Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on October 26, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1912
Page 7
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"^DOWN WITH THE CURTALX' ON THAT KIND OF STUFF," SAYS FELIX TO FINK Professional Directory. WANTS—ALL KINDS i WANTS—ALL KINDS FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE-FOR SALE FORM LOANS WANTED—I AM j WANTISI)—A TllUASHEK TO! FOR SALE—110 U S E FURXISH- prepared to take care of Farm Ix)ans; tlirash alfalfa. A. L Townsend, iilioiie'iss. rugs, linoleums, tnuiks. suit large or slnall. at the lowest rate to : j oases and i-oniblnalion heaters. lion- be obtained anywhere. Privilege to, nell. 9 N. Jofferson. Phone I2y0. paj- any amount at any Interest pay- \VA.\Ti;i> - KVKKV P\TII;A.V SIS- Ing time. See me and get terms and ; ter at K of V hall S;itunl:iy "isht, 7 , RKLtAULE FIRE IXSURANCE—L\ FOR SALE OR TRAUE—tlOOU farm. Phono 03'.'. rate, before placing your loan. R. L. Thompson, Over Evans Drug Store. WANT—YOU TO KNOW AllODT the finest fn»it and farming sectiou la Florida. Address H O. Gates, Arcadia. Florida. P O. Box 20. o'rioc-k! WANTED—TO HIY hand buggy. So.' pop Elite A SECOND corn man at ; WANTED-Ki:\V LADIES ]>' i and lU'igliliiiriiiy towns Stt^ady jiir spaiv liuif. E\i«-ri<'iu.' iiniii'>e:-> ,;:ai\. <!ood pav eviTV Wf<*k Iroiii i-.lait HROWN BROTHER.^. Koohfs- |t .'r. N. Y. Ypiiewing your insiiranrc. place .some .)of it with iinv I will see that your In- loi.A '•^'•••st.s arc ^•afply guarded, by writ- worli J"" '" clas-s cjuipaiiy. Bt— sidt's. «t" ut'ed the and will appre\:iute jour i>atiouage. K. 1... Thompson. Ph<<ne 142. Over Evans Drug Store. I FOR SALE—CIlDIfE MILK COWS Phono Ol'.'>. ' KOli S\LE—<:(M)I) KolU ROO.MED i-(iiat;<' to lit- iiiin.-il; $17.". iiw Wliilakt-r a Donii'-ll. KOK SALE—BEST TEA.M OF TWO- y.>ar-o|d iiiulo.- in th<- country. S E. .Mr(;innis. Lillari»>. Kas. roi; SA'.;: ACTo.MOiWLi-: SIMT- ali'.' lor tourinir i:ir. ninaliout ,>r de- li\'-rv s'IV i'l's In fail ••ciidilioli Very j I'i'ai) CaJl a» .Marr's Bak.-ry WANTFTD—OOOD J.ATllKRS. IN- quire Frank XI. Kellv. 410 W. Jackson Phone s:.C. WANTED—COMPETENT GIRL FOR housework; famil> of four; must he good ciHik and !u:iush - ri'fori'ncos. (lood wajri's. Mrs R. S. Tiernah. Fort Scott, Kan. UtI.MEN SKl.L GIWRANTEEDI hosi.'iy 7" |i-'r cent prolil; make |lii i'"'"'•'I' daily: full or-part tfnif; beginners investigate. STKONt; KNIT Hox 4i'2y. W.'-t Pliiladelphia. Pa. SALE- ONE OAS Call at 411 South HEATER Elm. WANTED-MAN. TO TRAVEL. IN Kansas. Soaps. Groceries. Jewelry, etc. Good pay and tailored suit or ">l^ year gold watch in W days. Exper-" i'Mice unnecessary. J. E, MeHrady A: I Co., Chicago. IF THE PAl'ER DoV KAILS TO deliver your paper, call IS and we will Send you a paper by a siH'clal carrier the same evening. KUH sAi.K- CM; (IC NOKTIIKRN pOtat' t;". relit- (ler l.u.lU'l in flve- husli »'l lots or o\.r. delivered Kxtra fancy, well aialcn-d and will keep. Blpus Emit Store, lirst door fioulh of Kress. Ti !le|duil)e J:t:! C'lK S\LE I'IGS AND SHOATS i an.l ireh ...,v. W H Uiii.on Plioue .,v. Ij FOR SALE- lola l^'iundry. -GOOD FARM HORSE. WANTED—MAN TO WORK ON MY farm. Dr. W S. Hendricks. WANTED to move off lot OR f. ROOM IMione 1400. LADIES—WHEN DELAYED OR ' Irrtuular. use Triumph Pills; always d.