Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING. PC TOBER 28. l&ll 6 BMiiTOfsmw siiot LI6HT OX HIS ATTITUDE ' IX POLITICS: , BHns Xow In Office, He In the Indorr. rr of ltoo8«T^t and Stabbn In .~ " the Xew Pnrty; TUBm Am) EVW kOMKS GBEEQB; PEOPlifif EAGBiB ^ SIOHH l&R ASm TO DE^mD NA!£]YB LAKQ Senator Joseph L. Bristow, of Kansas, who decently spoke hero !ii the interest of Colonel Roos-ivolt and Governor Stubbs, in bi\e of the tuner circle of the new Reform party. If Bristow is not In favor of purifying this •nation by politics, none of ihem are And Bristow may be taken as a typical political reformer of the new school. All o( which makes Bristow's real views of government of iutcreet and , importance. Recently a voter inqui»-'?d of <he Salina Union as to the faf^ts abaut Ilris- tow's resignation as Pourt!', Asstsiant Postmaster General in ROORPVOII'S UJ- rainistration. The Union aasworod as folkws: Tl.o facts are us fjiUows; Uilstow made a vile attack la members. c.f congress. He did it to please Rookt-- velt. It didj please Rooaevplt bur li did'not please the congressmen. Joi* (Gannon and his intimate standpat associates, were very clod-i tp Uocpevflt ni< dthey demande<l Bri.sto'.v's removal and Roosevelt kicked 'ilm out—kicked him out after dotiiu th' v.Ty thirg be v.anted b!m to do. Th.'s left Bristow in .» Imd n>c and i Jie went {u Ma long- tiiii" ' ii i d. Senii- j tor .I>ong for advice and help.' Long ! obtained the place he had been nillriK i In the postofflce department. I'.ristow ! had for years belonged to or- j ganlzation. Long bein^ very close to j Roosevelt appealed to him to give « Bristow something to dull the sound : of the thud when he dr('')pe<l him out i of the postofflce. Roosevelt protested j that he had no vacant plaie liui upon ! Long's earnest entre.ty in behalf cf j his friend BrIstoVi-, Roosevelt created j a sinecure job to last but a short t«m<!. and gave it to Bristow. It wac a saving commission in tliR w-ii ulAcc. This was the job iiri»row wab liiold- !ng when he wrote LODK his fariiojis ' letter on the 27th of .May. 1905. to get i him another place as the time limit of I the place he was holdltg was up and | . unless something was done, :ui<J done j by Long, and done quickly, Brisiow, j for the first time in years, would have | •.o go to work for i ^ l.rlstow wanle^^ another sinecur^'i place so he could dr.iw n .saliry of $7,500 a yearl stay in Kanf us .ind run for the senate (In ISOGl, the next year. But l.-ong could not get him :hc place, although, as Bristow said in his tetter, "they have engineers to burn on thc- (Panama) commission." Bristow returned to Kansas ran for the Senate in 1S06 and »vcs beaten. aFollette about that time, invaded the state, crested the progressive movement, attacked Long, and LOUIS B. HESS Humboldt, Kansais Democratic Candidate =FOR- Clerk District Court I would appreciate your vote at the election. November 5. 1912. ard. > .M'jsicnl comedy is usually mosf ap- pehli-ic to local patrons and a ca- j nacity house is expected tonight.) Change <?f plays and vaudevlUe each evening together wUh new pictures. . i CA3IP.IU;X EXPENSE BILLS. •StW fNSERTED TIPS MAKE ARROW WING COLLAR.S CTllONC V/HERS OTHF.IUJ AKt WEAK. 3/or25cents Manks of Greek Monait«ry guarding Frontier; arrow poinu to Monastery, insert showm tfsnMnstration or patrloU before palace at Athena, 7 Soatethlns oC tbo old-Ume patriotiaa. at t'-o sort that, humbled Xarxtm nun -tliaA' (wo ~< jmta la «vUant la Otoeoe todar^ Evan It UM^TUIOV oC^Oreeca had' beeo oppomti ^'i,^ with Tnrkar, ago. __ they eould not have pravented tt, ao eager ware the people to llgtat the Otnte XBJDOt'ot the aooompaiiTtaif pfcturea th- rrsnks at a ''reek xnonasterr ar« seen guarding the Greck-asjirklslL mtUIti, Wba fitboe tfxnn ihow tiie _Oreclan raopto gtroted the w declalatton. - A^««^^aniH -«._j .i «j !HiBg^»-WH Bristow, true to his nature, descried j Long lis he later deserted l-aFolIctte. and ran against I^us. defeating liim., The animus of Bristow towards! Ronsevvit for kicking him out of /lie i iiostonice is plainlv apparent in tha: castonnny wTth a big slick and have part of his letter to l.ons; wliieh reeil.