Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1889
Page 3
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California and Michigan Fruits: ? Aon!°Si m iiUi ilaKfelniiis.CcroniaMf. 1 i Muscatel and Tokay Grnnrs, Hod- | i fiolrl Bananas. Ac, • . ' on COMING! After the IGtlioi Oct yoxi can see tootli white and. tolacli Stoves at LEWIS D. WYNN'S; Also a fine line of Butcher Knives. Evening Gazette newMtands. Prloerwx) OBHTB OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. To-nlgHt. Special meeting of Sterling Chapter No. 67. itoyal Arch Masons. _Mrs. MTs. Henry has gone tc Chi-' cago. —E. M. Wright is back from Marion, Ohio. -Mr. and Mrs. William Taller are vlslt^ig their mother. -Senator Grlswold was here today on medical matters. -Miss Maria,Durr returned this morning to Chicago. —Agent Fowler or the Northwestern is able to be out again. -Mr. and Mrs. Charles Todd. of Dixon visited in this city yesterday. " -The attendance at the Staling -MisB May Slgler has returned from a ten weeks visit with relatives in Iowa. -Willie son of John M. Galt.return- ed this morning to school at Orchard Lake, Michigan. . -George Seidel is home on a short vacation from Hahnaman Medica.l College of Chicago. . • . T-N. C. Thomrson, a well known resident of Propbetstown, was in Sterling today on business. -Misa Mamie Grove entertained a few friends last evening, and a delightfully pleasant time resulted. —Coroner Donaldson was in this city today-no suicide, or mysterious death only to attend a medical meeting. — Dr E J. Perry, of Chicago, is the guest of his brother, Geo. P. Perry, during the session of the dental society. —Warren Burgess came out from Chicago last evening to visit is parents and other relatives. He will remain lor a few days. —The Dubuque city council, on Monday granted charters to four electric light companies. and an. electric street railway company. —Photographer Brown this morning took Ylews of the new city hall, from which cuts will be made of different sizes for newspaper purposes. -Mr and Mrs. D. W. Uopkinaon and their daughter, Mrs. A. E Cochrane, left thia morning for Waukegan, where they will visit for some time. -Mrs. Jack H. Marshall has returned home from Chicago, leaving her hua- band very much Improved, at the hospital where he ia under treatment. —Hon. C. C. Johuaon and Aid. Geo. E Wilson got back today from .Washington. In the words of the latter, —The adjuflt.?r oT tho Lomlon and nncashire insurance company came ere thia morning from Chicago, and with agent Underwood, of this city, xed tho loss on AVm. Manahnn's sheds nd paid the same. — Ovor at Sycamore the citizens have olunteeml to ant ns special policemen o keep the boys from hanging about .he church doors on Sundays. The pa- >er3noto"a commendable absence of >oys" since the citizens were comraia- ioned. —L. W. Mitchell has been appointed by the American Shetland Pony Club to Inspect General A. J. Alexanders herd, at Spring Station, Kentucky, and .ndlcate ponies that are eligible to be registered. This is another great com plement to our Palmyra friend. —Miss Mabel McPherran this morning began her duties as teacher in the recitation room of the Wallace High school; her eyes having fully recovered. Prof. W. H. Bloom, who ha? been filling the position for her, will go to another place soon. He gave first rate satisfaction at Wallace school. —The DeKalb Chronicle ia now trou bled on account of its scattered ducats: The printers dollars where are they V A dollar here and a dollar there, scattered over numerous small towns all over the country, miles and miles apart —how shall they gather together? Come home, ye are wanted. Come in single file, that the printer may send ye forth to battle for him and vindicate his credit. Counry reader, are you sure you haven't two or more printer's dollars sticking to your clothes ? —The fact that we have so many successful man fictories here, is proof enough that eastern and Chicago manufacturers who are seeking new locations can Dnd no bettor place to come to than to Sterling and Rock Falls. There would be no need for any of our people, young folks particularly, to go away from Sterling, if our people would, get more manufactories here. Many of our people have made snug fortunes here, and have money for in vestment. If all the money made here which IB invested in real estate in other places, were put into new factories would have. Sterling real estate would then pay as big dividends as land in some other places. rncr a id present pastors held »n infer- mnl reception at the close of the ?er- vice. —It in paid that echnol teachers, in anme localities visit scarlet fever patients before going to school in the morning. Thia should not be done, RI it may spread the disease. Correct. sty]»3 in Vail hats at Ontting- er'3 Double Front Clothing HOURS*: .