Covina Argus from Covina, California on July 11, 1908 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1908
Page 7
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BEAUMONT FACTS ECLIPSE DREAMS In (lie region of Beaumont, Riverside County, where almost everything will grow without irrigation, is now being installed n large ami complete water system, oappble, of hi-inging the land up to tho highest state of cultivation, assuring settlers against rlry seasons and crop failures ninl giving to that region perhaps the best irrigation equipment in .Southern California, says the Loa Angeles Herald. To this enrl Gervaisa Purcell, the noted engineer who is ns- Eociatecl with General Randolph Miner in the Han Pedro harbor development, liaa just completed a report on the Beaumont water supply, showing greater possibilities, it is believed, than ever dreamed of before. Jt was found that the watershed of Beaumont was very porous and absorbent, and for that reason will carry off underground in the gravel interstices a large portion of the run-off, which is an important point at issue in every irrigation project. The rainfall was found to be higher than that of Los Angeles, being 18,',j inches for tho average year. This average was taken at the Southern Pacific depot, an elevation of 2550 feet. At the 300 contour, where the Beaumont Land and Water company is diverting the stream in Edgar canyon, the rainfall averages over 21 inches. At the highest elevation of the shed, 85*00 feet, Purcoll shows an average precipitation of over 54 inches or a general average over tho shed of Ii7. (J inches of rain. RUNOFF IS 200 INCHES. The amount of water available for use after the natural demands of plant life and evaporation have been satis- fled, known as the run-off, is 2(50 inches. Concerning underground reservoirs Purcell in his report states: "In this connection I have made a careful recounoissauce of Edgar canyon and find it to be all underlaid by water gravel deposits which in many cases are so super-saturated with water as to percolate over the surface. Notable instances of this are reason it may prove to be even more .productive as a pumping proposition than Edgar canyon. In conclusion Purcell states: "As far as your present wells now show you can calculate on being able to safely pump during the irrigation season some 258 inches of water and if as I expect will be the case, tho continued development now in pro- .gross shows equally good results you could during the irrigation season pump a very much larger volume. "Your development to date are three wells in Edgar canyon near the mouth, and a u'.\8 timbered shaft now being sunk on section 10, through which the canyon passes. A Summer Entertainment. One of the summer entertainments spoken of awhile ago, to he given by tho choir of the Episcopal church, is to be held this • .ruing Wednesday evening. The long midsummer days are exhausting. The evenings are cooler, but the town offers little in the way of amusement at this season of the year, and a thoroughly enjoyable entertainment is a welcome thing. Since tho choir made its notable success of the minstrel show and concert, plans have been under way for other light entertainment, all for tho same purpose the fund for the new organ which is to augment thu really good musio which the church j now possesses. Therefore, on \Ved- ]nesday night the club house doors j and windows will bo thrown wide open, the seats will ho arranged in friendly disorder, so that one may wander from group to group and fra- terni/e with friends and meet new people worth while. Cooling drinks will be served continually, after the fashion of the famous midsummer concerts of the symphony orchestra of Boston, and what is doubly alluring and attractive, tho refreshments well rendered fit for a convocation of tho gods, though being served by Coviua young ladies in cool, grateful white. The principal ntt.rnct.ion for the program is Prof. Robert J. Buchanan, whose home in the world, and who has just finished an engagement with the annual Chautauqua at Venice, where thousands of people heard his entertaining, sprightly talk on "London, the World's Metropolis, with Glimpses, of