Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 16, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1889
Page 2
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THE Gazette. 0. S H. I* JOHN', rubll«sers and Proprietors. TSBSSB ( ..l» eta.) D BT O&EW5W. IAW AND TRAFFIC. New York Elevator Men Beaten in Court. Rtisml it ft' ?«te!5M M l«n«. THw copper trust collapsed last spring; lb« Liverpool cotton trust has followed rait. Given rope and time and the greatest trust will destroy Itself at, apparently. The two most nourishing organizations of this kind in America are now the cotton seed oil trust and the *njrar trust. ^ The American Economist, high tarifl, thinks it is probably true that the day for the manufacture of the lower grades of Iron work in the eastern states has passed. These have already gone to the south and west, in The Economist's judgment, so that even free iron ore, coal and coke will not save them to the eastern states. TEE LAW HELD CONSTITimOHAL, And th« CnmplnlnniiU Jl«ferr«<l to tho Polls for n*H«f— An Enterprl«ln£ D»- troitor D<!<5lar«Mi » BlnckniU «« DnlHth— •Want" I'ay for Those LoU— Hno«I«r Clt- U«u. StrlUo A^tn'f "r.MM" O.r- o- Str«iet Railway*— Donl» oT Syndicates. NEW YonK, Oct. 10.— TlmcoiisUtutio-.iality Sir Edwin Arnold said he admired tremendously the vivacity, push and dash of American newspapers, and be thought they would bo about perfect if they were more serious and dignified. Hut if they were more serious and dignified they would not have their "vivacity, punb and dash." They would be us dull, in Bhort, as London newspapers. A Frenchman, Monsieur Him, writes to prove that what seems, empty space In the universe is not filled with ponder- able matter, even in the shape of the thinnest gas. If it were so, then, so rapidly do the planets move, that the ac cumulation of ponderable matter in their forward path would knock them all out of time, caiiso them to wobble in their orbits and strip them of their at mosphere if, like the earth, they had ono. ' A Clear Head. It is worthy of note that the two prin cipal labor leaders in Europe and America—Burns in England and Powderly in the United States—are advocates of .teetotalism.' Burns neither drinks nor smokes. He is a member of the London of \>.e grain elevator law d.-c'slon from tho court of down »t Albany yestor.i.iy. Tho law flxw the maximum rate "forclevatirtR, weighing;, and discharging Brain," at ,\'of a crmt per busha!, and pi-ovMes that "in tbo proress of handling grain by means of floating or stationary els- rators, tho Inko vessels or propellers, the ocean vessels or stoamaliips, on<l canal boats, ohall only bo required to pay the actual cost of trimming or shovelm; to tho loj of the elevator when unloading, and trimming cargo when load. " InTlten Them to the Follfc Judge AnJrowa' opinion set) forth that the main question is whether tho lo jlslation fixing tho maximum charge for elevating grain contained in the act U valid and constitutional "Thorn ia a remedy at the polls, Judge Andrews say a, "and it is an officiant remedy if the legislation is oppre3sivo and unjust The remedy by taking away the power of the legislature to act at all would be radical and complete. The division of Toot!* rn1!«T«. The [Dental Surgeons of northern Illinois, l;ogr\n their third annnn! convention in th!j city this morning. The science of dentistry has passed through a process of evolution so rapidly that what was once horrible torture in hay- Ing teeth exlrBctcd Is now a dallebtful pleasure. The old iron pincers and other crude Instruments have been forgotten and modern appliances have taken their place. It must be a pleasure, now-a-days, for people to have their teeth operated upon, for dental parlors deem to be always crowded, and BUT geons seem always prosperous. It is THE MAR On l'if> !