Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 15, 1889 · Page 2
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1889
Page 2
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Q A H L. JOHN, Publishers and Proprietor!!. ERDICT. DHIJTWSSB BT Lord Galloway Acquitted by a Scotch Jury. IS THE FAOE OF OEU3HDW FEOOF. TUESDAY, OCTOBKK 8, ISSt. An OKI Story an-J an Old Bloral. ©or renders are famiiinr with the ac- mmat °' how tho hi S h BhcrifT of Now York got a divorce from himself on his wife's behalf, and kindly saved her any ler In tho proceedings by not letting know anything about it til) it was all The indictment by the grand jury „.• Sheriff Flack and five of his co-conspirators will have a tendency to bring f he whole happy crew to their senses. They will find that getting a fraudulent divorce through perjury and secrecy ia not such a "private matter" aa Sheriff Flack claimed it was. One of the indicted individuals Is Flack's own son, another ia a judge and lawyer, while a third is the referee himself, before whom tbo allegwl testimony in the case was alleged to be given. Tho five men indicted were mostly parsons of high political standing, and •ome of them of excellent social position. The Inw's vengeance in New York is becoming almost aa proverbially swift as "Jersey justice." If convicted, the pen- Uwntuwy doora will close on some of theeo gentlemen. This case may also have the effect to change the law of some of the states in regard to divorce proceedings. It is permissible in these states to have the di- TOTCB testimony removed from open oonn and given simply in private, be fore a referee, who makes Biicli report M he chooses. This was how Sheriff Flack's divorce was obtained. The Uw was supposed to withdraw from fth* public car and eyo tteumlulous Hid unpleasant Btorica. Uul Isiis to which it is liable to be put" is •o plain that the grand jury who pre- MBted tho indictment against the Flack conspirators recommend that the prac tioe of appointing referees in divorce owes be abolished. In prison walls tho guilty, persons will have time perhaps to remember that at the grand round up of human life and •otion there U nothing that can succeed quite so well as .golden, honor bright honesty. It is a fact that there is no * body so easily deceived as the person who is constantly trying to deceive Others. He loses in time his power of Meing things as they actually are, loses tbe nice discrimination of fact. Simple, straightforward truth and honesty in •ocomplishing B purpose are better than •11 crookedness, better than all guile. The Judgment R«-c<-lv<xI vith Cries of "?hnmp!" by thn Anillonre In (he Court Koom—The F»iT« Frtem>» Hitppy, Including Sultilmry, bnt F.rnrTboiIy Kl«» Imll(tnf»nt—Hlsmnrck'l E!oqnrnc« C»p- tttrert by i> Phonograph. LONDON, Oct. 15.—Tho trial of ths earl ot Oallowny on the charge of indocont assault on a littlo girl named Gibson took place at Edinburgh ywterdav, be-fore n crowded court The child's evidence was direct, and hor testimony was corroborated by other witnesses. A ntatoment prepared by tho de- fundant was then roaii, in which tho explanation was made that no intentional offense was committed. Aft-jr tha bearing of. farther evidence the earl waa acquitted of tho charge. How tho Verdict W»s Ilocelved. Tho announcement of the verdict gave rise to a scene rarely witnessed in a court ia this country. The guilt of the accused seemed so clearly established, even by such evlJenca ai was allowed to filter through the objections ot tbo six eminent counsel for the de- Jtmse, that those pi-osont in tho court- room, many of whom were friends and relatives of th« littlo girls whom the a?ed nobleman was charged with abusing, took no ptins to conceal their disgust with the verdict Tha announcement of the verdict was tbe signal for load expressions of disapproval from the benches where the spectators were soated, and the frowns and threats of tha