Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 28, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1912
Page 4
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ML THE TOLA BAXLY REGISTBJl, MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 28, 1912. Hie lola Daily Register TM lata 0«tly Rtcotsi antl th« lota Dally . . .~ Indax. THK BE8ISTER PUBLlSHniG CO. catAB. F. SCOTT. Prca. and Bdltor F. W. BRKWSTEai Manager Katwad at the )oia IHutt>fflc« «a Secoad- i» Class Matter. AAvartlalnr Rates Made Known on AppU Gutlon. Otridal Paper City of lola. OITIdal Paper City of Bassttt. ^al Papar of Allen County. Office SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola. Gas City, Lanyon- Villa, Conereto, LaHarpe anit Bassetf. One Week 10 ents One Month ** cents .One Teari I >5.oo BY MAIL: One Tear. In.<<idc ounty IJ .oo One Tear,' outside county I3.00 TELEPHONES: Business Office " Society Reporter 18 Job and Bindery Dopt HI KDITORI.IL rORRESl'<»>DE>('E. Chicago, Ocl. 26.— From every soc- tios .of the country corae roports of an awakening of the'American |ieo|itc to the menace of free trade, together with their determination not to allow the election of a bemocratic candidate for the presidency. Director Mirivane In charge of the Western Bureau of the RejMjbUcan .\a . tio&al Committee, has been overwhelmed this week with information. _ tbrotigh letters, personal visits and reports of recent polls, which demonstrates that thp claim of 289 electoral votes for President Taft is conservatives. In the closing days oT the campaign there has been a tremendous swing toward Taft. The impossibllltj- of'Roosevelt 's election Is at last realized by even his most ardent admirers a«d they arc confronted by the fact that if thejr throw their vot ^s away URQn the Third Term candidate Ihoy makeYoBslble the infliction of a democratic. admlHistration upon the country. The issue is now squarely hotworn Taft and Wilson, protection and free trade. Careful and Impart ial ohserv- era of the political situation IOUR HUP asserted that the Third Term candidate could not j»038lbly carry enouuli " States .to give him 22t; in tl\i> eloctor- ;"| college hut the chMms of the Tlilnl Termers were so noisy and insisteni that they misled the public. This week, however, the Ucpitblicau national committ«H» (jave wlilo puhlicjiy to v statement wliich showeil the percentage of the Uopubllcan vote wUid- Roosevelt would have to receive in or- der to be elected. This was so convincing that It has put a quietus u|ion the Third Term candidate 's preten­ tions. U is shown, for Instance, in Illinois It will be necessary for Hoo .'ie- velt to secure the votes of seven out it tvery ten Uopubllcans in order ir carry the state. In Kansas he must get eight out of every ten Republicans. In Indiana he must f:et nin' out of ten. Everybody knows that h* cannot possibly receive tliis vole aii(? as the same unattainable pcrcent--^^' prevails in practically every slate, his election Is absolutely Imossible. This showing is havinc a markcc! effect upon the voters. They are now brought face to face with the nroposl tlon that the fieilu is between Taft .im' , - ^i ^ilson and that every vote cast foi Roosevelt aids in Wilson 's election I 'nder these circumstances they an naturally declaring themselves for Taft. This is not a free trade nation. Th' remarkable develonment ofAmericar ' industries under the beneficent policy of protection—a progress uninterrupted save for the tour years of Dem ocratic tariff-for-reventie-only administration—has convinced the American people that it would be not dangerous but absolutely destructive: to. business to suddenly place the cdhtrbl of the ptvemment in the, hands of a party which solemnly declares that protec tlon is unconstitutipnal. The org:tnl- zatipn of a .Prcsperity I ^oaguc in Cin- cinaati, where several hundred business men have combined to help Tafts election, irrespective of their former politics, and the forraaiion of business Mens Taft Leagues in Chic ^Rc and Kansas City wjth large numlx -rj of representative merchants bande<J together in botlj cities to work for Taft, are indications of the almost universal feeling. It Is typical of -he general situation that in. an IlIlnoi^ town recently the procession which proceeded the Tatt meeting was i>»r- tidpated fh by the solid and. substiiin- nal business eleni<m of the town. . ' More than this, reports which reach the Republican licaihiuariers in thl.