Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1954
Page 2
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'r-'t' •"M>HV' V ''•''"'' I KANSAS Jltnvtut 14 fiehn Legion Auxiliary *?!30,J>, rrt, 6h Monday -tft ftfe inutile of, Mr*. >&>>SW» VStoa.Goss stess. Mrs. W. ft, f»uti VB «ha«e ot the pro* * M*(<kufc_fc ni$i'l i '<*itows'hfp meeting * will be held Monday tiis, sft'the ilrst Pent- ch'. located on Fourth . ' The meeting will All Faiths are invit- lily, January 19 lit' Grove 196 WOW. Circle Brits regular monthly social Ipme.Of.Mrs. Nettie Tittle ifeyl 'January 19 at 7:30 p. ft'enibers are invited to at- set 4'slde for Father's night. Mfi. S. 'A. Whitlow, P. t. A. . . . Magazine Chairman, suggested a plan *ar a contest in the different hbniernorni to promote the sale of suttt criptions. The \.homeroom count was won by the .seventh grade. Syble Shirley read the national president's message. Mrs. « T im McKenzie presented the proii*am "Mental As Well As Physicrfi Health of the Child." An interesting film on the same Subject' was frhown to the group. hostess to the February meeting with Mr*. Ernest Cobb as co-hbstess The Clothing leader wilJ be in charge of the program. Vletery The Victory Home Demojistr*' tion Club met Tuesday afternoon. January 12, at the home of Mrs. Jimmy Miller. Sixteen members and one new member, Mrs. W. R Zumwalt, were p'resent. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs, Archie Smith. After the Club Cre.ed was repeated in unison, Mrs. X. B Miller gave a short devotional arid led the group iri prayer. The club project for 1954 will bo the continuation of the 1953 pro-. The P. with the T. A. was Benediction. dismissed Hospital Notes Branch Ge-neral Hospital Admitted: i Betty Lynn Munn, Hope. L. L. i.ipke, St. Louis, Mo. Miss Beulah \Breed, Hope. Mrs. Ada Motiser.i Rt. 4 Hope. Mrs. ject helping the Arkansas .. marking the ['Edward Jbhnson, Amer- dtuttortary Soldier buried 'us, has Been cancelled. 50r thV ceremony will be * Wter? . ,' 'uuuwinipHMvJN High School fe'tnet-in.the Juniop High ljiitt t 3,onc.,ThuKsday, January '• ""-' ifn. * ' ' > - hL MfSt H. L. Broach '»• tbq. short, business r.'Sf'PJ»y; program February',*^.as, dls- * * meeting'^ was r M r »• T H t ' * • . .Ada JVJOUBCr,'. mi. i J.1UJJV-. mio. George BilleyA Columbus. Willard Gierth, Rt. 4,.'Hope. '.Mrs. J. S. Simpson, Hope.. M. L. McCoy, Rt. 1. Hope. A. C; Stiliman, Hope. Mrs. W. S, Fauli'Jner, Hope. B'ruce Smith, Rt. 3 Ho,pe> Brenda Bain, Rt. 2, Hope. Mrs. Margaret Heyenga, Shreveport, I'.ia. Mrs. A. C. Cook Texarkana. ' Mr, and Mrs. A. C. Cook of Texarkana announce! the arrival of a haby giri on Jan.'«, 1954. Discharged: Mfi s Boulah Breed, Hope. Mrs. Errwast Moton and baby girl, McNab. l L. L. Wipke, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. U. S. Simpson, Hope. M. L. McCa.y, Rt. l; Hope. A. C, Stcelman,.Hpfte. Mrs. W. S. Faulkner, Hope. Bi-pnda Bain, Rt. 2, Hope. Mrs. Margaret Reyenga, Shreveport, La. M 1 * 8 - A - c - r ° ok and baby girl, Te»arkana. Mrs. Doyle Mauldin and p,aby girl, Ht. 2 Hope, ' Julia Chester Hospital Admitted: Delma "Whitlen, Rosston. Mrs. S. L, Mwrphy, Hope. J. T. Turley, Washington. Mrs. Max Morman, Rosstoii. Discharged: Mrs. Cleve Hamilton, McCaskill. Mrs. G. C. Clark. Washington. Alice Jane Cearly, Buckjicr. Mr" and Mrs. Max: Morman, Rosston, announce the arrival of a son, January 14, 1954;. Clubs ~~ - -GRSEN LASTER Green Laster'Home Demon- Crippled Children's Home. A letter from Mrs. Ruth Beal, Superintendent ot the Children's Home, thanking the club members for the Christmas box was read. The club voted to sell chicken. dinners January 18th to raise money for the March of Dimes. Following discussion of old and new busness, the recreation leader, Mrs. Car'ltdn Roberts, directed an interesting game with thn 1 prize going to Mrs. Cecil