Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Peace Parleys Momentous in Humble Selling By ,IACOnV Written for NF,A'Service NEW YOTIK—(NEA)-Seldom in recent hlstflry have such momentous proceedings as the Korean peace talks been held in such humble Surroundings. They're even short of ash trays. As ft result, the Red delegates and those from the United Nations are always having to share the same ones. They do It gingerly, though, as If they're afraid they'll .accidentally touch fingers, And I never saw a man on one side give a man on ihc other side a clgaret. The shortage of ash trays Is Symbolic of the surprisingly *plain surroundings at the Panmunjom meetings, from which I have just returned after 36 months in Japan and Korea on duty with the U. S. Navy, The top-level meetings, called plenary sessions, are held irf a big old American Army tent in a field in the middle of the neutral meet ing zone. Crude Table The long table in the middle of the tent is nothing like you ever saw in a board of directors room. Actually, it is made of a lot of little tables like you'd see in an infantry outfit's orderly room. Naked light bulbs hang at odd intervals from the top of the tent. The chairs ate simpe, straight-backed affairs, and very uncomfortable. 1 know, The plenary sessions get underway at 11 a.m. And that doesn't mean 10:59 or 11:01. Military people are very prompt. Shortly before 11, the staffs, numbering from 15 to 20 on enrh side, enter the tent and take thrir places at rear or side tables. The two delegations try to come in at 11. sharp, through their own separate entrances. But since watches are not synchronized, cur delegation may go in slightly ahead of the other. U'i Our delegation is headed by Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, and the enemy's by General Nsm II, of the North Korean People's Army. Procedure There takes place now an interesting bit of procedure. No enemy delegate ever walks over to our side of the tent, and we never cross to their side. Tho big table is in Ihe exact middle of the tent and each delegation always sits on its own side. One would' think there was a line drawn right through the middle"of the tent, which they could not cross. Which is just what there is. It's not a big while line like you'd see on a football field. There's not even any line that you can see But it's there, nevertheless. It's the boundary line which crosses through the entire middle of the neutral zone and which separates us from them. The opposing staffs, which are actually expert advisers to their respective delegations are already seated in the tent, when the dele- walk in. impolite When the Un delegation enters, the UN staff respectfully rise?. When the enemy delegation walks in, the enemy staff rises. Neither staff stands for the opposing defecation. When the two delegations are seated across the big table from each other, either Adm, Joy or On, Nam will say something like, "Let's get going." As IWe endless haggling gets underway, four low-ranking but very important people go into actJon. Without them, in fact, there could be no truce talks, They are • the Interpreters, two to each side. Everything Adm. Joy says (no's the only member the UN delegation who addresses (he enemy) is translated to the enemy delegation by our two interpreters, one speaking Chinese and the other Korean. Their In terpreters translate what CJen Nam says into English and Chinese The latter is necessary for the benefit of the Chinese members of thoir delegation. Gen. Nam used to get pretty sore at one of his interpreters some limes. But he never fired him. The fellow always turned 9p .the ne.x day. Sincere Effort At the plenary sessions everyone is usually pretty polite. Both the enemy and our side have made a sincere effort to conduct things properly. But at some of the sub-delegation meetings which are frequently held, their boys get a little sharp- tongued sometimes. When one of us got insulated at one of these meetings were were very proud of t—under these circumstances we liked to b* disliked. My work was mostly with figures, and one time an enemy sub-dele- gallon member referred to me ««8 "the incompeetent accountant," with an amusing strong accent *m the third syllable. I was very pleased with myself and the envy of my friends. Schedule Punctuality being of historic virtue with the military, our side has set up an elaborate transportation schedule for getting our people to Panmunjom on time from our living quarters 16 m>les away In Munsan. There is a staff meeting at Munsan at 8 a. m. to have a final dis- cusion of the day/s strategy. At about 8:05 the transportation officel comes in, tolls everyone the officin time (so we can synchronize our watches) and gives everyone win Is going to the meeting a card tell Ing him when he will leave ant by what means. Our top ranking people go by helicopter when the weather is good enough. Otherwise everyone goes by jeep or sedan, and then we have quite a little convoy, can't help wondering what wouk happen to that poor transportation officer If he got everybody to the meeting an hour late some time. Really Hot Surface temperature of the sun is estimated at about 11,000 do grees, and the heat in its interio is said to reach many million dt>- grees. The. American Bible Society dis tributed more than 16 million Bibles in 1951. IMcs May draw If new plantings prove success* ul the picturesque Monterey pine may decorate the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland, Thurso reports. Because of the strong winds it is difficult to grow trees on the is- ands, but a former Shetlander, Dr. P. S. 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