Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 18, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA. CAMPOKNIA. Kntcred ai the I'ostoffic? Covina, C,,il., as sccotirl-class matter. Published every Saturday by th<- Covina Argus Publishing (Company, Inr. One Year in advance Six Months Three Mouths .. Sinple A I) V R K T IS KM I'.N TS : • T)isplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. Liners 5c per line r;u:li insertion. Legal notices i'l.oo per inch insertion, 5,0 cents car.)) subsequent insertion. COVINA, July 18 l'X)H. In voting ?'!'), 000 bomls ymli'.r- <lny for the; purcliiiHn of H nito ami the erfiKt.ion of a hi^h nohonl building, Urn (•iti'/f'MH of Covimi huvd tnkfin HtioUior Htnp, and H very important, otu;, towards making (,'ovina (he frmimohi, town in Uio Hun fidbrifil vnllfiy. Hixf.y thousand dollars, find I lie firfmiicini thonr; bondH will fetch in tin* n i m 1 !<cl,, will provide a Hiirn of over 8 in, 000 for t.lifi iirnction of n Imildinii, which HhoiiUJ givo (,'ovltia H high Hc.liool Rccfind l,o ri'itH! in Los AMK«|OH c.ounl.y. Tho biiliin'tu, which will fipprnximiiU; 820,000, will pny for the site and thoroughly equip the Her vices in the (,'hurcl) of (he Holy Trinity : Holy ( 'oinrtiunioti 7:1(0 a. in. Hmidny M'.hoo! it : t~> M.HI. Mnvn- ing pru.vf!! 1 II a.m.; Nnbjcrt, "Tho Houre.f! of .\iithnril. y. " Kvon?<iiig 7::t() p.m.; Hubjcct, "'''rue Life.." hroop Polytechnic Institute Located In Pasadena, the most beautiful city of California MVI;S A i-RAcrrcAL MODKRN r:r)i;cATio.v. Covina i.s growing today an no ot.hor oil.y in Los Angc.les c.ouril.v, find its productive will, abundance of water and tho publio Hpirit of its citixciiH nro aflHotn which giiiiniuicc a c.onUntH'd, nlciidy and growth. Covina has a H«x:ond newspaper, the WHVO, (ho first, number of which appeared last week. ConnidorhiK it,H proximity to Lo.s Angeles with il.H fivo daily paperx which oircnlato freely throughout, thin valle.y, mid the further fact that the Ar«us i« one of the boHt local papers in the county, we can nee no room for a m.-onm'l papor in (snviiui, but if ihero is an "achiiiK void" in the nowspapcr Hold in our neighboring city wo hope Mr, Mann will bo ublo to fill the mimo. It IN rather discouraging, however, alter an editor has worked no long and faithfully (or the promotion of a place as J. L. Matthews hati for Covina, to BOO the loading biiHinOH" men of the city HO ready to assist an outsider to co(no in and titttmipt to drive tbo home pnjjor to the wall, aw that in about what the newcomer usually htipoN to be able to do, IIH ovoryono familiar with tbo newspaper biiHincss knowH there is no room in a town of Covina'M six.e for two papers, especially within an hour's ride of a ^roat city. ---Ax.ima Pomotropio. \Vo appreciate the kindly words of our brother oditor of Av.iiHa and sluill always try to deserve the Name. In justice to the iricrolmntH and IIOHH men uf ('oviiui, however, wo would state that the Argils has received more kindly words, and what is more to the pn'ini, favored, with more business (us our advertising columns show) since our competitor entered the Hold than at any time in the history of the paper. The people like the Ar^us unit the Ar^us likes the people. At the Methodist Church, thf) psiH- tor, Kov. II. W. Whltf ; , will preach both morning and evening- In thn evening at 7: IH t.he last of thn series of HorrnoriH on "Old Test,amt:nt MIIH- terpieoea" will be Riven. Tho topic of this Hfrmon will bo "Tho Drama of Hulli arifl Jfoii'/. " Hunday-fichoo| 9:1.1; Interrriodiatc and Heniw I'Jp- worth Leagues (>:IT>. ClafiH meeting at olotio of the morning mtrvico. Hl.rimgerH wolcorno. To Keep the Streets Clean. Congressional Primaries. Tickets of delegates who will lie friendly to the Interests of COIIKI'OSH- inan Mcljiti^hlun in the (ttninty congressional primaries are announced. Those tickets will bo voted on next Monday from 1 until V o'clock in only the congressional districts in Los Angeles county outside of Lou Angeles Mini Pasadena. They will be the only Kopubliuau tickets in the Hold as the demand for McLachlan's return to Congress is unanimous on account of hiri determined stand for protection on the citrus industry. The delegates chosen at Monday's primal-ion will attend the ('(invention at LOIIK llcach -\UK. l< r i. I tolerates to this ciiiiviMit ion who will rt'prehont Uie cilics of l.ns An ^nlcs and Pasadena will bi< rlmsi'ii at llic county primaries to bo held An HUst 11, when delt'Uliics will ,ilsu bo named to attend the .state and county nonvont ions. Delegates from the tiSth Assembly DiutricL will lie: ,1. A. l>.do, .!. L. Means, linniil Duiker, \\'. \\'. Moth, ,lames Cliiminsiin, !