The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 4, 1892 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 4, 1892
Page 3
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HUTCHmSOK DAILY NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1892. 3. MULTITUDE GATHERING. K MINQ FROM THE HILLSIDE AND PLAINS IN GREAT <•» >- ., NUMBERS. Kuril Train For the Punt Twenty-Four^ Hours llim Uronght Its Quota f>r l>ele. K ato«. CnhdlUntrs imil Tliolr Friend*, nml Hundred* of Visitor*—All Speak Promising of the Prospect* of tlio Rcpuhllcsm Varty. For the past twenty four hours the incoming trains have been crowded with delegates and visitors to the great convention. Along with the happy group may he seen a host of reporters, each trying to look happy and contended, as though he would make the world believe that a newspaper ; man exists in a first-degree heaven, as it were. The delegates look thoughtful and wise, while the candidates bear upon their faces a look which indicates the close proximity of Canada thistles, or a nest of bull nettles. Many of the visitors have never been in the city of Bait before, and the expressions of surprise, that fall thick and fast, indicate that they had not expected to find so beautiful and charming a city, while those who visited the Auditorium to-day, where the work will be done, say, unqualifiedly that Hutchinson has the best convention hall in the state. , Jf, .Among the faces in hotel lobbies, i^it night, we noticed Uion S. Hutch iift of Clay Center, J. V. Kelley of the Kansas City Journal, White, the Tope- ku correspondent of the Kansas City Journal, Little, of the Abilene Re Hector, H. A. Perkins of Olathe. Barney Stevens, at the head of the Douglas county delegates, Hon. J. ,T. Cox, ex-reprosentative from Douglas county, Ed. 'Reynolds, J. B. Perkins of Lawrence. E. 1'. Greer at the head of the Win- Held delegation. 11. U. Welch of Topeka, candidate for attorney-general. Farmer Smith, whose aspirations go out toward the gubernatorial seat at Topeka. Cy. Leland of Doniphan, W. P. Hackney and ,1.15. Fishback of Winfield. |*. The Windfield, Shawnee county, An' tnony, Smith and Chester A. Long headquarters are at the Brunswick. W. W. Knight of Lebo with the Coffey county delegation. C. O. Smith, who heads the Coffey county delegation, Ex-Lieutenant Gov ernor A. P. Riddle, the champion light weight statesman of Kansas. The Crawford, Mitchell, Edwards and Pawnee county headquarters nre at the Kanta Fu. i Other prominent gentlemen who June in this morning are J. F. Leggate, Case of Lansing, J. W. Gregory of Garden City, .lake Stotler of Well ington and Hon. W. M. Martindale of Emporia, who is also looking toward Topeka; R. K. McCartney of Valley Falls, who reports Republican ism at a premium in his locality; John N. Ritter, Columbus, Ivan Robinson of Winfield and J. O. Peeplcs of Meridan. The incessant rain of tho forenoon kept the candidates, delegates and all close to their headquarters, and gave all a chance to become acquainted. The later trains brought in large delegations from the eastern and southeastern part of the state; notably among which was a delegation of twenty-five from Ottawa. They have aspirations, and are making them known. The strongest and hardest working delegation on the ground is here in the interest of Ed. Greer. They are a i jolly, good natured lot of fellows, and I. are loyal to their man. Bill