> tnvl" ! \Vl,. .1! o-i-J . M« hi-r, . -I'vlober, .. Lard Union oponwl lilglmr; and a leading cricketer. His physical health and clear head enabled him to bear up under the fearful strain of a month's strike and. conduct a hundred thousand men to victory. One of the most distinguished journal lets in America said: not long since that when he started in his profession he be gan, as many others did, by taking fre- opinion in this and other courts is evldenca ot the difficulty which surrounds tha question, but it is ever to ba remotnbsmi that a statute must stand so long as any reasonable doubt can be indulged in favor ot its constl tutionality." Surprise on the Produce E*c!v»nite. Much surprise was manifested on the produce exchange hero when the decision bo- came known. "It is an attack upon the rights of private citizens such as has never been sanctioned before by any law carried up to the court of appeals," said H. T. Knae- land, chairman of tho committed on grain of tbe exchange. "They nay, in .fact, 'you private owners are common carriers, ferrymen, ferrying this grain from one craft to another, and you shall do the work at a specified rate, though it be nt loss than cost.' It seems to me It woul.l be eqaally as con- stutiona! for the legislature to pass a law that a public truckman should take flour and cart it to a store at 1>^ cents a barrel for cartago when it coats mora than cents to cart it." The case will probably be carried to tn» United States supreme court. OECLAREO'A BLOCKADE. Detroit Citizen String n Bope Aorow the Duluth Cani>l. DUMTH, Minn.. Oct. 10.— Daring Monday night men in the employ of Copt William Booing, ft wpiil'.liy" guiitlsiunii o£ Detroit, itruii'* a ropean iueh thick aero:*) tli3 canal connecting Lake Superior with Duluth harbor. This was done in accordance with a notification served on all vessels paasin through the Sault to the effect that he pos- tissod a certain lot in the canal and would hinder vessels from passing until ho has obtained money for his lot The police were on hand early yesterday and cut tbe rope. It was stretched across again and broken by orjm Hff LUIIIIV- UvlltlD uiu* *Jj K»I»»"»Q ».— * ^ wQg sweiuuou «**-• u&a ugu»»» »u« „-•*, — ...- — j auent alcoholic drinks and ale and beer I the steamer Winslow, of. the Lake Superior ^ . I T,»r,nif i-nmnnnir It WBX DUt UD BCam and with hia luncheon. "I had laid out a e reat deal • of work for myself in my life," lie said. "I soon .found that if I accomplished it I must give up this drinking, and I did so. The other boys, those who started with me, and kept up the drinking habit, are now nearly all deiiJ or broken down." * This is tho testimony of one who, though middle aged, probably can still do more writing in an hour and stick to It more hours' than any other journalist living. . It is indeed the universal testimony that he who rises from the ranks, whether in a trade or profession, is the man who'keopa his head clear and his nerves steady and strong by temperance. If at the same time lie can manage to keep a gunny trniin-r.. his chances for success. are doubled. An International Episode. It was nothing less than an outrage, the indignity p'ut upon a highly respect" able American family man by Bismarck's burly minions in Germany. Mr. Howard Douglas, of Cincinnati, is one of tin- milik-st mannered of men. He has txi-n president of the Cincinnati board of education for several terms. ' Thus it «ill l>e s«>n that he was permeated through and through with respectability. In all the queer thingsthat have b(vn. done in Cincinnati and else- —•wherp-iirt(instate of--Ohio.-Mr.