•'. M. Chapman, IJ. K'. Davisson, A. W. S\\ain, \. .1. Slcveiiri, Wilmol Parcher, II. P. K'oso, I-:. A. Kisher, C. II. Clink, ('. I ). No\\ c jo iM. Tho c.ity's new yarbaKe. and rubbish cans hnvi! arrived and have boon placed at the corner of every principal streets in the city. They are, to be used as reeepticles for waste paper, rubbish, etc., which when thrown on the streets lends an untidy and shiftless air to the whole city. Now that these cans have been provided thero is no excuse for the habit of throwing trash into the street, and parties guilty of the same will bo subject to arrest and prosecution. Th.o marwhal has boon instructed to strictly enforce the ordinance, The marshal lina also been instructed to arrest all parties guitly of the ttlthy habit of expectorating on tho sidewalks. Gentlemen will not and others must not. Mi 1 -^. \V. A. Ynuiig ami family \'.i-n! op l<i ('old lii' >(i!> 1 ';.ii:| this ',s(rk. (in arc'.Mtnl nI tin- illur-.s ul the baby, Mi.-,. \ i.uim \\ii-- c..mj.cll ill lo I'rlmn in ('c\iiia tin- il.iv .-.MI i Hoinu up. HIT daiivhtei, Mi.-.- Hliilu-bi -, \sill sli.y al I In ran:j> !..r a while. Dies in Pasadena. The death of A. S. Do Witt., which ocou'iTod on Monday at Pasadena, floes not come as a surprise to his many friends in this city, the deceased having boon ill with JJright's disease for many months. Tho funeral, hold at Long Uoach on Wednesday, was attended by several members of tho firm of Warner, Whitsol A- Co. of this city, of which ho was an employee for several years before entering the service of tho Pacific lOlcotric railway. Ho was a man who was always held in the highest, esteem by his employers and follow employees. Tho bereaved wife, who expects soon again t<> be a mother, has tho heartfelt, sympathy of her many friends in Cnvina. The deceased loaves one son, a boy of eight. Sporting News. |)ovt' Huason opened on Wednesday and long before daylight every sportsman in Covina had started for the hills and the water holes. A. It. Evans secured the limit before 7 o'clock i" the morning Ho found tho birds plentiful at, the smith of his orange grove on tho lialdwin lino. A party consisting ot Mayor E. 11. Laheo, U. C. Pollard, K. II.. l-'ahriok and C. E. Paige secured excellent sport, in Iho foothills at (ilondora. ('. |). liritlltliH, manager of the KorokbolV-Cn/ner lumber yards at this point, crack nlmt, seemed tho limit at (ilendora heforo H o'clock in tho morning. Tho first buck of tho season, killed in the Littlo Dalton canyon, IVII to tin- ginia of Covhiu hunters. Ira lifll and Kdward and Murk Middauuh. The buys left hero Tuesday evening, icluiii ing Immi' U'ciliii'sdav. A nm.-t I'lij '.v;il If faicui II ri'Ccp ua:- tcinb'i cil ti- Mi--. .1. H. l.amb by tho l.adiis \id .,(' I In- M. I'.. Thni'sday .ittrin un in l!ir j-ailms ul Die church. Ketie.-l:nn'iit:- ul | Ulu-l, alnl Ciike '.vt-I '<• MM \ i > I an I i In t.ili Irs ur: c L;:I\ ^\ it h i ul :!• -'• i i •. x U.M -I ciil pi >'t;i am \MI- i :. : \ i i ,,i 1 .'<; i -. I .illllb, \S ho I - !>•:! > llu: ••' "'l I i •! I. ike Ci :lllll V, \MIS I I I'-M'lll i I A 1 i !l .! .1 >/ ell I i ell > ei-ii.a i la 1 ." - a> a 11 Ui n "f alt ei'tluii. Colleqe of Engineering, Manual Training Academy Normal School of Manual Training, Art and Domestic Economy. I'KKI'AKf-'.S KOK M'.ADtNf; COT.LICfU'.S AM) t:M VKRSITIKS. NVw i •, tin IMI 4 of 2i<ni'n--<. faruli v 'if 4O, o -nt Ixwl v of 4no. lio.-oiliiiK hall for hoy, 1 -*-- m<»'!'T;il*'. Hcnd fr-r <:.'it;ik.«^. ARTiri'H HKNRV C:HAMJt(.Kr,AIN ti. S.. A. M., Airlinu Prcnld.