presiding judge were of no avail to suppress the cries of "Shame!" "Shamel" uttered by dozens of indignant persons. The Nnws In london. In London the news of the verdict was re- osived with great indignation among the common people, and it is pointed out that had the accused been anything but a great nobleman the evidence brought out would have been sufficient to convict him a do«en times over. The marquis of Salisbury, who has manifested great interest lu tho case ever since tho charges were flrat brought, hurried to London last evening, so aa to receive the earliest news of the result of tha trial. "When informed that Galloway had been acquitted ho received the news with every evidence of satisfaction. The earl's best friends sea rt-'-ly hopod for more than the Scotch verdict of "not-provon," mid ftti pleased them quite as lense of —Mr, mid Mrs. Thomas .Stevenson, of River-kin, Cnl., ftre guests of Mrs. W. H. Hoofstitler. 1 hey formerly lived here, Mr. Stevenson is now States' Attorney of his county. —At the canning factory over 300,000 caus of tomatoes have been put up this year. The season has ended, but some repairs and other work around the factory will keep a force employed for some time yet. —Geo. S. Hoover has a valuable young mare, which a day or two ago cut two tendons of one rear leg. By Dr. Tramboiver'3 attention, the leg ia being restored to its former strength. Frank Hoover has a 2-year-old colt which recently run a piece of board into ths hock joint of one leg. J. Ad. Jacobs, of Jordan had a valuable horse die by bloating on Sunday. It was sick one hour. —At 8:30 o'clock this morning In the church of the Sacred Heart, by Rev. H M. Fegers, occurred the marriage of Mary Solomon, niece of Joseph Solomon, a wealthy farmer residing east of Sterling, and Francis Stoessing, a young man who has been farming for Mr Solomon. Miss Maggie Marahong, of Jordan, v-as the bridesmaid and Joseph Bilmeier, of Rock Falls, was best man. After the wedding, which was witnessed by a large company, the party proceeded to Mr. Solomon's residence, where a rich wedding feast was served at noon, and where a large number of friends remained daring the afternoon. The Sterling Cornet Band went out this afternoon and the celebration of the nuptials will end with a dance tc- ntght. THE nrrhitrctnral rnfdh'-y ru ;>H In" »£•>« in Old York h«s furni-hrd Jwp!>. Pertr.eH mnny provocations for dwv-- i.n<rs to Ulur,trat3 an article by RirhnvcJ Whrntley in Harpcr'a MRgsv/lrse for November. Tits FRONTlsriECF. of tfif) October St. Nicholas is the favorite picture of the noblo French hounda that belonged to the Count de Barral, and isn article, "Among Dogs of High Degree," by Noah Brooks, uoing the pictures as a suggestive text, discourses entertainingly upon One dog3 everywhere. Harris' story is another from tho treasure house of "Uncle Remus," recounting Brer Wolf's unprovoked attack upon "The Creature with no' Claws," and tha retributive result. Thia story is wonderfully well illustrated by Kemble, apparently the/artistic interpreter so long hoped for by admirers of these delicious folk-lore fables. Celia Thai ter's story is "Almost a Tragedy," and a tragical conclusion Is only avoided bj the intelligence of a cat. E< Cavazza tells the story of a volcanic eruption in the adventures of "A Doll on Moun Etna." Mrs. Pennell calls attention t Stevenson and Jefferles as writers fo the young who are truly young In splr It, and makes out their title as masters of '.'Make-Believe." Eleanor Putnam tells a good story of college life, and Luc/ Lincoln Monttnorency gives a suggestion for the holidays in "Dora Miller's Wonder Ball." >"•»•) K. O. Took.) MILWAUKEE BEER. 