-,H.niIaMe: "Relief a nd parti. ulaVs HOUSE f)...- Writ." National Medicul Ins. Mll- i uauk. •>. Wis. FOR SALE- MY HOME, YOING cow ami \V)ill.> Wyandott.' diickens Will sa.ririee for ipiick .sale Cora l( Grili-.tu-r, :t"o S. Washington $ij .iMMi 1!I;SIDI:NI'E EOR SALE OR I tra.le; one of tl:e 1.. ..t hoiiies in south- ! em Kansas; well Knated in thriving; iiiuniy seal town. Will take land or' liesirable lola properly T. B. Shan- i non. lola. Kas ' FOR SALE -A Ti:i CK FAR.M mil.- from'r. mil uiark«t. uood house l.aiii, cisi.'rti. sini.k'luiuse. gas. WMl .r III\ ir.fs Ix'aring W E. ; Clayton.. Uutfvill. . K;insas. ] KOK SALE COOO l .r .MBKR. I s'lelviii;:. also il.'llv, ry wa:;on. compnl- ing sciCcs eheap. :.'e| South 4th. t KOIt SALE- (,;iH)D INCCIIATOR .Also some R;U)CI.' Hand Red roosters; .•;t'.'> .V. .St. FOR RENT—FOR RENT WA.NTKD TWO MEN FOR LEVKE work at Si Paul. Kan .About two months" work: wai.-s $1 .'.i' i>er day .\pply at on.e The Allen County Investment fo . Kelley Hotel Bb'.g . lola.] Kans. 1 It) EXCIIAN»;E-A NICE LITTLI: liiitu.' lor miod l«-aiii. wagon and liar- lie::; A \V lieck, I.". E. .Madison Ave !'X)R SALE—FOR SALE FOR SALE—GOOD MT N Colhorn. i KOIt SALE - IIANDSt)ME r. UOO'M ! e.ittag.*. two lols. on p:iv.-il sfr.>.-.| close iti. <ily water in kil<h'>ii. it<-\yi9 MILCH COW; cmne .t .Ml. ^.i.Iewalk-:. .-t.- All I n- j I 'foveiiS 'nls paid. In.|uiri.' ('."^ South .-JI. ( HKAP FVUMS l.\ AI.I.KN ror >TY.| Sii A ;; miles .\l.iran; fair improve-j inents. j It;" .A near Gi'ii.'va; goinl Improvements, $'j.lMI|l . Ml A I! mil.'s I.'la. all leveC Wack lanil in ciiltivaiion unimproved, I.TJOO CniiiiiMii; I il I'l. level land.- il',liHI Til.-.' al! Iiari ;ains Why rent when )o!i can buy tli. ni on ;;.)oi.' terms? loLA LAND CO.MPANY. KIVR KOttM HlMSE FOR RENT South W.alniit. I' ">:!:• ' KOR KENT KCKNISllKD ROOM.S il"! .N .li'fi-Tson LOST AND FOUND. LOST COLD i:\ND ICING POME i wiieri' ill iii.rth jiart of town, near Ilu.'ki'j.' stre.'t; K.-tiirn t.> Itegister ..ffice KeAard. R. Walls lAHIIRPE NEWS FOR TODAY 'S lUltUKK G«M»1»S. V THE ours DOK XT GAS Gin TWKMV M:W STRKKT LKiirrs ARK AOW nSTAI.l.lIJ. ;>e\f LecJnn- Conrve NnmHer Noveni- her 1.—Chnrch; Services Announc­ ed.—IVr»«naI Sutes. * Kvery iii,.oi> as g.)()d as a Gobi Doii.l. If you ri'.|uiri a hospital sii.'ot. a syilnj:>>, ;> rubber douciier pan. an invali.I »-ushiou or any articb- of rubber. L<>t us fill your order. W VTKKS A: DANKOUTII DrniT'i and .lewelry. LAHARPE. OCT. SC.—Mr. Stone and , rS * -S fS 3- S- « 3- * * -P * %• -I- * family of Havanna. Kas., are moving ' ______________________ to the Grow property. ; • • —Rayo Reading lamps, large size. | •> •> •> • • •> • • •> • •:• • • •:• •> • •> nickle plated. Hines sells them. v , *•* The last of the twenty large street •> ' FELT MATTHESSKS • riTI .K TliFUIIOKE TVVI.OK WITH TVPIKMII FEVER LI, Tom \iiiU-r>on and F:i lo lola -Se^cnil to at CoiYeyv :tkni\j Will Mow jSee Joliiison lie. lights were installed today. The cityj<' council is io be comjilitnented for! •> hitting upon tliis idea lor the betterment of the city. It not only makes tilings more convenient for home i>e- destriins but impresses the stranger in the city. The LaHarpe Lecture Course committee yesterday announced the third number of the co«yse. Mr. Kephart,, lecturer, will be here on November 1 I I* The I-ayer Felt Mattress is the best sold anywhere. We have them for fdlT, cash. Heavy coil bed sjirings guaranteed for twentv-five years al ?2.7.