Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 11, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1908
Page 8
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#######*#*##### ^ Social Mr. nnd Mrs. I'hilhm r-nfr-rliiinnd DII Iho Fdiirfh with fin siftrt noon lunclicuM »1, Uu'ir >;c;uitii'nl home \vfil of town, The f_'iii!HfH inr'ludr'd I'rof. and Mr.H. l<"\\ •/( iondd, Mr and jVIrw. f.'oojicr, Mr. mid Mrs. Howlund, Mrs. Merrill find Mr. One of the piea.sanl, affairs of the week was the surprise given at, the home of Mr. and Mrs. \. H. Hell ,,( HanIJimas in honor of their rhmt'hler, fioldie's birthday. A number rjf her youtiK frietirls of (,'ovina stole in t,ln homrt rluring her absence and awaited her return. Thf: evening WMM filer ;ititly spent, in games, after which li^ht refreshments r)f ice cream anrl cake were served. All left wishing her many happy returns of l.he day. Mrs. Axel Anderson entertained on the evening of the Fourth with a party in honor of her hiishaud'H birthday, which occurs on that rhilc. Many of the invited guests had previous engagements hut tlios': who came had a very pleasant, time anrl were nerved with supper Including ice cream anrl cake. Those present \vere Mr. anrl Mrs. ,Jacob Hriinjes, Miss Phyllis Hrunjes, Mr. and Mrs 1,'oherl, Anderson, Messrs, Carl An (lersoii anrl Carlson of Monrovia. A r|tiiet wedding in Los Angeles on Monday hist, united t.wo well known young people of (,'ovimi, MJHH Klsiri Campbell anri Mr. Fred The liride is tins niece rif Mis. ,1. I), Crenshaw of this town and is n young lady lielovcd hy all for her sweet, ami gentle disposition. The groom en run l.o C'ovina six months ago and i.s i valued employe of |,he Crenshaw firm. Immediately after the ceremony UK young couple relumed lo Covina, where 1,'nev will reside in the future. Our hearty congralulat ions are extended l.o Mr. anrl Mrs. On Monday evening Mrs, Hum lihi/e entertained a happy crowd ol children of the Sunday-school ol the IJapt.isI, Church al. her home on .lladillo street. She was nsslHled hy Mrs. Kring anrl Miss Uerlha Follow- cll. Tho affair was a reward for their faithful attendance at iho practices and cieditablo performance of their ptirlH at tho Children's Day exercises, for which they wore trained by the above ladles. Merry games wore pluyert nnd conkins, cake and •pnncb, oranges nnd candy wore served to the youngsters. They also had tlioir pict.nroK taken in front of the house. The hint meeting for thiH season of the Five- Hundred Club was held at the beautiful home of Mr, and Mrs. A. P. KorcUhoff. The parlors were artistically decorated with hwuitiful long stemmed roses, grown on the grounds and during l.he serving of the delicious ret'reshmentH a Vieti phonograph gave cliiHsin gems by Melba, Caruso, Miss Yaw anrl others. Pri/es were won by Mr. I'ottiu 1 and Airs. Clapp. Those present, included tho members, Messrs. and Mrnes. Klliott, Prathor, Clapp, (Jriswold, Al.wood, Potter, Given, Croak, Kerok- liolf, and guests, Messrs. and Mines. Douglass, VV. H. Collins and K'. (). Simpson. Mother and Child Burnt. The wife and child of Mi. Fran/ Kichler received painful, but not. .serious burns on Tui'Hduy, through the explo.sion of t:iiH(tliiir at their homo on Iho SUM Ilernardino road. It was washing day and Mrs. Kinh- ((>r, having plnood the wash lioiler on the Ntovo, tilled the lank with UIIHO line and in doint! so inadvertent ly s[iilli'd a lumsidoralilo i|uanlity of the Has into the iiuilor. When fsho (,' (> n- t-rated the stove the llamo ignited (lie in the huilor, caiiHin^ an explo- The little one, who w;is slandinu in the doorway received the full blast uf the Hume, siMinihiiiK all the hair --I! nf Jin head, Tlu< mother IH--|HM| \vi!li the child into the ^trcol ami its dries altnu'.led ,1. l>. liixliy, a yiei^hluir, who hucceoded in pullil',^ the bla/inu slovtt mil <<( the hiilise \vjlh a pardon lake, thus itviM'linn ••\lial iniuhl ha\ it b./en a MTIHU^ lire. The tire department responded prumplly In the alarm but bv the lime llir.v urri\eil all dnu^iT uas passed. Mrs. Ivichli'i 1 Uii^ l.urned almul the arms, bill JIM! scriou.