Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1889 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1889
Page 4
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The fact that Davy produced e.vidonco In refutation of tho charges made against him by tin; "gixxl Mr. !£., of Oliio," does not drtraet from tho interest of the story. —NaslivilJo (T'.'iinrt American. I most luxurious soap for bathing ; it lather, freely and is easily rinsed off, leaving a sense of cleanliness and comfort attainable by no other means. MUSIC IN HIS \viiisn THE. TALENT OF A MEMBER OF THE CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE. A WORD OF WARNING. There are many white soaps, each represented to be "just as good as the 'Ivory';" they ARE NOT, but like all counterfeits, lack the peculiar and remarkable qualities of the genuine. Ask for "Ivory" Soap and insist upon gelling it. Ivory Coliyrlslit 1SW, by Procter Omtible Dlabcto* IJrcad. Iu dietetic treatment of diabetes one of tho greatest difficulties experienced is to provide for the patient suitable bread. That in common use is, of course, forbidden, for if eaten, even in moderation, -it is BC-irccly^possibile to effect a cure. Much of tlie diabetic "bread"brTthe mar- = kct is very little, if any, better for the purpose th-n ordinary baker's bread. Many waya of .making, diabetic bread have been advised. A recent, contribution by Dr. O'Donnell is as follows: Six eggs are- thoroughly beaten, and then a teaspoonful of baking powder, or ita chemical equivalent, and a quarter of a teaspoonful of salt are added, and again tho eggs are beaten. This mixture, poured into hot waffle irons smeared with butter, is baked in. a very hot oven. For variety, and to make these biscuits Beem more lilto coarse bread, pulverized nuts of those permitted may bo added. They may be eaten hot with butter and cheese, but will remain good for a long time and nobody would suspect that they wero destitute of flour.—Boston Herald. OLD DAVY CROCKETT, M. C. How He Did Hli« Shiire of tha KntertnlK- Inp—Plnylng "Dlilo" on tlio Or»T» of i»n O1<1 Frloml — Tho Sfildlor Wlin \Vlil«tlpil Down R ilrlcnil"' THE MAN WHO SAID : WHIP HIS WEIGHT IN HE COULD WILDCATS. i ofF»*a»flilrtane» K4t «-•»».. li«x ? l.lQe In tie world, and ihe «r«bowiitorellierlD*«i«rlc«. uitiutaw M.mSSf. FIFTH POINT You shonld read TUB CHJCA- co DAJLV NBWS because it's n ftttnily newrpttflfr. This Is an age when everybody re ads, an a the paper you bring into your family should have Rome thine of value fur all. The special interests of women arc not overlooked in TUB DAILY NBWS. And then you don't want to bringquextionahle reading matter luioyour family. You don't want to put indecent or immoral reading into tha hands of your children. You will never make a mistake on this storo If you . take home THE DAILY NEWS. The newspaper* are the great educators of this nation. The strength of the nation lies in the purity of Us firesides. 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Life, as he viewed it, rested under a yellow cloud, tinged with green. Hamlet, to my mind, was bilious. The blood, diseased,, carried through the natural gates and alleys of the body, made life a burden; and the ills of the body magnified in a tenfold degree bis other ills. Purify the blood, give new life and ac tion to the system, take Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, and your drowsiness, lack of appetite, chilly sensations, yellow skin, bad breath, will all depart, as the morning mists are dispelled by the rising sun. Ota Confidence is a plant of slow growth in an aged bosom.—William Pitt. Very Unbecoming. Lovely tints in the wrong place are reft of thelr-charm.—AJemon-eolored- countenance—the peculiar endowment of our pig-tailed brethren who "hit the pipe"—is unbecoming. It suggest bile going astray, and the inference ia correct. Pain beneath the ribs and shoulder blades, constipation, dyspepsia, rnr- red tongue and sick headaches supplement this indication of the bilious. 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Large size package 50 cento. 