-.. to entertain ns G. H. Patten returned home y.-ster- day from an extended visit in Paola. ] Victor L. Goodrich, who has be.-n | conducting a series of revivals at ttie ; Concrete church will close his meet- Ings with a sermon in the (hurch this evening. Brother Goodrich win Ix'gin re\ival meetings in Gas City Monday evening. LAHARPE FrRXlTlHE STORE • H. K. Martin. Prop. •:- I •:• •:• •> • <• •:• •> • • •> <• • * <• <• t< rday. \ larse crowd from li. n- ati. tided till' rartv given by Roy Hill si.v miles southeast of town. Mrs. Mi'.ry BOVIT of Humboldt is I'li lyitii: a visit with her son K .\. Hoy. r Louis R. Shroyer arrived yester.lay i <out!i cf town, from C.inipbellslmig. Ind., for a stay | Miss.s E.lua and IVarl Bi'.rtch l-fi of indefinite length Jftlth his daughter,! ;!ii> af', rnt,ou for .Mena. Ark. to join Mrs. J. Q. Roberts. iiheir i>;irtiits and mak.- their iiome. —Ask for Mnrr"« Purity Bread at W. S. Ford's. Thirty-six new seats arrived yesterday (or the Indeiwndence school la"afr today. The'v.i!'.."cs will be greatly missed in the vouuger circ'i-. i Charlov Ashley is resting bettor house. Th.- se.its are of mow desigi; aiid excellent for school use. Mr. and Mjs. Y. Hartzog spent vestorlay with their daughter. Mrs. E. T. Gilraore of Moran. Misses Ethel. Muudie and Nellie Brown went to Eniontown last night to visit over Sunday. Mrs C. Reckard, after a we«>ks visit with Mi-, and Mrs. John Padgett Toturned yesterday to her home in Independence I RudolDh Myerr .Tcompanled the high school boys to Blue Monnd ycs- 3f •5 OIR FALL WALL PAPER 3= 3- 3- is swell. \ew Sioek; Low Prices. .1 pleasure to show you. F. A. COOKSEr, LaHarpe Druggist »*3=**3-3=3^3'S3-«3?SS3> *|attended. Rev. Monon will jireech at the Prairie Hrill churi h tomVirrow aft,<rnoon at 3 o'clock. iVtt Brothers are erecting a shept iron building for an engine mom jus' south o; 'he'ra house. \ The r. viva! mt.-tincs al -^h" Holiness chiirc'i are progressing nicelv. F. S. I'arm'.l .N- of Cherryvale is in charge of the meetings. • Rev. A. J. .Morton w.-nt to Bronson last night and delivi-r'd his ltH ;lure. "The MissioTi of a .Nation." to a large and appi'eciative audience at the Methodise church. Rev. A., J. Morton has arranged two splendid subjects for his sermons at the Methodist church tomorrow. In the momina he will talk on the "•Siiiritual Gift" and in the evening, "The Call From Beyond.' A large congregation should greet him at the two services. Sunday school at 9:4".. 3? J'lnior I.^ague 3 p. m. Epworth League 3- 6:30 p. m. $ Christian Church: Pastor Victor 1^. S Goodrich wilj, preach tonisht and 3t Sunday morning and evening. Bap- S tlsmalj services tonight. Pastor Good$ rich lias ciose<I a short revival meef- S ing at Coucreto which was ipiite well Ga.- City, Oct 2'"—Theodore, tin- si-veii year ol.l son of .Mr and .Mrs. I. H. Taylor is reported dangerously i!l with typhoid fever. His mother, .Mrs. Taylor, who is-visitiiig at Liberty. CaiMi.'.! iias been sent, for and is expected t'.ie first of the week. Mr. T:iylpr is at Christine. Texas and if Tii.-odore"s conditioti gets worse, he will be her.' on the first train. The family had planned to I.