Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 25, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAUPORNIA. Entered at the Costoflicc Covina, Cal.. as second-class matter. Published PvrTy Saturday by (!?<• C.o vina Argils Publishing Company, Inc. One Year in advance - - '. Six Months Three Mouths ... Single Copies .... AnVKHTlSKMI'.NTS: T)isplay advertisement at. reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made an per contract. Liners .Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices 51.W per inch first insertion, .50 cents each .subsequent insertion. COVINA. July 25. 190H. Excellent Reasons. Tho following, Hipped from last, week's LOH AngoloH Graphic, \H so much t,n tho point that it gives the editor pleasure to reproduce it hero: SHOULD KKTUKN. There lire vory exoellent reasons why Mr. .JarrieH McL/aohlan should return to Congress, reasons so good that the personal ambitions of any man should not firovail against, them a.s long an Mr. Mcljaohlan desires to \ back. Mr, MoLaclihin occupies a much-coveted poHition on the rivers and harbors committee and IH in a position to obtain everything necessary for the furthor improvement of San Pedro harbor, tho one objo'it whi(;)i now lies nearest to tho heart of the people of this district. Those unfamiliar with the Hituatton in WuHliingtnii may not believe it, but a now Congressman has little chance to obtain recognition. Tho best positions IIH to committee work are absorbed by the oldest members, who aro bent able to attend to tho wants of their constituents. A new member in Congress is vory much of a small potato in a big hill, no matter how great his personal qualifications, hi'other words, he IIIIH to prove hirn- How Huch Can he Said In the Fewest Possible Hnjslish Words. Thn (lottyshiirK jiddrcHH by A lira- ham Lituvdii in rliupla\-ed upon the walls of Oxford University, as an example to I he students. Ff a frneiyn n r, i \ <-i si t y is compelled by ilH elt.'iuciir'e, In give it Mirh a place i.'f honor, for its rhetorical <|iiMlitioH alone. how rnn*:h rnrjie should it hi' displayed in eveiy college, in every school, in every library, in America. Here it is fur more eloquent than it; Knghind. These ever words should bo in plain sight, constantly before the oyes of our children ai»d ourselves. They should be eas? in a form as permanent, mid immortal as the principles they convey. It JH for this purpose a beautiful, coptier bronze tablet has been designed, 12xl«l-'2 inches. Tho directors of the public library aro desirous of placing one of these bronze, tablets, valued at £'!0, in the library with tho help of the Lincoln Hducational League which will contribute S'20 and a popular subscription. For example: If 200 people will contribute 10 cents each wo can secure the tablet. Hubucriptiotis received at the postofllce and the library. NO CHAN(iIO NHCKSSAKY. Therci is no necessity whatever for a change of Congressman, and were Mr. MoLaohlan desirous of retiring, it would be the height of folly to name an his successor any man unwilling to give JOHH than ten years of liin life to the service of Iho district. JOaaterh communities very well understand the necessity of 'keeping' *tho' Hii'me" CunRrrtBtimnti ifi harness, although this point never seems to have occurred to tho states of the Pacific Coast, with tho Ningle exception when Oregon returned Finger Horm'inn year after year, thereby obtaining the most influential position o!' any state of tho Pacific (.oast section of the country. (iood Roads and the Smaller Cities. Some voters ask ulmt, benefit tho proposed rook road system in the county will bo to tho small towns and cities. Just this: It will link all of them together, and with tho county seat, making transit from OIK; to another easy and a pleasure). It will increase their values, by making it an attractive drive from them to tho city, for those who wish to live in thorn and have to work in Los Angeles. It, will make thorn centers of interest I'm' autoist.s, who will run out for dinner, or to stay over night, bringing in money with every trip. It will show these rich autoists what, a charm our smaller cities have, and lead to heavy itiveslments for winter home purposes. It will