Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 27, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1943
Page 2
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0 sarVid"'' j ^Sftl'v f,AVv>. st Aft, won, A ft KAN lope Star Hop*. \W; _ Muted January t8. 1929. r»V«ty wMk-dqy afternoon by Stor PublUhtng Co. Inc. .Paftfl«f orid Atex. H. Washbum) *** BUiftffiKi.212-2U South WaHut ELECTRIC REFRTGER A T O R. Must be in eood condition. Call 27-W-22. 25-etpd fesi. . tt t. WklMtR. P«M*«i» ; -ALtK. M. WASHBURN, Edttof and Publisher ?S"» Entered as second class matter ;«rt the ft|>ost6ffice at Hope, Arkansas, urteter >hc ifott o« March 3, 1897. «ans Assoelo**d Press Enterprise Ass'n. Sibttripflon Rot* (Always Payable in S Ad*Wnt*)l By 'city carrier, per week 15c; £ H««ffiS»eoo\ Nevada, Howard, Miller ana PUUdyette counties, $3.50 per year; else- -whci* 46.50. , Member •' The Associated Press: The. 1 Associated Press is exclusively entitled to -Ithe use for republication of all news dis- ,„ patches credited \o K at not otherwise Accredited in this paper and also the toca |\news pubtfcned hWeln. ' National Advertising Representative- is* Dallies, Inc.; Memphis, Term. I.K BOIIdmgr Chicago, 400 North Mich •-., loan Avenu*, New York. City, 292 Madison s« Ave.{ Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd. rOfcldbeSrfa City. 414 Terminal IBdq.; New 'Orleans, 722 Union St.. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will b made for oil tributes, cards of thanks, reso lutions, or memorials, concerning the de i- Dotted. Commercial newspapers hold to thi policy in the news columns to protect the> ' readers from a deluge of space-taking me , mortals. The Star disclaims responsibilit i for the safe-iVeepIng or leturn ot an , unsolicited manscripts. .. . . & & *• ^ I. t<, ^ > I Wanted to Buy 00 COUNTRY CURED HASfe. Highest price paid. Moore's City Market. 2-« SIDE GLANCES ByGdlbfaith 'j-., .,,. ,.,_._ • i.«.-^a. Classified Ads must be in office day before publication. f' 7MI Wont Ads cosh in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30e Six HrrtBS—5e word, minimum 75c Three times-rSI/ie word, minimunvSOc tirie month^-lBc word, minmium S2.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only ,'TriE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER t YOU SELL." For Sale HESPEDEZA AND j grass hay. Also cottonseed, D P & L, Stonewell 2-B, Rowden " 41-A and Cookers long staple, , first year from breeder. See T. S. McDawitt. 30-tf SIX ROOM HOUSE WITH GAR- den. Apply 912 East Third Street. 23-3tp 36 COWS, 7 CALVES, AND 2 HEIF- i ers. See W. T. Dillard and Sons, Saratoga, Ark. 25-6tp 39 MODEL CHEVROLET COUPE 1 Goofl tires. Clean in every way ~ Subject to.any mechanic inspec l lion. Call 27-W-22. 