Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 18, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1908
Page 7
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.H. Cold Brook, or Dawson's C«mp. After thoroughly canvnssing that all-important question, how arid where we should spend the "Glorious Fourth" we decided on the San Gabriel Canyon and, if possible, to reach Cold Brook Camp, a distance of twenty miles from AJ.USB. Not having a suitable, spring wagon for two horses, we decided to try it, with our single rigs with tho understanding that of we found the roads not suited for our rigs, or the rijjs not suited for the roads, wo would return home that night. So about, 9a.m., with a good liberal lunch and grain for the horses, we started on our journey. Arriving at the San Gabriel river we found the river bed, but the river had gone a glimmering, or somewhere else, so ou we pushed, and ore long we found streams with water in them. About one p. ni., noh having found any roads that were any better- adapted to two horses than one, we halted, fed our horses and tasted the quality of the contents of the lunch basket, for which by this time we were fully prepared. This done we decided to go on to Cold Brook. We soon reached Camp Kincon, with its hotel, dancing pavilion and other buildings, nestled under the shade of the trees, but as we still bad eight miles with a rise of 1500 feet before ns, we did not stop to investigate the beauties of the place. Prom there on, although the ascent was steep, wo found good roads, better even than some 'of the roads within a radius of five miles of Covina. Arriving nt the camp about 5 p. m. we inquired for the proprietor, Mr. R. W. Daweon (who, by the way, is evidently not n stranger to many people in and about, Coviua, as he owns a fine orange grove some two and a half miles north of Col. Chapman's) nnd were informed that ho was coming up on the stage, which had not yet arrived. Others, however, looked after our welfare and we soon wore very nicely located. This done, we spent a few moments taking in the situation, and it certainly is one of tho most beautiful spots I ever saw. Nestled under the fir and alder- trees is the hotel, with two streams, forming the north fork of the Snn Gabriel river, coming down on , either side and meeting in front of the hotel, the tents located, not with any particular set system, but wherever there is a cosy spot, with rustic bridges to reach them; the mountains towering upon three sides, the rippling waters as they go singing down over the rooks; surely it is a spot full of grandeur and a feast for a lover of the beauties of nature. Just beyond the hotel is the foot ,of a good trail leading to Crystal Lake, a distance of three miles, and on to Pine Flats. Just here let me give tho elevation of a few points: Camp Eiucori, 2000 feet; Cold Brook, 3500 feet; Crystal Lake, 5500 feet. After the stage arrived there were four ladies bound for Pine Flats. The burros were immediately saddled and on they went, up the mountains, and it was an amusing sight to watch them winding back and forth till they finally disappeared. Still beyond Pine Flats about two or two and a half miles is a point where you look over into Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, San Bernardino, Riverside, Jnyo, Kern, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. Did you ask about the mosquitoes? No, the pestive mosquito, with his melodious song to sing you into disquietude arid unrest, is not there. Ho is an unknown quantity. After a good rright'u rest the writer- took a little trip up the canyon to the left of the hotel and after n five minutes 1 walk came to the falls, with a drop of perhaps fifteen feet, at the foot of which we found u Mr. and Mrs. Drake carnpt-d. Just, above the fulls is what is known as Diamond Rock, a huge boulder, in form somewhat like n cube,, standing on one point in tho middle of the stream aud is estimated to weigh over 5000 tons. The forenoon was spent in a trip up the canyon to the right of th^ hotel and taking in the various vieus of interest, in short, feasting on the beauties and grandeur of nature, with which we were, coii'iiletely fciir- rounded. At l:lfi p.m. we bade farewell to Cold Brook, homeward bound, and at 5 :'!0 p. m. uero enjoying a dish of ice i ream at Axusa, tired anil dusty, but feeling well repaid for the effort <\e had made-. X. h. MCSSEV. Cement NN'ork. I am now |.re) ared !