Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1912
Page 8
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THE lots IfAILY REGISTEg, gATURDa^SiaBNIN€^ CTDBER 26.1^12: Wm. A. Daniels • t • • • . . .1^ Ready for business in the Hobart building, just west of lola State Bank. Still making to your own individual measure, Suit or Overcoat. $15.00 Wm. A. Daniels 17 East Madison Geo. W.-Jones. Manager SHIP TO WATCH FOR ICEBERGS XATAL BOABD MAY STXTIOX OXE IX THE ATLASTIC. n Would Warn Bwto of lfa« Location of Bfitm, Uxlnir the WlrelexM to Sendu the Xeirii. WIILIIIMS SPEUKS (•olumlins S|H>lll)lndor tu Talk Keinilt- llriinlxni iit tlie (.'. A. It. IIall this Kvpiiitif; lit S. •Mr. Al F. Williams, an lUtoinoy of Columbus, Kunsoii, arrivud in lola at noon to^y ami will speak tonlglii at . the G. n. Hall under tlie nuspk'ies of tbse Taft Republican club. Mr. Wlll- . Jams Is one of the most forceful and interesting speakers taking part in the present campaign.! He has spoken at numerous places, chiefly in the Third Di8trlct ,'and it was the uniform report of the immense Interest aroused by his . talks that induced the local committee to invite him'here. When it was learned that Mr. Will- Jams would be here at noon, hurried arrangements were made "Tor him to make a speech at 8 o'clock in the south • side of the court house square. BKAVfc'KV WINS A KKWAKD PICTURES AXa POLITICS Bcgister Supplement on a Fine Taper May Seem I.ncongrnous. , The extra page in tonight's Rejsister, designed and paid for by some of the Democrats on the county ticket, narrowly misses being confiscated by Un- Mrs. StilimiiD Left Urerlnnd to Seek Her S«uN Ilealllk Ueglstor rcidors who recall the crushing misfortune which befell an lola widow some time ago. when she lost two horses which she had bought 16 haul her and her sick boy overland 10 the South in the hope of saving the boy's life, will rejoice to know that she finally overcame all obstacles, aided by some good friends, and yesterday she started cheerfully for Slloam Springs, Arkansas. Her money was e.'ihausted In the imrchase of the original team and when one horse died and •ightning killed the other, his situa- ti(,'n was lamentable. She bravely work ed away saving dollars, kind hearted frWmds bestirred the>Hsel\-es In her behalf and a good hearted farmer donated one horse. The loss was repaired, .vhe gathered a fairly comfortable outfit and departed, leaving a word of grateful thanks to the friends who assisted her, and which the Register hereby voices. She is Mrs. G. D. Stillman and her courage deserves more than a nameless recording. (By tho Aiwoclated I'te-'s)- London, Oct. 26.—A permanent Iceberg lookout ship In mid-Atlantic is suggested by the British tioard of trade as a sequel to the report of Lord Meirsey on the Tltantlc disaster. At present the plan is being considered by the advisory committee of thei board of trade. If the jproposala are carried out^ the vessel will,be stationed in the track of the Atlantic travel and she will cruise along the boundaries of the Ice region. She will then be in a position to warn the hurrying liners by ber powerful wireless equipment of the eicact position of the \-arious Ice fields. The proposed ship will also send warning ot driftiiig icebergs and any derelicts which she may encounter. According to reports made to the ad vlstoTy con)nilttee. the most suitable iceberg ship would be about of 2,000 tons displacement: 2.'iU feet long and 32 feet broad, with a draft of 12^feet 6 inches. She would have a speed of 10 knots and consume about 12 tons of coal every 24 hours. Her wireless telegraph equipment would be of the most powerful tyi>e and widest range. The board of Trade officials ex^press the belief that the stationing of I such a ship in mld-oceau wou!d add inimeasureably to the safety of ocean traveling. REGQLLECT! # • We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have bought Pianos of us. They are your neighbors. We guarantee you the same satisfaction. Now is Piai^o Time. John V. Roberts Music Co. lOLA, KANSAS VKTERA.NS AM> STHiRS I'oLITicAL AnVI:RT 1 sI,\(;. h l-hi' hi'l' I' h ^ k k- ^ h hi- i- ^ i- ^\ PROGRESSIVE PARTY POLITICAL NEWS i LOOK FOR DAVIS HERE. Reporlei] that Alleged Slayer of Hatch is In Yiclnltr. Al City and county officers were on the , _ u . ^ . T, ' alert today for a clew to the where- cle Sam, who In the iierson of Post- i jji,„„ts of Harry Davis, alleged slayer master Spencer cited the blue book of i „f „atch. the Kansas City, saloon IMStal regulations.. The candidates , ^^^^^^ ^-ho died in a hospital in that ,wanted a gla2ed book paper used in • ^j^^. coming o fa wound inflicted .order to br ng out,the half tones bet- ^j^^.