2 • "Thus am I doubly armed—my death and life, my bane and antidote are both before me" whether to sit nlone suffering with neuralgia or buy one bottle of Salvation Oil. j Tho Enfnnt Terrible. There ia a A sense of deception has parted them, and eho does not know tho reason. But he wished to placate the telltula imp of tho family, and he took him on his kneo one evening whilo ho waited for the young lady to come down. Ho was a noble looking young man, with a bang of which lit was very proud; and when the small imp put up hia hand and began stroking the bang ho felt complimented. The imp said: "What beautiful hair you have, Mr. Smith." "Do you think so?" "Yea; it's prettier than sister Kate's." "Oh, no." "Yes it is. Do you put yours in a box when you go to bed, too?"—San Francisco Chronicle. RETROSPECT. My child, wo were children toother; Two children, small and gay; We crept la tbo bum with tbe ehlcklca, And hid 'nentli tbo colden hay We mimicked their cackling and crowinf, And If there wero passers by- Kikerlkll They were certain, 'Twas chanticleer's callltiK eey. The chesta iu'Jhe great pave* courtyard We carpeted all with hay. And lived la them together, In a pleasant, sociable way. Tho neighbor's old gray pussy Would often come to call— "So very pleased to BOO you"— We'd curtsey low wtthaL And compliment hera-ppearanoa— Fresh as. a child of ten— We've told tho samo to many StueBT Anecdote! of tlie Fninoni Cniiirrniwiiiiiii --•from:.the_Wllil Woods of TcnntuBee—The Story Foun7l~ln~tho Column* ->f im Old Fhiladolptiln Publication. ^_ The celebration of tlie anniversary" of the birtli of Davy Crockett attracted public attention to one of tlio most remarkable mon who ever lived in this state. Comjiiinitivt-ly fnw of the present generation are fmiiUiui 1 willi ilio (Oiarartnrw.- tics of the famous Indian fighter, iitoiUiPr, hunter and member of congress. lu looking tlirougli an old scrap book today I found several copies of The Ariel, a literary anil critical gazette published in Philadelphia. Tlio number of Jan. 23, 1820, contains tlio following Etory of Davy Crockett, which may not prove uninteresting just at this time: Davy Crockett, a Tennessee member of congress. Tho facetious Mr. K., of Ohio, tells a good story in which this congressman from . tlio. wild woods of Tennessee figures as the hero. The reader will supposo Davy returned from tho first session ho had tlio honor of representing tho people in,congress. Ho is to suppose, further, that Davy has fallen in with a number of his constituents at a raising, and is telling them of his visit to tho president. DINNEU AT THE \VIllTJi HOUSE. "The first thing I did," said Davy, "after I got to Washington was to go to the president's house. Think'a I, who's afraid? If I didn't 1 wish I may be shot. Says I, 'Mr. Adams, I am Mr. Crockett, from Tennessee.' 'So?' says he; 'how do you do, Mr. Crockett?' and he shook me by the hand, although ho knowed I went the whole hog for Jackson. If I didn't twish I may be shot. Not only that, but he sent mo a printed ticket to dine with him. I'vo got it in my pocket yet. [f I haven't I wish I may bo shot.", Pere the printed ticket was exhibited for the admiration of tho whole company.) "I went to dinner," said Davy, "and walked around the loug table looking for something that I liked... At last I took my seat just beside a fat goose, and I helped myself to as much aa I wanted. But I hadn't took three bitea when I looked away up the table at n man called Tash (attache). Ho was talking French to a woman on t'otlienside of the table. Ho dodged bis head and she dodged hera, and they got to drinking wine across tho table. If they didn't I wish I may bo shot. But when I looked .back again my plato was gone, gooso, and all. So I jist cast my eyes down to t'other end of the table, and sure enough I seed a white man walking off with rny plate. Says I, 'Helloo, mister^ bring ' ""e" fetclieirifbacFnTa" We'd often nod and ponder, Like crones at vesper chime, How the great false world was better, Much butter, In our time. How Love and Truth and Honor Have vanished from the earth. How high the price of coffee, And tho dreadful money dearth. Gone by are tho days of childhood. Post are the dreams of youth; Long gone Is tbe bliss of a manhood. And Honor and Love and Truth. —Dorotho Dare, from the German of Helu& The noblest mind the best contentment has.