The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 4, 1892 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1892
Page 8
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8. _ , : , i i if. -J* HULL L , \ . ...... ••• \< .. i.\ $'.<•',.,i _ _ •'' H ^% 57* THE MARKETS, StOKEY AND STOpHS. NEW VORK , May 4.—[Stock letter furnished 1 by the Kansas Oram and 1Avc vwek company.] — The siook morltet closed up soil and stiifrnaut that several of the brightest young -room traders advised their friendn to keep out of it, nod there wns nothing in tho speculation at present for outsiders. The Rpoeiiilist in the grangers said Mint no volume of jroofl, long stock 'came'; out on tho raids in New Englmd, Northern Pacific or telegraph, although it wns known that the big boars sold stocks all, day from the Windsor. The Indicator remarks that speculation waits but for what nobody knows. There is surely no reason why the market should not be advancing and at a rapid gait much depends upon the bulls of course, because there is nothing unfa vorable in the actual situation, but so long as they lay off on'their ours the | market will continue to be dull. It is reported that the St. Paul earnings for April will show an increase of about $l].u,()Q0. The Hoek Island report of its April earnings came out this > morning showing un increase in gross <if S68.0IH>. A Iloston dispatch to the .Journal of Finance says the Atchison has 4 per cent, cash in band, or iull interest on the incomes. It claims that Atchison securities at present prices \. uro,all good risks. The Stockholder says the action of the Oleott Ilichraond Terminal committee in imposing a penalty of 2 per cent, on the security holders for the privilege of depositing their holdings next Friday is farcical, and intended to frighten some body in. mainly the holders of the high priced securities. . Atchison. 85M. MlKsaurlPaclllc, fl(M,i. Ilocs Island, 84 "1. Si Paul, VRfj. • Union Pacini:, 44V,. . •. Wt'KUrn Union, n;m. on big heavy steer*: name sale*. 10c lower: all otTiersinclmling cows and Texans steafly, IIOOH—Receipts. n2,000: prime heavy about 11 nickel lower: alt others steady: sales S4.0(*a4.40for common: H.50®4.55 for mixed: $4.650,4.110 for prime heavy, anfl •4.40fM.U5. for light. SHKKl'-^Slow and trade unsettled and Irregular prices: some lots were 10(3)1 fie lower. maKlngi decllnc'or soranoc lor the past tnrec flaffl: lambs scarce unu steady. HUTOllTSsON MARKET. OATTLK—Steady; stockcrs S2.2iVaa.80; feeders $'->.2fl$)H.'•!">; fat cows and heifers in demand at 8a .OO0S.IIO: fat steers, JU.0044 a .50, HOoS-Stcady: wagon, tops, f (l.?S ta .000i4.00. SHKBl'—In deiraiirt; $:t.?5®4.00. car, Poultry and Wild <tame. CHlCKENS-CMckcns g.l.uOQ.'l.ilO per dra: chickens fi^cper pound: hens Gc per pound; roosters 4c per. pound, turkeys 7c I per pound. GAME—Wild ducks In demand at 81.00© ::.00 per doz: pigeons in demand at $1 .00 per do?.; geese 91 .00®!.50 per dor.. GOSSIP. Chicago reports grain out of store: Wheat, 115,000; corn, 138,0011; oats, 07,008; rye, 1,00(1. A telegram from Tacoma says the heavy rains had greatly Improved tiie California crops. Minneapolis reports received 2 "f> cars of wheat to-day. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, ,') out of S; .1 short; spring wheat, 17 out of 284; corn, 1 out of ISO, 20 over: oats, 89 out of ISO. UG short. Now corn 17H, No. 2, 44, No. 3, 107. THE WAIF OF WOUNDED KNEE. ['ItOOUCK. Luck of »n Indian Ilafoy 1'lckcd Up on 111,' lluttlcflclri. The public is familiar with the newspaper accounts of the battle of Wouuded Knee, which took place during the Indian troubles at Pino Ridge agency in tho winter of 1891. But the incidents connected with the finding of the Indian girl baby on thc- broast of ila dead mother four days later are perhaps not so well known. Cliii'uiro. <;WCA«O , May I.—[.Special advices received by the Kansas Grain and I-itve Stock company.]