Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 18, 1903 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1903
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VOL! YI Ne NVUEI JH9. KXLAf KANSAS, JULY ^8, f 903--SATSJRDAY EIGHTPAGES THE NEWS t^N THIS PAG^ CC3«iS DIRECT TO THE -REGISTER BY THE ASSbCIATED PRESS N SUSPENSE CONDITION OF POPE IS SO CHAR- ACTERiZEO BYj PHY. SiblANS: ' S EVER PRESEKT However, There is no Immediate Fear of a Fatal Turn—Doctors Today Discussed the Question of Issuing a Hopeful Bulletin and Decided That the Facts irj the Casci Oil Not Warrant it—Carmelite Madonna Fete. Romo, July IS, 12^5 p. m—Tho pope conlinncs in tlio same cnfpohlod stale bill there is no in>licalion of an approaoliinK crisis. His ronditioh appears to have lapsed into one of in- dofinite snspense. with the over pre sent danger of a fatal turn. Ye! there is x^o imniediato fear that such a change is near. During the niornin?; the pontiff remained comparaiivcly quiet. !;etiinf!; sonv.-. sleep and seeing no one except the doctors and his iiiiniediale attendants. For three days the oIHcial hullefins have practically been unehanc;ed, showing the patient's condition lo he almost ' stationary. After the last two Peek's experience Pverbody has renounced making; any predictions. Un(ioubledly symptoms of ainelioraiion exist, as ;WhiIc on Thursday mornin.!:^, when the pleuralic lirpiid resiatherert. his ret?piration vurhed otl, today wlii-n JMHISP lowerin.c;. it fell to 2S. Dr. Lapponi and Dr. Mazzoni discussed tho question whether to announce vn ntneiioration in this mornin.^'s bulletin bill abandoned the idea, so as not lo raise excessive optimism. The heat is beginning to increase. The shutters of the jjopc's bed room window are almost closed. The window is <»]>en and the curtains are drawn back. Sieps will be taken to install an electric fan in the room. The Cabinet ministers have held sovei-al mt^etings today to discuss the attitude of, the government on the: death of the pope and has decided that if the Vatican notifies the Italian government of his death, as it has done in the case of the death of other distin.guished prelates, Italy wlH not participate ii\ any manifest at at ions of mourning but limit i herself to maintaining public order and issuing full liberty for the conclave, as pre^ scribed by law. In arriving at such a decision the ministers declared they had been .g\iided by a wish to protect the dignity of (he state, and by no lack of respect for tho aged pontiff, toward whom there has been the most chivalrous manifestations of sympathy from the king, who postponed his journey to Pariis o naccount of the pope's health and from tho whole people, who are l>articipating in a universal feeling of regret at tho pontiff's illness, thus for- «ptting the traditional struggle between the church and slate. THE WEATHER Chicago, July 18.—Kflssourl—Gen­ erally fair t/dnlght and Sunday, ox- cppt possible local Rhowers Ihla nf lornoon or tonight In extreme soiijh portion; coojor tjmlghl.: northwest winds. ; Kansas—Generally fair tonight and Sunday, except possibly local showers this afternoon, or tcinight in the somh- cast portion: cooler In the southeast port Ion tonight; Sunday slightly warm or; (o norlhwcst winds. ROSSM DOES NOT FEEL HARD US Foreign Office Says ,it is Willing to Regard B'Nai B'Rith Incident as Closed. St. Petersburg, July IJr.— The foreign ofiicc authorize.^! tho Associated Press to say that the reason for Its refusal to accept the Kishineff petition was the unalterj^ble objection of the Ilussian government to haye outside interference in the internal CONCESSION fly OPERHTORS OPERATORS' SCALE AS REVISED IS' HIGHER THAN THE ORIGINAL. . tOJOURNMEKT UNTIL MOW At That Time Pittsburg Miners and Operators Will Get Togearer and • Try to Reach an Agreement—< Miners Remain Firm in Their De mands, and There is No Prospect That They Will Weaken. the empire, anil affairs of that even had the petition been aclieplablo as a diplo natic document, Russia would have regarded tho publication of the tc.vt before transmission as unusual. The otTico says it is willing to regard the inciilont as closed and adds that Ku.ssia continues to cherish American friendship: II EHIS ESCAPE Jailer Had Taken Him to the Woods to Protect Him From Lynchers and He Broke For Liberty. . CEREMONY WAS SUBDUED. Because of the Condition of Pope. Fete of Carmelite Madonna is Curtailed. Rome, July 18.