Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 18, 1903 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1903
Page 2
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2 THE :^OLA DAILYJREglSTEB, SATURDAY^ JPLY,;^81908 lOlJk DAILY REGISTER I " TBttiBPHONBrNOl*. CHAS. F. 8COTT. I I SUBSCRIPTION BATBS: One week - - - - - -Ten Cents One Month - - rorty:four Cents One/ear 'nve Dollars and Twenty Ots •nteraa at lola, Kansas, Fostofflee as • Second Class ICatter.^ ildrcrtlslrks rates made ktumn on application. Member of the Associated Press. The lola Dally Register is a mem ber of the Associated Press and re- ceiTes the day telegraph report of that great news prganizatlon for exclusive afternoon publication in lola. HOME NEWS WH|LE AWAY. Subscribers of the Daily Register away during the summer may have the paper mailed regularfy each day to any address at the rate of forty-five cents a month. Address changed as often as desired. While out of town the Daily Register will be to you iilce « daily letter from home. becomes and life thus come to be two distinct twenty years, spheres, the one not affecting the " Here' Is the! way Bent Murdock other. Men come to lead double lives, takes a shot at his brother: The "Wich- •^t Is'a common thing for men; to go .jta Elagle'push, which now gops home out from the Influence of the mosjt In- to dinner in private. carriages at a spiring music and engage In debauch- very late hour In the evening, should ery or give themselves over Ito the not forget that only a few years ago— most sordid motives. It is only when a very few in fact—the wife of the the jWlll acts; and obedience becomes main guy hung a dish rag on the front a habit that men are strong. door at the noon hour to let the old The great and abiding help which man know that dinner was ready. But stays by a man under all circumatan- to look at the outfit now one would ces and makes him ready and willing think they were bom with silver to do right under all conditions is true spoons In their mouths, religion. The only religion which is • • worthy the name Is that which DAY'S DONGS, strengthens and supports the will and The Tola ball team leaves tonight stays with it. Music" and all other ^or Springfield to open the season forms of art need religion in order to ^^^h the Midgets. A SATURDAY SERMON. (Contributed by L. C. H.) , The public concerts given in the park by the lola band are a very pleas ant feature of our city life and show a commendable interest in the public welfare on the part of the band. The large crowds that gather to hear them and the respectful attention paid are evidences that the music is thorough ly enjoyed. There is a general feeling of kindliness In the city toward the band and most of the citizens who are at all liberally disposed are glv Ing financial fielp. But It is doubtful whether even tho more thoughtful citizens appreciate fully iust what good music means for tho higher life of the people. At the May festival concerts held recently In Convention hall, Kansa.s City, one of tho most Interesting and appreciative hearers was Mr. A. E Btllwell, the philanthropic railroad magnate. After listening to two of the series, he was so impressed with the'benlflcent and uplifting power o the music that he "bought the house" for an afternoon and evening, and threw the doors wide openrto tho masses, taking special pains to see that the poor and unfortunate should he admitted. At the appointed times the great Convc-ntion hall was crowd ed, while the Theodore Thomas orchestra, a corps of talented vocalists and a trained chorns under the learler- Bhlp of Carl Busch rendered the choicest music of the masters. Good music Is one of God's greatest boons to humanity. The great composers are among His prophets. Practical musicians are His servants. Men who bring pood music within reach of the masses are among earth's benefactors. Good music Is restful. It takes one away not ony from work, but from all thought of work.. It soothes and satisfies. It awakes the higher emotions and opens new visions. Tinder its spell thcj marred and dlsproportioned wdrld vanishes and In Its place a new and perfect earth appears. Unkind and bitter feelings for the moment disappear and peace and good will will take up their abode hi tie heart "Under its "highest charm the surrendered soul becomes for the moment perfect. But even the power of good music, •as of ^1 art, may be overestimated. Men become reallyi good only as their wills are trained. Art sets before men the ideal, it stirs their emotions. It fires the soul wl^i nqbte purpose,.it i may incite to imnjiediate action; but ' the opportunity-Is'not present. The music ceases, the ideal'' fad^, the emotions subside, and as one! goes back to the old life and the old world, the will, unsupported, fails to meet was.going to surprise the natives by successfully the old temptation, and having her "nighties" built "en train." loses Bight of the noble resolvej Life Elldorado ladies, says the Republican the same old drudge. Art have been wearing perhaps fheyrare sore and weak] from constant coughing. How is this? Haiveyou forgotten about the cough medicine your p^dmother gave you SOycars ago,—Ayer's Gherry Pectoral? ^.a^vS!?!