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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1889
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--U'faC . CO HITE., O-OUD ' i -FlOATlNt' SOAP* < V/RAPPERS S VOLUME 8. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16 1889. NUMBER 203. RAN!)ALL HISSED. Meeting of the Pennsylvania Democratic Societies, THEIR LEADER FAILS TO ATTEND, [O.&N.W. TIME TABLE, P ".HOINOKABT. ATJantlo Kx 2:42 a. m Sterling ras«...6:86 a. m Limited Pass. 8:52 a. m. 1 :W p. m 3:40 ft. m. OOINQWKST. Pactflo Ex 2:22 a. m. merllne Pass. 8«o p.m. Limited Pass. 4:04 p.m. CllntonPaas ' " ~~ Denver ." 1 :iap. m. 8:53 " Clinton Denver _________ FJUUOHT TBJLIHB THAT OABBT PABSKNaiBii, OOINO EAST. QOINQ WEST. No. 18 ~ 8.15 P. m, No. _ 6:60 R. m. No. 85.....~...-':*o a, m. NO. n.....™. OIKO EABT. I OOIN8 WKST. -asseR : a.m. .w-PM»enger 1:M p.m. fl-FrelghL....«:4B p.m.|<l— Freight ...... ABBIVB FnOM BABT. IABHIVK FBOM WEST. 7U-ras8eTieer...9 •uOp.m.SB— Passenger 10:80 8,m. 77-Frlgt..™. :30 p.m. Ker No. 30 connects wi west on Clinton Branch: with O. . . •i Kock Island cast and west; wltn mam line — for 'poma west" wnnotl Blum, Omaha and be-'- yond and lor Kansas Olty and points beyond, And iSomo of <hn IJrlR^.ilPS Eipress Thnlr Indlgnntliin Very Vociferously—A Letter from «'IfV«lnnil \VHdly Cheered — Lnn^ston HUH No Oood Word to Sfty for Mnhone—South' IVikntn Slnto Jiovem- ment Orgc»nlr.ed—Thn Montana Contest —Wrst Vlrclnlu Asiiln. PHILADELPHIA, Oct 10.—Tho Thalia theatre, C'allowhill htreot, Iwlow Fifth, was crowded yesterday with tho delegates to tho first general nwmbly ot the Domocrntic societies of PiMiiHylvunln, The Ball was gaily decorated with bunting. Tho president ot this political orgnnlzntlon is Clmnnc.w F. Black, nnd lie was in the chuir when tho convention opened, and made nn eloquent address. Tho committees were then appointed, and tho chair announced Unit he had two loiters to read. Biases nnd Cheers for Rundull. The first letter read was from Hon. Samuel J. Kandall, who regretted his Inability to be rret>eiil, stating ns his reason Hint ho should be obliged to be in Washington attha tlmo of tho meeting. At tha conclusion of tho reading of this letter there were mingled cheers and hisses. The chair could rearcely quell tho flieturb.ince. One delegate shouted out: "He's no Djniocrall" Kx-Presldent Cleveland's Letter, The following letter from ex-Pro-iidont Cleveland was then read, nddresso.l to tho chairman: MY DEAH SHI: I um porry thnt I shall not be able to lie in Philadelphia nt the general assembly of the Democratic societies of Pennsylvania on the'Inst., and cannot therefore attend the mooting which w.ll follow that assembly. .My estimate nf tho value of those Democratic Boelctle) in «:j nclcM for the instruction of ni(Tiieo!rirnpn^-p3Htirn!"tnnl<-H anil for the It is generally conceded by city and country peoplO Lti>n. Guff inr til-? iMVi'rnorMiipiiri ivil.-iiin- ivith i!it"n!<n intcr<u:. tin rim of S|vviki>r . VvooK of Ih • lowrr lioinit ot tin W.vt. V,r- ^inirt Ic^i^iit.tlri}, \vlni is dmi^-'r'nr-jlv iil. As '.ho r>"'iio(THK Imvo but ono- nnj ii-ity on Joint bnlliit. in tin !<>_;isl!itiir<>- thi> d-nth of Mr. Woods wnnlil complicate tho situation for thc-m. Sp»«k -r Woods U from Wheeling, and should hn die tha Republicans bo- iicvo Unit tlioy could elect his surc.'ssor. Tliat would r-.'vorso th" sitn.ittnn and givo Iho ins cintrol, provide 1 the governor i-nlU the Ifgislnturo together, which Iho Democrats say ho will no;. Onintin Onmocrrttlo Nominations. OMAHA, N'b, Oct.. "ill.—Tuo Democratic Btnle convention mot hero last evening and nominated tho followlnp; ticket; For -judge of Biiprcmo court, John'H. Amos, of Lincoln; regents of Iho sta'e university, W. J. Me- Kennar, of Admits county, and P. W. Hcss, of Flattii e unity. REVISION OF THE PRAYER BOOK. The Subject Still KiiRHgo* the Attention ot the ICplnoitpjil Convention. NKW YORK, Oct. !«.