- ly. l!«lh nmihi-r and child are nuw litlle tin- tnr t heir i \|'ei ii'iii'i-. A party from ilie Chrisiian Chinch are H n ill^ by the elccllic Inail t'i 1'ii^adena next Tuesday evciiini; In; attend Miic ut tin' revival si-r\ ices be \ jntf held by I lit) Kc\'. (-has. K'i'it!ii| Scoville in I )r. l)nulili^'s chuich. i The e\ •••inm-liil ic elt'iirls nf thi-i i-ln | «jufiit divine are merlin^ uilh ic imii kubli ^iicce.sM. j-,,1 example, at JJ'iUVJlle, III., the sel les resulted Ui 1UU.J De.\ mumbiTa boilJK adiied. Hrethren Church: f-unday sehodl 10 a m. J'reuchitiK at II a.m. and 7:!!0 p.m. (,'hrislian U'orl- -ei i .' meet- ln^i;-l."i. A cordial inv ita 1 , inn is extended nil to nttend. •Services in the Church of the Jfn!y Trinity: Holy Communion 7::'0 a in.. Knnda.y school '.I : 1 5 a.m. Mrrrn- intf prayer 11 a.m. Hnhjrift. "Hope, a Christian Uuty. " I'A-en'-oi)^, 7 :!!f) j). m. Offertory anthef/i by l.he choir. I'resbyfei ifin MM vices: SIM,day school !l:15, PreachiiiK M a.m. hy F)astr)r. Hubject, "How the. Bitter •Spots in Life May be Marie Sweet." Y.l'.S. C. K. D:'I5. C-onpel servico 7:15, Subject, "Some Warning as to Vacation," J'aul C-. Htevens, pastor. Worship at, the Haptit-t Church: Mible-Hcho()l !):45a. m. ('rr-a(;hin« services 11 a.m. and 7:15 ji.rn., by t he past's! 1 . Morning subject, "flor)rl works." KveniiiK, "The Soul Culture of the World." 1J. Y. I'. IJ. 7 [i. m. Tripic, "Character and Courtesy." A cordial invitation is extended l.o all to those, meetings. Christian Church: Sunday-school I': in. Preaching by the pastor 11; subject, "The lOlims of Life." .Junior H. Senior Kiifletivor o':'15. Preaching 7:15: Hiibjocf, ".John Hun yfin, the Immortal JJrr'amer," a special sermon for youiiK yiefiple, Unet by Misses Maud DouKht.y and Kilna (^ollrin. Male ((uartel. "Savior Pilot, Mo" W. (',. Conley, pastor. Union Sunday livening Services. Tho Unptist, Christian, Methodist and Presbyteiian churches of Covina have arranged for union services for Sunday evenings for the four Sundays in August. Tim first, service will be held at the Uaptlsf church (he first, Sunday in August, Kov. W, G. (Jonley proaohiitK. The second Sunday evnniiiK, Annual, Oth, at the Christian Church, S. VV. Gfi^o preaching. Tho third Sunday evening, Au^nst 1G, at the Methodist Church, JKev. Paul G. Slovens preaching. The fourth, August 3.'I, at the Presbytortnn Church, Kev. Harry White preaching. Death of J. H. Rlley. Tho death of J. M. Hi ley at, Gump Hincon on Wednesday came as a Kreiit shock and surprise to this city. With his wife und daughter ho had KOIIO up the canyon for a vacation. The deceased was only ill a few days with pneumonia. Tim funeral will bu held from his Los Annelids home ut '1 :'M this after noon. Mr. Riley owned one of the finest 100 acre orange proves in this valley, one mile west, of this city, on A/ avenue. lie also owned considerable real estate and other business, interests in Los Angeles. Jlo was one of the best known men of Los AnRolcs City and his death is a lowi to the entire county. CHARTER OAK. The Miases (Jrace and Sadie Lincoln spent the Fourth at Lonn ileach. Mrs. Alice Ihvtdln of Moscow, Idaho, is visiting her sister, Mrs. C. K. (iiven. Mrs. C, H. Hyde uf Pomona is vis inn hor mint, Mrs, 11. C. Maco, who