*®— that kind for Notice to Bidders. become complete and truly beneficent. On the other hand religion finds In miisic one of Its great handmaids. When the two work together and in Wanted—Three goou men to dig ditch. Apply at Gas office Monday morning at 7 o'clock.—lola Gas Co. The "Big 4" Poultry Company, La- harmony with each other the best re- Harpe, Kansas, will pay from ?5 to $G suits are obtained. All good music helps to round out the religious life while no life is truly cultured that is not controlled by religious motive. The Springfield (Mass.) anti-imperialists have prevented the erection of a handsome memorial statue to William McKinley which was to have been erected in the library grounds of that city and which was to have been unveiled by President Roosevelt. And their only reason was that he was an "imperialist!" Talk about bigotry They would be burning witches yet up in Massachusetts if they dared to! Under the operations of the Goebel per dozen for good grade yearling Leghorn hens. If the rest of the season Is favorable southeastern Kansas is going to raise a lot of com after all. Some of tho fields are lost, others have com a foot high but there are a good ipany fields that are in fine shape. Mr. S. R. Merchant will leave tonight for Martinburg, W. Va., his old home, on business and pleasure. One of the Important things ho goes to settle up is the estate of his father. Mr. J. S. Wilson will accompany his as far as Davenport for a vllst. Claude Culbertson returned homo last night from Wichita where he has Sealed proposals will be received by the county commissioners . of Allen county, Kansas, at the ofQce of the county clerk, lola, Kansas, until twelve o'clock, noon, July 24th, 1903, for all the labor and material required In the erection of a court house located at lola, Kansas, in said county, in accordance with the plans, details and specifications furnished by J. C. Holland &. Squires, architects, Copeka, Kansas, and now on file at the ofS^ce of said county clerk. Parties bidding upon the work will be required to furnish . a certified check with their bid in the sum of two per cent (2) of the amount of said bid and payable to the county treasurer, to be held as a guarantee that the sue cessful bidder will enter Into contract and lumlsh satisfactory bond within ten days after award of contract Said check tc be forfeited to the county In the event of salt! contractor failing to sign said; contract and furnish satlsfac- tory bond In accordance with said bid. Bidders yfill be required to make out their bids on a uniform blank, furnished by the county clerk. Same to be enclosed in envelope and addressed to county commissioners, lola, Kansas, and marked, proposal for court house. Parties bidding on the work will find plans on! file at county clerk's office, also at. office of the architects. The county commissioners reserve the right to reject any or all bids. By order of the county commissioners, Allen county, Kansas. J. W. KELSO, County Clerk. law the Republicans have just^a'bo'ut been for several days, with a lot cf as much chance of carr>-ing Kentucky other undertakers from all parts of as the Methodist church would have of of carrying sheol; but the State convention now In session Is scrapping just as hard as If Goebel had never lived. The Topeka Capital wants to know why it is that the "technicalities" In a law suit always work to the benefit of the rascal in the case. Probably for the same reason that weather which kills corn only makes weeds grow faster, and that sickness is catching and health isn't. Thomas Brower Peacock, who added to the world's mirth by the publication of a book of poems some twenty years ago,—and was laughed and lampooned out of the State by the newspapers,—is visiting Topeka. We wonder if he has got over It. It seems to be settled that Congress will be called In special session November 9. This will be but three weeks sooner than the regular session would begin, but it is hoped in these three weeks to get the Cuban question out of the way. It is notable that in the despondency Canaed by womanly, diseases, there seems tomany a soSering woman no way of escape from pain'except at the price of life itself. R