The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 3, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1892
Page 5
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BLUTCHTNSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1892. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO: L. HPONSLKIt, i . 8e«r«t»ry arid Hn»ln«»g Mnnagtr, JJOCTOR SCHURR OFFIOK NO; 21 N, MAIN. RESIDENCE, 122 SEVENTH E. Night calls given prompt attention. EMERSON CAREY, Seo these prices on WALL PAPER. BrownB, 10c to 12Jtfc per double roll. Whitest, 15c per double roll. Oilte, 20c to 50c per double roll. Birgc's specials 50c to 81 per double roll Ingrains, 40c to 606 per double roll. Other papers in proportion. All paper matched in combinations with borders and ceilings. . Experienced hangers furnished. All -work guaranteed. H. D. WINSLOW'S. las "" " Dealer in HIDES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Yards and office opp. court house. YARD WIDE 4ud finished soft for the nee -«^lle is the bleached muslin we llpt on sale Monday morning at the low price of 6i cents or sixteen yards for the dollar, Quality equal to any 8|r cent muBlin sold in this market. We have only one case to distribute at this low price, See our Biarritz in Spring colors: Let April shower. Umbrellas from 98c toSlO 6t>.' Make expressly for us in Philadelphia. See our Dent's London made umbrella. See our Hermsdorf, pair for fast black, six Exclusive Dry Goods House, We are >jMing tie Pool" ' ON WALL PAPER And underselling everybody on all grades. We have definitely decided to go entirely out of the wall paper business, as we needtheroom for our DRUG STOCK, And guarantee to make the lowest figures ever quoted in Hutchinson Midland J. M. BEAM, Prop Going into the Wall Paper Business. NEW. GOODS. Experienced . f ^O OLD PATEBN6, \ -We are not selling it at cost, hangers furnished but at a to put it on fair, living profit. the wall, COBURN & DETAR, AT THE OPERA HOUSE BOOK STORE Are in the wall paper business to stay 4 W. R. PEECIOUS JEMS, FINE JEWELRY, CUT CRYSTAL, WATCHES, CLOCKS EYE GLASSES. OPERA GLASSES: OLDEST JEWELRY HOUSE IN THE CITY. ESTABLISHED, 1876. 11 NORTH MAIN. Only One Faro to Portland and Return. The Union Pacific will sell tickets to Portland and return at one fare for the round trip. Tickqts on sale May 9 to • 14, inclusive, limited to 90 days from date of Bale. For additional information apply to your nearest ticket agent. 3S-S-14 Notice. vixhe Ladies' Columbian club will Mfut on Wednesday, May 4, at 3:30 p. ml, at Dr. Comstock's office, over the A. «fc A. drugstore. MJIS . L. Hou£, President. MHS . W. h. MOOBB , Secretary. ^s^:.Vv:y ^'- : :' :i ;; i ; ;v ^;,i : y ,.rV-,^.^ ; •• CITY.NEWS. CHEERING WORDS. If you are bilious take Beecham's pills. Guaranteed fits. Wanamaker & Brown's. 3t Go and see the school exhibit. See Ecclcs' offer in"Want"column. fit New potatoes at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 2t "Our Pups." tf New potatoes at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 3t Go to the school exhibits at the Puterbaugh hall on Thursday and Friday afternoon and evening. New potatoes at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 3t If you want your suit by the 2oth of May, order now at Wanamaker St. Brown's. 3t, Nice fresh strawberries at Cunningham's, No. 13 South Main. New potatoes at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 3t See the elegant parlor suit to be given away by W. II. Blackburn & Co., 320 North Main, Santa Fe block. 2t Good substantial furniture cheap at Kings'. tf Cunningham's, 13 South Main, is the best place in the city to buv ice cream. Large or small orders. 810. We have it all arranged. You can now get all wool SURB, in plain black, plain blue, and in choice light styles to-day at Wanamaker & Brown's for 810. 3t Odell Brothers are still at No. 9 Second Avenue west, with a full line of all kinds of coal. tf O. S. Carpenter has moved his horses, buggies, etc., to the Wolcott stand on First avenue east, where he. desires to see his old and new friends. . Where do you buy ice riream? Try Cunningham, at 13 South Main. A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket, tf Carey is still in the coal business, tf Buy of the business men who advertise. Go to Cunningham's for your ice cream. Large or small orders filled on short notice. 13 South Main street, A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf A large and well-selected stock of ladies' and gents' and children's shoes will be opened at the store of W. H. Blackburn & Co., 325 North Main, Santa Fe block, next Saturday. These goods will be sold at bottom prices. 