Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 18, 1903 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1903
Page 4
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THE TOLA ^nAlLYgEfilSTEB. SATURDAY, JULY 18 1903 . • III - =5 /T 1^^ TO GET THE NEWS THE DAY it Is to Read The lola PRESSPAPER Inthe STANDII 1 J EMiS IS MAKING AN INSPECTION OF ; . , THE KANSAS OIL •\ • - FIELD. ^ HELD LOOKS eOOD TO HIM What One of the Most Eminent Chemists in the World Thinks of the Prospects in This Line—Has Covered About Half the Field and V^ill See It all Before He Returns Home—Our Future Assured. A reporter for the Register met Mr. S. C. Uicbardson, chief chemist of the Siaiulanl Oil Company, Uayonne, N. J., at Indcpen.ionco yesterday, and among otiicr things learned that hu Iiad been in lula Thursday of tills week and I hat ho was malilng an inspection of llio Kansas oil field In the Interest of his conJi>any. Allhongh Mr. llichard- son is ona of the most eminent cheni isis in tlic countryand holds onoof the most responslhlo positltma In his line in! tho world, ho is traveling unostcn taliously, and Ills presence in the Kan- snis field Is known to a very few people. This is principally due to the policy of the Standard Oil Companv, which does not contemplate exploiting its plans lu the newspapers, but fuVther Mr. Richardson Is a very mjdest and uuassnming gentleman, wlio doesn't court publicity and mucli prefers «loiug things to talking about them. Mr. Richardson is inspecting tlie Kansas field for (he purpose of determining tlie value of (he oil In the various sections from a reflning standpoint, lie has covered about lialf the field, and expects to visit every oil pro<lucing sociion in tho state before lie refurns to Bayonne. In view of. the position which Mr. Richardson fills his opinion of (lie KaJisas oil field -s of more than passing Interest. IL is learned that as a result of his visit to (he oil Ilelds of Kansas the Standard Oil Company will take im- uKMliate slci)s to caro for all tho oil which can bo produced as soon as it «s put on t<^p of tho ground. It is known (hat Mr.| Richardson thinks the state will lie r. iioavy producer,, though the wi 'lla will most iirobably all^l)o small, I ho urt>;i beinr ''f such great ex(en( i,ha( a largo ii luber will bo drille<I. ll«! do (.'S not look for any oil excite niont sucli a.s was exitorieuced at lU'auiuotit. but (ho Kansas field, in his (ipiiiiun will ho one of (he great pro (iucer .H of (he country, the wells ril ready drilled indicating a steady and rolia!d<| llow. His cstimato of the situation would seem to indicate beyond all sjieculation, that the Kansas oil field Is here to stay, au.l that It will have to bo reckoned with in tho fu- (uro oil business of tho country. In a general way the possibilities of the Kansas soil liavo greatly impressed Mr. Richardson, tho natural products Iioing BO varied that many linos are opened for the profitable working of tho shales into brick, cement, etc., and he is of the opinion that the limestone of the state should bo used in many other ways than is now the case. Ho believes that the attention of peo pie outside tlie state has not been duly drawn to this section, but when this is done, capital will come in for manu- faciuring purposes, where it now knows nothing of the opportunities iiore presented. Another ten years will see a wonderful development along industrial lines in this part of the west, he thinks. Dr. -Jofies' P'romotlon. Dr. B. E. Jones, who located here a few years ago and who has held the position of state physician for the .Modern Woodmen, recently received new honors. lie was made a member of the supromo medical directors of the order. Dr. Currcn, of Illinois, and Dr. Smith, of Ohio, are the other two members of the board and they have charge of the medical staff and much of the insurance claim work of the huge fraternal order. The new position will doubtless require the absence of Dr. Jones from lola much of the time, but' the position brings him handsome financial returns and places him in direct line for better places in the insurance world. He has the cordial congratulations of his many friends. STOLE HIS BABY AGAIN. M. F. Carpenter, of Gas,City, Got His Little Daughter and 'Refuses to Return Her. Some time ago the. Register told of the troubles In the Carpenter family of Gas City. The two seperated because he drank and Mrs. Carpenter came to Tola with the children. Carpenter followed and took his baby son away and the mother had a frantic time; recovering It Yesterday afternoon Carpenter -was in town again and arranged with bis wife to take their little girl out to Gas -with him, agreeing to return the child last night. This he failed to do and today Mrs. Carpenter was seeking aid from the officers to compel a restoration of tho child. She expects to bring suit for divorce and among other things will ask for the custody of the children on the