Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on July 17, 1903 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 17, 1903
Page 6
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•L / THE iOLA DAILY £EGIS3 !EB^ FRIDAY, JULY 17 1903 WHS TRKIlie DR. ROGERS WAS CARRYING MISS CAMPBELL TO SAFETY WHEN BOTH PERISHED. BE RECOVERED Probable That Remains of Unfortu nate Girl Cannot Be Found—^Two I Bodiea Were Recovered Toda^ Biit They Were Thoie of Cap\alr McClure ^nti Miia Cook, Who Hao JNot Stirrisd From TIjeIr Rooms 4. Several women playod important parts i|n the rcHCMie of the patlpntH nl the Bonner SprioKH Kanitarlnm Are In which Miss Jcnnlo Campbell of thip city lost her life. The: self possession of Miss Annie Folk, .one of the nurses, pcomed to give composure to other attendants and to her credit may- be sa d that she was Instrumental in saving a numbei [Of lives. Her heroic work Is briefly described in the morning Kinsas City Times as follows: "Miss Folk's bedroom was at" the west and on the second floor of the main structure. Flames, which may have smouldered for hours, worked themselves up between the walls from the'>ltchen until they burst forth on the window sill of her room. "Awakened by the smell of smoke, she found the wainscoting, a complete line of smoldering flame. The smoke was then so dense that it concealed thr light of a lamp a foot ^way, but MisF Folk felt her way through the cloud and out Into the hall. After arousing those who slept nearest to her own room, she ran upstairs io the third floor, pounding upon each bedroom door as she passed through the halls Then she descended again to the sec ond floor and awakened all the re mainlng patients." There were nlnoloen p,itients in the hospital at the time of the fl:]c. Three of the patients for whom c.'^capo wa? cut off. Miss Jennie Campbcli, Cap taiii J. A. McClure and Mrs. A. A. Cook, were bedridden. It was for the rescue of one of these that Drl A. E Rogers lost his life. Sevtertll bodies have been found charred beyond recognition. . I^.^l night bones were found, the location of which indicated that they were those of Captain McChire. Temporary homes for the rescued patients %ave been found in privato homes and two large tents have been secured for dining purposes. The sanitarium will }be rebuilt of stonp and steel as sooji as Dr. Sexton recovers from his illness. Word w|isj received at noon today by A. B. Ca,mpbell from his brother- stating that de had reached the scene of the fife and that the body of hii? sister had no^'t been recovered from the ruins. He further said that Jennie had been taken from her room by one of the nurses, and turned over to Dr. Rogers in the hall. It follows that it was Miss Campbell with whom Dr. Rogers lost his life In trj-ing to save her. - They were both possibly overcome by the dense smoke and suffo Gated before the fire reached them. Mr. Campbell also said that the twe bpdles found were surely those of Captain McClure and^ Mrs. Cook. They were not rescued from their rooms and the location in the ruins of the A Trial Will convince you of the super" ior quality of our laundry work. It is always white. It always fits. . It is always stylish. It is so carefully ha/idled in every department that a garment laun- dried by us will last much longer than if laundered elsewtiore. May we have a trial package? A phone or postal will bring a ' wagon to your door. lola Steam Laondiry, TliMlB. charred retnains leads to that conclusion. The ruins are still too hot to conduct a thorough search for the other two bodies. Mr. Campbell will stay at the ruins until tomorrow be fore giving iip all hope of finding the remains of his sister. The aged mother is bearing up nobly under her burden of griet and patiently awaits with hope that the remains of her daughter may yet be found. A TRANSFER DEAL. • C. C- Luccock Buys the Business of W. B. Kelley and Will Combine it With His Own. C. C. Luccock today purchased of W. B. Kciloy his entire transfer lino consisting of horses, wagons, etc. Mr l^uccock will unite his new properly with what lio now has which will make hini one of tho most complete linos over In I ho city. Mr. Kcllcy IF nrt yrt iindocldcnl na to what ho will do but has some personal interests tc