would be sad to record sach a story of struggle and sulStaing ex* for the fact that in soch dire distress many a woman has found a way txu:k to health and happiness by the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Ptesctiption. This great remedy for womanly ills has well been caUed «A godsend to weak and sick women-" It' crtablishes xegu> lailty, drieslweakening drains, heals inflammation and ulceration and cures fe- ^lale weakness. It makes weak women •tiong and sick women jwell. "Your tnedJdDC almott talaei me from the dMd," writes Mn. EJwln uL Gardner, of Usypt, Plymouth Co.. M«M., Box if "My urine wu like brick duat, and I had pain aU over me and waA a ingging fcelinf it teemed I could not do ujrboiue work. I bad to ait down to waab the diabea, even. In the Vcar |i8«7 I traa ao sick I did' sot care to live aad prayed inany times that God would take me. One day I found a litUe book. I read H and wi|at« to I>r. Pierce, and In a few days received an answer. I decided to try his medlciae, and to-day I aim a weU ' have no ha<*achii. no beadadie, no pain at alL I used always to have headaches previously to . the aODtUT period and aocb pain that I*ould foU on the floor in agony. I took three bottles of Dr. Pierce's Pavonte Prescription and three oTt^oUen Medical Disoovety*. and three rials of Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Fdlets, and was completely cured.* I • Accept no substitute for « Favorite Pre- •crii^Oti.* There is nothing just as good. Pierce's Common Sense Medkial Adyiaer-'-flentT^w on fecdpt of stamps to cover expttiap of staUing only. Send A Lawrence man who drew a bun dred dollars for distributing the relief fund among the flood sufferers, lost the money before he had it an hour and a lot of good people think it was a judgment on him. Topeka thinks that two gasless natural gas companies is something to be bragg&l about nearly as much as wireless telegraphy. the state, watching e.xpert demonstrations In embalming. He reports a pleasant and Incidentally profitable time. The Sedalla ball players are not burdened ;W^ith madesty. The whole team spent most of Its time here Informing anyone who would listen what a wonderful team It was. The best pitchers, the best hitters and the fastest fielders. Only the most remarkable luck ever lost them a game. After talking with several of the boys the Register inclines to the opinion that Sedalla should have been dropped from this league. It belongs in the National League. J. I. Sheppard, who made a hard fight for Charley Parmenter when he was tried last winter for the murder of Frank Bruner, is to make another effort to secure the freedom of his client. Parmenter was sent to the penitentiary fora thriteen year term and tho thought of ihe long confinement is naturally galling to the mur dorer. An appeal has been taken and the' bill of exceptions was filed long ago and likewise was a transcript of the proceedings made some time back. A notice of the appeal was served on County Attorney Griffith yesterday, although tho pleadings which will set forth the reasons for appeal have not yet been served on _him. The case will likely come up for hearing at the next ter mof tho Kansas supreme court.—Fort Scott Monitor. AM Druggists Will Buy it Back. You assume no risk wl^en you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar­ rhoea Remedy. All druggists c 'lll re= fund your money if you are not satis- fled after using It It is everywhere admitted to be. the most successftil remedy in use for bowel complaint's and the only one that never fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliable. Cold KANSAS NOTES. Mr. Peach is a fruit agent of Wyandotte, Mr. Cherrj- of Salina, sells fruit and Harry Cheek liv^s at Fort Scott Kansas must have a poor lot of as scssors or there are a lot of prevaricators in the state. The assessors fail cd to find $87,000,000 now on deposit in Kansas banks. A Howard man who was run down by a girl bicyclist couldn't whip her because she was a lady so he is now after the city council to pass an ordl nance prohibiting riding on the sidewalks. The Ehnporia Gazteto admits that business Is so dull there that tho merchants visit each other and collect at different stores to tell the latest stories. The Gazette ought to bo fined for this admission. "Can a man who has made 127,000,.000 in one deal, $9,000,000 in anothe^ and In the short time of ten years ac cumulated $52,000,000 honesUy be on' the square? demands the Neodeshal Register. Well its hard to tell wheth er he Is on the squiare or not but lis a dead moral cinch that he Is onto his Job. ' The Eldorado Republican sfiys Ed Howe has lost his foot-hold -i|t that tqwn with the I ladies. For: tw^ty^ yeara ther hxre^ beea <iv Night Was Her Terror. "I would coug' nearly all night long," writes Mrs. Chas.. Applegate, of Alexandria, Ind.. "and could hardly get any sleep. I had consumption so '[ bad that if I walked a block I would cough frightfully and spit blood, but, when all other medicines failed, three i $1.00 bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery wholly cured me and I gained 58 pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed I to cure coughs, colds, lagrlppe, bronchitis and all throat and lung troubles. I>rice 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free at Evans Bros.' drug store. Working Night and Day. The busiest and mightiest little thing that ever was made Is Dr. King's New Life Pills. These pills change weakness Into strength, .llstlessness Into energy, fag Into mental power. They're wonderful In building up the health. Only 25c per box.- Sold by E^-ans Bros. You may get plenty of exercise and at the sarrie time your stomach and bowels will get out of fix. You wonder why —It's easy. You eat a cold iVeal in the middle of the day, wash it down with hot coffee or cold beer, finishing off with a lot of indigestible pastry arid go back to work. If you will take a dose of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin every night, it will unload your stomach and bowels and you will soon be able to eat anything without suffering. Vr. E. Oswalt, of Ottumwa. la., writes under date of April 1.1901: "1 wiU take this means So ioXorm you of the benefits I have received from nslnir your Syrup Pepsin. I have been troubled for three years with my stomach, in fact could hardly keep dovm nuythinjr I could eat. and had spent between 8100 and tSOO with doctors, without Bettiwr relief. One day I saw Syrup Pepsin advertised and as I had tried everythlnK else. I Rave Syrup Pepsin a trial, and after the first dose. I could eat without nauseous feelinir. I have recommended Syrup Pepsin to a number of persons who used it with entire satisfaction. I will add that » friend suted be would have been wiUtns six months BKO to part with a 400 acre farm for tbs relief he has obtained." Your Money Baek If It Ooa't Beaem Yea KPSIH SYBUP CO., Molt locOo, Ul At the Mo L& To l^pot lola, Kai |B., Jffne t6» S903. To ilie people of lola a^d^Mii: Cofiaty: The padetsigoad \ LtxinW [jCompany hsa opened up a yard on lu^tlijf Person avenoe, ad^ joining fhe M. K. & l^,^cfiepoi| wiieie yoo wiU Uaii a complete stock on liand^ai aU tines. ask for a stiareof yo0f trade a^4 ^<>F|^ to mertt the same hy fair prices anxi gi^joi material. Come and see 0s and get price^][hef0reyot( btfy. Yours Respectfully, S. C. VARNEK imabet Co. ...SEE us RpR... * Swell Tflrnonts and fine Kovelty Rigs Rubber Tire Runabouts and Surreys, Fine Surrey :^dnd Driving Harness, Wliips, Fly Nets, Dusters, Summer Goods and Lawn Swings. WISWALL, KENHEOY & Cfi. NEXT TO CIT\ OAS OFFICE No. 117, ^est iyiadison Ave! | PRESIDENT g0OSEVELT Says of the Grand Canybn: "Keep it for your ohiMren, and your children's childreii, and all "W[Jio cbme after you, as one ol the great sights for Americans to see." I The President was greatly lir pressed with the grandeur and beauty of earth's greates; scenic wonder when he recently visited the Grand Canyon of Arizona; The sentence above quoted is from hjg sj^eech on that occasion.; If you have hot yet seen thisjtitanic chasm, why not go there this Bummef ? Low rates on the Santa Fe; to Grand Canyon and California, i Free book, "'Titan of Chasms," for the aeking. : 1 W. E. RALSTON, Agedt, ilola. Kansas. • - :•. i SANTA FE ALli I THE WAY. We Want to Flpire That PLUMBING JOB For Yon. Satisfaction Quaranteed. Bank of AUk 0PFICEK8 : EO. A. Bowius, Prest MBS. W. H. HABXMAH.iyicfe-Prest ;A, H. 0AjfPSiu.,^Attprne7. ••i'MH II n III iiU'ii i m HI li 1 111 i HIH I IHU i.i.iiijtH; I NOW FOR COHFORJ Dress Goods that are good and beautiful, yet cool and breezy. That is what you are looking for, the kind we are showing. Prices the lowest. : Do Not Forget Our GROCERY DEPARTHENT. | No One UndenelLs Us. ^ Transacts a GeneraliBanki|ig Business. Exchange on Kansas City^ CI licagb and New Yprk. Makes collections in all parts ^{ he United States. -Negotiates first mortgage loans foil wel^ improved fatms. Correspondence solicited. THOS. H. BOWLUS Oashi W«Mll.« •eilera, EnglnM^ Braaa' Castings. Drilling Tools, Oray Iran Castings, Bolting, Packing, tola, Ka Ml • moOfKur ...P*r... * Mines, BM Good Woifcnaa^ lip, PronvtDiUytfHai;'. Low Pricii.! S 6ii.Sterag«Tan^| Aiitomatle and Pialii. du Saparators, ifioat Iran Worlv Structural: Work, ; nlta^ Orp flOMtp^ lignikM Stadca. ^ ataal.Dump Cara. ' Mad* t» jOftfa^

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