— WHEAT —Foreign news has been more encouraging to holders, especially from the continent. • Speculative attention Is now largely centered on Duloth, and the wheat movement there will be closely •watched. It is reported that 10,000,000 bushels were dcliucred out on contracts at that port. The first ten days of this week naturally it was expect this would weaken the cash market and when it was quoted one- fourth cent higher relatively than the options, it was construed to mean that wheat was wanted anil had passed into hands of shippers who hall already sold it for eastern or foreign account. The large continuous outward movement HIBO indicate this to be the case, that wheat is better than Chicago spring, and it would not be strange if the bulk of it were shipped out before "a good market is found for Chicago grain and yet a fair business is going 011 here all the time. Ueports from the northwest indicate that about one-fifth i tho spring wheat acreage is still unsown and the land is so wet it is feared that the seeding can not be done in time to insure a crop. These 'Conditions will doubtless encourage fresli foreign buying as soon as known .abroad, an,d there are indications that outsiders are coming into the market ns investors. . Coim AND OATS —The belief is gaining ground that both markets are likely to do better, though everything will depend on the weather. PiiovisioisR—Slow. Stocks of lard in Europe, and afloat at New York and Chicago show a deereaso for April of .(3,891 tierces, and are less than half what they were 11 year ago. The following Is the range ol prices for active future**: f Cannot be Excelled PURER or stronger baking powder t ii a n the Royal it is impossible to make. It is absolutely- pure and healthful, and composed of the best ingredients, and of highest and character strength "Dr. DAVIDSON, "T)r. FISKE, "Dr. McQUESTEN, "Dr. LETOURNEX, "San Francisco £'J of Health? T HE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR OUT I3ST TWO 0. l 1 li I Are'you aware, do you realize, will you comprehend and respond to the veritable fact that all of this week we will offer our whole stock of Clothing and Shoes, to the people of Hutchinson and surround- country, at half price. * All our shoes at half price. All men's suits at half price, All boy's suits at 5o per cent. All children's suits cut in two prices. . All pants split in half. We handle goods that are made on honor, goods that are not made solely to look well and sell well, but to give satisfaction and' wear. All go this week at 50 cents on the dollar. We must have money and this wul coax it. Come and split the price on every pair of shoes from the Holland stock yourself. \ . $6.00 shoes all kinds for - - 554.00 shoes all kinds for - - - 5J3.00 shoes all kinds for - - $2.00 shoes all kinds for - - - Open'd WHKAT. May July OOtlN. .September. .mly March " May OATS. July.; May POIIK. May Julv LAUD, May July imiK. : May July Hlgll't. HIS HIM 41 41 42MI 88K 0 80 0;7S 6 ir> OiMo 5 82H liOW'stl S1H 411 K 2HS 20 1) (15 0 77H It 15 0 27 n 85 iClos'g. SI SIX 4 :1 % 28X1 •>.H% nuo I) 70 0 u> 0-J5 MIS •MS 'Mil HHJi I) 05 II 77W 8 15 is as :> 77W •6 82H ZWTKA IANTJNI. After tho battle there lay on tho field I 100 warriors mid twenty women and children. OE tho troops, twenty-nine wore killed and thirty-eight wounded. On the afternoon of the fourth dny succeeding tho contest there was found. fast hound by » sfrap to its lifeless mother and partly covered with snow, n j live Indian bain - girl. j Tho child, which is (supposed to belong to the tribo of Uncpapae, was only slightly frozen about tho head, hands and feet. Shi? was taken to the agency by the direction of General L. V. Colby, commander of the Nebraska state troops, and kept until tho hostilitieu ended and the state and federal troops returned to their Btations. General Colby then took the little waif to his homo at Beatrice, Neb., where he and his wife adopted her as their own. The Indian woman who had charge of her at the agency gave her the musical Indian name of Zintka Lanuni. which means Lost Bird. • Tho dusky maid has fallen into good hands. ' General and Mrs. Colby have no children of their own, and Zintka Lanuni must rely on the stoicism of hei race to save her from being (spoiled by tho homage she receives. She is at pros lit with hor foster parents in Washington, where Mrs. Colby goes every wintei to issue The Woman's Tribune. WHBAT—No. 2 eany; casli Nl!ic May Hike: July HlH@»lKc. UOUN—No. 'i firm; casta 42ffi43)ic; May 43c; June40}j: July 40>4c. OATS—No. asteady; cash '.iUc; May 'J8«c; Julv;!8«<c. MESS PonK -cash $».