look after that will occupy his lime for tho present. N EXCITEMENT HT TIE CEMENT PUNT Oilers, Grinders and Driers Join the Strikers—Otherwise the Situation is Unchanged. There has been no particular change in the strike situation at the ccnicut •)lant from the conditions that were reported yesterday. The oilers, grirnl ?rs and driers, the Uogistcr is told have been added to the of the strikers, they going out on a synijiathy strike with the machinists as the en pincers, carpenters and electrician? have done, so (hat the total number uf Urikcrs is now reported at 12^. The men arc making no demonstrations uf my kind, except to hold a meet i/:? at (.•."JO each day to agree ni)on the i)ro ijram for the next iwcnty-four hours They say they have no grievance what over against tho vompany except the aniploymcnt of Mr. Bcvier. as foreman. When asked by a Register reporter for tho company's side of the story one of the officials replied tliat lie did not know thai he had anything spec lal to say. So far as he know, ho said no demand had ever been made upon any of tho officials of the company for the discliarge of Mr. ^evicr, nor had the mon presented any olhor griev %nce. The conijiany had e.xpccted tr be waiterl up^.-:. lioth yesterday mora ing and this morning, by some of the men with a statement which would advise them what their attitude was. but ihey had not come. The afficial added ihat Mr. Bevier was American born md not a Russi.*in. as the Register was erroneously informed, and-was r very competent iman. He had for merly worked for tlio company in the •^nmc position, and after being out of the Vorks^ for some time had returned to resunlio his old place. So far as has yet appeared there is no angry spirit'on either side ^f the nnfortunato controversy, and for the good of ail concerned and the com niiinity at large it is earnestly hoped that an early agreement will be reach ed. i Nlmerick Not Gijilty. Frank Nimerick was ! found not guilty in police court Jhjs afternoon Horace Brown, who was working for Nimerick and wlio was charged wi'li selling a pint of whisky, was found guilty and was fined $100 and thirty days in jail. EXPRESS THEIR THANKS. The Following Letter Was Received This Afternoon and Will Be Self Explanatory. To the people of lola who contribut ed to tlie reliol of the flood sufferers of Argentine, Kansas: Wo wi.>5h to tliank vou most sincere ly for your aid to us in our dark hour of distre.-js and need; • • This aid has helped to alleviati> much suffering and yiim iiavo tho heart fell gratitude of a flood stricken peo pie. Mrs. D. T. Crawford, * CU'm. Relief Com . Inez L. Mack. L&CAt NEWS, Newton Allen, of Chanute. transact ed business ip the city today. The thermpgieter registered 94 in the shade this afternoon at 3 o'clock S DEJI RESULT OF SECOND STROKE OF APOPLEJ^Y YESTERDAY MORNING. lie HERE SINGE 1881 He Came to lola in 1886 and Entered the Mercantile Business—Deceas ed Was an Odd Fellow—The Fu neral Will Be Held Tomorrow at Ten O'clock From the U. B. Church. William Yeager. died last night : 9 o'clock at his residence, 202 Nort Jefl'erson slreet. Mr. Yeagor was stricken with apoplexy on Sunday morning and api)arcntly was some bet lor through the week. Yesterday morning he suiTorcd the \SOcond stroke and unconscious from that time on until his death. Mr. Ycager was born May 29, 1813 at Pcrrintown, Clermont county, O. 'and came to Kansas in ISSO, locating rin the Josiah Hoagland farm in Elm township. In 18SG ho came to lola and Went Into the mercanlilo business and from that time on until his death ha been actively engaged in that line of Inisincss. During tills time he made many friends and has always been known as an honest and straightforward business man. He scrTCd a shoi^ time in tho civil war and was a mem her of the Odd Fellows and Ancient Order of Pyramids. Ho leaves a wife .son and daughter to mourn his loss to wliom tho sympathy of the community is extended. The funeral services will I)e hehl a tho U. B. churrh tomorrow at 10 o'clock, Uev. F. M. Oillolt officiating Tho .services will be in charge of tiic Odd Fellows and Ancient Order of Pyramids. Inlermcnt will be made in the lola cemetery. JEWELER CflFFEy IS VERY in mmm He Falls Heir to the Quaker Medicine Show and