Smith. The thrift garment g'ame ,,with the prize going to Mrs. Cecil Smith The thrift garment .netted $1.50 and was won by MTS. William Schooley. After refreshments were, , served the meeting adjourned to meet February 3 at the home of Mrs. DalyByers. Saturday, January 1<5,1954 Hearing Schedule oitT-H Proposals* WASHINGTON (£! — The Senate Labor Committee agreed today to hold *>vo weeks of public hearings, starting Jan. 25, on President Eisenhower's proposed amendments to the Tatt-Hartley labor- management ac*. Chairman H. Alexander Smith (R-Nl) and other Republicans abandoned previous efforts to avoid the additional public hearings ur&ed by Democratic meni' bers of the Senate Group. Si'iiilh said the committed deci- feion today at a closed-door- session was unanimous, even though he PLUCKY PEOPLE-AAt a Hessian goose farm near Frankfurt, Germany, all hands, turn to to Suck goose felther, so that stores will have a plentiful Supply of birds for the Christmas season. ' " «**''W"*' ",*- 'f stra'tion Club met' 'Thursday night, January 7th' in the' home of Mrs. Lloyd Collier with Mrs. Huckabee as cp-jicste'Ss, The, president, Mrs. '' ' Fred Hiuit, ' Mr?.;ijpyd Gollist, re^d .the dfe- 'votion^J. •THfe^Ijpjrd 1 ? prayer was repeated by "the group. The song "Study Wfjr" No, 1 More" was sung, With Mrs. A^rod payneS at the piano. l & *.;i ^fc Seven members answered the roll ,,.jth a Nfw Year's resolution. There 'were twn. members added to the I'roll, WP. Jessie Ya»berry and Mrs, Alfred-Haynes. Leadeis top the New_Ye.ar were [elected; Garden and "orchard MI-J. Jessie Yarberry; Poultry, Mrs. .Ernest Ross; Dairy. Mrs. Fred Hunt; C16thirig, Mrs. Carter. Sutton; Food 1 ?, Dnd Nutrition; Mrs. J. IX BUllock; Cluld Development a;id Family' Life, Mrs; James Gaines Hom3 Man^gemept. Mrs. Herbert uar y. Hartsfiold; Horns Giouijds. Mrs. -Alfred Haynes; Recreation, Mrs. James Gaines; Health and Safety Mrs. Rtu.fr Johnson. Linda Copier sung "Chattanooga" accomn»nied by Mrs. Haynes at the piano, Mrs. Fred Hunt wpn the sur- HOP6WELL CLUB Mrs; John Keck was hostess to the Hope-well Home Deinonstration Club, Thursday, January 7. ' Mrs. Ned Purtle, president, president, presided, over the business session pnd appointed the following leaders for -1954: Garden, Orchard andr Home' Grounds,'Mrs. Theo Long; Foods anJ Nutrition, Mrs: ,O. B. Hodnett; Food Preservation, Mrs Ne'd. Purtle; Human Relations, Mrs. R. M. Harrison;' Home Industry, Mrs. Leslie Honeycutt; Home Management,'Mrs. Claude Byrd; Clothing, Mrs, Theo Long; Recreation, Mrs. Cecil Bittle;: Health and Safety Mrs; Ernest Graham; Citizenship, Mrs.* J. H. Taylor; International Relations:, Mrs. Neil •' Osborn; Legislation, 'Mrs. John :Keck; 4-H Club, Mrs. Cecil Bittle. Mrs. O B. Hodnett gave a report on tha club project, the youths at the Tuberculosis Sanatorium' at BponeviTle. The group voted to give the March of Dimes $5.00. and the Salvation Armp $2.50. 1954 Yearbooks were distributed. A discussion pf n ise food buying and making food mixes at home was led' by Mrs. PUrtle. Mrs. Lorraine Wylie, Home Demonstration Agent demonstrated the making of inexpensive neck "ties',/using-velvet povding, s,equins, pins; and fishing CQJjilSS' '-'''*'' , ^ V" "Durnig the social -p'cEiod, 1 Mrs.J. H, Taylor won'the game 1 prize and Mrs'. Wylie the surprise package. The nostoss served rolls and coffee to ten members, Mrs. Wylie and.two guests, Mrs. W. A Cobb of Hope and Mrs. Henry Abbott of Garner, 'lowa, housegue'st of Mrs. Taylor. Clubs Doyle The Doyle Home Demonstration Club met January 4 at the home of Mrs. Lawton Cobb with all the members present. Mrs. and Son. Ives (R-NY) had hoped to avoid long hearings because of the voluminous testimony taken last year on T-H changes by both Senate and House Labor Committees. The first witnesses will be Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell and Chairman Guy Farmer "f the Notional Labor Relations Board. Smith f.aid the committee voted today to let the Sen.