'Select," "Export" "Bahamian" and "Lager Beer." (Also the "Best" Tonic extract, of malt and hops) WAUKEGAN ALE AND PORTER, in kega and cases. Opposite 0. B. & Q. Depot, l/o^nsf Street, DR, A. W. BA.ER OFFICE OVEU Oetiing&r's Clothing Store. Female and Children's I>Uea»es » HjierlMty. Si-m3 Excellent Work at Reasonable Prices. ' THE STERLING GAZETTl Our fires* Goods Sale for ike past two weeks has been a GREAT SUCCESS, and we shall continue at the same prices Underwear for Gent's, at 23c, worth 40c. ' Underwear for Children, at 8c, worth 15c. GBCZf TQ Jt»SS« Blummrok'u Bottled Kloqoence. Get 13.—The Friedrichsruhe is to ba produced In great*] numbers, and Mr. Edison offers a copy to all the important institutions throughout Gkirmany. The phonogram gives a perfect reproduction of the chancellor's voice, style and delivery, as he took pains to declaim into the instrument when at his bast. All who have listened to the reproduction are delighted with the exhibition, and pronounce the prince's eloquence equal to the. fresh article in his palmiest days. Working Women's Morals. Having BfcatiBticized about everything •Ue, Hon. Carroll D. Wright, commis- rioner of labor, has at length turned his attention to the moral character of wo- ssen who work for their living. After Impection of stores and factories in the principal cities of the Union the commissioner kindly remarks: From all that can be learned, one need not best ttto in asserting that the working women of the Dmitry ore a» boncst and u virtuous as any cUa< tt our citizens. This is judgment truly worthy of Bunsby. It ia not likely, is it, that a woman steals if she toils eight or ten hours a day, year in and year out, six days in the week, or that she has much ttaie to dissipate nights if she must rise at 6 or 0 o'clock in the morning to reach her place of business in time? Wh'y indeed should not working women be as "moral" aa any other people? There seems to be an assumption here • which almost gives the inference that if a woman works for her living she could hardly be expected to bo as "honest arid ;-S virtuous" as other people. The truth ia that the general morality of working women ia considerably higher than that of idle, fashionable women. Satan today finds mischief for idle hands quite as frequently as at any period of tttgjworld. Certainly, it is" plain aa the "face lliat i nose on a man's "face lliat if u wumuu" earns her bread by labor, she does not got it i»i any questionable way. Mr. Wright llnds that, owinx to the crowded condition of NtTw York, working girls are worse o!f there than' in any Other city. He finds, also, that foreign born employers are often mon- considerate of their help than native Americans, and "the kinili-at proprietor in the world !• A Jew of the better class." Now let Mr. Wright institute a imul into the moral character of wuuien who do not work for their giving. Milan Talk! About Natalia. LONDON, Oct. 15.—A Parisian journal has been interviewing ex-King Milan, of Servla, who said that he was not at all surprised at the conduct of his former queen, Natalie, in Belgrade at the present time. She was always fond of kicking up a row upon th» slightest provocation, or no provocation at all, and the present peculiar condition of affairs in Bervia gave her an opportuptty she could not ignore. • ^ Improved the Outlook for Pence. BERLIN, Oct. 15.—-Statesmen, diplomatists and politicians express the hear Host satisfaction with the result of the exchange of views between tho czar aud Emperor William. Of those results little is positively known, but there soems to be excellent grounds for believing that misunderstanding have been cleared up and that the outlook for peace has been greatly improved. France Holds » Council of War. FABIB, Oct. 15.—A council of war, at which Minister Da Freyoinet presided, was held here yesterday to discusa the increase of the German frontier corps. It wns decided to double the Sixth army carps in order that 100,000 men may b» sent quickly to the frontier In case of nn emergency. Clave lllmilirck u 3nun*-Uox. Bcautf, Oct. 15 —The czjr presented Prince Bismarctt with a valuable snuff-box, on the lid of which Is a portrait of his majesty. A similar present was given to Count Herbert Bismarck by the czar. The Scalier Babear Defeated. LONDON, Oct. 15.