--to KOCH. FAI.I..H -t-Mra. A. I'. Smith left this morning for Turner, 111. -i-A. P. Smith went to Chicago thia morning on business. -^Mrs. Kline, of Forreston, is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Alex. Ly!e. . A son- was born to Mr. and Mrs. August Arndts, of Montmorency, on Tuesday. -^Master John Burdick, who has been sick oome time with diptheria, is out again. -i-Mr, and Mrs. J. Newman, of Kock Island have moved here. Mr. Newman is a brakeman on the Rock Island frieght. -t-Mr. Geo. Packer is 1 now the owner of a fine match team of bay horses, but the boys don't think he can get away with them yet. . „;. Huffman, who moved here but a short time ago, lost a four-year-old child yesterday; the child had been si3k only a few days with diphtheria. -+-The W. C. T. U. will meet Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock with Mrs. S. S. Lukens. Ail are Invited. Mi*. M. A. Shirley, rec. sec'y. ' -i-II. O. Perry, of Rochelle. has presented to the Methodist church of Montmorency, two beautiful pulpit chairs and one dozen chairs for choir nse. The church folks are grateful to him for the gifts, and wish to thank nim for his generosity. -*-Leave all proper items for the EVE- NJNO GAZETTE with Lyle Atkins,news dealer and confectioner, in the post office bnilding. . ;t:harllc Clark Want* To know if you're supplied with fix ings? By fixings he means shirts, un derwear, hosiery, suspenders, .handker chiefs, etc, e!c. You would be sur goods he is selling. Right prices and the right kind of merchandise does it. How to««rt Rich. My success is owing to my liberally in advertising.- Homier Frpquent iincl constant advertising brought me nil I own.-A. T. Stewart... .Success depends upon a liberal patronage of printing ollices — Astor How can the world know when a man has n good thing unless he advertises the posnes- sion of il?-Vanderbilt. ...My eon, deal only with men that advertise. You will never lose by it.—Franklin. EBOMY SOAP . We carry the largest and most complete stock of men's boy's and children's clothing in Northern Illinois, Chicago excepted. Oettinger's Double Front Clothing House. 0-10 EBQE^IY PINE TAR SOAP, m Trade at the West grd street inrnish ishing store, opposite Wallace House Low rent and small expenses make goods cheaper than at any other ston in Sterling. Common and best goods kept in stock. Undsrwear, full stock; all wool and jeans pants, shirts, hats, caps, boots ahd shoes, trunks and va- ises; large stock. I defy all competi- iion. Chas. Hoag. ° 1° K. W. Bioa*om Jms tfiken Urn st^r-cy T the "I. C." »>r an(1 Spectacles an-.' !ye gl*Vr ! sHH, Tu~."o cp."c."":*'^ ^ ; -i'. emit from ordinary pU\F?M, in thnt ho lonsrs are'ground from a /• n•»<-7i Z7;i^WCn/.«r<r?Umt stints out the chftn- cal and heat rays of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. 15ft sum and ry them, soe that that trade mark "i. ;." ia on every lens. 70--KvW Oynt«rs! Oyotrrn! The ladies of the Baptist church will give an oyster supper in bas< nif-nt of church Wednesday evening, Oct. 10th. Oysters served from "> o'clock until !