-^ city indicate that a very larRo uumi .ei of Democrats propost- to vote for Taft. Jn Montana where a jirosiicrous wool Industry Is threatened hy the frc |irad«" lariir Irglslailon which wouir follow a Democratic victory, the nu 'n- ber ;Of Democrats who will support' thr President is placed at •' in lowii Judging from the imlls that hijve been taken, the defection will be very large among Democratic farmers and business nien. At Ottumwa recently a prominent Democrat made a speech for Taft in a public meeting. In Illi- Bois which the • Republican-leaders ar^ now claiming for Taft by 50,000. It Is known that there will be a lars< Democratic vote ifor Taft, especially since there has been a split in the Deihocratjc ranks in Chicago, thf Hearst-Harrison faction have been de. . nounced by the Democratic N 'ationa) committee as traitors. Ij^ fact, in every state the declarations of thf prominent Democrats that they are against any change in conditions hav< been most numerous and are increasing at a ratio which is giving the Democrats considerable anxietj-. The Democrats are endeavoring tc couBteract the running of the tide against them hy insisting that Roosevelt is a dangerous factor in the nres idential race. They hope to frighten aoti-Roosevelt Republicans into voting few Wilson as the most efir>v;if - means of accomplishing Rooseveit't "Director Uulrane has met these ;: tactics bjr Issuing « formal statement •: MMMwUBg B^itncan . .voters every ^ 4i*^iiW'|lmt*tJMre is no necessity fo: i ^lfflli»^^^'*><»«wlt Is con- cernrd .^s :.!rraily shown. Roosevelt cannot tossiice be elected but. at the fame titue. his followers can defeat the Republican ticket and make the etecUon of Wllaon possible it ther vote tor the third'term candidate. The efforts of the campaign managers will now be directed toward forcing every Republican to a realization that if he votes for Roosevelt he aids in the election of a Democratic free trade candidate for president. Knowing that the Democratic party is in the minority in this country, lly Democrats are naturi^Iiy trying to divide tht; Republican party. The division which unfortunately existed is now happily being closed. , It is extremely important that the Hepubticans everywhere make their inajorities as large as possible. In many local/ties which are locally Pemocraflc there is a dispositioif on the part of tlie Republican voters to remain nt hom» because tlielr vole will not inauence th«* result in connection with the local ticket. They must not forget however, that it is the total vote of the state which counts in the election of presidential electors, and votes cast even in a Democratic locality are important in affecting the general result. During these last days of the cam- I raicn ther-i is groat activity at the Republican .National headquarters In ihiSjCit .v. Ljteratur^ Is belni; 8 ,;nt In >aiB?> nuantities to meet late nnrt pressing demands while a thousand^spfak ers Would be necefsary to meet nlj the requests wiiich are now coming in from every state It is evident, after •ill. lli:(t the last weok of the campaign is the one wliieh will liave rhr- most effect upon iln- result, anil ih.'' Republican nv.\n:>!i^ra !<re greatly •>«- PORSESTROMGERTHiyiHEIIIIT WHEREFORE XO (JKNGRilL WAR IS DIE ly EUROPE. Our SccurUIed Snffpred Somrnhst Fr«m War—Iln!«lnp.<«!« Cnnditious Here are Eswllcnf.^, (Special Correspondence). New York, Oct. 26. —This ntarkct has suffered from heavy European liquidation, precipitated by the Balkan War. That event' found some of the foreign bourses Weakened by excessive speculation^ hartlcularly in Austria and Russia. ^ The strain naturally fell upon all the foreign riirancja! markets: and Am<'rlcan s-.