-s: •'When 1 iret into the senate, "will help vou with rome of your ly revealed in the above (juotation, and wlii'-h Ixmg'and LaPollette both later (liscovercd.nnd I had discovered as far hack as LS'J'i. and he failed I to. l.ind the engineers place on the Pan I anm c-inaL ^ I RooacTelt's creating a place, Drl9- i tow accepting Ihc flaee and Long's ..... .w,..^ ; part In ohtaining the place, to go to tow's dominant trait, which Is so clear j Panama, is a page. In a very large '"^ [book, revelling the corruption of the troubles, p.nd when It Is necessar>- to raise the d—1 and a few other things at the U-HITK HOrSH you can a'ways put tliat job on me. 1 would like to go-there oc- U out.; But Roosevelt had delected Bris-1 INSTANT POSTUM | No Boilmfe 1 Charming Flavor | ids Coffee Pisordewi This new footl-drink islakint? the phieo of coffee in thou.sands of homes the country over, "There's a Reason" « Many persons realize vaguely that coffee is injurious, but think they cannot give it up. Such will find the breakfast cup just as hot, snappy and comforting when they shift to Instant Posftim It is regular Postuni in concentrated form—tibthing added. I " No Boiling Required ! Made by stirring a level teaspoonful of the powder (more or less for strength desired) in a cup of hot water and adding sugar and cream to taste. If coffee has affected you impleasantly, wouldn't common sense, suggest quitting it. The return to health can be hastened by taking on Instant Postum, which is absolutely free from caffeine, the harmful drug in coffee. . "There s a Reason" for Postum jf Instant Postum is sold by grocers. 50-cup tin, 30c; lOO-oup tin, 50c. Send 2c stamp (to cover postage) for o-cup free sample. ' POSTUM CEREAL CO., LTD., BATTI^ CREEKv MICH. Roosevelt ailiulnlsliaticn. There was absolutely no i«ur?ose in sending Brls low to I'iinuma exc'Mit to lei lilm down' easy. |JrlMi>«N l.eller to l.onir. And In tills coniie< lion thai famous letter to Senator l.onK ifs of Interest, tem.MnborliiK thai LOIIK, to whom Brl* tow wreti- tills iiiMieiil witH later the ! object of Hrlstown l>ltter attnik, and ; that It U UuiKS S. iialorlal toga which '. llrlatow is wearin.i;. Here Is the UrU- ; tow letter: \ Sen;.tor .loo Urlmow \vi>s Fourth As: sMiini rosiiiiasier and .Mr. Kciiiseveii be Was a fo«il and a ' and il. ttiimled lil.-< resignation. ; WlureuiMUi and iliti-:ifier Mr. Bristow ' wrote to Ills friend, Siiiator Ix)ng, the ; following letter: I "Wi ^Hlilngtoa. Ma.v. 27, lOOfi j "Oear Scnnlolr: i '"l wri)t<' .vol! briefly ' nisht. Re- reiveil your !• ttcr' tod.iy. If there [ was a VHcanry in .some desirable of- I lice, and you or Will While were here tile day it was available, the President j would ajijioint me to It, but otherwise no one knows what-he might do. i "He askeil me-what 1 wanted. I hold hinx I did Act know what was ! available. He said'tae did not either. Tand for me to see'Taft as soon as he ' returned.- I think I would like to have I one of those advisory places on the j canal commission. They pay $7,S0" ; and require a visit to the isthmus once : in three months. I could hold it and : live :n Kiinsas. being there at least : half of my tin'.e, and when the fight j not hot i could resitin. I "They liavo engineers to burn on j the ccniniission. There is no reason I why Herrod should not be made a con I suiting engineer and me put in his place: or one of the army engineers assigned as consulting engineer and me put in his place. The only way to have this done is through Taft. If he suggests it the President will do it. I think Taf. will like my report; will go over '.t with him next week. "Could you write him-and call his attention to the advisability of having me In a to watch the commercial end of the railroad business and the interests of the shipping public who will have all kinds of complains to make, and that someone ought to be connected with the commission who is neither a railroad man nor an engineer. Someone who is a layman and can me<!t complaints