•) i f.^tiai-t for all kiniU ol een.ei.t v- n k. ('iiihini;, sidewalks ami pi).ex Many ye;iis experience. Yards, (v.viiju iiritating lifOce, iaist ('..lleu'e -':ee(. C-.vina. JAMES hi/.Mi.^M. Rootns to re;:' See Mi^. ','. (..' Hibsch, Cottage lJih_. ORDINANCE NO. 51. ' AN ORDINANCK RE G U L A T I N (5 THE NUM BERING OF BUILDINGS FRONTJNO ON PUBLIC STREETS IN THE C1TV OK CO VINA. The Board of Trustees of the City of Ciivinu do onhiin as follows: Sec. 1. All entrances from the public streets of the City of Covinn to buildings slmll ho numbered as hereinnfter provided: The number of each front entrance shall be placed in a conspicuous position over, upon, or adjacent to, each and every door or eutrancewny to such promises. After notice by the City Clerk calling attention to this ordinance, the occupant, lessee, tenant, subtenant, or anyone in control of such building, anyone of which receiving such notice shall within ten days thereafter furnish the Citv Clerk with (i description of mich premises, as per map and plat thereof on record in the city ntrlua. and upon payment of seventy-five cents by such applicant to the City Clerk for each and every number, it shall be the duty of the clerk to designate the number or numbers to such premises and to furnish such applicant with figures to represent such number or numbers. The figures used in such numbers shall not be less than two inches in height and of corresponding width, inede out of rust proof, metal or porcelain. Sec. 2. The following shall bo the respective starting points or dividing lines for numbering on buildings fronting on streets heretofore laid out or hereafter to bo laid out or extended, viz: Prom east to west Citrus Avenue shall be the dividing line; and from north to south Badillo Avenue shall be the starting point. East shall precede and become a part of the name .of each avenue or street running easterly from Citrus Avenue; and the word west shall pro- cede and become a port of the name of, each nvpuue or street running westerly from Citrus Avenue. The word north shall precede and become a part of the name of each avenue or street running northerly from Badillo Avenue and the word south shall precede and become a part of the name of each avenue or street running southerly from Badillo Avenue. Numbers shall begin at the above named starting points or dividing line and continuing to the termini of- the respective streets. See. 3. The numbers on the northerly 'and westerly sides of streets shall be odd numbers and the numbers on the southerly and easterly sides shall bo even numbers. Sec. 4. A block within the moaning of this ordinance shall bo that portion of any street between two crossings or between a crossing street and abutting street, or between two abutting streets. In case of abutting streets the prolonged center line of abutting street shall be the dividing line of the block, and provided that oil blocks exceeding one thousand feet in length shall be considered as two blocks. Sec. 5. One hundred numbers or as many thereof as shall be necessary shall bo allowed to each block. Number 100 shall be the first number used at respective beginning points on the side of the streets which are to contain the even numbers; and number 101 for the side of the streets which am to contain the odd numbers. At the beginning of the second block from the starting point the first number shall be 1200 and 201 respectively and to continue through out the system; lots with forty feet frontage or lens frontage to have one number and luts with more than forty feet frontage to have two numbers. Khoiild the d')or or entrywuy tsill on the. dividing line between two .sec.ti'iiiH I In; number of the hertmn bent representing the premium shall be used; should several doora or entrance ways occur in KIICCCKSMHI within less fc|:iicc. than is provided for in this ordinance, the numbers miiy be shifted forward or backward hn us in provide fora fractional mini her for ench entrance or a new tei'!»