-curities, owing (o tiieir strong position and excellent future, were obliRed to take the brunt of the attack.. As is now well' known many millions of our now securities have be«*n returned to this side of the Atlantic. The extent of this movetnent has probably been exaggerated, but: the wonder is that tile decline did not occ.ur v.hen thr securities were being dumped on oui market instead of afterwards; thi;F making the foreign sellers the gainers at this countrys expense. During tl\<- past week further reaction took pine'e in this market owing to the final distribution of oversanguine holders who boiight while iiuropc was selllng.- For various reasons it would seem as if Ihe Balkan troubles hail almosit eXertid their full eflect upon this inai ket. Tliere is iso well (^Sjuui'.ed reas rouracrd to find that the tide toward."" M.P«^•l"•nrt any grave di^tUrb- Taft ir. growing larger ami more in-,="'ns between the great i-owers rc- niirniiil ev<-rv dav !»uliins from the IJalkan outl.rruk e\<-ry o.i>. SCOTT ri'cent n-virsala to Turkish arms ' " I Iiave naturally liad ,a detrimental ef- STOMAI'll ST.\KVERS E.\T .WYTHINt; MMV Vo Indiirestion. Dy>jie|is!a nr Smir, (•as»y, rnsri Sinmarh for '•i'apeV DIapepshi*' I'ser.s. Kvery year regjilarly niirre tlian ;•. nillion ^tom:lpU sufferer:; in tl^e Cf.i'-i niatii- cous-i<l< nuions. Moreover ilnaii- >'.l States. Kncland and CanaiTji i!ix.-(<.i„| jnfiu. nc.-s are coming to lie tl ^i "ape 's Diaiiepsin. and r«a!i/.<< nut on 'o-; i-oiitrollinic this war. Ii mmeiliate, Imt lasting relief. ,ihese days wj.ri is <liiefly a matter iil foci, innsmueli as they weaken the lat ter's prestige and tend to leiipthm tin war. Hut tlie time is'ra)>idly anproacii- iiig wl'.en Ir.stil'iii's will have to b« susvenilcd owing lo'tlie apnroacli o: winter. It wyuld not b- surprisiu;-. ii i:eacf were riKtond by UiciMuher, il iH)t tarlier, largely on iiccciuut of cli- Tliis harmless iireparatinn will d!- cest anything ynu eat and nvcrfnui'- a llnnnce. unil thi' allies oiiposing Tur key cannot joutinue iiuUtinitely ;» los.'i -our, gassy or out-of-order st ;im:i -h of "a million -Jollars per day, the i<r's ivo minutes afterward.'* ,>„i ,.stiMiaUMi tr>sl of the war. Tli< If your meals don't fit i<>mri )rial>!y, I n .jjj;;,,, jStatis, it should l >i- ranfull} ...I..., III.,. « t... #• • . . .. . or what you eat lies like a luini> >if lea)! in your stomach, or If you have •eavthuru. t '.Mit Is a sign nt Imiii;".- tion, (Set fnmi your i>harnuici»t a fifiy- ••ent case of Pape's Dlupepsln and trKe •» dose Just as soon as you can There will be no sour risings, no belching of undigested foml mixed with aoid. n-^ 'iMi'ix'h un.-; oi- ln'nvttuirn, fulliies.'; or leavy feeling in the sjfomacli. naiiM't. iebilitating headaches, dlrsiiness or intestinal griping . This will all tin. and u*?ides. there will he no .*our food eft over In the sfonia.^!! tn poi: >;i vnur breath with nausenu< ndcr.e. Pape's l)iape|ifin is a certain r-:rr for out-of-order Ktoiiiachi', hevaii .se 't takes held of your food and dis<>sf.s ij Just the same a.< if your stomach I 't there. Relief in five minutes from all slem- ach misery is waiting for you at any .'rtic store. These large fifty-rent ca.=es ncie tlian .>-nrficient to thnroui!l'Iy •ure alnio.-:} any caFe of dysreps'a. 'n- iiff«>=tion or any other stomach d's- >rder. Rev. G. W. Shepard has gone to Mount Drum where he will cnnduet a two weeks' revival meeting. The pnl- pit at the Baptist church will be filled next Sunday by Rev. E. N. Brown, of Mount Drum. Mrs. C. E., Waterville, of Caney. w-tn has been here visiting friends returnr cd home this afternoon.. noted, liav.- llmii<il iredlt. 'I'hiy laii not borrow <'xii'ii>.)Uly In (hi- Km: pean iuarUets fi .r war luirpo.m'H. im ih 'ir hoiiii- nniouries will I'" iniiikl.* '•Nhausteil. Two weeks ago S <-rua'. war clirsi ln'ld less ihau Jiri.iioK.ittti' and this has already I KI'II KcrioiisJj "lepleted by the mobilteitlon of 2110.0*11 men. Turkey, on 'he other hand h»^ much bcll'-r cn-dit than al|. the Ball; an Stales cojubined. lit eas'* of nen-.