—Spenser. *>rh li, Jta ,g Sft* f I'HHKK and Pj BiMSpala Cared. Misa Jaanette Day used several bottles of flibbard'a Rheumatic Syrup and found almost instant relief. I liave received greater benefit from tfee visa ot Hlbbara's KhmirnaUc yyrup for djBp*i«ift than any medicine 1 ever used. Mauy of my aequaiuUnu-es have udtHt it and all speak of it ia tha high e*t terms. Miss EMILY A, DAY. VVfc c«rtl/y tu th« abftvlt teirtiwiinWsi We U»',-s> iWtft tismdii-il ros> tHilea U'AS S'IM* li I'l"* 4,!*- (V Base envy withers at anothar'a joy and hates that excellence it cannot reach. Interested People. Advertising a patent medicine in the peculiar way in which tbe proprietor of Kemp'» Balsam for Coughs and Cold» does is indeed wonderful. He authorizes all druggists to give thaws who call for It » sample bottle fret that they may try St iHti'orepuretiaaicg. The isrgo botlUtt *r«s SOe smd We would *t!vis« a triftl. H Patent* of Thomas A. Rdlion. Telegraphy — Fruiting and automatic, 63; chemical and perforating, 84; . perforating machines, 6; chemical Btock printer, 1; multiplex, 17; relays, 8; switches, S; phonoplex, 8; induction relay teL, 2; acoustic, 2; amr. and ind, signal app., 4. Electrio lights— Incandescent lamps and manfr., 104; nro lamps, 4. Distribution — Systems of regulation and indicating devices, meters, sockets, switches, etc., 60. Generation ~ Dynamos, motors, 8; transmissionlJCjxJwer, 54; regulation, 50. Railways — Electria motor and track, 8. Conductors, uOTCrground and overhead, 3. Telephones— Transmitters and receivers, 83. Batteries, galvanic and secondary, 3. Phonograph, 21. Ore milling, 4. Miscellaneous-— Electrio pen u»d stencil app., 06; typewriter, 8; shafting, 1; maUeabling irou, 1; vocal engine, 1; preserving fruit, I. Total, 488. Besides thcso ho hua over 800 applications for patuuU j*eudiug on all Hubjects. The vurioisa iutc-resla bearing his name own many kuutlred Qt\ter patcuta covering details and modiilcaUona of Mr. Edi- suw's invention*.-- W. J. Hammer in World.- tha i nf V> C wtio back my plate.' hurry, as you may suppose, and when he Bet it down before ruo how do ym think it was? Licked as clean a» my hand. If it wasn't I wish I may bo shot. Says he, 'What will you have, sir?'. And says I, 'You may well Bay that after stealing my goose,' and ho began to limgh. If lio didn't I wish I may bo shot. Then'says I, 'Mister, laugh if you please, but I don't half like such tricks upon travelers. If I do I wish I may be shot.' I then filled my plate with bacon and greens, and whenever I looked up or down the table I held hay plate with my left hand. If I didn't I wish I-may be nhot. When we were all done eating they cleared everything off the tablo and took away the table cloth, and what do you think?— there was another tablo cloth under it. If there wasn't I wish I may be shot. Then I BOW a inan coining along carrying a great gl:iss tiling with a glass handle below, full of little glass cupa with something in them that looked good to eat. Saya I, 'Mister, bring tlmt here.' Thinks I, let's tasto 'cm tirst. They were mighty sweet and good, and so I took six of 'em. If I didn't I wish I may be ahot." HIS WAY OF ELKCTIONEElUJla. The Ariel of Feb. 7, 1820, contains tha following: "The Hon. Pavid Crockett, member of congress from Tennessee, who has been made the hero ot u most laughable utory by a waggish Kentucky editor, has taken that matter so seriously to heart as to publUh certificates of liiucou- tluct on the occasion alluded to. Mr. Clark,.of Kentucky, and Mr, Verplank, J^c-w York, liuve both cgrtitied tlmt hia conduct- at tho president's house 'was marked with tho BtricU-sit, propriety. 