— Thethrea-mila sculling race between Mattoraon and Bubear' over the Thames course, took place yesterday, and was won by Matterson.. THREW OUT ONE PRECINCT. Montana Klectlon Coovtuiieri Change the Legislative SitUHtlnn. HELENA, Mont, Oct. 15. —The canvassers In Bilver Bow county yuaierdsy KOCH. -+-C»pt. Wm. Parker has returned from his trip to Chicago. -*-Mr. Lawrie, of Desota, Wis., is here visiting his sister, Mrs. Ed. Nlms. -4-The Eureka Co. commenced today the foundation for their large brick building: ~r~~~^~^~ -*- Ambrose Adair has entered the C. _;. & Q. depot in this place for the purpose of learning telegraphy. Air. and Mrs. Qiger, of|tlumbolt, Iowa, who have been visiting Mrs. Joe Wagley, left for their home today. Deacon Arey's building on Main street has been rented by a harness maker and will be occupied in a short time. •There is something crooked about the street railway track work on this Bide. Don't be alarmed—it's only the curve at the west end. -*-The funeral of Mrs. Emma Brown was held at the house Tuesday after noon at 2 o'clock, Rev. M. M. Bales conducting tbe service. -t-A colored tramp was caught in the act of begging by Marshal Brewer this morning, and as he showed little desire to "move on" the marshal had to go at it a la Fitzgerald, that is. with his boot. Marshal Brewer's boot Is not large, but it did effective work. The colored min went on. ' -.. . •4-The Indenendeht ordur of Odd Fellows of Reck Falls will observe next Sunday, the 20th, inst. as "Memorial day" in honor of the dead of the OCI. MATINEE AND NIGHT F. E. CRISWOLD'S 19, Yfls. of Aiericanlp at 6f cts. per yard. Children's Wool Hose at lOc a pair. Men's Wool Hose 8c. a Tbe larKe8t Bn d best U, T, O. Co. in tho world, now In Its 82d season, Just returned from a! triumphant four year's tour ot Bwrope and Australia and enroute from Now York City to Sanfranclsco. carrying A. Carload of Scenery. A. Carload ofBagr- gage. Over 3O 3?eople. 18 in the Band. " Will be placed on exhibition immediately after the arrlvftl at the Cash Store, as a guarantee that we will give the nnestDer- lomiance ol t his great play ever freen In this city; also tliat we will refund money to any person not satisfied tliat we Imye the nneat U. T. C. Co. In the world. Money Talks! Wo Uleun Bnalnesa. Bee onr Record: at a great sacrifice. 13 weeks in London, 9 weeks in Paris,' 1 year in Australia, \VK ARK THE OLDEST! 6 weeks in Edinbnrg, 3 years in Europe, 26 years in America. WK AKK liAKKEST! WB AKK THE HIGHEST! WE A.BE THE BK8T • We are the only Co. currying sneclal senery for this greatest of all plays. The only Co carrying Thirty I'eople. The onlyT^o. carrylnp A Uniformed Band of Eighteen Musicians. Tho only Co. carrying Genuine Im- p?,rtod »n,erlan Bloodhonod*. The only Co. glvfng a performance Worth One Dollar tor Fifty Cents. REMEMUEB OUR DATE! OUR SHOW WILL PLEASE YOU. Reserved seat prices 35 and 50 cents. Admission, 35 and 60 cent s Children, 25 cents. . Matinee prices, 15, 25 and 35 cents. Standing room only, at all our performances. Come early. Your Trade! fraternity^and especially in honor of the late Father Wildy, the founder of Oddfellowship in America, by attending the Methoaist church in a body, accompanied by '.the "Daughters of Rebecca" at the usual hour of morning service, where they will be addressed by the Rev. M. M. Bales with a discourse appropriate to the occasion. •4-Leave all proper items for the EVENING GAZETTE with Lyle Atkins, news dealer and confectioner, in the post office building. tf ;Charlie Clark Want* To know if you're supplied with fix ings? By fixings he means shirts, un derwear, hosiery, suspenders, handkerchiefs, etc, etc. You would be surprised to know what cartloads of such goods he ia selling. Right' prices and tbe right kind of merchandise does it, A