-'avo next month for Texas to make their home but illness in the family wilt interfere with pri'vioiis iilaiis. •Miss tienevieve Taylor received word tliis week that Mr. and Mrs. W H. Webb, formerly of this part of tlie country iiad been seriously injure.l in a iiio'.TcycIelaccident. .\o particulars aci-ompanieil tiie letter Tom .\iii!.'rson and family of northeast of town an- planning to move the lirst of ilio month to 72:: E., .lacks.m stre.'t. l.ila This move will make it more coiiveiii-'nt for children to .itten.l t'le lola sel!o«ds. W.\.\TEI> -Good girl or woman for 'loiiM'ivoik. Permanent |iosltion for til.' right party. .Mrs F S. .McKelley. liil S Taylor St . Gas, Kan.' Tom Hill and probably a few more fr^m th.' thro.' town.-; will go to t'of- r .yvill.' tomorrow and so" Walter .lo'-.tison of il:e Washington t'hiti and Ch.ney of the Cabs oppose eacli other f.i a gam.' of ball at t !iat place. Cheney, it will be remembered was formerly witl: r ^irtlosville when lola was in t.'ie O. K Lcagu**. .Mr arid .Mrs. Edwin Hunter entertained the following ai "linner yesterI'av: Mrs Julia Corns. .Mrs (). 1. Gurd. Rev. A'ictor L Goodrich, of I-a- Harpe. will begin a revival meeting at the Chribtian church in Gas. .Mon- d:i.v evening. He bandies vital ihi-mes and the public will be edified. .-V cor dial invitation to all. Rev N. W. Hamilton left yesterday for Baniefville where he delivers a .-er mon to:norn»w- morning. From there he will ?o to his new home' in the western part of the state. .NeTlie Roberts is reported r.n ,the sick unable to attend her dutie.- al til.' poslollice Miss Z.'lla I'age is aciini; a-- ii.'r siihsiitnte. Victor I... Goodiich. tli<' blind evan- :;elis: of l.:»llarj).' will b.'gin a seri.'s of i.'\ i\al iiie.'liii-us at tlw Cliristian diur- I ii iiere Moniliiy .'M'liing. .Mi.-s .M.-ilie.l .Aiiilo'-son of the Kaiisas I'niv.'rsiiy will be down n.'xt w.-ek for a vi-^it with her parents. .Mr and Mrs. Thomas .Anderson. .Mrs |!e-tie .lohnson Fiske arrived yester.lay from .Montana for an e:r- tended visit with her iiarents. .Mr. and .Mrs. P.'ter Johnson. Mrs .lack Cook, who ha.s been suffering from blo(.<l poi.'ion is rapidly im;>roviiig On in:.' to an injiired kn-'o. Tliomas Anderson. Jr. lias been at the farm unable tc attend seliool for the past ten days Rev R.>e<I of Oklahoma will preach tomorrow evening at the Methodist cliudih. The pastor R, M Cullisna is cimdiieting a meeting at Pi«|ua. Sunday Scliool will be hi'ld at the usual hour. Miss Kay Arbuckle wus much worse last nfghf. however siie is some be::••<• tcday. - •^ ^ * -E 3^ (lur Store ill i(c Clostd All liil) .Sunday«. ( VKL .V HIMEK Gas, Kansas. Phone ."».'». O. 0. .Marsh will go to Kansa -i City tomorrow to attend a convention of the Western Weighing and Inspection Bureau which will conviue tlo re .Monday. Mrs. Marsh will accompany .Mr .Ab-irsh and will visit r.latiws in th.- city a few days. I .Vvnid Sedatire Cough M(di(-Ine<<. If you want to contribute directly ' to the or<-urrence of c3pi!Iar.v bronchitis and pneumonia use cough medicines' tl'.:it contain codine. morphine. Iieroin and Dtiier sedatives when .roii • : . ..:r;'i f ''i: .A". <• •• ctor- a:.- i-.c (".a!' ': v.:- . in.'h Keniedy i- \ -M '• '•• ' •• ;i: : .Ii .ms i^a: •! . • \ ';.- • •' hi I'.acef 'IT 1 r •. •.; a:i;I other M .:, •;'..;! i:. 1. :>neu:a!)- i;..: .'.< . . ::..i!: :!im a co'.