has boon very ill but is now recovering- Miss Dealrico Colo has returned from Colton, vvlu't'u slie hat) bt>t-n VIB- il, iiiK with her friend, Miss Lisa l.mulholm of Hl ; Reception to New Members. i On Wednesday evening about one hundred arid fifty penple gathered at the parlors of the Presbyterian •Church to t-pMid n social evening and welcome flu; new members and to not. better ae(|u:iinied. A short, but very enjoyable, program uas render- t ed, consisting >.!' an liistrurnentnl Hr-lr'Clirin bv Mrs, (). I'',. Huff; HOIIK. Mr. H. ,\. Wells; rearlin^. Miss Cfilduel) of Lout; Hear'h: ?<)lix t Miss Wntr«rhou u i!. l'!\r-ry nutnher was en .joyed by t.he attentive audience nnrl icnchonc \uis compelled to respond 'with an encore. The program beini; endorl, supper was announced, ;n,d then earno the merrry time of "Mr-kin^ partners," Adverthif'mr'nts cut from magazines, and each one of these cut, in two, were pa"sed, one-half beinn (tivrn t." the gentlemen and thr! rither to the ladies. These papers were matched find thus each found his partner nnd all marcher] down stairs to the social ihall, where, n delightful supper WHS served in "cafeteria" style, consisting of sandwiches, salads, ice cream, wafers, coffee and lemonade. The tables looked very pretty decorated [With blue and while: flowers. | After supper the floor was cleared jiirifl many jolly uiarnes were played. At. a late hour all departed, pronounc- | in« the evening's entertainment a j delightful success, and much credit is 1 duo the chairman of the social committee ol' the Ladies' Aid. Mrs. Hull 1 , who planned and carried out this ! entertainment. Covlna (ilrl Seeks Scholarship. Miss Ida May IJenjnrnin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. R Ijenjarnin of Confer street, has entered the Times scholarship contest. She is a degorv- iiiK young lady nnd should receive the hearty support of our citizens. Save your coupons nnrl hand them to Miss Benjamin or plaey them in the box to he found on the desk in the poslnftleo lobby. Orchard Work Wanted. I am thoroughly equipped with priori tennis and implements to care for orchards. I need iho work nnd will ffive the proves intrusted to my care rny personal attention. M. CHILTON. Telephone KiO. Additional Locals. W. H. Daniels lost one of bis valuable big team this week. For Sale- A four cylinder Elinore in fine condition. For particulars write P.O. box 'Iflfl, Cuvinn, or the Covina Carafe, tf The wife of Mr. Geo. Kir by, of the San Uernardino road, who was operated on last week for appendicitis, is renorterl as now out of danger. Mr. and Mrs. William Armol, for morly ot Fort Wayne, Indiana, more recently of Fresno, are at present the quests of their uncle nnd aunt, Mr. and Mra. Milton Aruiol. Good work and driving horse und two eairiagos to sell. All in fine shape. Call .soon as they will bo sold. H. M. ]>ounlasH, Puonto St., Phone 07. Have you become acquainted with us yet? Tho Kpiscopal choir will entertain informally nnd pleasantly on Wednesday evening at the club hutiBe. Twenty-live cents admits you to thn pleasure circle and young ladies will supply you with thirst- removing beverages. Short, crisp panorama of Htoroopticons of London and glimpses of the Uritish Isles by Prof. Kobort .). Buchanan, with good music interwoven through it all. IRWINDALF:. I )id'\iri'.sl Iteii'hard, who has lircn II with blood poisoning, is murh iiMli-r and IIIIH goiii' to tlin iiioiin!ain- \\ it h his u iti"-. T!u« Misses l.ida and Leola Irwin have none to S'ln hiego for a inoiilh. Mrs. I 1 ). K'. ('oilman ami daughter .May, b'lt on Thursday for ( isuip K'in con, wtii'ie (hey \sill spi'iul a month. Cement Work. I am now pi i'| ai-fd to 1-0111 rai'l for all kindn ut eetin tit \Soll\. Cui'liillg, Mideualliti and pipes. Many \ears e.