- sity she migiit be able i« Hoe>>« for eign loan. But th<"re are more im portant rnnsiderations than thrne at- lecting the war. The interests of Austria. t ;<Tiii ;uiy and Russia are all or. Ihe sido of peace. The counirie.s an all actively engaged *n unusual industrial an-l eommercial ilcveloinn 'Mfs and iheir pr <-ii banks are fully oreu- pied in financing such opcralionv Their funds could not be diveriii: from the latt r for war purposes with out precij'itating grave financial :aui commercja! disorder. England :ils:i which through' 1-ondon t-ontrols . tii< money bags of the world, is eiiually opposed to an.v serious internationa' disturbance, l^er gr .-at bankers coiiii not be induced to lend mom <»y to any great pov.-cr for war purposes. Humanitarian consider/Tons would liav( iiale influence e<impared with tht great commen-iai considerations thai center in Ixindon, and are more fiw- I'hatically ranged agr.inst armed conflicts than at any time in tiie world's history. In short, ihere is little prospect of a European war. I'eace wll! be maintained largely for commercial In your h^nd you hold a five-cent piece. Right at the grocer's hand is a package of Uneeda Biscuit. He hands you the paclc- age—you hand him the coin. A trifling transaction? No^a remarkable one —-for you ha V0 spent the smallest sum that will buy a package of good food-^nd the grpcer has sold you the most nutritious food made from flour—as clean and crisp and delicious as it was when it came from the oven, NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY reasons; and whatever the final outr come between the Balkan States and Turkey there Is no longer any question J»ut, tb»{^ the conflict will be strictly Ipcalised. Not improbably an adjustment will be reached between Turkey and her enemies In the forjn of a compromise that will work out toward an even more lasting peace in that part of the world. Aside from foreign liquidation, intrinsic conditions in our stock market arc very satisfactory. Railroad earnings as exi>eeted are now - showing most cratifying results. TIic September returns of sotne of the large systems have been very encouraging, and there Is excellent reason to believe that October and November will witness still better returns." The industrials are likewise making excellent reports, some organizations that suspended dividends having returned •o a dividend basis, while others are in a fair way of payiii:; incre;is''s. The steel trjide cofitinues very active and e.weptioiially heayy orders arc being placed for steel rails. .November interest and dividend payments arc es- tim.iled a? $i;{0,iW(>,00'». an of about 10 per cent over last yar The industrials show n larger rate of incre.->se than the railroads. The monetary oujlook is now fairly comfortable. Ample isrepjiratli^is sf-em fo have been made to take care of Ih-* record breaking crops, and there are no important s.vmptoms of stringeney eltiier ai liie Webt or in tlw E-isl K-i.'iners :!i ; erir disi 'ost -d to hold their era!ri.s and owing to th^lr prosiH-rou." (Ondi'inn .nre :ible to do this v.iMi less dependence upon Ibr*banks tlv,<n usual. This tendency to hold grain has also Fom-what i lierkeil its movrtneiit .'o ;!i<' seaboard. Business men arr W\ •>ay!ne less a'lcntioii lo'polilics, lie ;utivity ef trai'.'iig proving :i wet- eiiiiv vui] whcl'some diversion. Tli< re i.i. more or less ui:easin "s'* irdin- the t:;rin". ami nay serious lisiMrlianie in ihl.s dirri-tirn will un lorbte'ily have •,; restrainiii:; effect ':r.oii iiii.sines.s, for ivliieh ollierwis^- li" ou'look is rxeepti^nally iiromis- 'iiu. Indeed, tlie country is just n.->v,- ^:!J!»v'HC unusual intlvit,v. and ih< re s o\..r_v reasm for expulitig it;; CMI- inuaiice. !1EM;Y CI.EWS LCSSffffl & BROS. Typewriter Ball Bcariiqi I>ont2 Wearing • • •:• •> •:• •> • <• •:• •:• • •:• *:• •* ,M IKNTIFIC .MIS( i:i.l.\.\V •: •: •:• •:• •:• •:• •:• •> •:• •:• •> • • •:• • • • 'I'lie wrong il|e ;|K |)|| Veil I illl t ioll Ih.ll 'lave been i;iiirr;il|y accepli 'd \\>\ loinled OKI III Brills)) AsHii >-laIli -i: iddi 'e.^s by I'r Leonard llill. wli,; illiiWed that the lie ;illli Kivlng proper- li's of llie :ilr are Huitable lemiH ri- lure, light, iuo\.