- Douglas had no Imnd. Uo is a uiau of peace. This summer he made the tour of Europe with his wife. HU face ought to have insured his safety anywhere, for Mr. Douglas is a very good looking man Besides, lie had a letter from Secretary Blaine. But in (Germany this first class citizen was not saved by all these favorable circumstances. Nothing saved him. He was arrested as a Nihilist and thrown into a biustile. tie Ixad in his trunk a parcel containing asthma medicine. /The German minions pounced upon this as an eagle 8»voo]« upon a lamb in the old •chool readers. They felt it. they emelt It Dynamite! The perspiration stood la drops on their Teutonic brows, and their Teutonic hair si jod on end. Tremblingly they hurried the American school board president before their superior. He showed hia letters, he begged and explained in the choicest Cincinnati vernacular. No go. At least, it was not for a good while. The luckless asthma medicine so a chemist sent must be, and itself officially analyzed let be must, the German Interpreter told Mr. Douglas. A powerful guard with outstanding eyea was then stationed around tha respectable American. Not till his asthrna raediciue was boiled, bubbled, burnt, «4*«ped, precipitated and winnowed by a group of spectacled Ueruian chouiista waa he allowed to go. German men of itctaaos do uot hurry. But this is not the last of tho outrages to which he waa subjected. In Etsigium ilia ciwtottis officials arresttd hia dress #ott luid confiscated it. Whuthor thera ia twytbiisg atiiSpiaious is she appearance of « ilrrtw suit iu.»du in timumatt thti Liia ti,.> iij* say Es »i i' r< llu u . Uri! H f^ia-i *. J^-uui' v ,U ^ i u" ti Transit company. It was put up again and oat down by the crew of the tug Spirit •Will Take .It to the Courts. That was all that was done by Mr. Boeing's men. He hnd found defendants. Mr. Boeing arrived last uigUt, anil said that ho would proceed against the city of Duluth and the Lake Superior Transit company in the United States court at Bt. Paul. About a year ago he bought fourteen, lots, which extended across tho canal. These lots have been in a number of hands since the canal was built in 1872. The city has purchased all of the lots in the canal except these, In order to perfect title and present the canal to the government. Mr. Boeing a short time ago demanded ( 100,000 from the city for thesa fourteen lots, but no answer was made, and it was considered that his title to the property had been lost by the statute of limitation. ' FIGHTING " BOB-TAIL" CARS. Indlanltpoll* People Ilefuna to Put Their Nickel* In the Slot. IHDIAHAPOJ.IS, Oc-t lb.—An interesting fight ia in progress here between tho citizens and the sti-eet car company over tbe case of u bob-taiP car* The ordinance requires that tho company shall use platform cars and employ conductors, and the company compile I with the law except in a few Instances. With tha approach of cold weather, however, tho summer cars were taken off and tho "bob-tails" substituted. Patrons of tbe linos havj now refused to put their nickels in tho I ox, and everybody but timid women and children ride free. Tho drivers endeavor to compel passengers to pay, but tha lattor refuse to do so. Yesterday a driver atoppod his car and refused to proceed till four gentlemen had paid their [aros,_ _Tuer _ refused _to_pay,__ all d, after hnn.ied difficult for many of them to leare their offices, yet there is a gocdly attendance at the meeting here. A reporter visited A. O. U. VV. hall, where the convention ia held t and saw thirty or forty One looking gentlemen listening to a discussion of subjects relative to the pro fession. The Northern Illinois Dental Society is two years old and contains about sixty members, one-half of whom are here. The opening session began at 10 o'clock this morning, with Dr. W. U. Taggart t of Freeport, In the cbnir. The other officers present are vice president M. L. Ilaiiaford. of Rock Island; Secretary Bectwith, of Sterling; Dr. G. W. Dennis, of LaSalle, chairman of the executive committee; Dr. C. P. Dorn, of Naperville, chairman of commltte on appliances. President Taggart delivered a One opening address, after which the convention got down to business. Tbe following new members were elected: C. Kei.dig, Naperville; U. B. Treat, Polo; 0. H. Verbeck, Lena; E. J. Perry, Chicago; also the following honorary members: O. G. Bennett, Janesville, Wis.; Dr. Mullett and R. S. Rathburn, Clinton. Iowa. Dr. McCausey.of Janesville, read a paper on "Necrosi9,"|Wbich was discussed by those present. The afternoon session was called to order at 2 o'clock. Dr. McCausey, showed with a microsope embryological slides, showing the developement of tooth structure-enamel, dentine.and and the process by which the jaws be come calcifled. Dr. Stone, of Klgin gave a clinic, "Gold Crown-" Other subjects discussed ware: "Operation of Implantation," Dr. Ottofy, Chicago Trosthetlcs," Dr. Haskell, Chicago and "Gold and Platinum Filling" by Dr. Noyes, of Chicago. Among the dental surgeons presen at the meeting, _be8ideflL..the_o(Ikers mentioned, are the following: J- W Corman, Mt. Carroll; A E Kennedy, Morrison; GB Dillon, EV H Alexander, Sterling; W 0 Bunker, Oregon; C W Cox, Batavia; Edward Noyes, Chicago; D J Pollock, Rock Falls; Lewis Ottofy, Chicago; H E Wade, Polo; E R Warner, Morrison; E H Allen, Freeport; A N Stone. Elgin; O H Smith, Sycamore; A B Elmer, Rochelle; M R Harner, Rockford; F C Gill, Rockford; C B Helm, Rockford; G L Boyington, Marengo; G H McCausey .Janesville; L F Haakell, Chicago. L —A. G. Leonard & Co., of Chicago, will build an extensive shoe factory at DeKalb. The business men- contributed $20,000 as a bonus to secure the location.—Ex: •There are no myths about the fa- .,) , .lanuary. or-iK-l W: clnn,.,l,.S''.:_-.'".,. --OrloliiT, npi-ncd nml cl<»i'? f!''.H'. I.ivo Btwk- Vollowlnu wrru thu stork yards prlco«: HIIKI---: Miirki-t active <u«l tlrni. with prices '"'>.\*i". 51.1 ''-I I. '": ronish imcUln-.-, !--.•> (TMUV mlxod loti. Sl.iC>;(t.r,>; llivivy i.nrkiiv,' an.1 MiippliiR lots, $* li^.-t.*). .<Mttl.--Mi.r- kot lirttlvob.-cvos, ]>.x,r to fair, ? U*) (KiT.V poiKl to choice, «J.!»ir, |.»v. c-ows. *!..» ft."'7.V -tookrrs nnd .M-.lcrs.S-M'"'".-.''-'. **"^V —Weak: n.iiivi-B. yurnt.T'': woM-rns, S-UW ft4 It: Tcxnna, J ;.!>«:•; 1 . 1 .">; Inm'is. «4.:N..t.,.ori. 'Produce- Bllttcr-Flil.ry Kitfin crcninnr }', 21 ai'* :>-r lt>: best <l:i!ry. ai7,-. w -'o: parklnir stock, TMy.-f,'*'.-.!; E K i,-a-StrU:tly frcsli. IR'^l" per do'/!; Iro lions,-, \\&lV<,c. Poultry-Llv^ IIOM Scpcr Ih: roosters. 5p; turkoya. We: dnccs,^:i B^c: (JCPSP, ?!).(> 1 5H.JO per doz. Potaton^— ~HO iWc p.-r l>u on truck; sweet potatoes, Jl.7r.3S.Ui per bbl. Applos-Qood to fanoy. Sl.*>Sa.W per hbl. Cranborrie9-$9.W3.S.:*l per bbl. Now York. NEW YonK. Oct. 15. Wheat— No. - red winter rash, W?{o; d November. Ki»<ic; do December, Wife. Corn —No a miioil caali, 4"c;: .lo November, *0c do Octobor, 41c. Onts-Uull; No. 2 mixed caahf SSi^azSMc; ,lo October. Z'Mc; do November, ffii-Jlc. Hye-N'omlnal. Barley- Nominal. Pork -Dull;», $1-'. r<ftl '.W for Inspected. Lard-Dull: November. iH.Ji); December. Sfl.SS. , Live Stock: 'Cattle— No trading In breves: WresBo I beef, dull; native slde§, KWVin per lb- Texas snd Co'oralo do, «i5>jic. Sheep and Lambs-Firmer fueling, but limited bunl- • noss; ehoc-p, -t<?t.V4e per lb: lambs. Hois— Bettor demand; llv» lions, JI JOS. Blllll i CO., 1 JBY MILWAUKEE BEER. 'Select" "Export" "Jlohcmian" and "Latter Beer." (Moo tho "Best" Tonic extract of malt and hops) WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, In kegs and cases. Opposite 0. R, & CJ. Depot, Locust 1 Street. Our ''Dress Goods Sale for th '€has DR, A. W. BAEK. OFFICE OVEK Oetiing&r's Clothing Store. Female and Children's DUoanefl n Kpeelalty. si-mi Excellent Work at Reasonable Prices. 'THE STERLING GAZETTI and we shall continue at the same prices * * Underwear for Gent's, at 23c, worth 40c. Underwear for Children, at 8c, worth 15c. 8 G53XSTS YAXRXJ. OCT MATINEE AND NIGHT F. E. CRSSWOLD'S Yfls. of Aierici IP at 6£ cts. per yard. • Children's Wool Hose at lOc a pair. Men's Wool Hose 80. a Pur. K«»ffi^ New York City to BanFranclsco. carrying -A. Carload of Scenery. A. Carload of Baj -age. Over 30 3?eople. 