better than a railroad man or an engineer. "I can see a place that could be made very useful to a man like Taft and the would would be pleasant and could be done from Kansas, as well as Washington. An occasional visit here is all that would be re<julred. They can do this consistently If they/wlll. "Roosevelt is very independent now and cares very little for senatorial in­ dorsement. He will listen to—White, I think for he expects the newspapers and magazines to compel the senate to pass his railroad measure. In your letter to Taft take a strong position. Tell him that the President had no great difltenlty in making a place for Wynne, that he promptly took care of Cockrell, and that you notice that Murphy, a Bryan Democrat, was nicely provided for after the commission was reorgaiRzed, "I would not hesitate to call attention to the fact that you had stood by the administration whenever it need-; ed help and th^t you e.xpeeied to eon- : tinue to do so, and thai .vou felt that j you had a right to ask that your friend that had rendered the service to the presidents administration that 1, be recognized in a desirable manner. - i "The president was irritated at your' sending him that clipping. It con-• firmed the prediction that you. and I both made to him last winter, and he smarts under it. "The only way to gel anything from Roosevelt Is to keep at it doggedly and persistentl.v. • For.iker gets things because he never lets him rest until he gets it. He complains, cajoles and, Batters. In writing Taft you can iell , him that you will guarantee that the ' longer and belter he knows me the i better he will like me and I will see that your prediction Is verified, that if he will make this apiwlntnient nno that after 1 have covered si.x monih!> if he Is not saltslled that you will see that 1 resign without the sllghte.ti emlwrrnssineut to him. "Am sorry to trouble you, but tliU appointment I think XMUIIII «erve M good purpose. eomhiK ».>« It would juHi I'fler I hail iHe.l my r»iH>rt Vou tniglit state to hini that you itre >io inueh lu- torosteil thajt you would come to Wash Ington If necessary, but that U would h*> a great inconvenience slnci- you nre now preparing to go to the Pblllp- ptnes with him ((< he gone !ti\- nionth.>i, • "I will write Will White as .vou RUK- gest. Sorr.v f should have troubled you as 1 ha%''e had to about this matter. When I get Info the Senate I will help you with some of your troubles, and when it Is necessary to raise the d-r-1 and a few other things at the White House, you can always put that job on me. T would like to go there occasionally with a big stick and have it out. Hope you are well. So you have been to Salina. Sorry I was not there. Yours. J. I~ BRISTOW." All Three PartteM Filed StatemenU La.«t Sat onlay. Washington. Oct. 26.—Contributions to the campaign fund of the Democrat ic party this year totalled $6i.S.364, ac 1 cording to the sworn statem--ut of '> Rolla C. Wells of St. Louis, .filed with \ the chief clerk of the House of j sentatives. Expenditures aggregated $.'>(;2,C 18.21 including $120,000 sent U> Chicago from the headquarters at .\ew York and there are outstanding obligations of $55,129. The Republican statement of contri butions will be filed today. The Progressive party filed Its statement yesterday showing contributions of $304,244, expenditures of $292,341. All told 53,303 contributions were received by Mr. Wells and of these 52.246 were for amounts of $100 or less. Governor Wilson, the nomlneu, gave $500. B.VBY SHOT AT 3[0TUEK'S BREAST Dm. raSIGETEIt To Darken the 'Hair and Re' store Gray and Faded Hain, ' (to lis Natural Color. ^It js €asi?r to (rescrvo the coior of the hair tiian to restops it, although it is possib'<j to do both. Oar grandmothers understood iho secret. They made a ' .-age ,te2," and their dark,'r lon^i after middle life was •U-.a to i;;;.-; /act. Oiir mothers have gray l,airs before they are fifty, but they ar» beginning to appreciate the wisdom of oar Krandiiiothtis in using "sajjetee" for their hair r njj are fast following smt. « The present ."cneratioa has theadvan- tage of the p ;.st iu that ;it can get a recdy-to-us»i preparation called WyeUi'a j.