•.- in alphabetic order. Numbers in be calculated from the end cif the bluck iit which the number b&L'inh. On nil wtreetH t.ho mini- i bering shall l,fc done HH it thu wtreets extended to tin; dividing line- i,j starting pni.iit.-i fur the city as defined in Section - of this ordinance. The H[:|.ro|,riat<) number for a fcpecitlcd location where nut regularly laid out. blocks and street.^ may be approxiiiiJilely ;>.-<!•! ttiined by using mi-riMi! emeni- ii~. ].(-r |.lat in an a'd joillillL' !;l'-ek. i Set:. •;. Any |.fi-.oti, f.'iTHons. : firm. ,1 [ . i at ion, v.l.o hhall \>.> : late, hi-ylfrt. or ji-fu-i- to comply 'with any if ti,n j,r,,\-j-j,,iiH of tht.-. oHlinur.ce shall i.-t- di >•»,(•'! ijnilty ot ,a nii.-.deir.tiiiK.r ai.d on convictior thereof shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty-five dollars or by imprisionmont not, exceeding twenty-live days or both such HUP and imprisonment. Sec. 7. The City Clerk shall certify to the pqssnuo of this ordinance and shall cause tho same to bo published once in the Covitu Argus, a newspaper published and circulated weekly in the said City of Covinn, nnd thereupon and thereafter the some shall be in full force and effect. The foregoing ordinance wan adopted lit n regular meeting of the Bo'ard of Trustees of the City of CoVinn, held on the 1 Ith day of July, 1908, by tho allliniiitive vole of at least, three trustees, t.o-wit: Ayes: Messrs. Lahee, Warner, Potter and Moxlcy. Absent, Rntckin. Noes: None. • Signed and approved this 1 Ith day of July, 1908. E. II. LA 11HK, President of the Hoard of Trustees. Attest: A. M. PUNCH, City Clerk. ORDINANCE NO. 52. AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF TKUSTHHS OF THE CITY OF COVINA TO ESTABLISH THE GRADE OF CITRUS AVH- NUE FROM BADILLO AVENUE TO A„ POINT (527 FEET SOUTH OK THE SOUTH LINE OF PU.HNTH AVENUE. The Board of Trustees of the City of Covinn do ordain as follows : Sec. 1. That the grade of Citrus Avenue from Badillo Avenue on the north to a point 627 fool, South of the South lino of Puonto Avenue ou tho south is in accordance with tho following elevations: At the intersection of Badillo Avenue the grade shall bo l)(i. f>0 at the Southwest corner, and 0(5.58 at the Southeast corner. At the intersection of Center Street the grade shall be 91.57 at tho Northwest corner, 91.25 nt the Southwest corner, 9'2.07 at tho Northeast corner and 91.75 at the Southeast corner. At tho intersection of Dexter Street the grade shall bo 87.24 at the Northwest corner, 80.04 at th Southwest corner, 88.04 at tho Northeast corner and 87.41 tit tho Southeast corner. At tho intersection of.Pueute Avenue the grade shall be 84.40 at the Northwest corner, 8!5. (iO at tho Southwest corner, 85.00 nt the North east corner and 81.10 at the Southeast corner. At a point on tho East side 027 feet South of the South line of Pu- p.nte Avenue shall bo 77.30 at a point on the West side opposite thereto. And at all points between said designated the grade shall bo established so as lo conform to a straight line drawn between said designated points. Elevations refer to the top of the curb, are in feet and are above tho datum plane. Sec. 2. The City Clerk shall certify to tho adoption of this ordinance, arid shall cause the same to be published onco in the Covinu Argus, H weekly newspaper published and circulated in the said City of Co- vinn, and thereupon and thereafter tho same shall take effect and be in force. Tho foregoing ordinance wnsadopt- ed tit a regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of tho City of Covirm hold on the 14th day of July, l!)0b, by the aflirmativo vote of at, loam, three trustees towit,: Ayes: Lahee, Warner, Moxloy, Potter. Noes: None. Absent: Rutnkin. and signed and approved this lith day of July, Id08. E. 11. I,/MIKE. I'rchidenl of I be Hoard of Trustees of i IH; --iiiil ('it y of (,'o\ ina. Attest: A. M. TENTH, City Clerk. ORDINANCE NO. 53. AN ORDINANCE OF THE BOARD OF TKI.'STEES OK THE CITY OF COVINA, DKCLAUNfJ UTS INTENTION TO IMPROVE A PORTION OF CITRUS AVENUE IN THE CITV OF COVINA. The Board of Trustees of the Cil.y oi ('nviuu do ordain an follows: Sec. 1. That tin- public interest and eonw nienee ri-<|iiireH and that i' in the intention of the Board of Trustees of tin; City of Coviria lo OI,)IT I hi; tullov,in^ V.OIK lo l,i done, to -.