Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1889 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1889
Page 3
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ion(!T"FiWs Pew, Brail anMiwWniits, Fig, Dates, Clifxloiils.lko:! I !J.! \, U ,' • S ^ " r . . i j T 1 - . , P r ^ p, A California and Michigan Fruits: Peaches, Muscntol and Tokay Grape' ' " /T i i r> £ ~ —The platform in ths C. & N, \V. yard used by farmers in loading household goods on ears and by dealers In nloadlng implements is to lie moved o a point east of the freight depot. —Straw is very plenty in the neighborhood around this city this yeni, and he paper mill owners are buying; vast quantities of it, and stacking it in heir yards for fu'ure use. COMING A.fter tlie 1 Otli ot Oct. you can see both white and blaclt . Stoves at LEWIS D. WYNN'S; Also a fine line of Butcher Knives. Evening Gazette. Tarn BVMOKO QAIHTTB can oe n&d at all the newi stands. Price TWO OBirrs. OFFICIAL PAPER OF THE CITY. To-nljht. Regular conclave of Sterling Com- mandery Go. 67 Knights Templar. T-M. B. Rutt Is out from Chicago for for a week. —Mrs. Dr. M. A. Bunn has returned from Champaign, III. —Mrs. J. E. Hoadley, of Washington, D. C., IB the guest of Mrj^Tuttle. —Rev. Cass Davis and family, of FuV ton, are visiting in Sterling to-day. —We want the knitting factory to help swell our population by next June. —Mr. George R. Brlndle, of Cham bersburg, Pa., is visiting W. A. Grove, at Gait. . —Mrs. Mary R. Frey, mother of W. 3. Frey, baa gone to Rockford to visit ler sisters. —Judge Cartwrlght will preside at the November term ot court in Jo Davless county. —The electric light men began to-day placing wires into buildings for commercial lighting. —Mrs. John A. Page has returned from a two months' visit at her old home In Massachusetts. -Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Todd, of Broome county, New York, are the guesta of their nephew, Mr- A. S. Todd. —The Moline Republican now says it was wrongly. Informed as to a child being born to Rev. and Mrs. Oilman Parker but that It was to the pastor and wife of the Swedish Baptist oaurch. —John Coxon Is suing the city of Steator for damages for Injuries caused by falling through a defective sidewalk. —Let all new buildings erected in this city be after modern styles of architecture. Let the city grow in beauty as well as In prosperity. —It looks metropolitan to see the vestibuled passenger trains stop at the elegant new Northwestern depot, and .. __»_ __*. «.JV n*> tvat*. r\T\ lift* —The 0. ft. & Q. yard in this cit y seemes to be much too small for the business that is being done. What's the matter with buying all the property between their tracks and the C. & N. W. tracks, west of Locust street, and laying more tracks. Freight business is going to increase in Sterling instead of diminish. —Sterling la the largest city of the 7th Congressional District of Illinois, and is the chief center of trade for a distance of thirty miles In every direo tion. Sterling merchants sell cheaper have larger and better stocks of goods and here there is more competition than In any city for even fifty miles. People in the surrounding counties who do not already patronize our merchants will find Sterling the beat place at which to do trading. If you cannot drive here, come by railroad, for your fare will more than be saved In buying here. —A Rock Falls man wants to know why the Rock Falls city council does not take some action regarding the lighting of the city by electricity. The council, we understand, are waiting to ascertain the success of the electric lights in Sterling, and wlli;then probably d<r (something. Bock Falls now upends about gitxr fiimvm!'?"f'yniroii. lamps, which gives very, fuoblc l!