English and Scoich Scenes," illustrated with the finest stereopticon slides now in this country. Interspersed through this lecture will be male quartette and mixed quartette numbers, a glee chorus of twenty-five voices, and vocal solos. Twenty five cents admits you to the pleasure circle. Wednesday night fiease, of next week. JULY 4TH AT MOUNTAIN VIEW RESORT. Judge Curtis D. Wilbur of Los Angei- es Orator of the Day. The Fourth of July was a day of continual pleasure for those at the Mountain View Resort, situated up in the beautiful San Gabriel Canyon. Among those from Covina who enjoyed this great holiday were Mr. Geo, Ivy and Misses Dora Ivy, Grace Blackman, Maude Blackman, Florence Evans, Mr. E. C. Gillewater, B, H. Budhurst and Clyde Garrison. After enjoying tennis, the plunge, croquet and burro riding, all were given a treat by having Judge Curtis D. Wilbur make a Fourth of July celebration speech, which breathed of patriotism arid true Americanism. Covina visitors will always be uiade welcome at Mountain View Resort. . Two hundred gueats have registered at Mountain View since July 1st. OECO ro 5 ACRES INKKIWDKI Practical Farmers Attention! HERE'S THE GREATEST LAND BARGAIN EVEROFFERED IN CALIFORNIA Splendid 5-Acre Fruit Ranch at Beaumont for only $425; $62.50 Cash, Balance $16 Monthly FREE TRIP TO BEAUMONT Freo trnuHportatinn to Beaumont and return with dinner and carringe rirles j»f(C\s to the hnyer of thiH ro- markaolo acreage Larval n. You ean {,'0 next Sunday, July 12, or Thursday, July 10'. Wire or phono IIH lout! distance -Home F. -IHtiS or Hun- tho Warren ciniie^ri, Uiat on BecUon 10 and the one towanls the mouth ol' Kduar canyon and as the work on section 10 shows it to he of the. same class of material it in hut fair tof-up- [iose it is of equal depth. LARCH AMOUNT OF WATKH. "The amount of available water that can he pumped out. of the ciene- Kas in Kdgnr canyon is very lar^e, as the interstices in the gravel that are now full «>f water will run from '_'fi per cent to lili per cent of the entire mans, and as you will have to pump only for a period of ninety days each year, this depletion will be amply compensated for by the water percolating in during the remaining three fourths of the year.whieh period will include the wet, winter season. "It ia well to mention at this point that up 10 date F have not made any exan.ii.ation of \oble canyon, where, no doubt, similar opportunities exist. Judging from the relative quantities of, flood run-off in i these two streams, i will ha/.ard the j opinion that the floor of Noble can, yon is much more absorptive than j that of Kd^ar canyon, and for rhat ; Hot, Main Slilfi, nor expense, and have i the land held until you can MM- it. iJo it now or somebody else will ! yet ahead of you. | IT'K HUKK TO KNKK-'H VOU. ! The html adjoins the thriving town of Beaumont, is on an 80 foot platted street with Hl'J feat of frontage, and as it. is only ten minutes walk from the hiiihness center is sure to ciime in later for city property. Will make '25 full sixed city lots and is sure to yield a whale of a profit. Within a stone's throw lots are now selling at #150 each. .Soil is rieh, mellow, de-en, decomposed granite, ideal for apples, pears, peaches or grapeu. ; Don't let the sun go doivn on your intention to write today for map fihowintf the locution and advantages of this splendid investment. (,'ut i out and mail coupon below today. BKAUMONT l.AMJ t WA'IKKCCJ. -£a: VI,-r«-antil«- l'U<-, L..-I-: ui •• li t.-n. II .-;..u!fj liiva.) .v.iy, I.,-. Ai, ^, •!,... ' too', I i.'iai 'Aai.l to K- KI^^- ratr-.-. fri'ii, l.t-r^. :.| i ,.'• -I. ha.. /.,u ,-. t -/.r| n,ui.. . i, .- ,:.:',,-i;,„-.,„-. -..|,j,l,..| . . ; !; i.r I ', •: •'• i, K ••••••'.[ i',l, -, '. |, -. A'l'ir.