-ment and relnt'v ttolsture, ami that, unlesv. daug>>rtiu'.; lisease perms are present, the i-x- haled "iioisoiis" and earbun dioxide ol < crowded room ran be safely di.-r"- ;ard <il. Bad smells are not proof of langer. Distrust may he aroused in sensitive lu-rsons by the odor of soihd •iothes, skin .secretions, dead m<-.\i. rjlue Works, fried fisii shops, soap uml •)one manure works, sewers, ceri :iiii 'inds of cheese, or lamp oil. but ihe obust beallh of workers liviuK nwn-h n such odors is convincing evici'in-e f the harmlessness of such surround- n»;s. The city dweller grows | ale and .nemic from monotonous liviric ilriy :nd night in a moist, overheated wind- ess :itinos|)here. Hi- is not sutferiii.t; rom the poison of badly vent iI; i el •ooms. but from the lack of <-hari;e 'ud exe'eise in the cold dry win<l and mnlighi. In city or country dise .i.-3 favored by confined over-wanii irlr • / The solidified pe;ro!eum a.s prbwose.l •>y English shipbtiilders .is a .sub.-iti- ule for eoal ov. ste.-i'm.'^.'.-.'p.s is r.'aint. o give two j.nd one-li.-ili' ti-iies a.< •nuch heat as the .•••.•<nie weight of • oal. It is burned like any solid fuel, 's dustless and leaves no i>sh. and in square blocks it packs very closely, a act with the high heatinj; jJOV »er great •y increases the vessels range. A lire filling mixture patented by WO -Vorth Carolina inventors con.>il?s about three parts of corn oil i" •ne {tan of pulverized cork and SM I- 'liiir rombincd.V This gives a yielding >a<king ior vehicle, tires of rubber. The Typewriter uHhoul a Speed Limit The escapement of the L. C Smith permits I'TC cr-rriage tr get awayficm the; Kit printiTir pointso instantnncpu-.Iy that no spce<^ of opera tion is too rapid. '•'y The hair trigger touch of the ball bearing type bars, a carriage that is nevershiftetl for capitals, a capital shift key requiring only one-lhird ordinary pressure, a combined one-motion carriage rcturn^and line space, v/hich spxaces one, two or three lines vlrith |-tlie same sv/ccp, and the lijhtcnt j>ossibIe cnrriarjc tension — c'l^'O an case of operation that makes ail day speed cc-..=;y for the operator. Tbe alwiyi ti^id carriip^.. t'stkxi.ry prirtin poiil. the arrsnscineot cl nbl>on ihiil and i a, • tpacckeyib uidlheiKi th«l no ne«.e«»«jr i>pc'.Tit-1 taket llie lifiid* Iron writing poritioo, coini<ia •peed with accuracy in tUe L. CSciilh. Afatt a postal for llltralute ln^iat/. LC, SMmi&BROS. 'HTOTTITi C( Knnsas City Iharch ^li Pe'ii»»re SI. J ,iin >as Hi). ,Mo REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE (-iI.\RI.KS F. .vfOTT. Dlrccler rnlntvtlj Hnn-ai:. .\nnTo«ir>i IIOTEI H Cliirattw, Illinois The RocseveU and Taft Irast Record l!^ i^e bevrn a ::d "tic hi.lf years of Ihe r.o..scvelt admlnlstra- •.. !.,.;ni .t i::::!'r tie •.i..>Mriist law—13 civil .• ..1. :ir.! I • :•: • dirs; 'y •clye-ro .-f itroperty. ^ «e... |i::.i;n:: \ :..;n i.-.'- Koosevcll t;i;'i II (rm • • iin. suits Crhi _i: :•! • ^ivtcrll ' f V e.e ! .-.'round Ih" body of the |i;;ii« iii Kro;i |i> !o "o or iiiore 'in.iri;! of !;;is iii'i JTodueed. Ill the proecss of llos'Me :i ipiari of hydrogni |>"roMi!e is adil- U lo Illl' b;'tli, lolloweil by a liiil" h ''ii'n an ill! X|" li:!i \e :il{Mll '-t trom Ihe livei and in f\wu tiiiu- th" chciiyii'- actioii of lliis subs:;;(K'' caur.'s liie ,<ivlng ol^ of .iboiii I'l quarts of oxy::'". In i.' minutes. wl\en uas U >bl>'.' s tiil i'.'.» water 111" bath is n'^ad:-. How to improve tl^e loromolive .siil' further was considere.i by Herr Ham-, mer at the recetjt niriiici; of t!n^ so cie'y of Cermau EnciiieiTs. Wjib th' implOVelM' I'.Is fXllil 'lleil ill Turii' in mind it was ••oui-liided tii;:i prpcress niiKlii b' <X!>!eied from tl,- use of hid' steam pressure, tlie use ol more highly supcrhent 'd s'eum, vaiv se;ir beiternicnis. i:' ilii.-iti'jn of t*'.' watse of beat 'gases now lost in -hi -<moke siai-ki! .-ind the purifi^; i ion and preher.Iing of Jeed water. filVL'S I.V.ST I >T KLI.IKK. .Morris K- H.v.vnr;'. Dnmcisis. n-porf .hat A SI.VGl.E DOSE of .