^y^^n ^.^^n attempted ter. and this prevented the Incorpor- , ,„ ,,3,^ „ near hlS home several atlong of this page with the body of: the paper. To confirm to the regu-, ' charged with being laUons, the Register his used tJi? op-; mjpiicatod in the crime were arrested posltg page with a portfon of Its reg- ; ^y the Kansas City police but the ^ular news and^ advertising of the Sat- 4,,,,^ „ ,o be Harry Davis", urday Issue. And the apparent m con- „ vaudeville performer, escaped. A Bistency of the Taft advertl.s ng appear , report that the fugitive had been seen- Ing on a nemocratlc extra is explain- n^^^ Ft. Scott late last night caused ed by the fact tlint being under necessity of making a press run at night ind having no other plnie uvnilublo, the Register used what It had. In falr- HflBB, therefore. rciidiTs will iilf>a.>*c understand that llie KoKlMl«>r does not Bland siionslor for the (ll<i^r^• giillary, nor do the ln'uioi latic candldatta Ktand hack of that Taft two column boost. the sheriff and police to secure motor cars and search the country roads but no trace of the man could be found. It was said that the man believed to be Hnvlg wua headed thig way and us a reault every effort was made by the local ofllcors to apprehend him. PETERSO.V IX AX AITO. Clierrj vale Case Proves an Interesting One for Cocenior. A Coffeyvtllc veteran, who evidently baj the situation sized up almost right wrote the Republican committee at To peka that Stubbs would not get to esceeil six Coffeyvllie old soldiers' votes In the election. On hearing this, friends of Stubbs restled around and foijnd 14 out of 240 veterans of the vicinity who signed a ^tatcmellt that they would vote for the governor. The Republican does not believe that all the .Moose in Cherryvale if they worked a week could find 14 veterans of the Civil war in and near Cherryvale w^ho win cast their votes for Stubbs. And if there are .any .Moose who think they can find so many, the Republican, would be glad to print the total list as compiled by the Govembr's frlend«<— Cherryvale Republican. 1 LFCKY PEXXIES FOR BLIXD Womea' who bear children and ro- aialn' healthy are those who pfepara : their Byatems In advance ot baby's coming. , Unless tlie mother aids nature In its pre-natal work the crisis finds her system unequal to the demands made -upon It.'and she Is often left with weakened health or chronic aliments. No remedy Is so truly a help to nature as Mother's Friend, * and no expectant mother should fail to use It It relievea the pain and discomfort caused by the strain on th« llgamenU. makes pliant and elastic those fibres and muscles which nature Is expanding, prevents numb- Bess of limbs, and soothes the Inflam- .station ot breast glands. The system being thus prepared by Mother'a Friend, dispels the fear that the crisis inar not be safely met Mother's Friend assures a speedy and complete recovery for the mother, and she Is left a healthy woman to enjov the rearing of " her • child. Mother's Friend is sold at drug atoresi Write for our free book for expect* ant mothera which contains much valuable Information, and many> gestiona of a helpful nature. BSAIUmD RECUUTOS CO.. At!ui>. Ca. Tito loin ^nn ramnalmilnff (he Stale In HIH Machines Carl J. Peterson, of lolo, Kansas, Deraocrutic candidate for state siiper- Intendent of insurance was in the'clty this week calling on the voters. Mr. Peterson has adopted a no»el method of campaigning as he is going over the state in an automobile. Mr. Ericson of Elsmore, Kas., as acting as his chauffeur. Mr. Peterson served as county attorney of Allen county and for years has been prominent in Dem ocratic politics In the Secdlid district He finds that campaigning by auto Is a very successful method in addition to giving him a splendid outing.—Her- Ington Times. Denmark Rnlilex Who Can See Will (iive Tlieni to the Rlind. Copenhagen, Oct. 26.