-. 11 : That a ('(-ineril sidewalk of a uni fomi •••. idtb of livt; ff-i-t. and cement ' eurb be eo.'iM i IK'le'l oil ! hi- Karl nidi; of said ('itiii'-i Avenue from It.e S ,Mt.ii cuib line, of Center Street, oo the North, to a point (',->.' feel. South of the South line of i'heiite, Avc. on l:ie S,.ulh e:•.!•( pt ing \shep- a eenn-iit sidewalk or curb has been constructed to tho ofllcial lino nnd grndo nnd jaccepted by said olfyl according to plans and profiles on file in tho oflico of the City Engineer of said City for such work, and City specifications for the construction of ce^nont sidewalk numbered 1 of said City of Co- vinn and spociflcnt.ions for oeinent curb numbered 2 of said City of Oo- vina on Hip in the oflico of the Cil.y Engineer of said City, •Sco. 2. That, Street Superinton- ' dptif shall post notices of this work j as required by law, and shall cause this notice to be published once per week for two successive weeks in the Covinn Argus, a weekly npwspaper published and circulated in said City of Covinn, and hereby designated for that, purpose. Soo. II. Tho Cil.y Clerk shall certify to the adoption of this ordinance ami shall ciui <i o the sumo to ho published once per wook for two successive weeks in the Covinn Argus, said paper hereby designated for thai purpose, and shall post tho same conspicuously for two days on or near tho chamber door of tho place of mooting of the Boar.l of Trustees of said City, and thereupon and thereafter it, shall take effect and bo in force. The foregoing ordinance was adopted nt n regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of tho City of Covina, held on the Mth day of July, 190S, by nfr'innnf.ivo vote of at loasl, three trustees, tr.wit: Ayes: H. II. Laheo, C. W. Potter, Jos. Moxley, 10. P. Warner, Absent, L. L. Ratckin. Noes: None. Sinned and approved this 14Mi day of July, 1908. E. II. LAHEE, President; of the Board of Trustees. Attest,: A. M. PENCH, City Clerk. A Boomerang Joke. It was a spirited advertisement, in tho Argus which caused the return of some "appropriated" property lost, week. The returns from tho "ad" were immediate. Messrs. Schuinm A: Harris of the local tailor shop lost, two hammocks on tho night, before the Fourth. They were nwaro that Eoriicono was "having fun" with thorn, and wore pretty sure who it was. Tho nd inserted was somo- thing like this: "If tho two big stifl's who were seen stenling tho hammocks in tho renr of our shop will onll on us they win have the hooks, as we have no further use for them." Tho proprietors say that; it was tho following day that two follows made n stealthy attempt to roturn^lho hammocks and were caught in the act, It, also developed that a rancher, who stands six foot two in his stocking feet, known to his inUirinl.o friends as Frankio, was supposed to have two second-hand hammocks which he would soil cheap. When il, ho- (iniiiH known to some of tho people about town, he was called on the phono no loss than fifteen times to answer (pioslions about, those same hammocks, and once ho traveled across a twenty acre grove to answer a call on this subject, Summer Excursion Rates. Summer excursion rate* to Pacific will be inn.dc from Eastern territory for coining season. Hiihis will IKOIK: faro ratu of sixty dollars from MiHsouri River; sixty-seven from St, I/ouis; sevurity-lwo tifty from Chicago Jiini: first to September thirtieth. Tickets iit same rates will hi: sold for usual EitHtbonnd excursions f'om Pacific Coast. Notice to Creditors. Estate of (',. W. Heprrcr. Notice U hereby given by the imderMi; ni:rl administrator >,{ tin- e^taie of ii. W. llepner, deceased, in Hie creditors of, anil all persons havini; , !,i i m-. aj/,tin^t the, toexhiiiii tlii' same with jibe n ei e.-^ary vonrln-r.-, within ten ] mont iis a tier the first phhlrca lion of i this notii i- to the said .idmini.