Don't Know What to Do With it J. W. Coffey lias gone into the show business. night he cainc into tho possessifin of ihc tent, fixtures, surgical inslriimeiUs and gold watch formerly lielonging to Jesse Brown, the geullcman with the long coat and golden curl.s, wlio has boon representing some Quaker remedies and giving a show in this city during the past week, Mr. Coffey ioaiied the gentleman $100 and -took a mortgage on the above descrilied propcrtyi Ho feels perfectly safe on his investment as the property secured is worth at least $300 but just what to do with all of it is the only question that now puzzles him. Brown loft for parts unknown iBfyt niglit. Part of his coaipany went with him and part are yet in the city. WILLIAMS-LINVILLE. Marriage of lola Boy to Chillicothe Girl—Will Make Their Home In This City. Proliate Judge Smith united in mar riage last night Jesse J. Williams of lola and Lizzie E. Linvillc of ChilH coihc. Mo. Mr. Williams was formerly of Chiiicothe and for some time past has been working in the cement plant They will make their home in this city. fC. L. WHITAKER, M.H i i I n 11 i 11 ? ««»' M t»<i 11 1 111111« i u ii i a i ni-n The nat JTM Reid Estpte, < Loans and Insurance. A HARD STRUGGLE. Many lola Citizens Find the Struggle Hard. With a back constantly aching. With distressing urinary disorders. Daily existence is but ai struggle. No need to keep it up. ^, Doan's Kidney Pills will cure you. lola people endorse this claim: Mrs. J. Cleaver, of 503 South Cottonwood slreet, says: "For three-or four years attacks of pain across the small of my biack annoyed me at intervals. Some of them were very severe particularly after I had taken a long walk or icontracted a slight] cold. Some mornings I conid scarcely attend to the most trivial househdid duty and latter)7 the weakness and lameness across the loins was always apparent Procuiring Doan's Kidney Pills at C. B. Spencer.& Co.'s drug store, I commenced the treatment It proved decidedly satisfactory." For sale by >U dealeni,. price 50 cents. Fo*ter>MlliMim Co^ Buffalo, 1 he Sale of all Sale?. SHOVEL m QUI SALE bese are absoliite hatgAins. Com^ift^^tl^see lot _ yofifseff• ^igget bargains, hettet viMeit^iban you ever hought befoire. Re^dand be conyincep: <.^r YouofT Mens Suits agea 17 to 20 tf^'^ CZ(\ years worth double the prIcB.' Shov -^p^•>JM el 'cm Out Mens Suits a bijf barijaln. Shov-ffA A.A. ol'emoul Shovel Mens Suits flo.oo, $12 and $14 C 7 ,7 7 vel 'cm out.... • / / Mens Suits worth I4.oo to IT.oo tf!Q QQ Shovel em out t^ymyy Mena Blue D,etiim dvoralls Shovel em'^jr _ Out...:...: i . Shovel Mens Wblio IJaplkor^^, 'J fZ^ vol'cmOut.. ^ iwr Men's 26 cent Susiiohdcrs Shovel 4 (T _ 'em Out ...... ><t C Out. Mens Sweaters wortH .'»oc Shovol'em 25 c Men's SHOES Worth $2.50 and $3.00, Shovel 'en^,Oot$(.35. SOUTH WEST CORNER SQUARE o ^E PR'.CCA 1 J SIX GLues LEAVENWORTH AND WEBB CITY DROPPED FROM MISSOURI VALLEY LEAGUE. SPRINGFIELD PENNIINTWINttEII New Season of Seventy Games Will Begin Sunday—The Kansas City Meeting Revolutionized Things— Parties Were on Hand to Take up Leavenworth and Webb City Frank chises, But Too Late. At the meeting of the Ijase bail mag nates at Kansas City yesterday it was decided to declare tho present season ended and thai Springfleld be given the pennant. A new season will start Sunday to ionsist of seventy gamesi The following dispatch appeared in the Kansas City Journal this morning: "At one of tho most important meet ings ever held by the Missouri Valldy League at the Hotel Baltimore yes tcrday morning, the circuit was reduced to six clubs, Leavenworth and Webb City being dropped, and Sprinj field was declared pennant winner cf the first season, which ended with yes- terdaV 's games. A new season of sev eaty games will begin next Sunday and' the magnates will meet again this morning to adopt a schedule which was drawn up by Claude East last night. Al the cities in the league were rep resented when the meeting was call ed to order by President Shivoiy, wUh the exception of Leavenworth and Webb City, as follows: lola, F. A Milne: Sodalia. D. A. Fuitz; Fort Scott. Fred A. Hornaday; Springfiei.l Prank Hurlburt; Pittsburg, , O. T Boaz; Joplin. J. B. McCullough. Th-i first action taken was to declare the