(17',ii MayJU.07V4; July »li.77«. LArtU—cash 80.15; May S0.15; July $fl.S8. SHOUTlUBS-Casa JB.H0; May»S.80; July »r ..8UW@5.85. KYB—No. •! BVeaoy; 72c. HAHLEY—No. « nominal, 02c. I'LXX SEEW-No. 1 cany, SIKc. PHIMK TIMOTHY SKKD-Kaay; »1,3'J. BUTTKR—.Steaily. 150 CIS—Steady. HI. Louis. 81. Louis, May 4. • 84J June 81)4; July 70S©7(IHc; August 78»c, (JOHN—Higher; cash aiiWc; May 38^c; J u!r :i7»jc: September 38 iMatt Xc. OATR-Hlfher; cash 30»c; May .10Sc July :!8«@0S»c. PDltlC-Flrm; Jobbing I10 .M. I.AHD-Nomlual »6.0S: ' K»UMU City, KANSAS ClTT, May 4. WHLKAV-NothlllK doing. OOBN-No. il, cash OATS—No. »UTTBlt-17< KOOK-lIWc. May SiS'ic. i 30MC 28HW8 1 :8Mc. isvi; STOCK. ST. LOUIS , May 4. fJATTl,U~Receipts 1,000; Mcaily. llpOS—nccclptB 3 (101); (low; fsfr heavjf.*4.40®4 (Id; uilxed, ordinary to gooil, : to choice 4W.OU0i4.tiO; yorkers »4.40®4.50. SHKEP-Kecclpts 2,000; Hloady. Kaunas City, KANSAS Oitv, May 4. OAl y ftJ3-KecetptB r..5«0; shipments 1)00 Hteers were S®10c lower, 83.6004.40; cowa steady>.Q0\ Blockers and feeders strong, !I.SW£4.00. : HOOB -lUreelpts, 10,600', Hhlpments K.110U active and stead: ~ " ' jrtcrs; all grai SItMEi'-KeceluU 10,000; shipment* (100 active »od steady. _ its, 1(1,800; shipments a .llOU; 1v to RlVnng at vest^rdny 'H (tes »4.00®4.40; I>ulk4 .u0ia ?fhe B»eutn* Joarnal Be, Omt'Aoo, M»y 4 Ml* . 100; slow and weak CATS IN OUR BLOCK. Description of the UlfTorent Felines That Make Life I/neiiduralitv. Phil 's cat, just across tho alloy*, is the worst in the neighborhood. His Btyloof architecture is gothio, with, » broad facade. His voice is deep and grewsoine, Nobody hoars the beast on a stormy night. It is only when the inoon Bhinea with splendor and tho air is still that Phil's cat lifts up its voice. Then, with stealthy tread and phosphorescent eyes, ho leaps upon tlie fence, pulls ont all the staples and with one leg against the •well - begiua to howl. That is Phil's oat. Be Is a sidewalk cat by day and fence cat by night. And then, too, he is one of these vanishing eats. Hen the fence when the Btorin of bootjacks and bottles from neighboring windows interrupted his guttural oratorio. Two years ago Phil's cat possessed a melodious voice as voices run with cats. But Btrict attention to business and a praise-' worthy persistency in breaking the solitude of the night have put reeds in his throat and made his appearance on the fence move a matter of public concern than the soulful courting ot representatives of the animal kingdom. Hiram Bostwick's cat across tho street is a ventriloquist. He is so big that he looks like a goat. The beast has fooled Phil's cat more than once. Old Bostwick is the ward fool. A member of tho Indiana street gang hit him with a piece of lead pipe several years ago and he never got back the sense he lost that night Bvor since then he has been kicking ping hats off the sidewalk on All Fools' Day and trying to build a new fangled washing machine. He has got a great cat, however. The beast is of the.roof variety, and possesses the extraordinary power of being able to distribute its voice to all parts of the yard without lifting a claw from the shingles. In the dead of night, when the lights of the city blazed only here and there, Bostwick's cat would climb to the rooi of the house by way of the hencoop and the woodshed and then howl blithely. Such uncanny noises, coming as they did nearly every night, would unbalanos stronger brain than .Bostwick's. O'Malley, the switchman .in the St Panl yards, lives in the re3r of Dobson 's house, half a block np the street. O 'Malley doesn't like cats. He says the best place to put them is under a grapevine. Last Sunday O'Malley started ont to take the life of a brindle looking cat which had been sneaking about tho kitchen for a month or more. He hadn 't got through with his job last night. First he shot at the beast and blew away a portion of its head. The cat turned a somersault, yelped once or twice and disappeared. The next day O 'Malley found the cat on the roof of the doghouse. This time the switchman stole upon the animal and hit it with a coupling pin. The cat yawned, shook what was left of its head aud^then darted under the sidowalk. When evening came and O 'Malley was splitting kin-, dling wood for the breakfast fire he beheld, a pair of green eyes blazing at him from the open door. The ax shot ont from his big hands. There was a commotion on the threshold and a dark object rolled ont into the yard with a savage cry. When morning came O 'Malley found one of the haunches of the brindle oat lying near the woodshed. The keen blade of the ax had divorced it from the body. But the cat would not die. Al- $20.00 men's suits of all kinds 5)15.00 men's suits of all kinds - - - JplO- 00 men's suits of all kinds $8.00 men's suits of all kinds - - $15.