> o'clock " t2 * Ancttoneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. H. Hendrick's Drug Store or at my residence on 13th avenue north of 4th st. Charges reasonable. Give me a call. 78-37M D. H. MEYERS, Anct. The l.atf Bt In millinery and largest assortment in Sterling at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's, 5 to Call at E. W. blossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Beat German knitting worsteds only 5c a skein, usual price 30c, at A. L. Heckman's. 5 to See the new ad of N. Carpenter & For winter, prepare; Seek D. & Webaire; •" A stock, rich and rare, Suit the old and the fair. Hats and bonnets of~all styles, shapes and sizes can be found at Miss 11 A Carter's. Prices to suit everybody. .._ c - l ° Have Yon Caught On To the fact that Kler's stock of Gloves and Mittens is without doubt the finest in the city. Call and see it. We Yield to None In the durability and low price of our Men's Shoes, the lines is most complete, embracing as it does everything desirable, and is sold at prices that paralyze the trade. J. 11. BELT, &SON. We have the "Daisy" line of fancy ilanuel shirts for rail and winter, see them. Oettinger'8 Double Front Cloth lllR fl. r '' t0 —How soon will the Northwestern railroad build abridge over Rock river at this point, and run a branch line to Spring Valley? The company's coal mines are at Spring Valley, and now most of the coal used on the western branches is hauled via DeKalb and west through here. If the line were built straight south from here, a distance of forty or fifty miles would be saved in all coal shipped west. Furthermore, if the branch ia built, a large amount of Rock Falls business would be'gained.and the lowering of£the price of'soft coal would greatly increase the amount of coal used for manufacturing purposes, and would increase the number of manufactories using steam power. Sterling and Rock Falls are going to grow very rapidly, and it will pay the road to make the extension at. once. (latest style). e tinuous round of pleasure except the few minutes spent in bed each night. —We are authorized to state, by Dr. T W Beckwlth, secretary, that the phyalciana of Sterling ahd Rock Tails are cordially Invited to attend the sessions of the Northern Illinois Dental Society, at A. O.U.W. Hall. There will be a session this evening. —The Clinton young man, Fred Phil. lips who was arrested here for stealiug gloves and boots, was taken to Morisor, where he plead guilty before county Judge Mo Coy, and was fined 925 and sentenced to SO daya In jail. He will stay in jail after the 30 days until bis fine is paid. —William Crum stood too near a buzz saw which was in operation on a farm near Sterling yesterday, and received a blow in the face from a piece of wood that was thrown from the saw. His face was badly bruised and several teeth were knocked out. Moral: Don t monkey with a buzz saw. —A wreck occurred at Nachusaon the Northwestern about 12 o'clock last night The car truck of a frleght car in a moving train broke, releasing a set of wheels and letting down the car. Four cars were ditched, and considerable damage waa done. The wreck blocked up the track, and delayed all trains for several hours. The wreck- lag train ana craw weat up from Ster. , and by daylight the track was —A representative of the GAZETTE called on "W. H. H. Stewart at the "home o£ the honey bee," the other day at Empire and found Mr. Stewart as busy as a bee making cider, but as busy as be was he found time to show us around and let us sample all the cider we wanted. Mr. Stewart has one of the most convenient and neat cider presses in the county and which is built on the most modern plan, with a capacity of about fifty barrels a day. His presses are built so I hat no straw need to be used; consequently there is nothing to absorb the juice of the apples, but allia saved, and more cider made from a bushel of apples than by any other process/ Mr. Stewart besides making cider keeps lota of bees and always has the best of honey, cider and puFeTciaefVlnegarf of sale in-large_or_ small quantities. "We were well pleased with 6ur visit and all who visit him will be treated in a gentlemanly man- A literary and musical entertainment will be given in the Congregational church of Rock .Falls Wednesday evening of this week. Mrs. V. M. Hawkins, of Galesburg, 111., an excellent elocutionist, will assist largely on the programme. The following is the programme of the evening:—Anthem by tho Choir; Aux Italians, O. N. Meredith, Mrs. V. M. Hawkins;The Charge of the Light Brigade, Tennyson, Master Chas. Sheldon; selection by orchestra; The Irish Philosopher, selected Mrs. V. M. Hawkins; Recitation, selected, Mias Lou Worman; Vocal Solo, The Day is Done, Mrs. J. R. Kaye; The Last Hymn, selected, Mrs. V. M Hawkins; Quartette, Mrs. Haskell, Mrs. Kaye, Mr. W. Palmer, Mr. E. Nims; Abou Ben Adhem, Leigh Hunt, Maser Hartwell Woodworth; Duet, The Prayer of the Wanderer, Conde, Mrp. Kaye, Mr. Nims; The Ride or Jennie McNeil, selected, Mrs. Hawkins; The Georgia Exhorter, Mr. Frank Ely. The entertainment will begin at 8 o'clock. Admission, adults 20 cents; children 10 cents. , 712 The Riverside cook stoves are splen did bakers. r ' ta Open tor Ba»lne»«. A long felt want is now supplied George Pfi'sterer is now prepared t furnish warm meals and luncheon t the hungry at any hour of the di»y Give him a trial. 