1 " We are told tbut Mi-. Crockett ia u BOII- uiblo man, but siiipsx'stt that it is trim that ho has something ot" tho "half horw, liulf ii-Uigator 11 iu hifi mainiora. Tin- Middlt*- g«ji U.tMtU', noticing him in tho following 1.1.1114 r, oUt-j 'tm'Uiiu tnl.Mtt .1 * . Mj "Atn little gntherlng lie iviis on!Ii;il upon to do his part in cntonninins the company and begged off on Ujiyilon tbut UL> could do nothing Imt whistle. Tlml was u fntal nd- niivsiiin. nml' tic «'ns Immediately tn-ntenced by u iinaniniHUs vote. to whistle fi>!' tlio «lifl- cation of thu lailies and geiitlemun pn-sciit. He wont to tlio pi.-ino, loin-lied HID l:oys In n way Unit indlrateil tlmt ho wns no tyr.i, mid then bos 1111 '" wliisi.lo, playing bis own ao- compnnimc'iit. There nro n good many Imitations of tlio mocking bin! uitjuit-, but lu this caao the notfls ninl trills of ino mocking bird wero faithfully and vividly reproduced, mill it was not n mlmit'o until the roomful of ix-oplo re.ilb.Kl tlmt they were listening ton whistler wlu>« outranked all tbe professi'onnls they hail •ever heard. Then ho yfhistled 'Annie Laurie,' and botoro tho end of the performance tho lailiea anil gi-iitlemen voted this qnlot business man the most delightful of entertainers." THE SIEilCHA.S-T'.S UEQUEHT. "I know n-iu>ni you iuetm,"_bukLaoommer'- ciol traveler. '_ - ThiB same whisUei- was on tho ruuf! n. tfoud 'many years ago and ho was onoof tl»i lii>st HUli'srnnu tbattravelwl. NVhen bo 'could not' hull R • man u bill of goods ha would sit down anil hr-i'in (ii> .wbistln .softly or would take, ont u little hurnumiea froin" his pocket anil iM-gin to play as though fur his own anuiK'nuint or lu Uill lima. Ho whistled anil phvyuil whilo ho waited, while other men would have Kuent the time grumbling ami growling over their disappointment in not making a sale. After the whistling solo ho very rarely failed to .make a satisfactory sale of goods. The stoniest hem-ted old merchant could not withstand such music. There was one old merchant down in Indiana who wa« a regular cn*tomi>r of our whistling friend, but-ho never gave him an order for goods until he had played tho harmonica and whistled several tune.-) for him. This, as 1 have said, wua tuuuy years ago. When om whistler made his last trip before leaving tbe road, this old merchant bought a big bill of goods and then said: 'My young friend, your music has been to mo ono of the sweetest things in life. For that reason I regret that yon arc going to Iravo thu i-o:td, but i want you to, promuo mo that if ever you come to Evansvlllo again you will como over to the store and play for mo. If I am not there my body will probably ho in tho cemetery, and In that caso I want you to go out to my grave and play "Dixie" and "Swcot IJy auJ By; 1 " ' "The promise was given, and a few years later my whistling friend and myself happened to bo in Evnnsville, and we called at the store of tho old merchant who had made tbo strcugo request. \Vo fouu'd tlio siju of tho former proprietor in charge of tho establishment, who stated that his father bail been dead some years. Among those present won the old bookkeciicr, who spoke of tlm promise made years before, and tho sou iiislstud.upon ita fulfillment. Tho family carriagu v.-at called and wo drove out to tho cemetery. A large granite monument mar|;eii the grave and tho whistler of tho old tinio sat down at tho base. He remained mleiit for a'few minutes, and then taking out his harmonica began to play 'Dixie.' It was a strange tuns for a graveyard imd'thoutfocc was confusing, but when ho had finished 'Dixio' ho bo^au to play 'In tho Sweet By and By.' I never heard that tuna, so |iluy«l before. .The man threw bis soul into the music, and if u message ever went from earth to heaven 1 bo- lievo that one did. Tho music \vassimply wonderful, and every one -*-as very much moved." TilB WniSTUNO SC'LDIER. "A good whistler Is, us a rule, tbe best of fellows," uald the i-ol.mi-l. "Wo bad ona fellow in our regiment ivho could whistle anything, and who was generally moved to whistle his best w hea ilie ~resl~o£ us "were K6t-~ ing our worst. Tho ugiinjfess iu soldi.;r uiituro was pretty sure to i-:i;no out at tho tail end of a loug, muddy march and tho swearing .at such times was very distressing to a mail who had faith iu human nature. At such times. i I O r- J ' hi !