£l:t. The same money, at the rate to be paid by the city of Sterling, would pay for 25 incandesoent electric lights of 25 candle power. Thirty or forty lights wpuld__di8pel_the_ d arkne8_a__ln Rock Falls In pretty good shape. —Exchanges tell us that the "birds of a feaiher" party Is a late thing. The lady at whose home the party Is to be given tells a friend to make out a list of people whom she knows to be on friendly terms with one another, belonging to their "set." This list the hostess uses without change, and the guests, while knowing that the hostess did not make the selection, are not allowed to learn who did. Unusually pleasant gatherings of people of similar tastes is the result, It is a great scheme, for no can get angry with the hostess If he does not receive a bid. —A switch track ia soon to be built at the water worKs pump house, by the Northwestern, for unloading fuel. --George Hall is to-day puCling an asphalt wftlk. in the lawn at L. H. Kutt'a residence on 1st avenue. As soon us stone cnrbing arrives for the street sidewalks he will begin work on them. —We notice that under the brand of "Imperial" some of our leading grocers have placed on onr market the flour made at the new mill at Duluth of which we gave an illustration in a former issue. The people of this city feel a special interest in Duluth's big mill from the fact that the enterprise originated with and has been carried to completion by a fellow citizen who was raised and educated in this city, and of the working force in the various departments of the mill no less than eight are former citizens of Sterling. —A. B. Spies, proprietor of the Sterling Wagon Factory, has purchased thoC N. W. coal sheds in this city and will have - l °m moved to the lots opposite his factory, when the new coal sheds at Nelson are completed. The sheds are about two hundred feet long and are built of large hard wood timbers, and are in good condition for the purpose for which Mr. Spies designs using them, namely as a ware- hojse for wagons and materials. When fixed over, they will make an excellent warehouse. The wagon business is growing and requires much additional room. —After reading the last Woodman's Echo, the official organ of the Modern Woodmen of America, in which was a resolution passed by the executive council. July 22nd, nondomnlnjj. Hnart. I'hyslciau McTCinnio, for crm.iur.i,unbe- coming, a writer in the Jiolhie Republican, published at McKlnnie's old home, says: Yes, it is possible the above resolution was passed by partisans of Koot. but it does not reflect the sentiment of the order. While itisnotpos- Ilealth, abound in Stoves are comfort homes and where happine "(JnrlfMid" Correct styles in Full hate tit Oettlng- er's DrnibU: Front Clothing House. ..'j to How to <«et Rich. . My success is owing to my libenilty In advertising.— Uonner Frequent and constant advertising brought me all I own.-A. T. Stewart....Success depends upon a liberal patronage of printing offices—Astor How can the world know when a man has a good thing unless he advertises the possession of it?-Variderbilt My son, deal only with men that advertise. You will never lose by it.—Franklin. EBO^Y SOAP Marriage is not a failure In homes where "Garland" Stoves are used. 2 to Do you want a heating atove? 'iivpT3i;!e and Gold Coin tafee the The Send. K. W. niossorn has taken the agency of the "I. C." 1'rarid Spertnr.les and Kye glasses. 'Then' spectacles are dif- ;«rrnt from ordinary places. In that the lenses arc ground from a Frwh Tinted Crystal that shuts out the chemical and heat rays of light, making them very soothing to the eyes. J5e euro and try them, see that that trnde mark "I. c." is on every lens. "o-d&w OyHtrrn! Oyntrrn! The ladies of the Baptist church will give an oyster supper in basement of church Wednesday evening, Oct. 10th. Oysters served from r> o'clock until 9 o'clock " 1 '2* Tlxe litkttat In millinery and largest assortment in Sterling at Mrs. F. C. Woodruff's. Stren —Mrs. Eliza P. Sterling died at-the home of her son,- John Sterling, near Nelson; Sunday morning »t half past ten o'clock, aged eighty years. She waa born in Auburn, Pennsylvania, in 1809. Her maiden name was Passmore, one of the early Betlers and lead- Ing families of the State- She came to Dixon in 1847 with her husband, Major Sterling, who died in 1800. They leave two sons, Norman, of Dakota, and John, of Nelson. Edward and Edwin Sterling, who are well known to our readers, are the Major's children by his first wife. The funeral services took place from her late home at one o'clock Tuesday.