—One of the most picturesque ceremonies of tho season in Rome, the procession of i the Car-, nielite Madonna, was much ciirtaHed becanse of the i>ope's colidltjoii. Usually long processions of women, igirls, priests and monks wind through the;tortuous streets of Tra^steverO; a popular district, carrying art imi^e of the Madonna and chanting-hymns in her praise while candles flare and flowers are strung along the route, the i^ultitudc looking on enchanted Todaj<. however, the Image of the Madonna was taken, early , and privately to church; without display, but long and more feryent, -prayers were offered) for the preservation of thp aged pontiff. \, j Cody. Wyo.. July 18.—Great excitement exists throughout tho Big Horn basin over tho escape of James Gorman, convicted of the murder of hi.^ brother, T<)m Gorman. Wednesday evening Sheriff Fonton received informal ioiij that a party of deierniined citizens from Shell and Paint Rock, were coming down the basin to lynch Gorman and Wallers, aiuWher convicted murderer. Acting upon this information the sherifl' handcuffed both prisoners and two armed deptjtios secretly removed them to a canyon two miles from town. When nearly io their destination -Gorman, who is a powerful man, suddenly wrenched off his (handcuffs and broke for shrub bery. ;One guard started in pursuit- and fired several shots but Gorman escaped in the darkness. Walters made no attempt to escape. who iiave gone after Gorman openly declare their intention of lynching him. BRYAN RAWHiDED CLEVELAND. Nebraskan Greeted Was Enthusiastically at Democratic Picnic in Chicago. Chicago, July IS.—William J. Bryan addressed several thou.sand enthusiastic Democrats at a Democratic picnic toda^. He was received with cheers and w.aiving hats when he stepped up on tho platform. Mr. Bryan was frequently interrupted by applause. In his address ho made special reference to the possible candidacy of Grover Cleveland and tho latter and his sup porters were excoriated by the speaker. 1^^ Watehlngton, July I8.r4-It is announced at the war departm^^'that Coi. . JrhomasH. Barry, of the adjutant gen- ; ^aj^&etfupmot^ -liaa be?n /flele<^ted \^Jmgii^er ,s ^ral. in the pdrr"*^-* WILL DE LYNC FHEIS Assaulted a Woman, Who Will Die Sheriff's Posse is Now in 'Pursuit of the Fiend. T Monteviedo. Minn., July IS,}— Helen Olson, aged 25, daughter of Thomas Olson, was assaulte<l early today by a negro and although alive at nok>n she will die. When a crowd assembled Sheriff HaL 'rlley immediately summon ed every man present as .a deputy, saying he held them responsible for the negro. A posse immediately took up the trail .and if the negro is caught he will be lynched. SON BORN TO MRS. CLEVELAND. The ex-PresIdent- and His. Wife Are I the-Parents pf a Boiy Bom at Buzzards Bay, Biutzanls Bay/; JnJjr 18.—A' gon was to.. ex--Fresideat 8»<^ Mrs: Qniv -^J Pillshurg, July IS.—When the interstate conference of miners and operators convened' this morning the latter submitted the revised scale from their standpoint after, which an adjournment was taken until Monday morn ing. Tho operators' acalo as revised gives the minors quite an increase over the first one presented but there is yet a wide dilTcrence between it and that of the miuer.=;. It is predicted by some that on Monday the^ miners will present .a revi.sion of their scale but at present there are no visible prospect of die miners receding from their ilemands embodied in the .scale now before the conference. An adjournment was asked for by the operators' side, the n>ason being given that a number of the operators were absent; President Mitchell, who has boon practically prcsidin.s; oITicor of tho RELIANCE WAS BEATtEN. Tho Constitution Defeated Her-In the Initial Run of the New fork ' Club Cruise. j New Haven Conn., July IS.