2t Ilonr We Will Receive and Care for the Delegate,,. The Topeka Capital contains the following with reference to politics in the Big Seventh and the state generally, and the manner in which Hutchinson will care for the delegates on May 5: This will be a great year for the Republicans of Kansas, and upon the success of the party depends largely the condition of monetary matters among our people and business men. Electric lights have been erected in the park, and a fall force of men have been at work night and day preparing the large Auditorium for the accommodation of the delegates to the Republican convention. * •Telegraph wires have been run to the building, and operators will send out to the world the result of each ballot when taken. All the leaders in this (the Seventh) district are working in harmony, and we predict the retirement of the noted Jerry; Simpson and the election of the nominee of this convention. At an enthusiastic meeting held at the court house last night all the arrangements for the decoration of the hall and the accommodation of delegates, candidates and friends were completed, and as Hutchinson has long been noted for her hospitality we can assure all who come that they will be amply provided for. Th^. auditorium now nearly completed will seat 1,500 delegates, and has every convenience for the press, and is undoubtedly the largest building of its kind in the state. added. Along with the good effect which the sight of our auditorium will produce, should- go the word that Hutchinson is able to care for her crowds in a proper and respectable manner. This we can do, and if the organization of forces necessary to bring about that end haB not been carefully done, the matter should receive organized attention at once. Itoonu Wanted. All persons having rooms to let during the convention will - please report the same to L. F. Cain, at Winne & Winne's office, to-morrow, as there is wanted room for at least three hundred more men. Committee Meeting. The executive committee of the Auditorium met last night and found things in first class shape. They found a much better building than they had anticipated, and many were the kindly remarks toward Mr. Bigger, as a consequence. It seems from the manner in which the work is being done that we are not only going to get all that our contract calls for, but some very nice improvements on the side. We are now in shape to point our visitors with pride, to the best convention hall in west or central Kansas, and one of the best in the state. Berglof's tf Everything new at Mrs gallery, 19 South Main. Parents should attend the exhibits of work by the schools of the city, at the Puterbaugh hall on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and lasting until U o'clock at night, both nights. Encourage the little ones by your presence. Wanted—At the Santa Fe hotel 1,000 plover at a. cents each. tf A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New Yotfk Racket. tf New potatoes at Kenrick's, the fancy groceryman. 2t PERSONAL. R. M. Henderson leaves for Great Bend on lousiness to-night. J. W. Fisher, of Atchison, waB on our^streets this morning on route for the'Kinsley convention. J. D. Moore, who is studying law with Whiteside & Gleason, went to Kansas City on business to-day. Mrs. J. A. Sickman, of Dallas, Tex., is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Patton of Avenue F. east. H. W. Daykin went east over the Missouri Puciflathis morning, in the interest of the Hutchinson China Hall, Judge J. H. Bailey of Lyons, and ex- Judge Ansel R. Clark of Sterling, went to St. John last night. Judge Bailey to open court and Judge Clark to attend court. F. C, Smith, Rock Island trainmaster, and P. G. Dayton, roadmaster of the same line, were both in the city on business to-day. They report business good with the Rock Island in all its branches. Mrs. Mattie Morrison and Miss Adaline Mathews went to Kansas City this morning, where they will attend the Christian Endeavor convention, after which they will visit friends at Lathrop, Mo., before returning home. V. H. Keys, who has been in Oklahoma for the past ten days, returned home last night. He does not look upon the new addition as "the garden spot of the world." On the contrary he thinks that a man had better stay at home. We've heard of a woman who said she'd walk five miles to get a bottle of Dr.Pierce's Favorite Prescription if she couldn't get it without. That woman had tried it. And it's a medicine which makes itself felt in toning up the system and correcting irregularities as soon as its use is begun. Go to your drug Btore, pay a dollar and try it—try a second, a third if necessary. Before the third one's been taken you'll know that there's a remedy to help you. Then you'll keep on and a cure'll come But if you shouldn't feel the help— should be disappointed in the results you'll find a guarantee printed on the bottle-wrapper that'll get your money back for you. How many women are there who'd rather have money than health? And "Favorite Prescription" produces health. Wonder is that there's a wo man willing to suffer when there's t guaranteed remedy in the nearest drug store. An Excursion. The Hutchinson and Southern railroad will run an excursion to the state line, on Sunday May 15, leaving Hutchinson at 8 o'clock a. m. and returning at 0:30 p. m. A low rate of $1 for the round trip will be made, and nn ample supply of coaches provided for the comfort and convenience of the people. Notice. Guhan is compelled to sell out his entire stock of pants goods by July 1st, and he will sell the same at actual cost. Now is the time for bargains. Remember Gahan's pants parlors is the only place inathc city to purchase pants that will fit you at actual cost. Are You Keady? Present indications point to a big crowd here at the convention—possibly larger than we have been contemplating. Are we ready to take care of them'? The matter should be very carefully