--Dixon Telegraph. —In view of the prevalence of diphtheria in various cities, It behooves our Board ef Health to give careful atten tlon to the sanitary condition of alleys, sewerage,' cess-pools, etc. One thing in particular should be done: The luuUu vl uuo w*.u"UA« - »» •-_«« •» -- ^§» * slble for the writer to lay befoft our readers such facts as have been brought out at recent meetings of the order in this city, yet we pan assure them Dr. McKinnie is not idle, ana hopes soon to produce sometnlng more apprehensible. The members of the order, while restless, shall have confidence in their head physician, The Kcho is having its day now, but Pat will be heard from later. Mrs.M. A. I,lnenack'B Statement. RHEUMATIC SYUUP Co., Jackson, Mich. Gents: For the past ten years I have been a sufferer from liver complaint and rheumatism. Finding no relief my condition became so wretched that 1 had no hope of recovery. Seeing Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup adveitised I purchased six bottles and am now entirely cured, both from rheumatism and the liver trouble. Have also used Hibbard's Rheumatic Plasters with the best results. I can certify to the truth of the above statement. Mrs. Lineback was cured ot rheumatism and liver trouble by the use of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup and Plasters, tths SQL KITTEIUNG, Druggist, Lisbon, Iowa, We carry the largest ai.d most com plete stock of men's boy's and children's clothing in Northern Illinois, Chicago excepted. Oettinger'a Double Front Clothing House. 5-tO EBONY PINE TAR SOAP. Tie Trade at the West 3rd street fnrnish- ishlng store, opposite Wallace House. Low rent and small expenses makes goods cheaper than at any other store in Sterling. Common and best goods kept in stock. Undorwear, full stock; all wool and jeans pants, shirts, hats, caps, boots ahd shoes, trunks and va- liana; Isirpcutock. T rtnfy nil competition. CuaH.Jloa£, « tli Charles Windora says that he has the cheapest baby wagons on earth. , 2to See Klcr's Show Window For fine hats and gent's elegant neck wear. He has bargains In all lines. ilats and bonnets - of all. styles shapes and sizes can be found at Miss R A. Carter's. Prices to suit every, body. ' °- to Call at E. W. Hlossom's and get an eye tester free of charge. 70-d&w Best German knitting worsteds only 25ca8kein, usual price SOs, at A. L. Heckman's. 6 to See the new ad of ON. Carpenter & Co. New California Krnlt Stort. When you want nice fruit, such as leaches, pears, oranges, grapes, etc., ind nuts of all kinds, or candies in arge or small quantities; in fact any dnds'of fruitor nuts the market affords, call at 119 East Third street and our wants can be supplied. OK) k'ICHAELCORSO. Children's Hntn Ami mlHBoa hat-n in prnnt variety and cheap at M™. i* 1 . <'. Woodru^'w,"" f> t(T Cheap Has Jacob Klfte.Je received another lot of that Reserve seat tickets for Merchants Kaleidascope entertainment to be giv en under the auspices of the Christian church at the Academy of Music on Friday evening, the 18th Inst., are now on sale at the Cash store, next door tr the postofflce, where a diagram of th building is to be found. Call earl and [secure your choice of seats, as there is a great rush for tickets 012 "Garland" Stoves are of ten Imitated, but never equaled. 2 to Happy Indeed are the homes which contain ' Garland" Stoves. 2 10 We ITleld »o None In the durability and low price of our Men's Shoes. The lines is most complete, embracing as it does everything lesirable, and is sold at prices that paralyze the trade. J. R. BELL & SON. nice overcoating this week. • Now Is your tire e to go and select one before it is pickedoyeivas the does not have an opportunity to keep the goodiTou hand a greatwhile. 5 W MlUedgeviltc Flonr. Equal to the bent at 81.25 and 81.30 per sack. New corn and all kinds of feed at Lewis Reltzel's Feed Store _____ 20 ° to You can positively save money on furniture at Dill & Co.'s, Rock Falls. 2tf so strong their make, They take the cake. PEOPLE'S COLUMN e*r-w« will Insert tnree lines In this col-~<Et 5S onVulie lor 10 cents, or lor 40 cents a week toch additional line will be B cents a alngle In- sertlon. or IB cents a week. WAJKTKU. Only 10 cents for J tin es under this Heading: no or b, •little girl In family , to do „! ........ mku K One woman and Oull at odfl Locuit St. 8-tB« scores of people get off or get on, un der the long train-shed. —Loads of straw wider than twelve feet are not p-rmlssible over the free bridge. Several parties who did not observe that rule, were Interviewed by the officers yesterday afternoon. —It had .been better for the party who borrowed (?) the whips from ve- hides hitched around First M. E. church on Sunday evening, to have been attending the services (latest style). —The iNorthern Illinois Dentat-So- lDg clety will meet In this city tomorrow, and the session will continue over Thursday. It IS expected that about fifty dental surgeons will be here. _A meeting was held at Dubuque last week and a base ball association formed to join an Iowa State league for next year, to take In the towns of Burlington, Ottumwa, Des Molnea, Cedar Rapids, Clinton, and Dabuque. -Dubuque, a city of 30,000 people, has a bonded indebtedness of over 8800000. Sterling, with nearly one- third as many people, only owes »16,000. With so small a debt, Sterling is in firat-clasa financial condition, comparatively. —The cost ol living In Sterling Is very low, we have a healthful climate, sanitary perfection, excellent society and social and educational facilities; rents are moderate and realeatale and building materials are cheap. Come to Sterling to live. —The sewer contractors. Rife & O'Roark, have begun digging a trench tor the pipe sewer, which is to be laid on Avenua B, from the brick outlet, at the Q tracks to the northern limits of the city. At the lower end the pipe is to be 24 Inches ia diameter, and small er sixes ara to be used aa tha work la carried northward. Wheu the work Is completed past 3rd Btiiiet on all the pips aewers, there will be fewur gas tmd water pipe* encountered, hence there will be much faster progress, people who persist in throwing kitchen slops and table refuse into the alleys ought to be aat down upon effectually and finally. Many otherwise sensible people are guilty of .this pernicious practice. They see their neighbors putting slops Into barrels, which are emptied every day or two by persons who are glad to get such offal aa feed for their hogs. Everybody should do this; or If It should happen that nobody can be found who wanta the slops they should be buried or otherwise made harmless. In any event, throw- Homethlnc Nice. If you want to make money read my "ad" In the WEEKLY GAZETTE and Standard. GEO , W. CIIAMBELIN. 88-tf __' Granulated sugar 12 tba. for 81.00. A sugar 13 lha. for $100. No. 1 C sugar 14 Its. for 8100, at Bunn'a the grocer. "Reynolds Bros, can upholstei your old f urniturolsuch cheaper than you can buy new, and It will last longer than cheap factory work. B to W ANTED—Men to Insure your homes and lunilture iS the ABrleuWl l«»«"inco Company of New York. AV. V. Man B aH & llro.. Although everybody has seen Uncle Tom's Cabin, seats are already selling fast for Griswold's Co. Why? Be cause it is the largest and lest in the world. See the parade—dont miss it We have the "Daisy" line of fancy ilanuel shirts for tall and winter, see them. Oettinger's Double Front Cloth ing House. ' 5 ' 10 Fresh butter and eggs at Zimmer' meat market, 116 First Ave. 3-tf at less than cost a , 2-t6 Baby wagons Windom's. agouts. New- markets, Sacques, ". j . Modjes- W ANTED-Furnlshed room, by young gentleman. Adclrcsi Goo. 1'llsterer. city - 4-tf W ANTED—A thoroughly competent girl for general housework. Good wauos. Mrs. Elmer Crawford, corner 4th street ftud u - al gj$ e - POK MAL.K. Only 10 cents for j \ underpins Heading, TTIOU HALB-AnvH, forge and blacksmith tools, Jb bobsleigh, spring wagon, Uorse !"«", lanro apotted duetland pony. CaU at J. K. J mi- Ups & Go' spring wagonr horse iw pottea ouetland pony. Ca 1 at J. K. . to's or Mrs. Leyl auilth, UOCK Falls. Auctioneer. The Dutch and English auctioneer still alive and ready to attend to city and country sales on short notice. Can leave orders at A. R. Hendrick's Drug Bn »ruuo». *».-., , Store or at my residence on 13th ave- kitchen truck Into alleys should, nue north oMttrstr . 