—The latest asplraui for cup defending h«)n or5. the Reliance, was defeated yes torday by Hie Constitution In the In ilial riin of (he New York Yacht Club- cruiso from Glen Cove to this port The now boat led almost from the start, and was in her usual po.sition at the finish, i)ut the Dclniont boat aftci being at one time more than a .mile nstorn, came up with a rush at^ the close and was only fifty-nine seconds behind her rival at the line. As the Reliance allows the Constitulion two miniites and seventeen. seconds in thirty-seveh miles, the length of the run, the latter won by one minute and eighteen seconds. The time a I lowance. while uiiollicial, is believed to ho within two or three seconds of the correct time. DEPORT TODNADO ERRONEOUS While Storm Was Worst in History of GardneK, No Lives Were Lost and Few Houses Damaged. Ifunrorbneo, left last night for Bonanza Arkansas, to attend a .Mitchell day celebration. lie will return here to morrow afternoon. TRANS-M SS SS PPi . GOMIUEjCIAL CONCRESS Next Meeting Will Be Held at Seattle and Dates Fixed Are August 18, 19, 20 and 21. Cripple Creek, Colo., July IS.—The official call for the next meeting if the trans-Mississippi Commercial at Seattle, has been i.'^sued by Secretary Fraiicis. Tiie date.-? fi:# ed are August IS, 10. 20 and 21. Aside from tho commercial relations of the western country with the Orient there will be other topics to be discussed and legislation will bo recommended to the national congress more directly affecting tho people of the west. Among these aro irrigation, railroad rates, improvement of harbors ami water' ways, governmental department of mines and mining, .good roads, commercial relations with Central and South American republics, beet sugar industry, encouragement of home manufacturers, statehood for tho territories, legiskalion for Alaslc.n. I--^- thmian canal, merchant marine, consular service, preservation of forests, the postal service, etc.: Joliet, July 18.—T'uo report of the cstruction of Dardnor, III., in a storm last night, proves untrue. While he storm was the worst in the his- t«)ry of tho town, no lives worn lost and no one w.ns injured. A few houses were damai^ed and trce.s and shrubbery were destroyed. Tho country districts report considerable damage by rain and winds but no fatalities. LOOKS LIRE TIE MP OF § PLATE MILLS Prospect of a Bitter Strike at Mc keesport. Pa., Over Recognition of the Union. ISM AT FAULT? HE IS ACCUSED OF VIOLATIN0 CIVIL SERVICE LAW. A DEMOCRAT TO RESICNj When He Refused, He Was Dismissed From the Service—Mr. Ware: Claims That an Examining Boarcj Shall Consist of Two Republicans and One Democrat and This the Reason Given For Hie Action IS- Washing'on, July 18.—Civil service reformers will be interested in what appears to be a violation of the civil service- Law as well as of the rul':^ and regulations promidgated by di^ rectioniof the president. The offen .^G is charj^ed against tlic commLssionor of pensions, Eugene Ware, and was committed when he directed the rc moval of a member of a board of poR-| sion examining .surgeons for , political reasons. Last December Com ni^ssioner Ware addressed a letter :o Dr. T. J. IMcLaughlin of Jersey City n which'ho called the gentleman's attention to the fact that the board cf examining surgeons of which Dr. Mc- ..auglilin was a meml)cr was compos(1 of two Democrats and one Republi- cflii. The lextof the commissioner's letter follows: Dear Sir; Your board of e.xamining surgeons, is politically composed of wo Democrats and one Republican An executive order directs chat when nraciicable the eximinirfg Ijoard shall made up of tu-o Republicans and n compliance with regretfully ask for TiiMARKETS ey taEllfilPH X . Katisa^i City, July 18.