—Dr. Huntington's resolution for a joint commit! _>e to prepare a standard prayer book f.'r 1M>3 wns thusub- joct of a warm discusion in the Episcopal general ctmvolition yeit-jrdar. Uev. Mr. Bwope, of Now Yurie, mid tho church demanded thnt revision should coaso, while Dr. BossnniB, of Lonisiunn, favored tho resolution. Dr. Holland'* Itnuli Ilrmiirk. Dr. Holland, of Mirsourl, In opposing the resolution said the houso was "not bound to believe any of tho pledges made by tho mom- Dors to-day." Dr. Ilantington, with some ihow ot excitement, demanded a retraction Df Dr. Holland's st'itomont, and after a request from tins chair tho deputy from Missouri amended hi* romnrk by saying: "No member can mnko a pledgo which tho house Is bound to believe." A high state of fooling was exhibited by both sidrs during the do- Date. nrcllnflfl to' Stop RovlMon. After a long debate a vote was taken on a resolution declaring that revision of the prayer-book _en.<Lwithjho. netjpn_of tho convention TTT UL Thirty Lives Reported Lost in a Railway Wreck. COMMENTS BY Wlint Hn H-ii ti> CORPORAL TANNER, viv Itn-rni-dlnc; tlie M*D- HELLS MOKK Utttito for tho money, as "a whole,' than any grocer in Sterling. -—ALSO- Tiirware, Stovepipe, Ooal Hods, Stove Boards, at the way down price of [15c per bu. for oats. iccomplUhmrnt of liwtimatn po Itical wort Is and tlifn; nevi-r WHS a limo whon, in the- Interest* of good uovuniment and national priispoilty,' I hey wero more needed. Tho condition of political affairs Is such that tho attention of nil truo Democrats ihnuld be directed to tho enforcement of tho "drtVHiUstlVB-nrlnp.lpIrs of the party, nnd In my opinion thlfl-i»-no tliim f'u' i'* h-i:iti\ It-iir-.i-r nmkcHlilftH fiii'l temporary (.'.MH.'dlent". We, as a pur* y, um fulrly on'Mnl In the cause of tho pa-ipln, and patriotism, duty and party success require that wo should lip consistent and steadfast. AllporBonal and sulf- Ish alrnn Bhonld be subordinated. I confidently export that in-the .work wo have In hand our Democratic societies will exhibit an efficiency which will bn gratefully acknowledged by all who Imvo at heart the welfare anil prosperity of the p.'Ople. Yours very sincerely, (JUOVEII CLEVELAND. " Wild Scene of Entliiisltiiim. Tho scene which followed tho redding ot DX-President Cleveland's letter was almost beyond description. The delegates cheored until thoy conld cheer no more by reason of exhaustion. The enthusiasm was of ths wildest character, and has scarcely boon equalled at a state gathering. During his spooch on opening tho convention Mr. Block evoked npplausa by inferring to the tariff as a tax "which pillages tho mass to enrich a class." Ho made a vigorous tariff reform spuoch. The* RoAolutlona. President Black, Bscrotary J. D. Worman and Treasurer J. Irwin Slx-el wero re-elected, and J. H. W. Howard (colored), of Harrisburg, was elected a vice president - The report of tho committee on resolutions was received and unanimously adopted. Tho resolutions declare that tho best policy of the party north and south is to show a jast regard for the equal rights of all classes of American citizens. It ad- visea legislation to prevent discrimination against color in the commercial industries of the country. It reaffirms the national pint- form'of 1888 and the state platform of 18H!»; favors reform and tho adoption of the Australian system of voting. A mass-meeting was held In tho Academy of Music last evening at which a number of prominent Democrats spoke. LANGSTON~DESERTS VIRGINIA. on tho changes now before itThis wns rejected by tho following vole: Clerical, ayes MO, nays S3, divided 7; lay, ayes Ifc, nays K>, divided 5. On motion of Dr. Huntlngton tha house then resolved to consider tho question of further revision in committee of tho'whole this morning. A-lj'iurnod. During tin ses- -i,-.-. ^ ...,..,.I..MO.J _{,. r.,t.ot. nf intiM'nnMniml, arbitration, uw; rvlnpl.«l. A GREAT LABOR COMBINE. What Mny llosult Friun tlio Brotherhood Meeting nt Uouver. DKNVKB, Col., O^t.'16.