-.te Judiciary Committee consider measures dealing with "communism in unions," including a bill by Sen. Goldwater (R-A'riz). Early house action on T-H law revision was predictec'. earlier today by Rep. Halleck of Indiana, the House Republican leader. Court Delays fteuterCase DETROIT W» . ThelntStac S-Walter Reutber muroer plot ca.c was at a virtual dead stop today. Tied up tight in n series of court d 1>7oLcutor Gerald K. O'Brien wasn't saying what his next move would be. It was reported, how- Tver thrt he and associates were looking for R w,y to facihtate extradition from Canada of Donald Ritchie, the reluctant ace witness. Considering all the ^possible international legal ramifications It mleht be weeks before Ritchie cmfld be brought back over the Detroit River neighboring from. Windsor, Onl. His hearing is set for Jan. 21 in Wndsor. Courts here and in Windsor yesterday deferred the^cases of two co-defcndants. Cr.rl Rcndn. 35, and Clarence Jacobs, 48. Rcnda's was put over ^ until Jan 29 and Jacobs' until Jan. 22 Prosecutor O'Brien vainly sought a three-month continuance of ,Rcn- la's case. . Meanwhile, there still was vord of the whereabouts ot missing Santo iSam) Pert-one ather-in-lavv o£ Ronda.and also a defendant. SJSOHKJjSSMSBaKi'ti^s ^«^ii»»S3Km«.^^^^~™~'--~~™'-' • . , ' ** S ~: Negro Baptists Ask Funds for Debt HOT SPRINGS HI — The executive secretary of the Negro Na- onal Baptist Convention's Finance Commission, asked today tha he. convention pay off a $300,00( ebt on its bathouse here. Dr. A. M- Town?end of Nashville Penn., appealed to the convention ,o complete collections on a million dollar fund started two years ago o build the bathhouse. The convention adopted a resolution to attempt to clear the debt jy September when the national iieeting is held at St. Louis Mo. At yeat-terday's meeting Dr. J. H. Sunday & Monday at Saenger , •_. __....« ,v» >o .-.wn'!»>'J-.«Mm'MMMMI)lLiUllgu. • f y?'"^% . ... j ^^l Cobb discussed brea4 and cake mixes. Mrs. Dijdy Byers gave some pointers on Home Grounds for Jan- prise package'. The ' hostess, assisted by her daughter LJnda and Pat Yarberry, served refreshments, Mr-3, Herbert Hartsfield will be f-Y'H'iy™*! ; k ' lj '" ' "' - lie Drums of f - * i- f / -» THINGS TO /vVAN'V ' L - M f: N..', li.ut neve/ • cliimud .'o be q lad'/l wa. Lorraine B. Wylie, Home .Demonstration Agent discussed the making of belts and ties made of velvet and trimmed with sequins The club took as its project for the year the beautifying of the Doyle Church grounds and cemetery. Refreshments were served by the hostess and games were lead by the recreation leader. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Luther Westfall on February' 2. 'David WAYNfanTG^oria DE""HAVEN in'V scene from'20th Century- Fox's "DOWN AMONG THE SHELTERING PALMS." Technicolor. Starts Sunday at the Rialto UO GORCEY & the Bowery Boys "JAUQPY" Allan "Rocky" Lane "EL PASO STAMPEDE" Serial & Cartoon no the , 58, Posse Continues Hunt for Slayer t LEXINGTON, Miss. Iff)—Cautious searching parties continued then- hunt today for a 28-year-old snap- shooting Negro who killed three men Saturday night. Puzzled" searchers believed EU- die Noel still is somewhere in the two-mile square area just south of here as the fifth day, of the hunt began. Some believed Noel had escaped the tight cordon of police and. volunteer searchers. One of the argest manhunts in Mississippi history was touched oft Saturday night when Noel killed Willie Raymond Dickar.d during an argument in Dicksrd's store. In a following battle with police^ officers, he killed Deputy Sheriff Pat Malone who attempted to arrest Marilyn, Joe Tie Knot, Off on Honeymoon ! By ALINE ; MOBY . HOLLYWOOD. (UP) — When J^afilyri.Monroe smiled at Joe Di- Mliggiof over. r a : " wedding ring, Jt; was the first time Hollywood's ta^ vorite blonde had made headlines in the-romance department. 