as their inspiration and knowledge permitted. They did not say a word about third temj.". By every canon of construction laid down by the courts, that which is not forbidden in the constitti- tlon, either directly or by unmistakable inference, is lawful; and lawful means right. Mr. Taft's father, a most learned Jurist, believed In a third term and was a leader in General Grant's campaign' for that honor. And look at .\llen county: Frances Wilson is the Republican candidate for county treas urer. for a third term; R. E. Cnlbert- son is a candidate for county clerk for a fourth term: J. B. Smith is a candidate for probate judge for a tenth term, or is it only nine. Judge? It has been so \ong 1 can't remember. These candidates arp all adherents to that faction of the Republican party called standpatters. . Surely they nor their managers and friends do not opirase Roosevelt because It Is said, that he is a third termer? Again, Judge Foust, who has never allied himself with either faction of the party, is a candidate for a third full term, he having had a short term in addition to the two full terms of four years each. ' Sujrely neither be nor his standpat friends are now fighting Roo.sevelt on the third term Issue? hou.«:o in which sianiiin.-' room was at a premium and all WIM iit-ard hira say he is the best ever. One man who was there sent word to tlio^e who are hide bo'jnd and don't wan; it broke loose', not to ccnic. for tiie liiiieh.-; cant be kept down. The fioctur says he is a great friend to the st ::n!li >iUer and bas a fine package to hand hira—but it won't "hurt anybofiy. The inquiry naturaiiy arises, w'ny General Prosperity did iiot call on the Great AVestern Cement Company for which a receiver was appointed in the Federal court last week. For you know. If you arc for Mr. Taff, the General is all over the country. Dr. Muckleaii, of Syijacuse, N. Y., a noted Chautauqua lectiirer and one of the funniest men In. America, will talk progressive politics in lola Tuesday evening at .M. W. A. hall. Dr. .Muckleau 8|>okc at the meeting at Humboldt Friday 'night, with Judge Smart to a Dr. Muckleau is a living exponent of his own doctrine of iaitgli and grow fat." You are urged to aitfnd Iii.« meeting tomorrow night if yo:i DO NOT believe in that doctrine. .\ iironiineut adherent of Mr. Taft in Io!a told mc Saturday that as between Mr. Wliscn and Colonel Uoose- vclt he U for Roosevelt for President. That is as it should be. There Is no reason why the factional differences between Republicans should be used-j to elect the Democrats. A defeat of candidates on the Republican ticket either in .the statf or county will only weaken the party for future usc-ful- ne=s and strengthen the common, enemy in a ccrrespondlnc dogree. So let's forget that yoii think 1 am not a Republican just l>«.cau>e I cant think exactly as you do on every question and all vote the ticket in Kansas and sen to it that General Pro.'--i"'i'ity"s passports are not handed him. imPORTANTf Train 4 ":i goes tiirough Wichita, ilutt-hitison. Sterling and; . L.von.s ronmcting at. Genesee w it;, tiiroiiKh service to Pacific Cca.-t. Tri'in 4i "T. leaving lola 4:4$ p. n>.. tiiroiigh to Wichita mak ini; conriei ti'in at Wichita for Coloraiio and the Pacific coast « Tr.'iin 4Iti has through, first- c <'oach and standard sleeper to St. i.ouis. making good connections with all lines at St l.ouis. Train 4if8 tuakcs connection at Iticli Mill for North East and Soiithi-iii .Missouri points. L E HUNGER .40EXT. W I N T E JR weather is most destructive and daii:aging to buildings. The best insurance jou can buy to pro- ii-ti your home is a coat of . B. P. S. FAIXT Buy today!

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