—Ovor400dolegatcs are in the city to attend tho convention of the National Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. The giitnorin; will bo of an international character, Mexico and Canada as well as" the United States baing_ represented. Chief Arthur will preside, the proceedings .being conducted with closed doors. Should tho convention Indorse tho notion of its representatives in federating with tho firemen", switchman and brakomon and the Knights of Labor, tho biggest labor federation in the world will have been brought into existouco. Tho secret agreement provides for tho 'organi- sation of a board of foderation con- listing of three members each at all the labor organizations now in existence on the Union Pacific railway system, including Knights of Labor and the different brotherhoods In all linos of work. The board has power when it shall ba deemed necessary to order a strike of all tho men. A Strike of 400 Girls. LAWRENCE, Mass., Oct 10.—The girls la tha weaving room of the Arlington mill were yestnrday notified of a reduction in wages of 5 and 0 cents per cut on 100 and 200 quality goods respectively The girls, to the number of 40;), refused to go to work. HO NAME?. NOS ANY PARTICULARS, Awful Rush of a C»ble Cur Down n Cln- clnnntl Incline—Right Fiunplignra Kltlier Inntnnlly Killed or Futslly MiinR'.ed— The Grip Fulls to Hold and the Cur Speeds to Dentrnctlon with TrlKlilfut Velocllj—Tho Wounded and IJond In the Splintered Riilnc. HASTIN-GS, Neb., Oct. 15.—Imports reached this city of a collision Monday night at [Sterling, Col., botwoon a Uurllngton and Onion Pacific passenger train, in which about thirty passengers were killed, and many injured. Particulars cannot b3 ascertained. . DOWN THE INCLINE TO DEATH. Dreadful Disaster nn a Street lUllwnjr Incline tit Cincinnati. CINCINNATI, Ohio, Oct. Hi —Eight per- jotis were instnntly killed or Intally mangled. md another badly injured shortly afternoon jnelcrday by nn accident <r\ tho Mount Au- jurn Inclined Plane Railway, which Blurts .it the head of Main slruot, and, in 11 distance of leas than halt a mila, rises nearly three hundred feat. An unknown number of spectators who witnessed the accident, probably a dozen, were also hit by pieces'of flying wood and iron and slightly injured. The Lint of Victims. Following is e. list of tho victims so far as known: Judge William M. Diokorson, killed; Michael Kneiss, killed; Mrs. Caleb Ivos, killed; Cnarlei MaFadden, killed; Miss Lillian Oakamp, badly cut; Josep'i McFudden, cut on side and various portions of body and internally injured; Mrs. Joseph McFadden, bruised and cut; Mrs. Hostwtter, of Oak street,,Walnut Hills, .cuta_au_l-..iiiteriial_i!t. juries. How the Accldmit Occurred. Tho line consist) of two trucks, each of which has a singlo car. An engine on top of tho hill operates two wire cables which wind around a big drum while tha cars Ascend, and unwind ns they go down. A few niiii- WAniUX'iTON 1'ITT, Ot, Hi.—Til" Post publish"-, nn intiTvinw with Corp-.iral Tanner in whirli ho jiHtili*, his action in ro-rat- Ing S'?nnt<ir M.andor.TOii'1 p"iisir>n. Ho says: "I have not scon a copy of S:cretiry N'obln's letror to Senator Mnndorson, but judging from tho extracts quoted in Senator Mnn- dcrsonN letter I proanniithat ho decid -d that the nvrntinR was illegal, boc-nuno no npplira- tion littd boon mado; and if tha r . U'bis reason nil I crin say is that tho soorntnry must Imvo very pwnllnr idolis rune,'ruing til 1 ) ("ISP. My ronreption of the dntte* of the rommis-uin^r ot pensions Is entirely diir.-r- i>nt. 1 huvo niwnys considered that he should soo thnt entire jmtii'o is dons to all pensioner*. If lid discover* a CM-J whnra in- justiro Is belli;; doao to a pensioner ho should right the wrong, and I i>rn of that opinion still. Secretary Noble to tho con- trary'notwithstanding.". GMI. William II. I'owell'n Poniton. Bpfokin:.; further on the subject, tho commissioner aaid it, recalled to his mind Ibo case of Gen. William H. Powell, who was ro-rat.0 I just four days prior t > his (TatmerM appointment Gen. Powell, he said, had received a gun-shot woun.l in thnshouMui', and was rec-iivinj a pension of f7">) per iiionth when Mr. NobU