=iniple bu k- Toin bar 'K. ::!y .•eri:;'>. e: •. ;is -(in- pnunded in .\dlpr-i-ka, the German ,ppendi.-!ti.; i<-iii<'dy. ;M ;n ?;ii ?a•ion or ga- on the <t-:ii;i'-i l.\sT\.\T- I.Y .V.:;ny loin i 'l -opiearc bc^cs; lie'i.e.: :i;.r • ras".'^ \'e'.' • in;>l in';:;!. ••1.'!;. .1. :ile T: < .!i t.-ir- .^nd I" crlm-' i. iirr.e I'.-cn con- V ,h«-n l!ie III., rilllieli; I'f .l-sti lion, w'-; al.o'i !. f ;r.-r;;e W. i'-ilie^ •• W If: I"*' ' ,-».•••** ir, t'l- sb- Mr 'i h" -liM e:ij ;.r I' D . ?/•'. aiiinintstra- -,.»iine. to ili!=«lve Ml? ilirviot.T Trust ••-.'-'ri< "> tiw. President and the • •<.•: i ;i-r> }'r ;.>'v vrlt in a letter . •..•;i.. 11:-;! .lie friendlj* P' T H I • : irr.-- |!iat tinie inii-r. It'" •r - f r •• . I; . n i I.; l':- ' ! l.V!I,^ •,:.f. . l! .:.:r.'.tiV,n involved :=<ler!* tlat if '!ie Kefion could (;i .1! |.. •leiirie:--, would bc mtich <i .'fr liin.:: ijJ '.'d hiv. fine—• iiri! fie eti(|<'(;/o f) I b .-!!i'\e. tliat l>e eonlriiiiiieil $7<>.«'I0 to the • i'lio^e.-i .tf (irie ,'!iii !|i:ii^>i fund v.hile his three ni w.spapers have been bi 'l'T and iir !;-|';ir 'ni,' in tlreir attacks n|ioti Taf!, fti •;«'• ./ /' Viiit-in II. «'. I 'riek II. H. i 'o.-ers, K. If. ifarrim.m. '! \V. I',.!(';;:•: rri l' M l.)"|iew. all of llieiii trii.;' iii :>cnate8 confriblited e-f il i "ii r -r 1- , yir Ri!(r.iev'!»"!; i-r^ii'iiaicn f 'ind Tv,o of th «Ti» ;ire f' ••!.) let -'f 111'' four living i-ot one l :el |.iii(; to pay the iif til- T.if'.iin tills yerir. » I're.siiliii* T.-ift's r'g:<J onforreiii -iit of the unti-triisf law has not' onlv shut I!'.'' out-'": r.f til" big :'>-rr".-!;; iigainFl him. but has brought '!)-on hit;) tie. iKiiv :iniai :onisiii of the men who tonlrol ttivm. Ought it not to bri'iit In ! Im Ih" i -iiiii 'oit of III" plain! p"'ipIo wi?o want Ihe !aw "iiI'ireeOT '•• .Vnd in ih'- lii:!i' or the rcior 'l.; .vhr'f 'inp.irdon.'ibl/- i)iisr '*presenla- lioii \vb:ii 'VO". -bir .i '.e'r il is to cli.'iige that l 're.i;tdeii> Tsift has "grtrio over lo Hie illl .[i -,tji •• Did br, ni, #>ver to tie- iti "»re 'f .s when he enjoined the-railroii'.- troii! :i'l\ imint; ireiKht ratrn al! ovr>r the country, saving •lii|>!iers yfi \c\: I 1 n'illioiis <H dollars? hid he go over lo Ihe interests ul'i 'ii be f":i ''il it'i- lori'i-riti'in lax provlrion into tlM> lariff law:from wliiili tli<- t;ii\i ri'f,i'-ii' i; iK-.-.v I 'letvli::; .»-J .',.l>ii(>'HMi In .1)00 < 1(H) an- iii'.iHy? Mill l.e u 'l ovr i" •;,'•>tref (s wlieri ).e iD .si ij;at «'d a ault-to ili .:iolv li'e r-niliii'i.i;'u 1 ei ,\ len tile yt,<-i Triisi ;i)iil thti Tennesacc f'-.i! .lU'l ?i<'ii I'l Mii:'l>y «lilr!i hi,; '.iirclere'sur b;"l i\)<ressly nulhor- I/'il aeil v.!''ih |iai"l paid the proiiilfse .i J |on.iii»o.i >im; IMd .lie go over J, . , - -.1 ,—k I.,,,, - 11 l ;.iri it ii'-irly .line «e w.>re giviea a fii 'inre ibal to 'that' squnro i!:aii \v!.o .'^t.'s in iii- Wliii'' .I'isi iieeriiise be ha'» refused to Milvrtise bill;'-! If. jest l^'TaiLfe 'i'- ha.-^ not Juui tnitniieti; sounded before hif.i wiieni'i'-r he <(t <l fiiiu -lhlng I'lr Hi" p"Oiile. >-hall wc let -his enemies ,- ilesiroy hill", tlie enemies be :a.- liMdi .'•••eaIl ^•e hr stood by I 'lr;.t.s littead of ilo- ng the bi'Ming f>f those whose iniere.sts were not ours? I/, il aeil V.!'M I I liail paid the I'loiiilfse.! ti'«>.;»„. .ee hw v...^. to I'l- iiii.-i sis «!i'ii 11'' li'stiie.ieil more , iiit.s under the anil -trust law ill 'li-.e viar'i lliitri ! I i.ri'l-t " sor had done in .-even and n half years. I REI'UBLICAIS TICKET. ioi ..\N cHosi:'! Kiuxmu Harry /iesrler Von .Stndenls Klccfior at .Manhattan Coifcue. The aurora borealis appears to "f- rcr eleitrie waves sent north aii'l •<>!ith lietwern Hammerfest, ^'orwiiy ind the nios". northerly wireless te'.r- traih .';i;iti()n al Green Harbor. Spit:;- 'ipri;en. >!ossapes mentlonins a b; il^ lain •lurorii hav,-> readied Hamiuer- esi exlraor.-iiuarily siron.;; and I'.i-;- Inct when uu lichi In th-- sky wa- here visible; ;iiiil on the other haii'I signals sent noril 'W .ird 'luring a brlplit '.luroru h'we l> • n at t5 ;tie;i wholly in- 'c-riii'ti d. " lat is t uorihwari -lecirlc w."