-nt. Christian 0:15. I'rr'tirliirii/ by the pHRt.or 11; subject, "KftrjifiK Only What is Near." .Junior :!. Senior Kiideavru- '!:'!.'». At 7:iri the second Hcrrnon to ymiiiK rieople on l J il«i'irn'H I'rngreHH, entitled "(,'hrisl inn it the Hluugh of DeHpotu) nnrl the VV'ir.kH. (iatc. " All are cordially invited. \V. (J. (,'orilcy, pastor. Worship at tho BaptiHt Church: Bible Hohool !):lfj a.m. Preaching HervictiH at 11 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. Morn inn Hiibject, "('hri.sti an Wealth ;" evening Hiib.jeet, "The Hupreme Uo- ftlro Completely Hatinfled. " IJ. V.P. (J. 7 p.m.; leafier, Paul Ayone, A cordial invitation Is given to all to al.tend these Subscribe for the Brgus. New Telephone Number Azusa 4 V CHAS. H. MORRIS Implements. Wagons and Buggies at Los Angeles prices. We Have MOVED into our completely furnished building on the corner of Citrus and Badillo Avenues, You are invited to step in and look at our store. w. w. NASH Prescription Druggist (OVINA TRANSFER HUTCHISON BROS., Props. All kinds of hauling and Furniture Moving. Specialty prepared to move pianos PROMPT SERVICE. PRICES RIGHT. Office OD Citrus Ave. Covina, Cal. Home Phone 1108 I Harness, Saddlery and Supplies for Horse and Stable The right goods at the right price. COVINA HARNESS & SADDLERY CO. Howeil & Howcll BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Brown's and Crenshaw's ^ Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. Announcement We wish to announce that we have sold our stock of (rroccries to Mr. J. F. Home of Downey, Cal., who will take charge Monday, July 20th, We ask all of our good friends to give Mr. Home a fair trial as we are certain he will make every effort to cater to your wants and treat you honestly. He is an old merchant and thorougly understands the requirements of an up-to-date grocery store. We take this opportunity of thanking our many patrons for their very liberal patronage and many kindnesses shown. Very respectfully, Brown & Bohri An Extra Pay Day Have you placed your money where it will be safe and earn more money for you? Open an account with the Covina Valley Savings Bank, where your funds will be secure f and each interest period bring you an extra pay day. 4 per cent interest paid. Accounts of SI and up received. . Covioa Ddlley Saving M Covina, California < Money to Loan %*/ on real estate, privilege to pay $100.00 or multiple thereof at any interest paying date. I buy trust deeds, deed contracts and first mortgages. At Argus office afternoons of Tuesdays and Fridays; at home on Puerile St., except Mondays and Thursdays. Telephone 3259. OSCAR MILLER. Phone Home 1170 THE NKW IRambler Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price, \Vc can "show you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN S.V) S. Broadway, I<os Angeles Agent for Southern California Q. W. MARSH Practical • • CARRIAGE AND AUTO ftaintcr Shop opposite i'ostollice TOY IN A |- 7 inancial Representative Wanted. A !.<'- Aiiyrlus I'urptiratiiiii pm'Mie • ''<liii.y 1 v h.ili' .1 tul prut i tulile ..MI-S.I iui-al ri'piv-,1 1 ]! !ati\ e j .t ^i. in. 1 ,);!:: •'• u '' 1 .il'iiilY 1" .id .'<s It i-ju \ -.i-iit -t •'• '• '" .11 * iH'illy •.llli.-.iT^p in; .in liii.Miu •- ,,,., i !'.i\ i .it !l>. N"l '• '•''• '•" '• "- >'-' I'-iul, «ll- - ----- 1' >' -.'tlfl- , .1, . \ -\\ i.l liii -r.i . • lilll MliVl'-Mlli l'' s.ii.i ru'il p. isi! i-. 11--. AiMiv-» i' i -ill ill.XKV M M,-t)t »N ALP. I'r.-s. 1>'.I S>. v'Ui it S' ll'.u!i!iiiL;.l.-JM AIIL; i U 1 -- A al. A Year's Service is nothing to brag about for a pair of Menz-"Ease" Elk Skin Work Shoes We have known some men to wear Men7,-"Ease" shoes every working day and Sundays too for two and even three years. For a man who is on his feet all the time in the field, on the railroad or in the factory there isn't a more comfortable, longer wearing shoe made than the genuine Mena—"Ease*. Genuine Menz-"Ease" Elk process leather used only in Menz-"Ease" shoes, is as tough as rawhide but as soft as a glove. One remarkable feature of this leather is that it will always remain soft and pliable, even if wet through and dried out day after day for weeks and weeks. We do not deny that you can buy right in this town an imitation of a genuine Menx-"Ease" make of so-called Elk Skin leather, but do not be deceived. An article known as an imitation is never as good as the genuine. The name Menz-"Ease" on bottom of sole and the yellow silk label are easy to find; put there for your protection. Broadwell Store Covina, California

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