Hackney is tho commander-in.chiel, with Sheriff Nipp and Joe Conklin as able lieuten ants. Prominent in the crowd is Hons A. H. Limerick and S. M. Fall, ex- Treasurer John S. Wilkin, Register of Deeds Bob. Strothers, W. E. White M. C. Hedrick and J. K. Cottingham ex-Mayor Shiffbauer of Arkansas City Ed. C. Little, president of the state league of Republican clubs, with J Ware Butterneld, the secretary, are at ^fe Brunswick, and hard at work in Xmu interests of that splendid organ- ization. It is understood that Mr. Little will be a candidate for one of the delegates-at-large to the national convention. It would be a proper recognition of the untiring efforts of a worthy young Republican. Bill Hackney and hiB workers claim that Greer will go into tho convention with 300 votes. The Bradford managers claim about that 'number for ' him. This would leave _ but a small handful for, Anthony, but his friends do not appear to be greatly worried over tho situation. The Bradford men are trying to work up a feeling among the Fourth v district outside of Shawnee that if they can nominate Bradford it will render '.''•' Shawnee helpless to demand the congressional candidate from that district, thereby giving the outside candidates a better chance for that nomination. This same element is at work in the opposite "direction and a strong Shawnee county lobby is trying 1 to defeat Bradford in order to give t ie one in Shawnee county a chance the district nomination. If this tentlon is kept up, the Anthony men claim it will remove Bradford .from the field, and that the greater part of his strength will naturally go to their candidate. The Greer people are hard at work preparing for this emergency, and say that they will try to secure their share of any such wreck, should it occur. The UoloRiiteM. The following is a list of the delegates to the convention, a few, however, are omitted, having failed to report in time for publication. ( Anderson—W. A. Trigg, F. L. Brown, H. T. Hill, A. J. Paden, J. 11. Rhodes, •T. W. Garrison, S. T. Studebakcr, Geo, Patton and II. W. French, Atchison—J. A. White, S. R. Washer, L. R. Spangler, J. H. Tittswbrth, Ellsworth Ingalls, W. H. Hudson, Albert Phillips, W. R. M. Frazler, R. A. Van Winkle, Anderson McKeever, T. B. Goron, William Carlisle and W. S. Cain. Barber—Frank Holmes, E. C. Grigsby, G. G. Shigley, H. H. Fair and A. J. Crews. Bourbon—Wm. Rice, E. F. Wear, 8. J. Bryant, J. W.Power, .T. F. Lyon, Ward Huntinton, John Beck, Dr. Mc- Wharf, Frank Lumpkin, L. T. Camp- bcll.Wilie Andorson, John Bishop and W. E. Mason. Barton—O. S. Cooke, Eli Bowman, O. E. O'Bleniss, D. A. Banta and J. W. Howard. Cherokee—Wm. March, John W. Smith, Isaac Wright, C. A. MeNiel, M. D. Holma-n, ,T. N. Ritter, J. T. Stewart, W. H. Timberlake, John H. Hamilton, W. H. Stone and M. S. Price. Clay—B. B. Tuttlc, B. S. Hutchins, J. Dover, Wm. Docking, A. Gaston, S. P. Burwell, John Webber and G. M. Stratton. Cloud—Arch Johnson, W. S. Crump, I. E Burkhart, A. Fortnoy, W. T. Bond, C. W. McDonald, J. E Marshall, J. H. Whitehead and C. Archer. Chase-rG. W. Crum, W. B. Gibson, C. W. Jones, J. M. Rose and II. A. Chamberlain. Coffee—S. H. Jackson, O. R. Turner, C. O. Sraith,0. P. Mauck.W. W. Knight, T. C. Copeland, H. Rucker and M. A. Crousc. Comanche—C. M. Meyers and Perry Williams. Cowloy—J. H. Watkin, L. F.' Johnson, W. H. II. Teter, P. A. Lorry, J. S, Wilkin, V. R. Pond, Chus. Shiffbauer, C. L.Brown, E. B. Emory, W. E. White, R. R. Frey, S. J. Neer, Charles