- ARTISTIC COVINA HOME. Designed Like Beautiful Villa of Rome. Reinforced Concrete Construction. \V<> clip from the Los Anueles: Times of Sunday i> dppcript ion of the lipautil'ul new home of Mr. and Mrs. ! Bt'ii h\ Thorpe on Cypress avemu*: i "Like a Roman villa isi tho ( of Hen l<\ Thorno at Oovinn. This 1 house is one of (ho most unique nnd i (ivtistic. in Southern California. Added lo this it is MHO of tho fow absolutely fireproof houses in the West, behiK built of reinforced concrete. The owner is a cement contractor, and, of course, the house is a model of t.hi! art of the cement worker. Mr. nnd Mrs. Thorpe arranged tho tloor [dans in a general way, while architects Arthur H. Kelly and William A. Newheiry (if this city perfected thorn, and designed Iho exterior of thi> building. The iirchitects adopted the early Latin type of architecture for the exterior, This is particularly well adapted to Southern California!) surroundings, as the climate under which it developed is matched, if not surpassed, by that enjoyed hern. "Tho features of the house aio tho splendid terraou in front with (lower beds on each side of entrance, and the pergola in tho rear, both of which are paved with square Italian brink. Tho house is ono-story, with a flat cement roof, the walls being capped with red clay ti lew after tho pattern of Den Ilur's house. This construction of reinforced concrete, not only insures safety from fire, but makes a house which is very comfortable to live in, as it is warm in winter and cool in summer. There are six rooms all of large size. Tho house covers an urea of 5211)8 feet. Tho living room and dining room occupy the center of the house. On entering the front, door oj>« gets an unobstructed view through the entire house, down the pergola, through the formal gar- don and over a beautiful concrete bridge, and on for miles to tho mountains in the distance. "The livingroom and diningroom are 38x18 feet, with a series of three graceful arches between. The west half of the house contains two largo bedrooms 17x15 feet, with a bath room between. The floor of the bath room is paved with ceiamic tile in a Komon design of blue and white. "Tho east, half of tho house contains the den and kitchen, each 15x17 feet. The den contains a disappearing bed built as a seat, mid a closet with a lavatory, making itorin- veuient for an extra bedroom when needed. "The woodwork is deserving of especial mention. Tbo livlngrooin and diuingroom are finished in birch, hand polished to a satin effect. In' the liviugroom a seat arid bric-a- brio cabinet, help to furnish tho room. The den is finished in quarter-sawed oak, polished natural finish. A desk, table, seat, and chairs were also built to match this room. Tho kitchen is separated fiom tho dining- room by a pantry, and it and a screen porch have cement floors. Tho other floors are hardwood, A largo fireplace is built in the livinuroom, entirely of concrete, relieved with inlaid panels of ceramic tile. Clement pine was used for many different purposes in the construction of this house, the chimney flues, furnace pipes under the floor, ventilator pipes to disappearing lied, and also a cold air closet in kitchen, were all '< made of cement pipe, which Mr. Thorp,* manufactures in large quan titles. "The columns to porch front and pergola wore also built of similar • pipe, plastered smooth with cement plaster. The walls, floors and roof are of concrete, reinforced with twist- , fid st.eel rods. The hide walls aro six | inches thick, while tin- partitions art- two, three and four inches thick. | "The exterior is severely plain and ' classic, and re<-cmblcH a I'ompejan Senate hall. The building has attracted eoiisideiable at tent ion lorally and many Low Angeles people have, gone to Covina expressly to t-ee it. | The owner built the onl.ire house ( himself with the exception (f interior woodwork. It will cost £5000." ASSKSSMKXT XOTH'K. | Cypress Avenue Water Company, j principal place of Niihincsn, Irwindalt.-, ' County of Lo» Angelua, State of Cul- i ifornia i Notice IK hereby giv;n that at a' regular meeting of the dircctorh, he.U' • on the 9th day of June, 1'JOh, an a>>sev>- ment of One Dollar (jl.OO) pt-r hhare was levied on the capital slock of the- above named corporation, payuMe at once at the office of the secretary, | Irwindale, County of Lot> State of California. Anyntock on which thin rnei.t ->; remain unpaid on the l)tli day of July, 1'X)*, shall be delinquent iind arlvcrtiiM-d for »alc at public, auction, and uiilt-sa payment is made he- fore will be sold on the 4th <\j$.;- of Auj;- u-.1. I'm*, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the f:l!ic<- of the company in Irv. in- tl.iie. (.oiiiitv 'if Los Angeles, State o.' California, to pay the <!