Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 18, 1903 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1903
Page 8
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"3 • CONTINUES ALL NEXT WEEK All Summer Qood^ Mu^t Go of all Cost. Mfehave cho^|)ed the price* lower COME IN AND SEE FOR YOURSEUE. ever, IMens Suits In the very boat makes, worth $14, 15.00, Ifi and IT Shovel Em Out $9.99 Mens Suits Finely tailorefl in Cassimeres, Tweeds and fancy ; Worsteds, the real stylish goods, have been selling for $9.75 to $13. < Shovel Em Out $7.77 Young Mens Suits Ages from 17 to- 20 years, all colors, sold for 15 and $6. Shovel Em Out $2.50 Mens Suits A big bargain in Cassimeres, Tweeds and Cheviots, dark, medium and light colors, sold for $7 to $9.85. Shovel Em Out $5.55 Young Mens Suits The newest and nobbiest patterns out, fine all wool salts, sold for $10 to $12.. Shovel Em Out $7.77 Young Mens Suits In fancy stripe and check patterns first class values. - Have been selling at f7 to |8. 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Rdgnlar 80o quality ShovOlEm Out at 50c AW our $3.50 and $3.00 Pants Shovel I 'Em Out at $1.98 All Mon'H rants, worth $3.60 and 4.00 Shovel Km Out $2.« 59 doz Mens Sweaters, In fancy colors, regular kind, ShoVcl Em Out 25c Men* Lin^n Collars, regular l.'ic kind' Shovel Em Out 2c 1' Boya Overalls Shovel Em Out 15c pr Arm Bands Shovel Em Out, 2 pairs lor. 5c .MoHH lino Half IfOHO in ooIorB, hiipii bla«;k aiul red 7 20c SJiovol I'lm ()ut 7c a pair or?'., Ff iMon's blue Denim OverallH, set-in pockets Shovol Em Out ;.... <f...... i.. 25c Mens White Linen Handkerchief* . Shovel Em Ou.t .J*.^........ 2 for 5c Men's blue and brown mixed Oxford Socks Shovel Em Out ; 3c a pr Mens, Suspenders, with pulleys back-and front, regular 25c line, Shdvbl EiteOti . .15ca pr TURNED lOU THE CHANUTE COUNCIL AGAIN |i BiEFUSED TO GRANT/-ELECTRIC FRANCHISE. . U MIIN WILL GET IT if. ^etmw Certain That Franchise WJII jH^ 'Finally Be Granted to Him—The ,[>/ FranchlM Contemplates Making J"^, Chanute the Whole Thing, Which 1^^, i* One of the Requirement For f^,i JMnq Baaines|i With That Town ' Hyde & Slough VFere again turned down py, the Chanute ^uocil Thurs- .day night In trying to obtain a .franchise for their street railway lhroi«^lj Jhat city. The lucky man tfcils time eeemq to be a' Mr, Anderson of In- dikna. The Chanute Tribune (wntalns the following account of .the council proceedings: ' }^ | The ^ council assembled la an ad- jbnhied session last night .to consider *ix€. Tarlous int)er-urban rjfinway fran- chlees and if possible detennflne upon the most desirable one. AfttT a ses- ston laaUng tll|; <ifter jnldnight 'J^idise Allen, re^r^ntiiig Mr. Ander- mbn ot Indiana,, was selectcif as the mo^jt practicable candidate upon .wbton tp base their hopes. . Jutdge Allen's prdinsjice as presented, is not eoniplete and the council will meet Slcmilajr nfght when Mr. Anderson njriQi 'be present t<^ draft,the ordinance -^n ~djetalL Ateoprdhig to agreemenf the np^ioompa.:by will buOd from lola, en- .taSng O'lianate, on N.: Steuben and ; prAcWing to Ifain; thence east and .i^eBt !/%o, die Katy 'd^t and Kansas aVf&tie, r teii thence down Highland aii ^;JcelitraI oat of the city to some of Jthe/neighlxH-Ing to ^ms oh the south W/it^j:/w wIU be ^tailed ;givliig i4ilniite^service. . ifg: Aiidi ^wnNdocis 'notveqpect mei (e- loin abid CSHmiite vith]a pendenco. Eve., .ually a belt line may be established Including Fort Scott Kansas City, Atchison and Topeka Chanute Is in the game early and will probably, be the central point on the western loop. . Each candidate for the franchise was given ten minutes to place his proposition before the council and explain any special points or provisions Mr. Wilson, representing P. M Fitch, spoko at length In behalf of his ordina-lice, stating that his promoters would withdraw entirely if the council do8lre <l to extend the time of the Mc Cann franchise. His men were practi cally railroad builders as well as pro- nioiors, and ho