was male secretary. GMI. Powell went to Commissioner Utaek witli a note from Secretary Noble, In wbieh tho Int- t«r uskt'd tl.o coiinu .s.sioner to do nil he cauld for tho giwral. GJII. Powell dcelincil to Buliniit to a m.'dieal examination, but notwithstanding this fact, had his (tension increased to $'•") per month, and dated back to 1SGO. "And thin," concluded Commissioner Tanner, witii einph-nii, "was dono at the in- stigutiun of Keeretary Noblo four days before I received my appointment" Arpnmont on 1111 Important Question. CITY, Ojt. 10. —Assistant Attorney General Shield!, of tho interior department, yesterday heard argument on the upplicition of John M. Walker for a ro- view of the ' interior department decision which holds that soldiers' additional homestead warrants are not assignable.— The queitiort involvcvl is nil importan one, and nlTocts a numlier of cnnjs. September Kxpnrts of II rend stuff*. WASHINGTON CITY, O -t 10.— BroadsulTs exported from the United Statos during Si'pt'jmlwr a^iivgfiti'd in value $(l, 874,78s, agaimt l'J,7.JS lr,:i in Sapti-ni'ier, ISS-i Ivupernr Willi'im of O.-rnmny is nboiit to A f-niiMmny h:n brvn orgnni.^'I in Bt L mis :.i !l.;lu tho whisky trust.. ' Tlw Uiii™ of P.irtn^al Is inn criii'-il c'n- ditu/ii, his \vl.\o> Inly b'in^ pirnlyfe'd. J. H.!l,.rif Winters. (V,., dug up a swwt potato hist wetk that weighed twenty- 'Ight pound-:. Tho grand lod^>? of IlHnoi-i Kni^nt?* of Pvthlns opened Us annual convention in Chicago TII--S lay. Tho cnrringn buillori of th i Units 1 Ktnt"9 aro holding n convention at-Syrnrinc, N. Y. Alxmt OJJ d'jIoTato* nro Miss Gwendoline Caldwoll, i'f NJW York, now at Paris, announces that sho will marry Princo Hurat at Paris on Octobar |30. It is thought in base ball circles that ths Cincinnati Association club will take Washington's place in tho L'opno next season. The city council of Indianapolis Monday night unanimously passed resolutions favoring Chicago as the place for holding ths world's fair. The county commissioners ot Nair Havan, Conn.,have fix thejprico of liquor licenses for tbo ensuing year at $40), an incroaso of $15J over last year's lic3iH!) foe. A lynching party (of course) is on ths tract of a miscreant who attempted to foully assault a little girl named Jacobion at New Lisbon, WU, Monday night The firat general convention of the Order ot Bons'Trf St. Gtorgo was opened in Chicago Tuesday. Dole^tiU;:j are in atton lanco frod nenrly every stato m tho Union. IYe;-:dont Samuel Gomptrs ha? issued a cull for the fourth annual convention ot tho American Federation of Labor, t3 be held Doe. 10,H8!% at Boston. Maw. So much interest was oxoito.l at Njwaygo, Mich., in tho trial of Oregon Hamilton, for whipping his child to death, that tho trial was hold in Iho opera house. Hamilton was acquitted. A Maine man is mad because his lost trunk is found. He bad presented n bill of $77 for the lost box whon a railroad em- ploye found it in tho liangor da pot. nnd tho box contained a peck of peanuts, a monkey- wrench, nnd a jaclc for liftin.; wagons—only these and nothing more. \i I iln'i - .•I t | r ill 11 1 Ft n in th< but pol (H l! 1 U It The l.nytll l.nR;!tni In *,...tan. Pnii.ADEi.PAiA, Or.. ]f).—Ex-President Hnys, cotnmatt Lir-in-c'.ii'if ot tin military or lor of tho I/oyal L-L'ian. arrived hr-t-o frt~ torday toat'.nn-l th-i li t'l annual nmtinsfot the conimand'.!^nof, whic i Iwjlas'tx*- day. Lnsl tVl!:lillfr Mr. Ii.TV»«l pi- wld'J J. R? : n mooting of tho hairJt of <>m ::rt of tin order, at which only routine business ^^9 trp-Qi- actod. LEAYENING POWER Of the vsrieras Baking Powdew illustrated from actual testa. ROYAL (PurOMaMUMuaMBtHIHIiKMirMffim GBARTS* (Alum)... .HIHIIII I Ill "I"""! 11 ! RUaFORD'S' (fresh)...1 HAHFORD'S (»hen fresh) CHARM' (Alum'Powder)..I D4V1S'* and 0. K.