«-!ni<j .n-nt ;:--.- r-.-.ini.-nt together with Hie of ad, .rM-.inj/ .int.! !b'- expi-n-.o of .idi'-. L. I;. W..• od ,V',r!h, Secretary. FIERCE CANINES. The Wolfish Dogs of Newfoundland and Labrador. On (In 1 extivm, 1 n.u'iiicrn eons! of N>\v- foilllillilllil. ;);! \\ell :!.< oil I.M lirador, t llP fishim: villages and s.'Clemeiiis are nil si! i;ile;l ill lilt 1 h.-H'hors and el'ei'kx flloim' tin- seashore. In the siiniimM 1 nil Inliveiiiiiiiimiieat inn \villi the various villages Is by water, sn tlinl tlli 1 roads very primitive. In \vinlrr, wli'-n the ground in covered with snow and the marshes iiiul lakes live fro/.en. tho people nlili/.e ilti^s and "eoniMlleks" to travel to iiiul fro. ninl also for hanliiut firewood, bniidlni; ninlorhl, etc. Those (lo^s lire savag.' Inouiirels, closely al- lleil to (heir progenitor, the wolf; In fact, they are half wolf. The residents ilo not (rouble ninch nlioul (hose mongrels In the summer, mill they are generally kept in a slii.te of somis.-iv.-ijjo starvation. They feed on lish oll'al during; the lishim,' season and occasionally bund together and go .'i-hunting on their own account. On those occasions they will attack anything they come across, man or henst, and so lieree are their depredations that eariliou, which are plentiful In Labrador, can only on rare occasions 110 found wlHiin twenty-live miles of the seaconsl, as these mongrels have destroyed or driven them all Inland. Last winter It: was reported that a team of those dogs turned on the driver anil devom'ed him and his wife and child, who were accompanying him to' a distant settlement. It hits been long rooogni/od that these packs of savage dogs wen; great obstacles In the way of the progress of the people in these parts. It: was Impossible for them to keep cows, sheep, goals or even poultry.— Forest: and Stream. EARTHWORMS. They Can Move About Only When the Ground Is. Damp. Kver since. Ihirwln wrote his remarkable Iioolt on earthworms the general public has taken an Interest In these lowly creatures. Everybody has observed thousands of them on the cement walks during and al'ter a ruin, hut the (me canst; of these' remarkalile wanderings is not often written about. The fact Is that earthworms can move about only when the ground and the grass are wet. The truth of this is easily shown by placing an earthworm on some dry sand, when tin; dry grains will stick to its slimy skin and make It helpless. All living cronl urea are endowed with the Instinct to move and spread over the enrlli. Human beings, higher animals and birds prefer to move about In fair weather. To the earthworm anil olh»r lowly creatures, like frogs, salamanders, slugs and land snails, rainy days are (he only fair days for traveling. When I ho win comes out and dries (he roads and the meadows, they withdraw into their hiding places. AM earthworms cannot see clearly, they crawl about In an aimless sort of way. It' they htippun to get on n board or cement xvnlk, when the sky clears they soon die and shrivel "P. When a dry season or winter approaches, (he earth worms burrow deeper Into the ground. At a depth varying from six Indies to two feet, each worm colls up into a little ball. My aid of secreted slime it makes a cane of dirt, round Itself, and In I his stale II remains dormant nniil abundant rains or the spring thaws cull It buck to a moru active, life.- HI. Louis Republic. Well Known Signal. Tho trainman who when sober \vns so competent lluil Hie otllelalH had winked nt his occasional bibulous lapses was nt. laul called up on |ln> carpet. "What does this mean?" asked Iho tralnniasier sternly. "A month ago you went on a prolonged hat wnen we were shorl handed stayed drunk a month. Th'-ii recently yon were away on two (lIlTerenl oer:iyions for u half week- each lime. What does It menu'.'" "Why," wild the trainman, "I am surprised that .you should nsk mo what It menim. I had understood thai ,\on came up from the ranks yourself, and yel yon a.