014 SALE—My horse, w»gou and swill route: also 85 uoort Bliouta. >iave raised, 70 hogs iron. twultb1^u.»mer. This Is a bonanza lor some one. O. J. Mills, Gait House. 1-U_ How fine they fit I not be permitted under any circumstances. —The game between the Chicago League Team and the Dixons played at Maple Park in Dlxon yesterday only gave the spectators an opportunity oi seeing the world-renouned Chicagos, for there was no good playing done; nor could there be owing to the condition of the grounds. The grounds are in worse shape than when Sterling op enedtb,eminl887;the infield Is unflt for use, and the outlield is down ble. icasona Give me a call. 78-S7tf D. H.,MEYEHS, Auct. People who are going to buy clothes for themselves are invited to call at our atore and examine our 1 'mammoth stock. Without doubt the finest in the city. J. K. Bell & Son. The American Horse Show, of Chicago, which has been held for the past three years under the patronage of the Illinois State Board of Agriculture will this year be con- G. L. Werotz, news dealer, No. 300 Locust street, has the Delineator for November. • ot2 J. E. Phillips & Co. are selling more Riverside cook stoves than ever before. 513 . Go and see those new styles In cham-1 her suitM at Windom's. lalOll SALE—Two car loads good baled Uay,»t JJ y, 60 per ton, by the bale or upwards. ^J.^. Kminltt. bargain in three flue real• Inquire ot 1. 1. Bush. til-tl F OB SALE—A —„- dencea in 4ih ward. 2-tO" You can and the "Garland" Stoves,| I at Reynolds' Hardware Store, on First Avenue, south of Davis & Weber's, I Sterling, IIU 2 to The Riverside cook stoves are aplen I did bakers. 5t3 Dill & Co, Rock Falls, have all the leading styles in millinery. 2tt Own Recital Only to cents for 3 lines under tilts' Heading. F OB KENT—House and All the conveniences. Scott, Hock Kails. F OB RENT-dood farm for rent; un cultivation, t miles from Itock Kails, quire of Charles L. Kawson. Rock falls, I1L • berot hot shot, ao Hutchison was obliged to put them in easy. McBrtde did very weU conslderiDg the fact that he has of the new association are: President, Mr. C. R. Cummlngs; Vice Presidents, | Potter Palmer, Charles Schwartz, Geo. I L Dunlap; Treasurer, Edward L. I General Manager, Edward C. Lewis. The Board of | Directors include the above named F OK RENT—» houses to rent mid u uuml houseiJor sale by Adam biulvh. >*>T O LEASE—Power and room Jor mannfactur liu purposes, In the bull J lug formerly occu- I pled by Church & Patterson. Address B. O. Church. Dulutu, Minn. ""- 1 _ 1 TCTINANCIAL-Honey to loan at 0 .per cent,., on farm security. I. L Bush, Itock Falls. 32-U 1.O8T. Utlon. There were abou 1200 people John P. Ljr. ^ ^ ^ ^ Mr, Freteic Archer. makes home so bright and _ Only 10 cents for J lines under (his Heading. Utlon. There were abou 1200 people on the grounds, .and if all paid, some money must have been made. The game wa.unlntereBtl, for comfortable as a "Garland" Stove. 2 tO O. C. ar ed sample, of «»> H aU McUonnaok andN.B. n, committee are: .^w ^^ ^ Domet flannel 8e at A. L. Heckman's, | cheap at I3&o. 5 Baby bonnets at Mias R. A. Carter's. OW L O<sr_Yesterday afternoon, In SturllnK or Itok Falls,™dV3 leather pocket bouk, will. 3 e , SB , containing one allverUoUttraudouu wno^fciir KUvder will Do liberally rewaro- lj by returulug same to B. U. U^"'^ ^{ 1 Housa block, or leavlug it at lloct rosv I olllce. _ development of horses and ponies. over kind AVindom can sell you new goods] cheaper than you can upholster old. 2-16 Our Plush Cloaks;! all warranted. OTKA.W BEDS I'lLLED-I fill every Tuesday. S 11 you want anv ailed Urop me » postal._ \*. ti. Kminous, Kook Vulls. 3-W Dill & Co. have one of the ilaest ttimuiura In their millinery department in the weat. Call and see her worfc. •i U M lSOKM.ANEOVJS-M you waut to tnsurv your He. or your home; if you wanl W bu> we.or « H ll ww; H you have ani ihi.iK to *»- iiL'i- it «lli 1> iV vou toc»U on fc'raiili \V. V, ul Koora S. Acilniy of Musla Oiicaso law to fttige ior city profwriy. »-» The largest and cheapest assortmoiitofthe ChuUffWt-ar ana Hosiery I can save voumon- :,t*v,ioi*^. E» G.* terl&fc i A'S

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