urged a research cf their previous record. His ordinance contained many concessions, but ijc could not consent to locate the power house in Chanute, as experience has taugse thzt the house should be placed midway of the line. Mr. Hyde recounted his former; ap pcarance beroro the old council and explained what he haC accomplished toward the completion of his road since then, and stated that his would bo built, and that ho would like very'much to have a Chanute fran chlse. McCann said that when he had been garnted his franchise a few months ago he did not expect to have to appear before the council and make ex cuses for non-compliance of his con tract. It had been granted in good faith; he had accepted it in the same manner. He had met wtth no financial difficulties but had been unable to secure a franchise in lola because the power house and general offices were to bo located 'fa ^Chanute and lola was simply to be made a terminal. Ho- ijranted these objectional features eliminated and the ordinance limit extended to fifty years. He agreed to deposit $500 cash as a guarantee that his contract would be accomplished. Valuable Time Saved. Slight Injuries often disable a man and cause several days' loss of time and when blood poison develops, sometimes result In the logs of a hand or limb. Chamberlain's Pain Balm Is an antiseptic liniment When^applicd to cuts, bruises and bams It causes them to heal quickly and without ma- toQition, and iH -erents any danger of blood poison. For sale 1^ all drag- gists. LOCAL NEWS. Dr. O. S. Johnson and wife will leave for Colorado next Sunday whore they will spend the summer. The Santa Fe will run ah excursion tra in to Kansas City .ind return Sun day, August,2. 1903. Rate $1.50 for the round trip. 1 have purchased tho transfer lino of W. B. Kelley andwill be plcasojj lo have all of his old customers call on mo at 114 West street. C. ^C. Lnccock, Phono 35C. Years of suffering relieved In a night Itching piles yich^ at onco to tho curative properties of poan 's Ointment. Never fails. At any drug store, 50 cents. : I ' The Supremo Court has 'afTinncd the judgment of the district court in the George A. Fry vs. Alvan B<mian case, a suit Involving (he title to a quarter section of land in this county. I "I owe my whole life i to Burdock Blood Bitters. Scrofulous ssre^ covered my body. I seemed beyond cure. B. B. B. has made mc a perfectly well woman." Mrs. Charles Hutton, Bcr- ville, Mich. Mr. A. C. Scott, president of tho A^icultural and mechanical college of Oklahoma, who has been delivering a series of lectures at the State Uni versity, is in lola to visit his brother, the editor of this paper. The K. C. Plumbing & Supi^y_ Co., located at the northeast corner of the square, will give a nickle plated soap tray to every purchaser of BO' feet of hose. We carry a big'^assortment of hose, nozzles, sprayers and water supplies. Phono Go. For forty years Dr. Fowler's fext^ict of Wild Strawberry has been curing sui^mer complaint, dysentery, diar­ rhoea, bloody flux, pain in the stomach, and it has never yet failed to do everything claimed for it No man or woman in the state will heisitate to speak well of Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets after once trying them. They always produce a pleasant movement of the bowels. Improve the apptaite and strong then the digestion. For sale by all druggist^ Mr. T. J. Carlton, of Gas City, has patented an Improved retort which has attracted much favorable attention. From; correspondence already tfc ^i ;ed :It j ^Jobks: as tf he would he Resolutions of Respect. Resolutions adopted by Salem Chapter, No. 4, O. E. S. In memory of our beloved Matron Sister Agnes Schocucrts. Whereas, It has pleased the Divine Ruler of the Universe to call from among us our faithful sister. Bo it resolved. That in her death we again have cause to mourn the broken chain and tho loss of a dear si.