«l; me the meaning of one long toot and two short ones. I though! everybody knew lli;il was UK; signal to slop." Chicago News. A Greater Noise. They hud rri!:»\cd from New York to a ipiiel eoiin;"y (o'\ n, and a new neighbor was renderinv H:' sympathy. "I Aliens .MHI inn: I ii,/--. Hie noise of the elevated ears a good dcnl," nlic Kaid. "I don't s'uppoM- you could gel to sleep at llrsl l.eraiix- yon was HO used to hearing them where you lived." "I never heard them," said the lady from New York. "My husband KfiorcH." ('Icvelaiid I'lnlti dealer. The Reptile. Hch'iolriiaslcr So, then, the replllo In a ercalurt; which dot H not Miami \>n feet and moves along by craw Mug on Hie ground, ran liny out- of you boyn name mi: micJi 11 creature'/ Johnny - PIcHM;,, my baby brother. Jxnidtm Til lilts. The shelves of our public library have beIMI enriched timing the past woHc by the addition of a handsome set. of (Im "Ridpath Library of Uni vernal Literature," in twenty live volumes. Also "Thn Life and Writings of Abraham Lincoln," in eight, volumes, edited by A. H. l.apsley. These will he found in tho reference department. Other recent MCCPHSJUUS are a set of Lord Meaconslleld's works and the historical romances of Mnhlbach. During I he month of June '.JUtii) persons have used the libraiy for reading rooms, an average daily at tendance of 78, llii'J books being taken out for hnnle readinir. Until the leopening of the public, schools the library hours will be from 1 to !) p.m. on week days and 2 to ti p. m. on Sunt'iiyfl. LOUR [tench Ch:uitau(|un Notes. The sessions of Chautnuqii!i at, Long Heach, from July II) to 'J.">, inclusive, promise the very best, program ever given in the southwest. Seveia! of the leading platform orators of the country have been secured] for the lecture and tho music will bo I high class in every particular. AH who can e'ljn.v a pleasant, out,ing al, the beach and a delightful program, 'combining to an unusual degree instruction and enlerlainmeiil, will tin well In visit Long lieac.h diiriiu,' Iho ! ne.\ I, I \Y' i weeks. : Notice to Creditors. i Kstate of (i. W. llopncr. Nntir.,- is hereby given by the undcrsigni-il administrator of the estate of (J. W. I lepner, deceased, to tho creditors of. and all persons having claims aija insl the deceased, to exhibit the same with tile iiecessary vouchers, within ten months a ft or the first publication of this notice to the said .ulminist rator of the above named estate, al the la\v I oil ice of (ico. 1,. Sanders, K'oom ,?2.S j U'ilcox Ilnildiiifr. Los Angeles, Count v i of Los Angeles. Statr of California, , which place is hereby designated as- the place, of business of said estate. Dated this 2Sth day of March, 1'tos. Thomas K. Kiuch, Administrator of aforesaid estate, (•to. L. Sanders, attorney for said administrator. COVINA MEAT MARKET J. P. KENDALL, Prop. Orders taken and deliveries made daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home l-'lumi: Mi HOME BAKERY In Its New Home Ihiit lias no o.<|ii;il WIIOL.KSOMK, SWKK/P, AlM'KTIXINd Pies, Cakes, Mot Rolls O. CJRINKR, Prop. Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 108 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Fast and Gentle Horses, Can-fill Drivers Stylish l\'i|^s VV. Hailillo St., on the. new clur.trio line. COVINA, Litt'e Thing*. /.if<: Is i.'iado up no I of (.'real Haerl- fiet'H of (ll)li('H, but little lltillJ.;H, ill which j-mileh nnd ki/ and , Hl/jall obligation.-, ^ivi-n habitually an ! what win and ve UK, heart and H«" urt; coii.fori. Sir M. I'a'.y. Precaution, ' S'l/i- finf, I p-'l tji'ir. faii'-y coming ' \ii -'!••!; -liaoi'V 'loiln;-. wheii you aru . goiii^' to a.-i. | a'.-, '•oiiHciit. Fred Ah, fi'it dcfcn-H, I OHM: had a ri«,-vv tiult ruijn d. \.<>iA'ii\ Sketch. FOR SALE 5000 Acres of choice orange, fruit and farming LANDS in the celebrated San Joaquin Valley On niiiin line of railroad and near ^ood towns. Plenty ol water can be obtained. Tlih land comprises some of the best in the valley and will be subdivided into small tracts lo sii it purchasers and sold at low prices on easy tcnn-i. Weekly Excursions to view Land J. H. MATTHEWS REAL ESTATE Sole District Agent ('itrtr> A venue Coviitii, (.!;•.!.

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