Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 18, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1908
Page 8
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#####*##**####*••*## • Social (Hews; ###•############### CiticfttH of the Misses Lillian and j Violet Coulter on Sunday wcro ".<:\ low students al, UK; School of Art and and Mrn. If. Craft, MIH. Worik inifl t'ursslH who w»ir'! hi.Hpil.H- Vily fintfjrtfiinnfl ai. UK; homo of Mr. Hiirl Mi'H. (!. N. Atworjfl wfiff! Mr. find Mrs. Kd. T. Pnt.rifik of (Joldfl'-lrl, Xr-v. , find Mr. Kfirl Hurt, of Fierio, Nov. Mr. Patrick h » prominent, business triiin with bir^n rniriiriK interests am) Mr. Hart, IH H cnlliiire Ht.ii- di-nt. Aliout, twenty of t.hi! fri«iiflH of Mr.s. Hum (iln/f! tenderer! her a sur- priHfj party at. I ho lionie of Mrs. I)im- iel.s on TiicHrlay I'venin^. This popular yonriK lady lenvfH Hoon to join her liiiHlmml at, Heed Icy, Northern (.'alil'ornia, mid her frir.'iidrt took this mode of exprcssiriK their regret at her depfirtnre. .HefreHlimentH of ice cream arid rnke were Hurved. ,). L. MfitthewH 1 Bundny- <:\nm, <:o!iHinlin« of twenty ladies from the HKOH of 14 to If!, met. at the home of their tetioher on Monday evening to tetidei one of their members, Miss Kva Lamb, who leaves HUH week, for Kelwr-yville, a farewell. It, WHH in the rial lire of a siirprine. Miss MdiUi Kiirmer, with Jier clans of eleven hoys, was invited 1o piirlic.ipiito iri the evening's en joyment. Ice creain and cake were served and a very pleasant time was spent by all. Among the pleasant birthday .surprises of the pant, week was l.hnl, tendered Miss Kt.hel Hmith by her .young friends on Monday evening in honor of her- Hevenleenth birthday. (James were indulged in and refreshments were served. The guests included MJHHeH (Irnce Arnold, Kreda Ilorn- feldt, Vmuiki JJrubaker, Ila/el and Marvel Mann, Kreda and LcHHic Fairly, Jlolnii Kelley and Annie Mann; l<}dgar 1'oe, Hai'ris (Jiai'ke, T'lysses J J oe, (Mirls Mann, .Jr., (Clarence Sohattgen and Lee MclJride. Tuesdny evening Mrs. DoForasl JJeichard of Hollywood hoHpitnbly entertained a number of her Covhm friends nt the homo of her mother, Airs. D. Roiohard of Irwiurlnlo. The house \VIIK filled with frngrunt out flowers and thadelioiunHrefreobinonts oi'iisisted of chicken pules salad, coffee, ico orenin and cake. The popular game of Hvo hundred WIIH enjoyed H rid a novel feature waH the ormi- of the score cards with snapshot pictures of each lady's home, the gentlemen having to find the lady whom; home they had drawn. Thone present were: Messrs, and Mrnes. I). Keichurd, Orook, (liven, Prat her, Atwood, Klliott, W. II. Collins), (iriswold, Devendorf, H. l<\ Th<irpe, Mi's. Clupp and the MisseH IJiivniulorf and Mario Margo of San Francisco. Carrie Oliill.on oelehrated her thirteenth birthday on Monday afternoon with a pleasant party of little folks tit tlu home ot her parents on Cypress avenue. The little hostess \va.s assisted in entertaining by her sister, MiHH Mattle, and friend. Miss Minnie Aluy SiHHon. The afternoon was pleasantly spent in games and tit the oloso the youngsters enjoyed rofreHhnionts of ice cream, oake and candies. Cai rlo was the recipient from her young friends of many pretty prenentH. The little guests were : (Senrgin Kaslon, Lucy Wheeler, Violet Tucker, Margory Clarke, Dana (loodnight, Myrtle Daniels, JuneSldes, Cwendolin Sherwood, Ilir/.ol Potter, lli;rold Potter, Percy Atwood, (ilenn Di-vol, Waller Sisson, (ioiald Devol, Cyril ^'illough by and Lucile Matthews. Most pleasing of the social affairs of the past week was the musical evening given by Mr. and Mrs. Andrew MoAllen at their home on West Dexter street on Fridity evening in honor of Mins Hess Mathilde Welch, a gittnd soprano soloist, and vocal iiiMtniiitor i.t Los Angeles. A charming (Mimpany ot musical folk were UHkiiil to meet her and the |>itrli>i'H were pretty in Moral ilermatioiis. Kvery gunsl diil his or her share in making the evening a musical siiri'i'NS by .