* (Alum; CUKVELAHD-S... PKJHEER (Ssn FrancUco)..... CZAR 09. PRICE'S.... Prove me and oblige. :L.. !». JOHNSON. SUCCESSORS TO O.A.Oliver. BOOKS, STATIONERY and^Wall Paper. THE CHICAGO RAILWAY. OVER 7,000 MILES Of staa! track In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Dakota end Wyoming, penetrates the Agricultural, M/ning and Commercial Centres of the WEST AND NORTHWEST. The Unrivaled Equipment of tha Line embraces Sumptuous Dining Cars, New Wagner and Pullwran Sleepers, Superb day Coaches and FAST VESTIBytED TBAIHS Punnmjr direct between Chicago St Paul and Minneapolis, Council Bluff's and Omaha, connecting for Portland, Denver, San Francisco and ait Pacific Coast Points. OHIY UHEJO THE BUCKJflllS lufuri'>sUuJ| H ii>l>l/'./ »'? TJ» ' *»«• '- ' "^ Jr w l .MK' IJ -. •• .« r \, , l . .. > ' I'l V. A. Ho. B«fn»o5 to Work with Mahono ana Will Go to Ohio. WASHINGTON Crrv, Oct. 10.—Hon. John M. Longston was In Waahtngton City Monday night on his way from Virginia to Ohio. Ho is not-going to take part in the Virginia campaign, and left the city on a late train Monday night for Ohio, whore ho will stump tho stato for Foraker. The Star reports blnvtalking-froely abaut-the. .-politicaL situation iu Virslnia before leaving, and accusing Gan. Mabono of attacking him at homo because ho is a negro. "Mr. Mahone's policy," ho said, "seems to be—if I may make a word for the occasion- trying to Djmocratizi the Republican party in Virginia, Ho wants to drive tho negro into obscurity, giving him no countenance or recogniiion, that bo may gather around him whito Democrats who are willing to get wbatthey e.m out of the Republican party If the negro is put down. He is trying to drive out an 1 put down ths nogro for being a negro." EQUIPPED FOR STATEHOOD. South IJukola Omoer» Inaugurated—B«" publican Nominees for Bonatom. FntRHE, S. B., Oct. 10.—The first legislature of South Djkota was organized yesterday at 13 o'clock noon. B. E. Young, Republican, of Minnehftha, was elected speaker. At 8 o'clock, both houses being organized, the members Hssornbled In fronfrof tbo court house to witness the Inauguration of the governor, judyu of tho supreme court, nnd atato official*. The day was warm and pleasant. Tho officers-elect met under tho balcony of tho court house and iu tho presence of assembled thousands, took tho oath of office. When the ceremony was complete cheers aud huzzas rent tba air, and Bouth Dakota waa at last fully equipped for statehood. . Judge Gideon C. Moody.of D,;ndwood, and iTc-Congresaion Delegate Frank Fettigrew.of Sioux Falls, wero nominated for'tho United Huiots sonut-i on (lest ballot last night by tbo Republican caucus The Context Iu .llr.utami. HELENA, Man'., Oct. W—There ware no novrdev'ulopnitints in tin) H.lvar Bow contest yesterday, save thnt instead ot tho Republicans getting in their entire legislative delo- f ition, thoy (Mil) ,;.'t in six iiiuinKf., but sulli lunt to oviMCome th« Gov. Hill Arrives at Atlanta. ATLANTA, Un., OcU 10 —The spacial train bearing Governor Hill and bis friends reached here at 10:40 last night The train being lato at Gainesville, it was mot there by another bearing tho .reception committee of citizens. At the station a great crowd had congregated. The reception was in the hands of tho Young Men's Democratic league, and tbo governor and party were driven in carriages through a double lino of young Democrats, bearing flambeaux, to-the Kimball house, which will bo Governor Hill's headquartors while hero. W. P. Hill, president of tho league, welcomed Governor Hill for the League, Mayor Glenn for the city, and Governor Gordon for tbo state. Governor Hill responded briefly. nlo3 past noon yesterday nino passenger* on- tiuVou iiiu l:ui t»ii uut- tu^/«' £i tile -::lc^p £J1";V..'.