Roberts, M. C. Hedrick, J. L. King, J. R. Cottingham and T. J. Rude. Crawford—T. 11, Condon, John T. Deets, D. B. Oregory, R. H. McKay, E. A. Wasser, W. C. -McMillan, Arthur Fuller, F. A. Waterman, John B. Wilson, E. F. Porter, Ned Lanyon, A. Burns and J. C. Boole. Decatur—IT. F. Leib, F. D. Beble, E. and B. Gibson. Dickinson—E. C. Little, C. M. Case, H. W, Whitley, M. C. Hemenway, M. H. Curtiss, Loroy St. Amand, C. M. ITarger.Thomas Perry and T. C. Ayers. Doniphan—John Swartz, M. Bauer, Charles V. Norman, Geo. Hagaman, N. N. Gallagher, G. N. Strahan, R. M. Steele, Samuel Moyer, Wm. B. Devcr- enx, I). P. Delaney and O. T. Wood. Douglass—Barney Stevens, F. A. Down, C. C. James, A. C. Griesa, J. J. Cox, Ed. Reynolds, J. B. Perkins, L. TT. Potefish, Geo. Thompson, J. C. Walton, A. R. Green, John Devilbliss, Dr. A. Morris and O. E. Beeks. Edwards—J. K. Gamble, E. P. Ott, and H. M. Daniel. Elk—Tom E. Thompson, .1. A. Me Ilunry,- R. W. Roe' (i. C. Armstrong, N. Patterson, J. W. Songer and W. Whitaker. Ellis—Ed. Madden, F. J. Brittle, and Jos. T. Nolan. Ellsworth—Ira E. Lloyd, C. K. Baxter, Henry Faris, H. Trump, and D. B. Tracey. Finney—O. A. Harding, A. 11. Warner, P. W. Conyers, and J. A. Boyd. Ford—W. C. Shinn, .T. D. Bush, W. H. Strickler and C. W. Averill. Franklin—D. Holiday, \V. L. Parkinson, S. Topping, W. C. Allen, Geo. Washburn, J. P. Harris, H. J. Smith, A. Franklin, C. A. Smart, .1. N. Harrison. Geary—Maj. John Davidson, W. II, Maskey, Jr., J. B. Gallon, Benj. Roether and A, P. Spessard. Graham—B. P. Williamson, James Gordon and B. Barkdall. Grant—J. A. Buckles and Eli M. Hcnthorn. Greeloy—W. B! Padley and S. F. White. Greenwood—O. S. Branson, J. N. Penwell, B. H. Richardson, Robert H. Hart, -N. N. Barrett, W. L. Richardson. H. Davis, E. Mayhan and N. Brigham. Harper—E. T. Burchfield, J. K. Clark, Grant Potter, Dr.- McAdams, Henry Crider and J. S. White. Haskell—,T. P. Cowdin and ,1. A. Miller. Hodgeman—B. Kline, L. A. Dockum and T. L. Welsh. Jackson—T. P. Loore, A. E. Crane, W. A. Boyd,C. E. Rose, Geo. Sharp, C. P. Kittle, L. P. Paddock, Geo. Karns and J. E. Hoagland. Jefferson—B. K. McCartney, F. H. Roberts, Tom Kirby, Dr. D. T. 'Brown, C. M. Rankin, J. O. Peebler, S. R. Richardson, S. H. Steffey, -A. Nottingham, G. Raines. Johnson—W. R. Andorson, Jno. Ewing, ChaB. Sprague, W. T. Unpen, F. W. Crooks, F. P. Hollemback, E. G, Bartberger, Hez. Chamberlin, A. E. Farnham and F. E. Thompson, Kingman—J. G. Conklin, C. II. Whitman, J. L. McCasnoy, Chas. Lowe, J. B. McBirney and A. P. Eaton. Labette—A. Fairfax, E. C. Bennette, R. W. Wright, Jno. Sterling, J. E. Brooks, W. H. Savage, J. W. French, L. S. Crum, J. H. Creighton. W. P. Wilson, J. S. Hileman and W. II. Thome. Lune—F. W. King and E. E. Harvey. Leavenworth—A. II. Keoler, W. I. Gillfllllan, D. R. Anthony, Jr., W. R. VanTuyal, Chas. H. Miller, J. Halsteed, J. H. Hill, Geo. Needham, O. S. Hiatt, and Thos. Ueardow. ' Linn—C. J. Trigg, J. II. Madden, J. B. Campbell, B. F. Blaker, J. F. Smith, Ed.C Lane, G. S. Turner, A. M. Kirkpatrick, W. W. Smith and A. W. Hall. Lyon—C. V. Eskridge, L. Duncan, H. W. Huffman, J. M. Stale. E. Brown, T. C. Sutton, C. B. Graves, A. M. Horstick, T. F. Burns and George Plumb. Marion—J. H. C. Brewer, Orlando Jolllffe, J. K. Williams, Morgan Mollahan, Thomas Morrison, H. J. Kranse, Fred. Lewis, G. W. Camp, J. C. .Lilley