literary and musical entertain- AND IF „ LOW PRICES AND GOOD GOODS mean anything, I am sure of It. j I AH HULLING MORE «OO1>B FOB THE HAKE AMOITKT OK MO W EY THAN A»Y HOUSE IN STKBJL1NS. A look through my stock will convince you of of this fact. I am not giving away goods, but do know that My Prices are Lower than others that Advertise Low Prices. Well done with good materials for Harper's, Century and all other magazines and periodicals. Fine binding for works issued in parts. All Kinds of blank books made to order and satisfaction guaranteed. Fine lea 1 her work a specialty. WM. BOEHNEU, GAZETTE Ofllce Gent's Youth's 1 r\r\T\ Fall Style Derby Hats at $1.35 apiece. A QQQ NEW YORK STORE. Snd T>oor Sonthi of !*ost Ofllce. T PEK LINE. ARE YOR READING THE Small Ads In tha Kvening Galettel Valuable Information to' BoardlnK HOURC Keepers. Dp you want boarders f ' If you do you can easily secure vbera by putting a "want" In the EVENING GAZETTE. It will cost you but 10 centa for.3 lines. [ANTEU •flLE FLOORS AND FB5t ! PLACE GOODS AT MODKIIATK I'llICKS. Wo carry Uio InrsoM «• nioMt coniplit.TIi Block ii".. Discussion about what shall be our na- tkaial flower has succeeded the conundrum,. "Is marriage a failure'/" A BOSttxerner has added some light to tha eabject by suggesting that we adopt aa cor national emblem the cotton bloom. It b significant and emblematical of the BOGJTce of much of our wealth. Why not prepare a design nuiuglint; the cotton bloom gracefully and artistically witb &• corn tasael? Thus our two great sources of wealth will be symbolized in UBion, Moreover, in thia design would also be symbolized the equal, united ncsrth and south, Here's to tho corn tafi- Dtti and cotton bloom intertwining for- evaa'l IUhe success of novels founded on Scrip- SszfB subjects is at p»'w»eiit something re- BSffljrkabSe. Those deiiling with the life i UKM* of CbrUt are the most popu- , isu4"Bi;n Hur" leadis ihttin all. There jsuf»U!i<i isigtiiocanco ia this return, t»4 iftil to tliu «lti fiutlis in an such ?«r rt-aclsijig tkttpticUuk «l4 throw crat- the vote in what is known ns tho Railroad precinct, which gave the Democrats a majority of 174. If this action Is upheld by the courts it will seat the entire Republican delegation from that county (•-•loven members), overcome the Democratic majority lu the legislature, and give the Republicans control of that body. Democrat* Will Go to Ln?r. The Democratic managers will ask Judge DeWolf for a writ of mandamus to compel the canvassers to count ihe rejected product The throwing out of this precinct, while it reduces Toole's vote for governor, does not overcome) his majority. The Democratic state committee have issued a statement aud protest in regard to the action of the Bilver Bow canvas-lent Horrible KeiUU of a little Girl. HBRBlNOTON,Kan.,Oot. 16.—The nine-year- old daughtur of C. Q. Brown, who live* four milas south of this city, fell into a boiling vat of sorghum Saturday night and was terribly scalded. The child's g'iin pieled off with the syrup and she died in great agony. Tbe Boston Club'« »1.OOO Prize. BOSTON, MW7 Oct. 15.—Col. Chas. H. Taylor, of The Globe, presented the Boston base ball club last night with the $1,000 promised them by the paper. In return they presented tbe colonel with a gold-headed CBQ8. Tampad Cold W"*ter tuta the Hollar. BOCTKUH, 0'iio. Oct. 11.—John Howard, engineer. Frank llaisor and Eiward Heiu- bin were instantly killwi at 3 o'clock Monday morning at Uoinleiu's sorghum tuills by the bursting of tue boiler. CJoUi wnter waa Mliuped into tue b.nlar by B mistake of tua jngintvr. tional church of Rock Falls Wednesday evening of this week. Mrs. V. M. Hawkins, of Qalesbarjf, 111., an excellent elocutionist, will assist largely on the programme. The following is the programme of the evening:—Anthem by the Choir; Aux Italians, O. N. Meredith, Mrs. V. M. Hawkins ;The Charge of the Light Brigade, Tennyson, Master Clias. Sheldon; selection by orchestra; The Irish Philosopher, selected, Mrs. V. M. Hawkins; Recitation,-selected, Miss Leu Woman; Vocal Solo, The Day is Done, Mrs. J. R.Kaye; Tbe Last Hymn, selected, Mrs. V. M Hawkins; Quartette, Mrs. Ilaskell, Mrs. Kayo, Mr. W. Palmer, Mr. E. Nints: Abou Ben Adhem, Leigh Hunt, Master Hartwell Wood worth; Duet, The Prayer of the Wanderer, Conde, Mrs. Kaye, Mr. Nlms; The Ride ot Jennie McNeil, selected, Mrs. Hawkins; The Georgia Exhorter, Mr. Frank Ely. The entertainment will begin at 8 o'clock. Admission, adults 20 cents; children 10 oenta. 