* nnd the vuhlrlu wns rnpldly drawn _to tho top. As it reached tho top tho grip "lost its grip," as it wero, and fulled to hold tho cable. Tho car consequently began to slido down the incline, increasing iw velocity as it descended until tho speed was frightful. What wore the feelings and thoughts of the fated nine may hardly bo imagined. Tho crash nt the foot of the plane was terrible. A cloud of dust oroso that hid the wreck from view for a moment, but whonitwasdispollodthe scone was; horrible. The iron frame that formed the lower end of the truck on which the^car rested was thrown sixty foot down tho street Tho top of tho car was lying almost as far away in tho gutter. The truck itsolf and the floor and seats of the car formed a shapeless wreck, mingled with tho blooding nnd mangled bodies of tho nine poasongors. Uorrlilecl WltneattOA. ' . Many 'persons saw tho car rush down the incline and breathlessly'awaited tho crash. The noise was heard blocks away, and a great crowd was soon attracted to the'scono of ruin, and whon tho cloud of dust had partially cleared away began the work ot extricating the mangled victims. Amlddlo-aged lady with gray hair was soon tukon.out dead, and a moment later the blooding form of Lillian Oakatnp, a girl of twenty, tho daughter of Henry Oskamp, a well-known citizen. Miss Ojkamp is terribly injured, but may survive. Michaol Knoiss, a teacher in tha third intermediate school, who resided at 14 Euclid avenue, Mount Auburn, was taken from the debris alive, but expired soon afterward. Judge Dlckor«on'« Dentil. Judge William Dickorson was found under n broken wheel and taken to tho hospital, whore ho died at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. He was an old resident, at one time judge of the common pleas court of this county, for many years a prominent flgure iu legal and political circles and was a warm pjrsonal friend of President Lincola Judgo Dickor- son's death was duo moro to tho shock than to his other injuries, which would not have caused tha death of a younger man. Tho South Aiuerlcnn : Tonrl»ts. CLEVELAND, O., Ocb. 15.—The delegates to the all-America congress were entertained at Erie, Pa., aud this city yesterday and last night They nrrivo.1 at Erie at 10:30, and ^ - A Painful Accident to an Official. FKANKFOIIT, Ky., Oct 10.—Maj. G. W. Adams, secretary of state, met with a painful accident at Eminence Monday evening, by which ho lost four toes from his loft foot and_narrp_wlyj;Bcapedjwithi his life. HANKS ACCU3F.5 SULLIVAN, lt»l>nrt<Ml lit CMi'nijo Hint AI.'X, Fjiilll In Implicated hi Ilia llrlbery. CHICAUO, Oct 10.—The Herald says that Bailiff Hanks' examinational the grand jury room yostordny occupied nearly an hour and contained some startling statements. The bailiff Slid that wlnn negotiating with. Graham he was assured by tho latter thnt tho money with which to bnbj jurors would bo furnished by Al •X'liidcr Kullivnn. The bailiff nlao confussjd that during th» trial he kopt up tho drooping spirits of Di'ggs, Cuughlin and O'Sullivan by delivering to them verbal m«ssap:»!i ot cheer from their friunds on the outside, for which service he was pnid handsomely by Graham. He said ho • frequently told Coughlin, who was his especial charis'-i, that A1i-X'.indar Sullivan was looking iiftor his interests, and that no Imnn would coma to him or his companions if they only preserved a bold and defiant front - .- • AN ATROCIOUS REVENGE. Flnnnod by n N«iw York Old Affalnst Her l''utlicr iind Ill-other. ITHACA, N. Y., Oct. l(i.—I'earl Scott, n girl 15 years old, is in jail hero for burning her father's barn. Bho has confessed her crime and nays she s-t flrj to tho barn hoping it would burn hor fathsr's house and roast him nnd her brother. Tho girl is of a criminal family. Kho has a sister In tho Hudson refuge, and her father bos been arrested frequently. Tho Sliarmnn C.nn at Buffalo. BUFFALO, N Y., Oct 10.—Stephen F. Shormau and E. C. Loveridgo wore arraigned in the court of oyor and torminer yesterday morning on indictments found against them by tho grand jury. Sherman is charged with stealing 88,000 bushels of grain; with issuing fictitious warehouse receipts; issuing duplicato warehouse receipts, nnd with not canceling warehouse receipts whon the goods wore ordered out of the warehouse. Lover idgo was charged on two counts of grand larceny in helping to steal tbo 68,000 bushels of grain Thoy pleaded not guilty, and were bailed In $i2,500 each. Chicago Their Hrcoutl thblce. ~ PROVIDENCE, R. 1., Oct 10.