\ perieuee. Yards. Covinu Irriiialing oH'h'e, Fast College sll.-el, I'ovinu. .) AM i.s IUI.N MAM. Ui ,-iilciilh . t lSadilh< .~t i i-.-t \\,-\ •• di' li^hti'd cm Tliiir-iilay \\lini ll,r I'ai'ilii 1 I .icrl rii 1 niihia v i'ili-.l thru 11 ack i.n lii-^ t hut .iiiylilai c. Tin- 1 lu~; . ii iliis -iDtil lati-iy ha-j I t-i n unlirai al-lc. Summer Excursion Kates. Siiiiiincr t'XL'iirsii)!! rates to I'acilic v.' will be mailo from ICastern terri- !ori T tHr ciiinin^ Moasuii. II us is will t)c niif fare rate nf sixty ilollais from Missouri Kiver; s'ntv-si-voii from St. I.ouis; seventy-two tifty from (.''IUM^O .lime lirst to SopteinbiT thirtiftli. Tioket-i ;it M;I\IU' vales \\ill he -.nld tnr u.siiiil K.istbouiul I'XL'iii'-iion -. t""m SAMPLE SHOES U'r- are opnriini; n sarnple shot) department on (jiir second floor for thr; f-alc. of sample shoes. V>'f- offer Ihi.s ,vf:ek men 1 '-! kid and calf ?' !. 00 shoes at ?2. H:")". '.v. L. (jonwiHs 81.00 hhofH Men's drf-Sri whfies ?1.8fj. Men's \\oilf shoes 81. "5. {joys' tan dress shoes 31.75. Old ladies' comfort shoes, rubber ; heels, fine soft kid, turn .solon of oak j leather, 31. ft.j. I Women's vici kid blnrher Hhoes, i ' solcp. 9'2. 15. | Women's pate.'.t leather oxfords, f.ll sixes, 8 1. Ol). Very fine patent colt oxfords, welt soles, 8'J. 00. (JaiivaH oxfords, 31.00. Children's canvas^ oxfords, every .si/o 80 cent?. Childrcn'H ' solid leather shoes, 11 '.j to 2, 8l.. r )0. UO.VH' 8.'!. 50 patent colt shoes, very bent, «oodn, 82.05. Uoys' 8:j. DO tari oxfords at 81.05. Women's vici kid oxfords, welt oak HoleH 82. (if). Women's 85.00 vici-kid shoes, heat fiiakes, 8H. '15. Women's gnn metal calf shoes, fine for mountain wear at 82.00. Moii't fail to see our big line of Elk Shoes for men, women, and children. We, are off or i UK reductions in table linens, suit cases, trunks. We offer 500 yards lawns, 15c grade at 7 '.^c. Wo offer 500 yards all silk rih- hnns, K'md colors, widths up to 5 inches at per yard, 15c. 50 dozen men's work shirts dOc. Every 75o shirt in the store at 50c, Children's leather sandals, NOT ALL ril/US, (15c«. 5ilks Make us an offer on any silk in the store. We are sole agents for Hanan & Son, J. J. Grover & Sons, Utz & Punn, Thayers, Norman &. Bennett. We ore just in receipt of sizes in house slippers and Juliets which were sold out. Boys' and men's khaki goods. Boya' khaki suits 90o. Men's and Boys' Straw Hats Choice, Monday only, any straw hat for 25o, values up to 82.00. 3 dozen men's work shirts 25o each. They are blue and tan cham- brey and are worth more. Hosiery We do not try to make 100 per cent profit on our hosiery as do department stores who are continually running big fake bargain sales. We put quality into our hosiery and sell you bettor hose at 25o thau many stores sell at rifte ot 1 more. Try our men's tenderfoot hose, at 12,'ic. Broadwell Notice to Creditors Estate of Peter D. Moje, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executor of the last will of Peter I). Moje, deceased, to the creditors o'. and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said executor, at the office of his attorney, 1C. G. Kuster, at> 1. \V. Hellman Bldg., Fourth and Main Sts., Los. Angeles, I'iilifornia. Dated ihis 2l)th day of June, A. 1)., l'm>. OTTO AXDKK'SOX. F.x.vr.u.r of the histssillof Peter D. CHAUTAUQUA ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA i Strongest and best array of talent ever secured tor a Southern California entertainment. Headed bv Senator John Sharp Williams Hon. Francis J. Heney and a score of others almost equally as good. Prelude music by