„ > "* 111 (li« ll ll I li V 1 i i I m ' ii' inin 111 •- i> I 1 n 1 > <! It I v 5 co\ r 1 th li t 11 »n n bi^'i i, » I •wheel in - > :l->. John I,. Sullivan is ropm-ted to biv.- run through nil of tho $:o,<KM h" got out. of Ins match -rith nilrain, to b« tk-'.ply in debt ond dead broke. Another sovere storm Is raging on tbo Atlantic, and Monday night wa.-i a tfrribtd on o nt sea. Several liv.-s wero ropjrlo.l lost on the Massachusetts coast. A woman namtxl Williams, poinz fr< ra Mnrqnettj to Ishpeming, gava birtli to » baby boy on the train just before it reai-lud Ncgaunw, Mi',-K, Sunday niglit Diplithorin is now epidemic at O.-dlatz'n, Pa., and is rnpidly currying oft tin little ones. Four families have each loal six to seven children Iu this p«9t month. Cnpt. Doberty, a wealthy cl'lz3ii of Asb- land, Win, sonia time ngo hat Hugh Stool, of Duluth, arrested for ste.-iling. Stool wns ocquittid and thinks tha lnd ; g-lit-y'wns woith $20,000 of Doh-jrty's money. Lester Green, street commiBsioner, nnd who bos been oldermon nnd acting mayor of Bloomington, Ills, has eloped «Hh Mrs. Barker, tho-protty wile of Al O. Broker, an enRlncer on the Chicago und Alton rnilway. Richard Clnrk, the brolhor-iJi-luw of Sen- ytor P»ck, of K»ntu<-ky, wns sent to the poor housn at Winchester, that stjvtn, Monday. Ho is n son of an ox-Kovernor ot tb« stnte, and o ninn of fine education. Whisky. An extraordinary yield oC corn is reported on the farm ot Mrs. E. M. Hayes in Hnr- wood township, Chnmpnlfjn county, Hid. One ncro ang a little over (IS-.'iO) produced IfH) busliBls. or a rnti- of 11U bushels an acre. 'Jbo corn IB of tho "DiiMon" white variety. THE MARKETS. CiiinAon. Oct. H. On tbebonrJ of trade to-day quotation* wero as follows: Wb.-n.t- No. " October, opened »>4C, etofwil MlJdu; Deeembor. opened Si^c olo'o I K'Jtic: Miiy, npenoil tfiHl-!. i Uwed 8.%-Vio. Corn-No. S.October, open ;ct and ii: De- Sl!4n; Miiy. opened Hl^c.. I-.IJIKU 33!4o- No."S Oetobei', o.iwii-il anil i -lose 1 IHJ cember, ni>iVn&1-imd closeil Wie: May, oiieiieil ?-"*-, (loBeit :SVtf-W!>--. I'ork -October, opened SW.fKMi. dusr;! f,|ii.,r,r-Noy<-mber. opened nnd i-low I ;V.:i7Ki: January, oprned. _ -fciid,. clrai'il S '.:«/«. l.anl— Octubur. otiraed. anil elO'-io I Sii.ifi'Uj. ... ...... V."'_^_ ' Livu Hii.'k--l''i>llnwlii'j wrr:i Ihn T'nlon '•' stoi-k prices: Htjus-Mm-Uia npi in d .ncthvand linn, with p.' ices "'?,l.ic bli;bor-. markut cloHlug easy for packing grade-.; li^bt grade -, H. -'iXiftl.S;!; riniuli pack in :, S'J.WkJM.lX); mixed lots, 84.II ; @4.-IU; heavy packing and shipping lots, 84.UOSl.3ll. Produce: Butter— Fancy Els'ui rreaiucry. 2* ®2."'C per Ib: best dairy, 'M®-ta: packlnw ntock, 7W88KK;. E(fR8— Strictly fr<wh. UWtJIT per doi; lee hoiijd, 15i4l>J4o. 1'oultrjr— Iilvo hens. 8c per !b: roostors, 5c: turkeys, 10.« duc.cs, »(ij> 8Jie: Beestc, &1.UU dWJ pur do/. I'otntnos— i&3t i3Uo per bu on track: sweet potatoes, S1.7."(B2.1M per bbl. Apples— Good to fancy, ?1.5<>i£).QO purbbl. Cranberries— SS.WjJs.i.1 pjr bbl. CHURCHMEN IN COUNCIL. oln^ of tho Episcopal CmiKT-opitionall NEW YOIIK, Oct. I. 1 ). Conventlnn— The I . Adjourn. -At yesterday's sas- lion of tho homo of- deputies ot tb« Episcopal general convention RJV. Dr. Htiu- tingtou oltered a resolution for tho appoint, rnent of a committeo to prepare o standard prayer book for IS'JJ. Ha gpoka in favor of U, and then tbe mat:er wont over. 8 Corning Ju Id spoke i i fav-ir of chnng- ing tho name of the c'anroi totha "Amurlcan church." Some other business was attended to and tben tha deputies went into joint ne&- , slon with the bisho]» on missionary work. In the matter of tha propos-d $l,OOJ,OOJ ea- "- dowment fund, which wua never raised, a report favoring tho rjturn of tho money subscribed tj tho subucribsra was laid on tlm table, A motion to appropriat> $40,003 for work among colored people was carried. At night a reception was given tho convention at Dolmontco'3 by thi Church club. Tho Con?n>£<ttlonull8t4 Adjoni'n. WORCESTER, Mass.,' Ooi.'lft.