'Ava Gardner has wed . three times, Lana 'Turner and Rita Hay- Worth four. But the loves of Marilyn have been few. Marilyn single-handedly brought new prosperity to the calendar business and revived sex in the movies, but she has only one teenage marriage and two fatherly- typu friendships behind her. At 15, .the thin freckled faced girl married the: boy next door, but in later years she confessed the four- yea rmarriage was partially to escape from a life of shuttling '.rom one foster home to another. Marilyn started life in an orphanage because her mother was ill and her father dead. The had 11 sets of foster parents before she was 16. She felt unwanted, unloved, . Marilyn and Seaman Jim Doughrty • were happy,. and she e*en packed love notes in his lunch box. He went off to war, so she-got a job in a parachute factory. A picture in the. company mangazine led to modeling jobs and a movie contract. When. Jim came home, Marilyn was interested in a different life. She got a 1 Las Vegas di- .vorce. Daugherty, now a .policeman in suburban Van Nusy remarried and 'has three .'children. Jackson, of Chicago, president of the convention said that if the U.S. Supr.eme Court does not outlaw segregation in the nation's schools the moral leadership of the United States will be jeopardized throughout the world. About 1,500 ministers and laymen are attending the two-day meeting which ends tonight. "Sunday night, Noel killed Joe Stewart, a member of the posse who tried to make his way into f Noel's barricaded home. Noel wounded two others as he blasted lis way to freedom. The two wounded men were re- pointed in good condition. KCMC Television Sunday,. January 17th 1:00 Test Pattern 1:15 What's Your Trouble 1:30, Hinshaw Quartet 2:00 Churches of Christ 2:30 This is the Life • •3:00 The Best Side of Life 3:3.0. The Living^ Book 4:00 Omnibus 5:3.0 You Are There 6:00 Paul Winchell ' 6:30 : Private Secretary 7:00 Toast of the Town 8:00 Mr. Peepers 8:30 9:00 MALDEN m a scene from GENTRY," released bv 20th Centuty-Fox. DOROTHY DIX Dear Miss Dix; Perhaps you'll be kind t-nough to devote a word to a her away from homo « few hours a week However, you must be warned . Dillard's Musical Varieties Letters to Lqretta 9:30 Dillard's Musical Varieties 10:00 News Headlines 10:05 Channel 6 Theatre 11:15 Sign. Off Although whales are mammals they v have only occassional vestiges of hair in adult forms. Bullet Wound Fatal to Man JONESBORO Iff) — A 71-year-old-^ Craighead County resident died to- d'ay from a buUet.-woundf.suffei-ed last Monday when he was hunting near his home. . Dead is S. E. Coleman, who lived near Lake City, Ark. , Coleman was hit in the stomach', by a 22 caliber bullet as he and two companions walked across a field. Sgt. Wyatt Patrick of the State Police, said the shot was-fired, by Eugene Barber, 18. who was shopt-^R ing.at a target in a nearby thicket and didn'.t see the" hunters approaching'. No charges have been filed/ against Barber. The charcoal obtained'from, wood, usually weighs about a quarter of much as the.wood.. SUN.-MQN.-TUiS. • wives man \VUt;l\. -m-wcvti, »• ~ " -«-—-- —- .