1.8 in the Band. rt"^ A A A Will be placed on exhibition Immediately after the arrival at (1 J Aim theOa.hBtoM,Bi 1K a ffi t K totjewlUg|ve B ltonnej l!JL_™--..™-~-~ 13 weeks in London, _ 9 weeks in Paris, 1 year in Australia, WK AKK THS ODDEST! WJB ABB THE RICHEST 1 n*ih HtOTP US & CUUnvUMiO tuub YV« nn» u» i« •*«« .... ceotflils great play ever |sren In this city; also that w° remind money t» any person not satisfied that we liftva ifl finest V T. (!. t». In the world. Money Talks! We ' 5 weeks in Edinfourg, 3 years in Enrop_e, 26 years iu America. WK AKK bAKtiEST! WE ARE TUB BK8T 1 OVERCOATS at a great sacrifice. |^ A.JU" • MM.MH J»«-»Vi- -.—- — — - . _. Worth Ono Dollar tor Fifty CenlB. ,.,.,. ,.n ,r/>rr REMEMBER OUR DATE! OUR SHOW WILL PLEAbL YOU. Reserved S eaipricef^5 and 50 cents. . Admission, 85 and GO cents Children, 25 cents. Matinee prices, 15, S5 and 35 cents. Standing room only, at all our performances. Come early. Geat's Yonlli's / OOO Fa]1 Derb y Ilat8 ftt ^ L35 a P iecc - Caps, ,000 NEW YQRK STORE, ' Snd Door Soiith of I"oe»t OlHce. I Am Afterioar Trade! AND IF waiting awhile, the other passengers foroad~ tbe driver to proceed, declaring that they would put him off the car if he did not drive on, . Maw York Still In Semi-Gloom. NSW YOBK, O-t. 16.—Argument was begun yesterday on the application by the Electric light company for a permanent injunction on ths mayor in the matter of Interfering with their wires. The case was not finished, and in the meantime the companies will keep thu current shut oil on all circuits. Tbe city was dark again last night, but a few gus lamps had been brought into uu and tho weather waa claar, BO that wayfarer* were not so unpleasantly situated. Th«t Insatiable EugtUh Syndicate. INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 10.—The three breweries of this oity—Schmidt's, Bieber's, and the Maua' establishment—were sold yesterday, it is believed, to an English syndioaU, whose agenU aro here. The conaidoratlon i* unknown. WATEBTOWN, Wis., Got to.—The A. Puorman Brewing company has disposed of ita brewery hero to tha English brewery iyndi«at«, the consideration being $500,000, Got • Monopoly In Street Kall<r»jr«= OHiHA, Neb.. O*U 18.— The Omaha Street Railway company yeaterJay purchased tha entire system of the Omaha Motor'company. Tbe price pa'J was $o,WO,CX)0. This glv«« tha consoliiiated company n monopoly of th» businoss in O.'uoha, nml the • psrution of •eventy-fiva mik-a at road robbiTs capture.1 tue village of Bellevne, near Omaha, Monday night, aud robbed half a d. ron stoivs, in lulgina in umny pl.-nsantricti at th" exjwmo of their victims as tli -v rn-rr^l "IT ni"i'- "^-lu WEST SHORE, a handsome weekly periodical published at Portland, Or&- gon, comes to ua tills wesk wltlj a hmndaome supplement lllustratlcg the Oratxl Canyoa of Mount Hood, Thi» p»p«r is showing toenatural r«wur«« o* ths gre&l Korlbwwt in a iB«nner th&t cat.nut fttU to psoduee gtgaiusc r*- *i.iSw Ui the ft*»r ?ntu«. PabluhiHl by L vorabllity of Sterling's location fora great industrial city, a wonderfully healthy city, and for a delightfully luxurious city. It is unnecessary to here recount the advantages of cheap and excellent fuel, vast water power, rail v ways, centrality, "expansive suburbs easy to utilize, etc. They are facts which should be established far and near. The superiority of our site for a city of beauty and elegance in apparent to ail who loot it over. Sterling is bound to grow and will grow. Dull times have apparently passed away and are being succeeded by a spirit of renewed public confidence in the stability of the resources of our city. Foreign capital is coming iu here, factories are being enlarged and new ones are to be built, big improvements are going on, and wise men predict that this is but the cojnmencement of the glorious future which awaits our city, which is destined to be the Lowell of the Rock rlvervalleyy-and of- tbe west.— uoacn or jsx-Uuiigresuiiau MuHlnf. ^ OSWTWO, N. Y., Out 10.