—At a meeting yesterday of the busineai men ot tb« state, called by Governor- LadJ to express a choice ot a world's fair si to, New York, Chicago, and Washington City were represented. There wns little discussion nftir tho spooking of the Buntlnni'Mi frnm-obrno'l^oml. tho meeting pasHoir rcralti'.icr.- iirlorsin, 1 ; Nei* York for flrat choice, witli Chicago second, and Washington City third by a voto of 20 to 2i Ix>oUs Like a Murder at Ben. NANTUCKET, Mass., Oct 10.—A man's body washed ashore hare Monday has a knifo wound in the loft sida and some of tho teeth have boon knocked out An iron bar weighing forty pounds waslnshedto the body. Tha clothing on tho corrtes is of fa-ihionablo make and material. The body is that of a middle ngs I man, over six feet tall. The case looks liko one of murder at soa. COHCRESS HtCKER'S GIUETS ..; HAHFORD'S (None Such), when not fredi.'.l PiABt (AnaSTws Sc'Co.) «•••• BQHFORD'S • (Phoiphate), whca not fresh...«•••• Report* of Government Chemista. " The Royal Baking Powder is composed of pare and wholesome ingredients. It does not contain cither alum or phosphates, or other In " The Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the public. •• HEHRY A. MOTT. M. D., Ph. D." "The Royal Baking Powder is purest In quality and highest in strength of any baking pow- rjer of which I have knowledge. »' 4 •'• WM. McMURTRiE, Th. D. ' * All Alum baking powders, no matter how high their strength, are to be avoided as dangerous. Phosphate powders liberate their gas tbo freely, or under climatic changes suffer deterioration. * A1VOTHER. L.OT OF 1 Graham 'Bros.' Fancy TnilEl Bnaps Just in, to be sold cheap. WE HAVE THIS DAY MADE A Can now give you a fine flavored Green, Jap Tea, 4 Jbs. for 81. An elegant FROG CHOP U. C., usually sold at 65c for 50c. ie Syrup aod Maple Supr Now Ripe,:-:-: Everything ia our stock has been selected with care— fresh and neat He wa$_ tbatuumKi IH MiUi but to oveieome t« Am ,, r ,u,n fiom Hpm ta. thla state, ity -,h>«n o> tlu> faca of '"" . iti DeWolf haa ordnro-l too vvtMUij «hv the >ot» of oeii! t »hool 1 IH swt aA'J», 4 tve Nv)» 4 Tlw jul^a !• Democratic m ij > r«U\rns. Jua tlw -iailii*'l' J.H I s.-t ib ' h ill, , nt ..ere received by a largo crowd at tho rail way station, which loudly cheered them. They wero shown around tho city and given a recaption, nndjjhon boarded-thelr'traln for this city, wbera.thoy arrived at 1:45 p, in. Mayor Gardner and the reception committee welcomed them, and took them around to BOO the sights. At night a banqujt was given at tho Saluvin houiJ, and lator a public reception win hold. For tbo 1'renervallon of Forests. PIIILADEWHIA, Oct. 10.—The eighth annual mooting of tho American forestry congress of tho United States, in joint convention with tbo Punn Forestry association, began hero hist night with about 203 delegates present li 0. J«Hy, ot Quebec, vice president of the ..congress, called the convention to order in absence of the president, Governor Beaver, who will be prosont to-day. Hon. Carl Schurz, .,f New York,"and B. It Fornow, chief of tho forestry division, agricultural department, spoke on tho preservation of the foresti. Looks l.lko u Ilorrlblo Blurdor. NEW YOIIK, Oct 15.—Mrs. O'Brien fell or was thrown from the sixth story of tha tenement bouss, 8'J Oliver street, last night, with her 3-inonths-old girl in hor arms, and l-oth wore killol by striking; tha pavement in the court yard of the building. Mrs. O'Brien had recently quarreled with bor busbaud. O'Brien wns found drinking with two men in his aparlmouts after tho bodies of his wlfo an 1 child weM picked up. Tho three men claimed, to know nothing about tha tragedy. Thoy wore arrcstod. On« Uoy Mul-dor* -Another. NASHVII.I.K, Tc'im., Oct. 10.—A special t« iays: News Ims r»«chud lievo of tlw shootlns of » boy in thta county on Iciat Sunday morning by ii iilajniut-u, ' returning from a trip to New Castlu, 'anil arrived at Euxinanco as tho train was pulling out In attempting to board tho train his foot sllppod, and a wheel of the oar passed over It. • The Association Season Glotod, NKW YOKK, Oct. 10.