-.-s were wi • k"ueil. while Miose pasgin).: "ouihwar' un; strength ened. The Journal beariuK alloy jiilopi "I 'jy tl:e llunsirian state railway cf- liclals r.tter n irst of tl" v ynirs. roa- dsis of TS parts vf le 1, 17 of anii- •nony and - of tin. 1 "• trial w;;>.- nade on not le^r. ."..iii"> e.rrs .ind •he results liave b«>en hiiihiy s .itiJ- factory. Harry Zie'.;ier. son of T. K. Z;"i'5ler .formerly ;-i!y cierk. has tiee^ e;ecte^' editor of t !.e Stndenls Heraid. t;:e <o!- ege piibH ali'.n at Mauiiatfan. .Mr Zie*.:Ur i- a ri -.^niber of tiie jtmioi class at the school anii t''.<: e'Ji'or of ti;e HeraM l.itf always !;.,'e.i a me:n!;.-> :( the sonior'ci .TS-'. It NejDir ;ii!|>'.-^ s:l»J' ••nr a Junior to win in :!ie e!ertion leic ro .'ielp;-; t .':e e-!i.-o.-. The far: that .Mr y.ivfihT won In -.1 !";t'y ionte.-tfi elec- til n .-Iiows tl:a; •!•• i.-i very po(.i:I;:i vith the st'.ic!..n! Iiccly of the ;-o !le2t; The editorial '-lia'.' •.•arrie.'* with i' c-on .-^iji -rable fitian.-ial reinuneraTicr which make."! .Mr. Z!e:;!er'~ victory .loiibly acceptable to liini ami M -ry uratlfj itis to his frieml.-i. He i< <)„•- ciallzinK. of course, in ;;i;rlciiiiurnl I loiirnii'ism and pre!>:irin!.' himself ti •ake .•« pLi .e In t .he front rank of writ- ••rs on .'•iibjccts ef this rbaraete:- Hi!.•! a younir man of most e ,v;-,..|!. nt jmls Ten:, talent and ability an<i l .i- advance in yrhor! work i..; a matter of !i:i:<li pride fo iis .in.v friends. IMUVM I'OMTKS. , The existanee of a hitherto uii- tnown form of so familiar a substance ts silica—tile most abundant coi-i- uound on earth—scms Miher surprit^ iBR. K German mincraiopiss. A. Tn- can. has reported finding in a cave, a secondary lime d.-'posit containing fine Leller lo lnlan Says Trend Is Slrimir- ty to Tafl. In a. letter ti-> Mr. William Davi?. hi? •>Id rjvil War e3j ,T,in. who lives In In- •iir.naiolis and will remain there to vote before polns we.«t for the winter. •eH= of ronditinni= in Indiana. .Four vcar.": rco the Captain refused to vote silica, with a little common salt, am. i for Taft, chiefly because R-;o?evelt races of iron, aluminum and magnesium. A very Sne white riusf rr-- mained .nfter the lirte had bepn dissolved oiit with li.vdrochloric at id. With water the dust formed a milky luld that readily passed through t'li- bets filter pap«r. Tlie mllkicess was Insouiable in alkalies, even when concentrated, but wa« dissolved by concentrated sulphuric acid. The dust was apparently silica In a new form. It is supposed to be of secondary oil- sin, and to have been precipitated from solution with the lime contain- InK it. Oxygen baihs, which seem to have captured the n «rman fancy are su^- !»lled by various preparations, which decompose on being placed in tiie hath, and slowly Kfve off oxygen, which bubbles up through, the wat*r and collects as a gaseous covering wa? so mandatory in his advice on Mil ject. This year he will vote Taft at:;! expresses the belief that the I're.-ident will jioll twice as many vote* in Indiana as RooseveU and 1= ?ainln!r steadily. Tbonsands of Cmtefai Letters —frcm women in all parts of the I'nif- ed States and Canada who have been relieved from almost every form of female complaints such a.? infiamma- tlon. ulceration, displacements, tumors, irrestularitie?. neriodle pains and baehache by t^ydia F> .Pfnkh etable Ccmpound. are on " the y. Nallonal. For President—Williain H. Taft, of ')!iio For Ylce-President—James S. Shcr- nan, of New York. For Prcjiidential Electors—B. F li'aker, .J. K. flocock, Charles H Irowne, lohn P. Dellinger, John S -.Umore. A. Q. Miller, C. W. Miller, 'aiil Rieii, U 11. Thompson, W. A Thompson. .State Ticket. For l.'nitcd States Senator—W. U .jfilbbs. ^ For Justice.-, Supreme Court—It. A Jtiirch, W. A. Johnston. For Governor—Arthur Capper. For Ueutcnant-Govcrnor—Sheffield Ingalls. For Secretary of Slate—Charles H Sessions. For .State Auditor—W. E. Uavis. For Treasurer—Earl Akcrs. For . .Attorney General—Tohn S lawson. For Sui>erintendont of Insurance— !ko S. r ,ewis. For Supt. of Public Instruction—W ). Ko.