25-6tpd r OIL BURNER AND ONE "gas range at a bargain. See Tom Beltz, 110 N. Washington. Firs ddor west. ^ 2 5-3tp bNE NORGE REFRIGERATOR. ' Sefe Dad at Dad's Hamburger Place, S. Elm. St. Connie Mack Worried Over Pitching Staff By JUDSON BAILEY Wilmington. Del., March 26 — UP) —White-haired Connie Mack, gazing benignly at his Philadelphia Athletics in training here, says the biggest problem he hns this year is pitching. The total hurling staff listed on the club' rosier is seven men so even if they were all good men and true, this shortage of throwers would menace the team's chances. "We only have three pitchers left from last year," 80-yearold Con- | nie explained. "Phil Marchildron. who won 17 games for us. is in the Canadian Army and Fowler and Besse are also gone. "It's too early to tell yet how the staff will shape up this season. I just can't say what we are going to do." The three pitchers who have returned from last year's squad are Roger Wolff. Riss Christopher and Luman Harris, who jointly accounted for 27 victories in 1942. However. Wolff is a childless married man who may be called for the draft at anytime, so that the A's future looks even more desperate. Except for Jesse Flores, a 14 - game winner at Los Angeles, the rest of the A's staff is made up of recruits from class B leagues. Pitching is, indeed. the main problem but it is not the entire Philadelphia story. Connie is confronted by a porous infield. Dick Siebert on first base is a Standby, of course, and Pete Suder at second bast at least is experienced. But right now. Irvin Hall, a rookie from Williamsport in the Eastern League, is the shortstop and another freshman. Eddie Mayo, from Los Angeles is the regular third baseman. All winter long Connie said Hall would be his second baseman but yesterday for the club's first infield drill Hall ran out and took up the shortstop position. This did not disturb Connie. "I thought he was a second baseman, but when he ..ran out to short stop I knew that must be the position he wanted to play. So I'll leave him there and Suder can play second," explained Mack. Wash Ttfcfc! All Very Clear 3-27 "Oh, look nt all Hie butler mul slutV! Dad certainly was riiiht about saving our gas to get one ot Gramma s olcl- fashioncd farm dinners every Sunday! FUNNY BUSINESS MANY U-60ATS POSSIBLE TH6NA«ilS HAVE AST Of SUBMARINE pAr«== ALON6 THE FRENCH COAST. EASV. NOT ONLY PO THEY REPAIR AND SUP PLY A LAR6E FLEET OF U-f--' A -'" A THEY AWO S& 6, WWEWifV .Hb tftfN NEAfcS By Roy Crane ,,. Tl0W,Heftl ; STHlf PROBLEM. A LAR6E CONVOY 1$ LEAVING W IN ABOUT 8 PAYS. THE ONE PENNY'S LEAVIN6 ON TON16HT 16 SMALL, AND RELATIVELY UNIMPORTANT Popeye "A Shattered Romance." Thimble Theater <5H£ 1-5 TOO YcnJN&TO 86 </OUR (VJOTHSR. WU 6AlO SO, WUR-SeUr 'S AT 60T TO 00 UJITH IT ? j!> QUO 1 KNOU) <DU UJANT6D ME Donald Duck F JO HEAD OF 1 YOUNG MULES. s Telephone 651. 26-3tp V Real Estate For Sale Diving Aviator Helps Put Out Fire Chickasha, Okla. (/Pi—An aviator, identity unkown, dived on the grade school house at Verden and undoubtedly 'saved the lives of a number of children who might have been Time Marchces'On! T3F By Walt Disney BlonrJie Round Trip! By Chic Young 1PECIAL BARGAIN. 10 or. 20 4 - ROOM land On trapped oy flames that were cons| uming the building. I The pilot apparently saw the sm- ' oke coming from the roof of the bu- •'. He dived, to attract attent- "He's an old ^olf player and lie can'I gel it out oi' his blood!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson For Rent THREE ROOM NICELY FUR< rushed apartment. Close in. Mrs. • M. E. Edgington. 505 South Wal', nut. Phone 1040. 