—Hon. Newton W. Nutting, who on Saturday last resigned his seat in congress that his successor might be elected at .the coming general election, and that the Twenty-seventh district might hot be without a representative in congress, died last evening, agod 41) years, of cancer ot Uie jaw. • SulU Agulmt the Book Island. CHICAGO, Sept. 10.—Tha Rock Island road was made defendant yesterday in two suite of $17,000 each, brought by Gottlieb Klein and Anton Kowalskl. The plaintiffs ware victims of the Washington Heights wreck and tbe suits are for pwsonol injurlei sustained by them. The Weather We May KxpenU WASHINGTON CITY, Oct. 18.—The followln • are the weather indications for the thirty«ii hour* from 8 p. m, yesterday: For Iowa- Light rain followed Wednesday by fair weather: utatlonary temperature; variable wind*. For Indluna and Illinois—Fair wealth er, slightly warmer; variable winds. For Michigan and Wisconsin—Fair weather, followed in Ujiper Michigan and Wisconsin by light rain; warmer; southerly winds. LOW PRICES ... ."... AND ........: . GOOD GOODS mean anything, I am sure of It. Well done with good materials for Harper's, Century and all other magazines and periodicals. Fine binding for works issued in parts. All kinds of blank books made to order and satisfaction guaranteed. Fine lea'her work a specialty. WM. BOEHNER, GAZETTE Ofllce PER LINE. ARE YOR READINO Small Adi In the Kvenlng Valunblo Information to Hoarding Hondo Kccpern. Do you want boarders V If you do you can easily secure ihem by putting a "want" In the, EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 cents for 3 lines. WALL PAPER BARGAINS. &NTELS I AM »Fi*l,IN« MOKK «OO1>» VOW. THE SAMK AMOTDWT OK MOW- KY THAN AMY HOUSE IN STERLING. - A look through my stock will convince you of of this fact. I am not giving away. goods, buk do know that My Prices are Lower than others that Advertise Low Prices. 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Ilia favorite trick was that of having his feet maJo fii-st to a trw with chains and ropes and then holding tho uxlo of u cart in spite of tlio combined strength of two heavy horsva. Ou other oceioions he would lie Hut on hi» back with a heavy Utulx-r across hi* t-htwt iuid allaw hurw.'» to U) K-ii (he full length-of tho bum Tr. HUl.s-. iVMu> ulls i-f llm, <*n.i ho tS U'M-illv 11 - lUil •»•• ' •' t-.U«H,-U f jf u.i- 'i »ui J. i i t. i '«'» "i ' .» I'l >'• >y. Plug Tobacco 30 to 50c per lb. Fine Cat and Smoking at lower prices than you have ever bought at before. Fine Cut£Chewing at 35 to 50c per pound. The Old Time Fine Out at 50c, that others are selling at 65 to 75 cts. for no better. I have the exclusive sale of this tobacco in Sterling. The Beat Combination Coffees at 30 and 35 cts. per lb. Cheaper grades in stock. Make no mistakes In buying FLOUR! I am selling toe best that Is sold Iu Sterling st $l80to»1.4o. A Bood second grade flour at ti.oo per Hack. Winter Wheat Pateat at (LIB per sack. Don't Day *1 W to $1.80 for so called Fancy ,5'»t- eut when you can get the same tt SIM Good Japan Tea at 30c per pound. A FOOT Wheel Express Wagon *i»«u a*w with one jsooacl BiStUis i"isw<isr. A > J»d i*aae»r ortth ou«s We can save yon $5.00 on every Plush Garment. We sell none but reliable makes. WALKER'S LISTER'S AfiD SALT'S. Our Children's Scarlet Vests and Pants, at 25c, is the greatest bargain in Sterling. . Ladies' White Lawn Aprons, trimmed with 3 inch India Embroidery, only 15c- Just half price. Meu'8'cnBtomBhirtarNew f ork Mills Muslin, 2100 Linen, warranted to fit, only OOc, worth $1.00. Knotted Fringe Damask Towels, only 15c, cheap at 25c. Ladies' Cashmere Gloves, 8 button length,' embroidered back, 25c, worth 40c. Black, all silk, Satin Rhadauie, only 75c; a bargain at $1.00. wTclrr^the onTy'foH Le Sf Priestley's Silk Warp Uonriettas, Australian Caahmeros Novelties, Mourning Veils and Shawls in Sterling. 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