^s. For Star* Printer—W. C; Austin. IHsfricU ('orKre.-smiin. 2nd " Iti.-itrict—J L trady.. Jiidcv, 3Tili Judicial Hi.strict—O.scar .•'oils'. ' Fur Senator. Itth Klstrict—S. C lolii.e'i. County Ticket. For Ileprcsentative—llaxter I). .Mc- •laitl. For Tre .-i .siirer—Franf e.>i .\ Wll.son For County Clerk-fll. E Ciilbertson. For nesistcr of Deeds—J W. I,aury For County Attorney—U. E. Culli-on. For Proliatc Judce—J. n .Smith. For Sheriff—Hoover Kerr. For Coroner—R. .\. M<;MiIlcn. For County Sur\^vor—If. L. Pal- -trinir. For Clerk District C<>urt—John W. fJrown. County Supt—.Mr."!. E W. Mylcr. For A.'sessor—E.,e' .Reynolds^ For Commissioner, 2nd District—H. 1. Stephenson. For Commlisioncr, 3rd District—E. P. Brtgham. •:• •:• •:• •:• •:« •> •> •:• •:• •:• <.-•:• >> i^ l» i> «i :• I)E.lIOCKATfC COLCMX • •> •:• •:• •:• •:• • •:• •:• •:• ^ « From Emporia. Kansas, where William All.^n White happens to live, has been issued a clarion call.for all business men to vote tor Stubbs for Senator, the call beins back.-d by "a score of the largest business con! cejrns in the state' No names are giv- '• en. but there is a general Buspicion> that the list was headed by the names of wniiam Allen .White. Walter Roscoc Stubbs. Bill White. Roscoe Stubbs, A: A. White, Governor Stubbs, Bull | p„ „, „„„ . Moos*' M.inag?r • White. Candidate' fchani's Ve?- ' Stubbs. Editor While and Rosn Stubbs rinu.v vvu.,«uux.. „..-ifile in therfe^- n>en are - buRier" in the state to- Pinkham laboratories at Lynn. Mass.. j ^a.v than the above named gentlemen but no letter is ever published with- ' ' ' " "* **"" "'"^ out written request or coDsent of the; writer. and few wold profit more by the deletion of Stubbs. Everj- fufferlns woman owes it IS herself to give l.ydia E. Pinkhams Vegetable Compoond a trial- Mrs. F. C. Webste^r, of Topeka who has been here visiting relatives went to Chanme this aftemooiL Material furnished for this column comes from the County Committee and The Dally Register is in nowise re^ sponsible fcir any|statement appearing jnder this beading. A similar colomn will be devoted to the Republicans. The Register is responsible • only for .ts own editorial expressions. DE.irOCK.lTlf: TICKET. AaUonhl TickeL For Presideni-i-Gov. Woodrow 'Wil-: son. New Jerscy.- For Vice President—Gov. Thomas..^ R. Marshall. Indiana. Presidential Electors-f-Francls Patterson, Y'ates Center; Anders Sor-fti cnsen, McPherson; F. H. Ufa I.'Smiths Center; Alfred Q. Wooster, Erie; &! f C. Bybee, Garaelt; James W. CtaTk iJreat Bend;. Hiram R. Fulton," Hatt-K over; Cbas. E. Gants. Mclvem; IsaacJF)^ H. .Magill, Corning:. Thomas J. OT^IelV, ' Osage City. J Stafe Ticket For (.'. S. Senator—Wm. H. Thomp<on. Garden City. Justice Supreme Court — Humbort Riddle, Emporia; A. B. R«cres,;Dodg9 fity. Governor—Geo. H. Hodgcs.-i Olaths. Lieut. Governor—Frank L. Britton Osage City. Secretary of State—Burt E. Brown, fjjwrence. Sutc Auditor—Perry (Jlemeoa. ot Hamilton. / State Treasurer—P. B. Laug.'iiln^ .Mar-fvlHe. Aify General—C.. B. Littlej OMfae.' Supt. of Public Instruction—I?airld,w^5 M. Bowen. Pittsburg.^ ['% Supt. of insuraiicd—Carl J. Peter-*-/!? son, lola. * ': State Printer—WilUam P. Fedur. 6t Great Bend. - , Congressman. 2nd Dtst.—JOB. Tagf gart. Kansa.<? City, Kans. ° -' Judge aTtU Judicial Dist—Charles 11. Apt. lola. Kans. , State Senator, 14th Dist — PaoL. Klein lola, Kans. Representative, 20th Dist—J. 'W'" Ham, Humboldt. Kas. Conaty Ticket. County Clerk—<Jhaa. Freeberg. E9i more- , i . k- ''m County Treasurer—JoIuL T. Tjiex^Si Gas City. ' , ._,m Register of Deeds—Jerry' L. Bed-^ well, lola. > ' County Attoraey—Frank It FVMrxttt^ lola. ' • . • i .,' Probate Judge—J. S.,'WaIker, Xola;^ Sheriff—J. H. Foster, Gas. / ,r i Coronei^F. L. B. Lee^ell. ?IoIa./ County Snpt—Vid<) Fetiferiiiidlf; Carlyle. C >.>«4^.% Co. Snrreyor—S. D. BarUett-'lo^ j Clerk of tbe District Oooft-'^Hc^ B. Hess, Hamboldt. - " county Assessor—Fted ^Hamboldt ConunissioBef . 2tkA / Brown. Moraa, / j Coauniastoaer 3rd IMiinson IoI& Jir>t<ce of/Pieaee. loUtf Smith.- .

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