<! when Chaiiib.'riain's Cough Remedy is us(;d. It has a wic'd wiiJe reputation for its •!lr^s. I' contains no morphine or i;.ier •^.•liative. Kor sale by all ib-.tli-rs. W AVERI.V, FEEL BULLY? TAKE GASCAIIETS TONIGHT ba.> to \ Ki -eent IHIX ftill krr|i your lUer. >lAUinrh and liont-is clenii, pun- Mild fn ->b for nionlb-. A Keehter Wnut A A IVili Cet U. IRA B. FRANTZ THE -dPTOMBTKir' Cxcludvc Glaa» I •titling Speetal'ai [ At Qanna'ii O Jewelry Btor* j Sick h.'aduche. biliousness. Jizziness rnat.d tongue, foul tast- and fotil breath—always trn( <' rl;. ni to tor|iid liver, delayed fermetiiiiig foo'l in the bowels of sour, gassy stomacli. I'oisoiiou.'! matter clogged in the in- tesliins instead of being c:ist out of the system Is absorlw-d Into the blond. Whi 'U this poison r.'aches tli.' brain tissue it causes congestion and that dull, throbbing, sick'ning lu-ad- ache. Salts, cathartic pills, oil and purgative Waters force a passageway for a <!:iy or two—yes—but they don't take the poisons out and have no effect upon the liver or stomach. Cascareta immediately cleanse and regulate the stomach, remove the sour undigested and fermenting fotni and foul gasses. take the excess bile from the liver and carry out of the system all of the constipated waste matter and poisons in the bowels. A Cascaret tonight will stireljr straighten you out by morning. 'They work while yon sleep —a 10-cent box from your druggist means your head clear, stomach sweet and your Ii »«r and bowels ci<fan and regular for moDths. (\V II Morrisi.n t t).t 24Alfi.i! .sold liiliit Viiiiirlii, las' w,. k. The Vaughn and Kram.r' f;imilies rt.'iii !o ilie tin;l).'r.l:isl Sun.lay. .Mr. :i:id .Mrs. AlfV* .i Koge.r.s ar.' the proud |);ir<r!ts of .i line boy. ^ W'st Lust is intending to build a n .'W b:i.ii s <>i; Mr W'.lkins has liiiished painting his hou .se af.d is iliggiug a well. .Mrs. Alii-e Harnett entertained a number of -.iifsts at dinner Sunday. • ' S<"."er:il of the nei>;hb.>rs have i,iir- chas.'d appi'S at the Kram»'r farMi. .Airs. I.lchenwalrer has r.-turned from n extended visit in Oklaiioma: .Airs. L'-slie Bariiett has returned from a visit in St. Joseph. Mo Dickenson Itrothers and Wasi Lust are roofing tleir silos. Howard Snook of Humb*>ld'. .V.'b.. is here looking after bis farm an.l visiting with old fri.iids. Kansas State Teacher's Association Topeka November 8 and 9 The I'iliiitry's best things in eiiii. :iii..ii briiu.i lit ri^lil to y.ior .l.x.i. (iFe .it :pe;ik,-i.s with gr.'.'it Hiessafirs. ,\ bi'lter and more varie.l (irogrtiiii tlitiii e\cr I ' —.rou.l.d with elilliii ^iaslii. uplift, r.'laxati.m an.l eiijo.\ iii.ii; for yon. .Meet old friends — .Make new frieudsliips— Take ii look alitMil tonn~- Topeka daily grows nior" beautiful. s\i to raiir.ail servii-o. yo.i Want th.' l»'st--ami w,' offer f . fast tiair.s ami iil .i .ly of thi'.,.; luxurious . <ars. . i .iirt.oiis :tt- tentl.ois and Santa Ke safety. The finest iii.als in the world a', Harv.y Houses along the way. DB. C. M. RUSS Dentist ^ Extraction without pain by. th« ' DtHj -jf Nitrous Oxide Uas BtMna Nok I .Northrap Jlldg; Phonea—Office &i.3; Rea. 862 •"1 •> * MOXEY TO LOASl ; • •> 'Wni lend on household goodM. '4\ •> pianos, organs, t sewing . mm- ^ , •> cbineti, diamonds and jewelry. # -> J. W. t'OKFEY • •:• Offire, 5o. IIU Aorlli .Street! • -> ~ • !