and S. L. Billings. McPherson—W. 0. Hathbon, Geo. H. Macltly, Joe. Downey, F. P. Hawthorn, W. Qleaaon, Clark To viand, Jno. Zimmerman, Wm. McCarty, I. Weevland and J. MoFall. Meade—A. J. Byres and E. D. Brown. Miami—J. J. Wilson, Henry Parker, P. A. Prather, Col. E. Lynde, II. S. Maynard, J. W. Bryan, 0. A. Humphrey's. J. H. Haldeman, T. A. Stanley and D. F. Dayton. Mitchell—S. H. Dodge, I. K. Thompson, W. I. Stnrges, W. C. Perdue, A. M. Fausler and F. C. Angell. Montgomery—Dan McTaggart, G. W. Ellis, I. E. Turner, D. Leasuro, George H. Evans, Jr., T. M. Bailey, I. B. Palmer, O. F. Carson, A. C. Stich, P. Ben- hum, T. II. Earnest, I. W. Chestna and S. M. Porter. Morris—I. K. Owens, A. I. Marks, I). C. Webb, C. W. Carlson, Geo. Bushey, 11. Walker and E. C. Trirably. , Morton—Sam Van Gundy and G. P. Craddock. Nemaha—R. C. Bassett, A. C. Vanpelt, H. A. Davis, T. E. McFarland, Edgar Belyea, A. L. Coleman, G. A. Lyman, W. B. Young, A. D. Hook, S. P. Herringtbn and N. B. Loemueller. Norton—Col. C. D. Jones, F. H. Mellon, Amon Butler and F. S. Hazelton. Osage—J. G. Ellis, 11. D. Shepard, I. Farley, T. L. Marshall, I. J. Hill, J. H. Nelson, P. Gregory, R. M. O'Neil, S. L. Heberling, W. H. Lord and Charles Cochran, Osborne—W. S. Tilton, D. G. Robertson, M. P. Shafer, P. H. Campbell and J. B. Craney. Ottawa—J. B. Tomlinson, J. G. Reed, E. K. Campbell, J. M. Wateman, L. A. Henry, S. H. Cool and E. A. Greennough. Pawnee—E. D. Taylor, W. P. Peter, W. P. Griffith and H. C. Dexter. Pottawatmie—0. J. Grovcr, N. W. Pcddick, M. L. Stone, IT. F. Robbins and Dean Bartlct. I'rott—J. J. Danthart, R. T. Whitman, H. II. Creek, H. Austin and C. P. Brown. Rawlins—E. D. York, T. W. Cochran, S. II. Findee and Jonas Nicholas. Reno—S. M. CoUiday, S. A. Shields, Ira Bullard, J. M. Hedrick, W. S. Yager, J. E. Holmes, John Black, J. J. Markham, M. II. Cogswell, J esse Brainard, R. II. Dawson, Jeff Houston, H. D. Ashton. Republic—W. H. Pilkenton, W. G. Kimrey, II, L. Whitney, F. N. Hunger, G. Weagal, F. M. Higgason, Jno. C. Hogan, J. A. Jacobs and N. H. Crager. Rice—W. L. Laskey, A. S. Thomson, C. H. Davis, J. T. Nash, E. Pullam, W. Lantzenhcin, J. S. Smith and J. E. Clark. Riley—Judge R. B. Spilman, A. M. Storey, J. E. Hessin, G. T. Poison, C. A. Southwick, . E. Huse and C. E. Bovver. Rush—Frank B. Smith,-Joe Sparks and J. W. Edwards. Russell—Theo. Ackerman,Jas. Jones, A. J. McRacken and J. B. Corbett. Saline—T. D. Fitzpatrick, E. W. Blair, Fred• II. Quiucy, J. O. Larson, Anson Miller, John S. Martin and John Bennett. Sedgwick—A. J. Myatt, VV. L. Sturdevant, J. W. Adams, Ed.oGoldberg, Mark Oliver, J. '/,. Hoffman, R. E. Lawrence, .1. W. Parker, S. L. Barnett, S. C. Harper, D. E. Boone, C. E. Pearce, W. S. Morris and A. H. Carpenter. Sowerd—II. V. Nichols and T. A. Scates. Shawne—G. W. Cary, J. J. Miller, A. W. Fowkes, A. K. Rodgers, S. J. Bear, U. W. Frost, J. B. Hibben, T. V. Coddington, .1. M. Nickerson, J. W. F. Hughes, J. Lee Knight, Wilson Keith, E. B. Lull, J. II. Stevens, T. J. Anderson, G. A. Huron, E. Holcomb, F. M. Stall, Thos. H. Bain, D. II. Thomas, J. M. Brown, 0. W. R. Ward, S. A. Johnson, Harlow Kline, Fred A. Turner, Fred Stormstreet and E. M. Cockerel. Shermun—E. J. Scott, J. H. Talt, M. D. Culbortson. Smith—W. D. Cook, R. M. Pickler, O. L. Reed, W. R. T. Boggs, J. A. Kocler and G. R. Parker. Stafford—J. W. Frescoln. A. E t Ramsey, .t. O. Hagermon and