-i minor grievance cf mine. Why can't thflt there could be .a kickback in this idea. She might get to like being away from you and become involved eventually in too many en terprisQS. I think you'll just have to resign yourself to the idea': that matrimony pretty well marks Hie end of solitary hours. As a mutter of fact, the reason some people marry is to avoid loneliness, which is an accepted synonym for solitude. Actually, loneliness, is c heeilcss solitude, which certainly isn't what you are appreciate the fact that a might like an occasional evening alone? The ladies have the run of the house all day, and it never occurs to them that a husband could u§e- a little privacy. Being with people all day is i.erve-rackmg and exhnusling and I for one, would bo easier to live with if my wife would leave me alone one evening a ween; and let Jno pook my dinner, if and when 1 got around to it. If I suggested such a thing, she's think, I was tired of her qr didn't appreciate her. Nothing could be further from the truth, but I would like the luxury of a few hours to mysel( occasionally. Just Complaimng AWARDED CONTRACT LITTLE ROCK M W McAlister- Davis Co., of Memphis has been awarded'» contract for bank stabilization -work on the Arkansas River about-15 miles, dpwndstream from Little Rock, U. £. Engineers here renounced yesterday. The MpAlister-Davia bid was $243,960. asKing for. been much I'm c-fraid J I haven't concerning your yto- .,.,...,_,., To you goes the of having submitted the mpst original problem to corne my way in a long while. Piles ot letters bemoan the husbunds who go out several nights a week, or those who won't take the little women out, or tho^e who refuse to lev their wives havp «n evening off by themselves, But 3 &j$t?«ud. .Who Jongs to soltode- ^s § rsy.), f\vis. Mptt popple don't like wj- fee ejongc-! ever* Thsy nejed con* blem, but bi assured that I am at sympathie. However, dou't a happy marriage to secure privacy. risk your Dear Miss Dix: What do I owe my' stepchildren? Fifteen years ago I married a man with thre* children, the youngest only two- W$s also had my roQther-in-law us. I worked steadily to put children through school all nwi'ie4. five yews uslo^^, and will c«nf- t few?, piji. I must face it—they aren't my children; MARY D; Answer: It's hard to understand, how people can- be .so ungrateful and unsympathetic, or how any hearts can be .so hard. Your consolation will'have-; to lie in the thought that you did your best, and you'll never have to live with an. uneasy conscience, as they will Trust in God' in your troubles T ^ _ - f Dear Miss Dix: My husband has become involve^ with a girl 85 years younger than he is. Slje i» 27, he is 62. He can't realize she s rnaking a fool of him- He gives her beautiful presents- she goe,s out with other men,- of which he >s aware, but in his infatuation il makes no difference. I am severa! years younger than he is, and nol unattractive. I fee} it might be be§1 to' go out qn, njy own. MRS: ]Hj Such an infatuation as ,,,,, ,,^feaj>4 has }t usually short yved. ^iinqe your mapfiage lw ^een h^ppy up to this- p0w, an,c Will wdoywly S9 bask to its 0)4 " jnaa recovers U1 - If you have a Hearing Problem yoi) are cordially invited to come in for a FREE test of your hearing. If you now have a Hearing Aid bring it with you. Batteries available. "Since 1902—World's First Electrical Hearing Aid", TUESDAY, JAN. 19, FROM,1 to 4 P. M. SHIPLEY^ STUDIO-HOPE A, I,, BURNS, JR, — AcoMsticon of Texorkono Note: Shipley's keep a Fresh Stock of Bqtteries fot all Aids ANNOUNCEMENT Strgut Realty World's largest Advertisers of Country Real Estate, take pleasure in announcing the appointment of Mr. C. Leslie Smith as its sole representative at Hope and the surrounding, grea. Mr. Smith and the Strout Organization can render a valuable service to this section of the. state, by capable, trustworthy and experienced service in listing, advertising, showing gnd selling all types of regl estate. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF STRQWT'S, NATIONAL APVER- TISINCs in city newspapers magazines bargain lists and in Strout's Famous Farm and Bysiness Catalogs thqt circulate hundreds of thousands of copies yearly, Mit Yowr Property Now Wi*h - - C, USUE SMITH, Pox 391 — Phons 7*2994 .

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