-.i ralor of , th'- above named i-st.ilc, ;-.l (In: law joltii'.e ol (ieo. I,. Sanders, Room .i2. r > j \Vi]i:ox lltiildiii^, I,os AnjM-leh, ('onnty I of l,,,.i Angeles. St.ili. ol < ),f li torn ia , whi'.b place is herebs' desij.; n.i led a v. tile |ilai e of tdlnllicss (it said e-.late. 1 iJated this 2"(th day olMan.ii, l'ios. i 'J'homa.-, Iv. !• inch, | Adiniiiinirator of afore-.aid estate. i (it.ti, !,. Sander-., attorney f<,r .-,aid ad mi ni^l ra tor. WALL PAPER BARGAINS (jood '.'.'all and ('ciling papers one ent a roli, ohoici: of twi.-nty tf'jod p.i te r 11.-,. Fine i/ill papers -i. a roll, worth 2O( . J n;/r>iiij t. Raw iiill' and V,u ninle-il '1 ili:-,'. Fine-.t j>tyle., in Tanestry p.iper-.. ( I'.ir t",o<] - ;i re all i,e •/,- ,, i,,| l,r-.i ol.i -.-.. Tie J 1 ,. -.1 l'atti-ri. •. or i:ie Jje,t M.M- !;,;'• -.ample I/OOK-, to ' • vei y t,. ,1] y . ( or. Tenth .UK! Mam .-,! -.. , I'i.-.n-: 1'">I U \,-,-. Arii'-le, "Modern Shoe Comfort" What IH it that is fundamentally wrong with ordinary shoes? .They so seldom are comfortable i So often cause such suffering! Within the last year, thousands of women have written us about their shoo troubles one had tried six other shops betore tho Acme. When all these different women find such comfort, such relief in tho A«im>, H, is only natural for you to ii,sk, "What is tbo difVereuco? Ordinary shoes hurl, hncnusc !.he solo of the natural fool is soft, curved,yielding the sole nf'the ordinary shoe is hard, flat, unyielding. A moment's thought, will convince you that the daily grind and grate of two such opposite surfiicos must, cniiH' trouble. The pnliilul process of "breaking in" new .shoes is llu-i oleni'est proof of it. j What, takes place (hen, In JIIN!, I wluit is happening iu a ICSH degree nil ! the time. If you could look inside' of your slioos with your fool, in il, you would aec! Thn solo of your I foot bends the sole of your shoe' scarcely at all. At, every step, the bull of your foot, bearing llm entire weight, of your body r-.ihs againsl, the solo. This constant rub, rub, rub is wluit, bringH hard, callous places what makes your feel burn, throb, nche ! In the Acme, there is none of thin rubbing. M.H Mile, is flexible. Thp secret. in: In tanning ordinary sole leather, acids HO strong llutl almost parch and scorch it, were used In hurry lh<» tunning process. It, in then "loaded" \vilh glucosn and clay to make it heavy, as it, is Hold by t.lio pound. Tlu> leathi'i- for Acme shoes in Ian nod by a mild solution of genuine oak bark that lakes six months but preserves all its natural life and suppleness. No clay or foreign sub stances arc added. While of rcuular thickness it bonds with the foot. It. follows ovpry movement, of thn fool, as a glovn moves with the hand; it. cnlirclv prpvenlH tin* rubbing, burning ami "drawing" caused by si ill' solos; il, gives a feeling of freedom a springy, buoyant, sensation you cannot, conceive of until you have worn it. Nor Is there any of tho pinching or binding any of the strain nor loiisinn caused by incorrectly design ed slums. Tho Acmo is built, over lasts that conform with absoluto accuracy to the shape of tho fool. Il, tits parf'ooUy at, every point! II, removes (U'ery cause of foot suffering. The Broadwcll Store COVINA MEAT MARKET J. F. KI-NDALL, Prop. Orilorn taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt aHeiition. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home Phone 36 HOME BAKERY In Its New Home Bre^eici that has no equal WIIOrjOSOMIC, SWKKT, APPK/IMXINO! Pies, Cakes, Hot Rolls (). (JKINKK, Trop. Barn I'hone 2 Rets. I'lionu l'>8 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and (Iciillc. Horses, Carc.ful Drivers Stylish K'i/^s W. Hadillo St., on the ne.w electric line. COVINA, CHAUTAUQUA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Strongest and best array of talent ever secured lor a Southern California entertainment. Headed bv Senator John Sharp Williams Hon. Francis J. Heney iriid a score ol others almost equally as (_M)O<|. 1 'rolndi- urn it: by i ( ]>-hraleil Philomel Quartette That nia^ niffi'eiit cantala "The Crusaders" with a chorn ••> oi seventy-live vuhr, lor oriii'l ilo.iu;.;' coth eft. 1\ rim-in l,rr tin- (late LONG BEACH July 13 to 25 inclusive

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