-olns, vocal and instnr mental duels and (|iiuitellert. Mainly refreshments sherbet, cake and cotieo were M-iAi'd. Mrs. Me. Mien was as-sislt'd by her moilirr, MM. Wallace. The ali'air was quite in formal but very delightful. The guests who were present included I e- Kldes the guest of honor, l!r\. unit Mrs. H. W. White, M.'-M.-i. and Mines. ,J. M. Whilsel, NVm. \\aneii, (Jen. 11. McLaughlin, W. W. Nn/iiin. .1. L. Mallhi-ws, llobujt i'li-ihman, A K. Hr.uMl, Mia. W. 1). liladtelter rl J-'resii'.:, and Mr-.. Ida II ick-. ol Kiinsa-. City. The C"viiiii Valb'.v S.i\ iii^'i Hank otlVr.-j you a .-.ale invent incnl |..r y>ur idle fund-.. W.- pay 1 per i-eiil. Start au avooiiu 1 . '.'.'day. A Successful Social. ; The pooplo who pntr<mi7ed the fmcinl Kiv.;ri by the choir nf the Kpis- copal Church Wednesday evening were well fwtiNfled with the manner in which they were entertained, Thn work of |{. ,). with his Htereopl icon flliflrs nnrl explanatory lecture was no far above, the ordinary lecture of this kind that, no comparison can be made. Mr. iJurlinnan is a HtroriK reader, with the f.'itt nf viHtiali'/iriK hi* sub.jectH with hl^h (Jasolfne Gossip. (0',ou tinned fron first page) folks that thdiipht they too could ] defy all the laws that govern t.hfj universe and tin to the top of Old i Haldy hv way of the Han Antonio j canyon, but they didn't stop at the! foot, uf Han Antonio canyon; they | tried to climb it. To make n lon« i story fihort, nobody WHS killed, but! the machine is still there at the foot I of the bluff. The market fur Reran! dramatic effect Mr. Koherl (low land, Covina's best tenor, snug two j lr ".'! flo " H ' rt wfirr «" f l'»"li»K it away. Now maybe this isn't, all true, for this party was utoripiiiK at Uaynharn's 8'inns iti fine voice, "Dear Heart.," ! and "I Knvv tnrj Bird." Miss Kve- i in the ' f!fir "'' !l " tncrc have h<?en Home weird stni ien come from that, place. encore with a catchy HO,,« called , l '" Uer n " fl -^chenbrenner are still ddlii(4 IjiiHinc-MH at trie old lyn Fletcher sang a love Kong original Italian and responded "Hobolink." A (thorns of twenty- five voicefl r»!ird<-red iJonixetti's "Italia fjf-loved," and a male rjiiar- lf:t cornpoHerl of 11. fj. Marshall, H. A. Hnwland, Ivlward Hprotlo and (Jra KiriK wan^ two numbers pleasingly. Died of Apoplexy. A Hfirl ending to a lonely life was that of ThoH. 13. Tracey, who dropped dead on Sunday evening, July US, of heart, disease on the streets of A/IIHII. Many years ago hn was injured in a railway accident, and his Injury and nis disappointment in not being aide lo obtain damages, unfitted him for the ordinary responsibilities of n healthy, normal life, soured him against his fellowman and led to his assuming a lonely hermit, life. For eighteen years ho camped in the wnsli between here and A/.usa, but, he wa'i respectable and cleanly and well thought of by his noighborH, who helped him at times find even took him into their homes when he was Hick. lie employed himself picking fruit and irrigating and during the. 1 dull season of the year often went North in search of his precarious living. On (he morning he was lakcn ill lie sent for Dr. I'll I is of A/umi, who told him that he had apoplexy of the heart find was liable to die at any j time. During the day he told neighbors that he felt, alright as long fis he kepi moving, so he walked to A/usa, with fatal result. Funeral services were conducted at Clark's undertaking parlors and at the grave by the Rev. C. F. Richardson of the Presbyterian Church. The pallbearer's wore, like deceased, Socialists, and included David Fcm- ter, Herman lieadley, Alvin and Ira Lamphear, Jonas Baughman and Frederick Shirk, Interment was at Oak dale cemetery. Deceased was 54 years of age. Among the mourner*) were a brother, sister-in-law and nephew of Pasadena, who, being in comfortable circumstances, had often urged him to make IIJH home with them and give up his unnatural mode of life. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. The directors of the Covina Public Library have been offered and are desirous of .securing a beautiful o.\- idi/ed tablet of Lincoln's celebrated (iettysburg address, to be hung on the walls of the' library. It can be secured for twenty dollars and the tniHleoH have decided to start, a popular 10-ccnt subscription so that every one may have a part in securing them; ever-living words ot the great Lincoln, which should not be hidden away in books we seldom open, hut cast, in a form as permanent and immortal IIH the principles I hey convey. Sulwcritpions may be left wit!) the librarian or at the po.stotllue. How Pythons Settle Quarrels. II was In October, IS'.M. thai the lilg pytlmn at I he /DO fell Into tht> dcplnrn- hie error of swallowing Iris companion. a sualu- only a few Inches shorter than himself. A similar disaster Is reported from MonibM.v, where I'm- some years l\vo large Indian pythons had occupied a cane In the mnsuiim of Hie Hoinliay Natural History society. There was some misniiclerslandin;; |H« tweeii I hem over a partridge, for they '.veri; fiilllld so lightly entangled 111 eiicli other's colls ihul the utmost en deiivnrs ol' peacemaking Keepers fall ed In et'l'ecl a sep:iral ion, and they were let'l to settle Ihe matter accord are corner-but suppose the Pomona people hadn't reached Hogshack first! (!eo. (JritfltliH was driving along the foothill boulevard the other day and a man hailed , him. The man was fi real gentlemanly looking follow too, just the kind that soils you mining stock for a song; find on a stunning blue tic and wore a Cecile JJommer rose in his buttonhole, little dimple in his chin you know the style. Of course (.Jeorge, who is always courteous, stopped his car and said "Well, can I r'o anything for you'/" Can't you hear him say it? whole Honied, ready to give the coat off his back to anyone in trouble thnt'N Oeorge (iriffltha. But when the man said "Sir, I am looking for a little succor," (ieorge's answer ia what pnx/k'H me, "Do 1 look like one?" L. A. Jones had a peck of trouble trying to make his machine run one day last, week. The blamed thing would fllai't rill right, then give a shudder and die down. He looked fit the carburetor, poked at the com- mutator, stirred un all the little arrangements that are so thick inside the hood --nothing doing. One smell at the gasoline tank and the mystery was solved. The grocery had sent him kerosene 'now what, do you think of that? In;,' In [heir own there \va- mily one vNil.lo. Thi-'e la ' .; know but "lie way rcl. London SUeieli lights. Next day \ cry stout python e reptiles evidently of >eiiiiiu; a qiiar May Be Sign of Trouble. "In a i'i'i-;:iiii H|I|O\\II liarlier ••lii>|>.' > said llii 1 ltro,i\iii>. "liii'i'i' is a simi ih.-n ^a.\-4. 'I;' \oii ar.- imi (.leased \vilh ih<> barlii-r's \\i>rU. tell tin- |u-o|irielor.' No\\. 1 sisil Ihe (ilai-e al leasi a < on p!i- n|' limes a \\i',-li al\\a\s ^.'i ;i Uuiiil slia\e except \\hell 1 i;i-l illlo the His ra/.oi-s ;ir,• al. v. orK '-.i i i'le>s aiiil should 1 lell ill" |ii'o|u i.'in; r \\'.ni!il In- U> iu-,ulii'd IT 1 lold liiui City Business. Minutes of the regular meeting of the board of Irnsteos, held July Mth. Members present: Lahee, Potter, Warner and Mo.xloy. Absent: Ratekin. Minntea of the previous regular meeting read and approved.' Communication from the County Clerk in regard to election booths was read. A communication from the Ashley Sewerage Disposal System was read and referred to the board of health. Communication from A. C. Weeks asking that, the board of trustees of Covina join the Association of Cities of the Sixth Class of Los Angeles County, waH read and accepted. Application from C. H. Dcattie for the office of city cjigineer was read by the clerk. Application road from .John II. Skeogs for the orHco of city enigneer. John II. Skeogs, C. E. , was appointed to the office, to take effect immediately, compensation to be &(). 