— Cattle—100, uucimn.mKl. Native steers,; |]l^S.l5; . [ cou'si nnj heifers, $l .C0@4 .ofti stock- ^ H ers iiuil feeders, .|2 .;{o @4: bulls, |2@i * .J :?.Tr):;:cah-es, $2.2r>(rf4.50. -\ Hogs—t.uoo, strong. Heavy. $5.37 (J;; fu.; packers. $5.30@5.45; me- ' iliumj jn.lOfliS.jrt; light, $5.25@5 .£i5: yorkers, 15 .51 )05.55;' pigs, $5.i0@5.50. | ShOep—oOO, firnr. Muttons,!- |3@ • } 95:; Iambs. ?n .20@C. • Wheat—Sept.. Dec, G7%@S8; i cash,-No. 2, hard. 7E <g)iA; Noj 3, 69® ~ ? 71l^:3No. 4, r,5@G7: rejected.; 61^63: .No; 'l\ red, 7: J@»A : No. 3, 71^%.': Coi^—Sept., 45%@V4:,Dec>, 43%® cash. No. 2, mixed, 48 %(g )49:- No. i 2, white, 50'^: No. 3,,-49,@50 .f Oats—No. 2, white, 38@39i; No. r2, .mixed; rr)*?'/^. , i.. Ry(^No. 2. .52. - Ha)(—Choice timothy, $13^ choice ': prairif. $ll((i )11.50. " t • ' , ' *' Butler—Creamery. 15i;4@18; dairy, fancy^ 15. I Eg^—Fresh, 12. ; Receipts of wheat, 113 cars. 1 bo one Democrat." this order I must F'ittsburg, July IS.—Three mills of tlto I in plate plant at McKoesport. Pa. wore iii operation today. Manager Lauck issued oi| ultimalum declaring thai tiio union not be recognized or a scale signed and i'rcsident Shaffer, of tho Aihalgamated Association, asserts that the strike will bo fought to the bitter end. The workmen have boon provided with revolvers in an- ticiiiatiun of an attack .by strik<irs aiid (ho latter have armed sentries on duty on tho road leadin.i; to tho works, but no conflicl has occurred although trotible is feared. GRAVE AT PORT AU PRINCE. German Warship Faike Has Been Ordered There Owing to the Political Conflict. MILITARY BANDS MAY PLAY. War Department Decides, However. That They Cannot Underbid Local Organizations. Fort Riley, .Inly 18.—The secretary of war has decided to leave to the discretion of the department commanders who are authorized to permit military hands within their jurisdiction to accept outside engagements whenever their senices can bo spared, with the understanding, however, that they cannot underbid local, civillanj bands. The musicians' union has been a .strong factor in this fight agaitist army bands. KANSAS CITYAN KILLED. Dead Body of George Kinmon Found on Railroad Track at War• - rensburg. Kingston, Jamaica, July 18. —Tho German warship Falke will proceed lo Pon Au Prince tomorrow o^'ing to the gravity of tho situation there. A dispaloh from Port An Prince an- ii()un(!cs the con (let there between President Nord and the chambers had cdiitrniied and had resullofl in the proclamation of a state of siege and (he calling out of tho national guard. QRAy'S LICENSE REVOKED. State Board Takes Action in;Case cf Garden.City Man—He Will Appeal to the Courts. •' Topoka,' July IS.—Dr. itobert B. Cray, of Garden City, was convicted nf conduct imbecpming a member of the medical profession by the state medical board yesterday and;; his licence to practice medicine in ^Kansas, was revoked. He will appeal- to tiid eourt.s. j Dr. Cray was trie-J in Chicago a fewi monthS; ago for the murder of Missi Irena Brown, a Garden City girl whoni he took,to Chicago to have' an opera-' tion performed. Hp was acquitted cf murder.] , Jersey City board. •our resignation as a member of the This request mu -^t ANOTHER NEW RAILROAD. Warrenaburg; Mo., July 18.— The dead body;of-George Kinmon. of Kansas City,- was found: on the, railroad track here„today. Aa to'how Kinin^' The Cheyenne & Washita, Five Hun dred Miles Long/'Chartered at ^ Guthrie. . Guthrie, Jnly'18.—The.Cheyenne.& ""asbita.WUiroadiiwas'chartered ^~ not in any way be constituted as re- flocdng upon your efficiency as a tneni- ber of the board, or as an expression of dissatisfaction with your professional work. I thank you for your past good services as an cxamiuing surgeon for this bureau. Very respectfully, E. F. AVare, Commissioner. Mr. Ware's Statement. Commissioner Ware, when asked today about this letter, said it'was genuine, and explained that after waiting a reasonable" time for Dr. McLaughlin to resign, and not reciving -his resignation, an order "of dismissal had been made. Tho commissioner claims that