^ter ever true to the leachings of our order and faithful in the dis charge of her duties, ever ready to lend a helping hand wherever duty called. Resolved, That -KQ extend our fr.a lernal sj-nipatliy to the bereaved bus hand, in the loss of a devoted wife. And tho parent."?, brothers and sis- tors, in the loss of a loving daughter and sister, wo would commend them in this hour of sorrow to tho allwls* Father Who doeth all things well. Resolved, That wo drape our chap tor, jewels and chair, in the east in mourning during the unexpired term of her office. Resolved, That a copy of those reso luiions be sent the bereaved family that a copy bo sproad on tho records of this chapter. ' HAY FEVER ABOLISHED. Relief for This Malady Discovered by Medical Science—Breathe Hyomei. Among tho import^ ajlditions made to medical science in recent years, none is more notable than the positive announcement of a cure lor hay fever. Wliile this disease is ,not regarded as fatil, it is certainly a most distressing malady, and if anything can be devised io cure it, a greaf- boon will be conferred upon the human race. Exhaustive experiments^,with Hy­ omei prove that this- treatment will prevent all attacks of hay fever if used two or three weeks beforie the annual appearance of the disease and that It may be relied upon If used faithfully after the disease has begun; to relieve At once and afford a speedy cure. Chas. B. Spencer & Co. have sold hundreds of Hyomei outfits for the treatment of diseases ot the inspira­ tory organs under the agreement to to- fond the money if Hyomei did not of-. ford relief. . la sening Hyomei for the cnre 'rof {f ,^!^Sw«^^^ ject to this distressing malady to be; gin _its use at once, with the underi standing tliat if it does not give satis^ faction, the purchase price is to be refunded- - ' Stomach dosing cannot cure hay fever. A change of climate Is the only treatment tliat has heretofore aborted an attack, and Hyomei, which is breathed through a peat jwcket inv haler coming with every outfit, act^ upon this principle, giving in your owrj home a climafe like that of the "VVhitg Mountains or other health resorts, 'i Cholera infantum. This has long been regarded as onO of the most dangerous and fatal dls^ cases to which infants are subject^ It can 1 )0 cured, how^ever, when prop^ erly treated. All that is necessary i^ to give Chamberlain'.:; Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme<ly and castor oil,, as directed with each bottle, and z cure is certain. For sale by all drugf gists. The old reliable. • Lowest prices, best quality. Telephone 159. ; THE LEADER, H. W.STEVER. : Scald head is an eczema of t^e sc^py —very severe sometimes, but' it cju^j be cured. Doan's Ointment, quick and permanent in Us results. At any dru^ store, 50 cents. A HARD: STRUGGLE. Many lola Citizens Find the Struggle.^ Hard. With a back confetantly aching. With distressing urinary disorders,; Daily existence is but a struggle. No need to keep it up. Doan's Kidney Pills will cure you. lola people endorse this claim: Mrs. J. Cleaver, of 903 South Cottonwood street, says: "For three or four years attacks of pain across the small of my back annoyed mo at Intervals.] Some of them jwere very severe par-; tlcularly after I had taken a long walk or contracted a slight c^_d. Some mornings I could scarcely attend to the most trivial household c^uty and latterly the {weakness and lameness across the loins was always apparent. Procuring Dpan's Kidney Pills at C. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store, I commenced the treatjmont. It proved decidedly satlsfactciry." ,Por sale by all dealers, price 50 ceaHft. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.. sole agents for the United States. ! Remember! the name—DOAN'S— and take no other. ' • • Has Put In a Stock of... NEW CARPETS Prices the towest.i ICheap Charley, New Brick, North St. )AN'£ NERVOU& and .CHI 111. n. DAVtES • —;—- and LiceDsed Embalmer I • I ± 4'wenty years experience in the c-'business. First class: work i guaranteed. ', ' ; Y . 4- f~ East 5ide of 5quare, mm

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