—"Lucky Pennies" for the assistance of the blind are the lastcs't scheme evolved by Post master Holboll, who introduced the Christmas stamp Idea for the support of consumption hospitals. He has designed a penny which will bo g^•en by babies who can see the light for (he first time to those who never see It. This penny Is to bo coined by the mil llon'^nd sold tu all the midwivos in Denmark. The mldwlvcs then sell the penny to the parents of the new-born child who will pay for It according to their luoiins and Incltnutlons. This money will then be given for the support ntid education of the blind. To interest the mldwives in the matter, their InBurancc and old age funds will be given a percentage of the sales. (This space has been purchased by the Roosevelt-for-l'resident Club of lola which will from liiiiu to time set forth Its views and aims politiciilly. TJie Register is not respon.slble for the articles appearing In this department.) U .U ». .1- U U L K U .0. U U .U U U U l- U U U U U • It is a rare jewel never always pos-' for I'nited Slates Senaior means a sessed even by the most favored. Bur' vote for free tradf.- or to j«iy the least, there Is a class of very well meaning a vote for tafllf for rev«>nue only, or Repiiblicans in Allen county who else the Democrats don't mean what seeni to have lost It entirely. It Is: they say, and if they don't mean what the men who are deploring the possi- tliey say on the tarllT question how bllity of Wilson's ele<;tion and at the are we io know what they are honest same time avowing their intention to in? defeat' Governor Stubbs at any cost. It Is very clear to one who will look They laud Governor Wilson to the that a Republican who is against the skies for everything but his tariff ' election of Wilson and for the election views. I of Thompson, "to beat Stubbs" is They go into spasms over the dan- working against the protective princi- ger his election will make to the prin- f pie in our tariff system, clple of protection. Dire and dreadful | A committee appointed by the Taft are the pictures of distress and star- club at Humboldt sent a iot of let- vatlon that will be the lot of the wage ! ters to Republican candidates and oth- earners if Mr. Wilson is elected for; ers in yje county demanding to be in- as they say. he will at once put the country upon as near a free trade bas- formed by letter how the recipient stood on the head of the ticket. This Is as is possible and thereby close up \ committee very indulgently gave the the factories and throw thousands and ! persons whom it favored with its com- thouaands of men, women,aud child- j munications five days In which to ans- ren ont of employment and scatter de- • wer and stated that if no inswer be %'aatatlon over the land. But Governor Wilson, If elected, cannot vote at all for or against a re- diirtion of the tariff. He can only recommend by message. And such filed within that time the defendant would be in default and the committee would consider that the grille Is against the head of the ticket. The In qulry at o'nce arises, if you do not in- Friend BAKER GETS iJlSrsOOO. JTethodist College Aaided by General Edncatton Board. New York, Oct. 2i>.—More than half a million dollars was appropriated by the general education board today toward the financial aid of colleges in Central and Southern states, and, for •Jifi first time, toward agricultural dem onstration work on farms in Northern states. Of $445,000 voted to educational institutions, the largest single sum goes to Baker university of Baldwin, Kan., which will receive J123.000. The University of Denver, at Denver, Col., and Mississipid College at Clinton, Miss., each receive llOO.OOfl; Central College at Fayette, Mo., $75,000; LawrenceCol- lege of Appleton. Wis., $40,000 and Penn school of St Helena, S. C, $5.000. Wra.-Murphy, of Greeley, who hac been visiting friends in the city returned home this afternoon. ELITE ALWAYS THE BEST! Big Doable Program i;itapraph's Special Two-Reel Feature "AILD LAXG SVXE" featuring Jean, the Vitagraph dog; Florence Turner, and the child wonder. Little Helen Costello. This feature is great and should be seen by everyone who appreciates good pictures. Blograph comedy a laugh a minute— "OXE ROUXl) O'BRIEX" RAY PROCTOR (Late of Lockwood-Balley Stock Company) In TaodcTille. Pianist, Miss Ruble 5c—ANY SEAT—Sc recommendations will not be follow-il'iend to vote for Mr. Taft are you to ed unless both bouses of congress are be barred from voting the Republican Democratic; For all factions of the ticket? Or does It mean that the can- Republican party