draw tho country people into town for their purchasing, and make each town a niiirluiling center, fur shipping produce and for supplying the ranchers' wants. It will bring in tho country folks to school, church, lodge and social altaird, and every such visitor spends money. It will lessen tho cost of t nniHport ing bo twccn farm and town, and make living IOHS expensive. And it will cost only 10 oentH on the 91000 under present valuations, with thi.s cost as the valuations increase. Compulsory l-'umlgatlon. Commissioner (J. K. Homis of tho LOH Angeles county horticultural commission states he does not think ! it will bo necessary to advertise eorn- ! pulaory fumigation by notices in Co- ,virin, as has been done by the corn- i mission in other towns. All trees, shrubs and orchards in Covina having an infestation of scale muHt be fumigated this year, subject to the approval of tho commission. This I law is to be rigidly enforced, as it is found thiit only in this manner can the pests tie kept in a state of neutrality. In other towns the inspectors have posted the town liberally with noti cos, and cases where a refusal to fumigate has been met with, the work has been done by the county 'ind a bill hrought in by the officials to the owner for payment. In (ilondalo and Sierra Madro, two towns badly smitten by the red scale, tho county officials met with quite a little opposition, which was straightened out satisfactorily us tho residents came to know tho rigidity of the law. In Covina there are, like other towns, a number of private building lots upon which several citrus trees are growing, and'which are in n bad state of block sortie Infestation. Those, the commissioner says, are admirable brooding places for the posts, and tho accumulation spreads to the valuable groves. All such must be fumigato.l. A number of town lot owners have already communicated with Mr. Uernls about, this matter. Tho amount of red and purple scale in Covina is Insignificant, Commissioner liemi.s says, but the black scale is of course prevalent. The work of tho Hcutellista cyanea, or black scale parasite, has been much more satisfactory this year than last. This parasite has kept the poppers reasonably clean and is found In Mie county in largo numbers. Mr. L'cmis states that fumigation does not interfere with thi.s parasite, or impede or impair its work in any way. Installation of Officers. The new otlicers of Covina Uo- bekah hodgo, No. 'J!lf>, went installed into their respective chairs on Friday evening. Mrs. T. Klliulgo, District Moputy President, was install ing ofllcer and was assisted by--Mrs. Kva Crawford as marshal. Tho olllcers wore: N.iJ., Sister Ada JHanchan!; V. f«., Sister 10. Lewis; Secretary, Sistor II. M. Faul^er; Treasurer, Sister K. Crawford; Chaplain, Sistor F. Kis- tlor; Warden, Sister (!. A final; Conductor. SisterS. Stumpf: U.S. N. (J., Sistor C. Coolman; L.S.N.U., Sister L. Cheney; U.S. V.(i., Sistor F. Armol;, Sister N. Spencer; I. (!., Sistor. lirulmker; ().(!., Hro- thor L. Stumpf. hroop Polytechnic Institute Located in Pasadena, the most beautiful city of California rilVKS A I'RACTICAf, MOMKRN KWJCATION. College of Engineering, Manual Training Academy Normal School of Manual Training, Art and Domestic Economy. I'RKI'AHKS KOR J,KAIHNf; COM,Kf,f',S AM> UNIVERSITIES. NV-,v r.ampu" of 20,icrc«. facility nl 40, sltulrnt hoc! ;• of 4«). Hoarding hall for hoys, irvrnn.islum, athU-ti*: KTounfl^: cXjH-n*' 1 - mofl'-rai.'-. Si-mi for cai.'ilotf, AKTIfr-R Hf'.NRY CHAMMKRLAIN It. S.. A. M., Acting Subscribe for the Brgus* New Telephone Number F. HO R N E Azusa 4 CHAS. H. MORRIS Implements. Wagons and Buggies at Los Angeles prices. A Good Drug Store... Drugs, Stationery and Toilet Articles . . Accuracy and Satisfaction at ail times W. W. NASH Prescription Druggist No Opposition. The Congressional primaries passed off on Monday without any opposition developing to the McLnchlnn ticket. There were 78 straight tickets oust in the Coviua precinct without one scratched vote. The vota Congressman McLachlan received throughout tho county precincts on Monday assures him of a unanimous renominatiou. OMU TMTO HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving-. Specially prepared to move pianos PROMPT SERVICE. PKICKS KIGHT. Oflice on Citrus Ave. Covind, Cai. Home Phone 1108 Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The ri^lit ^oods at the ri^'ht urice. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Phone Home 1170 .\ilvrrl iHcrH w(ii> want rcnults will use tlu< rulimmH uf tho AI^IIS, This wiH'k'tt edition, 1 l'Jf> ('DpioN. The tiillov. iii^ i'i>itaph a|i|>raia on iD tuiiiUiUmi' of an 1'ilitur in Hull la.\ llfic lien an rdilui ! Snook**, if you will ; In merry, kind 1'ruvidi'iict', Lot him lir still. Hn lied fur Iris li viiiK ; M > Hi- li\ I'll VS 111 lo III' lit d, \\ hi'li in' I'uiild 1!' il lit' luii^t' I li' lav down and difd. .\li.--s Ani:a MeiTon was | l.i- ^iie>: "t Iiii-nd-) 10 LI'f Antilles .vi-sltiday. I'lari- \ i 'Ur spare cash in I he I '• >\ in:*. Valley Savings liaiik, a safe in\i-st ineiil al 1 per ciul. lake It l:asy 'n Cool. ''People \vho stay at home on Sunday and cook a big Sundiiy dinner this weather don't know tho rkht way to live," said Mr. J. .). Fit/- (iorald, proprietor of the Hotel Veil dome, one day this week. ''When you spend all day Sunday toilinu over a hot .stove, the pleasure is all j,'iiiin nut ot the day. The reason why I prepare an extra line chicken dinner at mv Imtel on Sunday 1^ in older thai th" residents uf ( "Vina may iiuve a place to ^u \\lu-ie the t. .'i! i.s )^i:od and tin timing mum I riml, and in> v. i.rry 'ii t !n i r [ :ii I. ; 11 ii i.iii 'I \. ..rt h til; -. ••..!•- ; u • ; : rid i 'I al! i !ie >.,h :.. • i.. i , i t •, ! I l int; d nun i, t l.i n i: i-,i' t . ' < .,..-. ! Aii-lt lie 1^1 n i i ; i : L ' : i-. u:, : .loni ti div i TI1K NEW IRamblcr Automobile IJetter than ever. Better than any, regardless ot price. We can "t»how you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN ,s.i() S. Hromlway, I.os Angeles Agent fur Southern California Hovvell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet, and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY A1 Brown's and Crenshaw's j* Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. Successor to BROWN & BOHRI The new firm anticipates a continuance of the patronage enjoyed by Messrs. Brown & Bohri on the evidence already received in the first few days of our dealing- together, and because we think we know how to please. Come to our store and let us help you to prepare a meal without the toil of the kitchen, or ask our solicitors these fine morning's. Tempting 1 things to tell you from time to time. Read our ads. Very respectfully, J. F. HORNE Accounts ot Firms, Societies and The First National Bank of Covina is especially well prepared to transact the banking business of firms, societies, and individuals, who may rely upon prompt, courteous consideration, and the best terms consistent with wise business methods. Capital $50,000 Surplus $30,000 KERCKHOFF^CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL- G. W. MARSH Practical i CARRIAOI: AND ALTO (painter Comfortable Shoes .go a long way toward keeping a smile on your face these hot summer days. If you wish to get the name of having a sunny disposition and a temper that never shows itself, wear a pair of Menz-"Ease" Elk Skin Work Shoes They will give you so much solid comfort that you will forget all your troubles. Made of genuine Men/,-"Ease" Elk Skin leather, which is tough as rawhide but so soft and plialbe that they never hurt your feet, even when you first put them on. Menx— "Ease" Elk Skin tannage never gets hard and stiff like ordinary bark tanned leather, even if wet day after day and dried out at night by the kitchen fire. Men?.-"Ease" Elk Skin outing shoes have elk soles which are mere flexible than bark tanned soles, cannot be broken, are twice as light and will wear three times as long. As there are many rank imitations of Elk Skin Outing shoes on the market, Menzies Shoe Co. of Detroit stamp the name on the sole of every shoe and put a yellow silk label on every pair for your protection. A genuine Menz-"Ease" will cost you no more than an imitation; there is no reason at all why you should buy a shoe that is claimed to be "just as good." Broadwell Store Covina, California 0VINA

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