celebrated Philomel Quartette That magnificent cantata "The Crusaders" with a chorus of seventy-five voices for grand closing concert. Remember the date LONG BEACH July 13 to 25 inclusive BEN F, THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE 6 to 36 inches in diameter General Cement Work of All Kinds Rein forded Concrete Buildings a Specialty Yard, West Cvpress Avenue Telephone 403 Good Groceries We carry a fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries. Our \'. vegetables are the best to be had. Our teas and coffees are \\ excellent. A large stock of canned goods, pickles, olives, <• hams, bacon and bakery goods. Try our butter. The Depot Grocery ROBT. CRENSHAW, Prop. S««3$$«SS«3S$S$^^ KERCKHOFE<CUZNER Mill and Lumber Co, Phones: Home 148; Sunset 253 COVINA, CAL. COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. Citrus Avenue Havinsf recently installed the latest improved shoe machinery, I am now prepared to do all kinds of shoe repairing at short notice. Satisfaction is guaranteed in every respect. Men's sewed half soles "So Ladies' sewed half soles nOc Ladies' nailed 50c Corbctt & Trimbell BlaotcsmltHlng All kinds, of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks iad Box Presses Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 6i Shop Wesi Dndlllo St, Cavina Kissel Kar A car that sells for $2250 that will demonstrate and show as good material and workmanship as a $4000 car. 4 cyl., 40 h. p., speed 45 to 50 miles, won both events it entered at Pasadena- Altacieua hill climb. Has Bakers! field road record of 4 hours and 45 minutes over horrible roads. Have a ride in one and you will be a Kissel Kar booster. Reo Automobiles THE CAR OF SERVICE Ask any of the many Reo owners All kinds ot resiili'iice am! ii.rome! til'operlv. liiisine-s cli.iiii'ei, andcttv'i or lieach pro^)i'i * v. Also •< per ci-nt | ^olil bonds. and Home Telephone stock. Most ot these \\iil pa\ some cash and assume on YOUR Oi a i i L; i'. \\ .1111 u t ,t: i tl I.» i j i. 11. i i i , P vc^. A 1 [ ,t i la, i If i-1 .UK! i'-v i i'\ K'.i MI iu\*>, v .t> .t 111 1.11 u!. i i a i. » I h ; i; _, t i L a t i> \ i . »r i h th.- 1111 • 111 • \ . A. J. Reetz Realty Co. 4t iii!ii.^ii) !i^-:ir:riK of I'ctition lur I'ruhutc ul \\ III In the superior i^oiirt of the State of ',i ii ti-rnia. in ant! for t he ('oil nty of In the matter of the estate of Mary K. Hosteller, deceased. Notice is hereby i^iven that tl'.e petition of Homer I,, llosteth r t. r ;l.e [)r,.- bate of the will of Mary K Hosteller, deceased, and tor t he i>siia lice • if let tel's test auiei ta;'\ liuM'e>,ii t • lior.ier 1.. HostetKr. wn: 1 r'd .it lo o'clock a.m. on tl;e l.>t!» da> ot July. l >l o,-\ at tile court ro. lii of 1 lep.irtmeiit - of the Superior i'.,i',i t ol l.o:-, Angeles (.'i.uuty. I'.t!iti it'll 1.1. 'idled .Inne "21. V«"v l'. (i. Kl'IS'KS. (.','lints I'lerk. Hy \V. 1.. War-en, "deputv. tiei'. I,. Samlel's. .itt..|'iiev tit' peti- t! . 1 leI . IK YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING doiK', see me before yi>u lei vuur job. All wurk "'uaranteed and prices reasonable. 1'hone 51. C. H. Kistler PRICES Car with top, 514 X 0.0<) K.M ;\'oai!ster, 20 h. p., fllUH.oo A'.s'. a^i'nts for V.'ayne ".iO" 4-cvlinder •,ii:t! Kisselcar. (ivt a demonstration '|>ef o! e bii \ i n _£. I'OVINA The (ireen .Marshall Company's Talk on Paint. \Ve manufacture almost everything in tl'.e paint lini and guarantee every article. Prices Consistent with the i,'.;a!ity of our goods. You will lir.d o'.ir selected hard oil finish ami pure mixed paints now on sale ut C. K. KUt'.er's paint and v. all paper store Piluiie N'u. 51.

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