—A roiol utlon was adopted b/ the Cuagrjgiition d ohurch council yesterday asking co;ij;russ to increaso , the number of army a mpiuliui, and" it was recommendoJ tlmt cbu/uues contributs to the expenses of tlm CDU icil at the rats of 1}£ cents per member. Very conservatively worded temperauco roso'.ufciom wore.adoptoii, and a motion to sulistiuiU) t'.u word "legu." for "Iogitimit3" ellorti was dotoatt'd. A committee to su.;g j st irnprovemonts in public woi-sbl > was appoi ue 1, aa woll as a delegation to atteu.l thu pr-iposad international council. Tho ovoning was devoted to addresses, and tba council dissolved for this year. . \, 5 1 our gay whistler would KtriUo up some favorite tune. The swearing would cease, the boys would catch step, und they would go merrily along to the whistled melody. After abatt'o, when the men were despondent and discouraged, the whistler of tho regiment •would whistle tender, plaintive- tunes by tho hour,'and I know Ihut hu gave great comfort. "After tho battle ou Lookout Mountain' he was one of tho guards detailed to escort tho prisoners taken in tbe mountain fight down to Bridgeport, where they were to take the tralu for the north. There were several hundred of them, and the inarch down from Chattanooga to Bridgeport was a tedious one; but tbo slow progress brought about a close acquaintance between the guards and the prisoners, mill <>n several occasions during tho march the cheering whistle of tbe gay hearted man iu blue cheered tha heavy hearted men iu gray, and ttiey wero wont to call for music when tho circumstances of the inarch were more than usually distressing. "As they Btarttd across tho pontoon bridge at Bridgeport," tivo lines of gray in tho center and a thin line of. bliio OH each outer edge, tho whistler, in accordance with a very general call, started a melody biuteU p to tho occasion. Tbe men caught f4ep and went, swinging across the bridge, ignoring tho command of the officers t') chmigo step. As tho column nearrd th" ven'cr thu march had become a sort of joUillc.-uioii, und just us the jolity wan at its bi ij;ht tbo brid;;ii parted in iho uiiddlu and in an instant si'ori's of men were [struggling In thu wuter. Tbero was, nf course, great coufusiou, but In [;i:y;l tium (ill tbo men except tiir<:-o or lour wero iVueLVi! A imiug thix-so ioit u-L'iv (HU Ohio boy unu x ivi,i of tho "Thy survivor;; W.TO iuiu'.jtAtutoly hiixiled irito thv* t.''<:i:i ^v fiiti:u;. Iv-'vfy C'\\» was j.;roaily dcjecti-.l. Ju-.t i.wl'oi'0 lbo truin tUii't-'-l th«-<> c.aaiiw frwiii t!;y uhi>.t!f.M- \vi:.v, iu jd-i \vct cioxtu^, v^fw ti;v v't?i'y Uu;t,;o t.<f tiist-'jiiUvirt, A soft, t«ud:T ;n -K).ly. it «:m iiku ;jj..i wail a child, Uku ihu i.niii of M •« Mnn nncl Money Mtssinjf; NKW YORK, Oct. H —Frederick J. Warner, clerk in tbo olTli-o of the Wagner Palace Car company, is missing and 11,510 of the company's money is also missing. The general auditor ot the pusseii^er accounts, Frederick W. Seymour, has been tlisciiHi-^oil for failing to detest, Ihu lealcagn, but Mr. Seymour's honesty is not qrnstlm,;;!. Warner has boon playing thJ races, and lost heavily. He ii !£4 yearn uM. and bas boen quite prominent iu thu Y. M. C. A. brunch established by tho New York Central people. Tlm Wi>atlier \Vu !Mny Kxpnot. WABIIINOTOK CITY, Oct. 15.—Tho followtast are the weather In.Iicatloin for tbo th'.rty- •lx bours from t! p. m. yivitcnlay: For Indiana and Illinois; fair, slightly warmer weather; northerly winds, becomm>.j For Mlebitjan and • Wlst;o:istn—F.ilr, warmer weather; winds becornin: southerly. ForJowa —Fair weather, followed In west-rn pnrU.on by light ratu; warmer nouthcrly winils. flio Indian Maiden Telia, tho Seurot. a hm a biUk and constant iiaio SWIFT'S B \Uh Uji, ar»tl it ha* no r .- im I.iin-*l dud Ox, thui ; Ci!,O»- /f If ii I t«j*M

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