the examing' medical hoard mouj- bers are iibt u;ider the civil service laws and that the tenure of their members is ai he discretion of the com missioner. The executive order to which le- forence is made in his letter to Mc- Latighlin is not of record, and the commissioner, when asJcod .about ii, staled the order was a verbal one made by President McKinley. The civil service commissioners do not take the view of the matter lold by Mr. Ware. Tlio commission holds that the civil service act as well •as all rules and r(?gu!ations made in accordance with it protect all ollicers and employes of tho government in classified service against dismissal tor political reasons. . "I want to s-ay this for tho commissioner of pensions," said Commissioner proctor, of the civil service com mission today, ''so far as appoint-, meats and promotions are made by him we have never had a man in tho public service who adhered more strictly to the civil service rules.; He has 'been a very strict observer of the law -and the regulations." Presbyterian Church. Sunday school 9:45 a. m.; morning service by Dr. Drake; Christian Endeavor, 7 p. m. No preaching in the evcnin'g. Prayer meetipg Wednesday 8 p. ml Notice. All parties who drew lots in the town of Concreto, and-who havja not commenced to build upon sante -according to the terms of the, drawing thereby forfeiting all claim ta said lots, are hereby notified to^ call at the ^oiI|ce of-Henderson-,-&.'Poyell at"^once 'Chicago, July 18.—Cattle— 15,000, Naiivg steers. ~$l(?i)5..50; Blockers and fooders, $2.50'@4.50; cows and heifers, ?l.50';§.4.75. IIoj#— 7 .000. Top, ?5.75; bulk, $5.40 <Q!5.G5i • ;*' ' Butter—Creamery, 15@20; dairy, E.g.#—l.'!i^'14i£.. WlWat—July 73%; old, 75%; Sept... 7fivi; 'old. 715%; Dec., 76%(g)'/^; old, 7fi%: iMay. 7S !A. . ; . ; Coni— JMly. 4'.>ig»%; Sept.; 49^/^(5) %; Ddc., lit; May," 46. Oat.4^Julj-. :!7-%: Sept., 32%@33: Doc. :!iJV{:; May,-35%@V6. ^ ^ Porlc—July. ?14.15; Sept.,' $14.3714 Lan Oct.. ?! St. ibccO s :—Ji:ly, $7.S7V^: T .75. Sept;, $8.50; |ouis,-July IS.—Cattle, $3.50; *ers, S."..70@o.50; stockers and jfeederi$2.75@4.25; cow^s and heifers, j52.25^i i.Go. Ho.g; ^;!,500. Pigs, lights. $5@5.80; i> $5,35@5.70; butchei^; $5.30@ J5.C0. Whe^—No. 2, re<l, cash elevator, I 70(E81; July.767/6; .Se!pL,"77W Dec. 7k:%@>4: ^'o. 2, hard; 78(g)78%. ;Corn—!?o. 2. cash, 46i4; track. 48@ 1%; Jnl|. -"^Syo; ^^)t.. 48%(0)%. ' Oats-f-No. 2, Tash. 35; track. 35; Sept., Ji %(5)%; Dec, 32%;'No. 2. white. [10. f . ; Pork-^$14.S0. Lard, $7.30. ' i Lead-^Firm,- $4.12%. ^pelter-- Pirra, $9 .50. ' CONiTIONISA RECORD BIEHKER 'jEpwortl| League Meeting at petit>it is the fereatest Ever Held—Atten- dince of Delegates 25,000. Detn kkies w- night t, July IS.—Despite the leaden . lich greeted them today af-ter of hard rain, more ttian 1.000 bnthusidslic Epworth Leaguers were' present at the morning wateh^-meet­ ing, Dr.j Joseph F. Berry, general see- rWary tk the league, lC(| tho^meeting. This .aft |?rni )on there wore no' general and several ^statei delega- zed the opportunity -to hold. meeting! tions rallies. . "Thisf we over; tendanctj h'eadquaHers was 22,500, and'|t Is expected 25,000 tAday. is the greatest convention ha<l." -said Dr. Berry.,^The at- of delegates last liight at hat the number will pass^ Resolutions. • Hall 6Jr lola Lodge. No. 21. L p. 6. Fu, .TubflS, 1903. ^ Wher| as. Our Heavenly Father has rembved from oiir presence our Brd. Wm. Yljger, Be it resolved. That in his Jeai i we hjave lost a worthy brD- ther, oal community an upright, honorable |itizen and neighbor, hiss family a; kind Jind loving husband and father r a;nd lola Lodge No. 21.1. O. O. F. here-1 by-exttjids t^o the wife and family of our de^ai^ed brother our sinceije sym- .1: pathy. * ; Resolved. That these resolutions be- gublisltti In the daily papers, -a copy .^if'"'^ given ft) his family, and that ^ey b ^'/'r -ji^ spreadinjpon the minutes. •) i L. L. .Ponsl«r ,i J. B, ;8n»l|l<,-;.V;Y^

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