S. Clawson. Stapton—N. P. Julian, Stevens—Jno. Boles and L. J. Pettijohn. Sumner—J. W. Forney, C. E. Elliott Dr. Jane way, Geo. W. Cornell, S. S- Woodcock, H. N. White, F. M. Chand. ler, W. II. McMath, R. T. Simons, II. A, Loper, I. S. Alton, I.N. Cooper and T, R. Mordy. Thomas—P. A. Troutfelter, J. II. Harper and W. L. Thompson. Trego—W. H. Dann and William Cowden. Wabaunsee—F. I. Sage, J.. W. Care, J. B. Klstler, W. B. Small, W. S. Bolton and Eyon Cotton. Wichita—James Donnell and Ora Wykoff. Wilson—S. S. Kirkpatrick, W. T Barrett, E. C. Thorne, John S. Gilmore, H. A. Brundige, S. S. Benedict, J. B. F. McPherson, C. C. Crouso, T. Blakeslee and F. M. Robertson. Wyandotte—James Phillips, Tilford Davis, Will T. Walker, B. 8. Smith, G. A. Dudley, T. F. Hanan, W." E. Stevens, J. J. Bernhard, C. B. Riley, G. L. Coates, D. G. Bliss, B. M. Best, J. J. Maxwell, F. Warner, J. B. Blackburn, E. R. Allen and A. W. Little! The Kltmley Convention. KiNsr.KY, Kan., May 4.—[Special.]— The Seventh district Republican convention met here yesterday to elect two delegates and two alternates to Minneapolis. The convention was called to order by A. F. Carpenter, treasurer of the congressional commit­ tee. Morton Albaugh of C Kingman county was elected temporary secretary and read the call. Judge II. N. Lester of Hamilton county was chosen temporary chairmnn. On motion the following committees were appointed: Credentials—L. M. Axline, F. C. Price, John Thomas, S. Adamson and S. T. Damsey. Rules and Order of Business—II. 1*. Mytira, O. B. Hultquist, Levi (Sunn, .1. O. Graham, S. P. Duncan and Joseph Steckley. Permanent Organization — A. .1. Byrnes, W. B. Logan, J. E. Hume, .1. L. Allen and J. L. Flnley. Resolutions—T. A. Scates, Charles Locke, F. L. Martin, B. II. Buun and D. M. Frost. On motion ariadjournmcnt was taken tol;3o p. m., when the committee pre- viuusly appointed, reported. The temporary organization was made permanent. The committee on resolutions reported as follows, and the same was unanimously adopted: The Republicans of the Seventh congressional district of Kansas approve the wise, patriotic, American administration of President Harrison, and we believe he should be renominated by acclamation. Wo are still in favor of the principles of the grand old Republican party, and we await with pleasure for our patriotic statesmen at Minneapolis to adopt the platform upon which wc will win a victory in November. On the call of the roll of the convention S. I. Hale of Rush county and Ben E. Page of Clark were elected delegates to Minneapolis, and M. W. Week of Kingman and H.' P. Myton of Finney alternates. Tins convention adjourned amid the wildest enthusiasm. H. N. LISTKK, Chr'n MoiiTOM AI.HAITGII, Sec'y. Citmlftliita for Stntc Superintendent. GIIKAT BEND, Kan.,May 4.—[Special.] —Among the aspiring gentlemen for state offices, there are none who stand any higher or are better qualified thrn is Prof. E. B. Smith of this city, who is a candidate for state superintendent of schools. Prof. Smith has quite an extensive knowledge of law and is a practitioner; a most thorough scholor, and one of' the nicest and one of the most pleasant gentlemen in the state. If the people of the state knew Prof. Smith as well as our own and the people of the west, he would have very little trouble in securing the nomination, which' he deserves and should have. Quite a number of oar people are in your