are pledged to the dldate so griled by tt answer that he principle of i)rotectlon and will stand j Is not for Mr. Taft that then he is to by iit. •' I be scratched by the club members and But the I'nlted St :ile8 Senator from ' the democrat running for the saiiie Kansas will have u vote on tariff leg- ) place be voted for by the Republicuns Islation. I who are for Mr. Taft.? Is this Taft So a Republican who is against club working to elect tli<> Democratic Stubb!) la tnccnsltitent. He either Isn't ' ticket or Is It all u joke? ns afriild of the eiTwia of a icducUon; in the tariff as thv follower" of Mr. | There will be a very large atteiid- Taft say th'-y ar« or h»> sets aside his i ance at the various Hallowf'm enter- party fealty nnd TaHhfulness to lhi> 1 tulnments In loin next week by Staiul protective tarinf for his personal Ilk.': pat Republicans, (ioveriior Stubbs or dl*ll.te. Now It Is all right for ev- ; wil speak In the city that night. cry voter to vote as Ills Judgment die- :' tntee, but If he Is consistent In It, tho \ The next time I use this space T will pttbllc v.ill have more respect for; have something to say about third. Sievert Oil Burner FOR COOKING, HEATING, HOT AIR, STEAM AND HOT WATER FURNACES % No odor or smoke—burns like gas—conti^illed like gas by turning a valve. Can be installed in any stove. % This Oil Burner is no experiment. We investigated before taking the agency and found the SIEkRET OIL BURNER working for'three and four years in some of the homes and buildings in this state. II Will not stop up or burn out and is not complicated. Will burn three to four hours on one gallon of distillate oil, at 4c per gallon, delivered at j^our door. If Mr. Marr has the Sierret Oil Burner installed in his ovens and heating stoves at his bakery, and uses it for cooking at home. \ See it burning at our store and get prices and information. K. Co Plumbing and Supply Co. lOLA, KANS. PHONE 65 him. A vote for the Domocratic candidate and more termers, and the constitu- Uon. THE MIDSnS SEAT HUMBOLDT lobi Team Won 16 to 6, Bat Had to Steii Lively to Win From Their Fast^ Liirhter Opponent!*. Fourteen! Midgets accompanied by about lblrty-ff\-e rooters, went to Hum boldt yesterday afternoon and staged a game with ' the Humlioldt high school. Thfe Midgets won by a score of 16 tb 6. The local players were slightly heavier than their opponents, but nevertheless they experienced one of the hardest battles In the teams history. ' The Humboldt team used open field, trick plays, while the Mid gets pushed their end runs and lluf "plungers." Five times during the game Humboldt had the ball within one yard of the goal, but the Mldgetf held fast and prevented a<.£core. Badgley of the local team was the best individual man In the game, nmk- ing fully one-half of the tackles for lola and excellent gains on his end runs. He also made a plack kick fron> the 35-qard line in the last quarter. Lenhart. Powell, r.awyer and Bennett played ball like "old heads." and more than once caused the rooters to "ascend." Taylor outran every man on the Humboldt team, rctuviing every punt. Coffraan did som e good work in the breaking u pof forward passes. Dorsctt and Sawyer, the niin stays for Ibia put up an excellent seriousumbrage at It. He says no such redlculous thing has ever been hinted at In the council meetings. He MOTHER OF LABGE FAMILY Tells How She Keeps Her Health—Happiness For Those Who Take Htf Advice. NOTICE! STOVE on. or DISTILLATE A full supply on hand at 409* North Jefferson Avenue. Humboldt Refining Co. Telephone 725. M. Hungerford, Agent No Deliveries Made on Less Than Barrel Lots Scottville, Micli. - " I want to tell yoa Iiow much good Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg- etableCompound and Sanative Wasli have done me. I live on a farm andliaveworked vety hard. I am forty-five years old, and am the mother of thirteen diildren. i TflE NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK 10L.\, KANSAS OVER FORTY YEARS OF CONSBHTATIYE BAXKIXO IN lOLA Depository lor the Xli^Xvi. Slates, Slate of Kansas, and Allen Ceintr OFFICERS: L. L. NORTHRUP, Vlce-Preat F. A. NORTHRUP. Vice-Prest. V D. P. NORTHRUP. Vlce-Preit. SURPLUS $20,00a.00 ^ YOUR BUSINESS SOUCFTED Interest Paid on Time Deposits Safety Deposit boxes for Beat E. J. MILLER. President MELVIN FRONK. Cashier R. J. COFFEY Asst Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 ping to Kansas City, or be^rond^ you'll find the **Katy*' train the most convenient. Leaves lola.