105 E. Third St. • 8-tO Dill & Co, Rock Falls, Inve all the leading styles in millinery. 2tf Cloaks, PEOPLE'S COLUMN MT-We will insert three lines In this col-"^ SSn one Mmel or 10 cents, or lor *o ceuw a week. Jach »ddlt1onal Hue will be 6 cents a single In- ertlon. or 16 cents a week. Shawls, WANTKO. Only 10 cents for j tin es under this Heading. W ANTKL'— Olrls to work-In tbe suoejiacipry. Aiil Dlxon, 111. L'— r . lyatoncatothe Riverside Shoe Co., " ' 3 W ANTEI)-Plaln sewing, by Mrs. O. Nllsson, lit residence of Mr. Kacey, north, ol Oalt House. W ANTED-Mrs. Barnes, competent -rs. a, m.iker, will do work st liomc, or go out by tbe day; 501 Tlilrd avenue. _ • W ANTED-A middle aged lady, or girl, to do very light house work, for small wa^'s mi , ur Uri-iKl i.mkitif?.. Ono woman ami Mill,'glrHalamtly Uull al UM Locuit 8t. B-tfl* W ANTED—Men to Insure your home mature U the ABr-lcnftural Insu Company of New YorK. agents 'our homes and K , ,,....tural Insurance VV, If. MaugttH & Bro., 6-tf W ANTED-A thoroughly corripet?nt girtI lor Boueral housework. Oood w»ic«»._ Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street and 0 avenue. I Only 10 cents for J lines | I under this Heading. TJToTsALK^lGO acres In Custer Co., Nebraska. Jb Very dren, rich soil. Nothing better In Hie suite, inquire ol V. W. Wulzer. H-t« Mr. mm Arck Domet flannel 8c at A. L. Ileckman's, cheap at I2}^c. ^ " Baby bonnets at Miss R. A. Carter'u. OtO TTlon 8AT.E—The cheapest fanh In Lcec; uiHJJ. lrutt G °Will "lakB reildsnce property In ^ rl ' n '' us part pay. Inquire ot b'runk W. Wal/.er. 8-1 I'M K HALK-Anvil, forge and blacks m 1th tools, I< bob Bielnh, spring wa(jon, horse Power large spotted rtuetlamj pony. CallatJ.-K. 1 Ull- lil's & Co's. or Mrs. Levl smith, KOCK Falls. 7-tti* Flannels, F°iu^™VS w .Tve "M 1 WoS sro^ 1 ! 11 . 1 ^'"""^-^"--. 110 "" 11 "-"" tilOll SALE—Two car loads good baled hay, ai JJ K 60 per ton, by tho bale or upwards. J. \. Einmltt. 3 - U2 _ Under- Homethlne Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" in the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO. W. CHASIBELIN. 88-tf _ Only 35 and 50 ceots For reserved seats for Uncle Tom's Cabin. Admission same. Avoid the ash by reserving your seats. Reynolds Bros, can upholstei your old furniture much cheaper than you C anbuy_new, and it will last longer than cheaiTIae'Forjrworfc5-t" ner. —The Inter Ocean has the following concerning the change of pastors at the Western avenue M. E. church, of Chicago, and the first greeting of the new minister: The Rev. Dr. Lewis Curts, the new pastor of the Western avenue M. E.cnurch was greeted by an audience Sunday morning that fill ed the auditorium and lecture room and extended into the gallery. His sermon was based upon the question "What think ye of Christ?". Upon th platform were the Rev. Dr. Mande ville the late pastor, and the Rev. Dr. Fawcett. of the Park avenue M. E. church. At the close of the sermon, J L. Whltlock, of the official board, announced a reception to the new pastor on Tuesday evening. He referred facetiously to the doctor's family, saying it represented neither extreme A friend of his lived on a street where on one aide live families aggregated sixty children, while on the other there was only one red-cheeked baby. Dr. Curts 1 family consisted of himself, his wife, six children and a pet cow. The people were invited to turn out and give them a hearty welcome. Dr. Curt* said it waa true he had 'a half dozen, but he htul none to npiire. He haidly thought the children or cow would be on exhibition Tuesday night. Tho for Reserved seats for Uncle Tom's Cabin at 35 and 60 cents. Very cheap for such a large, fine company. People who are going to buy clothes for themselves are invited to call at our atore and examine our mammoth stock. Without doubt the finest in the city. J. R. Bell & Son. Organ Kecltal At the Presbyterian church, Wednesday, October inth, Sterling, III. Mr Frederic Archer, organist. PROGRAM: Part first. 