• •> • •> rUlLLIP UEIUELX , » •> • •> HAB>ESS A\U SADDL£BT ^ -> UcnenU Uepalrlag * •> 110% South Street—lola. Ku. • • • > F. L. B. LEATELL, iL JK •> Specialties: > Diseases of the Chest Diseases of Children X-RAY • • • A-KAV V rhone.i—Office 147; Res. 147 «f lola State Bank Bldg. • 4-« .Saiiia Fe W. E. RalstoD, Agent I'UOXE .17: lOia, JKAAS. T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuninc and Repairing. WItli Roberts Uasio Co. rnoNMtn t \ - - • — i • •:• •:• •>•«•> •^ •>••> -B. A —Mr-s. Paul AVebllng. 316 Smith St., IVoriii. III., had kidney and bladder trouble, with terrible backache and pain across the hips. Just imagine her condition. She further says: "1 was also very nervoas. had headaches .ind dizzy spells, and was fast getting when I took. Foby Kidney Pills and now all niy troubles are cured. Foley Kidney Pills have done so much for me I shall always recommend them." For rale al Burrell's Drug Store. Mrs. F. L. l'.'t''rson. of Tulsa, Ok., who has b '-'ii here visiting tri,-nds, w.-nt to A'aies Center this morning. - A D CTI 0 X E E n I A. D. Collins General Farm Sales; Livestock a specla.lty. Satisfaction guaranteed. "Address, Carlyle. Kas. STOVE.S CoaL Gns and Wood Heaters!. Combination ConI and flas, >• Hot Blast and Air TIsbto . ECO.VOJIT RANGES Bom's Combination Coal and Gas Range—tbe b*-!«t made. Prices Right! TbeLXWisIidrdHdw. A phoi .e e:i !l from Humboldt this morning to the local Missouri. Pacific depot asked when the west bound passenger went easL ' Farm Loans Lowest fiatet Branch Office of'. TheMerriam Mortgage Co. Topeka,' Knns. ' Optional Payi«ent8, Any Time. WUl Let r,05: of Land Valtie. BEST LOA .V JJ ALLEJi COLTiTy ;5EE|and CO. I Cotoatt&e.&aw.cwvea.«ridifir«allMn.f < tkeo at thi» rffieo wife ft. mrpama hotm Mnenat IwcMt ft ngpaiil. Mir««ri% af OictianrT —l*eu4 (^tSek cows item* cf lbs cMt al pacUw. from IIM tmetorr. dicckios. cbtk lore aai oAer SMwoy EXPENSE Ummt), ami reecivb yoar ciiaic. of tkeim boelot PNEtlMNIA left me with a frightful couch m-.d, Terr weaK. I bud spells vbtfU Icoui'I i bardly breathe or speak for 10 to '^0\ minutes. My doctor conld not help me, but I was completely citreU by DR. KING'S New Discover? The $4*00 (t-ilce illustrations in the annomHxments from day to day.)* New dictionary is v-iT ptiblisHsd Dy tiie origiital pub- WEBSTERIAN Itshers < t Webster's dictionary or fjy their successors. ^ fK-m n It is the ONLY emtrely NEW compilation b^^ the world's M.UM.JU greatest aatlioritics iro:n leading cniversities; is I)dnnd in S OiCIIONAKYiuU Limp Leather, flexii^e. stamped in gold on i>ack and • mastaM sides, printed on Bible paper, with red edges and corners 1 I roonded; beautiful, strong, durab?«. Besides the general contents, ibere S are maps and over 6oo subjtms jjeataiiully illustrated by three^ 9 color plates, num'.rous siiiects by monotoiios, l6 pages ot I B 2»2 2 educatioua' .-harts .".nd tile latest United States Census, jftesent • at this oflice SIX Coiuecctrra Dtctlonary .Coqmna wad dMaPOC i J.£.Cox.Joliet, lU.' sociwe$tJBOATau.>d«iimsT5. % '.Tbe S3^0 It a exwtlT the nme ' New I " •'-•^ book. e«; WEBSTEKIAN ««. •« «««. ' «Qf A bindme — wbica i* m nuartrated . ede" "na |BMM^ _ with •qnre eomers, SIX * 04._. nr Om-catia, OHOIOM ani th. OXC Krw ' ^VU^ to coU Aw B<Mk Iv lUL Z2c Esin Cor P.

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