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $10.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $5.00 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $2-50 boy's suits all kinds and sizes for $10.00 V7.50 55*00 k.oo $7.50 1 55.00 $2.50 $1.25 OAU8S AP» OTFBOT. with tightly drawn faces have leveled at his form all sorts of missiles, but so far as is known nooody lias ever hit him, There is something bulky Mid meaty •bout the beast, yet w> agile i* be that with A simple reef la hit took he has been able to slip tbM«gli knotttolMin $8 pants to fit anybody at i 54 pants to fit anybody at $2 pants to fit anybody at In fact nothing reserved. The whole Btock is at your disposal. Take your pick of the entire aggregation at one-half. NOW |$ YOUR TIME, THIS WEEK to get this enormous reduction. Sale will close at 11 o'clock Saturday night, everybody come. Rich and poor treated alike Golden Eagle Shoe and Clothing House. A. MINCER, PROP. NO. 4 SOUTH MAIN. We are going to give away a handsome dinner set to some one. Come in and, see them. TUB ii8lttQ Heut -n £S J or mr.;<n. BEFORE AFTER In SOLD OK A POSITIVE GUARANTEE: to earn any form et ncrroua dio- easo or any disorder of tho gea- emlvo organs of either flez. v whether arising from tho exces- ... nivo ose of Stimulants, Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful Indiscretion, over indulgence, Ao., such ns Ijtss of Brain Power, wakefulness, Bearing down PnhiR In tho back, Seminal 'Wcalcneea, Hysteria, Hcrrons Proa- tratlon t NooturnaljE2mlsslona,tioucorrhoea,DiE* tineas, weak Memory, Loss of Power and Zm- potency, which if neglected often lead to pre­ matura old afro and insanity. Price 11 .00 a oos 6 boxes for $6.00. Bent by mail on xeoelpt of price; A WRITTEN GUARANTEE is glrenfot every ts.00 order rcoorrcd, to refund tbo money if a Permanent ourels cot effected, wo nave thousands of testimonials from old and young ot both sexes, who have been permanently cured by the nsc of Aphroditluo. Circulars See. Mention paper. Address , THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. . . $1 Washington St, CHICAGO, HtU For sale by A. & A. Drug Co. O'MALLEY AND TFIE ]3KINDLE LOOKING OA* though sorely disfigured and somewhat at a loss to tulraat herself to the position indicutivo of deep thought, the beast again dragged itself about tho house. 1 This was on Friday. This week CMAV ley will make another effort to rid the neighborhood of the animal. Thepo are some of the cuts in the neighborhood. It is lilcolythat ovorynei(" borhood has them. But if O'Malley keeps his word there will be one lew bjr the time the bells toll for church nest Sunday night.—Chicago Herald. S U I iT-fl CO On Established 187*. . m. LI I I LC & UU.f 188 S. WATER ST. CIXIOiVGO, XTITI., COMMISSION MERCHANTS BROOM CORN fox * !*.«!•, Or.1. tn.»|»H», Oh i 8 , mHIMMIIIIIIHWW Tlx© XTxiixrox'oo.l Xt.eaao,e<l,y THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBASO NEURALWA STINBS BRUISES MAN-BEAST HA8 8TOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BCAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORN S CRATCHES PAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT S UM BALLS WIMNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, $tock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies^ It will save many doctors' bills/ For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottle? HIGH GRADE FURNITURE ATLOW GRADE PRICES. Buy Furniture At Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. Cor large returns for vaawv iBV «8tcd advertise In the Daily aud Weekly IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Bed. H.W.WILLITT. Corner Main and Avenue A. tteAlii ^midM^MkfM&immy^^i^

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