00 per day, wilh 13.00 per day for an assistant. Demands were approved by the finance committee and allowed by the board in the following amounts: Chester Chapman, SJ'Jl.lD; Home Telephone Company, $'2.0r>; Piu'itli* Light and Po-ver Co., 8IU ; A. (!. (iant, 84.50; A. K. Zug, $44.50; J. L. Matthews, $ 4. ; Johnson tfe Nigg, 110.50; A. (i. (iant, JUS. 50; J. L. Matthews, fc'J.50; F.ltnor Motter, 115 ; F. R. (iilea, S'27 ; M. Sturgill. Jilt. 50; Waller Larick, I14.(JH; Hoe Finley, $24.75; J. B. Laycook, IH.75; A. M. White, 414. tif>; A. M. Pence, *-J!7 ; Kd Hebham, »:U.51; Lapp ,t (iiffor.l, UH57.51; M. L. Mehnert, $88.71; John F. Duller, 154.40; William Anderson, 810. Ill; L. M. Hutler, irJ.75. E. H. Lahee ami A. P. Kerckhoff were reelected members of the library hoard ot Covimt. Petition tor curb and sidewalk on south side of San Bernardino road between Citrus avenue and First .street was received and placed on li le. Petition for curb ami .sidewalk on the east side of I'itro- between Italin street and San Bernardino wus ie cei\ ed and placed on tile. Uidiimnee No. 51 reuulutiiig (lie numbering of buildings fronting on public streets was read tor I lie rccoi'.d lime and on motion by .Vi \ley, si'eoiidt'd by Wiinic'i, was adopi cd. Onlininu'c No. 5:i, f.stubtiaiiing graili' of i< port ion ot Citrus uvi'iiue was read for the second n ading ami ^n motion by Putter, stcoiided by Mnxltiv, was adopted. I Irdinance of intent ii>n to improve :i portion ol' Citins avenue was 'rlld tlll.t' and on Ibotcl IDcndomc « J. J. FITXXifCKArj), Prop. A FIRST CLASS COUNTRY HOTEL Ot'K SPKCIALTY Chicken Dinner Wednesday and Sunday Convenient for Covina peoule and cheaper than can be prepared at home. ^ Sample Shoes Men's, 82.50. WomcnVi, 82,00. All sizes, all styles, values up to 85.00. Especially narrow widths. We buy hundreds of pairs of good shoes nt less than cost, to make. '20 sample suit cases in Al condition, 25 per cent off. Buy a box of Tender Foot hose for men, special price, 31.50 for 12 pairs at Broadwell For More Than 40 Years we have specialized the manufacture of hand-sewed shoes for women's wear. For use in the house there is nothing better for comfort and service. Our product. SOFT SHOES FOR TENDER FEET, is widely known throughout the country as the standard line of its kind. Prices are as low as is consistent with an excellent quality of material and shoemaking. Every pair is hand-sewed, bench-made in the old-fashioned way. Some of the plainer kinds have remained practically unchanged for a generation past, while other styles follow the latest designs in modern footwear. We do not solicit direct mail orders from the consumer but distribute our product through the retail stores. Our catalogue is sent to you with the desire to call your attention to the wide variety of styles made for the retail trade; and with the hope that you may be led to become a greater user of Soft Shoes for Tender Feet. Our name, "GROVER," stamped on every sole. Do not take imitations. J. J. GROVER'S SONS LYNN, MASS. BEN E THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE 6 to 36 inches in diameter General Cement Work of All Kinds Reinforded Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yard, West Cvpress Avenue Telephone 403 F, E WOLFARTH ,, Jeweler ,, Large and complete stock of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a specialty. CitrusAvenue „ Covina, Cal. Notice To Creditors. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. In the matter of the estate of Mary E. Hosteller, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executor of the estate of Mary 1C. Hosteller,'deceased, to the creditors of,,and all -persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the> necessary vouchers, within two month after the first publication of this notice to the said executor, to-wit: Homer L. Hosteller, at room 325 Wilcox Bldg, southeast corner of Second and Spring Streets, hereby designated as the place for the transaction of the business of the said estale in lh« County of Los Angeles, Siate of California. Datei! this 13th nav of July, A. D., VhM. i Homer L. Hosteller. CJeo. L. Sanders Attorney for Executor. Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our ; . vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, ; hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. KERCKHOFFvCUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. Notice to Creditors of Peter D. Moje, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executor of the last will of Peter I). Moje, deceased, to the creditors o f , and all persons having claims against the said deceased, lo exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, within four monllis after the first publication of this notice to the said executor, at the office of his attorney, E. (J. Kuster, at -UO 1. W. Hellman Bldg., Fourth and Main Sts., Los Angeles, California. Dated this 20th day of June. A. D., 1'HW. i)TTD ANDERSON, Kxivuti'i- of tin- last will of Peter I). Mnjc. diveased. 4t Notice i>i 01 I'eillion fur Prubate of \\ill lli'l" U ll.l I i ju--! w liai 1 j U'»l I'.)!' thf lo t'e liri'd and 'r,s real t-ariier'.' (if \ i 11 • s i 1. 11 u1 I \> 11' i •.li'd hapiii'ii if 1 l.ii.l (jiiii lluiil. '.' I'd t:-y il Were !' 1'ai't liial he's lur>Uiei' tll.ili ii'ii.l li.r m i li< n I. y in 1 !', \\a> a y< tile .-e, 1'. ilti-r. Wur llr Vitlli-\ Sax mi.'-' Hank, incut ;il I I't-r I'i'iit. hi tlu- Superior I'oiirt of Ihe State (<f iiia. in ami tor the (.'ountv of Los Angeles. In the matter of the estate of Mary E. Hosteller. di'^eaMfd. Notice is hereby given that the petition of Homer 1. Hosteller for the probate of the will of Mary E Hosteller, deceased, aiul fm' ;he issiianee of let tt.T> te-itaiiK-ii lars thereon t'i MOIIUT I.. Hosteller, will IK- Heard at lo o'clock a.m. or) '.he l.Uh day of July. I'IUM, at the court Toon 1 of Departtr.ent 2 of the Superior Court of Los Angeles L'oiirity. t'aliforuia. Dated June 22. l li i'.>. L". Li. KKVKS. i'. ainty Clerk. Hv \V. 1. \Varmi. deputy. lieo. L. Sumlcr.^. u'rnri;ey for neu- COVIINA Shoe Repairing (o. Citrus Avenue Having recently installed the latest improved shoe machin- ! cry, I am now prepared to do all i kinds of shoe repairing- at short ' notice. Satisfaction is g-uaranteed in every respect. Men's sewed half soles 75c Ladies' sewed half soles <iOc ; Ladies' nailed 50c I Corbctt &, Trimbell General BlacksmltHing All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmtthing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Hacks =.nd Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 65 Shop Wesc Badillo St, Covina IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMIN1NG OR PAPER HANGING dune, see. me before you lot your job. All work ffuarantee<i and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler Kissel Kar A car that sells for $2250 that will demonstrate and show as good material and workmanship as a $4000 car. 4 cyl., 40 h. p., speed 45 to 50 miles, won both events it entered at Pasa- dena-Alladena hill climb. Has Bakersfield road record of 4 hours and 45 minutes over horrible roads. Have a ride in one and you will be a Kissel Kar booster. to Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners PRICES Tourin!,' Car with top, J1450.00 Keo K'. :n:st,rr, 20 h. p., 51100.00 Re.j Kunabout, S7l>0.00 A!.10 aifents for Wayne ".V)" 4-cvlinder a:.(i KUselcur. (jet a demonstration hetore bu\ iilif. Oarage COViXA The Green Marshall Company's Talk on Paint. We manufacture almost everything in the paint lius and guar.ntce every arliole. Prices coriaistenl with the i;ualitv of our floods. You will find our selected hard oil finish and pure mixed paints now oil sale at C. H. KUtler's paiiit and wall paper store ^ Phone No. 51. 1 .Neu Vurk

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