712 Pure Sogars and Syrups at rock i bottom pricea^ — - ortUtlc and BUS!' <l<- <ile«« In till. country.**B»«BWBj-. Weshall bn pleased to correnpond with Inti 1 )' InR purchaser* or Invite inspection of o.or cut. plcte Btock. Wo aru lunuufacturere. G.J.LMeyeriSonsfk 307-309 WABASH AVE.. CHIC»na "' WALL PAPER BARGAINS. Remnants as Low as 3 cts. a roll. White Blanks as low as 5 cts. Nice Gilt Papers at 10 cts. Ingrains 10 to 20 cts. Verv handsome Gilt Papers 16 to 25 cts. Borders equally cheap. These prices only to make room for new goods. AT STRICKLER'S. Choice Coffees, and Unadulterated. Spices?. Ping Tobacco 30 to 50c per Ib. Fine Oat and Smoking at lower prices than yon have ever bought at before. Fine OntJChewing at 35 to 50c per pound. The Old Time Fine Out at 50c, that others are selling at 65 to 75 ets.« for no better. I have the exclusive sale of this tobacco in Sterling. Children's Cloaks with Cape We can save you $5.00 on every Plush Garment. Wo sell none but reliable makes. «oi*a ot There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rougU-baw ttiaaanow we will.— Shakespeare. —Samuel i'att«rBoa we&t to Clinton tadsj, —Mia® Eaziiy Gait w£ Mis* Brown, bar fttMt, wattt Uais BKHrotttg to THE CENTXJET MAaAziHE closes its nineteenth year with a number for October wblch, besides its leading serials on Lincoln and Siberia and the Old Masters, contains several papers of peculiar Importance. One of tUese Is a study on "Molieie and Sbakspere," by the eminent French comedian M. Coquelin, accompanied with a frontispiece j portrait of Moliere as G^tar and a portrait of Coqueiin as ifascarille. Another striking i»twrKsmini3C*nc*4 of (the Herchsi*," Is by the [celebrated Amsriean astronomer, tho late Mania Mitfiwll, "With tha Utter article U of Mi#» Mii'.'.*'*'.U, M.4 A y!»"Her l*»t oiwtff J^'»f * l i-rn«. ! ^wtur Aim Hr.,>S.-U, i «> aft u a The Best Combination Coffees at 30 and 86 cts. per Ib. Cheaper grades in stock. Make no mistakes in buying FLOUR! I am a*Ulng the best that Is sold IB Sterling at 81 80 to J1.40. A good second grade Flour at »1.«0 per sack. Winter Wheat Patent at $1.16 per sack. Don't l«.y »!•» to »'.W for so called Fancy l'»t- eut when you can gist the name ut $!.&> Good Japan Tea at 30c per pound. A Four Wheel Express Wagon Ktveu away wltii one pound Sakltig Powder. A Cbina T»* Cup »"<1 Bau«r w'ta oua WALKER'S LISTER'S AfllD SALT'S. If UDU u<i.ih to Save Money on all y.M buy, vuli ow Our Children's Scarlet Vests and Pants, at 25c, is the greatest bargain in Sterling. . Ladies' White Lawn Aprons, trimmed with 3 inch India Embroidery, only 15c. Just half pries. Men's Custom Shirts, New York Mills Mnslin, 2100 Linen, warranted to fit, only 60c, worth $1.00. Knotted Fringe Datnask Towels, only 15c, cheap at 25c. Ladies' Cashmere Gloves, 8 button length, embroidered back, 25c, worth 40c. Black, all silk, Satin Rhadame, only 75c; a bargain at $1.00. Double fold Tricots only 25c. • . .,.,,, -^ ,,We carry the only full line of Priestley's Silk Warp Henriettas, Australian Cashmeres, Novolhus, Mourning; Veils and Shawls in Sterling. A written guarantee with every pattern ot Ilaskoll's Silk. Persian Shawls $5,00, Beaver Shawls only $2.50 and upwards. Scailct Blankets only $2.85. Crayon portraits, free, with every purchase of $15.00. X*!t.O, JSia*

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