24-ltdh THREE ROOM MODERN FUR nished apartment. South exposure. Good shades. J. H. Ben- 1 nett. See Tom Beltz, 110 N. t Washington. One house west. 5 * 25-3tp smoke pouring from the building and sounded the fire alarm. The 261 children in the building reached safely only a few minutes ahead of the spreading flames. The plan* flew onward. The normal population of the I island of Crete, in the Medilerran- j can, is about 400,000. Hold Everything THREE NEWLY DECORATED unfurnished rooms. Kitchen. 815 West Ave. E. 26-3tpd Wanted to Rent THREE OR 4-ROOM FURNISHED j apartment, with 2 bedrooms, good reference. Call Hope Star. 22-3tdh Lost RED HORSE, WEIGHING 1250 pounds. 7 years old. Last seen north of Emmet. Jim White, route 2, .Emmet, Ark. 25-6tp Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW hewal subscriptions magazine published. Reynersoh. City Hall. OR RE- for any Charles . 1-lmch [TOIPOW THAT CARPET EVERY TIME I COME TMRU TMEP5E. llP ['LLSOPOWNIM ®\\\ ' TME SASEMENT ANP ' G-HT MY HAMMER AMP FIX THAT (7I6MT AV/AV . Boots and Her Buddies Oh, Oh! By Edgar Martin •£X^2fe> t3r T*^ « T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. K^^ -f* f &'^ ~\\fT T* 0 r££ 9! "Go away—I'm not wasting "the eight months it took me to build this raft!" OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams tr) ( WA.IT/ WAIT/ DOMT LET / DID YOU ( WHV, KJO--X DON'T HIM GO UP TO TH"BATH I GET THAT ) LIK&TOV^SH THKT -^OPM TILL 1 (SET MY \ DlRT OM N WELL.' 'ACT'S V NK ' STOCKIKiGS MvSD TH\K3GS } VOL) JUST J K\DS HATE TO ' OUTOFTHEEE--AMD / TO" GET \ WASH—ITS LIKE A v DOM'T LET HIM j-f SOWETHtMS j SHIPWRECKED ;N3 1 l_t t r-lir^ r^[ rporvic. I ^-^UNJU i cpnit—vvN;c:wr^tn-' , WASH HEEE.V S STARTED < SAILOR—THERE'S / T- : >-. ^-<7 >\ AEOUMD) LOTS OF PLACES \ \ ^ / f\. HERE?/ TO L AMD, BUT ) pi ••"••" t ?/ x ^<?,-^^THEV'RE FULL WACO SCORED IN THE STH INNING AGAINST BEAUMONT/ 3.27 Red Ryder •>•?•> By Fred Harmon. REP RYDER' ^^"SORW VJE. OM-1'1 STOP Me SAvo-ur* 7 TO visit YOUR PEOPLE, p LITTLE. BE/VMER... BUT IH 1 DUCHESS NEEDS US OS) TH' RANCH THIS tlME -A KITTIWAKE ISA COJ>B. 1943 BY NEA SCBVICC. INC. ANSWER: A member of the gull family. Alley Oop Gosh, Bronson! By V. T. Hamlin OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople NEP.MARTH^.'SLJRE A*=>R/MKOM/X PICNIC, ] J^KE: Y>. I 60T A> _30B.' -**- IT'S ] CAU6T HNME A A PERSON! / PURSER OM FER SOD MOD GET SOUR. FIRST PASTE CJM . BEDROOM. "DOOR / ENivfELOPE. TRWTOR.TO H\6 TFH8E = ALL »JGHf. WOtOMUG, W6° SH ' °°°^ C3UIET DOWM AMgij^ I tK*?^.^ ' %t i}\""J» **" w ' &^T\MG , -. M THE ^ VOU/ &yw C." 1 - 3 DAD BLAST IT, BROWSOM, WLJ CEBTWMLV X MEAM OOR VOU THE LAST THIMG X TOLD >^^\FATHEAD.' DOMT YOU CEAL- VOU WHEW X TIW\E-MACH-/ VOU \ IZE I MEARLV LOST MV (MED YOU BACK TO MOO I WEAM MINJD BEFORE X FINALLY A^kiOT TOBRI^G OOP ? / GOT RID OF HIM... AMD MOW HAT B£ HAlRV-r^CEb V A *' VE GOT »T TO 00 ALL. ^pf BACK vvrrvv vou INJTO THE TWENTIETH CEWTUR.V/ s\\ MM. 1. M. Ma\ «. M. W.^ OVER f» Freckles and His Friends Homicidal Horticultu're WHOP YOU SAY YOU WERE GONNA KILL? DROP YOUR. AMD STAND WHERE YOU By Merrill Blosser , _^ 1 SOT EXCITED ' WHEN 1 LOOKED AT NAY GARDEN .' 1 GUESS i HOLLERED ->' I'VE GOT A SHOOT- I'VE GOT A SHOOT/''

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