\ge and Sulphur Hair Remedy. Asa MrSIlAL COMEDY TOXIGHT. Ornnd Theafre Offers Variety in Tabloid, With 5ew PIctnrcs. The Playter Players open a week's engagement at the Grand Theatre tonight the initial bill being a musical comedy entitled, "Betty Brown from Boston Town.' The comedy is in two acts and tells a humorous story well Interpolated with musical number* written expressly for this production by Berte C. Randall, musical director of the company. , "Bettey Brown from Boston Town" said to be on a par with some of the best of the season's musical productions and the cast includes a number of Tola favorites Inclwiing Wellington A. Playter, Helen Aubrey, Happy Hulett, Berte C. Randall, Jane Aubrey, James Cooper and Bllli© How- A Kansan Killed His Child Accidentally and injured Xotlier. Cherryvale, Oct. 27.--Charles Bledsoe of Douglas. Kas.. accidentally shot and killad his 9-raonihs-old-dauKhtcr tonight while the mother was feeding It. The. family la ylsitinc here. The bullet passed through the child's cheat and made a flesh wound In lh« mother's abdomen. A niyr Majoritr for Taft. SpenkinB of "»lraw ballots." St. Louis has Just taken one on a tome* what extensive scale. The R«'publU eun City Club hn« juit taken n com* plete poll of ih«« cliy ftnrt It show* that there nrt« 146,419 voton of whom The r;;owth and beauty of the hair depend.- on a healthy c»n<iiUon of the scalp. W -cih's Saje snd ga'phor Haic Remedyoi.cWyViils tliedandralf genna which rob t'n* buir of iu life, colorant) histrt.>. .a>->'r >: t !ic acal^^lean ant) healthy, I'h-.-s the l::*ir strength, cokw. and Lv-anty^ :u!d moltos It grow. • Get a JJO cent bottle froin yoardramst today, miie vIve your inon«y back if yoa on) not i4tl<f.ed af Icr a fair trials Spechil A^tcnt— -a R Buir<»». S5.5S0 ore foe T'tt for Prwldenl. ThU gives a cUttr UernbUcan lend of tonw 25.1HH) vi.i.ii In St. l,ottU «t tliU ttmo Pitt tho r.iUfca are Meddlir K«ln« Jng. —•Bttgi" : i 'i 'lWBW— Spei^iiBma^Polsoii Specific Blood Poiaoa is the most insidloui; of all cUfeases. It begins nsnally by a tiny sore'wiiich is the only outward c\-ideace of its presence. But down iu the blood the tzeacherotts poison is at work and iii a short time its chain of symptoms begin to crop out. The month and throat ulcerate, .«;kin eruptions break out, sores and tUceis appear on tlie body, the glands in the groin swell, and sometimes the hair comes out. Mineral^ medicines cannot cure Specific Blood Poi.<;on; ithey only shut the disease up in the system to smolder and await ai^ oppotttmity of i breaking out a£t%sh. The only possible way to cme the disiease is to remove the gexms from the blood. S. S. S. goes Into the diculation and removoe the last ttsce of the in- - lections Tims, tones up the. stomach, bowcJs, kid- • s^'and all portions of the sjrstem, and tima makes a perfect and lasting core. S. S. S. is madeen^bely of roots, herbs and barks; It^oes not contain a par' - tideof mineral or other harmfnldrag^. Thousands have cured themselves of Specific Blood Poison by the useof S.S.S. It will cure yon if yon will give it a trial. Special Homef Treatment book and any medical advice face. 7W SMFT S^ICOt:, AUJ^AfQA. J. D. ARJfETT, President JOE 3feKKLET, i Cashier J. F. HIGH, Tlco-Presldcnt. E. C MeCLAIX, A »8t. Cast , COLONEL LAJfTOJr, 2nd Tice-PfesWent ' • ' ' ' ' State Sayings Bank CAPITAL 925,060 SCB^S 92,S0O lOLA, KANSAS We Pay Interest on Time Deposits and Savings Accounts. Safety Deposit Boxes Free Jo our Customers. , THE NORTHROP ilATlONAl BANK lOLA, KAlfSAS OTBIB FORTY TEARS OF COXSERTATITE BACKING D' lOLA BepMltonr for the United States, State of .KanJias', ani, Allen Cowtty - QEFICEBSi E. J. MILLER. President L. L. NORTHRUP. Vloe-Prest MELVIN FRONK. Cashier P. A. NORTHRUP, Vlce-Prest R. J. COFFEY Asst Cashier D, P. SOBTHRDP, Vice-Prest. CAPITAL $50,000.00 " TOUR BUSDiESS Interest Fald'oB Time DepMits SURPLUS $20,000.00' iSOUClTED SsfefJ Beposfl Boxes for- Bent •1

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