franchise of l.,eavonworth and Webb City forfeited, to comply with the league regulations. A motion was then carried |hat tho organization continue with a 4ix -club circuit, to bo composed of the following cities: Springfield, lola. Fort Scott, Joplin, Sedalia and Pittsburg. Witli very little discussion yester day w^ks declared the end of the first championship season and Springfield the pennant winner. It was then de elded to begin the new ra«<,Sunday with a schedule of seventy games, the season to close September 29. Claude East was employed by the magifate^ to draft a new schedule and this will be presented for adoption this mom ing. "Under the new dates each *A the six cities will have five-Sundays at home and on the last Sunday, Sep,- tember 27, gate receipts will be divided as will the Labor Day proceeds. "Pittsburg was awarded the first selection of the surplus players of the Leavenworth and Webb City teams Catcher Foley and Inflelder St John of Web) City, and Catdier Redmond. Pitcher Bunton. InOelder Cope and O'otHeld Sir f •'BaNi^.-fjEA% JAneK FOR SALE \ Good Cbance Here % One acre one-fourth mile west of Public square, lola. No" pas or oil lease, price $350. About 13 acres adjoininf^ lola, no gaa or oil lease. Price $3500. Terms on this. 50 acres one mile east of city. Price |$05 i)er\cre. Make us an offer on this. FARM LOANS, ' One acre on south -Kentucky St. .J. Price ^00.. Easy terms. 40 t^res one mile southwest iof *•* lola, nice jbottom land, no cas or .|» oil lease on this. Price $5,000. ; * I|I Also: a 400 acre ranch :?5 miles X Southwest of lola, 0.') acres in cul- ii validb, bqi**^ t >arn and orchard. frice |4 ,ok ?f*n /9. ' $1 LOWEST RATES. CALL ON OR WRITE I D. W. BOSTWieK, lola, Kas, the selections were Pitcher Womack Leavenworth, and Inflelder Allen and Pitcher Taylor, of Webb City. The balance of the players are still held optional by Pittsburg. At the close of yesterday's session the magnates were in a happy frame of mind as they said that the now season should be a money making one fo: them with a sl.x-ciub circuit. Pitts burg and Joplin have been strengthened and much money will be saved! in railroad fares. It was stated th .Tt every team that visited Leavenworth, lost money. New Leavenworth and Nevada par ties wore-after the old franchises, but they did npt appear before the meet ing until the action reducing the cir cult had been taken. They then asked for a hearing regarding clubs for next year, but the matter will not be talten, up at this time. "The Missouri Valley League circuit, is was fully determined yesterday., will be composed of eight-clubs next year." The ball games scheduled with Se-^ dalia for today and tomorrow will be carried out. Today was ladles day and a double header will be played tomorrow. Only two games were play ed In the circuit yesterday, rain pre venting tho games in this city and at Fort Scott. joplin 5, Leavenworth 2. Leavenworth, July 16.—Joplin took the first game of the series from Leavenworth today by a score of 5 to 2 The game was a pretty one up ,to the ninth inning, but without any special features. Score: Leavenworth .000000200-^2 7 3 ioplln 000 02 0102—5 7 5 Batteries—Womack and Redmond; Morton and Stoner. Springfield 13, Webb City, 1. Springaeld, July 16. —In a one sided coatest this afternoon, the lilldgets easily won from the Werfb City club The visitors made their only score In the first Inning on a hit made by Al len aod^.a wild throw by Kane. After the first inning the game was a farce Springfidd^.scored almost as often as they pleased. James Smith, of this city, started to umpire, the game, but retired in the first inniiig when Bank- h^ead kicked on a decision. His place t^as taken by two of the' players Schmidt made a home run in the fifth -The score: ^ : ^ «^ring^el^ . .6020/1100 *—13 1* } er's iTie bid reliable. Lowest prices, best quality. ielephohe 159. THE LEADER, T H.W.STEYER. jHas Put In a Stock of... NEW CARPETS Prices t&e Lowest. Chesip Charley, Brick. North St. DAVIESt I Ijjidertaker % and It EiHimer % Twenty jrears .^^eidence in the •> • T-bu8iB««r *--'Ffr8r ~cIas8 "work j :.|;gU«r»|lte^.V\ , A •« j I ~$ • " t SlA^ ofj^Pquare, loin 000306. t t I t 4: JONES,

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