— The defeat of tho St. Louia Browns yesterday at Cincinnati makes it impossible for that club to win the clminplouBhip, and tho season has closed. Brooklyn vvlua tha pennant. Tuo club returned homo yesterday and was wolcotned by an cnthualastiocrowd. As3ociiition games yesterday wero as follows: At Qmoinnatl— (First game) Cincinnati 8, St. Ljuis 3; (second Bame) Cincinnati 1, "St. LouU '4 At Philudulphia—Baltimore U, Athletic 10— eight uininga. darknes^. Brought a Latter from tho Topo. BALTJMOUK, Oct. 10.—The Rt. KBV. Monsignor O'Conuoll, president of the American college at Rome, arrived iu Baltimore yesterday afternoon. He was the bearer of, and delivered to Cardinal Gibbons, a letter from 1'opu Leo, in which thn holy father congratulates tho Ilomuu Catholics of America upon tho centennial of the establishment of tho first see in thU country. Uo also \» \v t« Ule W H > u • Jnlm H>ulv >r to * bou»o ' t Aleiand p^iau dtd Ut.u t. itiiu, ftiid »'inl« bum! >i n • , nit' ii a, * -< i» v ' Sste^'^-.j . cb n MI iju •! «-U, an tuuL In itiiij; uith <A •! .'i \Vm HI I'll • n I fl Hi »' prays God to shower his blesjingn upon the great republic aud its people. Sny« They Didn't IIIu the Flue- CHICAGO, Oct. 16.—Ba-gim I. Bhevitch, the Socialist leader, says tho mooting last Sunday did not bias the national flag. The lag was loyally cheered, but the uoiso was kept up until those who wanted to procoed to businesi uttered a faw hiaiea to stop it to a reported remark ot Mayjr Crosier that b > woul 1 dr'ivo Suovitch out of the city, tho lattor Hddod that bs was au Ainuricnn citizoi, and would like to seo tha mayor try i* on. DoKtll uf Sir l>iiiilul Hooeh. LONDON, O^t. 10.—Sir Dauiol Gooch, tha etniiiiiiit oiiainwir, U deud. II.o was born in ISIfi, »tu.lii'd H 1. U <P (.' „ (.a at as on* Kuituns 1 s " r the Ittto tho auare- Plorl<la'» Ki-floveroor Dead. JACKSONVILLE, Flo,, Ojt 18.—Edward A,.P«rrT,-ex»gov'rnoF—of—Florida,-dted at Keryvllle, Tex, yesterday of paralysia. Ho was riding from Binders to Kiryvillo sw- eral days ago in company with his son, when his right si e became paralyzjd, and he would havo fallen from his horao had not bisson -supported him. Ho was .unable to speak thereafter, aud was unconscious most of tho timo until his death. Governor Perry was a native of MuBsuehnsjtti, but settled iu Ponsacola befuro tha war. ; lie served prominently in tho Confederate army. Si'Vcu Men Shot ill Alubiunii. MoSTQOiCsi-.Y, Ala., Oct 10.—A special dispatch to iho Advortis>r from Dothon, Ala., says: In a difficulty here.Monday seven in MI wore Rbot. Two are doad and another dying. Tho trouble arose bjtweon the town council and the draynuu of the Farmei-H' wnri-liouse, the latter refusing to pay tho'llei'ina demand-id by tho town au- thoritios. B jth marshals word nbot, and one will die. Two draymen wero killed. Great i-xc-lt.'ineiit.. prevailed nm-ni'- tha farmers Monday nl.,'ht, but yesterday all was qniot. ^ Gxlnt; Al)i (Mi.I for HiH H»:iUU. NEW YOUK, O;U HI. —Dr. O'Riilly arrived h..-rj yeiterdsy and sailo.l to-d«y on tha Teutonic «'iih CoL John Atkinson and tho lattei's two sons.. Dr. O'Ruilly dollied tho report that ho was goi ig to Enropo in responst! to a cablegram from London and added that not only had ho his bishop's permission, but all of bis frioads iu .Detroit were mado awaru of bis trip. Ho takes-tha oi-c'an voyage, ho said, for much noalo 1 rj.«t and'for his huulth, and wi'd bj absent about six \vecks. . Juhii I.. Henily to Fight Ae»lii. NKW YORK OoU 18.— John L Sullivan announce) through Tuo Kvoning Sun that ho IH ready to llglit ngain, and wo ild lik'> 10 Imvo a match arranged as soon AS poviihb. Ho H anxious i>> meet Jtm Smith, and would pay ius cip.'nsu-» to America. Hi» next choice ot antagonists ls Charley Mili-bcll, but Im is ready t<> iuiylnxty who will i-h/illiiiiijo him. at a reduced price. Get our prices before buying. We are npW prepared to do in all the latest styles.Q chairman of i i hr' A 5-U> for .- Kulliu; Give us a call . Re- and all, to'do we Reynolds Bros.,

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