Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 5, 1952 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 9
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f HUKSDAY, JUNE J, ALTON EVENING TELEORAPft Because it M service Isrw VinobaNewGliandi For Poor Indians Weedlew tatid Acreage From Landlords By TOM A. NKA Speclnl Correspondent NEW DELHI, India, (NEA) — Mohandas K. Gandhi once summed up India's No. 1 problem this way: "Even Ood dare not appear before ft hungry man except In the form of bread." Today, a man who Is 'popularly acclaimed as Gandhi's successor Is showing his face to more and BACKACHE? It may be due to th« mallrpssyou •** usingi A Spring-Air "Orlho- pedfc-Type" may be UM solution, Cotte and see w today. Priced From $ 44 95 Guaranteed quality matlreases, liberal allowance (or your old mat- treii. Special site mattresteii made 1* erder. NATEARSHT'S FURNITURE STORE 331.1 E. Broadway Foot of Milton Hill, Alton, 4-3321 more of India's hungry men. Me dares face them because he comes with loaves In the form of land acres that he has been able to wheedle from hard-headed landlords. He is 57-year-old Acharya Vl- noba Bhave, popularly known as Vinobft, and the face he presents to the needy is the lean, Bearded face of an ascetic. His rise as a religious and social leader hns been as spectacular as the achievements of his Bhoodan Yagnn, or "land gift" movement, as he calls It, Acts Fast During the past year Vlnoba has: Persuaded landlords to part with 100,000 acres of land, most of it In central India, to be distributed among landless peasants. Travelled over 1000 miles on £pot, going from village to village, in his quest for land donations. Set a goal of 2,500,000 acres to be collected within the next two years by himself and his co- Workers. "I want to check one revolution and I want to bring about another revolution," explains the reformer. Until Gandhi's assassination In 1948, Vlnoba was unknown in India except to the Mahatma and to a few members of the religious communities which Gandhi founded. His enthy into public notice was a dramatic one. In the stunned silence that followed Gandhi's death, Vlnoba suddenly appeared in Delhi and began preaching. The spot he chose for his prayer meetings was the spot where Gandhi's body had been cremated, and he attracted tens of thousands seeking solace for what to them was a personal bereavement. From then on his role seemed cut out. The "land gift," Idea came to him last year on a walking tour to Hyderabad. There, peasants In 2000 villages under Communist leadership had seized the*lands, kicked out the landlords and set up their own People's Committees. It took an army of special police over a year to subdue the rebtl- lion. ' Cnnker on Heart "I realized then," Vinoba recalls, STORE HOURS: FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 8:50 P.M., SATURDAY 9 A.M. TO 8:50 P.M. AIR-CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING COMFORT Another of Grants Famous Days means EXTRA SAVINGS for EVERYBODY THURSDAY, f RID AY, SATURDAY Cool, open-Weave Skip-Dent SHIRTS Filters in cool breezes. San- forized broadcloth keeps its fit. White, colors. S. M. L. UNDERSHIRTS Combed cotton, stretchy rib knit. Sizej 36 to 46. 53c "that the maldistribution of land was the canker eating at tlte heart of India." On this tour Vlnoba was approached by a group of "untouchables" with the request for land. Me mentioned this at a ptayer meeting, was amazed when a land holder promptly offered 100 acres. He repeated the experiment at other meetings with the same success, and he has been repeating It ever since. Work slops in the villages when word spreads that his arrival Is Imminent, and old and young flock to meet him on the road. Peasant women, ordlnnrlly shy, stoop and touch Vlnoba's feet. Whnt the villagers see Is a striking physical likeness to Gandhi save for the wispy beard. Vlnoba Is even thinner than Gandhi, and like him, he wears nothing more than steel-rimmed Spectacles and a loin cloth, supporting himself with a walking stick. His personal regime Is severe. Arising at 4 a. m., he first holds a prayer meeting, then breaks his fast with a little fruit juice followed by a bowl of curds sweetened with honey. Because of an ulcer, he can take no solid foods. At 5 a. m. he is ready to hit the road, his way lighted by a hurricane lamp. Usually he arrives at his village destination about four hours later, followed by two secretaries and an entourage of about a dozen persons. .Starts Preaching Once arrived, Vlnoba's procedure is to select a tree, usually a mango, foV shade and to start preaching. "All people lire children of the soil," He will begin, "and It should belong to them Jtist «8 ft mother belongs to her children." Then he will ask land holders to consider him as a fifth son, And to give him his share of their property for the benefit of the poor. Landlords listen at first with misgivings. By the time Vlnoba has finished talking, catching fire from his words, they are often clamoring for his attention with their offerings of land. "It's real weird," says one American businessman in New Delhi, who has followed Vlnoba's Delhi, who has followed Vlnoba's progress, "and It could happen only In India." The gfting Is not always so easy. In some provinces Vlnoba's words have fallen upon ears as stony as the soil. His most spectacular success has been In the central province of Utter Pradesh, where most of the 100,000 acres were collected. "I am only an Instrument In the hands of God," Vlnoba recently tdld a prayer audience. "How otherwise can people who fight even for a foot of land be Inspired to give hundreds of acres Snlos . Rentals - Terms WNIIL CHAIRS Standard Horn* Furniikars 500 E. Bdwy. Dial 3-SOlft freely?" Smith lea Women Vote Women voted this year for the first time In New Caledonia when native members.were elected to the Council General, or local Parliament, Noumea, capita! of the French-controlled South Sea Is* lang group, reports. Electoral laws were changed last year te give the franchise to natives who had certain educational qualifications. The electoral roll now contains the names of. about 10, 00 Europeans and 8000 .natives, In- SHURTLEFF COLLEGE announces NIGHT CLASSES lor the summer session TUESDAY, THURSDAY Psychology of Advertising Sophomore Literature 202 Differential Equations MONDAY, WEDNESDAY Educational and Vocational Guidance Registration will be tonight, 6:30 • 7:30 and Tuegday, June 10. 6:30 • 7:30 For Further Information Call 3-5431 eluding 3006 Mtlve wem«n r The Council Includes 25 tmembijM of whom 18 mSst be fiuwptaiit arid 9 natives, A $3,000,000 cooperative woolen mill is* to be established at Law* rencepur, Pakistan, THREE DAYS ONLY FRI.-SAT.-MONDAY Craftsman Rakes Kef. 1.19 99c It-Inch .pread «f ,22 flexible '71/4 In. double locked ' sprlnr steel tines. Buy now sit Sears! , ! Dunlap : Bow Rake 1,58 •n ,Wlde 15-ln. head wlth 14 «urved |f teeth. Firmly attached 5-ft. ash handle. Bur today! 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