city attending the great convention. They can be relied on as doing the right thing. The commissioners were in session last Monday and Tuesday for the purpose of letting the contract for the building of four or five bridges. There was some very lively bidding on the part of eastern firms. Messrs. Boyd arid Murphy, who cut such a swell here as proprietors of tho Morrison hotel, were great frauds, and when they skipped out left behind them an exceedingly bad odor, but the house is in good hands and will run right along. All eyeB are turned to what the result of tho Hutchinson convention will be. Great is the responsibility of those who will compose the convention. Itcllg!on ut Orcede. The llev. Mr. Paddock of Denver recently went to Crcede to do some evangelizing work, but soon left because of tho difficulties, especially the general poverty of the people. Whereupon the Crcede Chronicle does the reverend gentleman up in this style; "Pulpit Powder Paddock is a poor stick. He declares what is untrue when ho says we are poor. We inform that eminent sky-pilot that wo paid two Mexicans 813 to turn our presses for twelve hours on Monday night and that common laborers are getting 50 cents an hour. We venture to say that it is good betting that if the audience had dropped a hundred or so into Paddock's caddy his story of the camp would have been different. We stand ready to boost the church and give them an even breok with the theatres, but we want standard-gauge preachers. We have had enough of two -by-four talkers. If the right one will give us a date, we will bill the town and guarantee him agood house." Mothers-ln-Law and Kentucky Law. Kroin the St. Paul Pioneer Preas. The superior court of Kentucky having decided that a man's mother-in- law is a part of his family and as such entitled to support, there will probably be a huge boom in Kentucky in leases of apartments suitable for. Bingle gentlemen, accompanied by a serious falling off in the pin money of minis ters' wives. CAST0RIA for Infants and Children* *<%»lMtoa^,r»Il adapted to chDdrea thai t raeemaMOd Itaa luperlor to any taowatome." H. A. Xacaxa. K. D., 111 8fc Oxford 84, BroaUja, It T. "The UK of 'Cutorla'kwaaffcnat sad tta merit* so well known that 11 ssems a work of supererogation toendorMlk Few are the intelligent families who do sot ksep Oitoria wlttU. our reach." CunjOS *U«TT*. D. D.. New York (Htf. r *H TnrSrn mmalatrtslsi H< risinul fliun » OutoHa COTBI Ot>HB, ObaattpaNom, BOUT Stomach, DUnfcaftB, Srueutloa, Kill* Worn*, tire* simp, aad prosMAs* •> Wll tEmttaJorlff "For several yssnlhare i___ your' GMtoria, 1 and *a*Q always conttun do *o as it fee* unarisbl^ produced beset result*, Eowni r. PsaaiM, a. B, •"n>sWin<hrop,"iiaui an —> sad to Am. •evTaskOksr Ttm Onrrsn Osnrutr, TT MtmuT Bream Vav Ta HUTCHINSON STOCK YARDS CO., Are Doing a General Yard Business. Ample accommodation for cattle, hogs and sheep. This company's yaids have direct connection with all railroads running into Hutchinson—five roads. AS A STOCKER AND FEEDER MARKET these yards offer superior inducements. Best distributing point in, the west. All parties wanting stoekers and feeders should try this market. Information fur.'.ished upon Application. BENJ. W. LAPP, General Manager. Jeiiit Donnelly. Wholesale Liquor Dealer Handles WINE BEER & WHISKEY Kansas and Family , TRADE a Specialty Write for catalogue. 