ground that tho father is incompetent and unfit to have them In his possession. AFTER ens AGAIN A company Has Been Formed, Which Will Drill Three Wells In an Effort to Strike Prosperity. Garnett will make another attempt to find gas. They will drill three wells at different points around GarnetL. A company has l)cen formed and the Garnett Eagle has the following to say of it: "Tho Anderson County Gas & Oil Company was formally orgSkized and mapped out its i)lan of work Friday night. E. M. Elliott, C. S. Coleman of this city, Rf'prescntativo James ilunfcr, of Greeley, and others aro In (crested in the matter. Tho intention of tho company is to begin ijirork just as soon as stock enough to drill one well, which will bo put down Just southwest of Greeley, is sold. An other well will be drilled on the J. N Sutton farm in Union township and another on tlie Black farm five miles northeast of this city. The first well will bo within a few rods of the bes( well that has been struck in the vi cinity of Greeley. Tho company have nearly four thousand acres of land leased along (he Pottawatomie valley from Greeley to Garnett and will con (iuuo work from Greeley t<jward Gar nett as rajiidly as possible." ESTRUGTIVE Wli STOl jT ELSMOIIE Nearly Every Window Glass In Town Was Broken—Storm Covered an Area of About Eight Miles. "The wor.'.t hail and wind storm in years p(ruck Elsmoro about 4 o'clock yesterday. Thursday morning, vloing thousands of dollars damage in this immediate neighborhood. "In town the damage consisted prin cipally in broken window glass, ruined screens and damage to shingle and tin roofs. Nearly all the glass in town on tho north side of houses being broken out, the percentage being best given by stadng that t'Wenty-flve of the thirty large glass in the north •win dows of the M. E. church wore broken Tho wind was almost directly from tho north, so that few glass were broke «Mt of the east or west win dov .-3. "The storm covered an area of about eight square miles extending about one and ono half miles cast, two and a half miles west and two north, but iittlo damage being done outside of (his area, while within this square crops are almost entirely ruined, fruit ami vegetables pounded to pieces, and trees of all kinds badly damaged or torn out of the ground. A. P. Matson who was farming the sguthast quarter of section 1, as well as his own farm is probably the heaviest loser. Ho finished plowing corn Wednesday and had a good prospect for an average <}rop, but the elements ruled otherwise and in thirty minutes had utterly (iestroyed everything. Not only is his corn crop annihilated, but his meadow and iiaslure are ruined, his orchard Is torn out of the ground and complete ly dcstriycd and nothing but his building: > are left standing."—Elsmore Enterprise. Bassett ^ible School. Meets: every: Sunday afternoon in Bassett jhall at 3 p. m. All are cor dially In^-lteii. CEMENT OFF CIAL MAY GONFEII THE STRIKE Possibility That Situation May Be Discussed at Meeting of Company and !t3 Employes. ;;C. L. WHITAKER, I mi 1 1 1 i *un n 11 1 i m nMii 111 n 111 u M i-ii iinin i Th« nmt yvm pay wUl bay • Vmtt jReal Estate, Loans and Insurance. The Btrikc situation at the cement plant remains about tho same as recorded yesterday. State Labor Commissioner W. L. A. Johnson came in last night and is doing all in his power to bring the situation to an early settlement. A short conference was held with the local officers of the cement company this morning. They decided to wire the members of the board of directors out of the city and get their views as to whether they would be willing to hold a conference tomorrow afternoon with a committee of the strikers. Should they express a desire to do so a conference will bo held In this riity with tho committee appointed by (he strikers and the whole question will be thoroubhly discussed. Several more new men have boon added to the list already out and tho total number now roaches about 150. Mr. Johnson will remain in tho city until tomorrow evening. It is hoped that tho matior can be satisfactorily arranged tomorrow and for tho best interests of all concerned an early settlement of tlio dilficulties will be glad news to the citizens of the community. HAVE NOT GEEN REGOVERE The Probabilities Are That it Will Be Impossible to Find Body of Miss Campbell. The remains of Miss Jennie Campbell have not boon found in the ruins of the sanitarium fire and tho chances now seem against the possibility of e^r finding them. H. Campbell talked to his brother at noon (odayaud nothing new of any importance was learned. A case of a v.atch which is suppo.sed lo have belonged to Dr. Rogers has been found. Tho remains all fell into the basement and aro yet so hot that it is impossible to malce any systematic search. J. II. (3ftmpbell will leave there some time (oday for Iiome. The family has decided (rt hold, memorial services but will wait several days in liopos (hat some trace of Miss Camp- l)eirs remains may be found. LOCAL NEWS. Mrs. W. II. Hoot returned home to- •iny. ; Mr. A. r wont to Kansas Cl'.y on busjiM'.ss. Willie Miluo went to Pittsburg for a few (lays' visit. Mrs. O. A. Brown returned to her home in Chanute. Wanted— At once, transfer men. Luccock Transfer Co. Mrs. Matt ic Brazee went to Phinzes, 111., for a few weeks' visit. R. ; F . Parsons went to Cherryvalc for a few da.vs on business. Mrs. M. C. Yingling returned to her homo In Humboldt this afternoon. Edith Petairsou returned to her homo in Pittsburg this afternoon. Mrs. C. B. Gibson returned to her liome in Clianuto (his afternoon. G. E. Finnt^y went to Neosho Falls this afternoon to spend Sunday with his parents. Mrs. A. F. Remsberg left this afternoon for Ottawa for a few days visit with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Leatherman returned to their homo in Pittsburg this afternoon. Mrs. Joe Amott and children left this afternoon for Humboldt for a few days' visit. Miss L. E. Dunham of Gas City, left this afternoon for Pittsburg for a few days' visit with friends. Mr. T. J. Carl (on left this afternoon for Pittsburg to look after a patient in which he is interested. Tho funeral services of William Yeagcr were held at the United Brethren church this morning al; 10 o'clock. The services were in charge of the Odd Fellows and Ancient Order of Pyramids and were largely at tended by tlic friends of the deceased. Interment' was made in lola cemetery. Rev. Mr. Price, who is visiting here from Wellington, has papers from Sumner coimty telling of the county attorney trouble. That official, Mr. E. B. Wilson, recently disappeared and claims aggregating $50,000 have been filed against him since, suits being brought for over $20,000. A friend says Wilson was offered $100,000 for a Colorado mining claim provided he would furnish $4 ,000 for an expert report. He discounted the future to raise the funds and now is laughed at for a sucker. Elx-Jadge J. A. Bumette has been \ appointed county attorney to eeda Piscuit ara simply S Improved soda crackers^ .Quite different Ifrom tlie common craickers .that pome in paiier bags pAnd which no one li^uys; 'Nowadays excepting asj aO^atter of habit Vnaediei Biscuit are made bettqr ; i bytthe baker and keptbetier ^y the in-er-seal Package, identified by the _u famous red and White trade mark deilgnl'^^ flATIONAL BISCUITJCOMRANV MUebytbo BATTLE OEEK BKAKFAST rOOO CO ^Wj such as is i |j> PTQ ^ usualljasbld ,for I O W • 1 Q"^^ for a Full Size Packag:e, The largest food mill in the world, with the most approved labor saving machinery, enables us to make the best flaked Wheat Food at this Lower Price. ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE GREEN PACICAGE If your grocer does not keep it, scud us Uis name ^d 10 cents and we wili send you a package, prepaid. Address all communications to Battle Creek Breakfast Food Co., Quincy, IlL Witt. LANYON, sr., Pres. J. B. CASE, Vlce-Pres. A. B, ROBERTS, Cash lola State Bank, Capital Stock, $50006. DIRECTORS; Wm. Lanyon. sr., O.Hood, Occ JK. Nlcholson.l .M. A. Low,' J.A.Robinson, ; H. L. Henderson, Frank Riddle, A. B. Itoberte. —————— , STOCKHOLDERS : J. H. C»se J, B, Case, Wm. Lanyon, sr., Geo. E. Nicholson. J. A.-,Koblnson, Frank Riddle, A. JL. Taylor W. S. Hendrlclts. H. L. Henderson, L. L. Ppnslci-, JD. Klaninan, .1. W. CoaVant, David Ewart, K I'. ScheU, A. IJevinKton, >.T. ?. Walker, Calvin Hood, M. A. Low; H. A.Ewlnp. A. W."Howlaind, J. W. Kdwards, : B.H.Bennett, Evans Bros.,-. A B, Roberts. Many homea are mere lonely abodea '-- becanse no cliildren: are there. Barrenness exists in almost ei^ery^case because female diseases . have paralyzed the (V^n^ of womanhood. Wine of Cardni imparts health and strength to the diseased parts- snd makes motherhood possible in thoasan^ of cases wlicre barrenness is supposed to be incurable. Wine of C^ui resjulates the iiicnstmai' flow and also prevents- miscarriage and icures beiurinp down pains; Wine of Cardui removes the cause of bar^nness by making the female organism strong and healthy. ; Go toyour druggist and secure a $1.00 bottle of Wine of Cardui^' Tlie use of Wine of .Cardui will bring hapless to your home. 'In cases, reqnirfng special (lirections, address, giving lymptoms, "The Ladies' Advisoiy Department, TTjo Chattanooga Medicine Co., iChjrttanooga,; Tennessee. A METIITSTI C OLO., Feb. 24,1902. rorth its weight in gold. It does more than Wine of Cardni is yoa claim when wine oi v^aiuai is worm »v=> -v -.s^"- — (,»— . . . :Iaim.' It has saved my life and (iused me to become a mother everything else failed. MRS] D0EA I. E.jLe FEVRE. B RTAIIT, YA.,.Feb. 18,1902. . My daughter-in-law, Lizzie Gilesf, fc^d great ^ieneiit in Wine of idne. ^ weeks oldi She highly recommends Winei;of Cardoij- My daughter, Fannie Hudson, also^ha^ aJxre baby boy by youie trwtiaent. 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