^ Arrivea Katuas City -1.05 p. m. -5.05 p m. Th, I* aarUf arrival ia JCaiuai Cily ma»H»» yna to nuJtm all tka Umportmnt csaiMclian* M«r«. The nqxf ttme nwlce the trip via Katjr to KAUMS Citjr For fuw» any lra<r«I {•fonwUion iM -ar wrUa A. A. Moiher, Ticket Agents M.ICAT .Rjr .Iola,ICiuv ^ wall of defense, and jnany times opeiij jjy^ j ^jj them, of my good friend, ed holes that enabled the backs "'i Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound, and that there vill be no backache and bearing do^ pains for them if they will take it as I have. lamacarcely ever without it in the house. "I will say also that I think there is no better medicine to be found for young girls. My eldest daui^ter has taken Lydia' E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound for painful periods and irregularity, and it has helped her. "I am always ready and willing to apeak a good word for Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I tell every one I meet that I owe my health and Many people think •1'*'*'' silly .talk about it a- it strange that I am » "''"'^ ^""^ opposed to the«n- npt broken down with hard work and the care of my fam- niaks some good gains. Lyons, of Emporia College, but now an instructor in the Humboldt school, U'oods and'McClarcn played excellent ball. In the third quarter lola kicked off to Humboldt and ran the length of the fteld for what they claimed was a touch-down, while the referee and, umpire blew their whistles for a foul. If this play is decided In favor of Huni- b<4dt the score will be 16 to 12. BRONSON MAYOR DENIES No Troth In a Top Bn^iry .Story In a Fort Scott Paper. „ ,^ , happiness to your wonderful medicine.'S*^**?.!,"' -Mia. J.G. JOHNSON, Scottville^ Mich.. up tfds office today to make^mphatic I B.P.D. a denial of the story pnbHshed yesterday to the olfect that the city council of that town is considering the advls- abiUty of prohibiting young people from driving through the streeta In to^ buggtei. The article was more or le«a bnriaKua, hut Mityor DSTU t ^M Lydia E: Pfaikfaam'n Vegetable Com- poond, made £rom native rootaandherbs. contains no nateotics or harmful driigs^ •ad today holda the record of being the moat aacoettfoi reimdj for woman .'a ills areement of the vice laws and would reak down the laws by ridiculing hem.—Fort Scott Tribune. Fortunes in Fares. —There's often much truth in the aying "her face' is her fortune " but ts never said where pimples, skir ruptions, blothes, or other blemishes llsflgure it. Impure blood is back of hem .all, and shows th$ need of Dr <ing'8 New Life Pills. They promote lealth and beauty. Try theiu. 25 cent> It all druggists. Abilene Reflector: Then there's Dan lanna, under indictment as a mem- >er of the wire trjust—no wonder he !oes not like Taft. Roosevelt lookf nighty good to him. CU'ARDS FOB BOOSETELT A"it Saves Leg of Boy. seenjed that my 14-year-ol(' l>oy would have to lose his leg. on ac count of an ugly ulcer, caused by > bad bruise." wrote V. R Howard Aquon^ N. C. "All remedies and doc tors treatment failed till we trieT Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and cured hlo with one box." Cures burns, boils, skli eniptioiui..pllet. 25e at all drugi^^ Two Men WUI Watch When He Re- jiumes Speaking. Oyster Bay, X. Y., Oct. 25.—On account of a number of threatening letters received by Colonel Roosevelt and presence in Oyster May of a stranger, who attempted today to make his way !nto the Colonel's house, steps were taken tonight to guard the life of 4he sx-president. A tentative decision was reached to engage one or two men 'io orotect Roosevell during th? remain- ler of the campaign and for a time 'hereafter; if the Colonel, hak not te- :overed suiriciently by election day to be able to 4erend himself. Chronic tiyspepsla. —The following unsolicited testi- -nonlal shotild certainly be sufficient •o give hope and courage to persons ifflicted with chronic dyspepsia: **! lave been, a chronic ^yspepUo for rears, and of all the medlcll^I bav« Uken. Chamberlaln -8 TaWots STO done me more good than aaytbin^ Jlse." says W. G. Mattlson^ oN? She? 2fn ,St. Horaellsvllle. N, Y. Por wfle •ly all dealers. / - >' • , p...J. Peterson will ^'laTtweka to- porrow and Monday. «^

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