429 Delaware Street, Kansas City, Mo. Bring your magazines and books to the NEWS bindery and have them neat ly bound. It is the best way to pre serve t hem. USMKIUAIKTH) WITH THE GE0QRAPHY0FTHI3 COUSTBV Will OBTIW HUM VAlUABlE MrOMIATION TOM * STUDY OF THIS MAP CF THI TARS DAP Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing. Cures Chapped Hands, Wounds, Burns, Etc. Bemovee and Prevents Dandruff. WHITE RUSSIAN SOAP. Specialty Adapted for Use in Hard Wate* MOTHERS'! FRIEND" I To Young Mothers till! I laimdiymaufe hope is the GL ^merYfe- SOAf- ^"''^IsFit saves hi\\ Kerttme andhepWwr, |And sfie'U find tf\at her dothes with a N brilliancy glows ifter than these of her CLAIRETTE SOAP fii. y Manulacturcd f^t onlybjr IK. MRBAiHca, ST. LOUIS. Makes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endorsed by the Leading Physician*. Book to "STvthert'' mailed vnEE. BRADFIELD REGULATOR OO. ATLANTA, GA. 30LD BY ALL, DRUQQISTB. i CMcasoQ, Boci Islantl & Pacific By j Tht Dlcect Boat* to ud Item CHICAGO, BOCK ISLAND, DAVKNFORT, DEB MOINES, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA. LINCOLN. WATEBTOWN. SIOUX FALLS, MINNEAPOLIS, ST. PAUL, ST. JOSEPH. ATCHISON, LEAVENWOBTB, KANSAS CITY, TOPEKA, DI'.NVKK. O0L0BADO SPBINOS. *na PUEBLO- Free BecUnlng Chair Qui to tai from CHICAGO, CALDWELL, HUTCHINSON and DODGE CITY, led Faiace Bleaplag Can Itttwno CHICAGO, HVICHITA ana HUTCHINSON. SOLID VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS of Through Ooftchw, Sleeper*, Free Reclining Cbatr Cam and DiDlnjt Out dally between CHICAGO, DBS MOINES, OOUNCIL BUlFFB, OMAHA and UN- OOLN, sad between CHICAGO tod DENVER, COLORADO SPRINGS and PUEBLO vl»Ht. Joeeph, or KaasM City «nd Tweka. KicuvtioiM amilf, with Choice of Hoii 1 *8 to ana from Salt Lake, Portland, Loa Angela* and Han FrancUco. The Direct Line to and from Pllce'e Peak, Manltou. Garden of tha Oodi, tba baiiUariums, and Scenic Grandeurs of Colorado. Via The Albert Lea Route, Fait Express Trains dally between Chicago and Minneapolis and St Faul, with THROUGH KecUnlng Cbalr Cars FREE, to and from tbon points and Kan* •as city. Through Chair Car and Bleewr between Peoria. Spirit Lake and Bloux Falls via Rock IsUmL The Favorite Line to Watertown, Sioux Falls, tbs Summer Resorts aud Bunting and. Fishing Grouooa of the Nortbweat. For Tickets. Maps, Folders, or desired Information apply to any Coupon Ticket Office, or address B. 8T. JOHN, JOHN 8KBA8TIAN. Oeo'l Manager, Gea'l Tkt. 4 Ptm AgU CH.CaVOO. IfcU MANHOOD RESTORED. "•ANATIVO." the Wondvrful . apsnlsh K*iusdy, it sold with a Written Quarant** tooure all N+ivous Pis* ftnaea, soeli as Weak Memory, Loss of Drain Power, Headache, Wake fulness, Los (Manhood, HervoBsnew, Las*, all drains and loss or power of the Generative Organs In •a^aaaaaaPHBMHpHI fit her S»X. CAtJVd by over-sxsrtion, youthful Indiscretions, or tho exeesatva ose of tobacco, opium, or stimulants, which ultimately lead to InBiuity, Corwun.ptJim and Intanitr. Put up la convenient form to carry In tlte vest pocket Price •« a trackage, or 9 for So. With every V> or' written auarant** to our* or r< E on«r» Rent by mall to any address, plain envelope. Mention this paper. slAMJO Orftlim 00.. Branch Owk* ggg DeawlMfa sarwat, cu FOR SALE IN HUTCHINSON tins leieilH ul Treilanl far lie Care if LlQUORandOPIUMHABITS Call on or atldre#« the p\% of liriiti Ttrritiry, ^ aoMAcm '°' T!

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