considered, and the problem solved beyond the possibility of a doubt. It is generally believed that everything has been done that can bo done to properly care for the delegates and visitors, but the matter should be considered with double care. Hutchinson has a grand and enviable reputation as an entertainer of guests, and that reputation should not only be maintained, but new laurels should be No Court To-Day. "The case of J. S. Woods vs. Turbush, which was set for to-day. was postponed until to-morrow on account of the absence of necessary witnesses in the case. Court adjourned until to~ moi-row at 9 o'clock a. in., at which time the case will be tried. Consequently there was no court to-day. Dr. Pierce's Pellets regulate the stomach, liver and bowels. Mild and effective. * Mr. I. Goldberg has just returned from his second trip to the eastern markets. DID HE BRING HOME ANY BARGAINS? He will now offer Men's shirts at $0.20, worth $0.40 Men's shirts at .48, worth .75 Men's shirts at Men's shirts at Men's shoes at Men's shoes at Men's shoes at (This 81.99' .75, worth .99, worth 1.19, worth 1.25, worth 1.99, worth shoe is a corker.) Men's shoes at 2.75, worth- Next week we will name some more bargains. 1.25 1.50 1.60 1.75 3.00 4.00 The person or persons guessing the exact, or newest the number of pins in our pin cushion will get Maud S on May 5, DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE. I. GOLDBERG, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. -THE- Mllei' Nerve and Liver Pllla. Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new discovery. IJr. Miles' Pills speedily cure billiousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Unequalled for men, women, children. Smallest, mildest, surest. 50 doses 35 cents. Samples free at A. & A. Drug Co. Hawkeye Condition Powders are the best for stock of all kinds. Sold and warranted by A. J. Baumhardt. Attimtlon, Uroth cr Councilor!*. By order of ScniorCouncilor of Hutchinson Council No. 34, U. C. T., 1 am directed to an- iionncc a special meeting, Saturday evening. May <>, nt 8 o'clock sharp, a full attendance is requested. Bus. G. KEAN, See'y'. There is one remedy which every family should keep at hand. Mr. John Carpenter, of Woodland, Indiana says of it; "I tried Chamberlain's Cholfc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for diarrhoea and severe cramps, and pains in the stomach and bowels, with the best results. In the worst cases never had to give more than the third dose to effct a cure. In most cases one dose will do. Besides its other good qualities it is plesant to take." 35 and SO cent bottles for sale by C. B. Win- slciw, Druggist, 15 8. Main. SHILOH.S VITAWZER is what you need for Constipation, Loss of Appetii Dizziness, and all symptoms of Dyspep sia. .Price 60 and 75 cents a For Bale by A. & A. Drug Co. lyspep- bottle. Z '43 A FEW of the many BARGAINS to be found at ICE! ICE! Pure Distid-f ater k Our delivery is regular and reliable, and the quality of our ice is beyond comparison. 50 cents per Hundred to Families. We solicit your patronage. Orders received by the drivers, at the factory, avenue C east, at Kanaga's store, or you can send your address on a postal curd to Union Ice & Salt Co., Successor to Hutchinson Ice Munfg Co. NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF- HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, $7,500 DIRECTORS. JoiiN HALL, Banker. .TAB. GUTIIRIK, Banker. L, C. WRLTON, Proident. JKO. J. INGALLS, ex-Senator. T. E. BOWMAN, Capitalist. J. W. WILKINSON, V.-Pres. C. W. TEMPLER, Viee-Pres., A. J. HIOLEY, Insurance N. Q. HOLLIBTERI Cashier. Kan. Grain & L. S. Co. and Real Estate. CURTAINS. Saturday, March 19, we opened the largest Hue of these goods ever shown in the city, consisting of Full standard prints, 5c Best indigo blue prints, 6ic Soft finishd blchdmuBlin ,6Jc Half finish brown muslin, 5c Outing flannelB. 10c to 20o Yard-wide ElPaso challie, 7c 46-inch D69 Henrietta, 85o I have a full line of plain and striped crepon (the - latest dress fabric in the market), chevrons, Bedford cords, hansdowns and other late novelties in dress goods. I have the only full line of dress trimmings to be found in the city, ranging in price from 5c to $8 per yard. S. F. RAFF, JUST RECEIVED. Latest Styles. Lowest Prices. A handsome line of Ladies' OXFORD TIES, in the following styles: Lace and Southern Ties, Ozoo.Calf and Cloth Tops, Patent Leather Heel Quarter, Patent Leather TipB and Plain Toes. All in the following lasts: Opera heel, C S and K C S, C, D and E widths. Sizes 2 to 5%. Shoes for Children. The celebrated Sussex School Shoe, In pebble goat and kid, with patent leath er, pebble goat and cordovan tips. The best wearing chidren's shoe in the country WM. REDDERSEN, Corner of Main and First. A. E. VAIMN 4 Manufacturers -of and wholesale dealerB in Flavoring Extracts, Bock Candy Syrup and Soda Fountain Supplies. Correspondence solicited. Mail orders will receive prompt attention. 406 North Main St. Art Lace, Plushes, And the only line of Hartford and Lowell carpets in the city. Onr new illustrated catalogue for 1892 'will be out about April 1. Send for one. BAKING . POWDER 25OZS.FOR25? ABSOLUTELYPDBE - JusrTkY IT. f.T.JAOiUZ-i * CO. KANSAS CIT>;MO.

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