Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1954
Page 3
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Saturday, January 1$, BLONDIE HO PI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Egyptian Entetp'we vCROSS 1 Egypt's .a-.il.ll I C^f 6 Egypt h:-'-:3 color W coir.rol the 2 Hca:-treat Suez 3 Philippine 11 Cn;e Negrito 12 Papal capes 4 Rots flax 14 Embellished by exposure 15 Plot anew 5 Mountain 16 Prevarication nymph „ M , 1c , o)inn -in c n » 17 Island in the 6 Small crowns 23 Musteline 38 Sa,. Pacific 7 Egypt has an mammals 33 urcSs 19 City in The __ of 386,00025 Weight 39 Percolated , Netherlands square miles deduction siowly ; 20EsKers 8 Short sleep .27 Cloy -. 40 Concluded . A.22 Put an ' 0 Affirm 20 The of 43 Emporiums. 123 Curved 10 Conductor Egypt are 46 Heavy blow molding 11 Tint Known over' 47 Warmth 24 Release 13 Dirks th? world 50 Indonesian ol 20 Irritates 18 Cleaning 33 Stout strings . Mindanao,' 28 Dibble implement 34 Seem 52 Priority ; SOMake !e..e .21 Blush 25 <We • : (prefix') edgin 1 ? 31Egj;V haj a climate 32 Female saint (ab.) 33 Professions t 37 Expunge , 41 Unclose - 42 Old Dutch measure 44Sv^edish weight 45 devolutions per second (ab.; . 46 Com officials (India) 48 Sca'ter, as hay 49-Con 01 alive £k o- cij'.cris 51 Pip* again _M Tried lightly • and quickly 54 Covered with ' pitch 55 Erects : EC Charger By Chick Young OZARK MCE OKAY-HAND ME WALLET OUT OF MY PANTS POCKET *v Micnoel 0'Matt«y end Answer to Previou OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams LOOKS uinte souve &OT A LA* WHO TftCKY THOMAS AWAKENS KWOWS H6W.TO SL65P/WELL ; H6PB TO FtNP HlM$fH.P WRAPPEP fl I I'I 1?" PLTT THEM X /MOTHIM ir_LL-U' 6.EAR COVERS' V XIM THEY'RE REPAIEIM OMTH'FLOOR.' I SURPRISE COUP STBEU CT66ING IMTO TO LIVE, KIP/ CLOSE ONE, AW THA GUY'S ER HE'D WEVER GIVE 'EAA A CHAMCE LIKE THAT.' YOU'LL HAVE EVERY S ME NO OLP FdSSIL AROUNP ) MORE- /ByTOA&K V HA IF WE'RE PUTTIM'MORE U HA - ONTH > AWC7 KEEP VOUR AAOUTH Copr. 1954 fey NtA nntet, ln«. T, WASH TUBBS t W5 NWrUL PROUP Ol 1 LILV Dlf=FEREWr. N\R. OTHER] VOU.CWJ'T MW^RIEP COUPLES HMBX WitKEE. SOME- WE COULP BOTH S^RB If THEIR LITTLE THIMS'^ COM& ' BOY. DOM'T m«B THIS / BETWEEN OKIE TOO 5ERIOU6LV I v DUMNO HOW TO ' Cor'' >«4 B. NEt Sw^M. l« T. M. B»I U. 8. P.I. Ofl OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hobple N6W5 OF SUILT-IM COAT CMAIR.TO MARTHA <;'«/THPN| A VACHT AMD Zi OR SURPRISE KEB LATER ^ji\p^^' DASHIMS I^TOtKB HOUSE WITH A /^! \ M ^ y ORl<) toMco^ AlvlD PARIS/-—UAA.' ^ By Edga BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES m r\OVi ' HOLJ5E WITH A PAR OF TICKETS TO TH& ' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner HAVEN'T you. <sor LITTLE WORK TO DO Ohi IT PINISHEP; THAT YOU DIOASOOOJOS, SPIJINKU5 THAT SALT ON = ICY SIPEWALKr FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberge* •^©.,^ --x-^; '$ •••'"• J* ^Tl ALLEY OOP ' " ' ~ i don't like your attitude, WJImotl When we were mar «d you saitf mother could visit with us any time she - Hked!" By Golbro'th SIDE GLANCES CHRIS WELKIN, Pl«neteer 'Great guns! My creditorsl" By Carl Anderson THi STORY OF MARTHA WAYNi

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