1 Sonata, in,D ~ Mailly 2 Clock Movement Haydn. , ( a. Gavotte, Handel. 3 } b. Fugue in G Minor, T. S. Bach. 4 Fantasia, Wely. 5 Overture—"Oberon" Weber. Part Second. 1 Fanfare, Cantabile and... Finale, ' Lemmens. 2 Larghetto (Concerto in C) Beethoven. , ( a. Allegretto , Tour !' * I b. March Nuptlale, Gnilinant. 4 "Oinbra leggiora" (Dinorah) Meyerbeer. 5 Overture—"Poet and Pea- Dill & Co. have one of the finest trimmers in their millinery department in the west. Call and see her work. 2tf Granulated sugar 12 ll.s. for Sl.QO. A sugar 13 lus. for Sl.OO. No. l C sugar 14 H>3. for 81.00, at Bunu's, the grocer.^ FOP Halo Choice tand In Whltealde Co. near Sterling. All that part of W MS E.MSec.31, north of State road, leading from Rock Island to Dixon—1.02 acrea. That part S W Ji north of said road Sec. 3), 21, 7 —74J^ acres. East part (east of river) of N E }.(, 30,21, 0-8 85 acres and N E USE if, SO, 21, 6—32.04 acrea. , - Also E H S W frac. M- The W -E-fraCr-M-and that part_S E ?4. S EJa. lying north and adjoining State Road in 30, 21,0. Also part WK N E J 4 ', 31, 21,7, lying north of State road and east of lands of D. C. MoKenzle, and all that part >4 N E>4 1, 20,0, north of State Road. Title perfect. Immediate possession. KIMBALL, VOSE & Co. 172 Washington St, Chicago. F 1 0K8AI.E-A bargain In three flue residences In -liu ward. Inquire ol 1.1. Only 10 cents for j lines under (fits Heading. F I OK HUNT- Large, nice, well turnlshw room Edward Pierce, coi ner Locust and Gtu ats. Scott, Kock Kails. F 1 011 KENT-Oood fun., for rent; under i Ion. 1 miles from Hock rails.. .in F I OR JlENT-4 houses to rent and a »u»' b «r ° r houses lor sale by Adam bmith. , UJ-U8 T O LE\HH—r-wer and mom for miinuinctur liu purposes, In the biill-iliiB lonnerly occu- piedby Church & I'ntterson. Addn-as 11...C. L-'hurcti. Dulutli. Minn. SiMC 1.0ST. Only 10 cents for 3 lines under this Heading. w a—w -f OST-On Tuesday evening, oq Locust street, Ll between Third and tlglith streets, a child* rnlflulsUedttamiel sklri. Jeulhemtitebed In red silk The Under will please leave at Mrs. t.. VV. Elliott's Millinery store and receive reward. New Calttornla Fruit Store When you want nice fruit, such as peaches, pears, oranges, grapes, etc., and nuts of all kinds, or candies in large or small quantities; in fact any kinds of fruit or nuts the market affords, call at 110 East Third street and your wants can be supplied. -— Coiiso. F1NAMU1AJU OTKAVV BEDS FILUiD-1 fill every Tuesday. k5 « you want any filled drop we a postal. W. b. Hiumoiis. Hock Valla, 3t 'L_ If what you wish, You do not see, Just say the word, And there 'twill be. Children's llata And misses hats in great variety and cheap at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. 5 t,a Jacob Kiaele Has received another lot of that nice overcoating thia week. Now Is your tirte to go and select one before it ia picked over, as Jhe does not have an opportunity to keep the goods on hand a great whtl6 J 5 to You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & Co.'s, Hock Falls. M ISOKLLANKOUS—If you want to Insure yoirl leVoryournomoi If you want to buy a place, or sell one; 1J youlujvrt aiiytli UK to ei- chnii"e. It will pay you to call oi ( fraun W. \\ al- er, uoom 5, Aelwlemy of Music. Chicago lots to xchangu lor city propeity. - Bring tbla program with you. Don't forget the oyster supper »t the Uaptlat church to-night. MCHTSCHOOL. A T AN KAKLY DAY we will bcKln evenli g sessions at the BUSINESS COLLEGE, where class and Individual Instruction will b« Klv<Mi In BUSINESS ARITHMETIC }}UHIN &"«» L'URRRU '"""' HUXINKS8 PKNMA... »OOK~KSttPlNO. • SllOR't HAN D WHIT I NO, T\'l'tt WRITING, Stv. Etc. parUciiUirirall ut nftlce or aJUress The largest and cheapest assortment of the LIUMiiiMiiimiilai. au«HUtiBA>- MttKIW jPlSlh, ^VI^^K Jw^^^l St. In Woolen Underwear and Hosiery Kt,d . E. Every p,ur wa

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